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Asian Wife and "Tradition" Anonymous 05/05/2022 (Thu) 14:54:40 No.10229
Why do /pol/cels act like marrying a Christian Asian girl is against tradition? In Christian tradition, you are supposed to marry a Christian woman who is virgin and will submit to her husband, not a slut or infidel who will rebel against her husband's authority. If the choice is between an "agnostic" feminist white woman with multiple "partners" who will be the most untraditional wife ever and a Christian Asian girl who is chaste and wants to fulfill her role as a woman and wife, the /pol/cels would still claim the white woman is the correct choice in the name of "kids who look like me." Even some supposedly tradcuck Catholics will cite Tobit or some other apocrypha against marrying a chaste Asian Christian and settling for the white slut. Nobody can quote a relevant verse from the New Testament. From everything I can gather, there is no material or religious documentation from this millennia that says marrying a Christian wife of another race is against tradition. Not even liberals consider Asians and Europeans to be different and constantly make laws against both in the name of diversity for darker races, stating East Asians are adjacent to white people. The far right says East Asians are honorary Europeans. I know most of /pol/ has no truth to their words and just shill for ethnostates, but is there any legitimate and truthful documentation that states two Christians, a European and an East Asian, are going against tradition by marrying?
Open file (1.51 MB 1811x3999 1540054739036.jpg)
>>10231 White women are very obviously inferior nowadays, in every way. They're not worth it.
Open file (1019.99 KB 800x918 asdfha.png)
>>10293 On average, compared to white girls, yes.
Open file (1.39 MB 1500x1500 1643495187297.png)
>>10229 >Why do /pol/cels act like marrying a Christian Asian girl is against tradition? Because the underground right that advocated going your own way even if it meant marrying an Asian was shunned by the Left for their stoicism and in a bid to reaffirm their identity as men, the underground right (sometimes called the "far right") replaced stoicism in the face of adversity with a machismo front that did not allow for compromise of any kind. It was perfectly normal for /pol/ types to advocate marrying Asian women prior to Trump and the Feminist push against happa males. >If the choice If you can't bring a woman into the faith your marriage was doomed from the start. She could be a Hindi for all I care the point remains that women will adjust to their man's environment so if their man doesn't have the balls to bring her into Christianity she's never going to respect you or your opinion for anything other than providing an income regardless of race or religion.
>>10353 >what i am saying is that this weird obsession with Asian women so many anons have is bizarre and quite frankly seems like a thinly-veiled fetish. It's a cultural gap between anons who were introduced to politics prior to 2015 involving marrying foreign women and anons who were introduced to politics after 2015. You wouldn't get it. It's not a fetish though. Most of the anons use Asian as the example but it was Ukrainian for the pre-2011 crowd and works the same way.
>>10359 >Asians have the qualities that matter It's about foreigners raised in subordinate cultures vs free expression cultures, anon. the [Asian] tag has little to do with it so much as the [foreign] and [subordinate] tags.
And to think /christian/ couldn't get any lower than it already has. I can see why Christianity is dying now, if this is the state of its believers.
>>10585 Go back to your honeytrap.
I personally prefer black girls.
>>10587 Just quit embarrassing yourself with shit-tier takes based on Judaic universalist fantasies and we won't come here to laugh at (You) and (Your) retardation.
I used to be a /pol/cel but then I met some Mestiza girl online who hates feminism, wants to homestead and wants babies so I’m gonna see where this ends up. Wife + babies > muh race
>>10588 based, tbh racemixing is the only reason i returned to Christianity.
>>10585 >Oh no!! Christianity doesn't worship race! How will we stop the evil jews, never mind the evil that i do, it's the jews we must stop! MY side is soo oppressed even though Federal agents from stormfront indoctrinated image boards and Jews also control neo-nazi groups as well.
>>10593 >Federal agents from stormfront indoctrinated image boards ?
>>10591 That's not a good reason to return to Christianity lol. You can care about only dating your race and be Christian there is nothing in the bible that says you have choose one or the other. >>10590 Almost all the Latina women in in my family found a white husband, and two Latino men in my family found a half white or fully white woman, both of which are overweight while the Latina women are petite, thin and attractive, this isn't a majority but are white women really that bad of a state? >>10585 >I can see why Christianity is dying now It's so funny when people say this. Yeah, it's dying, it's only one of the most popular religions in the world, the bible itself is the most well known books of all time.
>>10596 https://medium.com/@MKultrawoke/the-truth-about-the-alt-right-a-destruction-by-facts-and-logic-e3d07f27e8cb It's kind of leftist, and /pol/ will dismiss the sources as Jewish (as if Jews or mainstream news outlets can't be correct) but the facts are there.
>>10597 >are white women really that bad of a state Many of them are. Tons of white girls in their early twenties are fat with double chins, wearing skin-tight clothing, having tattoos, and are vain, entitled and repulsive. Feminist ideology and social media have completely ruined them. And even if you find a good white woman, odds are is that she will not want lots of children, or she will want to work, or she will divorce rape you, etc. They are simply not very feminine.
>>10598 No, that article is shitty and all over the place. Milo Yiannopolous, Roger Stone, Alex Jones, and Steve Bannon have nothing to do with the alt right. The Breitbart crowd just tried to co-opt the alt right, while the alt right attempted in vain to ride the coattails of the Trump movement.
>>10580 You're not supposed to marry a non-believer, anon. If you can convert someone before marriage, fine. But you walk a tight rope being in a relationship with someone who may or may not become Christian.
>>10588 a man of good taste i see
Open file (107.70 KB 737x450 1598611158845.png)
>>10588 >>10591 >>10602 Divorce is likely. There's a reason this thread is about Asian women specifically.
>>10600 There is some controversy about what is alt-right, but it covers more than just racialist view points it also includes conservative view points at the time. Milo Yiannopolous speeches and writings often ridicule Islam, feminism, social justice, and political correctness, he also supported Donald Trump. Roger Stone sought out the proud boys for his security, and worked with trump on his campaign, he came up with "Make American Great Again" and pioneered provocative troll marketing. As for Alex Jones the article says that most in the alt-right would disagree with saying that hes in the alt-right, but he has had a popularizing influence in the conspiracy truther movement regardless if hes CIA controlled opposition and has had trump on his show. The article goes into this, but there is a wide variety to the alt-right that goes beyond just racialist politics.
Open file (39.25 KB 584x358 Divorces.jpg)
>>10599 >Feminist ideology and social media have completely ruined them. All Christians should emulate the Amish and disassociate with the world at large on a community level.
>>10597 >this isn't a majority but are white women really that bad of a state? Western ones, yes. Not all of them, but enough of them that it's like searching for a unicorn.
>>10601 >But you walk a tight rope being in a relationship with someone who may or may not become Christian. If you love someone then you can convince them to become Christian. If you don't, you didn't truly love them.
>>10605 >but he has had a popularizing influence in the conspiracy truther movement Can it really be called a "conspiracy" when most of his conspiracies have been proven as facts or the evidence overwhelmingly supports them being true?
>>10598 >linking to a commie rag Go back to leftypol.
>>10605 The alt right got its name from Richard Spencer's old site Alternative Right and was popularized by boards like /pol/. Being 14/88 wasn't a requirement, but some degree of racialism is. It was a big tent, but race realism was always one of the core tenets. Out of what remains of the old alt right, Affirmative Right gives a pretty close view of what much of the early alt right was like. Colin Liddell supports nationalism but is against Hitler dickriding and whtewashing the Nazis, and his site is effectively a rump of Alternative Right after Spencer took the site back from him and Andy Nowicki (going off what I remember). Way back before Richard Spencer was paling around with autistic LARPers like Matt Heimbach, I remember seeing at least one neo-Nazi shitting on him in the comment section of one of his old sites. The old alt right was home to people with a lot more nuanced views than "GAS THE KIKES RACE WAR NOW," but the racial egalitarianism that the Bannon/mainstream MAGA contingent promoted was diametrically opposed to what the actual alt right believed.
>>10598 always thought it was interesting how many of their infographics look the same
>>10611 The Bible wouldn't say dont marry an unbeliever if it was so easy, anon. You sound like someone from /pol/ saying someone is weak.
>>10619 You are weak if you can't convince a woman who allegedly loves you to come to Christ. That has nothing to do with /pol/.
Open file (3.11 MB 1152x720 shillary.mp4)
>>10617 >and was popularized by boards like /pol/. You mean by Hillary's terrible shilling campaign that completely blew up in her face.
>>10623 Perhaps I should go back a step. There is nothing wrong with being weak, but it's important to understand your own limits. This is perhaps a generational gap as younger Christians think it is "bad" to be weak instead of understanding your limits if you happen to be weak. A weak man shouldn't be dating someone who is not a Christian and should look for a more subordinate wife if he desires a spouse. A strong man can convince his woman. That is all I'm conveying.
>>10626 No, that was when all the civic "nationalists" started coming in and calling themselves alt right when they had no clue what it meant.
>>10630 Yes, popularizing it as a concept divorced from its original meaning.
>>10614 >no argument, just an ad hominem Where is the lie? >>10612 I think you mean if it can really be called a theory if there is overwhelming evidence.
If you happen to marry an asian woman, sure. If you're fetishing them, then that;s weird and you should stop. /thread.
>>10601 Wtf emperor Constantine was persuaded to embrace christianity by wife.
Reminder that God specifically made Eve because the other peoples weren't considered worthy wives for Adam. Your hatred for white women will never change that.
Open file (108.90 KB 1275x2080 racemixing fallacies.png)
>>10242 They are not. Another example where they are not would be the medical issues that arise when mixed children require medical transplants and donations and the very limited donor pool with which they are compatible. You cannot seriously expect that there aren't going to be medical hiccups when, with racemixing, you cut-corners and do what natural evolution has done over tens of thousands of years in the span of time that humanity has had airplane travel. gr8 b8 thread btw
it's threads like these that make me wonder if i'm the only remotely normal person on this board.
>>10635 this
>>10644 So what he was pagan before that and the opinions of women didn't matter for their time.
>>10654 You are among your own. We are all perfectly sane.
>>10229 I believe that Christianity is the best way to promote national coherence and preservation. Not by banning race mixing or being race centered. I believe those things just happen as a result of apostasy and degeneracy. Basically if a man feels safe in his moral decent community, there will be plenty of oppurtinity for him to build a life within that community, rather than to chase a woman across the globe whom he can't relate too as well. >>10231 Being against racemixing is like crying about someone removing an apple from a rotting basket of apples.The whole interacial black man white female phenomena is not the cause of degeneracy, it's a reaction to it. White women are not in love with black men so much that they are doing all this. It's that they are playing on the fantasies of nazis. Women only interact with black men to piss off their degenerate nazi countrymen/friends/relatives who fantasize about white women ideolizing them. It's like a girl who has sex with guys to get back at her father. It's not that white girls are being brainwashed to love immigrants. It's that they hate you and want to piss you off. >>10248 White people are not superior in any way because of some intrinsic quality. White people are superior because they are Christian and have a Christian culture and tradition. Take that out of the equation, and they are stupid, delusional, perverted, and filled with hate. Idk what metric matter to you about "predicting success". Any success predicted is out of Christian influence. Definitelly in eternal affairs, but also practical affairs, like raising good children, mental stability, etc... Conclusion: >race mixing is a rare phenomena that occurs as last measure >race mixing in the mainstream is a hateful reaction to degenerate nazi fantasy and not the initial cause of degeneracy >Value of white man lies in his Christianity, without it, he is valueless
Open file (1.93 MB 400x300 1598638812691.gif)
>>10652 >evolution I hope you're joking. >transplant Europeans have problems with transplants withbother Europeans. Dumb argument.
It's surreal to see people who have no contact whatsoever with the east think that (more) developed nations have women who don't play the same games as europeans.
>>10874 I'm married, my wife is a Christian from East Asia and never traveled before meeting me, and all the stats anon posted corroborate my experience. Asian women are just better. All of us can't be wrong, anon. Maybe in a few decades or something things will change, but for bow it is what it is. The past 600 years of exploration and colonization doesn't seem to indicate things will change, though. The last 3000 years of literature and history suggest white women have always been this way too and the degenerate era of feminism we're dealing with isn't just something kikes have done. Read Cato on the Oppian law. It goes back and back farther.
>>10799 >>Value of white man lies in his Christianity, without it, he is valueless The white man is a creation of God you heathen
Open file (2.96 MB 1720x720 1638653124498.webm)
Someone just asked this question on /pol/. I'm assuming it was one of you.

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