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Open file (247.77 KB 800x1420 Religious Values Test.png)
Anonymous 07/22/2022 (Fri) 06:12:11 No.14460
https://bannnedb.github.io/Religious-values-test/ Take this test to see where you stand religiously.
>>14907 Cope coming from the guy who willing puts 69 in his name
>>14911 >he doesnt know
>>14842 Hindoos are based
>>14915 >being an occultist Give a good reason for using that number besides a lewd joke
>>14980 >joke theres youre reason
>>14981 Repent
>>14981 I also think you should change your name to something less perverse like antichristhater missionary.
>>14992 its "AntichristHater69" because my original name was "AntichristHaterFortnitePlayer69". So its an inside joke.
Open file (149.26 KB 337x672 Huh - Manga Question.png)
>>14863 >and live in light of it. I'm sorry, but what does that even mean?
>>14994 You are concerning others, kid
>>14491 >Half the posts he's responding to are deleted What is this /leftypol/ all over again?
>>15535 it was all just inflammatory bait, i removed a bunch of my own posts for the same reason, desperate times called for (key word "called") desperate measures.
>>15535 Some posts deserve to be deleted, freedom of speech doesn't mean you have freedom from consequences.
>>15490 Act like you believe it.
>>15549 >freedom of speech doesn't mean you have freedom from consequences So it's /leftypol/ all over again
>>15555 it was just lowqual bait, it only really served to cause conflict on the board.
>>14907 >straight greek to english translation btw Well aren't they all? I'm not sure what the point is even supposed to be >calls them "foolish" not wicked. and makes no mention of them "suppressing the truth" One should always when challenged theologically by the citation of any given scripture pull up the full passage. When one does not do this it is somewhat clear that they are not appropriately dealing with the text for one reason or another. And it is clear that one is not doing this when they fail to notice a verse that is three verses away from the one that came up when they googled the text that was quoted. Obviously the verse being referenced when I spoke of the wickedness of men and their suppression of the truth verse 18, not verse 21. So in this particular context why is it we have dealt disrespectfully with the text and missed the obvious? Because we have been influenced by a vain human philosophy which prevents us from believing what the bible says. It is essential for a Christian to let themselves be challenged by God's word, be willing to lay such traditions aside and embrace the teaching of scripture without hesitation so that we may be led by the hand by the Holy Spirit. >they are corrupted, they are not evil. And there we see it again we can't believe that because we have this human tradition that would contradict this (in this case human free will). They certainly are corrupted, and what is corrupted is their very nature so that being evil they despise their creator and all that is good. I'm sorry you don't like what the bible says, but that doesn't make it go away. So which would you rather believe? What the bible says, or what you say? >morally humans are neutral, swaying from side to side, but in our hearts we have a natural desire to do good And there you go the text has ceased to exist and been replaced with some unrealistic philosophical garbage that is fundamentally irreconcilable with it. Even though the entire purpose of the text is to establish that men are so naturally wicked that they are utterly dependent upon the righteousness of Christ (not their own righteousness) to stand before God, we overthrow this core teaching because it is inconsistent with the tradition which we have received and throw the whole thrust of the apostle's argument out of whack. The text says "There is no fear of God before their eyes", but he says "They are naturally good". Ye make the words of God of none effect by your traditions of men.
>>15664 the problem with your assertion is that you say humans are naturally evil. A being which is naturally evil cannot love God or go to Heaven. Furthermore the existence of free will (which you referenced) also proves that humans are not naturally evil as free will implies a choice. People choose to be evil. They arent born wanting to be evil, they given into the temptations and thus become corrupted.
>>15671 >free will >implying Jesus forgives because He sees that humanity is stuck being evil without Him. Else if there are any human beings, even one, that can live a perfect life it proves that there can be salvation without Jesus. We know that there is no salvation without Jesus, so all must be miserable sinners without God.
>>14878 Thinking evil is good is grounds for execution tbh
>>14865 Yeah, because the popes always acting like the best catholic ever. No wonder this board sucks
>>14878 Thinking good is evil is grounds for execution tbh
Open file (22.85 KB 324x660 fags.png)
Most sites are for faggots:
>>15554 Thank you!
Open file (251.00 KB 800x1420 test.png)
>>14460 i could've got higher orthodox metric if it wasn't geared towards eastern orthodox and not oriental orthodox. many of the definitions in it are natural to us but without specific words
>>16227 oriental and eastern are synonyms
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>>16229 Based
>>16229 Those would be some sick song lyrics.
Open file (249.11 KB 800x1420 descarga.png)
Protestants get the rope.
>>17646 D&C shills get the firing squad.
Open file (298.05 KB 698x530 zoomer tradcath.png)
I guess I flipped this idea around. Rather than looking for the religion that suits my beliefs, I looked for what God told me is true.
>>18815 I would say this is decently accurate :3 but unfortunately the questions are worded terribly. For example if I don't believe there was ever a covenant between "God" and the Jews can I respond to "God's covenant with the Jews is still in affect." The test was clearly made by a fundamentalist Christian and intended for fundamentalist Christians. Some of the questions about Satanism also were kind of head scratchers and probably miss the point of actual Satanist theology entirely. A more minor gripe is how the creator of the test frequently switches between positive statements and negative statements as things to respond to so one question strongly agree might mean approving of the popes of Catholicism and then the next strongly agree might mean disapproving the patriarchs of eastern orthodoxy. Also interesting that a presumably fundamentalist Christian author would create a test that so conspicuously excludes gnostics or other new religion type Christianity where the beliefs don't align with either of the 3 major groups. They're not even considered pagans or protestants here.
>>18817 Gnosticism has been a dead religion for a thousand years, why would it be on it?
Open file (245.62 KB 1593x1593 not thinking.jpg)
>>18820 There is a large base of contemporary gnostics out there, cutie. People enticed by mystical Christianity beginning to despise the rigid uncreativeness and perceived nonsense of the mainline beliefs. I'm shocked you don't know about it since most zealous e-Christians are infatuated with it and other "heresies" that present themselves outwardly as Christian but in truth aren't.
>>18828 3 shitposters on imageboards is not a "large base"
>>18829 I don't know what you're referencing, doll, but I don't get it. Perhaps you should try not making shit up; you'd be a lot prettier that way.
Open file (358.05 KB 910x1667 Secularist.png)
It fits well
>>18845 Wow, those are very secular results indeed.
>>17646 >Threats of murder. Divisive bait?
Open file (126.23 KB 1411x819 ClipboardImage.png)
I'm liking it.
>>18866 It's just standard course for the heathens, they really hate Christ and all who follow him instead of the world or silly men in silly robes like the boylover pope.
Open file (554.53 KB 1800x2560 download.png)
https://prismquiz.github.io/ Now try this quiz and see what politics you get.
Open file (224.38 KB 820x1440 ClipboardImage.png)
>>21181 On today's episode of wacky fringe ideologies, Theocratic Collectivism & Egoism
Open file (648.13 KB 1800x2560 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (401.19 KB 1400x590 boys-on-road-dy.jpg)
>>21196 That feel when no modern era of Amish-like Christian society with no government.
Open file (49.28 KB 326x527 Screenshot (132).png)

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