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Open file (112.23 KB 1200x1200 martinism.png)
Anonymous 08/06/2022 (Sat) 06:05:28 No.15737 [Reply]
Is Martinism heresy? Are there any Martinists here? Is it Freemasonry?
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>>15830 Pure semantics.
>>15843 >t. magician
>>15822 Johannes Trithemius an abbot who was never censured by the church contributed much to the wests understanding of magic being the mentor of agrippa
>>15843 This might be the same sperg that calls medicine sorcery. Also using a computer is literally sorcery.
>Star of Remphan Into the trash it goes

Open file (66.53 KB 459x352 1611651326122.jpg)
Open file (38.78 KB 400x400 1611695982235.jpg)
Open file (79.87 KB 823x622 1611666211493.jpg)
Open file (283.02 KB 600x800 1612008575026.jpg)
Open file (398.68 KB 499x497 1613124977851.png)
Anonymous 07/22/2022 (Fri) 18:34:31 No.14505 [Reply]
cathokikes are just babylonian/judaic cultists
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>>15839 >A Cathedral gets planned to be built around a small village Nope lol, that sucker's going right in the middle of the biggest city around which already has a dozen churches so the bishop can exploit it for as much money as possible
>>15839 This is Chinese Communist tier economic understanding >build therefore GDP go up country richer >>15840 This
>>15839 All that money could have been used to make a more efficient food supply system, for example.
>>14505 Written language was invented by pagans therefore you shouldn't write. English has its origins in germanic and Latin paganism therefore you shouldn't speak or think in English.
>>15849 Using language to describe G-d is the same as depicting him in art.

Pagan myths and Christian myths Anonymous 08/03/2022 (Wed) 16:59:51 No.15585 [Reply]
Hope you're having a great time, anon. Let's talk about something silly: myths. Myths have existed for as long as mankind, or, at least, as long we'd been aware of ourselves. Plato complains about unserious poets writing amoral myths, and that I think something you should keep in mind - that ancient Greeks, at least the educated Athenian elite (and, presumably, their non-Ionian counterparts as well) did not believe in all the stories about Gods and Heroes literally (which means they're substantially smarter than modern Protestants). Well, have a look at this picture. I present you the modern myth - something every American and most 'kids' where the global Americanized culture reaches is familiar with. Of course, unless you're completely psychotic you know superheroes are fiction. But 'mythic reality' is in some sense more 'real' than sensual reality, and so you can see capeshit, Harry Potter etc employed in propaganda over and over again. I haven't watched a TV in the last two decades, but it's painfully obvious that TV 'series', in addition to many other adverse effects, also plays the role of a myth in a sense that it conveys role models for the watchers to follow. And that brings me to the final point: those myths are obviously pagan in nature. Sometimes, the more things change more they stay the same! What is the truly Christian myth? Resurrection, of course! (Calm your tits, cowboys - when I say resurrection is a myth, I do not imply it did not happen, but that it should be viewed from a mythic point of view, as a foundation of a whole belief and not as a mere historical factoid devoid of meaning). But has there been an attempt to create a retelling of this sole Christian myth in an attempt to counteract pagan influence, or are mainstream churches too comped to stand up for what they profess to believe in? And if not - what kind of story would you, anon, tell, if you had a chance to inject a new myth into the broader internet Culture? I think Kek might had been the closest we've come to it (despite pagan appearance, the themes of resurrection and vengeance on the evil-doers through making all their deeds vain is quite Christian, even if doom-and-gloom associated with that 'cult' is not), but the "kewl" kids have long since moved on and it's dead in the water. t. gnostic
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>>15605 I second this. While presumably in a very early stage of development, some help can't do harm. Hopefully the end result could bear some fruit.
>>15767 this post is jewish
>>15767 This isn't cuckchan; Elaborate, thou son of perdition!

Open file (3.06 MB 4485x2560 KJV.jpeg)
Anonymous 06/28/2022 (Tue) 11:47:47 No.13477 [Reply]
What makes the King James Version so special?
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Cultural tradition. If we're talking about archaic translations, the 1599 Geneva is pretty much objectively superior.
>>13508 proofs?
>>13508 You got any examples to share with the class or are you just being contrarian?
Open file (90.05 KB 1100x1100 cottage.mp4)
>>13477 An important reason that's often overlooked is how it reads and sounds. The KJV simply sounds beautiful when read aloud by an thoughtful, attentive reader and grows more rewarding the more you practice reading it. This is especially obvious in the Psalms when you compare it to modern translations, most of which care little about the Psalms as poetry and sound awkward when read aloud. For example: (please read these aloud if you can) Psalm 23, KJV The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever. Psalm 23, NIV The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures,

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>>13477 It is a literary classic, having a important influence on the English language, which is why I read it, if I wanted absolute accuracy I'd just learn greek or hebraic languages

Open file (29.16 KB 468x335 كتلة اللحم.jpg)
On Evangelism Anonymous 08/05/2022 (Fri) 00:48:39 No.15650 [Reply]
I've got Jehovah's witnesses calling my phone, nice-guy marketers on the main street and evangelist bible spam on my imageboards. What's the appropriate way to tell tactless jerks that I'm not interested?
God I hate protestants so fucking much fr fr
>>15650 if theyre calling you then either dont answer or tell them youre already a Christian then hang up. If marketers are hassling you then just tell them youre already Christian and go on your way. If people are spamming IB's then just ignore them or (if they arent a bot) politely describe to them why their tactics are ineffective and tell them ways to improve.
>>15651 If the world hates you...
>>15650 If you tell them that you're catholic they'll give up.
>>15650 Jehovah witnesses are nontrinitarian, I suggest you correct their errors if they speak to you.

Open file (273.02 KB 800x800 1575383650594.jpg)
To easy to sin and that's stupid Anonymous 08/02/2022 (Tue) 14:07:21 No.15484 [Reply]
It's stupid that it's too easy to commit a sin. Greed: just waste your money, don't give to anyone or make someone give your money Sloth: wanna study for test? you would rather watch something else instead of making yourself study. Pride: just make those silly stuff in which you make fun of degenerates and consider yourself better than them just to become worse than them Lust: pr0n has gotten too big. you even see some cool character from cartoon, but focus on her beauty so you decide to make disgusting crap instead of her doing something cooler like following trains Lying: when you forget, you lie. I can go on, but i will just sound like a schizo.
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Take your meds schizo
>>15484 >climbing mountains is hard and that's stupid
>>15484 >for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God >the heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it? Why do you think God had to become flesh and die on our behalf? No matter what you do, you will never, ever, ever be worthy of God's love. >for God did not come to condemn the world, but to save it.
>>15786 This. Just look at the degenerate world. Humanity damns itself left without God's light.
>>15484 >I can go on, but i will just sound like a schizo. Nah bro, you sound like a schizo even without "going on" 🙂

Anonymous 08/06/2022 (Sat) 05:13:08 No.15717 [Reply]
>This should apply to all religion as i dont care anymore So i guess since god says it knows the unchangeable futures and the past and thus all the falls of things from lucifer and cain to the entire humanity and the coming of unethical clonings, machines, paranoia and social isolation, Am i to understand that the coming of these vile things and how god is powerlesss or simply lets it happen contradicts the idea(as said implicitly or explicitly, maybe not written but said and suggested widely) that gods are all reaching and all caring and and has the purest and most unquestionable love that wants to save all the spirits but somehow throws you into this confusion and only sees if you are good enough or have any faith to foster to be of the same sort of valhallan idea of the afterlife? Like, is this case of differing meaning is just a fluke or is it always been the same kind "test" of a text that the gods have often declared that it somehow, despite knowing the unchangeable future and also knows that you might just break or fail or press the rock wrongly, still decided that it is worth to try it out as it somehow deem you not worthy enough at that moment and there is no other "all capable" choice for it to actually, really save you in spirit and flesh as it claimed to begin with? What am i to get of this contradiction? That it just simply has no concern of anything of humanity but rather its own satisfaction and some sort of safetiness that it had thrown away in the beginninf by starting the universe that it wants to have but eventually will press reset anyway since it doesnt find any pleasure of the mess of its own letting?
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>>15719 God should try gettinf electrified like my day job but i guess it ll scream and end the universe when it does so i guess it ll find itself bored and frustated and relents but unable to win the argument it tries ll sort of things to correct its lazy ass maybe get the job you hate as a god but i guess burning hells and watching earth as it lit is vwry fun No sacrifice from it ever but its prophets.
So i guess i can be BETTER than god itself in mannerism and ideas and not just some makeshift ballsack, unempathic solutions and ideas..actions and reactions? Especially since we re not enslaved anymore, as the elders says thus we should at least be like samsons or noah? Building ships with fingwrs and tearing lands with eyebrows?
Such exquisite treatment. Is this why this site isnt more than some.
>>15717 nigger post
Take your meds

Open file (247.77 KB 800x1420 Religious Values Test.png)
Anonymous 07/22/2022 (Fri) 06:12:11 No.14460 [Reply] [Last]
https://bannnedb.github.io/Religious-values-test/ Take this test to see where you stand religiously.
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>>15671 >free will >implying Jesus forgives because He sees that humanity is stuck being evil without Him. Else if there are any human beings, even one, that can live a perfect life it proves that there can be salvation without Jesus. We know that there is no salvation without Jesus, so all must be miserable sinners without God.
>>14878 Thinking evil is good is grounds for execution tbh
>>14865 Yeah, because the popes always acting like the best catholic ever. No wonder this board sucks
>>14878 Thinking good is evil is grounds for execution tbh
Open file (22.85 KB 324x660 fags.png)
Most sites are for faggots:

Open file (864.83 KB 1284x1201 dark mechanicum.jpg)
What is the best way for Christians to handle the internet? Anonymous 07/07/2022 (Thu) 05:10:37 No.13785 [Reply]
The internet allows for easy sharing of media and information, and without it this board wouldn't be here, but it also has a lot of messed up stuff and can is used to spread so much sinful content. And the machines with which we use the internet can become really unhealthy for you. What is the best way for a Christian to handle it? I know things like website blockers and add blocks can help. Or should we just skip the whole process and smash our computer screens?
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>>14014 Website blockers can work to some extent, but only if you aren't the administrator of your system and network, and aren't too technically savvy. For anyone using an imageboard, they won't do shit. >>13785 Don't access sinful websites. At the end of the day, you need discipline. Just like you need discipline to not drop by the whorehouse on the way home from work. If you can't manage that, using a solarpowered Raspberry pi with no graphics server installed to browse text-only might be an option.
>Don't access sinful websites. Like this one.
God hates technology and social isolation that comes but lets it happen and then gets frustated for all time and apparently nobody on the planet but only one single prophets that ll ease him while the rest are always ignoble garbages that dont build a gigantic ship on their own or faggot morons that build a towering settlement themselves without asking gods to drop the rocks for them
Na wait i guess god did build jerusalem and puts all the rocks for the romans and so did he build sodom and gomorah and babel huh? Is it forgotten or something? Everything is possible for god so maybe good and evil and all reason bows to it and so does its meaning in reality and flesh holds no beer over the lord itself as nothing is impossible for the gods and you can litwrally make good reason to do anything and everything because that is infinity so whatever The question remains is god actually good or cares to be good or what does it mean by good But being a person you gotta just not ask, just do and honestly why bother? Die and leave the meaningful life you wish the god were planning for you and...and How do you even train debates? Just practice with a fellow intelligent wall

Open file (1.27 MB 1170x1791 1659544689140121.jpg)
Christianity and Natural Immortality Anonymous 08/03/2022 (Wed) 21:15:57 No.15600 [Reply]
Will medical and/or technological advancements reach the point where people will be able to achieve something akin to immortality? If so, how will this impact the Church? People have already swapped out Christ for Science as their savior and I think this would only worsen the trend.
5 posts omitted.
>>15609 Frankly I hope that all they're able to do is repair the organs that they'll use for transplants. Still a creepy concept that will probably be used to have a bunch of people's organs plundered to be sold, but still less creepy than if they were actually make something or someone who was dead for hours come back to life. I pray that they do not advance further in this field of study.
>>15604 >digitized immortality You mean creating a computer program that thinks it's the human who was 'uploaded' to it? You are aware how uploading information to a computer actually works right?
>>15676 wdym
>>15679 If you upload information to a computer, it gets copied. You can delete the original afterwards, but the data on the computer is still an ideally identical copy rather than the same data. You can't upload yourself to a computer, you can only upload a brainscan that will have all the memories and personality of you... but you'll still be left in your rotting carcass at the end.
>>15682 ah ok

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