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(475.78 KB 2560x1440 972510.jpg)
NEED HELP IBO##EDGkd4 12/09/2019 (Mon) 23:09:52 No. 585
>be me
>life is pretty fucked up
>everyone hates me
>dont want to go outside
>only on the internet
>suicidal thoughts
>dont have irl friends and family
Join the club
Which one
If you are having suicidal thoughts, you should call your area's suicide hotline. Google "suicide hotline <your area>" and ring them up now.
(35.13 KB 472x472 147781926739.jpg)
Yeah, it's like a free game of Russian roulette. If you lose, you get taken to suicide jail where you're not allowed to do anything that could kill you (anything), but if you win they send the police over to kill you for you. Try your luck!
But why should I live?If at the end everyone is going to die.So should I put all my hard work in life, to die at the end?
(3.04 MB 400x560 zen_seal.webm)
What's the hurry? The way I see it, there's no need to rush towards death; it will come to me all in due time. In the meantime, I'd prefer to find things that I enjoy and take them while I can. I like simple things, like sunsets, a cool Spring breeze, and the way the tops of trees look against a bright blue sky. I like the sound of rain against my windowpane, and I like the smell of coffee in my mug. I like when people post things on the internet that make me chuckle. What kind of things do you like, anon?
For now, I've decided to stick around a while longer and see how this whole thing goes. If I do want to change my mind later, then the option is always open. But that's just what I think, what will you decide? You are the master of your own life, after all.
(26.91 KB 1092x1037 5845cd230b2a3b54fdbaecf7.png)
I only like the Internet and sports.But my life is pretty fucked up.Like everything is so boring.Life is pretty boring.
>wake up
>basketball Practice

For example I used to like mobile games.Then I played them.The next day they are shit and boring.And IRL no one likes me(dont have any friends).
i know what youre feeling
you just gotta be yourself anon.
in all seriousness, find a fuckin hobby man
>life is pretty fucked up
Figure out why and what about it is fucked up and unfuck it

>everyone hates me
Why do you care what they think of you?

>dont want to go outside
Why not?

>only on the internet
Again, why?

>suicidal thoughts
Not only is suicide cowardly it is the ultimate triumph of your enemies. Do not give them the satisfaction

>dont have irl friends and family
If you desire these things pick up a hobby or something where you can make them.

You feel overwhelmed. Hopeless and powerless. You do not have control over yourself. If you want your situation to improve then you must regain control over yourself. You must regain your power.

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