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Open file (51.75 KB 600x860 knight-chan.jpg)
Christian anime thread Anonymous 09/09/2022 (Fri) 01:45:42 ID: a9ff60 No.17692
Talk about wholesome shows and cute waifus.
>>18111 I mean people can interpret what they like but it doesn't make it there. I am looking at this from the standpoint of the four loves: storge (affection/familial), philia (friendship), eros and agape. Which of these does "romantic friendship" fall into? Certainly the relationships between the onee-samas and petites soeurs can in no way be called erotic. It's closer to familial affection than anything else. Like I said earlier, the show is about love but it's not about homosexual relations. The kind of love that is shown in this show is characterised by patience, consideration, grace and wanting good for others. SPOILERS Yumi's character arc over the entire show is that she goes from someone who needs the love of Sachiko and is quite jealous over it to someone who is able to give love in abundance to others, particularly her soon-to-be petite soeur even when she's unreasonable. There's a good quote towards the end where Yoshino realises that Yumi is growing up without her. SPOILERS Regarding Answer, it's a good example of what I'm talking about. Youko is interested in making Sachiko her soeur but, out of consideration for her difficult position, doesn't want to force the issue by outright asking. Nevertheless, she still wants to talk to her. It's clear from the way she presses Sachiko on her lessons that she wants her to want to do them and not out of some irresolute habit. In this way she shows she cares about Sachiko. She doesn't want to selfishly make Sachiko her soeur. Sachiko understands the entire subtext and quits her lessons because she realises Youko is right thereby accepting her love. It's not stated why Youko was interested in Sachiko in the first place but my interpretation is that in part she worried that Sachiko would have a hard time making friends because of her hectic schedule. This again shows the kind of love we're talking about here. I think this because I've seen the anime and read some of the novels and that's exactly the kind of consideration that shows up. >Other books and real life I'm not talking about that. >celibate same sex relationships So a regular friendship? What are you talking about? ------------- After thinking more about what you wrote and what I've written above, I want you to tell me exactly what you mean by "romantic friendship" because I actually have no idea. Romance is a word that describes a certain sentimentality. What exactly is romantic about these friendships?
Open file (1.08 MB 951x1344 takagi 3.PNG)
>>17757 >takagi's teasing anime Very good romance. I regret that the West isn't able to produce sweet stuff like this anymore.
>>18119 Crossdressing is a sin.
>>18153 Jesus atones for sins.
>>18158 There is no forgiveness without repentance.
I find it sad that anons can't even discuss fictional homosexual romance without thread derailing retards thumping their bibles.
>>18160 I find it sad that fags hate the God who made them.
>>18128 OK it sounds like we're actually talking about the same thing. Your use of different terminology was what threw me off. Yes I think it's clear that the relationships in marimite are intensely close and I think that's a big part of what makes it so good. It makes the portrayal of love more clear by taking an extreme example of it. >>18129 I take the view that only what is written in the story matters. The author can't come back after the fact and claim it meant this or that all along. What is written is what is written. For example, Rowling can claim all she likes that Dumbledore was gay all along but there was never a shred of anything to suggest that. That's why I spent all those words in explanation: to show why I think the way I do. Looking at wikipedia's page on Class S, I'm interested to note they list Little Women because that's exactly the genre of literature I would place this in. Although I was thinking more along the lines of Anne of Green Gables and books by Jane Austin, the Bronte sisters etc. Anyway thanks for your clarification. You studied the four loves in highschool? Did you go to a Catholic school or something?
Open file (53.82 KB 640x280 18.jpg)
>>17842 >Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind Like a lot of Miazaki stuff this was a very beautiful movie but that scene where she beats up the soldiers and than faints for no reason really broke my immersion. I mean she'd have to way like 80 pounds at most and those men had all been trained and conditioned for close combat, the male love interest (I forget his name) even struggles with one later. She takes a lot of risks actually which you'd think she wouldn't get a way with being a princess. Also the giant warrior melting was depressing and kind of gross but thats a different issue.
>>18085 I bet you think that cory in the house isn't an anime either
>>18253 >TVI (thread of vital importance) shouldn't die. Thanks to the progressive BO and his janny anons can discuss Class S (Celibate Gay Romance) mangas without worry, this makes the jews and muslims seethe. This thread is singlehandedly saved /christian/ from annihilation by trolls through the blessing of Class S Mangaswhich are divinely inspired as we all know, let us pray that our beloved janny allows anons to discuss shonen-ai/shojou-ai or even straight up Yaoi/Yuri.
>>18341 Still sick was good though wtf are you talking about
Open file (3.55 MB 2001x1881 manga.PNG)
>>18223 >manga rec Based. Another good one is Sounan desu ka? It's about a group of 4 shipwrecked highschool girls on an isolated, uninhabited, pacific island, their friendship and struggle for survival. It manages to both be cute, as you'd expect, and tense. There's realism, and they face plenty of danger and challenges. The artwork is often stunningly beautiful, and it's even educational if you ever find yourself all alone in nature. One of my all-time favorite manga.
>>18386 >Go onto Christian board >Call people bible thumpers Antichrist detected
>>18223 >>18383 Is the Nausicaa manga any good? I liked the movie for the most part.
>>18392 >Promotes crypto homosexuality >Cheers on the posting of a trans crossdresser: >>18120 >>18119 >Cheers on the trolling of Christians as "bible thumpers", and describes the posting of homosexual imagery as "doing God's work" and expresses remorse that such imagery will get removed. >"hOw DaRe yOu QuEsTIon mY cHrISTiaNity!!!!!!" You cannot make this up.
>>18379 >The point was about being butt mad over fictional gay people. people like bc599a are just IncelHikkis with no real lives. >>18393 Take your meds anon, see https://youtu.be/xtFiPWsm1tg. The Anglican church is becoming more accepting of Homos, your /islam/ tier understanding of scripture is outdated.
>>18406 >Catholicism More than one denomination can be pedophiles, you know.
>>17892 >It's no surprise that a man enumerated to have as few as 10 and as many as 500 concubines Are you a faggot? concubinage is based, also he never sinned. >David's adultery with Bathsheba is interpreted as an opportunity to demonstrate the power of repentance, and the Talmud states that it was not adultery at all, quoting a Jewish practice of divorce on the eve of battle. Furthermore, according to Talmudic sources, the death of Uriah was not to be considered murder, on the basis that Uriah had committed a capital offense by refusing to obey a direct command from the King. t.Talmud
Open file (145.78 KB 1280x720 L O L.jpg)
>>18115 >>18153 >>18163 >>18340 >>18393 >>18395 >>18405 >>18409 All these posters are actively derailing this thread with their Non-Anime discussion, the fact that the mod is fine with this shows his anti-gay bias. >>18406 >lefty indigenous homosexual tranny I thought you were trolling, based if true. >Whisper Me A Love Song. You'll probably discover your queer spirituality. Lol
>>18401 >your /islam/ tier understanding of scripture is outdated Fuck this Fag shit, if hating fags makes me a muslim so be it. Fuck this gay ass religion, i never liked the NT anyways.
>>18406 >Now tell me to repent, please. No, I can see that would be pointless. Right now, you are a degenerate who is a slave to their passions and a proud rebel against Christ, and a hater of Christ. The only thing I can do at this point is pray for you. May God have mercy on your soul.
Open file (14.25 KB 400x400 cringe.jpg)
>>18406 >Did you think I was joking when I said that? >matters of human life that he didn't approve of >liberal Christian denominations >You'll probably discover your queer spirituality You have to be trolling right? Please tell me you are, I don't want this place to become a second reddit.com/r/christianity
>>18416 Personally I find it weird that mod tolerates discussion about gaynime in the first place.
Open file (69.09 KB 456x528 1541283461108.jpg)
>>18421 Whatever fruitful discussion we were having earlier has dried up. Now there's nothing but a two-pronged demoralisation attempt trying to false flag both sides. Even in talking about anime, it's gone off the rails. The topic was Christian anime so I expect an explanation of a recommendation's Christian themes. It's disappointing because I thought I was having a good discussion with 4ed378. But after seeing the behaviour in his latest posts, I don't know anymore. I have to wonder how he thinks the thread has turned out. Does he think it's still going in a positive direction? He has 40 posts in here which is a lot more than anyone else so he's had more of a hand in the discussion. He must have some opinion on the matter.
>>18401 I don't follow denominations, I follow God and God says you're wrong.
Open file (469.01 KB 729x828 lam_b21_akuwarai1.png)
>>18433 >That last line was completely bait. Hey bro, you didn't answer my question. But I presume the answer is "no" from the other portions of your post. And also how is the last line of my post bait, do you think this place wouldn't be like the pseudo-Christian subreddit if it gets flooded with people like you?
Open file (516.42 KB 729x973 lam_a11_futeki2.png)
>>18437 Ah, I see, so you're now taking back your words. Don't worry, the jannies have already erased them anyways!
>>18433 You were part of ACNA? I saw a church service where the ACNA pastor quoted Facebook memes about the Kali Yuga. No wonder you're lost. I hope God straightens you out.
>>18448 I agree that the janny is based for deleting the lgbtp propaganda but what's the problem with anime? Yes, there are a few bad apples here and there (lgbtp anime, anime porn, etc) but in general it's way cleaner than contemporary western media. And most of the time when you see an "anime" on the internet promoting trannies or something like that, it's not even anime but rather some random western kike shit but with an art style reminding of anime. Oh and by the way not only anime is not an islamic plot to subvert Christianity, but it also is forbidden in islam since art is haram. So, by watching anime you're literally fighting islam.
>>18449 >Oh and by the way not only anime is not an islamic plot to subvert Christianity, but it also is forbidden in islam since art is haram. So, by watching anime you're literally fighting islam. Lol >Indeed, since the emergence of Islam during the 600s, positive narratives about icons, the making of devotional paintings, and the preservation of European printed images of Jesus Christ can be found across Arab, Persian, Turkish, and Indian lands. >These textual and visual materials disprove the notions that Muslims are inherently adverse to figural representation and that they might consider a depiction of Christ, like the Salvator Mundi, a graven image. >The story of images of Jesus Christ in Islam can be traced to the earliest Islamic texts, which describe the Prophet Muhammad's reconsecration of the Ka'ba in Mecca upon his return to the city after a period of exile. >Writing in the 8 th century, Muhammad's biographer Ibn Ishaq informs us that Muhammad smashed approximately 360 idols that represented the pagan gods of Arabia. At the very same time, however, he is said to have safeguarded an icon of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ, possibly of Coptic or Byzantine manufacture, which was stored inside the Ka'ba until the building's eventual destruction in a fire.[1] >This detail indicates that Muhammad's act of iconoclasm did not seek to obliterate images ipso facto. Rather, he attempted to overthrow paganism and polytheism—via their associated objects and symbolic stand-ins—in order to establish a purely monotheistic world order, even as he reasserted the positive value of maintaining an image of Mary (a holy woman) and Jesus (an Abrahamic prophet) in Islam's holiest site.
Open file (676.38 KB 935x1355 1614788522-0.jpg)
>>18452 Cope, abdul. Despite your dubious greentexts your cult is still fundamentally incompatible with Anime.
>>18452 t.Brown SandNigger Mudslime >>18453 Based and redpilled
>>18423 >Personally I find it weird that mod tolerates discussion about gaynime in the first place. GaynimeGays and Anime is one our greatest weapons against /islam/, if you hate gaynime soo much youre not a real Christian so why don't go back to your 3rd world homophobic shitholes, desert cultists. >>18452 What you quoted resembles this post about the icon of the Theotokos in this thread >>18134, but since anime is anti-islam we must conclude that your post and the other posts are clearly abdul fabrications. Since it obvious that only abduls are anti-anime and that every anime watcher is a Crusader and a Martyr, Hallelujah!
Open file (508.95 KB 729x973 lam_a11_majime2.png)
>>18455 Cringe falseflagging. Just making this clear since 85% of imageboard users have diagnosed autism and 14.9% have undiagnosed autism.
>>18456 The mohammadean shills are raiding us, yet the Faggot Janny Tranny Nigger does nothing.
>>18425 >Whatever fruitful discussion we were having earlier has dried up. Now there's nothing but a two-pronged demoralisation attempt trying to false flag both sides. The retarded janny just deleted every single post from the self proclaimed 'indigenous gay' when he could have simply banned him and deleted all 'unchristian' posts, now half the thread is illegible and unsalvageable. Sometimes i wonder that /christian/, it's userbase and mods somehow deserve the hate they receive from the rest of the Webring. >>18448>>18449 >>18452>>18453 >>18454>>18455 >>18457 I willing to wager all these posts are the same person, the same autistic spic that lost multiple debates in multiple threads on zzzchan/b/ and dup. Who when cornered resorts to calling everyone larppagans, mohammadeans and trannies. A job well done samefagging falseflagger you've successfully destroyed this thread and defeated the anti-anime mohammadean pedos, are you happy now?
I like Dragon Ball Z and Hokuto no Ken.
>>18470 >Sometimes i wonder that /christian/, it's userbase and mods somehow deserve the hate they receive from the rest of the Webring. >/christian/'s mere existence makes heathens seethe
Open file (1.26 MB 1024x640 ClipboardImage.png)
>>18470 You're on the wrong board, your home is over there --> https://zzzchan.xyz/fascist/index.html Also, never expect posts on the internet to be permanent, downy. If you really don't want to lose them, then make backups. That's internet usage 101. >>18472 Exactly. It's funny how imageboard users (or at least 84% of them) absolutely nig out whenever they hear any mention of the religion they fear so much in any light other than an extremely deprecatory and baseless ones.
>>18470 Well I guess that's over then. Did anyone see if he answered me here? >>18425 That was a real question given so he could make a defence for himself. I was interested in the answer. >autistic spic that lost multiple debates in multiple threads on zzzchan/b/ and dup Got a screencap? I hadn't heard about this.
>>18485 No because he was never interested in a real discussion. All the posts with the exception of 2 that were deleted were before 18425, one was complaining about the mod actions (18448) and the other was a bait post about Yuri on ice (18458) https://anon.cafe/.global/logs/christian/2022-09-25.html https://anon.cafe/.global/logs/christian/2022-09-26.html https://web.archive.org/web/20220926155819/https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:6f6S2VODhZUJ:https://anon.cafe/overboard
>>18485 tl;dr Anon didn't think there was much in the thread from the start and wanted to contribute something actually related to the thread topic. After a while, got tired of it and decided to sow chaos for fun. Sorry I don't have a screen grab for you but that's the gist. I don't think that anon actually considered himself Christian. >>18487 >he was never interested in a real discussion The thread before being nuked says otherwise and his own words said that he just got bored of it. Not sure how you can just make shit up and pass it off so confidently.
>>18488 >The thread before being nuked says otherwise and his own words said that he just got bored of it. Not sure how you can just make shit up and pass it off so confidently. He just made 50 self-serving posts that never went anywhere. Here's an archive of the thread from Sep 20 before muh nook, and fragments from the days following: https://archive.ph/31k1G Sep 22: https://archive.ph/ner59 Sep 23: https://archive.ph/ckRD8 Sep 24: https://archive.ph/rOxxO Sep 25: https://web.archive.org/web/20220926155819/https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:6f6S2VODhZUJ:https://anon.cafe/overboard Nothing has been lost if you genuinely want to continue a discussion, but I see nothing there which would show that he actually had any interest in having his mind changed and not just trapping well-meaning anons in circular discussions.
>>18489 And the remaining posts that are not archived, are mostly still in the thread.
>>18488 That makes me sad. For reference I am the guy who talked about marimite with him. I genuinely thought he was arguing in good faith.
>>18495 Nah, it's cool anon. I think they were genuine in everything even in their trolling. That's optimism from me, though.
>>18085 This is what anime leads to.
Open file (401.42 KB 840x668 ClipboardImage.png)
>>18790 I fail to see your point. Are you implying that if we start watching anime we'll eventually start drawing stupid semi-sexual semi-blasphemous memes with an art style tangentially reminiscent of "anime"? Geez, you muzzies have such a wild imagination...!
Open file (67.66 KB 400x400 IMG_7141.JPG)
>>18792 It's clearly a joke. It's kinda funny too. This is what anime leads to.

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