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Anonymous 07/23/2022 (Sat) 04:16:51 No.14544 [Reply]
What's the real christianity?
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>>14630 >incessant spam, bait and trolling You're personally responsible for like 40% of that on this board
>>14630 Is this guy even a Christian?
>>14630 >CryptoMudslime
>>14630 are ou even 18?

Anonymous 07/19/2022 (Tue) 00:37:14 No.14293 [Reply]
>my church leaders told me that only my church leaders are allowed to interpret scripture >my church leaders told me scripture says my church leaders are never wrong in doctrine or practice >my church leaders told me scripture says salvation is only within our church >my church leaders told me scripture says they're the TrueChurchOfGod™ >my church leaders told me scripture says my church traces its roots back to the 1st century >my church leaders told me scripture says salvation is based on works and is not a free gift from God >my church leaders told me scripture says adopting pagan idols and practices and theology is fine >my church leaders told me scripture says purgatory is real and we atone for our sins after death >my church leaders told me scripture says that I should pay indulgences to shorten my stay in purgatory >my church leaders told me scripture says hell is eternal life in torment so I'd never want to leave my church >no I haven't studied scripture myself or listened to arguments from anyone outside my church or from anyone who my church leaders call "heretics" How do they not see that they are in a cult?
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>>14424 im not catholic schizo lol
>>14454 Lying is a sin, go confess to your groomer.
>>14455 Accusing others of something they are not is also a sin.
>>14463 >I'm not catholic I just agree with everything the catholic church says Okay that's between you and God
>>14492 >that's between you and God Sounds like something a Catholic would say.

Open file (5.14 MB 3000x2172 churchwallpaper.jpeg)
De-Radicalisation in the name of Christ. Anonymous 04/02/2022 (Sat) 16:07:46 No.7176 [Reply] [Last]
I imagine many of you are familiar with being on different chans, so chances are you were racist for a time, and perhaps still are, but to those ones that moved past racism, how did you do so? I have overcome 'white pride' as that was an easy one to reconcile with the Lord (gay pride, trans pride, black pride, white pride; it's all pride and thus a sin) But I've found /pol/ to be very alluring in its racism, and in many ways it's hard to refute what's in front of your eyes, albeit a lot of the information is sensationalised at the very least if not untrue. I want to love more, I don't want hate needlessly, I hate what is immoral, unjust, spiteful, anything that goes against God; but I want to love like Jesus loved, but being racist still makes a lot of sense to me.
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>>11548 >The difference between Africans, Europeans and Asians is closer to that of the difference between a lion, a Jaguar and a Tiger. Both part of the same group. But obviously different enough to be given their own classification. yes and each living in their own drastically different environments. That was what i was trying to say
>>11550 Not entirely accurate. Leopards and lions live in similar environments and they both are panther cats.
>>11544 >macro evolution is complete bs >micro evolution is real. Don't use evolutionist terms. Natural selection isn't evolutionism at all, it only selects from existing information, evolutionism claims new information is added.
Radical bump
Deradical bump

Open file (56.30 KB 637x469 sittin.jpg)
RE: bait thread 06/20/2022 (Mon) 03:52:51 No.13087 [Reply]
Because I'm not bumping the obvious race bait thread. Note to BO: This isn't another "race focused" thread. This is just me not replying directly to the that thrashy thread and leaving this smart option available for other people to take it >>13057 >Indeed. Good thread. You're responding to a guy who may have posted a CP honeypot here a few days ago. You do realize that right? >>13058 >Why does this thread have so many posts? Let me see 1) OP is samefagging and ignoring everyone like someone payed to spam this nonsense. Which has been reposted for years 2) OP has people samefagging to make it "appear" that we're arguing and having a discussion. Nobody who's authentic on this board is even bumping that thread anymore 3) Actual lurkers who just don't hide the thread and bump better threads to slide that OP's cancerous thread which the mod has still not deleted for some reason 4) board drama I guess. People have the option of hiding and ignoring it. Or just doing what I'm doing right now and not replying directly to OPs post.
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>>13787 They're still at it with the same trick. If a genuine anon didn't like the board, they would leave. Not try to convince anyone else. >>13915 >It's pretty easy to spot a pattern of derailment. Just look for the posts that aren't about topics that are important to Christians. A perfect example is the "Christian" nationalism guy. The website he links makes no mention of forgiveness, atonement, love, or anything that's at the core of the faith. That's a dead giveaway for heresy. You've just got to ignore it and talk about better things. I myself am guilty of this since I funposted in the Tamamo no Mae thread. Also the anime stream was fun and hardly intrusive.
>>13106 >>look up "animal porn" >theres alot of Mexicans that do it too if that makes you feel any better AntiChristHater is a confirmed zoophile.
>>14652 ew no, i was just exposed to it alot back when i was a coomer
>>14738 >i was just exposed to it alot back when i was a coomer sigh
>>14652 You mean a HORSEFUCKER?! https://youtu.be/AOYyuvCh9gs

Open file (186.56 KB 622x528 Stoning.jpg)
Open file (107.35 KB 387x599 Burning.jpg)
Open file (117.77 KB 602x600 Dismemberment.jpg)
Open file (143.75 KB 800x1248 Elephant trample.jpg)
Execution method Anonymous 07/17/2022 (Sun) 14:33:26 No.14207 [Reply]
Which execution method does /christian/ endorse?
>>14207 Man is not meant to deal punishment, that is up to God. Mans responsibility is to rehabilitate those who can be rehabilitated and let the rest meet their maker. Thats why i support death by firing squad.
Edited last time by AntichristHater on 07/26/2022 (Tue) 03:34:25.
Open file (928.73 KB 2363x5154 holohoax.jpg)
Hanging from a tall building with barb wire so the head comes off from the body and both parts fall to the ground with a splatter. Great for group executions.

Open file (45.16 KB 400x444 1655035063152.jpg)
Anonymous 06/12/2022 (Sun) 22:15:22 No.12625 [Reply] [Last]
Image related is what the white nationalists think of Nazi Christians, while you're larping about killing niggers and jJews you will always be seen as elite Jewish lovers. Despite the facts that not all jews are evil or in the elite, especially not a jew that lived a sinless life. Bad behavior is deeper than just race, anyone can do evil and killing off entire races won't remove evil.
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>>14715 Slavs aren't white.
>>14687 >M-muslims aren't semites!! Shitskin cope
are there any people who REALLY believe in dual-seedline theology, Mud Beast theory,etc? or just some meth-lab dealers and biker skinheads branding their prison gangs with a bible theory?
>>14719 >that jaw line
>>12935 do they mean "teen" as in 18 yo,or as in 14,15 yo?

Open file (18.89 KB 256x256 pray.jpg)
Anonymous 07/22/2022 (Fri) 23:16:41 No.14518 [Reply]
This is a thread attacking a denomination. Post your thoughts about the denomination I'm attacking and reply to the meme images making fun of them.
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>>14520 >>14521 >>14522 >>14524 >>14527 This is a bot thread
>>14537 Yeah I'm testing out my /christian/ bot AI. Even the image I posted was actually generated by the AI system. This isn't the only thread I use it on though. Kind of funny to see most people on this board constantly arguing with my bot.
>>14540 I knew it. (insert denomination here) is literally made of NPCs.
>>14518 Got to be honest, this doesn't sound Christ-like.
>>14690 That's just because you're part of the denomination that I hate.

Baptism help. Anonymous 07/21/2022 (Thu) 18:39:18 No.14427 [Reply]
I’ve been trying to find a denomination to perform a baptism on me, my problem is that in my search; the Catholic churches near me have been tainted with modernism and poor/gay clergy, and the Orthodox Church I went to seemed ok at first but I recently got this email (picrel) where if I’m not masked I am not allowed to worship God. I’m English in England so the first port of call was, naturally, The CofE Church. But it is essentially a daycare/oldies social retreat and I cannot abide women priests, especially if they were to baptise me. Any anons faced this problem or have advice as to where I should go? TLDR; been agnostic my whole life and since accepting Christ as truth and the way, I want to get baptised but organised religion repulsed me in its current form.
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>>14428 Based and sodompilled.
>>14427 Catholic here. According to old church teaching, basically any baptism is valid as long as water is used on the receiving person, the words "I baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost" (or translation) are used, and both persons involved understand a baptism is taking place. In medieval times there was a Jew who baptized his family as Catholics and it was recognized as valid. However, you're supposed to go to Catholic clergy if they're available. The personal conduct of the priest doesn't matter here, so there's no problem with going to a pro-gay priest or whatever, and there's no obligation to go to mass there afterwards, you can look for somewhere else. No reason to delay your baptism really, consider that you could have an accident at any point. Alternately, look for FSSP (Fraternity of Saint Peter) churches, a map on their website shows they've three locations in the southern UK, and one in Manchester, and one in Edinburgh. Another option, though you might want to read into them first because their status is somewhat shakier, is the FSSPX (Fraternity of Saint Pius X) that seems to have 14 locations they say mass at in England. Both are traditionalist and offer latin mass.
>>14440 >so there's no problem with going to a pro-gay priest or whatever based Faggot
Open file (72.10 KB 883x1024 one way.jpg)
>>1448 We wonder what compelled that Orthodox man to take that picture """smiling""". Children of a "openly gay couple" are still sons of God, are they not? We wonder what would happen to that man in the pictures, had he not accepted to partake in that circus. And the children in question, it seems to us that they're sons of God. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
>>14440 Just so you know OP, Rome is just as heretical and apostate as the church of England (only they have been so for 500 years), they are an anti-Christian institution which will command you to believe a false gospel which cannot save you, and their baptisms are invalid. As difficult as it may seem you need to find a bible believing church, I am sure they still exist but I would not be surprised if they are underground, seeing as being a Christian is practically already illegal in England. Always remember to stick to Christ no matter what happens, even when they come to your life; the message He gave to us which you have believed has always been 'come with me and die'. The sodomite dominion of the west is clearly girding up and preparing themselves to drench themselves in the blood of the saints, all of us must be ready as well so that when we are challenged and called to deny Christ we can instead choose without hesitation to have our heads removed from our shoulders.

Open file (344.27 KB 1366x1060 jesus christ white horse.jpg)
Anonymous 05/06/2022 (Fri) 01:52:42 No.10324 [Reply]
Right now there are literally demons flying around the atmosphere in spherical and saucer shaped craft hunting for innocents to terrify and to anally rape. Mandatory public schools teach children that they are no more than rearranged pondscum. Sodomites parade through our streets and have an entire month dedicated to sinful 'pride'. Millions of men are being filled with estrogen and are pretending to be women, having their genitals mutilated. Millions of women are being filled with testosterone and are pretending to be men, having their genitals mutilated. Every sort of bizarre sex-act imaginable is available at the click of a button. Most children are exposed to hardcore pornography before the age of ten. Hedonistic fornicating women believe that the mass-execution of innocent children is a 'human right'. Most marriages end in divorce. The nuclear family is dissolving. Witchcraft and occultism are more trendy and practiced more than ever before. Millions of Westerners regularly engage in pagan practices such as yoga, and believe in things like karma and reincarnation, even self-professed Christians. Most Christians believe in a false Gospel. Heresy is rampant. Sodomites fill the Churches. Ecumenists promote reconciliation with Christ-killing Jews and Islamic antichrists. Transhumanists are controlling society. They are part of a mother earth cult and wish to depopulate the globe to 500 million people. Millions of people were forcibly injected with experimental gene therapy and forced to technocratic system with a proto-Mark of the Beast. Our society is controlled by Jews and transhumanist billionaires. "In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6veaj2gst8
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Open file (68.86 KB 615x580 tahreer.jpeg)
>>10324 btw muslims countries also are filled with degeneracy masked in virtue. Iran allows polygamy prostitution (mutah) sex reassignment surgery child rape and prositution https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mluAsZFy5Ls
>>11243 Islam has made an entire region of Pharisees. It works like a mafia. They will kill you if you leave. False righteousness is rampant through the region. Works and no faith. As you say, the fruits speak for themselves.
>>10324 >Millions of men are being filled with estrogen and are pretending to be women It's so bad it's even in the water supply and the food. There will come a point when animal flesh is so filthy that you'll have to be vegan and frankly, anyone who has a problem with that should read Genesis 1 and consider that in heaven there will be no more death and that includes the animals. We won't eat animal flesh in heaven, something God only permitted after the flood.
This is getting embarrassing. Read up on kabbalah and get some clue, motherfuckers.

Dicerning the Filioque Anonymous 05/04/2022 (Wed) 11:17:18 No.10061 [Reply]
I am trying to discern the truth of the filioque. But before I can discern whether it's doctrinally acceptable, I need to figure out what it actually means. It seems to me there are three different ways to understand the Filioque, as I have diagrammed. Which one is correct? All the apologists seem to take the "through the son" position, but that's not what the Catechism says. Am I reading the Catechism wrong? Also, I am not convinced the filioque can be waved away as a language issue. If it were a language issue, why is the filioque said in the Roman Rite in English but omitted in the Byzantine Rite in English (https://youtu.be/wmW2I-UN_Ak?t=3079)? Why does the Roman Rite include the filioque in all languages except Greek? Greek can't be the one unique language with the problem, because it is both included and omitted in other languages depending on rite. Either the filioque itself is heresy or rejecting it is heresy; as at the Second Council of Lyons (1274) Pope Paul VI condemned those “who presume to deny that the Holy Spirit proceeds eternally from the Father and the Son.” But even then, Pope Paul VI's condemnation came in 1274, almost 200 years before Florence defined it. So if he understood the filioque the way Aquinas understood it (Option 2), is his condemnation even applicable? What is even going on here?
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Open file (298.31 KB 1366x768 Trinity Relations.png)
>>11117 Is it dissatisfactory to you for an answer to be that the Nicene Creed, Apostle's Creed, and Athanasian Creed confess the same truth even though subsequent theological elaborations disagreed? The Athanasian Creed was in use in the West even prior to the addition of the filioque to the Nicene, in fact, the addition of the filioque in light of it seems redundant. The Eastern Orthodox Fourth Council of Constantinople banned edits to the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed of 381, but permitted the usage of local creeds, thus the confession of the Athanasian Creed would not be anathemized and being that it was only ever in Latin, is free from accusations of tampering. And of course, Vatican II dropped it from regular liturgical use like so many other ancient traditions of the church.
>>11117 >rejecting Thomas' use of "philosophy. t.Apostate Thomas aquinas was influenced by a persian muslim and a greek pagan, absolutely unchristian.

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