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mfw I don't know what to feel about Rishi Sunak being British PM Anonymous 10/31/2022 (Mon) 01:02:09 No.4826
>what I like about him: first non-white British PM >what I dislike about him: he wasn't elected in a general election >I don't know what to feel about him being the first billionaire PM and him having been part of the partygate cabinet tho (/▽\) >so mfw: https://youtu.be/Sl-S8ufY8uo
Hes a dumb paki bankster
I don't like him not only because he is a Paki, but also because, as OP stated, he is filthy fucking rich in a time where more people than ever are starting to realise how fucked their finances are going to become within the next year or 2. We need a PM who are for the people. But I feel as if that is never going to happen. >Fuck the conservatards, Labour, Greens, Lib Dems and SNP
You will never have a politician who actually cares about the people, anon. Ron Paul was the last one in America that actually cared and wanted to improve things, and any American alive and old enough remembers how unjust the satanic media dealt with him, almost a complete blackout on coverage of Dr. Paul and the media's stooge "moderators" even trying to skip over him during debates until the crowd booed them. Everyone else and everywhere else, it's the same thing all over. They're all deep state/ illuminati/ masons/ talmudists/ etc/ etc/ etc. whatever you want to call them, they're all blackmailed with videos of them raping and murdering children or they're bought off or they've been threatened into submission. What few seemingly attractive politicians out there are just better at the swindle. Even Ron Paul's own son is an apple fallen far from the tree. I don't have it, but there was a picture of a news article, forget what it was even about, pretty sure they were shining some light on the hellishly corrupt banking industry that enslaves the world. It didn't even take a full week for the editor's entire family to be murdered and then the original article to be wiped. These people are evil and they murder people all the time. They aren't going to let anyone who would stand against them into any position of influence and power, even if it's just a for-show office like most political offices really are today.
>>4895 This lad gets it. The Globohomo Big-Tech/Gov is unspeakably evil in most respects. They work for their father Satan, and are actually bent on destroying mankind just like he is.

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