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Chill Music Anonymous 09/01/2019 (Sun) 14:14:09 No. 4
Since this is /cafe/, how about a thread of music to relax to with a hot drink while it's raining outside? Here's some Café de Touhou to start.
(14.50 MB 11 Lotus.mp3)
(12.13 MB 10 Sky Garden.mp3)
>NieR soundtrack
What good taste. Here’s my favourite comfy song from there: https://youtube.com/watch?v=CJHppNnNZL4
>the [Embed] link appears automatically instead of having to put it in a post field
Comfy as well. I remember having to grind for hours trying to get all the materials to upgrade all the weapons, because my autism demanded it. Not once did I ever tire of any of the songs. The game was comfy central, Junk Heap, Seafront, Facade, The and the Temple all had great themes too. And then the many arrangement albums add even more.

SoA Hollow Dreams will always be my favorite since it being the reward for a silly quest and its delivery just utterly fucking set the perfect atmosphere to me.

Do multiple links embed correctly too? I have javascript disabled so that feature is unavailable to me.
>Do multiple links embed correctly too? I have javascript disabled so that feature is unavailable to me.
Your post is the first time I’ve seen it tried and yes, they do!
This was the OST that - together with Akiko Shikata - indirectly got me into folkwave and complex layered voice compositions. There’s just something so comfy about the idea that the future is not gleaming chrome and corporate exploitation but rather a kind of gentle pastoral tech-mysticism.

I was listening to FREYJA.sys by Kaoling recently. Here’s a version sung by humans rather than Vocaloids, though the Vocaloid version has its own charms too: https://youtu.be/ZoChI5raLxM
>not posting mercury or deep roasted cofee

Absolute pleb tier taste mate
(4.31 MB 960x720 Serenity.mp4)
A comfy coffee and this song on a rainy afternoon.
I forgot about the spacey guitar blubs from this song going left and right, reminds me of fixing my original headphones.
And this one is more sensual
Shion neet song
(166.49 KB 850x850 im home.jpg)
>>382 Love the comfy pic anon, as for a tune, I enjoy this one myself, not sure if its here or not, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMnrl0tmd3k

Absolutely adore the first three phoniex wright games, great story, humor, characters, and music. Pop one in the ole 3ds and enjoy a nice quiet evening under the covers.
Loved this track, strong vibes of temporary relief
(2.94 MB 480x360 ratatat - loud pipes.webm)
Perfect roadtrip and cruisin' music.

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