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John 3:16 KJV: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Open file (656.29 KB 960x720 go to the church.mp4)
/christian/ Meta Thread christianjanny Board owner 01/03/2023 (Tue) 21:47:44 ID: 24b50c No.23034 [Reply]
This thread is for legitimate, well-crafted, and well-intentioned complaints and concerns about the board and its moderation. This thread is NOT for: >complaining about your post being deleted >complaining about why you are banned >complaining that mods are censoring you If you have any questions, please contact me at christianjanny@proton.me Previous meta thread: https://archive.fo/nnf2O
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>>23576 The problem is you caring about what tvch thinks at all

Open file (195.75 KB 515x719 ClipboardImage.png)
Banner Thread Anonymous 12/16/2022 (Fri) 03:12:41 ID: f8cbe3 No.22362 [Reply]
As of right now we only have three banners. I'd like there to be more, and I'm sure someone somewhere has saved the banners from previous iterations of /christian/, 8chan and otherwise. If you have them, post them here, or feel free to make your own as well! The only requirement is that they are 300x100 and of high quality.
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>>22713 The second one made me chuckle. It looks like they're being banished from the Garden of Eden to /christian/

Open file (1.32 MB 1000x720 ClipboardImage.png)
Welcome to /christian/! christianjanny Board volunteer 09/08/2022 (Thu) 13:43:39 ID: ab0941 No.17677 [Reply]
GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST! Welcome to /christian/, the webring's hub for discussion of Christianity, faith, the hard questions, and the Gospel Truth! Rules 1. Follow the global rules; do not post illegal content. 2. Do not post pornography, lewd, or semi-lewd imagery of any form. If it's intention is to arouse, it will be deleted. 3. Do not spam threads or posts. 4. Do not advertise other imageboards. 5. Do not post anything that attacks/insults Christianity. Good-faith debate and discussion is allowed; make sure your posts are high quality, well-written, and well-researched. 6. Put effort into your posts. Low-quality threads and posts (including bait, off-topic, flaming, or nonsense/schizoposting) will be deleted. 7. One-liner questions that don't need their own thread go in QTDDTOT >>6836 . If your thread was deleted, there is a good chance it was moved here instead.

Open file (23.32 KB 800x450 Alonewithmythoughts.png)
/PAT/ General | Porn-aholics Anonymous Thread Anonymous 12/12/2022 (Mon) 01:05:11 ID: c6a27b No.22229 [Reply]
Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ. Like many of you I myself am struggling with pornography addiction and have been trying to beat this illness for the better part of 3 years now. I'm dedicating this thread to all my other brothers in arms out there who are fighting the good fight against the wiles of the devil, Lucifer, and his legion of degeneracy he throws our way. I'll be using this thread as both a catalogue of my own experiences, so that they may be used by others for their own benefit, and as a place to store, discuss, and share data, tips, and motivation so as to help us addicts overcome our desire so that we may enjoy life as God intended with clarity of mind and spirit.
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>>23546 Who's gonna read it tho? From personal experience I'm most dedicated right after failing but that's also when i have the least attention span. That's why I've never cared about easypeasy.
>>23547 Lol. Obviously some anon other than you ofc, Mr. Blackpill! :^)
>>23548 just being real, if we assume that most porn addicts are low attention span which evidence suggests is true then why are we to assume that theyre gonna want to read a long book like easypeasy. I dont even think i made it through the first chapter before i clicked off to go watch youtube or something. If you want to reach coomers then it would serve you well to shorten and simplify things as much as possible without lessening the message.
Man, I should just ignore sites or any topics related to whatever horny it is because I would be more hypocritical than others since those others can also care about everything else. I am horny and I need to confess and just stop.
another "trick" i got, dont think about "suriviving" X days without P or Mtion if you feel the urges just think: I HAVE TO ENDURE TODAY thats all the urges goes away you dont need to think you have to actually hold out 1,10,100 years, endure everyday, it will get easy after 3 or more weeks

Open file (316.99 KB 640x360 ClipboardImage.png)
SUPER WHOLESOME Christian anime thread Anonymous 10/30/2022 (Sun) 20:49:32 ID: dcccda No.20705 [Reply] [Last]
Talk about WHOLESOME shows and WHOLESOME cute waifus. This thread is NOT allowed to become a borderline /a/ exclave. Posts advocating for yuri/shota (aka homosex) and other degenerate animes are NOT allowed.
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>>22735 I quite liked Hokuto no Ken, oddly some of its story events remind of some Old Testament tales (King David)
Open file (105.96 KB 1280x960 tachikoma.jpg)
>>23488 Will do. Thanks for the tip.
Open file (5.29 MB 2670x2092 ClipboardImage.png)
There has only ever been one good Christian anime. The new episodes don't count, they are incredibly uncanny and having a budget larger than bits of string and an Arby's gift card has ruined it.
>>23653 Nice. It was definitely a youthful favorite, and helped inspire me to learn 3D animation.
Open file (413.86 KB 640x480 ingod.png)
>main character benefits from miracle and immediately becomes theist >recognizes value of preserving purity for girl he loves and rejects premartial sex with loose woman >huge emphasis on second chances and redemption Does Gundam X count?

Open file (353.86 KB 1897x1321 all saints pray for us.jpg)
"slave morality" and "master morality" Anonymous 02/07/2023 (Tue) 10:47:59 ID: 6a95a6 No.23646 [Reply]
Sometimes Christianity is described by its enemies as "slave morality" often with the intent to compare it to supposedly other "master moralities" but christianity is not "slave morality" and it's much rather "servant morality" we christians are the servants of God God, the most high being in all existence, greater than the universe itself, the creator of the universe and everything that exist we christians serve directly the most sublime and without peer, and to God alone goes our ultimate loyalty and faith, compared to which any earthly authority is inferior to the authority of God neither are we slaves of God, because God in its grace allows us to decide freely about our life and it is in our God given freedom, that we are thankful and honored to be able to serve God God is the only true master any person claiming to be a master without respect to the ultimate master that is God, is fooling themselves
Open file (2.63 MB 1199x1600 begone satan.jpg)
>>23648 found the coping atheist from leftypol glory to god
>>23646 >>23646 nietzsche was more of aphorist than a metaphysician akin to the sophists of old, the whole orientation of existentialism is to bypass dialectic and offer a psychological appeasement to the feeling of existential angst which appeals to the will through aesthetic pastiches rather than the intellect. Existentialism is the self-immolation of philosophy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XShzDpWoi_M&ab_channel=ArtinSalimi of course people will have a knee jerk reaction to marxism, which actually owes its genesis to Christianity and is in fact christianity temporalised, i do not mean as a political ideology but as a mode of analysis, it is a great fiction that marx and engels set out a programme of action to bring about its realisation and so the crimes of self appointed revolutionaries cannot be ascribed to them neither must we accept all that they said. Communism ( I do not mean its vulgar materialist conception) is indeed the ideal of christianity as to poltical and economic orientation and verses can be brought forth in its support we see it prefigured in the book of acts, in cathodoxy monasticism is upheld as the blessed ideal and indeed it came about once the religion became mainstream during the constantinian era, the church could no longer address itself to an elect who served god above all human respectability as a illegitimate and slandered sect, and indeed among protestants it was prefigured in the muntzer rebellion who wished to hold all things in common. Other than christian and religious philosophers of other traditions, the great critics of nietzsche are the marxists who see him as a literary exponent and defender of the bourgeosie who were becoming defaced and in a contradictory position in society losing their raison de'tre due to the dissolution of the of the ancien regime and its stability introducing a dynamism which would later come back to haunt with the fiction of society being founded on pure reason which has no coercion and mutual agreement except with the compliment of revelation now divorced from its static foundation in dogma and finding themselves confronted with a growing proletariat as the bourgeois revolutions slowly reached equilibrium. So finding themselves in a irrational situation where their existence as a class becomes increasingly superfluous they attack the very principle of reason itself, indeed we see this strand of thought brought to an extreme in the post-modernism of late capitalism which lends it service to the elite, not out of their ideological commitment but out of pragmatic considerations in regard to class consciousness when confronting with the cultural logic of postmodernism a man breaks his mind when he peers upon what is unintelligible as a zen monk recites koans whether by word or letter which are phrases which at first glance seemingly intelligible are on examination illogical and meaningless of which the goal is to break down the discursive reasoning of the proselyte and to cease his striving which is the goal of the cultural logic of postmodernism which is to deface the masses and chip away at their being through daily the psyops of which they are exposed foremost in the media of which the elite own almost as rule but seeps into every medium until it becomes the logic of the very ambience we breath until man cannot follow any principle with surety except the love of money which the lord said is the root of all evil. Christ said that we will be tested as fire and our good fruits will be refined like gold in a furnance, satan as he is the god of this world and has influence over its nations which is demonstrated thru his temptation of christ worldly lordship over the nations and pauls counsel that we fight against evil in high places, naturally, satan inverts the lords metallurgic parable desiring to sifts us like wheat and those not found to be built upon a sure foundation of which consists all that is good in the soul of man, satan seeks to obfuscate as indeed the author of confusion his weapon of choice which either overwhelms and results in despair or dulls the intellect and to enslave it to the lower soul of consists the senses and the vegetative aspect of which man shares in common with the beasts, the proliferation of vice makes the masses easier to subdue and the solution all the more unattractive. Herein lies the philistinism of the masses and the glorification of science which does not rise above the senses and whom constitute a priestly caste, man now no longer defers to the magisterium or canon of the scriptures but the scientific consensus and their opinions formed through the astroturfing of mass media and enforced through peer pressure and as a coward finds solace in a brigand rather than honourable combat so too does the feeble mindeed find solace in the common opinion as all higher principle being pull underneath him all is left is the instinct of safety, and the cult of the body and sport of which the fathers where not lacking against their admonishments against the shows of the pagans which instils blood-lust, division and inflames the bestial nature of man. Passion being the sole reason for union between man and women, ones wealth and appearance being the sole marker of status and favour all greater pursuits done for the approval of man or out of subjective taste rather than it being good for its own sake or gods glory and honour. The focus upon science is also encouraged by the elites as it offers greater horizons and proliferation of commodification and the intelligibility of nature appeals to the self preservation of man and technology increases our bind to the system which does not exist for our common good but for the oligarchy, indeed the common good cannot except in appearance until the dissolution of money and private property (not personal property), which is not only the source of of avarice but envy which is often levied by the proponents of the antichrist system and since all vices feed into eachother, so likewise as long as this continues to be a source of vice, it would not be a far fetch to see within money a prefigurement of the beast's mark.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Slave morality and master morality are concepts that have to do with Nietzsche's 'will to power'. The former term just means morality, and the latter really means autotheism. Most of the edgy morons you'll find using the terms online have no idea what these words mean, they're just using slave morality as an insult

Open file (244.42 KB 960x960 27089-3985481967.jpg)
Anonymous 01/01/2023 (Sun) 22:01:33 ID: d0e73e No.22819 [Reply]
There is no scriptural authority for true Christians to worship on Sunday. The Roman Catholic Church instituted Sunday worship to distance itself from biblical Christianity and gain pagan converts. So those who worship on Sunday are essentially saying the pope has the authority to change the Word of God.
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>>23554 sunday is the seventh day of the week
>>23554 your cult is not God. you worship Saturn like the apostate fraud that you are God said keep the seventh day HIS HOLY DAY, THE DAY OF THE LORD, He said to keep THAT day holy. Not any day you want. And SUNDAY is the seventh day of the week you lying viper.
I'm exposing these sick saturn worshiping cultists.
>>23556 Weekly cycle never interrupted. The calendar dates changed, but never the weekly cycle. All you do is lie all you care about is your tradition. >>23559 >>23560 >follows man's traditions instead of God's >calls God's day a day of saturn >calls people who worship and keep God's day ad he commanded saturn worshipping cultists Enjoy hell, I won't miss you.
>>23657 worship on* since you fucking niggers don't care to be honest

QTDDTOT Anonymous 03/28/2022 (Mon) 15:32:23 No.6836 [Reply] [Last]
Questions that do deserve their own thread. You know the drill. Questions that deserve their own thread go in their own threads. Questions that don't go here.
Edited last time by christianjanny on 01/08/2023 (Sun) 17:43:41.
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>>23634 Begin by just asking God to forgive you and to reveal His will to you. Then read the Book of John in the new testament. Then ask Jesus into your heart to take over control of your life. Simple as. Then get connected to a Christian church that teaches the Bible unapologetically as the divinely-inspired revelation from God. Never stop praying, and God Himself will begin to direct your paths. >>23637 >>23640 >>23641 I know every one of you Anons have good intentions, but it's not opening the door of a church that gets you saved, it's opening the door of your heart to Jesus Christ that gets you saved. Prayer & Bible study crucial to this process, yet none of you mentioned this. Why?
>>23643 >none of you mentioned this. Why? Because 1) It's implicit in my advice to go to a church and talk to the pastor. I presume he will be in a much better position to answer question and give more specific advice on how to pray and read the Bible than a random person on the internet (me) can. I can't know what specific challenges anon is facing nor can I do much for him except point him to where he can get help and to pray for him. 2) I did mention it as baptism. Baptism is the turning away from the old man to follow Christ (it's literally in your baptismal vows). The Bible says baptism saves you as an appeal to Christ. 1 Peter 3:12. 3) Anon is just beginning to look into the faith. He needs advice on how to get the ball rolling and the way to get it rolling is to talk to other Christians in person. How do you expect him to understand what the Bible means? The last thing you should be doing is trying to do Christianity by yourself or turning it into an intellectual exercise. You MUST go to a church. Now having said that, I understand what you're trying to say which is that it's the inner spiritual transformation that's important not the physical act of walking through a church door or being submerged in water. But you can't summon up that transformation out of nowhere by yourself. God has given us the Church (community of Christians) so that, within it, we may be transformed by God. Just like God gave us prayer and scriptures for their purposes.
>>23643 It's hard to open your heart to Christ if you don't have the insight needed to understand the Bible. The best way to obtain this from my experience is through discourse.
>>23643 >yet none of you mentioned this. Why? I took for granted that someone repudiating atheism and asking for advice in joining the faith had already believed the gospel
>>23645 >>23647 >>23654 Thanks for taking the time to respond Anons. Let us all join together in prayer both for Anon's salvation, and for God's fully-established will in his life! Cheers.

The Authentic Text of the Old Testament Anonymous 02/05/2023 (Sun) 06:37:01 ID: b9a9e5 No.23624 [Reply]
It's remarkable how much academia has engaged in textual criticism of the New Testament, questioning every jot and tittle of the Greek manuscripts, yet comparatively barely any attention has been directed by them towards the Old Testament. Not that we should wish those atheistic scandalizers should desecrate the text, but I wanted to bring this subject to attention of the board for some opinions on it: what is the authentic text of the Old Testament? The vast majority of modern Bible translations use the Jewish Masoretic Text, which was composed by Pharasaic Jews in the 10th century, some 2000 years after the events described in it took place. It makes no sense that Christendom should be using an adulterated text from a sect that by its very nature is anti-Christian. But then what remains? From what I can tell, there are the following sources: - Jerome's Latin Vulgate (from circa 400 AD), which he translated out of the original Hebrew from the ancient manuscripts available to him - The Syriac Peshitta (100 - 200 AD), while the New Testament appears to derive from the Greek manuscripts, the Old Testament seems to be of a parallel tradition to the Septuagint. Syriac is a language that is related to Aramaic and Hebrew, so it's less likely to have misrenderings as a result of having to translate from a Semitic to an Indo-European language, and it uniquely contains some elements that provide additional context for events. - The Targums (200 BC - 200 AD), informal spoken translations of the Old Testament. They are extremely paraphrastic. - The Dead Sea Scrolls (300 BC - 100 AD), hidden by an esoteric Jewish sect, the Essenes, in caves during the Roman-Jewish Wars. Technically, the oldest copies of the Hebrew scriptures. However, as they were produced by a sect that was outside the mainstream of contemporary Jewish society, it should raise questions about whether they maintained the integrity of the scriptures. - The Septuagint (300 BC - 100 BC), the Greek translation of the Old Testament. It was used by the early church. There are various issues with the Septuagint manuscripts available to us today however; the extant copies date to the fourth century. In ancient sources, the Septuagint was described only to be a translation of the books of Moses, whose origin and quality were remarkable, but the Septuagint as we have it today contains the prophets and the writings. If you look up any Septuagint based translation, you will find portions missing verses (e.g. 1 Samuel 17:12-31) because they're not in the manuscripts we have. Lastly, the insufficiency of the Septuagint was part of what prompted Jerome to begin his project of re-translating the Old Testament from Hebrew to Latin for the church to have a better text for its understanding. - Samaritan Torah (>300 BC??), the Samaritans, who were rejected by the Jews upon their return from Babylon, have a unique version of the books of Moses (and of them only). It includes such deviations from the usual Jewish text as commandments to worship on Mount Gerizim instead of the Temple Mount of Jerusalem. Some of these are supported by witnesses in the Dea Sea Scrolls. However, as it is a sectarian work, the same question about whether they would have maintained the integrity of the scriptures hangs over it. So, before we even tackle the issue of translating into English, what is the source text we ought to be translating from? Frankly, the institutions of learning seem to have been quite useless in giving an answer, because so far they either uncritically accept the Masoretic Text and the apparent impeccability of its authors, or say that it's literally anything but what the church historically believed (because Christians are retards and us enlightened secularists are obviously right!!!), or put forward that the original text never existed at all.
>>23624 >The vast majority of modern Bible translations use the Jewish Masoretic Text, which was composed by Pharasaic Jews in the 10th century, some 2000 years after the events described in it took place. It makes no sense that Christendom should be using an adulterated text from a sect that by its very nature is anti-Christian. why not? Researches looked back on pieces of the Old Testament they discovered from thousands of years ago and compared it to more modern pieces and it was a identical match. Also the Masoretic Old Testament still backs up and affirms Jesus so clearly its not too terribly biased. Interesting thread nonetheless.
>>23624 >It's remarkable how much academia has engaged in textual criticism of the New Testament, questioning every jot and tittle of the Greek manuscripts, yet comparatively barely any attention has been directed by them towards the Old Testament. Yeah that would be interesting, huh? I wonder (((who))) could these textual critics be?
>>23625 Some particular issues with the Masoretic Text are for example, that Hebrew for centuries was written with the consonants only, but the Masoretes added vowel points to the text as per how the text was read by Jews in the AD 900-1000 and claimed that it was inspired. This changes words like in Genesis 47:31, where the MT says that Jacob bowed down at the top of his bed (mittah) while the Septuagint says he leaned on his staff (matteh), which is how it appears to be quoted in Hebrews 11:21. Furthermore, the Vulgate, Peshitta, and Septuagint a virgin (in Hebrew, betulah) will be with child in Isaiah 7:14, but the Masoretic Text says a young woman (almah), an entirely different word directly contradicting the citation in Matthew 1:23. Despite this, modernist translations who are paradoxically trying to represent both Jews and Christians at the same time translate Isaiah as young woman and Matthew as virgin and fan the flames of doubt by injecting that one of the central beliefs Christianity is (supposedly) based on a translation error. Lastly, the textual disagreement that prompted me to post the thread, because I thought it was significant enough that a serious look into the different witnesses we have for the Old Testament was needed was Psalm 22:16. In every Christian translation, it is translated as "they pierced my hands and my feet," which would make it a plain reference to Jesus. The Masoretic Text actually says however, a broken sentence of "like a lion (כארי, ka'ari), my hands and feet." What is interesting is the ancient sources diverge; the Peshitta (ܒܙܥܘ) and Septuagint (ὤρυξαν) actually say "they dug/gouged (ka'aru) my hands and feet," which is also used in Jerome's translation of the Greek Psalms into Latin (foderunt). These are the origin of the English pierced. Jerome actually translates the term differently in his Latin translation of the Hebrew Psalms though, which says bound (vinxerunt) instead. This is interesting because related words to ka'aru in other Semitic languages have a sense of paralysis or incapacitation. The Dead Sea Scrolls have both readings and their reliability is compromised by the fact that some of the scrolls have spelling mistakes, rendering "his hands" as "her hands". The Targum says "they bite my hands and feet like a lion," but since they often paraphrased the scriptures to clarify them for listeners this can't be taken at face value as authentic. Even though the verse immediately after it is quoted in the New Testament, the verse itself is not, which makes one question the rendering of it as pierced in English translations as the evangelists would have definitely quoted it if it was unambiguous in the Greek. Jews says theirs is the true reading and ours is a misspelling and we say ours is the true reading and theirs is the misspelling. There doesn't seem to be a definitive answer to the dispute.
>>23630 hmm, interesting.
>>23627 I found this story while investigating the Psalm issue: >"Concern for doctrinal position and religious implications continued to influence interpretations in the modern critical period. When the famous editor/publisher Daniel Bomberg was preparing a rabbinic Bible for publication [c.1517], he noted that the word in question appeared with a VAV rather than a YOD. It was changed to YOD because otherwise, Bomberg complained, “no Jew would buy copies of his Hebrew Bible.” [Kristin M. Swenson, Psalm 22:17: Circling around the Problem Again, Journal of Biblical Literature 123 (2004): 639] https://www.christian-thinktank.com/ps22cheat.html This makes the issue of determining the authentic text even more critical.

Christian Music Thread Anonymous 07/24/2022 (Sun) 17:29:17 No.14669 [Reply] [Last]
♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍 Matthew 22 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets. Galatians 5 For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another. For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this; Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. ♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍 the music thread is gone so I'm posting these by themselves instead. At my assembly today it was reminded that ALL the law is fulfilled and HANGS on the commandment of love. How much do we make sure we're right with the law and doing the right thing and we ignore the actual focus of God and his will from the beginning his commandment. Death experiences have told us of the great love when in the light of God. Many of us have known moments when we have been put in front of God's love and how much we want to live in it forever and how much we will live in it forever.
Edited last time by christianjanny on 09/06/2022 (Tue) 22:55:05.
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Give me some christian metal rock. I exchange Hail Santa https://youtu.be/d5pTSX8p-6c
>>23617 Such a shame Saint Nicholas is too much refered as Santa Claus. Weird how Nicholas's actual day is on December 6th. A church my hometown dedicated to him would give us apples whenever it's Saint Nicholas's day. Nice.

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