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Are Atheists Even Happy? Sperit 07/22/2022 (Fri) 20:57:30 No.14509 [Reply]
I have always been a Christian and have christian parents but I think I began to study religion as a whole more as I got older. I have seen how much atheists constantly destroy themselves and even do things for pleasure to their own detrement under the idea that they just need to absorb as much pleasure in life before dying. But from what I have learned you can become a lot happier by following ideologes of a religion like Christianity than from simply trying to maximize pleasure. I also constantly see atheists on multiple drugs for depression and anxiety when even statistically wise Christians have better mental health. Pic unrelated i like the dog.
>>14509 yeah typically athiests are depressed, thats also why they tend to be more attracted toward extreme ideologies like communism. Their depressed mental state makes them desperate and an easy target. also borzois are based

Church/Denomination Matt 05/30/2022 (Mon) 08:39:01 No.11981 [Reply]
Hello, I was hoping someone here could help me find a denomination/church I would feel comfortable going to. I am not comfortable with icons I REALLY love choirs I believe in salvation trough faith alone I believe in preservation of the saints I do not like going to church on Sunday do not say Lutheran. Why no Sunday? I heard going to church on Sunday is some roman/catholic stuff and that's bad. Jesus said he is the lord of the sabbath.
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>>12504 Nowhere is sunday called the lord's day in the bible , sun worshipper.
>>11981 i dont think any major denomination abides by all of those criteria
>Christianity needs to adhere to MY personal preferences This is why protestantism is an abject failure.
>>12833 Cease your idolatry, saturn worshipper.

Anonymous 07/21/2022 (Thu) 04:44:15 No.14392 [Reply]
Sabbath breakers are >lawless >sinners >reprobates >homosexuals >pedophiles >murderers >torturers >liars >covenant breakers >without natural affection >disobedient to parents >worship strange gods
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>>14398 (this post is supporting you) Reminder that the Pharisees knew that God himself worked on the Sabbath day because people are born and died on Sundays (this is evidenced in Pharisaic documents of the time), and Jesus healing people on the Sabbath was in direct connection to his Godhood. However they superficially demanded people follow the law in spite of this so their own slavish obedience could be respected of men. Since Christians are baptized into Christ and are adopted as children of God by the Holy Spirit, the neo-Pharisees that mandate the Sabbath be kept for salvation deny that Christians have a share in God in Jesus Christ. Surely, at the second coming Jesus will bow down to the Jews and the legalists for keeping God's law better than God himself.
>>14398 >then he goes to Peter and James who aren't even at that level of understanding >Praising some random anti-christian kike over the Messiah's Half brother 'Lmao' said Archangel Gabriel, 'Lol' said Michael.
>>14419 >he worships angels Begone idolator
>>14398 wasnt paul at one point a pharisee? if so then his knowledge and understanding of the old testament would make him a great asset to the Christian cause. I dont know why people hate him so much, case in point: >>14419 And in my opinion, pauls writings are some of the best, he addresses alot of still to this day prevalent issues and he addresses them in a pragmatic yet Biblical way.
>>14419 See but the thing is, if you actually read the rest of the sentence you're green texting, the Jerusalem Church AGREES with Paul about circumcision. Paul was just an instrument that tipped the scales which caused the debate in Acts 15 but he was a nobody at the time. This is why Paul was called why he was important. God works slowly as we know, Jesus was not fully understood in his life time, the Gospels blatantly say the Disciples didn't understand much of what Jesus was on about. They were just fishers lot of them for one thing, so all they had was general knowledge about the messiah from whatever the public said. It's really not a given that Circumcision is no longer necessary. It wasn't a given that Jesus died for our sins and we're justified by him, you can conclude that from the Gospels reading from your comfortable position but God let the Church be for almost 20 years until Paul started to connect actual Scripture and Jesus and understanding. And it's not a surprise Peter the Apostle Jesus trusted to look after the Church agreed with him. Just saying, impressive guy.

Open file (192.28 KB 333x333 ClipboardImage.png)
Koine Anonymous 07/19/2022 (Tue) 16:30:28 No.14300 [Reply]
Why aren't you learning Greek anon? Don't you want to be able to read the word of Christ pure and unfiltered by translators? >verse that loses the most in translation >anything other than Septuagint and New Testament to read in the language?
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Open file (356.89 KB 1920x1280 grain-ge2c40066c_1920.jpg)
It's a STRONG warning from Paul to the Galatians who struggled over the issue "I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel: Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ." In the opening of his first ever letter addressing the desire to keep the Old Covenant and somehow be "extra saved". Hebrews says you cannot turn back to Judaism and make animal sacrifices for sins. That is done away with. Demand keeping of the weekly sabbath is like the demand that we should daily sacrifice animals for sins, that's the Old Covenant Israel was under. Paul says that Mosaic law was added until the seed should come. Israel was given the Covenant to keep them pure until the saviour should arrive, to have a pure bloodline and nation, while all other nations around Israel were a mess of child sacrifice and idol worship. And of course Jewish tradition is that the Covenant was offered to other nations but they didn't accept it. Until the promised saviour should come and give rest and fulfil those things of the past which all pointed towards him. I think the reason some people are so confused on this point is because it's really the whole thing. People refuse to live in rest under grace toward good works which then come. Reality is most people don't want the Gospel of Christ. You have to get this right and understand this part. What is the Gospel of Christ. Not what is the Old Covenants, because the Old Covenant Christians have no idea what the old Covenant is, you think it's just about "resting on Saturday" you're a joke and you insult the old covenant and the whole purpose of Israel and mount Sinai and so on. Very important to get pass this, as Ignatius says, no longer observing the sabbath but the Lord's Day. Which doesn't mean there's a direct relation between the two. You certainly shouldn't be stoning people for not going to the church on Sunday. You really think God would approve of that, because he commanded it after all to do that for the sabbath rest as well as many many other commandments and rules. A rest because God rested on the seventh day, a passover because God spared his people in the land of Egypt. And at a point it's bothersome because the sabbath enforcers have never used any logic to argue. They can post a verse about laws and commandments are still important, well obviously, but no evidence the Old Covenant celebrations and days and sacrifices need to be kept and God is mad if you aren't keeping them. It's a topic that should simply end with the constant telling in the New Testament of NEW Covenant, Old Covenant broken and dead, law written on the heart, so on. They shut up when it comes to circumcision. They ignore at all costs all the other commandments for Israel which are inconvenient. And lastly they ignore Paul when he says not to judge others concerning the Sabbath. What more can you do, nothing. They simply say "No." and post a verse about keeping commandments and law therefore the sabbath. I think it's clear it'll never go anywhere. "You have to be under the old Covenant because otherwise does that mean you can go and murder and steal and still go to Heaven JUST because of uhh Jesus!? Yucky!" Which totally misses the whole point that if you are born again you will not want to do those things. Paul sounds annoyed when he has to list out all the bad things you shouldn't do, things which you should already know not to do. The New Testament constantly lists things you shouldn't do which aren't specific to any commandments God gave to anyone before. Every born again Christian knows smoking is bad, masturbation is bad, swearing is bad. Yes I say that. You should know foul language is not of Christ. While I think this understanding of Covenants is very important, to the very aggressive I think there's nothing you can do. Post Colossians 2:16 and move on, they can squirm around the direct message and so on. I posted Chris White's video an hour long going through the entire Bible I certainly can't beat that with an internet post. If people don't want to understand then they won't. They'll not understand why Jesus is Good News.
>>14387 >>14388 >>14405 Muslim bait
>>14364 Amen this anon speaks the truth of the Lord in a thread full of sinners.
>>14357 >>14358 >>14361 >Yeah, don't even bring up faith I think. Faith is just another work. It's really a type of work. Jesus calls it a work at one point. This is correct and a good point that I realized can be misread by others, I agree with your posts and want to certify you as Based. There are Christians on this board after all.
Orthodox Jews today will tell you why Jesus is so evil, because he insulted the Pharisees, those were the most holy men who ever lived. And this Jesus is condemning them to Hell! Orthodox Jews are descendant from the Pharisees, they are the Pharisees all that was said still applies to Orthodox Jews really. Certainly the Pharisees were very holy men, they washed their hands and the outside of their cups, they kept the law of Moses! What they fail to understand is for over 2,500 years (septuagint) the world was in a pre-flood state without any Israel or Jews or Covenant. God's redemption plan is restoring and making paradise. Israel was not paradise, it was not his final ultimate redemption plan. Israel came into the picture long after and the Sinai Covenant even longer still. Physical Israel was the very very dim shadow of the eternal kingdom, it was a nation God himself ordained. Just as Noah's Ark was like Jesus and salvation he says he is the door. Building the Ark of the Holy Spirit, Noah looked like an IDIOT, guaranteed, a fool for 100 or so years but he just needed to believe, God probably hardly spoke to him, he just spent years building with his sons. Jesus makes it clear that the scripture contains him. It's his story. And there's huge lists of illusions to Jesus and fulfilments and those things In Deuteronomy it says "Not because of your righteousness or the uprightness of your heart are you going in to possess their land, but because of the wickedness of these nations the LORD your God is driving them out from before you, and that he may confirm the word that the LORD swore to your fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob." The failure of realising the humble nation of Israel is the falling point of the Orthodox Jew, they think the Covenant at Sinai is their paradise and eternal rest and the "New Covenant" is figurative and will just be the same as the old covenant despite God saying it won't be, but, okay. Of course the Pharisees went on to basically hate Jesus so much they went full reverse and did the opposite of everything he said, they went on to produce the Midrash and Talmud which are just MORE law interpretation and human tradition a great deal of it, continuing desperately to hold on to the Earthly nation of Israel from 1400 BC. God is looking for much more than the Pharisees or the ultra Orthodox Jews of today. Rather than a spiritual understanding of Israel, the eternal Kingdom that Daniel speaks about that Jesus establishes. Israel was very short lived compared to all history. The Kingdom of God in all its revelation is not going to be the Mosaic covenant, it's not going to be bloody animal sacrifice for sins and stoning to death and all these turbo specific things. Laws about Oxen. Jesus makes the point the law of divorce was added because of the hardness of the Israelis hearts. I don't think it's going to be clouds and harps and like some ideas of it, I think it will be somewhat familiar, but it's not 1400 BC Israel it's going to be much better. That's another understanding of the Covenants and the importance of the spirit especially now. National laws of Israel were added much later after some of the greatest of the Bible had passed and those laws reflect God's goodness and intentions, usually, some laws like Jesus mentions Deuteronomy 24 "but from the beginning it was not so." The Beginning, Paradise. Jesus was interested in the true intentions of his Father and doing his will. the number one and only goal and that meant he kept the entire moral law of God which can't be written in any book for every possible occasion but we know it. The Bible makes it clear liars and cheats and lustful and all the others will not inherit the kingdom, not "sabbath and festival breakers and people who don't observe new moons and don't eat Kosher." It's it the Muslims who believe if you eat pork and then die you turn into a pig or something. You really got to make that distinction and understand what Jesus was doing instituting the New Testament with the Lord's Supper and with water baptism which are the sort of "Traditions" we have now until the end. Just like his first coming when he comes he's not going to be obsessed about your water baptism and bread and wine, the traditional aspect, but rather whether you are a believer a faithful disciple a lover. Traditional aspects are FOR US, it is helpful to remember the Lord's sacrifice at communion and to profess faith in water baptism, I see it that way at least, I find them very helpful to us.

Open file (360.88 KB 1200x1187 InfiniteClock.jpg)
Protestants Have No Unchanging Language? Anonymous 07/17/2022 (Sun) 10:55:35 No.14196 [Reply]
Perhaps it's incorrect but I have this impression that Protestants look down on us Catholics for their use of Latin. They see the use of Latin as some kind of artificial layer that, for purely aesthetic purposes, makes the Church look old. The advantage of Latin is that, due to it being a dead language, its meanings never change. Writings made in Latin will have no change in their interpretation for centuries and, if God doesn't come back yet, millenia. Do Protestants have or seek a similar "timeless" language? I think "KJV-Onlyism" is pretty popular amongst Protestants. And yet, I never see Protestants urging other KJV-users to go back and read the writings made by people around the time of the KJV's release. After all, since they were closest in time to its release, they would have the most natural and correct interpretation of the KJV. Instead, it seems Protestants are quite comfortable with interpreting, even the KJV, with an unexpected amount of freedom in this regard. How can the KJV be so revered, and yet there's no pressure to read the writings of those who had the most direct understanding of it? You might say "Oh, but God is timeless. What he communicated to his early readers, he still communicates today." Well, have you tested this? Have you compared your own interpretations of the KJV with those of the early Protestants? Minor deviations in interpretation are to be expected, but since Progressive Christianity exists, major deviations are a serious possibility. Or do you really think that, because you're not Progressive, it's impossible that your interpretation could be considered heretical by the KJV's earliest readers? Is the bar so low that as long as you're not promoting sodomy, you're alright?
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>>14287 And that's the way the cookie crumbles!
>>14386 Hypocrite, you're doing it in another thread right now. Fucking kill yourself
>>14389 You assume that that other poster is the bot. LMAO you schizos are so easy to troll. All you do is make a mockery of Christianity. Literally bearing false witness, again.
>>14389 >Fucking kill yourself Blessed with the holy spirit I see!
>>14386 i beg your pardon? i'm not sure what you mean.

Open file (470.32 KB 2186x1300 Artlib_gallery-13875-o.jpg)
LOVE Anonymous 07/17/2022 (Sun) 17:55:37 No.14214 [Reply]
how can i get it? i felt lonely watching my brothers in church talk and laugh and i felt rage when they try to befriend me, i pray everyday for their souls andd then when i have to see them in the eyes i can only feel hate, if this continues i will end up in hell, how can i change my behaviour? when i try to talk to them i start thinking that they will hurt me if i open up to them, this doesnt happen with anyone outside of church.
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>>14340 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZVTbFuZrNw&list=PLw3G7Sq4HkiTQHjyiTjsFdinIyyoGqa8r This should work, just try 1 episode without bias and maybe you'll try more.
>>14347 thanks, sorry for saying that to you, we really should get id's in this board
>>14349 Is id just signing up?
>>14305 And if you find out that they are living hypocritical lives and won't listen to your rebuke understand that the decision to turn a hardened heart is ultimately in the hands of God and the Holy Spirit and not on you. Stay away from the worthless distractions of our depraved world and worship God.
>>14332 I am a casual browser of anon.cafe/Christian and /comfy/. I have been a lurker for about 4 or 5 years. I was a regular poster on 16chan but the site is down so I browse here more now. I have been scoping out the moderation, most from AH and like I said I do not like what I see. I am not in any discords or part of any raid. I wouldn’t even consider myself a tourist, more of a longtime lurker.

Open file (109.29 KB 800x1159 usogui-1328118.jpg)
Anonymous 07/18/2022 (Mon) 17:53:35 No.14271 [Reply]
I will start reverse tithing, I just wanted to share here,since this is an anon board. Im catholic so I will be giving to my local parish. I dont support prosperity pastors in themselves but I truly believe a true tithe brings financial blessings. I was going to die,now I decided not to,I ended up deciding I will start tithing 90% of my moderate income. wish me luck,I will need it to handle the influx of power Im going to unleash upon my life.
1 post omitted.
>>14271 It doesn't all have to go to a church. Donate to the poor or food kitchens or something. Or even get in touch with a food kitchen and see what food they would accept for donations and give that to ensure it's used to feed the poor rather than line the pockets of someone running it. Even still, why not start your own food kitchen or something to help feed the poor or clothe the naked or something. Another thing you can do is ask to see their books on how money is spent. If they don't want to let you see it, then chances are they are ashamed of how they spend their money and don't want the public to know.
>>14271 >I was going to die you should have took your own life
>>14353 Not a Christian imageboard.

Open file (54.25 KB 720x405 devil training armor.jpg)
is using the "Death Drive" a good thing or a -sin-? Anonymous 05/12/2022 (Thu) 13:50:05 No.10955 [Reply]
I just want to die but dont want to KMS really. I do stuff that I know will kill me sooner even tho its not "suicide"(too much caffeine, strenous excercise,which damages mithocondria,etc). I know gnosticism is a heresy but I hate human bodies because theyre ranked by Nature according to hierarchical beauty standards. Many times I almost go to a slum/shanty town area on porpouse to try and fight with some knife-wielding mugger/thief. what do i DO? im reading the Imitatio Crist,trying to apply it,but im so obsessed,hung up on,Beauty...that book just turns me into a despondent nihilist even more. >the Death Drive is when you give so much 0 fuggs about everything,that you can perform anything,any outrageous task,since you dont care anyways
30 posts and 8 images omitted.
>>13221 im a catholic so I need to go full on and become a priest for that...Maybe ,another idea,Such As joining a lay group? going to slums to ask crack addicts to go to rehab?
>>13246 I understand that killing is necessary I was just replying to the idiots above who think that christians aren't allowed to kill or even fight no mather what. There's a ton of people like that especially in real life.
Why is god being such a niggerfaggot? All I ask from him is to shine a bit of light into my life, or at least make it less shitty. I'm done talking to him until he starts being kind to me. I'm not going to follow his "laws" either, because he has no concern for me. The first chance I get a proper way to rope, I'm going to take it. Fuck god for being such a faggot.
>>13273 Rest in peace poor little prince.
bump im still alive ive been looksmaxxing,im still fanatically vain(not vainly fanatical)

Open file (114.13 KB 750x1000 236097274235.jpg)
Anonymous 05/30/2022 (Mon) 05:19:52 No.11965 [Reply]
>be me >touch the fingerprint sensor on my phone >my brain: guess thats the mark of the beast >have anxiety forever when will it end
43 posts and 10 images omitted.
>>12498 interesting
>>14205 >Inbred Blacked Coomer praises Non-trinitarian-Arian Heretic Anathema >the guy who's research singlehandedly proved the existence of God Who cares about that schizo's gay research, the Bible, Church and Tradition suffices, Faggot. Fuck off with that "science" crap.
>>14208 >tradition Begone papist.
>>14208 >Inbred Blacked Coomer praises Non-trinitarian-Arian Heretic not an argument but if thats the route you want to take then how about you show us your search history instead? >Who cares about that schizo's gay research, the Bible, Church and Tradition suffices, Faggot. Fuck off with that "science" crap. so you dont care about all the non-Christians who never read or cared about the Bible, the church, or tradition but who were persuaded by the discoveries of Newton and his successors? Youre gonna have a hard time explaining that one to God.

Open file (1018.56 KB 1270x1688 Atheism and pedophilia.png)
Anonymous 07/18/2022 (Mon) 01:47:42 No.14246 [Reply]
How do we defend Christianity after the exposure of pedophilia has tainted it?
7 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>14262 >Makes sense when you realize he changed his mind after the pharisee rejected him as messiah after he failed their tests (the correct answer would have been to call fir the man the adulterous woman was caught with to be stoned beside her, just wanted to address this because i found it interesting. Jesus actually outplayed the Pharisees in multiple ways there. When Jesus said "he who hath not sinned cast the first stone" he was likely referring to the fact that the Pharisees had knowingly broken judicial code aswell as plotted against Him which was a sin. The Pharisees knowingly failed to provide a witness for the crime and they failed to provide the man she was sleeping with both of which violate judicial due processes and they did this all in an attempt at either making a fool out of or getting Jesus arrested for violating Roman law. Matthew 5:7 "You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye." how can you effectively judge someone and then sentence them to death if you yourself cant even obey the simplest of laws? Its also possible that they had all been sleeping with the woman but i think thats much less likely.
>>14275 wow, edgy.
>>14279 Nice bait
>>14280 >your shitty bait gets called out >get so mad you start spamming that everything is bait

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