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Satanic Temple Holiday Display to Be Installed at Illinois State Capitol Building Anonymous 12/21/2021 (Tue) 17:55:02 No.2095 [Reply]
>A controversial holiday display from The Satanic Temple will be installed Monday in the rotunda of Illinois' state Capitol. >The display, an art installation celebrating the satanic holiday of Sol Invictus, is scheduled to go up near other religious art in the Springfield building at 1 p.m. >"This year's tradition marks a greater urgency in the Baphomet's message of harmony and reconciliation," Satanic Temple Director of Campaign Operations Erin Helian said in the release. https://www.newsweek.com/satanic-temple-holiday-display-installed-illinois-state-capitol-building-1661205?amp=1
>>2095 What a joke, Satanists are so far up their own asses that it's not even funny anymore. Hope someone smashes this thing. Bless you, OP. And have a good day.
>>3308 put a can of thermite on its head and deface it
cuteee, it's like a baby weregoat Anyway, satanists are operating within the Christine doctrine, and indirectly promoting Christianity by embodying the antithesis of Christian ideals.

Open file (111.91 KB 595x765 luther strode.jpg)
me again,sorry 01/05/2022 (Wed) 13:10:38 No.2508 [Reply] [Last]
Recently I've grown obsessed with being militarily,phsyically powerfu for the sake of the Church and of my holy catholic religion and lifestyle. I want to rack a high kill count of fairly defeated enemies.Didnt Sampson kill 1000 enemies? didnt David kill 10,000 enemies in war? Didnt one prophet kill 400 baal prophets? Is this desire holy,or fermented by the devil/prelest? Should I learn to shoot firearms, survival,military tactics? I wont do anything illegal or unfair just in Just Wars or self-defense
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>>3280 Sounds pretty talmudic.
>>3281 It is. Islam is legalistic works-based salvation
>>2801 >The earliest surviving account of the Sira / Prophetic biography comes from Ibn Hisham, who was born 201 years after Muhammad allegedly died in 632. He apparently draws on Ibn Ishaq, whose account doesn’t survive. He was born 72 years after Muhammad died, and died in 767 AD. We can do better than that, actually. Ma'mar ibn Rashid lived from 714 A.D. to 770 A.D. and was the author of Kitab al-Maghazi. This is basically the earliest surviving biography of Muhammad. It is almost certainly legitimate, because ibn Rashid studied under the tutelage of ibn Shihab al-Zuhri (677-741 A.D.), who was an elite descendant of the Quraysh tribe connected with the highest levels of Umayyad society. One of the teachers of al-Zuhri was 'Urwah ibn al-Zubayr (died 712 A.D.). What makes 'Urwah so important is that his father was a Companion of Muhammad, al-Zubayr ibn al-Awwam (died 656 A.D.) and his mother the daughter of the first caliph, Abu Bakr, and sister to Muhammad's favorite wife Aisha. That's a pretty strong and short isnaad from key Islamic figures to Ma'mar ibn Rashid. Worth noting too that ibn Ishaq had al-Zuhri as his teacher as well. Most of the key Islamic accounts are probably true in large part. We can't deny the idea that early Islam may have been more Christianized in some respects though.
>>3288 >almost Hmm?
>>3295 We're never going to be able to construct a logical syllogism that definitively proves anything in historical research, which is reliant on the reconstruction of unrepeatable events in the past. There's no strong arguments against the legitimacy of this document, especially given the connections of Ma'mar ibn Rashid to well-known figures. The reason why there is a dearth of written records about Muhammad in the beginning is because the Arabs scorned book-learning and were still mostly an oral culture, even in learning. Muslims would memorize hundreds and hundreds of hadiths, for example.

Open file (74.60 KB 750x1000 wojak smoking.jpg)
Anonymous 01/06/2022 (Thu) 17:54:08 No.2560 [Reply]
This WILL seem(and is,maybe)weird but its the kind of stuff I cant post in any discord or forum and only on an anonymous I.B. Im a man but lately i kinda want to be a femboy or pretty boy because i feel it's a form of ultimate beauty, a kind of almost supernatural beauty that trascends men and women. and i'll be super popular with girls. But I also think instead of being a thinspo femboy i should try to become a more hyper masculine,growing more muscles, a full beard, trying to increase T trough natural foods,etc. what am I to do? seriously sirs,please help a man out
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Whatever dude. You will start balding soon like all of us anyways. But the chicks you attract as a femboy will probably be kpoop stans, catfishing autistic men or some other cancer.
>>2560 Post your faminine benis, we'll see if you're a cute femboy
I pray ceaslessly for God to take the femboys away and give us more tomboys.
>>3298 impeccably based brother
>>3299 >namefagging >even ironically

Open file (28.92 KB 440x295 stare.jpeg)
Info thread on local idiot Anonymous 07/23/2021 (Fri) 23:02:37 No.1238 [Reply]
Just letting you know that the guy behind all of these posts and threads >>372 >>1235 >>1204 >>1083 >>1109 is a griefing idiot that's goes on different imageboards to steal people's information and sell whatever he can get our of you. And also just start random shit in general. Don't go to any links he sends you, or to his shitty discord links You will get datamined
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>>3240 Earthly princes are not to be trusted, news at 11. I'll admit that you have some balls to come in here, but that's all I'll give you.
>>3242 Fair enough, but I just want to say god loves every single shit poster. Now off to shit up other IMAGEBOARDS.
>>3243 Right back at you. What just happened?
Open file (4.90 KB 300x168 images (3).jpeg)
>>3247 I praised the Lord at all times, his blessings shall always be within my mouth, taste and see that the lord is good.
Well, whatever strange visitors we get, our commission remains the same.

Adolf Hitler was Jesus Christ Anonymous 01/24/2022 (Mon) 03:35:49 No.3174 [Reply]
>If you had known Me, you would know My Father as well. From now on you do know Him and have seen Him How could we have missed this? I read the words and hear the speeches of this man and feel the spiritual energy radiate from Him in a way that I have not experienced with anyone but Jesus Christ. Adolf Hitler was Jesus Christ . He came back to this Earth and dwelt among us, leading His people from the depths of the Depression back into glory, a preaching a true Gospel of Völkisch Christian love among the German people and against the godless creed of Marxism. In all of his dealings He exhibited Christlike benevolence and selflessness, and was loved by all good-hearted men and women, young and old. After waging a titanic war between good and evil, Adolf Hitler pointed us towards the Second Coming of Himself in full glory. “Fight for the Coming Man” he said. And He did not die. He ascended into Heaven, where He still sits at the right hand of power! Heil Hitler! Heil Christ!
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Open file (526.69 KB 960x864 1638607101047.png)
Open file (95.35 KB 540x708 1638219566654.jpg)
>>3245 I am the servant of our lord, Joshua C. My church name is also Joshua. I have come in the name of our lord to spread the word of the final battle against his enemies. We will slaughter them down to the very last child.
>>3248 lol, been a decade since i last saw that Pizza Hut image posted
>>3259 I'm not joking
How did Himmler get so obsessed with ooga pagay shit anyway?

Iconoclasm Thread Anonymous 01/21/2022 (Fri) 08:34:13 No.3034 [Reply]
Daily reminder that icons and statues in churches are idols and no amount of linguistic pilpuling about ‘veneration’ will change this fact. God is extremely clear in what He commands: >Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth: Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them And yet when one goes into an Orthodox Church, this is exactly what one sees. Lines of people going in and bowing before icons of saints and Mary, crossing themselves and kissing the icons. The deacons go about and wave incense before the icons of the saints, Mary and Jesus. The same goes for Catholics. I tried to fall for the so-called ‘apostolic’ church meme for a while, but to see them kiss and worship the images of saints rang major alarm bells in my head, no matter how many copes I read from apologists online. Iconolatry is idolatry, and idolatry will lead you to the hellfire. Protestantism has flaws, but at least ones who are consistent in reading Scripture can realize that nothing but God is due worship and veneration, and that the praying to the saints and Mary is a pagan innovation. Faith in Christ and gathering in His name is enough. Do not be led astray by idol-venerators and other crypto-pagans.
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>>3199 Orthodox and Catholics have literally slid into paganism so hard that Muhammadans are more Christian than you in some areas. Wow! >>3200 >Did you ever try talking to them? Ask them why they do what they do? I’ve already said in this thread that I have attended nearly a dozen divine liturgies at a local OCA church, and was taken aback by the blatantness of their paganism. The liturgy is beautiful and the people are friendly, but when it comes to Mary and the icons, Scripture simply says they are wrong. I get the ‘Holy Tradition’ argument, but this should not be license to literally reject the clear words of Scripture. And of course I asked them about it nicely. They say the same things said in this thread. It’s literally a whole bunch of cope. Veneration and worship is for God alone. This should not be a controversial point. If you want a picture of Jesus, go ahead, but as soon as you start bowing before it, kissing it and offering it incense, it has become an idol. Follow Ephiphanius: >Moreover, I have heard that certain persons have this grievance against me: When I accompanied you to the holy place called Bethel, there to join you in celebrating the Collect, after the use of the Church, I came to a villa called Anablatha and, as I was passing, saw a lamp burning there. Asking what place it was, and learning it to be a church, I went in to pray, and found there a curtain hanging on the doors of the said church, dyed and embroidered. It bore an image either of Christ or of one of the saints; I do not rightly remember whose the image was. Seeing this, and being loth that an image of a man should be hung up in Christ’s church contrary to the teaching of the Scriptures, I tore it asunder and advised the custodians of the place to use it as a winding sheet for some poor person. They, however, murmured, and said that if I made up my mind to tear it, it was only fair that I should give them another curtain in its place. As soon as I heard this, I promised that I would give one, and said that I would send it at once. Since then there has been some little delay, due to the fact that I have been seeking a curtain of the best quality to give to them instead of the former one, and thought it right to send to Cyprus for one. I have now sent the best that I could find, and I beg that you will order the presbyter of the place to take the curtain which I have sent from the hands of the Reader, and that you will afterwards give directions that curtains of the other sort—opposed as they are to our religion—shall not be hung up in any church of Christ. A man of your uprightness should be careful to remove an occasion of offence unworthy alike of the Church of Christ and of those Christians who are committed to your charge.
>>3206 >cope You keep saying that, but why should two thousand years of tradition be wrong and you, a modern who fell into the Protestant tradition of Sola Scriptura, be right?
>>3206 You call historical authority a meme and have no idea as to the faith that converted the vast majority of Europe. You insert your own ideas and raise them to the status of the apostles. You have as an idol your own prideful humanistic reason. You deprecate the ancient faith, and contrive one that never existed. Why and what for, besides to cut up the church? Why and what for, but to desecrate it for the rape of the heathen? Mock, and incur the credit of the Hebrew and the Mohammedan, but in making your bed with them they will devour you as a den of lions. For you are no Daniel being cast by Nebuchadnezzar, no martyr before an emperor, but a madman who has thrown his lot in with a brood of vipers for no profit whatsoever. A suicidist.
>>3206 If you want further proof of the accursed side you are on, here is the Chronicle of Theophanes: >ANNUS MUNDI 6215 (SEPTEMBER 1, 722— AUGUST 31, 723) 7. 4. 9. 18. >In this year a Jewish wizard who made his headquarters at Phoenicia Laodikeia came to the Arab caliph Yezid. He told him that he would rule the Arab state for forty years if he would condemn the honored and revered icons in the Christians’ churches throughout his entire empire. The senseless Yezid believed him and promulgated an all-embracing edict against the holy icons. But by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the intercession of His uncorrupt Mother and all the saints, Yezid died in the same year, no sooner than his satanic doctrine had been heard by the masses. >But the Emperor Leo caused us many evils, because he shared this malignant, illegal, and evil doctrine. He found a partisan for his stupidity: a man named Beser, who had been a Christian prisoner in Syria and had apostasized from his faith in Christ and converted to the Arabs’ doctrine. https://archive.org/details/TheChronicleOfTheophanesTrans.ByHarryTurtledove1982
>>3215 >Jewish wizard Why am I not surprised. These wizards don't have a good track record for living long, though. Just ask Prince Gleb.

Open file (199.43 KB 363x500 Resurrection_(24).jpg)
Deliverance after death? Anonymous 01/13/2022 (Thu) 09:49:44 No.2825 [Reply]
It's generally understood that there can be no deliverance after death. Yet traditional Christianity has long upheld the doctrine of the Harrowing of Hell, that Jesus descended into Hell during His death to deliver the Old Testament righteous as they could not save themselves being under the weight of original sin. So it seems that there was a special case in which this applied. There is also the ancient tradition of prayers for the death. Now, without consideration of Roman Catholic dogmas of purgatory, was this a one-time event? That is, that Christ no longer harrows Hell, and those that die in ignorance of the gospel, for example, following His death and resurrection are condemned to eternal damnation? Or, being that Heaven and Hell are timeless, did in the Harrowing Jesus bring up all the men and women throughout history worthy of deliverance as per His judgement, and not just the spirits of those that died prior to His crucifixion?
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Just as God was destined to exist, so were the 144 000 souls that came from Him. These 144k were slowly lowered to Earth across our timeline. These souls are here to grow from a seed into a tree by learning how they should be. ALL souls go to Heaven. There is no hell. non-whites and women go into the dirt when they die. they don't have souls. Only certain European Men, with blond hair and blue eyes, have souls.
>>3095 Universalism AND ethno-idolatry. We're on a roll!
>god loves everyone >god allows untold millions of people to suffer in hell for all eternity Does anyone know of a way around this?
>>3254 Do you know the Parable of the mustard seed?
Open file (15.40 KB 202x249 download (4).jpeg)
Squeeeeeel like a peeeeg!

Reading Recommendation and Docs Thread Anonymous 12/29/2021 (Wed) 21:45:12 No.2277 [Reply]
Exactly what it says. Post titles, PDFs, TXTs, quotes, whatever you think a Christian should read. And feel free to amend this list as needed.
7 posts and 4 images omitted.
Open file (640.88 KB 690x800 The Resurrection.jpg)
About all these myths my own position is utterly and even sadly simple. I say you cannot really understand any myths till you have found that one of them is not a myth. Turnip ghosts mean nothing if there are no real ghosts. Forged bank-notes mean nothing if there are no real bank-notes. Heathen gods mean nothing, and must always mean nothing, to those of us that deny the Christian God. When once a god is admitted, even a false god, the Cosmos begins to know its place: which is the second place. When once it is the real God the Cosmos falls down before Him, offering flowers in spring as flames in winter. “My love is like a red, red rose” does not mean that the poet is praising roses under the allegory of a young lady. “My love is an arbutus” does not mean that the author was a botanist so pleased with a particular arbutus tree that he said he loved it. “Who art the moon and regent of my sky” does not mean that Juliet invented Romeo to account for the roundness of the moon. “Christ is the Sun of Easter” does not mean that the worshipper is praising the sun under the emblem of Christ. Goddess or god can clothe themselves with the spring or summer; but the body is more than raiment. Religion takes almost disdainfully the dress of Nature; and indeed Christianity has done as well with the snows of Christmas as with the snow-drops of spring. And when I look across the sun-struck fields, I know in my inmost bones that my joy is not solely in the spring, for spring alone, being always returning, would be always sad. There is somebody or something walking there, to be crowned with flowers: and my pleasure is in some promise yet possible and in the resurrection of the dead.
>>2294 I started reading this one, per your recommendation. Boy, you weren't kidding about it being comprehensive. It is an eight hundred (counting the extensive indices) monster of a book which addresses even addresses arguments about how the Resurrection should be studied. It does all thos well, and does an excellent job of setting up the world surrounding the New Testament such that it can understood in its proper context. I'm still in Part 1, but I'll heartily second anon's recommendation.
Fellow Christians! In the pastoral letter of the German bishops of June 26, 1941, which was read out in all the Catholic churches in Germany on July 6, 1941, it states among other things: It is true that there are definite commandments in Catholic moral doctrine which are no longer applicable if their fulfillment involves too many difficulties. However, there are sacred obligations of conscience from which no one has the power to release us and which we must fulfil even if it costs us our lives. Never under any circumstances may a human being kill an innocent person apart from war and legitimate self-defense. On July 6, I already had cause to add to the pastoral letter the following explanation: for some months we have been hearing reports that, on the orders of Berlin, patients from mental asylums who have been ill for a long time and may appear incurable, are being compulsorily removed. Then, after a short time, the relatives are regularly informed that the corpse has been burnt and the ashes can be delivered. There is a general suspicion verging on certainty, that these numerous unexpected deaths of mentally ill people do not occur of themselves but are deliberately brought about, that the doctrine is being followed, according to which one may destroy so-called 'worthless life,' that is, kill innocent people if one considers that their lives are of no further value for the nation and the state. I am reliably informed that lists are also being drawn up in the asylums of the province of Westphalia as well of those patients who are to be taken away as so-called 'unproductive national comrades' and shortly to be killed. The first transport left the Marienthal institution near Münster during this past week. German men and women, section 211 of the Reich Penal Code is still valid. It states: 'He who deliberately kills another person will be punished by death for murder if the killing is premeditated.' Those patients who are destined to be killed are transported away from home to a distant asylum presumably in order to protect those who deliberately kill those poor people, members of our families, from this legal punishment. Some illness is then given as the cause of death. Since the corpse has been burnt straight away, the relatives and also the criminal police are unable to establish whether the illness really occurred and what the cause of death was. However, I have been assured that the Reich Interior Ministry and the office of the Reich Doctors' Leader, Dr. Conti, make no bones about the fact that in reality a large number of mentally ill people in Germany have been deliberately killed and more will be killed in the future. The Penal Code lays down in section 139: 'He who receives credible information concerning the intention to commit a crime against life and neglects to alert the authorities or the person who is threatened in time...will be punished.'
>>3250 When I learned of the intention to transport patients from Marienthal in order to kill them, I brought a formal charge at the State Court in Münster and with the Police President in Münster by means of a registered letter which read as follows: "According to information which I have received, in the course of this week a large number of patients from the Marienthal Provincial Asylum near Münster are to be transported to the Eichberg asylum as so-called 'unproductive national comrades' and will then soon be deliberately killed, as is generally believed has occurred with such transports from other asylums. Since such an action is not only contrary to the moral laws of God and Nature but also is punishable with death as murder under section 211 of the Penal Code, I hereby bring a charge in accordance with my duty under section 139 of the Penal Code, and request you to provide immediate protection for the national comrades threatened in this way by taking action against those agencies who are intending their removal and murder, and that you inform me of the steps that have been taken." I have received no news concerning intervention by the Prosecutor's Office or by the police...Thus we must assume that the poor helpless patients will soon be killed. For what reason? Not because they have committed a crime worthy of death. Not because they attacked their nurses or orderlies so that the latter had no other choice but to use legitimate force to defend their lives against their attackers. Those are cases where, in addition to the killing of an armed enemy in a just war, the use of force to the point of killing is allowed and is often required. No, it is not for such reasons that these unfortunate patients must die but rather because, in the opinion of some department, on the testimony of some commission, they have become 'worthless life' because according to this testimony they are 'unproductive national comrades.' The argument goes: they can no longer produce commodities, they are like an old machine that no longer works, they are like an old horse which has become incurably lame, they are like a cow which no longer gives milk. What does one do with such an old machine? It is thrown on the scrap heap. What does one do with a lame horse, with such an unproductive cow? No, I do not want to continue the comparison to the end--however fearful the justification for it and the symbolic force of it are. We are not dealing with machines, horses and cows whose only function is to serve mankind, to produce goods for man. One may smash them, one may slaughter them as soon as they no longer fulfil this function. No, we are dealing with human beings, our fellow human beings, our brothers and sisters. With poor people, sick people, if you like unproductive people.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>3251 Have you, have I the right to live only so long as we are productive, so long as we are recognized by others as productive? If you establish and apply the principle that you can kill 'unproductive' fellow human beings then woe betide us all when we become old and frail! If one is allowed to kill the unproductive people then woe betide the invalids who have used up, sacrificed and lost their health and strength in the productive process. If one is allowed forcibly to remove one's unproductive fellow human beings then woe betide loyal soldiers who return to the homeland seriously disabled, as cripples, as invalids. If it is once accepted that people have the right to kill 'unproductive' fellow humans--and even if initially it only affects the poor defenseless mentally ill--then as a matter of principle murder is permitted for all unproductive people, in other words for the incurably sick, the people who have become invalids through labor and war, for us all when we become old, frail and therefore unproductive. Then, it is only necessary for some secret edict to order that the method developed for the mentally ill should be extended to other 'unproductive' people, that it should be applied to those suffering from incurable lung disease, to the elderly who are frail or invalids, to the severely disabled soldiers. Then none of our lives will be safe any more. Some commission can put us on the list of the 'unproductive,' who in their opinion have become worthless life. And no police force will protect us and no court will investigate our murder and give the murderer the punishment he deserves. Who will be able to trust his doctor any more? He may report his patient as 'unproductive' and receive instructions to kill him. It is impossible to imagine the degree of moral depravity, of general mistrust that would then spread even through families if this dreadful doctrine is tolerated, accepted and followed. Woe to mankind, woe to our German nation if God's Holy Commandment 'Thou shalt not kill,' which God proclaimed on Mount Sinai amidst thunder and lightning, which God our Creator inscribed in the conscience of mankind from the very beginning, is not only broken, but if this transgression is actually tolerated and permitted to go unpunished. Cardinal Clemens von Galen - August 3, 1941

Open file (154.26 KB 1024x1023 blood sacrifice jew.jpg)
Judaism Exposed Anonymous 01/08/2022 (Sat) 16:39:51 No.2655 [Reply]
This thread is for documenting the perverse nature of modern-day "Judaism", i.e. that religion which emerged following the destruction of the Second Temple that rejects Jesus of Nazareth as the Messiah. Topics that this thread could cover include the nature of the Talmud, Kabbalah, Saturn occultism, Passover blood sacrifices, perverse and immoral Jewish practices and much more.
29 posts and 20 images omitted.
GENTILES ARE NOT HUMAN Bava Mezia 114b:2 >Rabbi Shimon ben Yoḥai says that the graves of gentiles do not render one impure, as it is stated: “And you, My sheep, the sheep of My pasture, are man” (Ezekiel 34:31), which teaches that you, i.e., the Jewish people, are called “man,” but gentiles are not called “man.” Since the Torah states with regard to ritual impurity imparted in a tent: “If a man dies in a tent” (Numbers 19:14), evidently impurity imparted by a tent does not apply to gentiles. https://www.sefaria.org/Bava_Metzia.114b.2?with=all&lang=bi Yevamot 61a >The graves of gentiles do not render items impure though a tent, as it is stated: “And you My sheep, the sheep of My pasture, are men [adam]” (Ezekiel 34:31), from which it is derived that you, the Jewish people, are called men [adam] but gentiles are not called men [adam]. Since the Torah introduces the halakha of ritual impurity of a tent with the words: “When a man [adam] dies in a tent” (Numbers 19:14), this halakha applies only to corpses of Jews but not those of gentiles. >The Gemara raises an objection based upon the verse with regard to captives taken during the war against Midian: “And the persons [nefesh adam] were sixteen thousand” (Numbers 31:40), which indicates that gentiles are also referred to as adam. The Gemara answers: They are given this title due to the need to distinguish the people taken captive from the animals that were taken as spoils of war. https://www.sefaria.org/Yevamot.61a.1?with=all&lang=bi
>>2988 that entire book is so twisted and insane. What sort of sick mind(s) would come up with even half of the content inside that book?
>>2988 >talmud >hate, racism And theft, grand larceny, massive child abuse rituals, women hating, animal abuse, forgeries, necrophilia, scatophilia, genocide, mass murder, torture, blasphemies, etc Pretty much everything bad under the sun
>>2655 thank you very much for all of this information. it's greatly appreciated. God bless you!
Where next on our fantastic voyage of uncovery? The Kibbutz? The Khazar?

Open file (53.49 KB 1200x546 1200_Who-Is-Jew.jpg)
Anonymous 06/17/2021 (Thu) 19:01:47 No.1080 [Reply]
Will the Jews ever accept the Christ, their King?
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Deuteronomy 9:5 Not because of your righteousness or the uprightness of your heart are you going in to possess their land, but because of the wickedness of these nations the Lord your God is driving them out from before you, and that he may confirm the word that the Lord swore to your fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob. THE OLD COVENANT The first covenant began with Noah and Abram who God made promises to which led to the Nation/Peoples of Israel. The People of Israel spent 40 years in the desert. Many of them wanted to turn back to their old ways and be slaves in Egypt. Not everyone made it to see the finalisation of The First Covenant, with the Ten Commandments and the Mosaic laws. They didn't have faith in God. God didn't do what they expected. He saved them with miracles but didn't just give them the land he promised right away. He made them suffer and tested them on a personal level. This is important that God doesn't just do what you want or expect him to do. He doesn't liberate without putting you through trials. The Ark of the Covenant held the Ten Commandments and was used in a ritual for the forgiveness of sins. It was kept in a tent until the Temple of The Lord was built and it was housed there. This is the climax of The First Covenant. The place where the Ark of the Covenant was kept is still visible in the dome of the rock, a square cutout the exact dimensions of the Ark as was described in the Bible. It was 40 years after Jesus' death when the Temple of The Lord was destroyed for the last time and this time it was brought down to nothing and never rebuilt. The Ark has long been missing and the nation of Israel never recovered for 2000 years. The Jewish people scattered, divided and frankly going from the most important to one of the least important people on Earth. This couldn't make it any clearer that either God left the world behind or left The First Covenant behind. Jewish people still pretend to keep the Mosaic Law in such weird ways like the way their hair represents field distribution or something but the problem is the Mosaic Laws often have no relevancy to today, essentially when the nation it was made for didn't exist for over 2000 years. The First Covenant was nearing the end of its fullness as humanity progressed. God likes to plant seeds and see things grow and he knows the future and he tells the Jews what is to be the future. The later scriptures and prophets from 700-500 BC become more and more concerned with Israel's judgment and need to return to the Lord. Jerimiah 31:31-34. This is where God describes the New Covenant and says the days are coming when he will make it with Israel and Judah. It describes it as different and no longer being about a list of rules but rather God's laws being within the people and he shall remember their sin no more.
THE NEW COVENANT Hundreds of years later (“days” in God's eyes) Jesus The Messiah comes to Israel, an important Jewish prophecy. The Messiah who is the Word of God offers the New Covenant to the Jews. God was trying to treat humanity like adults now and update them. You have to tell a child to brush his teeth but if you have to tell a 20 year old to brush his teeth something is wrong with him. The Messiah said you know the commandments already why should he have to tell you about them? You know what is good and evil and so now you must go beyond and not even think evil deeds and you must only love one another. Become more like God and that is why The Messiah is here as an example. You don't need all these rules, for the law is and will be written in your heart. Many Jews accept this however many do not on the grounds that Jesus is not the Messiah. There are many reasons to believe or doubt Jesus was the messiah “King of the Jews”. But the main reason some Jews didn't accept him is simply because he wasn't freeing Israel from the Romans and making Israel a huge nation at the center of the world which they were expecting. There's many things written about the messiah in the prophecies, too much to go into. But Jesus was far too humble and meek to be a warlord King who would save the world. Though part of the Prophecy is that he would either come as a terrible force or a humble peasant. What of those who accepted the new covenant with Jesus? “Christians.” These people by following what Jesus had taught did what the Jews wished for but could never accomplish, they defeated the Roman Empire and not only that but converted them away from their pagan idols and temple prostitutes. While Christians were being imprisoned and tortured they were also passing around Peter's letters telling them to love and honour the Emperor. The meek sheep of love won without firing a bullet. The Messiah's name is suppose to be Emmanuel but his name is given as Jesus. This is noted in the Gospels as just a fact of reality, it is how it is. Well Jesus knew the scriptures so why didn't he change his name to Emmanuel if he wanted to fool people into thinking he was the messiah? How come the Romans who some claim invented the entire New Testament decide to call him Jesus and not Emmanuel if they wanted to fool the Jews? God is always a bit odd and not what you expect. Emmanuel means “God with us” and is exactly what Jesus is and what he came to do with the New Covenant. Jesus did indeed save the world. But God doesn't just give anyone whatever they want. So he asked that to be saved you must follow and believe in his example and believe in his power and divinity. God very often displayed his power entirely for people to tell of it and believe in it. If everyone followed Christ we would have a world at peace. There are other reasons some of the Jewish people didn't accept the New Covenant. Jesus criticized the Pharisees. These people were heroes at the time. In the past 100 years they had essentially saved Jewish culture from Roman/Greek and Syrian influence. They brought back a strict reading of Scripture. Jesus complimented the Pharisees saying they were very smart in the Law. But “You search the scriptures because in them you think you have eternal life but the scriptures speak of me.” John the Baptist said not to be proud or think you are so great or special because you are sons of Abraham, God can make these stones into sons for Abraham. This is a summery of the Apostate Jewish person. The Apostate Jew is excited to see the Messiah who will bring Israel to glory and they will be seated in powerful positions. The prophecy however mentions there will be no separation between Jew and Gentile quarters in the new Jerusalem. The Apostate Jew wants to hold on to what has become largely a man-made culture which they think comes from God. Israel is God's chosen people and if they had followed Jesus and the New Covenant they would now a great nation and focus of the world, freed from the Romans as they were freed from the Egyptians.

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It is amazing that most historians agree Gospels were written before the Temple's destruction. But what are we to make of Jesus predicting the Temple's destruction. Lucky guess? And the mention of Jesus' body being the new Temple? The Temple was where sacrifices were made and sins were forgiven. As the Temple was holy so to is Christ's body holy and we worship him. The Apostate Jews can worship the remains of a wall that once surrounded the Temple. But they ought to worship the Temple that still exists. For it is not the Temple building that was important but what was done there. The wall does nothing. Christ does everything. God did not leave without a way for forgives. They had 40 years to come to God's covenant and many did, but the loudest and those who adhere to their old flashy ways stayed and have passed down that tradition of denial. Now Israel has come back recently through bloodshed to fulfill the final prophecies at the time God chooses. Deuteronomy 9:6 Know, therefore, that the Lord your God is not giving you this good land to possess because of your righteousness, for you are a stubborn people.
>>3210 >has come back You call the Republic of Israel a legitimate return? lol
>>3228 If it's called Israel it's Israel that's all that's needed for the end day events. I've always felt like we're 1000 years away. Because Jesus came back in 3 days and Peter says 1 day is like 1000 days for God.

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