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britfeel - new thread, ancient OP edition - General #120 Anonymous 04/27/2023 (Thu) 15:09:07 No.5185
Alright lads? Is this still the main 4chan alternative?
Open file (393.69 KB 900x720 1445138528550.png)
I haven't posted here in years. How many members still show up? I was looking up old posts on desuarchive and found myself overwhelmed by nostalgia. I kind of miss arguing with the green retards to be honest, good times. I hope you are all doing well and moving forward with your lives, or are at the very least content with where you are. When was the first ever britfeel thread again? Aren't we already almost a decade old now? Time flies! Not sure if we needed a new general, but I saw somebody in the current thread (which was uploaded last year) bitching about not being able to make a new post, so I thought I'd give it a try.
I've never been here before, I saw the place mentioned on brit/pol/. These Britain-centric imageboards always make me feel like I don't understand my own culture enough, like it being spread across an internet page makes it glaringly obvious how American the rest of the internet is. And therefore how I understand Americanism more than the finer points of my actual nation. No wonder I'm such a loner at work heh.
>>5186 Welcome back lad. How's things? >I hope you are all doing well and moving forward with your lives, or are at the very least content with where you are. For me the situation is basically the same as it was back in the day (still NEET, virgin, etc.), although I'm a lot more content and productive these days. >When was the first ever britfeel thread again? Aren't we already almost a decade old now? Time flies! It started some point in late 2014, moved to 8chan in early 2015, /guildfeel/ in October 2015, Lupus died in early 2016 (RIP), moved to Julay in late 2019, then moved here in mid 2020. Been quiet round here the last couple years, but I suppose that's to be expected. I haven't had much reason to post since I rarely do anything notable, and I rarely feel the need to vent or seek advice the way I used to.
>>5187 Welcome aboard lad. It's nice being able to let loose in places like this, not having to reword everything so some yank twat won't get confused, or to avoid being pelted with the usual BONG/U WOT M8/LOICENCE/SIMPLE AS/FACKIN GOALS bollocks.
Spent most of my morning and afternoon writing an essay, and my evening reading the divine comedy. I'm thinking it's time for some much earned rest. >>5187 welcome lad, this place is pretty slow these days but it can be cozy too, I hope you enjoy your stay. >>5189 >How's things? I've been through an inordinate amount of trials since I last posted here regularly. Dropped out of uni, was hospitalised with alcohol withdrawal, witnessed the suicide of a loved one, developed symptoms of post traumatic stress and then dropped out of uni a second time. I brought in 2021 on the brink of death in hospital from simultaneous heroin and benzodiazepine withdrawal. Things are looking much better for me now though, I've confronted the demons that led to my substance abuse and am one month off from graduating from my first year, at long last, having switched from physics to classical studies. I basically spend all day reading and writing and get to be considered a respectable member of society for it, so I'm very happy. I've even begun to mend my troubled relationships with my family, and this summer I'll be going abroad to spend time having fun with some friends. I feel a sense of peace and ease that up until the past year or so has been utterly alien to me, so I suppose things have worked out rather well. Reading my old posts is surreal to be honest, the immense and practically ever-present rage and bitterness that characterised much of my time posting on here is just gone from my life now, it's a great relief. >It started some point in late 2014 I think there may have been threads in early 2014 or even late 2013, but they weren't always uniformly called britfeel which makes finding them in the archive a bit of a bother. >although I'm a lot more content and productive these days glad to hear it. are you music anon or someone else?
>>5186 Nice to see some activity in here. Things are going well lad. I had an interpretation gig lately that lead to me debuting on the Japanese news. >>5187 That's funny, it felt like a breath of fresh air to speak to my American client on the recent job after being here for nearly 6 months. I never had any British mates to begin with, so as far as contact with the homeland goes it's just been my family.
>>5191 >glad to hear it. are you music anon or someone else? Rumbled. Nice to hear you're doing well these days, keep it up mate. >>5192 >I had an interpretation gig lately that lead to me debuting on the Japanese news. Is the making of the first /britfeel/ idol?
Shout out to the anon who cold approached a 12 year old
I've got my ticket and I'm going to do the king, just you watch lads.
>>5185 This guy coming in here posting a quintessential vintage Britfeel OP image. Welcome lad or welcome back.
Open file (16.08 KB 352x86 time.png)
>>5185 Haven't checked in in a while, nice to see some old faces, so to speak. And what a coincidence, I made that particular OP pic.
Alright lads, how's it going? Been a while. Don't think I told you lads, but I got a new job at the end of last summer, jumped from 21K to 28K and left a really shitty company. Was previously working on a service desk with a certain NHS trust, eventually moved to application support there but the company was shite and underpaid staff. Now doing application support for a big SaaS platform. Feels good to be paid somewhat decently and I'm eyeing up a promotion that would be a 12K jump (and feel like I'm being groomed for it by management). I've never been happier with the work I do. >>5191 Sounds like you're in a better place too lad, glad to hear it. I know its been tough. Any cool new stuff? I think you recommended Kazuo Ishiguro to me but it's still on my shelf unread. I've not done much reading since the pandemic started to be honest. >>5187 The internet being as American as it is is a shame. Very worrying for the youth really, feels like they'll grow up a lot less british than millenials did.
>>5199 >feels like they'll grow up a lot less british than millenials did. My neices have always frequently used a concerning amount of yank terminology, but these days the eldest is more into Korean and Japanese. According to her stories of the playground, it would seem that all Year 4s these days are gookaboos and weeaboos, unironically going around speaking in Google-translated "Korean" and calling each other "baka".
>>5192 >I had an interpretation gig lately that lead to me debuting on the Japanese news. One of the English broadcast dub voices? Noice one m8.
Open file (278.15 KB 1200x1074 cretangreekhelmet7thbc.jpg)
What's on the agenda today lads? I have to binge read twelth night today so I can crank out a short essay question that I should have done months ago and once that's sorted I can focus on my final project for the year. Have a nice cretan helmet to spice up your lunch hour, also. >>5192 pretty sure last time I heard from you you were still a beginner Japenese student, good for you lad - how was the news experience? Were you nervous? >>5193 you too lad. >>5198 Nice to see you're still hear lad, what's up with you these days? >>5199 >Any cool new stuff? Do you mean in terms of literature or generally? I'm starting to learn Latin in October and I'm taking an ancient greek summer school course also, looking forward to finally breaking out of monolingual hell >>5200 I ended up getting a lot more americanised by the internet and by IRL experiences honestly, I find myself accidentally slipping into old idioms while posting here though, which is funny
>>5202 Was mostly thinking literature but honestly, share anything cool you want to lad. I'll be playing Shadows of Doubt for a few hours today, only got up at 2PM so not as much as I like, and then Im going to see Nic Cage's new movie at 9PM. Looking forward since I've heard it's crazy Nic Cage, not boring Nic Cage.
>>5202 >what's up with you these days? Over these past few years, a lot. On the surface I've gone full normie even if I still don't feel like one, to the point where I don't really belong here anymore. But I think I'll always have a fondness for this place
>>5204 I kind of get where you're coming from, I can't speak for any of the other lads but I'd like to think that sort of thing doesn't really matter anymore, a lot of my circumstances have changed too in ways that I can't really express without running contra to the original spirit of britfeel that we tried so hard to preserve by splitting off on our own in the first place, so it's complicated. Didn't sheep anon have a wife? Lupus definitely had a boyfriend also, so I'd like to think that sort of thing isn't much of a big deal anymore. >>5203 I've read an obscene amount since I last posted on here so I'm not sure where to start, some of my new favourites are Dante's Divine Comedy, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, and Orlando by Virginia Woolf. Also the Iliad, I read that for the first time all the way back in 2016, but recent developments in my life have lent in an almost apocryphal significance in my life. The Aeneid is a fairly competent latin epic also, although in translation I think I prefer Ovid's metamorphoses in terms of large scale latin verse, I'll be able to read them both in the original next year which I'm exciteed about - apparently the Aeneid is exceptionally poetic in the original, it tends to make Latinists cream themselves.
Open file (153.10 KB 1598x1494 annoying tiles.jpg)
I'm a zoomer and I dont see americanisation as an issue. I think if anything americans are taking up british culture more than we are adopting american culture.
what music genres do you like lads? I've always enjoyed boomer rock and have a lot of folk records.
>>5207 From my perspective as a younger millenial Americanisation of language is definitely happening - most people now go on to study at University which places them in an international social circle, and people are increasingly socialising online in international communities(covid lockdowns accelerated this drastically). It's up for debate whether or not this is an issue, but it's definitely happening. One issue with the English language is that we never established a central language authority that would seek to preserve a degree of linguistic purity like the French did. >>5208 I listen to a little bit of everything, but my most frequently listened to genres would have to be classical, hiphop and shoegaze/dreampop. I want to get more into historical music, but I think properly delving in will necessitate my learning to play an instrument, I find early medieval court music and ancient greek music in general pretty interesting topics. I was listening to link related earlier today also, one of my favourite albums of any genre: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ei88J4lERbk
>>5207 >I'm a zoomer Shan't be reading the rest of this post.
Now that the old gang are back together. *sips coffee* What do you want?
>>5211 I'll have one wife and three kids, ta.
>>5211 could I get a cup of tea with milk and one sugar, and a duo boost bar? thanks la I really missed making these posts
>date with milf i picked up at the train station last week >petite, 8/10 with mask, 5/10 without (really need to start telling them to take them off on the approach) >drink coffee while making beta small talk for 30 mins at starbucks >go for the movie pull >she acquiesces with zero resistance >take train back to my 1LDK while making beta small talk about our royal family (japanese mummies love them) >arrive home >put on some film set in victorian england on netflix >tell her to come to me, pull her into me and watch film while making more beta small talk about the film for a few mins >start groping her boobs >she moans >clearly very receptive, pick her up and throw her on the bed after kissing for a bit >get undressed >shag her for a little bit, start thinking she's unusually wet >look down and my white sheets have turned into a murder scene >blood fucking everywhere >tell her and she barely reacts, honestly never seen a girl not that not bothered about about being on her period (especially strange since jap women are trained from child to find everything in the world はずかしい) >say it's too gross and i can't cum >we both have a shower and she fucks off Shaln't be messaging her again. It's not that she was on her period, it was how much her nonchalant attitude towards it turned me off, and she didn't even apologize about fucking my sheets up.
>2010 >first year of 6th form >made to go to some manditory sex ed lecture at the end of the day >about 30 people in the room plus some youth worker giving us a presentation >tells everyone to stand up >says "right, anyone who has ever caught an STI sit down" >one or two people sit down >says "right, anyone who has ever had sex, sit down" >literally everyone sits down apart from me, even people who definitely havent >its too late to sit back down >everyone staring at me >youth worker gives some lecture about how STIs are spread but too mortified to really listen >still standing >still listening to him give his shitty lecture as I am the only one standing >after his stupid presentation ends, he says "oh, you can sit down by the way" >everyone laughs
>>5215 >>5216 >tfw soon turning 27 and still a virgin
>>5199 Employers seem to be paying more these days. In the past 2 years, I've gone from 18k to around 26k after bonuses working the same job. I'm trying to join the fire brigade. I tried this year and got through to the interview stage but wasn't hired. Still pleased with myself since fewer than 100 people out of 5,000+ applicants get that far. I'll try again next year. In the meantime, ChatGPT has me very motivated to find something else since applying for jobs is far easier.
>>5186 >2015 >wake up at 1pm >squash a slice of bread into a ball and wash it down with some coffee >boot up my PC and spend the afternoon browsing /britfeel/ with the lads inbetween TF2 games >order a madras because it's CURRY NIGHT >spend the evening with more britfeel and vidya before treating myself to my 2nd wank Weird to think that the time between now and early britfeel is the same time between early britfeel and 2007/2008.
Made some "fried" chicken in the air fryer. ended up a little too salty, but in a wrap with some salad and garlic mayo, it's bloody lovely.
British controlled servers
>>5220 Fantastic things. >chop potatoes into chips >put in a bowl of freshly boiled water for about 15 minutes >drain and throw in the air fryer, add a bit oil and shake them around >cook at 180c until they're crisp Perfect chips every time without having to deep fry. If you tried that in an oven you'd have a soggy mess.
Do you lads have any words you find yourself saying repeatedly for no reason, or regularly feeling an urge to say? For me, it's gorgonzola. I don't know why.
>>5223 Nigger
>>5223 COCK
Might get a Steam Deck lads. Considered a switch but no games on there particularly interest me and the deck effectively has thousands of options.
I had the worst nights sleep of my life yesterday lads, dragged a duvet and some pillows under my desk around 9pm and somehow slept there until 3am. My neck is killing me >>5226 How many of those games are actually optimised for steam deck hardware? I’m always sketched out by portable devices that are meant to run PC games
How's everyone's hairline holding up these days?
>>5228 Fantastically, thanks for asking.
>>5228 as thick and luscious as ever, cheers lad.
>>5228 Started visibly receding at 30 and I've been skinhead ever since.
>>5228 Just fine, but I prefer the skinhead look.
Anyone remember around 2015 on the /r9k/ thread some guy in his early 30s who was an "advertising consultant" or some other similar role? He wasn't a tripfag, but his normalfag "waheey, oi oi" bloke posting style made him stand out like one. He would type as if he was talking to his mates on Facebook. His typical post content would be gloating about his life and how much money he makes or larping as a well adjusted successful figure who could help lads out and get them snagging more birds. He actually might have had a trip, its hard to remember.
>>5233 Not too sure because I started posting way less on /r9k/ after we got the 8chan board running, wouldn't surprise me if as soon as we left the place was taken over by tripfags though
>>5233 was that the guy called britnormie or something? He claimed to know the guy in the Deano pics.
Stayed up all night working on uni assignments, finished them by 6am and then headed into town to get blood tests done. Proper pleased that I didn't have to cancel my appointment and actually finished everything I needed to get done today, just my final projects to go and I will have actually passed my first year. Time to cozy up in my reading chair with tea and a book. How's everyone else's day been then?
Open file (33.25 KB 1295x280 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5233 >>5235 Just googled britnormie and it comes up with old 8ch threads where we were talking about him. Wonder how he's doing these days.
>>5236 Sounds comfy. Do you notice much of an age gap between you and other students? I've never been to uni, but I assume the majority of first year students are 18/19. I just went to work, left early at 1 to get my car repairs estimated (fella crashed into me last Sunday) and then came home to find that my replica trainers had arrived. Quality is incredible, shant ever buy an authentic pair ever again. Wish I discovered this sooner.
>>5235 >>5237 Yeah, that's him. He once told us a story about how some girl in Ibiza was chatting to him, only to see her friends laughing and recording in the background and he realized this was some cruel dare. I then became aware that he was the same kind of failed normalfag that Manlytears was, a man who surrounded himself with autists and neets because its the only people he can feel successful around.
>>5238 >Do you notice much of an age gap between you and other students? I switched to studying online because it turns out you can study a full time degree online and still get autismbux in scotland so I don't really interract with other students at all atm, but when I was in a brick and mortar uni (that forced me to study online after luring me to the city right before another covid lockdown was announced) pretty much all my friends were in the 18-20 years old age bracket. I definitely noticed it whenever conversation would turn to something intellectual, the precociousness of thought mixed with total naivete of the world people at that age tend to display doesn't annoy me though, it just makes me feel old and a little bit nostalgic. >>5239 >who surrounded himself with autists and neets because its the only people he can feel successful around. I always found these sorts of people sadder than everyone else on /r9k/ honestly, there's something so uniquely pathetic about it, I think because failed normalfags of this sort don't really have any wrong with them mentally beyond being terminally uninteresting.
>>5240 hello sag lad glad to see you're about
>>5241 I made the new OP and the first reply!! Cheers mate, it's nice to see that everyone's getting on well.
>>5242 The usual threadmaker isn't very good at their job.
>>5243 when I first checked in on the board last week I thought it had died, I was relieved when I noticed there had been activity this year at the bottom of the thread. somebody needs to find threadslave and crack the whip, disgraceful state of affairs to be honest
>>5243 >>5244 Give him a break, he's a lanky goggle-eyed mongboy and making threads is difficult.
>>5243 for me, its coming back to this board every few months, making an OP image and then forgetting to contribute to the ongoing discourse
I've been thinking about buying a transit van. I think it would open up an enormous amount of opportunities.
>>5247 What opportunities?
Look here. Look, listen. At the end of the day. All said and done. Whcllndb
>>5249 are you whibblescromps poster? >>5245 sorry mate. didn't realise i was being insensitive
>>5245 vete a la mierda tu y tu hijo y tu esposa
Do you lads think ants could destroy humanity if they wanted? Like if they all rallied together with that objective in mind. Isn't there something nuts like a million ants to each human?
>>5250 Hop along, my little friends, up the whibble! Scromps going on ahead candles for to kindle. Down west sinks the Sun: soon you will be scromping. When the floobities fall, then the door is womping, Out of the whibblescromps stars will twinkle yellow. Fear no nigger black! Heed no hoary willow! Fear neither root nor bough! Deano goes on before you. Hey now! merry dol! We’ll be scromping for you!
Open file (441.23 KB 666x496 dog vision.png)
Me? Can't wrap my head around this
>>5248 I think I jumped the gun a bit. I seen a job add for a charity bag collector and I got over excited.
Open file (5.75 KB 275x183 gun.jpg)
>get in the fucking pod
>>5256 No need to threaten me, I'm pro-pod
>>5255 I chuckled. That doesn't sound like it'd be worth buying a van for.
Raisins? Now there's an underrated fruit.
>>5259 Actually, the raisin is not a distinct fruit, it is a dried grape.
Open file (217.30 KB 1200x730 ClipboardImage.png)
Let's hear it then. What are your thoughts on ChatGPT?
>>5261 Enjoyed it for about a week, then the deliberate nerfing/cucking of it annoyed me enough to make me stop using it and I've been basically ignoring its existence ever since
>>5259 >>5260 the raisin is in spirit simply a diminuitive date, and it should learn its place in the heirarchy of things. >>5261 I think we should pause development on all LLMs until the problem of AI allignment has been properly explored to be honest, it's a bit concerning now that we have autoGPT learning to prompt itself. Also it's worth noting that ChatGPT is the slimmed down model for casual users, the big stuff is happening with GPT4. I don't think it's at all ethical to let researchers continue to blackbox their experiments in the wake of the "sparks of AGI" paper. The fact that GPT 4 can now use tools without training, reflect upon the success of tasks it performs, and can prompt itself should all be genuine cause for concern - I say this as someone who has always hated AI and has a strong bias towards downplaying its capabilities also.
>>5261 I used to it make funny jokes and quips for a work presentation and now I have to keep up the pretense that I'm actually funny in real life
>>5264 Go on then. Post some jokes funnyboy.
>>5265 Brexit.
>>5261 I think its fascinating. I got it to create an extremely realistic dialogue of Ricky Gervais and Karl discussing the hollacust.
>>5261 Basically what >>5262 said, although I still use it from time to time for the odd programming-related conundrum. A lot of people are concerned about LLMs taking over "creative" jobs, but I am in fact quite pleased. Anyone who is overly-protective of their "creative" job (see: pricks who feel entitled to all the money in the world just for being useless and wanking themselves off, and who want to live off the royalties of their "intellectual property" forever and ever while actively preventing anyone else from ever creating anything remotely similar by lobbing life-destroying lawsuits at them) deserves every miserable thing that ever happens to them. I'll be happy to see creative pursuits return to the realms of hobbyists and the religious, performed only by people who actually give a shit about the crafts rather than wanting to profit off them. "But the art, music, film, and video game industries could die!" they say; "GOOD" I reply. >>5263 >I think we should pause development on all LLMs Would be wise, but it's not gonna happen. It's like trying to pause development on weapons; you might get some mugs to agree to do it, but many will continue developing it anyway, and they'll end up as the dominant force. Pandora's box is open.
Open file (3.63 MB 726x444 imaginary_rocket.webm)
>>5268 Chip on your shoulder lad? Apart from a few who won the equivalent of the Hollywood lottery, the ones gobbling revenue and lobbing lawsuits aren't the ones doing the creative work for a pittance, but the ones who quietly own the system - money people, need I say more - and they're very excited about AI, same as they're excited about anything that cuts those inconvenient little people out. Those industries won't die, just end up with power even more concentrated than they already are. Real question you should be asking is why you're telling yourself this little story, same as any scene in your head that ends with you replying "GOOD" to "them" before everyone else in the room stands up and claps really.
>>5269 I have a mixed sentiment about >>5268 to be honest, it's definitely amiss to identify "creatives" (fucking despise this term for the record" as people throwing their weight around in courts and using IP law, they're mostly smaller artists who are upset that their art is being analysed and recombinated by an artificial intelligence. I do however think that most artists are simply being hysterical on that front though - what an AI does isn't really fundamentally different from what a human artists does. Every (good) artist trains themselves by examining the work of others and drawing inspiration from it. I also don't think that AI is actually going to be able to replace artists - for things like graphic design and churning out concepts it's definitely going to be used as a tool, and artists working for, say, videogame companies might soon need to find themselves learning prompt engineering to keep up, but for the most part I (hope) the replacement anxiety of artists is unwarranted. Fundamentally humans prefer to see human art to Ai art - I've seen studies where people are monitored and derive less pleasure from art if they are told it is AI generated rather than made by a human. I'd imagine AI is only really going to hurt the bottom feeders who make money doing cheap digital art commissions and the like.
>>5257 But will you eat the bugs?
>>5270 Also, one other thing I forgot to say: AI will mainly harm digital art and I genuinely think that's a good thing. Digital is nice because of its ease of access but it's an inferior, rootless, disembodied medium and it bothers me that a lot of fairly talented creative minds end up sinking all of their efforts into it. I hope as AI progresses there will be a movement towards physical mediums - it would be nice if people started looking back to things like masonry, pottery, weaving, mosaic and frescoes as a creative outlet. That's the sort of thing our world of mass produced consumer garbage genuinely needs. Some local crafts and pretty statues.
>>5272 >it's an inferior, rootless, disembodied medium and it bothers me that a lot of fairly talented creative minds end up sinking all of their efforts into it Ttake a little breath lad, remind yourself that multiply isn't so different from a wash and that some kinds of anger are really only for ourselves. Why don't you have a nice time showing us your art, maybe light the way for some of the poor benighted souls addled by the degenerate luxury of layers?
>>5273 I'm not sure why you think I'm angry, I'm this >>5270 poster not the one you're originally replying to. I'm of the opinion that one of the most important functions of art is to beautify the environs that people and individual communities live in on a daily basis - gallery culture and the notion of an artist as an egocentric genius who works alone rather than as a craftsman operating in a community and benefitting from generational knowledge was a big blow to this, and digital art is the other. You cannot stand up close to a piece of digital art and admire it's depth, you cannot look at it from multiple angles (unless it's in VR, I suppose), digital art cannot act as a column that holds up a roof or hang on a wall as a fresco. There are advantages to digital art that lend well to the creation of manga and animation, but even then some of the best examples of both mediums tend to be hand drawn. I'm not frothing at the mouth about digital art or anything like that. I just think that even the best of the medium is relatively dull because we are forced to appreciate it through a screen. Everytime I see a nice piece of digital art, I just think about how much better it would look as a painting, is that so unreasonable a stance to have?
>>5271 If the pod makes the bugs taste and appear completely indistinguishable from real, tasty food, then it makes no difference to me.
>>5272 this.
My anaemia has come back and I have been stuck in bed for the past few hours :4( >>5266 Greencuck is that you? I thought you’d either died or moved on with your life
Open file (2.63 MB 1280x720 Greencuck.webm)
>>5277 >Greencuck is that you?
Open file (723.76 KB 1010x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5260 >Actually,
Apparently "ginormous" isn't a real word. Wtf?
You lads don't seem to get it, AI is going to make us all filthy stinking rich. We'll barely lift a finger. Trust me, in a year or two you'll see. The real world is dead, we going full cyberpunk dystopia.
>>5281 I don't think most people are particularly rich in cyberpunk dystopias lad
>>5277 >>5278 Check the Local Election results. GREEN SURGE
Would anyone mind sharing their experience with SSRIs? Please mention drug and dosage too.
>>5284 I have been on: fluoxetine (erectile dysfunction) sertraline (aggression) reboxetine (aggression and made it hurt to cum) Venlafaxine (AVOID AT ALL COSTS) mirtazapine (actually helped for a few months when I was too depressed to function, but has nasty withdrawals) I can’t remember the exact doses but for all of them I was on the max dose allowed in the UK - you can find the max doses in the British National Formulary which is free to access online. With the exception of mirtazapine none of them helped me much, I would strongly advise avoiding any sort of psychiatric medication for depression unless you’re actively suicidal. Some of them may help you for a short period of time, and if that happens you need to take advantage of the period to enact healthy habits and drag yourself out of the mire. Therapy, physical fitness, confronting my fears and forming meaningful relationships have all helped me more than any sort of psychiatric medicine has helped, and I’ve been on a lot of psychiatric medication. For the love of god no matter how well you are avoid venlafaxine (brand name effexor) though.
>>5285 Could you go more into detail about your experience with Venlafaxine?
>Depression is your brain's way of telling you to get your act together and antidepressants are a Jewish scam Thoughts?
>>5287 I'm of two minds on this. Sometimes depression is down entirely to environmental factors, in which case changing your situation is better than masking it with drugs. However I also believe that some people experience depression due to a chemical imbalance and not due to having anything actually wrong in their life (or, it might be a mix of both). In which case, antidepressants can help.
>>5288 I should also add that I took antidepressants for a time after some major life events that spiralled me into depression, and they were more of a temporary bandaid for me. Without them I might have stayed in a miserable rut indefinitely, but with them it gave me enough of a push to sort shit out and later get off them. So in that sense they were a success for me.
5 hours, 400+ approaches, 26 contact exchanges, 2 instadates, no pulls. Biggest day yet.
Open file (34.92 KB 701x275 50 Shades of Feel.png)
>chatGPT is so neutered and restricted, its not even worth using anymore
>>5291 Normally I'd say that's a bad thing, but in your case it's clearly a good thing, cocksucker.
there's been a fair bit of talk about those of us who have changed a lot since the early britfeel days, progressed, improved. How many among us haven't changed, are the same as you always were even after all this time?
>>5293 oh and I'm not trying to belittle anyone so this is only directed to those that feel like they want to share that info
>>5291 I kek'd. >>5293 I'm still a NEET virgin sitting in the same corner of the same bedroom in the same house as I was in 2015 (or 2007, for that matter), so in many ways my living situation and personal/work status is basically unchanged; the only real difference is that I'm not an anxious wreck all the time over minor things, and I have a little more "I just can't be bothered to care anymore"-derived inner peace and confidence.
>>5291 I actually came back here after searching "Scottish Anime Guy" on desuarchive, and I was astonished at the sheer volume of posts made about me by greencuck after I left /r9k/, several dozen at least, he def wanted to shag >>5295 >the only real difference is that I'm not an anxious wreck all the time over minor things that's a pretty big difference to be fair, if you're sincerely comfortable as you are then it's not a major issue
>>5296 You don't still support UKIP, do you lad? Or God forbid, the t*ries.
>>5297 I fell deeper down the rabbit hole and was an unironically fascist for a few years but now I’ve taken my normal pills and support the SNP, they’re not perfect but they’re the best I’ve got. I’m kind of burnt out on politics and keep my engagement minimal these days, though.
>>5298 >SNP Good lord, it's worse than I imagined...
>>5299 Are you still chained to an unelectable party after all these years? I don’t really have any great fondness for the SNO, they just don’t completely disgust me. I’m pretty burnt out when it comes to politics anyways, I’ll consider giving it more thought after enjoying a few more peaceful years of a quiet and relatively anger free life :4)
Anyone played Elden Ring?
>>5301 Yeah, the enemies get kind of tanky in the lategame which is annoying. It's size is also somewhat to its detriment, I spent about 150 hours playing and still hadn't beaten the main questline and ended up just getting kind of bored - I hope if they release a sequel they scale back the world size a bit. It's still worth playing though if you've ever enjoyed any of the souls games
>>5302 I'm playing it now and having a blast. Beat the witch lady with the babies that throw books at you last week. This week I've just been exploring around and finding new things. I have no idea where to go next. I found a boss which is a giant man on a horse and you have a load of people you can summon, but it was very apparent that I was too low a level so now I am left without any direction. Using hookclaws as a weapon.
Open file (32.02 KB 400x400 britpepe tea.jpg)
day 1 of the new Carolean era GOD SAVE THE KING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nn--GfLaKRk
Listen up, candlefags. Just in case you forgot: This board belongs to the Harbour Masters. You are here because we permit it, and you will end if we demand it. That is all.
>be me >approaching intra-station >see some cutey, probably early 30s >"excuse me, hey, you're cute" >she stops and looks at me, our faces are 2-3 inches apart at this point >says something completely unintelligible in an angry tone >goes to hit me out of nowhere >dodge with my sugoi muay thai reflexes (she slightly clipped me to be honest lads but don't tell anyone) >i'm like "wtf are you doing?" >starts stabbing at me with her umbrella >turn 360 degrees and nope the fuck out of there
Open file (120.65 KB 1439x1219 show bobs.jpg)
>>5306 Such is life as an indian male
>>5307 Ma'am are you a prostitute? DO NOT REDEEM THE FUCKING CARD.
New lad got sacked today, he came to work on methadone.
>>5309 >not greentexting it Greentext it
Open file (54.29 KB 640x860 of83qpbgvin81.png)
Well, I'm now bored of Elden Ring. Game is far too long with little direction. 30 hours into a game when you are wondering what to do shouldn't be answered with "Just keep exploring!". Wandering around a map with awkward terrain looking for things that may or may not be related to the quest line is not fun. With souls games, it always made sense what you are supposed to do next despite having multiple options, you were never left aimlessly wandering around. The "quest lines" are a diagrace since there is no way to track them, you'll likely speak to an NPC and not realise you've started a quest line before moving on and forgetting it. All progress of the "quest" stays hidden The boss fights are lame and repetitive. With over 200 bosses, it becomes obvious after a while that many of them are just slightly altered versions of earlier bosses. They've added a lot of irritating moves to bosses like the little pretend swings that trick you into dodging or jumping back which does nothing but extend the fight. I rate this game a good 4/10.
>>5311 Feels like Elden Ring went for a Quantity over Quality approach. As someone who can barely finish a succinct high quality game, I shan't be playing this.
>>5311 >>5312 One thing that I'll applaud the game for is giving you the option to spawn directly outside the boss's fog gate if you die, instead if making you walk for fucking ever. It only took them 13 years to realize this was a bad idea. I remember it took about 3 minutes to walk back to The Four Kings every time you died because some retard never thought of adding a bonfire anywhere in the area. Bloodborne was atrocious for doing this. I get the idea is probably to add some level of importance to the fight and make player focus on managing resources, but punishing players with boredom is always such a shit idea.
Thinking about going to a summer school to learn ancient greek lads, it costs around £1k which is pricey for me but for an entire intensive course with 10-20 hours of tuition, a week's accomodation and food it's pretty tempting. Thoughts? >>5311 I feel the same way - had a fair amount of fun with it but couldn't stop thinking how much better it would have been with a metroidvania esque dark souls 1 style map instead of open world silliness
>>5314 >Thoughts No offence, but I'm not sure why you'd pay all that money to learn a dead language with very little practical use. Learning a modern language would be much better, imo.
>>5314 I think its a good idea. Its basically a holiday for you, and £1000 is only a bit more than you would pay for a holiday to Greece. Did you manage to beat Elden Ring or did you get too bored? I swear people just pretend to like it because they're too embarrassed to admit they packed it in after they couldn't beat Margit. The achievement statistics show that only about 55% of people got that far. It won nearly every 2022 GOTY award despite GOW: Ragnarok being an absolute masterpiece from start to finish.
>>5315 Now there's a good consumerist goy slave, we wouldn't want him doing something that doesn't benefit Shekelstein in any way simply because he enjoys it, would we?
>>5315 I'm a classical studies student so my career is dead in the water unless I learn it, so it's pretty practical for me. That aside, the Iliad is my favourite work of literature of all time and I want to be able to read it in the original. Not only do you get access to the two greatest epics and (in my opinion) the greatest works of literature of all time, but you also get to enjoy the tragedians, comics, Plato, Aristotle, the New Testament and many other works in their original form. It's an exceptionally useful language to have if you're interested in anything related to western civilisation - second only to Latin in that regard. I'll need to learn french and german at some point too, and maybe Italian, since there's a fair amount of quality classics scholarship in those languages that doesn't get translate to english, but they're far lower on my priorities than Greek and Latin, since I need them both before going on to my masters. >>5316 >Its basically a holiday for you This is what I was thinking, sure it's hard work but getting away from the house for a little while longer over Summer sounds quite nice, I've been cooped up inside fairly frequently over the last few years and want to stretch my legs a little. >Did you manage to beat Elden Ring or did you get too bored? I got bored. I went pretty far, around up to where you have to fight Miquella in the scarlet rot area - but I was suffering from being underlevel and with around 150 hours in the game I just couldn't be bothered grinding for levels and travelling around picking up important gear. I had a lot of fun with it and don't regret buying it, but I really hope if elden ring gets a sequel they scale down the size and make it more focussed.
>>5317 I meant in the sense of being able to communicate with other speakers, not that he has to use it to make shekelberg money. But I concede there is value in learning a language you have passion for vs one for practicalities sake.
>>5320 to be honest the main appeal of any new language to me is the literature it gives access to, I seem to be somewhat of a minority in considering that the main goal of language learning though, the a lot of classicist institutions in the UK do amateur Greek plays in the original language, so being able to watch or act in them is probably the closest I’ll get to speaking regularly
>>5310 >new lad falls asleep at the wheel >drives into warehouse racking and rips the bolts out of the floor >gets told "Resign or take a drug test" >chooses to resign >union rep asks him on the way out "Just out of curiosity, what were you on?" >lad tells him "Methadone mate, you want some?"
Patiently waiting for the next Hollow Knight to come out.
>>5323 i Hollowed ur mum out last Knight lad
>>5322 The most British incident of all time
>>5323 i've been really hollow since your mum left me, lad.
Tough times never last. Only tough people last.
went out for a walk earlier today, hadn't left the house in three days. I've just been working on my finals project and sleeping constantly. the sun was nice >>5327 you alright, lad?
I've had this fungal scalp infection for a full year now. Finally got an appointment at the dermatologist in a couple of weeks after 6 months of getting faffed about by the doctor.
Anyone ever tried microdosing shrooms?
Been working all night, wrote around 4k words of notes and preliminary source analysis, read a bunch of secondary scholarship. Going to dip into a hot bath then read dante until I fall asleep, it's been a busy day. Night lads. >>5330 I've never had shrooms but weed and LSD always mess with my mental health, so I can't imagine I'd enjoy it.
Open file (706.22 KB 1500x1500 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5329 Have you tried this mate? The active ingredient (ketoconazole) is really good for that kind of thing
>>5331 The point in microdosing isnt to get high. The usual dose is about 0.2 grams, taken once a day for three days and then two days off for a minimum of 6 weeks. I don't know if there have been any real studies done on microdosing, but for a lot of people it seems to reduce symptoms of anxiety and increase creativity. I can't smoke weed anymore, it makes me feel horrific. However, every time I've had mushrooms I've had a phenomenal time. They don't cost anything either, which is nice. You just have to get up early in autumn before everyone else picks them.
Biggup King Charlie Third times the charm innit
>>5332 That was the first thing I was prescribed, it didn't work. I have ringworm and need actual anti-fungal medication.
Open file (874.24 KB 634x951 ClipboardImage.png)
It's over! After 15 years, Holly Whibblescromps 'cuts ties' with This Morning co-host Phillip Schofield as the ITV duo's friendship lies in TATTERS with the pair no longer speaking to each other when the cameras stop rolling https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-12080691/EXCLUSIVE-15-years-Holly-Willoughby-cuts-ties-host-Phillip-Schofield.html
>>5286 Pls respond
>>5338 It just made me legitimately insane. I was on the highest possible dose (120mg iirc) and the withdrawals were fast and horrendous. I had to pick it up weekly but was too depressed to consistently pick it up - missing doses would give horrendously painful brain zaps and I would often sleep for 20+ hours. I remember completely losing contact with reality after missing it for three days and thinking I had to jump off a 43 story building in order to reset the universe so that I could control it - I was pretty mentally unwell at the time granted, but I only experienced frank psychosis of this sort while on venlafaxine, and I felt way better after I finally tapered off (which took several months). My memory is admittedly hazy from that time, but from what I do recall it made me drastically worse, not better.
>got a hire car from the insurance company >same make, model and colour as mine >bit low on petrol >fill it all the way up >£80 >realize immediately after paying that this isn't my car and I just filled the tank of a car I'm not going to have in in 2 days time Drove round for 2 hours tonight to get some of my moneys worth.
Anyone got any recomendations for Joe Rogan podcasts? I'm going insane with how much I'm hating work right now and he is the only thing stopping me flying off the handle. Currently listened to - Mike Tyson - Terrible. He is actually fucking retarded. Edward Snowden - Pretty good Miley Cyrus - Surpisingly good Brian Cox - Alright Kelly Slater - Incredibly good Snoop Dogg - Good to start off with but got a bit bored after realizing he is a boring person.
>>5341 dude weed lmao
>>5342 That's Seth Rogen
>>5339 I know you were completely delusional, but how did you come to the conclusion that you had to jump off a building to reset the universe? Did it just pop into your head of was there some sort of influence?
>>5344 I slept for around 20 hours and had a series of dreams surrounding the universe being a series of cycles of destruction or rebirth in which the key to becoming god was uncovering your memories from the prior universal cycle and performing a specific set of actions at the end of the universe in order to rise to diety status for the next cycle. It was a pretty cool dream, but upon waking up I was so utterly fried that I simply thought I had recieved divine revelation. Fortunately for me, I decided to try topping up on the venlafaxine and seeing whether or not I still believed this to be true after I had redosed - a few hours after taking it I realised I was just insane and decided not to bother with any sort of building jumping escapades.
>>5345 How does it feel walking up after 20 hours.
The deep ocean is a vast and scary place, lads. I suggest you avoid it.
>>5346 Like waking up normally but also your limbs are exceptionally heavy, your mouth is really dry and you really need to take a piss. My sleep record is actually 42 hours, pretty sure that technically qualifies as a coma, though. >>5347 spook yourself watching deep sea diving videos lad?
>>5348 I watched a video of a man surfing on a 100ft wave. He looked like a tiny little spec as this behemoth rises out the water. It got me thinking about life and the ocean.
Happy Saint Dunstan's day to any London men reading this Remember to keep a pair of tongs nearby in case old shuck comes knocking
>>5351 Happy Saint Dunstan's Day lad
if you hate britain if you hate england if you hate the celts if you hate us than have a fucking go i will smash any Fenian EU bastard who wants a fair go meet me in any london borough and you'll get your fucking skull caved in UK TIL I DIE
begging for a scrap i hate living in this shit century and ill kill and die for my fathers honour - the union jack
>>5349 This man is trying to keep the secrets of the deep to himself. I suggest you all disregard his advice.
>go to 4chan for first time in a while >Browse /ck/ >decide to refresh the page and have a second browse >hmm, that's odd the page didn't seem to refresh properly >realize that it did refresh, it's just dead
I would eat holly willoughbys fanny like its beans on toast
Open file (206.53 KB 692x1100 1650491670818.jpg)
Open file (956.56 KB 976x549 ClipboardImage.png)
/are pm/ When were you when based Rishy represented us proudly on the world stage?
>>5359 bunch of coolies, as my old gaffer would say
It's my birthday today. Spent the afternoon at the vets paying for my dog to get induced vomiting after she ate my entire birthday chocolate cake.
>>5361 Happy birthday, it's my birthday too. >Spent the afternoon at the vets paying for my dog to get induced vomiting after she ate my entire birthday chocolate cake. Hope you got more cake and she's alright.
>>5362 Happy birthday to you too. She's fine, managed to get her there pretty quickly after she ate it >tfw paid £170 for my dog to vomit Cake has been replaced and partially eaten.
Coming to Japan was the best decision of my life.
>>5361 Happy birthday lad. Your dog's lucky to have you. How old now? >tfw turned 29 last month >tfw actually enjoying life more as I age
>>5365 I am also 29 years old. I think I'm lucky to have her, she's the nicest and prettiest dog ever. So am I, people treat you with a lot more respect. It's weird when you're getting your car fixed and the staff aren't treating you with contempt for no reason and instead they're just polite. I remember when I was doing my theory test and the old guy working there was speaking to everyone like he was a PE teacher, it was so rude. There's no way that would happen now.
>>5361 A bit late but wish you a happy birthday britbro. Hope the doggo is alright.
>>5367 Thanks, mate She's fine
greetings from britfeel, i hate women so much its unreal
I've got 6 dates lined up over the weekend. Will report back on Monday.
Got some chips and Kiev's in the oven. Will report back tonight.
I am in heaven lads. Finished uni a few days ago and the relaxation has finally started to kick in. My anaemia has been easing up too and I was able to spend a few hours walking around in the countryside, and now I’m drinking tea and reading William Blake. Absolute bliss. >>5361 >>5362 Happy birthday, lads. >>5370 Are you having digestive problems or something? Feel better soon
>>5371 Update. It was alright. >>5372 Good job. Why would your anaemia prevent you walking round the countryside?
Anyone sometimes spend time in your bedroom rather than the living room due to the familiarity? I do it a lot even though I'm living with my parents anymore. I've been thinking about getting a TV for the bedroom.
>>5373 >Good job. cheers lad >Why would your anaemia prevent you walking round the countryside? when it's strong i get very light headed from even minor exertions
>>5374 My parents split up when I was 18 and my dad moved out. My mum finally moved in with her new man back in 2019 and I took over the upkeep of the house, then I finally bought it off my mum in December 2021. Pretty much my entire adult life, I've spent almost all my time at home in my old bedroom (we converted the loft in 2006 and I moved my bed up there then used my old bedroom as a gaming room). Even though I own the place and live here myself, I still just spend all my time in the gaming room. The Living room is pretty much just gathering dust.
>>5376 Do you think it is possible to make a living room as comfy as a bedroom whilst still making it look presentable? Do you have any desire to use your living room to its full potential? I feel like it could be a comfy room but the bedroom feels comfier.
>>5374 No, now that I'm not confined to my bedroom, I try and keep it for mainly sleeping.
>>5377 I personally just keep it presentable in the unlikely event that I ever have visitors. Maybe if I had a wife/girlfriend it'd be worth trying to make it comfy but for the foreseeable future it shall remain a dormant space.
>>5378 Which room do you wank in?
Struggling to cope in this blistering heat. Don't think I've ever had sunburn so early on in the year before. It feels like August.
I'm so physically inflexible I think it's a health risk. Never mind touching my toes, I struggle to touch my knees.
>>5382 That's horrendous.
Just had SEX with yet another new girl. It's so easy lads. How has it taken me 29 years to realize?
>>5383 how do I fix it? I need help.
>>5384 >It's so easy lads. How has it taken me 29 years to realize? You're forgetting all the personal development you did to get to this point. In your past self's shoes, it wasn't so easy, otherwise you would have "just done it" like you can do today.
>>5385 Walk for more than 5 minutes at least once a week.
>>5384 Im 23 and have never had sex. What's your secret?
Open file (6.35 KB 249x224 JUST.jpg)
back in the spring of 2020 i started a diary and I stopped writing in it around september 2022. I just made my first entry in 9 months. Went to go look at the early entrys and came across my entries when my dog was being put down. All those feels have hit me again.
>>5381 Easter 2020 was much hotter I recall having a sunburned scalp in April of all things. I shaved my head with no guard on my clippers as it was lockdown and I made a serious error while drunk attempting to cut my own hair.
>>5372 >I am in heaven lads. Finished uni a few days ago and the relaxation has finally started to kick in. My anaemia has been easing up too and I was able to spend a few hours walking around in the countryside, and now I’m drinking tea and reading William Blake Jolly good. Looking at my old diary entries when I was doing my final exams during the lockdown of 2020 brought it all back. I am still at university but only on a part time basis funded by my employer, its not the same as full time. I hope you enjoyed your days and wish you the most fortuitous luck in the future in finding gainful employment.
>>5386 This is true to a degree since I've been committed to self-improvement for the last 5 years. >otherwise you would have "just done it" like you can do today. This isn't true. It was only recently that I found the video that inspired me to give this a try in the first place. It was a guy approaching around Osaka and taking nothing but rejections for 20 minutes straight. It was eye-opening, because any PUA-type stuff I'd encountered before always showed "Chads" getting nothing but positive responses and contact exchanges. Watching these videos always left me demoralised with a sour taste in my mouth due to the feeling that I could never be as witty, good-looking, or charismatic as them. Knowing what I know now, these "Chads" were cherry-picking their clips and leaving out vast swathes of rejections to present a false image to the world, which is in fact incredibly beta and needy. The reality of approaching girls is that most will reject you no matter who you are or what you say. >>5388 Mass cold approaches. Take them to a nearby coffee shop if they're receptive and not doing anything. Settle for the contact exchange if they reject. Arrange dates with girls you exchanged with. Invite them to watch a film at yours while out on dates. If they accept, it's rumpy pumpy most of the time. That's it. Rejections are the norm at all stages of the process. It's not a repudiation of you, so just accept it and keep going.
Open file (116.02 KB 460x523 1685238954541812.jpg)
Cast him
Open file (157.69 KB 828x766 image.jpg)
>Be a 10/10 in Bongland >Some old racist bat is trying to run you off the sidewalk in her 2-wheeled assault style death machine >Use your words to inform her you don't want to die >The old bat commits suicide right in front of you >You get 3 years in jail
Open file (361.11 KB 1920x1694 chenlean.png)
Any of you lads know a way to circumvent paywalls on news websites? I want to read an article on the Economist, but I don't really check in on it enough to justify paying >>5392 >these "Chads" were cherry-picking their clips and leaving out vast swathes of rejections to present a false image to the world I distinctly remember trying to tell people on /r9k/ this years ago only for nobody to ever listen to me, normies don't really attach the apocalyptic significance to rejection that robots historically did which is what enables the former to operate properly in society >>5391 Cheers mate. I've still been on survival mode these past few days, it's like my body hasn't fully processed that things are over for the year, going to work on some personal projects around the house, go for another walk and catch up on my reading to take the edge off things. Maybe a nice bath too.
Open file (22.39 KB 474x315 Brown.jpg)
Has there ever been a better singer?
>>5395 >the apocalyptic significance to rejection I've long since come to terms with the fact that I'll never be able to change this about myself. I'm not bitter about it, just sad.
Open file (325.86 KB 580x580 1445619001587.png)
>>5397 Why do you think that is lad? From most of my own experiences and observations, people tend to struggle with this thing chiefly because they have an insecure sense of self in one way or another, perhaps they dislike themselves in some fundamental way and thus view the rejection as external confirmation of that internal reality, for example. It's certainly something that can be changed, albeit not easily, I'd encourage you not to give up on yourself and to keep trying your best!
>>5393 Harry Crackhead lol
>>5398 For me it was a mixture between social anxiety and not wanting my insecurities reinforced. I used to have no idea if I was good looking or not. My choices were to either remain comfortable, I might be good looking but if I stay in my comfort zone I don't have to find out, or step massively out of my comfort zone, get rejected and then achieve nothing but knowing I'm unattractive. It was a bit of a vanity thing obviously
>>5397 >I'll never be able to change this about myself Wrong. I used to think I was hopeless too. That said, this isn't something that can be solved intellectually. You actually have to go out and incur rejections, repeatedly. It's about training your subconscious to realise it's literally nothing, and it isn't about you. They're either receptive or they're not, and there's nothing you can do to alter that. Forget about all the youtube PUA cucks with their needy contrivances and cringey forced techniques. Just say hi, tell them they're cute, and wing it from there. They're either receptive or they're not, and there's nothing you can do to change that. Do not change your behaviour for a woman. Every time you say hi, you win. Once more: rejection is normal and healthy. A year ago I wouldn't have approached a single girl if you paid me, despite very much wanting to, because the prospect was terrifying, and my ego was attached to the result. Now, on a big day, I'll take 300+ total rejections. Sometimes up to 30 in a row. It will be incredibly uncomfortable at first, and you'll experience a high level of tension. But then, you'll stop caring. Eventually, you'll even begin to enjoy it. I'm rooting for you lad.
>>5401 >You actually have to go out and incur rejections, repeatedly Yeah that's not happening.
>>5392 That's great advice, top man. >>5395 Some rest and relaxation is definitely in order. Take a good month to unwind then get yourself work experience or an apprenticeship or a graduate entry roll.
Open file (52.04 KB 368x640 stock mill.jpg)
Oh Protestant brethren of high and low station, Who dwell in this wonderful nation of ours; I beg pray attention whilst briefly I mention The Thrasher's intention on Patricks Day!
>be me >approaching insta-station in osaka >been out for a few hours, hundreds of rejections,1 instadate and 20+ contact exchanges at this point >very fired up, good momentum, bouncing off the endless human wave and taking one rejection after the other >turn a corner, approach the next cute girl i see >she's receptive >pretty standard conversation - tell her she's cute, ask her what she's doing, where she lives, tell her a little about myself >we're about to exchange LINEs (japanese whatsapp basically) when he appears >some porky ponytailed yank neckbeard butts in out of nowhere and starts talking to her >"are you okay? is he bothering you?" >she's visibly confused >look him directly in the eye with what was probably a semi-murderous glare: "we're okay. are you okay?" >"i saw you bothering all the women and i'm not sure what's going on?" >"okay. so we're all okay then. thank you." >turn my back to him and motion for the girl to come with me into the corner because his weird energy is clearly making her uncomfortable >say to her "この日と怪しいね" (this guy's suspicious, huh) >she agrees >he pulls his phone out and starts recording us as we exchange contacts >"この人から逃げたほうがいいね" (we should escape from this guy) >she laughs and agrees. i say bye and walk off, completely ignoring him >10 minutes later, see Mr. Porky advancing towards me accompanied by a policeman as i'm approaching >cold approach the copper >he asks what i'm doing >tell him exactly what i'm doing and explain i know it's not illegal, list the names of the laws i know for a fact i'm not breaking (i researched it) >he tells me he knows it's not illegal, but i can't do it in the station >have a hunch this is bollocks but didn't know for sure at the time and didn't wanna stand arguing with him >accept he's just doing his job (japanese police are really polite, this guy was too so no hard feelings towards the bloke) >agree to leave as i thank him and say have a nice day >walk away, completely ignoring Mr. Porky >get the train to the next station and approach for another 3 hours, 20+ contacts That's it.
>>5405 Do you actually do anything but approach women? I'm not having a go, im honestly just wondering if you do anything else with your free time.
>>5405 Tbf lad you do sound like a bit of a public nuisance. >>5406 Rude! He also posts on imageboards about his approaching of women.
>>5406 This is just a side-hobby mate. I spend most of my time translating manga and interpreting.
>>5409 I thought that was your job
>cold approach the copper did you get his number?
>>5411 joke: RUINED >>5405
I have tanned for the first time ever.
>>5412 *belches at you* What now?
It feels so good to not be rushed for time and to be able to cook my own meals again lads. I had unironically ordered ch*nese "food" twice while I was finishing uni for the year, sickening really. Thinkiing about learning to make lasagna from scratch, but I'm not sure I want to pay for a pasta machine, so I might just do the sauces. >>5413 How is that possible? Did your dormant egyptian pharaoh DNA activate well into your twenties or something? >>5414 *pushes u* I SAID BACK THE FUCK OFF!!??!
>>5415 Probably because as a boy I used to get slathered in factor 50, after that I was a bit of a recluse and the past several years I haven't really engaged in outdoor activities until recently. Lasagna isn't that difficult to make if you can easily make a Bolognese sauce.
>>5416 yeah it's pretty simple outside of the pasta which I've never tried before, you can get kind of autistic about the bechamel sauce too which is fun, although in a lasagne there's only so much point in going hard with it.
>>5417 Can you? Bechamel seems fairly straightforward
Open file (309.28 KB 634x559 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (22.26 KB 400x400 771.jpg)
>>5420 >immigration at its highest levels ever >economy in tatters >Boris under fire for incriminating WhatsApp messages >"Release ze Schofield files"
Wish I were in Nippon visiting locations from the Sea of Fertility novels and chasing cunny with translator lad tbvfhw/ul.
Went into the countryside with my dog today. Could feel the sun stinging my skin, the weather was fantastic. I found a spot shade by some trees near a river where I enjoyed a white monster, tuna sandwich and a pepperami stick. After that I just lay down and enjoyed the weather whilst my dog tried to bite the river before she got tired and lay in the shade with me.
Open file (135.04 KB 304x339 ClipboardImage.png)
Holly Willoughby breaks her silence as she returns to This Morning following Phillip Schofield exit Have you felt shaken, troubled, and let down lads? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUp5Lof_6WU
>>5425 I don't give a FUCK about Phillip or Holly or any of these overpaid nonces
You guys remember this gem of a moment? I saw it on the big screen. I was laughing so hard I pissed myself. Truly the pinnacle of cinema.
Feels so good Cool Britannia
>>5405 godspeed you magnificent bastard
>be me >last sunday >date with lass i approached the other week >meet her at the train station 30 seconds from my apartment >walk to the maccies 5 minutes away >order an iced tea >she orders a diet coke and fries >sit upstairs, make beta small talk for 10 mins until her order arrives (it was packed) >make more beta small talk until her fries are all gone, started eating them myself because she was taking too long >say let's go for a walk, it's been maybe 20 mins at this point >get onto the topic of films >ask if she wants to come watch one at mine >she agrees >get back, set up top gun on netflix >sit down on the couch and tell her to come sit with me >pull her in, she giggles >start squeezing her calf (love a nice meaty calf), she giggles >start moving up her leg, she's obviously receptive You know the rest lads. I was her first in 10 years and her second ever. I've never been with a virgin but I imagine it must be something like that, very difficult at first. 31. Very cute face, slightly chubby. Very feminine and submissive. I liked her personality. Seeing her again at the weekend. That's it.
>>5430 Is this the first second date you've had in Japan? Who knows, there could even be a fourth and fifth. Could this be the end of the Subway Menace?
>>5430 >Seeing her again at the weekend. That's it. gg lad >>5431 > Could this be the end of the Subway Menace? kek'd ngl
trading conquest story's ehe?? heres mine: >... have never fornicated
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a51Cfyn9X2s dont need a girlfriend or sex when you have Mary Jane
>>5433 eh? Why not lad? It's 2023 after all.
>>5436 not for want of effort mind
>>5431 No. I'm going for conveyor belt sushi with my second gf next week.
>>5437 You're not trying hard enough.
Open file (183.05 KB 800x839 rotten pumpkin.jpg)
>>5439 fugg :DD
>>5438 So you have a girlfriend and you're seeing other girls?
>>5442 Trivial things like monogamy will NOT hold back the frequently fornicating fiend.
>>5442 No, I have two girlfriends.
Music Lad - what are your thoughts on James Brown. I've been listening to him obsessively lately. https://youtu.be/RQmqcaS5LIM
>>5445 One of the greats, music wouldn't have been the same without him.
>>5446 He has an enormously large discography. Can you recommend some of his lesser known work?

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