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/christian/ reading 04/29/2020 (Wed) 23:19:43 No.28 [Reply]
Aside from the obvious, what relevant reads have you come across?
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>>33 Woah Anon, that mysticism section is badly out of order. I made the mistake of a bad reading order much to the detriment of my soul. Start off with Teresa of Avila. Here anon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKXOFOSM4zo , this audio version is quite good. It will serve as a primer. After that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKXcKnGuwrg&list=PLGLhrnM7t_JOqaJL7ajJOilRg1hqjKntz&index=4&t=4031s will serve as a good read. My only warning here is to not fall into the temptation of reading into Divine will or differentiating it from chance. Simply be at peace with it. "Who can know the mind of God? Who can fathom its depths?" From there, I would chose some more Teresa of Avila, but I have been supplementing my mystical practices with sources from other traditions-- Buddhism, Stoicism, Hinduism, etc. One must be very careful with this, so it is probably better to stay with the Saints. Just to drive in a second time how bad this list is: Dark Night of the Soul is the second part of The Ascent of Mount Carmel. If you picked up The Ascent it would be bad enough, but starting with the Dark Night would be agonizing and unusable.
>>318 If you're awake to symbolism and layered meaning, just keep reading the Bible and things will jump out at you. Often something will appear irrelevant or out of place or contradictory to worldly eyes, and these things are very interesting to dissect and discuss. Me, I was thrown off almost immediately in Genesis 1:26 when God says "Let us make man in our image and likeness..." Who is us? Does this point to the Trinity? I'd be satisfied with that explanation, but I couldn't recall any other time when God uses this plural phrasing. He refers to Himself singularly when He appears to Abraham and to Moses. Is He talking to the angels? Angels have a different image and likeness than man, right? Men don't have wings and wheels and multitudes of eyes. Is it just an idiosyncrasy of Hebrew or an artifact of translation? IDK, maybe someone with mastery of the language can pick this one up. I think this is an important thing to get right because wrong interpretations can lead to things like that whole feminist cult in Korea that worships two Gods, male and female, claiming the patriarchy has suppressed knowledge of the divine feminine.
Open file (2.23 MB 2000x7655 sleoi27kqb601.jpg)
Is this a thread for Christian reading lists? Because here's one I found centered around ancient/medieval books. I have not read everything on it yet (it's a massive list, as you can see) though.
>>28 The writings of Seraphim Rose are actually quite good. I've read two of his books fully and part of a third. Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future has a lot of good material on a variety of subjects, including ecuminism with Jews and Muslims, similarities between charismatics and mediums, and UFOs. The Soul After Death gets memed on for the Toll Houses, but it brings in a lot of secular research on near and after-death experiences and how to understand them in a Christian way. The third is "Nihilism: The Root of the Revolution of the Modern Age," which is a shorter work discussing the ultimate futility of rejecting absolute Truth and the different political and cultural manifestations of nihilism. I haven't finished it, but what I have read is really well thought-out. It's probably the easiest to recommend to those of any denomination, as it deals with ideas fundamentally opposed to Christianity as a whole. Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future is also quite good at dealing with modernist nonsense within Christianity. >>33 I would be careful in recommending Plato and Aristotle directly to a beginner. A lot of ancient heresies come from the Greeks. Instead, you might want to read ancient saints who are dealing with these ideas: both what is right and what is wrong about them.
Open file (446.27 KB 1343x1874 christianNeoplatonism.jpg)

Open file (32.45 KB 470x352 coming.jpg)
Hong Xiuquan Anonymous 04/22/2021 (Thu) 11:43:18 No.564 [Reply]
What do you think of him? Crazy heretic or the younger brother of Christ? He caused about 30 million chinamen to die while trying to make a form of Protestantism become the state religion of China, and eventually got killed himself. Was it kingdom coming? Or was it just a sign?
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>>587 That fact only makes him more legitimate. How many christians do you think there were in China before he came along? The fact that he somehow managed to make an army numbered in the several millions despite all of that makes you think
I've always found this period of history really interesting, but no I don't believe he was Christ's brother. I would hesitate to call it a form of Protestantism. The Taiping did learn about Christianity initially from Protestant missionaries and they did later obtain fully-translated scriptures, but their beliefs were based on some translated extracts mostly from the Old Testament and Hong's visions. They are about as Christian as the Latter-Day Saints. If you're interested some good books on the subject are Autumn in the Heavenly Kingdom and God's Chinese Son. There's also this website: https://taipingrebellion.com/ >>565 Hakka are called "Jews of the East" because they are always migrating and they traditionally took up merchant occupations where they went. They aren't literal Jews.
>>591 I'm reasonably confident Jesus himself wasn't Chinese, since He was never described as looking like one, and neither were his family. A Chinese person would stand out a lot in Israel.
>>616 Basically the same thing, the fact that they migrated from somewhere else, supported communism heavily and are merchants. it's equivalent >>618 But he isn't Christ himself, he claimed to be His brother.
>>616 well, Protestantism is a broad term for all forms of Christian heresy post reformation

Anonymous 04/25/2021 (Sun) 09:44:42 No.617 [Reply]
Who is the Lord Jesus Christ (according to the Bible)? http://swordofthevaliant.com/WhoistheLordJesusChrist.html

Open file (7.85 KB 346x146 2007-12-21-1.jpg)
What race was Jesus Christ? Anonymous 11/16/2020 (Mon) 03:42:25 No.275 [Reply]
More importantly, does it matter?
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>More importantly, does it matter? The son of god would not be Vietnamese
>>458 >"Out there to be tested by the Gods" >Gods lmao what? Jesus is the human incarnation of God. wtf are you going on about
>>577 Why did Jesus talk in third person and pray to Himself? He was was His son, not an avatar.
>>310 >Giving to the poor? Sounds pretty heckin cringe, not based and aestheticpilled at all. Let me go back to jaching it and making shitty MS paint comics to spam boards with.
>>579 He prayed to God the Father. He is God but not the Father. He is the image of the person of the Father (Heb. 1:3). Seriously, just googling the Trinity would answer alot of unitarian/muslim objections to it.

Open file (29.38 KB 300x473 HolyBible.jpg)
Bible Discussion General Anonymous 02/24/2021 (Wed) 22:17:22 No.455 [Reply]
this can be a thread we discuss the bible and deepen our collective knowledge about our faith. the bible is the foundational book for our faith so we need to be quite familiar with what it has to say https://www.e-sword.net/index.html here is some software which you can use to compare various translations
Greatest book on the face of the earth.
>>545 The Lord of the Rings was better.
>>455 I'm planning on getting a commentary. Do you have a good reccomendation for a Commentary Bible?
>>557 Silence, troll.
I use the KJV 1900. I have studied this topic in depth and come to the realization that most of the modern translations are using a different source text that removes an amount of words equivalent to the books of 1 and 2 Peter, but spread out over every page. Some of these changes, especially when looked at collectively, including both textual variant choices as well as translational choices, (where words are now being treated differently than they have historically been defined in English to represent), have raised my awareness as to the issues that modernist "theology" is trying to saturate into the churches of today. I do not exclusively use the KJV 1900, but I believe it is the best, most accurate translation available. Every other translation I have ever personally investigated has many of these very serious issues or is archaic; like the 1599 Geneva Bible, which uses slightly older English (for an example of the latter). But I am not fundamentally opposed to all new translations, with the condition that it be accurate to the received text. I personally have met people who have worked on doing what we have in English for other languages as well. So I am not what is commonly derided as a KJVO. However the mistakes and inaccuracies in most other translations (i.e. all of the ones I have seen) leaves me with little choice. And it's not a difficult one to make, because the KJV is a nice version. A lot of effort was put into it from a textual level in 1611, as well as the patient effort spent on proofreading the translation quality itself and subsequent efforts to keep the language spelling/format and orthography up to date, mainly the 1769 update, have kept it from falling into disuse. I know many people in my church agree with me on this view as well. It is also a nice translation to read aloud, which is by design, because in its original mandate, it was designated "Authorized to be read in churches." But I mainly like it for its accuracy to the original text in both authentic Hebrew and a few Syriac-Aramaic portions (mainly in Ezra and Daniel), as well as Greek.

Open file (179.16 KB 700x1280 icup7trophypic.png)
Infinity Cup poll Anonymous 04/22/2021 (Thu) 17:08:25 No.569 [Reply]
Hey guys, /icup/ here with a question on how we're going to handle the next iteration of the Infinity Cup ( https://anon.cafe/icup/ ) We're trying to poll whether certain boards are interested in playing in the cup, or if there's some specific team that you'd like to see play. If you want to, please answer or add your own answer to the poll in https://poal.me/6x3j1u

Open file (1.83 MB 1280x960 Trashland.jpg)
QTDDTOT Anonymous 06/20/2020 (Sat) 19:53:11 No.85 [Reply] [Last]
Obviously people will have questions, so we should have answers for them. Can someone quickly summarize the main points of le Trashman's book on why God isn't real?
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>>254 >Jesus dosent save sodomites he condemns them Sorry, Yeshua already saved me.
>>92 the amount of pain you can feel in life pales in comparison to hell because your body is fleeting in life. Your body is eternal in hell and as such, your experience are that much more extreme, you will be in a endless daze of ever shifting agony.
>The Message You might as well read the book of moron
>>504 Based
>>194 Not orthodox, but this should help www.oca.org/orthodoxy/the-orthodox-faith

Open file (1011.32 KB 576x1024 christcuck 10.webm)
Open file (2.88 MB 540x960 christcucks 6.webm)
Open file (1.99 MB 540x960 christcucks 5.webm)
Open file (2.45 MB 540x960 christcucks 4.webm)
Open file (2.55 MB 540x960 christcucks 3.webm)
Anonymous 01/23/2021 (Sat) 02:05:16 No.358 [Reply]
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>>358 >Atheists: tear down Christian societies, promote apostacy, and infiltrate the churches so they follow through. >200 years later >Neopagans (aka, Atheists): *points to secularized church* "This is the true face of Christianity guyz!!!!"
>>510 OP isn't making an argument though, it's just bait. It's easy to find some liberal faggot pozzing as a particular group and say "see! they're liberal faggpts!", but anyone who's been on imageboards long enough knows that it won't change anyone's mind because it's just anecdote. The only reason these sorts of pics are posted are to get a reaction. Although, unlike Christianity, there's no evidence that pagan religions opposed homosexuality.
This pissed me off more than it should have.
Rather effeminate... low testosterone?
Talk about being lukewarm and conformed to this world...

happy Easter /christian/ Anonymous Board owner 04/05/2021 (Mon) 01:07:28 No.495 [Reply]
sorry i'm a little late with this but i still wanted to wish all you here a happy Easter
>>495 Thanks BO, Happy Easter as well to you.

Earnest questions Anonymous 03/30/2021 (Tue) 00:33:54 No.486 [Reply]
Greetings, may I ask, what are your opinions on 8kun’s Christianity board? I moved here because 8kun is unbearably slow. Also, what do you think about 4chan?
8kun is extremely slow. Borderline unusable.

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