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Open file (91.72 KB 610x374 bg.png)
Anonymous 09/08/2022 (Thu) 18:04:02 No.4557
General 119 - 8th September 2022
Open file (2.51 MB 642x720 Get down on it!.webm)
I can't believe Truss killed her lads...
Remember back in the day whenever someone made a new thread they would link the thread several times and announce there is a new thread in big letters. The lack of effort in announcing this thread was pitiful.
>>4562 It really was. Thank goodness someone else stepped up
>>4562 What, were you going to miss it in the flurry of activity that is this board? I've made the last two generals and that goes back to June last year. We've become a shell, a shell of our former selves. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go finish my wank (probably JAV milf stuff)
>>4565 Maybe if you put more effort into making new threads, things would improve round here.
Not a fan of the royals. Not a fan of the queen especially. Nothing said about the girls in Rotherham/Telford/Wigan etc. Knighted that parasite Blair. Was onside fully with diversity and watched it being enforced on her people. Even had a Rothschild as her banker. While her people struggled with the cost of living, with black on White crime increasing, while our government is chucking money at Ukraine, while statues were coming down and street names were being changed, while the police knew about EVERY islamic terrorist in recent years, while 1000s of White girls were raped by brown men, while trans ideology is being pushed in schools onto children, while people swarm across the channel, while her son was (probably) fucking kids on Epsteins island, she said and did absolutely nothing. She's not one of us, and she didnt stop those who work against us.
Alright lads? Had a really sad dream last night that the Queen had died suddently.
>>4565 I almost ignored it because "new general" is so vague, and by only linking it once it appeared at a glance you were replying to an existing post in the thread. I'm sorry but you'll have to step your game up.
The price of gas and energy is fucked. Never seen anything like it before. This winter is going to he interesting.
Didn't know where else to post this, endchan is down currently and this seems to be the most relevant place on anon.cafe. I'm not a Qtard, but it is claimed that the Queen died 1776 days after the first Q post. I can't verify these claims as being true or not, can anyone verify, does anyone have more info on this?
Open file (5.23 KB 850x156 1776.png)
>>4572 If the first post was on 28/10/2017 as wikipedia claims, then yeah; yesterday was exactly 1776 days later.
>>4573 1776 is the year the US declared independence. I hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist but how likely is it that these would coincide? If it wasn't a coincidence do you think she was killed deliberately or did they manage to calculate it somehow if they had enough data on her?
>>4574 >how likely is it that these would coincide? Likely enough that it happened I suppose. She was old as fuck and been obviously in ill health for a while, I don't think there was any foul play or Q bollocks.
good point!
>>4572 >Q "Hillary Clinton will be arrested" anon Q was disproved within the first few weeks of the glownigger psyop starting. The only use Qanon has is to make those who would actually do something about Clownworld sit on their hands and wait for their cult savior 'Q' to save them. >Able to choose King Arthur unironically >WEF twat chooses cursed King Charles instead oh-shit-its-actually-happening.jpg Everyone knew when the Queen dies it's kick off. >>4571 >The price of gas and energy is fucked. >This winter is going to he interesting. Wouldn't be surprised if people start roasting those that implemented the polices that caused it, to be honest. I suppose it would keep them warm at least. If the downie PM keeps speaking like she did as foreign minister we'll keep warm from radiation by nukes in WWIII instead. Any way you look at it, we're proper fucked.
Posting from Japan. I made it lads.
>>4580 I'll take a can of 'BOSS rainbow mountain blend' please ta.
I urge you all to look at the moon right now, it's brighter than I've ever seen. There's also a very bright star about 14 moons to the right of it.
>>4582 Can't see it from either side of my house I'm afraid.
>>4583 Walk further. You do not want to miss out on this.
Any DIY lads? Currently tiling my kitchen. The area was already covered in two layers of glossy paint so trying to remove that has been a big pain.
>>4597 DIY lad reporting in, never done tiling though.
miss what?
>>4599 The moon.
>>4598 Whats the biggest project you've done? I've never tiled a full wall before. I've replaced plenty tiles so I'm confident it will be easy enough.
>>4601 Depends what you define as DIY. Regarding the house, the longest project was probably when me and my dad redecorated my bedroom from the ground up over the course of about 5-6 days, but if you count electronics/soldering then I once built a TR-808 clone over the course of 2 months. Other than that it's mostly just been the usual odd jobs; putting up shelves/pictures/etc., replacing light fittings/switches, replacing sink taps/valves, replacing door handles, replacing mains sockets, repairing dodgy wires, etc. There's always something that needs doing.
I can't believe kiwifarms has gone.
>>4603 Bit late lad, it's already back.
>>4604 Oh, fair enough.
Anyone had a look at Asda's new cheap range? 16 pennies for a tin of spaghetti hoops.
>>4606 16p at Aldi as well, but their tin is allegedly 410g vs Asda's 395g.
>>4606 >16 pennies for a tin of spaghetti hoops > cheap it used to be 8p fucking price gouging bastards
anyone queued up to visit the bricks in an empty box* with fake cherry on top? did you piss yourself in the queue? *for security reasons of course
Lifeguards are the biggest jobsworth twats in the country.
>>4609 No, shan't be watching the funeral either. Its boring, simple as.
Its getting chilly, isn't it? I was tempted to put the heating on yesterday but I'm trying to hold off until winter.
>>4612 get a blanket on lad
Gas bill went from £34 a month to £72 with no warning.
a woolly blanket more like!
Open file (39.51 KB 700x400 brit-bunker.png)
>>4612 >I was tempted to put the heating on yesterday I'm tempted to leave it off all winter out of spite. Nads might drop off but whatever, not using them anyway and traps are in fashion. >>4611 >No, shan't be watching the funeral either Better off spending the day in a bunker just in case lad. Everyone who wants to off Putin is in the same place at the same time. If Putin isn't a larper on the WEF payroll Londonistan at minimum will be getting the "Great nuke Reset" treatment. >>4614 >Gas bill went from £34 a month to £72 with no warning. >Go restaurant and eat >Waiter brings bill £34 >Pay £34 and leave >Go same restaurant next day and eat same meal >Waiter brings bill £72 >What is being scammed?
>>4616 Unfortunately it's not just a comfort thing. Keeping the heating on over winter prevents damp. I'm definitely going to be very frugal this winter with the heating though.
What's the most disturbing thing you've ever seen on the Internet?
>>4618 reading about barrel girl
How can I pirate a recent version of MS Office?
>>4616 >>4617 if you don't use a desktop, bring lappy into bed with you and trap the heat from that.
>>4620 i don't think you can very easily these days without catching a virus as well. there are plenty of alternatives that can save in docx format. is there something you can't do with the online versions of office? i have been paying for it because i'm a wagie.
>>4620 If you have to ask, it's probably best you don't. There are a lot of third-world wankers injecting very well-hidden cryptominers (and more) into pirated software these days, and they massively bloat up the seeder counts on their torrents and make tons of fake comments on torrent sites to make themselves look "legit" and the real releases sound like they're compromised. So unless you're already savvy enough to know where to look, spot the red flags, and deal with any issues that may arise on your own, I can't recommend pirating anything that requires running an executable.
>>4623 Please, as someone possessing the required savvy to find what it is I'm looking for, post a link.
Open file (4.19 MB 450x450 continum.gif)
Hi Britfrens, how are you all ? Just a gentle salutation form notabrit, comfy place, will visit from time to time. Have a good day anon.
>>4620 Doesnt answer your question but I'd point you in the direction of the alternatives to office (e.g. not Mikerowestoft but still capable of editing .docx) Such as LibreOffice, OpenOffice I myself have torrented the windows office in the past, you basically need to get a cracked version with a Key Generator. I have torrented programs in my time and I have had viruses in my time. Part and parcel with being a freeloader I suppose.
>>4618 the SINGLE most disturbing thing has probably been the old "offended" page on encyclopedia dramatica The general most disturbing thing has been watching and seeing hundreds of thousands of porn pictures and videos, knowing that every woman of every age and race and the ugliest/cutest have all engaged in or would be willing to engage in the most depraved fetishistic abuse that would make their grandparents change their minds about ever having kids if they knew what granddaughter was getting up to in the hotel room and what was going into her orifices with the 40 year old jewish guy behind the camera filming everything... that has disturbed my soul and is the only thing about the internet I regret coming across (no pun intended)
>>4572 >>4573 >>4574 >>4575 Qanon turned out to be the old owner of 8chan, I doubt he killed the Queen
>>4619 People have posted worse things in our threads.
How long do you think it will be before ISPs and DDOS mitigation service providers are banned from supporting websites with "hate and violent content" and the Internet as you know it is gone forever besides what scraps you could archive on your own hardware?
>>4616 >If Putin isn't a larper on the WEF payroll Londonistan at minimum will be getting the "Great nuke Reset" treatment. >Putin confirmed for WEF larper Glad that's cleared up
>>4628 Qanon was a US government op run by a jew named Ezra Cohen-Watnick. That retarded SEA sex tourist and his hapa son just claimed credit for it to bilk money from the Q cultists who used their site.
Open file (370.07 KB 883x877 nUKed.png)
>>4616 >>4631 Turns out Liz Truss has a Russian cousin also keen on WW3. Pic related. Do you think she'd send over an AK if requested? Down in Leicester at the weekend and might need protection. Apparently there's a race war in full swing. At least there's a silver lining: everyone is realizing just how shit the news on the telly is for ignoring it since last month.
>>4618 I mentioned it on 8chan britfeel back in the day shortly after I saw it. I won't repeat it here but it involved animal abuse and it seriously fucked me up. Worst thing I have ever seen and hope it remains the worst thing I ever see.
Just a reminder that the police are useless, the leicster police had to call in reinforcements from other counties to deal with a relatively small mob of muslim youths, the police in london had to call in reinforcements from the home counties to control the masses over the queens funeral period. IF a co-ordinated uprising took place it would only need about 20,000 people out of a population of 70 million up and down the country to kick off for several days in a row for the entire policeforces across the nation to be overwhelmed. Another fun reminder is that there are more muslims in britain than welsh people, that wasnt true 30 years ago and in 30 years time the number of muslims in britain will be double the number of welsh people and in 50-60 years time that will be triple.
>>4618 A story about a guy skull-fucking dead street-dogs. Not the worst, but one of them. Most of the worst are in the same spot. You'll see worse on pretty much any shitty tor imageboard.
>>4634 Does animal abuse typically upset you more than regular violence?
Hello. What's the best free video editing software? Thank you.
>>4639 I would say Shotcut.
Open file (629.56 KB 634x834 ClipboardImage.png)
'I felt I couldn't carry on': Rylan Clark reveals he tried to end his own life after marriage breakdown and admits he CHEATED on ex-husband Dan >The TV star, 33, has told in his new book that he felt he 'couldn't carry on anymore' after his ex-husband Dan Neal left him >Rylan revealed that he had been unfaithful to his now former partner 'years ago' but that once he came clean him Dan told him their relationship was over >In his new book he writes of his mental health breakdown after the split: 'For the first time in my 32 years, I felt I couldn't carry on no more' https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11238793/Rylan-Clark-reveals-tried-end-life-marriage-breakdown.html
>>4641 >sodomites are news gtfo
Open file (732.99 KB 607x1080 ifonlyyouknewpupperino.png)
>>4634 >I won't repeat it here but it involved animal abuse and it seriously fucked me up. we all were. at least she was arrested a few days after we went full autismo on that sick bitch
Open file (119.78 KB 720x982 charlesIII-reign.jpg)
>>4571 >A King Charles on throne again >Charles I and Charles II absolute shitshows of instability Looks like third times a charm lads. The Troubles are back on the menu according to Sky. Now we can choose between a) die for zog in Jewkraine b) die from the IRA down the pub c) freeze to death at home so Liz "I worked for Shell, and BP funded my leadership campaign" Truss can make her mates richer. d) turn into irradiated ash in WW3 It can't stop getting better can it?
I remember when someone here posted a video of some guy with his face and hands cut off flailing around on the floor. That's quite peak fucked up, I can't imagine there's much worse than that.
>>4642 /britfeel/ is pro-Rylan. anti-Clarkites OUT
>>4641 rylan is what happens when deano turns gay
>>4644 I choose option (b)
>>4635 >IF a co-ordinated uprising took place it would only need about 20,000 people out of a population of 70 million up and down the country to kick off for several days in a row for the entire policeforces across the nation to be overwhelmed. >several days Don't be so over optimistic. Hours lad. If such a thing happened you can guarantee that 20,000 would be pig hunting first, before kicking off. Which is why I avoid blue pigs, not because they're ACAB, friends of Wayne 'Rapist' Couzens, or zogbots, I simply don't want to be collateral damage if I'm standing near them when some mad cunts come looking for them. Speaking of which, glad I'm not rich either. That budget though! WTF?! Truss's side-dick put a large neon sign on every rich persons back - "Hey poor people! Kill me and take my shit!". WTF was he thin...oh yeah, he wouldn't think would he? He's too busy cucking her hubby.
Anyone got any good space sci-fi films to recommend?
>>4649 Saw in the news an undercover journalist infiltrating the climate protestors got a quote from the organiser of said protests that members of the judiciary and courts service told him that 3000+ arrests would be unmanageable for the courts. So even if the police were capable of carrying out mass arrests, theres not enough capacity to process. This country is teetering over the precipice.
>>4650 I don't but I wish there was a film from the 60s that used Joe Meek's revolutionary homemade concept album for the soundtrack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=movOhJilbac
>>4571 >>4651 >This country is teetering over the precipice. Don't be so over optimistic. We're in free-fall lad. >quiet guy comes up from the south and has a few pints with his mates >only ever overheard him mutter stuff like "is wot it is innit?" and "oh well" >half way through his second >from nowhere blurts out >"Fought my munny wuz safe in da bank innit? Fakkin nigger stole it! Cleaned me out! Kwasikunt!" >he didn't even bother looking around to see who was in >his mates looking around hoping there's no darkies in >there wasn't >lucky for them the barmaid was the only one in and she was elsewhere when it happened >she's been blacked and would have barred them all for that outburst at minimum The PM is an ex-Shell energy company employee gifting £60bn initially to her ex-employers. The chancellor is an ex-Odey asset management advisor whose budget increased the value of his ex-employers hedge fund by 145% (=hundreds of millions £). Like I said - we're not at the precipice, we're over the edge in free-fall lad. Free-fall.
>>4653 >whose budget increased the value of his ex-employers hedge fund by 145% https://www.reuters.com/business/finance/odeys-hedge-fund-soars-145-bets-against-uk-bonds-sources-2022-09-22/ Seems its across the year, but still. It's not pocket change sums of overt corruption is it? Chancellor & PM must be Putin's inside job. They make bank robbers look like unambitious under achievers.
>>4650 The Slient Running
Open file (8.65 KB 474x266 1623635633744.jpg)
>>4654 >Chancellor & PM must be Putin's inside job
>>4656 >doesn't yet know his precious Liz will be relaxing immigration rules to assist the ongoing invasion kek >b Chancellor & PM fuck buddy team >implement sanctions on Russia >sanctions benefit Russia more than you >incompetence or malicious intent completely ignored by faggot /britfeel/ poster posting his homo fantasy pics >Ruble has best year since ever >UK economy trashed >Brits buying sleeping bags to keep warm AT HOME >more concerned with security of foreign country than the ongoing invasion into UK >overt insider trading shorting sterling >already shoveled billions of GBP into your mates pockets You're probably correct. They wouldn't be Putin's agents. They'd do far less damage to the UK if they were.
Open file (61.56 KB 204x326 yank spray.png)
Do you think it is okay to wash the dishes with shower gel? Assuming they haven't touched raw meat or anything.
>>4659 Prolly depends on the shower gel, but I wouldn't. They put all kind of stuff in there that isn't supposed to be ingested. 's why it always says "for external use only".
>>4660 To be fair, fairy liquid and finish tablets aren't exactly edible either.
>>4657 Yes, Vladolf Putler is the puppet master and you have successfully uncovered his master plan.
>>4653 >>4654 >>4657 Every election cycle I hope and pray that people will have stopped voting for the Tory party, and every time I am disappointed as the inevitable happens. Not that I like many of the other parties, but no party has so blatantly lied and filled its own pockets like the Tory party. The saddest thing is their most die-hard voters are the ones who have been the most fucked sideways. I don't even blame the Tory politicians anymore, they dont vote themselves into power. Other people vote them in. Imagine you invite somebody around your house, and they steal some spare change. You invite them round the next day, and they steal some milk from the fridge. You invite them round the next day, and they lift your toaster. Suppose you kept inviting them round, because they said some nice things about your house and how they'd really look after you. Suppose they kept on stealing. Suppose your entire estate slowly withers away while they get richer. Past a certain point, it becomes your fault - and solely your moral responsibility - for your own ruin. Play silly games and get silly prizes. I just wish the collateral damage didn't include the demographic makeup of the country, the value of the £, the price of housing/heating/food/electricity etc. because all of those things affect me even though I'm actually clever enough to tell when a Tory politician is lying (hint - its when their lips start moving).
I will add further that the only labour government we ever got since the 1970s was a Tory-lite one by Tony Bliar, and if we get labour in power again it will be a Tory-lite one.
>>4664 Why didn't we listen to him?
>>4664 > if we get labour in power again >if >fiscal mismanagement >cronyism on steroids >un-elected quangos galore >plethora of economy trashing policies (from austerity, to lockdowns, to mini budgets) we already have a labour government lad >>4663 >blue labour >red tory those are your only choices lad, so stop engaging in extreme thinking by asking for more and enjoy the gruel that is served. It doesn't matter much after the announcement this Friday. >>4665 >Why didn't we listen to him? >modified DNA organism Why would we? It's not like it's human anymore is it lad? It chose to give up humanity by opting for experimental gene editing. Its modified DNA is now owned via a patent. The jab manufacturers did say. Should have read the small print and listened to them. No refunds.
>>4666 nice try satan
>>4666 >we already have a labour government lad kek it does feel like somebody else has already won and is laughing at us while the ship is sinking. Oh well. I know I'll be alright I suppose. Or not, will wait and see. But to quote Reggie - "my body is ready".
have you seen we're due for a "twindemic" this winter on top of all the other bullshit you better get you're god-damned double booster shots or you're not only going to murder grandma, you'll crash the economy as well.
>>4656 That's right lad! The downie PM that finished off our Queen, and now our Pound is totally on our side! Does you village know you're missing lad?
>>4670 >crash the economy as well. >you'll crash the economy if you don't take the jab Of course! "No jab, no job" means high unemployment if people don't take it....and it means we reach net zero (humans) faster if they do.
>>4671 take your meds
only 3 months left in the year. getting dark and cold now. sombre settings for a winter of discontent.
Accidentally agreed to go stay at a hot spring resort with my second gf when I was meant to be off to my first one's prefecture for the weekend. I don't think this is going to end well.
>tfw will realistically never see a total solar eclipse in the UK
>>4676 Too young to remember the 1999 one? You missed out lad.
Open file (1.94 MB 498x280 pc babies.gif)
>>4677 I was only a month old in August 1999
>>4675 You dirty dogs bollocks. Good on you.
>>4678 Get the fuck off this board.
>>4677 Yes, I would have only been 5. Perhaps I'll see the 2090 one.
Open file (4.21 KB 158x200 pepe-bee.gif)
>>4680 >he wont be alive for the 2090 one ngmi
>>4682 You'll be 91, so it's unlikely you will either.
>leave slowcooker on overnight >wake up to the smell of simmering beef stew
Open file (138.42 KB 1000x1270 Nati_Dreddd_Photo.jpg)
https://natidreddd.bandcamp.com https://soundcloud.com/natidreddd Anyone familiar with this lass? Nati Dreddd is an up and coming singer/songwriter from Scotland. She sings contemporary Folk Pop and Ballads that are not too far removed from the traditional. She recently made a stop in America and is on tour promoting her new tunes in UK and elsewhere. Samples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jF7nnvZIiz8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zIVwJFJD-4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrT9wjBkROo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wp6y1ap24HI
>>4685 Just sounds like run-of-the-mill acoustic covers of generic pop songs to me lad. Absolutely nondescript.
>>4685 "Nati Dredd" not listening based on that name alone lad
>>4685 alri natty dread
>>4684 >leave the poocooker on overnight >wake up to the smell of simmering beef poo
Open file (399.08 KB 500x375 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (189.79 KB 348x348 ClipboardImage.png)
Music lad, I'll be visiting this synth shop in Shibuya over the coming weeks (https://fiveg.net/?mode=f4)and I wondered if there was anything you wanted to see. I don't really know anything about synths myself but my brother's into them so I'm going to get some footage for him, and I remembered you're into that sort of thing as well. On that note, I'm in Tokyo for another month and a half if there's anything anybody else wants to see. I'll happily get the subway down somewhere if you lads post some requests/recommendations.
>>4690 Seeing as it's Japan, I'll have some vintage Roland, Korg, and Yamaha gear please lad, cheers.
>>4690 I dont have a particular request but to say good luck and have fun on your Japanese tour. I'd enjoy visiting Japan but truth be told im too poor and scared of foreign cultures.
im english and proud fuck the eu fuck immigrant cunts fuck the government and corrupt police when am i gonna get my fucking country back from these black muslim tranny bastards
>>4693 This but unironically.
How often do you look at the moon?
My energy bill this month was £210. I have a very small house, I haven't had the heating on and I'm quite frugal with power consumption. I'm not sure how this bill is calculated. My smart meter tells me I'm only using about £1.30 of gas and electricity per day.
>>4695 Once in a blue moon.
>>4696 >My smart meter ngmi
Open file (49.08 KB 416x345 jazz wojak pepe.jpg)
Without a dream in my heart without a love of my own
i like coco pops and you
You will not believe the price of kitchen roll.
bought bog roll at morrisons and its like bloody sandpaper
>its morally wrong to not raise benefits in line with inflation what about the moral wrong that a taxpayer should be forced to maintain the lifestyle of people who made bad life decisions?
I downloaded Cuphead and it is one of the most boring games I've ever played.
>>4703 I suppose because some people are on benefits for legitimate reasons after paying tax their whole life.
>>4704 It's a revival of the classic 80s and 90s run 'n' gun arcade shooter format, which isn't for everyone and is best played in short bursts.
>>4705 I put it to you that if they worked their whole lives and are still poor, thats bad life decisions
>>4706 The bosses just aren't fun. They're all just hold shoot and wait to jump or move.
>>4571 >>4707 >I put it to you that if they worked their whole lives and are still poor, thats bad life decisions Tell me you're programmer is a brainlet without telling me your programmer is a brainlet. >work whole life >build family business from scratch >government decides to shut off the economy with state enforced house arrest known as "lockdown" >businesses that supply you go under >your customers' businesses go under >you are forced to close >you are now poor >that's bad life decisions Why? Are you saying they should have engaged in aggressive lockdown prevention during the lockdown by going full Guido Fawkes mode? nevermind, it's not like your bot posting has any value There are people with such a low IQ - they not only think metered water is a good idea - they genuinely don't know why it is a fundamental symptom of a regressive society! I shit you not. These utter tools really do exist!
>>4709 you're ...&.. your (sic)
Open file (254.96 KB 735x541 ClipboardImage.png)
british royal visits northern irleand >ireland belongs to the irish african and muslim immigrants invade dublin and cork >*crickets chirping*
>>4709 imagine being alive during the 1980s, and not making at least £100k on the stock market poor life choices
>>4713 Imagine regularly buying bitcoin in 2015 and spending all of it.
This seems like a comfy community but there are some racist posters here which I'm not comfortable with. What's the board policy on racism?
>>4715 Generally ranges from "not arsed" to "PAKIS OUT". The board as a whole was very pro-UKIP and /pol/-aligned when it started, but it's also long been home to enthusiasts of black music (of the non-nigger variety) and anything Japanese/otaku related.
>>4715 Begone, nigger-lover.
>>4715 Its black history month, check your white priviledge and learn to be a better ally to POC. White males are becoming a minority in all industries apart from construction and plumbing and thats a good thing. I didnt just watch "Black Panther" I sat my white ass down and LISTENED. Rest In Peace George Floyd
My owld man's a dustman 'E wears a dustman's 'at And when he clocks the old bill comin' 'E runs out of the flat He makes leg bail and turns his tail Shoots right out of the back door He says "fuck that! im not going back to the old broadmoor"
>>4720 I don't remember the song going quite like that.
Costco pizza is quite good.
Going through Tokyo in Google Street is a nightmarish experience.
>>4718 delete yourself
How often through the year do you have a fan running?
>>4725 24/7 throughout the worst of the summer, when it's about 28'C and above in my room.
Stopped drinking monster. Uninstalled my games. Deleted discord account. Sleeping on floor. Selling possessions.
>>4727 The rest I can understand but what's wrong with monster?
>>4728 Shit'll kill your heart like a stone. I'd sooner play the games if I were to keep one of those. >>4715 Racism too is a Brit feel, but in the interest of not being racist, I'll point out it's also an everyone else feel. Everyone's a little bit racist~
Donald Trump ruined the Internet
>>4730 Internet was ruined long before that lad.
>>4729 >Shit'll kill your heart like a stone. *surreptitiously orders a crateload* goodbye lads, its been a fun ride but my people need me
>>4730 >>4731 I think it went to pot with the advent of social media and smartphones. 2013 was the last good year of internet.
>>4732 Enjoy feeling like you've got a ribcage fulla bees. There's better ways to make an exit if you're set on it. >>4734 Yep that was it. Old cunts bitching bout Eternal September hadn't seen shit yet. Every dumb fuck is online now with no real investment up front. Plus the usage pattern of quick nips onto social media whenever there's a free moment, discouraging thought and encouraging Twitter-style fleeting engagement. Internet of SMS innit. Plus there's an "app" for everything now because smartphone browsers are hobbled, and the app store's a walled garden too. It's way worse than the shit Microsoft got into when they were under antitrust inquiry decades back. Bloody Yanks could've set a precedent if they weren't bending over for big business always. Not that the Crown's much better, and Brussels would like to just take control of the power structure.
>>4735 I remember the old myspace pages and how they gave you the power to change your background, add loads of bling gifs, embed a few cool youtube videos. Seems like a world away from what we have now where everything is a cookie cutter preset with all the popular apps literally copying each other. TikTok is the latest one now with Youtube Shorts and Instagram clips. Things have dumbed down massively in just a dozen years. I wish smartphones somehow used a separate internet than computers.
>>4731 I think it was shit long before that, but not completely ruined. Look how much censorship there has been on the Internet in the past few years to combat "hate speech".
>>4734 The internet has been shit since 2008, nevermind 2013; it's just that as time goes on it manages to find new ways of becoming that little bit shittier. Eternal September aside, 2006 was the last all-round quality year of internet; 2007 was half-decent but also brought about a lot of rubbish; 2008 and beyond was pure unadulterated cancer, and I resent any claims that the internet since 2008 was ever "good". It wasn't "good", it was just a lesser degree of shit.
>>4738 2013 saw the advent of fantastic memes like Doge, Harlem Shake and "What Does The Fox Say?" and also gave us such websites as UltimatePoker.com and 8chan everything since then has been rubbish
Open file (6.81 MB 1280x720 cancer.webm)
You brought this on yourselves.
Richard III was a badass. His name literally means Hard Rule and he ruled hardcore >waaaaaaaaaaaa b-but he killed his nephews :( based a s e d only cucks support lancastrians YORK FTW
>>4727 I have 1 can of monster on Friday as a treat. Nitro is probably the best flavour ever made. Scientists have finally discovered the ultimate flavour, the formula is perfect. The impeccable ratio of sweet to bitter, those refreshing citrus notes. The carbonation is so unusual, it almost gives it a creamy texture, the neon green colour. It's all so great. I love drinking it all at once and then enjoying that fuzzy caffeine buzz. I'll never stop drinking this shit.
>>4736 Remember when you could customize your youtube profile and people could leave comments on your channel
>>4742 Mango Loco is better than Nitro.
>>4744 God tier: Nitro White Top tier: Original Mid: Mango Valentino Rossi Java Low: Red Pink Shit: Black Assault Purple
>>4742 Nitro made my teeth feel soft and gave me the shits; the Rossi flavour was my favourite.
>>4745 Original and White are garbage.
>>4743 A world long ago and far away...
>>4747 >>4748 I'm sure we can at least agree that black, purple and assault are the true shit tier.
Open file (109.22 KB 746x500 1497953317888.jpg)
Any other motoristfags ITT? My motor is due for an MOT this week and the engine started blowing out plumes of smoke today. Currently booked into the garage. I really really really hate being a motorfag.
>>4745 for me? Mango Loco or Pacific Punch I respect people whose favourites are Nitro or Ultra Zero
>>4753 Smoke blowing out the engine isn't necessarily a MOT fail.
>>4752 Aye lad.
>>4753 Just had mine in for its MOT last Tuesday, it needed the front wishbone fixed otherwise it would've failed.
Doom is a very good game.
>>4759 I hope you have a peer-reviewed study from a reputable source to back up this bold claim, lad.
>>4760 My post was the study and I am the peer. Wanna know who reviewed it?
>>4759 The original or the remake? I've never played the remake, but I still play I and II every now and again.
>>4761 Aye, privy tell thee, whoms't've'st hath reviewed thine aforesaid study?
I'm looking for a vaporwave song. It's basically a heavily slowed down k-pop song, which I don't know the name of. The lyrics are "Oh yeah, oh yeah" and "Oh yeah". Thank you.
>>4765 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoYxTQw8cB0 I found it. Here it is. Fantastic.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlLgDVK2jmo english folk music = most underrated genre
Just want to be in Taibei. https://youtu.be/y03c004fV3Y
>It is so fucking impossible for cunts to leave me alone without fucking my life over. fml don't ask you cunt
>>4764 Me. I reviewed the study.
>>4762 The original I assume. I wasn't aware there was a remake. It might be the remake actually.
>>4773 It should be fairly apparent considering the original came out in 1993, and the remake (more of a reboot really) in 2016. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCaxMqQcj4k
>>4771 I had no intention of asking.
Lads, to be honest, I've got to say. At the end of the day, when all is said and done, its time to set the record straight, so to speak. Simply put, when it comes down to it, there are really only two options. To put it another way, you've either got the floopity, or you've got the whibblescromps. The only question is, which is it?
>>4774 I'm definitely playing the original. Finished it today, had a blast. The map design on the final levels is impeccable. I thought the one made in 2016 was an entirely new doom game, I assumed a remake would just be a reskin or something.
Anyone else pick skin on your hands? Its a nasty habit that I'd love to stop. However, it's very difficult to quit because I do it without thinking.
Been attempting to reverse brainrot on Khan Academy.
>drop small item on the floor >it ceases to exist Why does this happen?
>>4782 I hate that. Worst is when you twat a spider, you catch a glimpse of it falling to the floor, and then it's just gone forever so you can't confirm if it's dead or not.
>>4782 Several years ago I was disassembling my keyboard to clean it. When I put the the keys back on, I noticed the escape key was missing. I checked my room top to bottom in every place it could be. Every time I removed a piece of furniture from the room I was always thinking I may find that key somewhere. The room was totally gutted when I moved out and I still couldn't find it. One of two things happened. 1. The key made its way out of the room. How? It could have landed in a piece of clothing that made its way into the washing machine and then the bin after it was found. 2. It's still there, just very well hidden.
I hate hemorrhoids. My arsehole is killing me.
>>4782 It probably clips through the floor.
>>4782 >drop item on floor wait till you have shit that vanishes mid air and never reaches the floor >simulation confirmed
Will the autistic downie known as Truss outlast the lettuce?
>>4790 I think you're lost mate, this is /britfeel/, not /brit/ or brit/pol/
>>4788 >complaining about hecking [politician]
Say no to anime.
>>4794 No.
Open file (559.45 KB 797x448 ClipboardImage.png)
US President Biden calls Truss's poo policies 'a mistake' >Speaking at an ice cream shop in Oregon, Mr Biden was asked by reporters about the prime minister's attempt to boost growth with unfunded poo cuts - what the reporter called the "trickle-down plan that she has had to back away from". >The president replied: "Well, it's predictable. I wasn't the only one that thought it was a mistake." >He added: "I think that the idea of cutting poo on the super wealthy at a time when - anyway, I just think - I disagreed with the poolicy, but that's up to Great Britain to make that judgment, not me." https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-63276374
Had a dream a sperm whale came out the sea and looked me in the eyes.
I see Kunta Kinte got ousted already.
>>4798 What?
I banged my toe, knee and head really hard off a door. Shitty house design got me again.
I really do despise when I'm out conducting my businesses lawfully and suddenly I become painfully aware of the poo and wee trickling out and down the leg of my trousers
Why are there so many kids walking about in £1000 coats
>>4802 Do they leave the price tags on or do you just have an in depth knowledge on cost prices?
>>4803 Canada goose coats are usually around £800-£1200.
>>4802 Becuase I've got them on a payroll. The lads I have go deal for me while the girls work tricks.
Five Guys is absolutely fucking shit. Ate there 5 years ago and it was very average. Adequate burger, chips were standard for a burger shop, the free peanuts were a nice gimmick. I don't remember the price, it was probably cheaper since it just opened. I thought I'd get a burger from there tonight. Burgers were about £10-12, chips were £5. If you want a drink, you're going to be spending over £20. Imagine 4 people go out for burger and chips. The bill is nearly £100. That is a horror story. Please promise me you will never give money to this place.
>>4806 All the yank food places that have come over here in the last 10-15 years are a forced meme and can fuck right off.
>>4806 I promise.
>>4807 TGI Fridays is one of the worst. I ordered some chicken tacos because they were the cheapest thing on the menu at £14. Everything else was about £25. It was two mini tortillas with a little bit of diced chicken and lettuce topped with spicy mayonese. Never again.
Open file (144.90 KB 1022x580 IMG_20221024_084619.jpg)
It's his turn.
Open file (2.34 KB 299x276 fsjal.png)
Been getting into cocaine wanks recently. Spent seven or eight hours last night bashing the bishop and snorting gear until about 5am. Literally drenched in my own sweat while I almost rip my John Thomas off by beating my meat so furiously. The mornings after are truly grim, especially when its work the next day. Done this several times in the past few months. Not sure if it can continue, it feels so good but hurts so bad. pic unrelated
Do I mix my Monster Ultra with Vodka and get wallied tonight? I leave it to you, the viewer, to decide! Cast your votes using the poll box bellow! v v v v v [INSERT POLL HERE]
would you rather fight 10 horse-sized niggers or 10 nigger-sized horses
>>4811 What the fuck I thought you were just joking. How did this happen?
Are there any decent messageboards out there?
>the first jew prime minister >the first woman prime minister >the first hindu prime minister ah yes the conservative party looking forward to 2030 when we get our first openly transexual prime minister in a blue tie
Open file (432.68 KB 1070x638 mark cig.png)
>>4820 >bullydestroyer *takes a long drag on a fag* havent heard that name in years...
>>4821 I lost where everyone went to be honest
>>4822 we won the brexit meme war (somehow), and so our new home is the entire internet. It is good to see you again. I saw some old fellows on 4chan many many months ago but Ive been permabanned from there for a while now
>>4823 >4chan Its just so yank
Don't cut corners when doing DIY, lads. You'll just end up having to go back to the start and take the corners properly. >start small tiling project >should take 1 weekend >been going on three weeks now >might be finished next Sunday if I'm lucky
Hello music lad. 久しぶりですね。Please explain to me why this is absolutely fantastic, utilising as many technical terms as possible. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K09_5IsgGe8
>>4827 Absolute trash. Even if you enjoy the music, why would you ever support filthy Frank? There's no way music lad would ever like that. He likes stuff like this. https://youtu.be/SZkR3PyHTs0
>>4830 As an expert on music lad, having meticulously studied his tastes, proclivities, posting and sleeping habits, and sleep schedule over the years, I can with confidence say that he absolutely would support filthy Frank, and will probably make comment at some point today and the sheer magnificence of the piece I posted last night.
>>4830 It's one of that lad's recurring jokes to post music he knows I'll think is shite, call it "absolutely fantastic", and ask for an essay on why it's the best thing ever. I do get a giggle out of it sometimes to be fair, but I can't really be arsed to critique or comment on something these days unless it's posted in earnest or at least somewhat good. And yeah, fuck Filthy Frank. One of the least funny people to ever grace the internet, and I'm pretty sure the only people who ever liked him were the same mongoloid children who liked Fred and Annoying Orange. I remember you or someone else posting that Plantasia album here before though. Not what I'd normally listen to, but it is pretty nice. I'm fairly sure I've posted this before, but check out Isao Tomita if you haven't already lad. He made beautiful, dreamy synth interpretations of classical music back in the 70s. The amazing thing about the synth music of that era is that the big modular synths they were using back then were all monophonic; only one note could be played at any one moment, and to do multiple notes at once (i.e. chords) you'd have to record each note seperately over multiple takes. And he's doing an entire bloody orchestra. Then when you consider that they were also recording to tape, no computers involved, no quantization, no saving/loading synth patches to memory (if you wanted to recall a previous sound you had to write down all the settings and dial/patch everything back in manually, and those synths were fucking mammoths with a million controls), and no editing besides literally cutting & selotaping the tape back together, you can really start to appreciate the amazing feat that this music is.
to the lad who moved to japan (or any other lad who knows) does japan have different season times from us in the same way australia does? i've never really been clear on whether it's just to do with north/south hemisphere or what
>>4834 Japan is pretty close to the equator innit?
>>4834 The seasons are strongest in the temperate zones located between the tropics and the poles. In the tropics, you basically only get a rainy season and a dry season, while in the temperate zones you start to get winters (frosts) which in turn create springs and autumns. Japan is a long country that is fully in the northern hemisphere, but ranges from the temperate zone in the north to the subtropical zone in the south. Their seasons roughly align with ours in the northern half of Japan (receiving frost and snow during the winter), while the southern half of Japan sees much milder changes; it's hot most of the year, and receives extreme typhoons. In the southern hemisphere, winter and summer are inverted, but compared to the northern hemisphere there's not a whole lot of landmass that resides in the southern hemisphere's temperate zone. t. researched all this just now but had a vague understanding of it already
>order some food >think I recognise the delivery driver from school >I ask if his name is Ben >he says yes >wait for him to elaborate >just weirdly stands there as if he is waiting for me to say something >Still standing there, getting very weird >tell him that's nice and quickly close the door What was that about, was he after a tip or something?
>>4839 You were supposed to elaborate, not him.
It keeps raining lads
Open file (74.85 KB 695x960 timothy james byrne.jpg)
Cant believe our timmy went and petrol bombed that migrant camp. What a ledge.
Kiwifarms isn't going to exist by the end of the month. I wonder how long 4chan and 8kun have left. Or any website that hosts "offensive" content now that people have figured out who you need to complain to.
Open file (174.83 KB 601x425 ClipboardImage.png)
me on the left
>>4844 OK I kek'd on that one lad
>>4844 reckon penguins prefer great highland bagpipes or uilleann pipes? the northumbrian smallpipe is preferred by puffins
>>4847 shan't be watching this
I would pay good money to watch a three-way bare knuckle brawl between comedians James Corden, Ricky Gervais and Brian Limond
>>4849 i would pay good money to watch james corden get hit by a train
Is there anything less funny than comedy?
The nights sky is so clear tonight. I haven't seen it like this in a long time. I suggest you all look immediately.
>>4852 Had a look, I could see 1 star and that was it.
>>4853 Are you in a big city?
>>4854 M I L T O N K E Y N E S
>>4855 What on earth did you do to end up there?
>>4839 >>4840 Kek'd at this. What possible elaboration was he meant to give after answering your question?
>>4856 In the early-mid 90s my parents were getting priced out of St Albans (where I was born and all my family & extended family used to live), they were expecting another child (my younger sister), and my dad worked in Stevenage, so MK made sense as a place where they could get a relatively cheap 3-bedroom detached house that wasn't a million miles away from work and family. Despite the reputation that precedes it, MK's not too bad if you stay out of the godforsaken city centre and shithole areas that immediately surround it. There's lot's of greenery, lakes, canals, orchards, old villages, etc. in and amongst it all, and if you live on the edges of town then it's only a short walk/drive until you're out in the sticks. Just wish they wouldn't keep bloody expanding it.
>>4842 Based
>>4858 I heard the largest supermarket in the UK is in MK, have you seen it?
>>4855 Thats not big, you should definitely be able to see lots of stars unless there's a horrendous amount of light pollution and your eyesight is okay. Its still quite clear tonight, although not as much as yesterday. The moon is quite impressive this evening. Its so bright that it can strain your eyes a bit from looking at it.
Do you think it's worth paying for MS Office if I'm going to be using it professionally?
>>4861 >unless there's a horrendous amount of light pollution Because some bright spark in the 70s decided to design our street lights as big globes on sticks that point in every direction except down, most of MK looks like pics related at night. Things have changed a bit in the last couple of years as a lot of areas in MK have had their street lights replaced with LED ones that point downwards like normal places, but there's still enough of the old ones that the sky is still purpley-orange most nights and you can rarely ever see the stars. My dad lives in Bedford and it's a completely different story, stars galore.
>>4862 No, just use OpenOffice.
>>4860 Is it the Asda next to Ikea? I've been there a couple of times, but not in the last 5-6 years or so. I think they've renovated or something since then. It's pretty massive when you look at it from the outside, but I wouldn't say it felt markedly larger than any of the other big supermarkets around here on the inside. Half of it was just a clothes shop, so that might be why.
>>4865 I'm not sure on the exact location. I just remember searching what the largest supermarket in the UK was after I visited a particularly enormous two story supermarket and thought to myself "this must the the biggest supermarket in the country". Obviously I was wrong. Supermarkets are definitely selling way more clothes than they used to. The vast majority being womens clothes. I've also noticed the traditional "counters" are disappearing. Deli, fish, cheese and so on and are being replaced by food courts.
>>4865 I've been to that ASDA a few times and, while big, it certainly isn't amazingly massive to the point where I'd be disappointed if it was the largest in the UK.
>>4858 Stevenage is a shithole. Just sayin'.
>>4863 Bedford is a shithole. Just sayin'.
You know where ain't a shithole??? Ill tell ya, but you've got to promise me that you and your grubby pals won't turn it into a shithole!!! ... Ok? You've promised? Alright. It's Saffron Walden.
>>4868 Yes. >>4869 Half of Bedford is a shithole, the other half is pretty nice. My dad lives in the nicer half.
>>4870 Never heard of it lad
Open file (749.47 KB 634x442 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4870 >Saffron Walden. Thanks for the tip, me and the fam are moving there.
>>4872 it is nestled beautifully in the rolling Chiltern Hills, in the goldilocks zone between south Cambridgeshire/East Suffolk/North Essex. Literally God's own country. >>4873 based gyppo
>>4874 Fuck off mate ive been to saffers and its a proper grim shithole so stop lying
I get no joy from the internet anymore. Maybe this is a good thing.
>>4878 hope he gets bitten by a venomous snake and dies
https://youtu.be/RqQGUJK7Na4 Only legends remember this British classic.
Lads, I need your help. Where is the to-go-to place for torrents and what software are people using to torrent stuff these days? Im after TV and films.
>>4881 RARBG is pretty good for TV/films, but you can find a list of other torrent sites (and more) here: https://unblockit.page/ . Best client these days is qBittorrent.
>>4882 Thanks mate
Alright lads, I've been having an issue with my laptop rebooting on its own. All of the drivers are up to date. I read online that I should delete all ProfileImagePath files in my registry that aren't from the profile I use. Do you know anything about this?
Hey lads, been getting a recurring issue that I could do with some advice with. So basically I've noticed as of late that sometimes my willy gets hard and if I rub it quickly then some white milk comes out and I feel good. Anybody got any tips to deal with this conundrum?
>>4884 Dunno about that ProfileImagePath thing, but if it's not just Windows update being it's usual shite self, I've often found with laptops that sudden shutdowns/reboots = overheating. Make sure the vents underneath/at the sides aren't covered up while the laptop is on.
Pete Postlethwaite.
It has been raining for 4 days now. There was a brief period yesterday afternoon where I was able to see the blue sky, but then it picked up again full force. There are massive puddles everywhere. Today it has rained non stop Are you all having similar weather?
>>4888 It's not been raining all that much here, but it's been fairly grey and miserable out there, yeah.
Open file (3.84 MB 2048x2048 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1010.08 KB 1200x758 ClipboardImage.png)
Today is for them.
>>4890 literally who (not Rich the other one)
Lads, I have something I'd like to find but my memory of it is so vague that there is no way I could possibly use a search engine to find it. I know it was posted a lot on /r9k/ around 2015/2016 when I'm certain you were all often there. It's a long audio clip of a well spoken man talking shit about women. He might be English or an American faking an accent, but he is very well spoken. Sounds a lot like the boss on Death and Taxes. https://youtu.be/gVKToqv3fmk the boss is speaking a lot in the first few minutes if you need a reference. Few things in the video I remember - He refers to vaginas as a "portal of doom" and says the smell could "knock the flies off a shitwagon". He says "my last relationship broke me in every way imaginable" "it's not just blood that comes out there, oh no" and then lists other things vaginas excrete. Compares the odour of vaginas to the yamuna river. Claims that the vagina is too close to the anus to ever be considered clean. Its around half an hour long from memory but only the first 10 minutes are entertaining.
>>4892 Don't recall that video, but was it that posh-sounding bloke that used to get posted here sometimes? Can't remember his name sadly.
Its a very clear sky tonight for those of us who don't live in Milton Keynes.
UP THE 'RA (nb: 'ra is short for urethra)
>>4887 *hides a picture of dear mother in my stovepipe hat* Alri sharpey?
Open file (73.01 KB 595x708 ClipboardImage.png)
wonder if i'll get my account back
Music-lad. Is there any intrinsic reason why we regard some music as "sad" or is it purely cultural. No lyrics, just music. The first song on this video is the easiest example to show. https://youtu.be/_R9gVc9ggZg I'm trying to imagine that song with happy imagery and it doesn't fit.
>>4900 Why were you banned? And probably not. It looks like twitter are reinstating accounts on a case by case basis rather than reversing every ban ever.
>>4901 I think the topic was brought up here a couple of years ago, but yeah; to the best of my knowledge, the "emotions" that certain tones, chords, and musical passages seem to convey are things we have learned culturally, rather than those sounds having any inherent emotion-inducing properties. In different cultures - particularly ones that haven't fully adopted Western musical concepts and principles - the perceived emotions and messages attached to any given sound or piece of music can vary, just like how certain gestures and symbols can be perceived very differently. That's not to say that sound and music aren't made up of physical properties, or that one culture can somehow hear harmony where another hears dissonance; it's just that the messages our respective cultures have attached to those properties can vary. It's like how all people with fully functioning eyes can see the color red, but the cultural perceptions of red can vary from "danger" to "love". Sound/music is the same.
Open file (43.09 KB 1580x579 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4904 What did you say?
>>4905 "Fuck candlefags"
>>4905 I don't know, twitter's moderation system is fucking gay and it doesn't tell you which tweet(s) you've been banned for. I had my account since 2018 though, I wasn't just spamming "KILL NIGGERS AND KIKES".
>>4906 Harbournigger hands wrote this
I made a twitter account for the first time just to follow controversial accounts that have been reinstated. So far I have: Jordan Peterson Andrew Tate Sargon of Akkad Donald Trump Kanye West Are there any more decent ones?
I went to my Aunts house today and met her dog for the first time. It was a French bulldog. It was an abomination. If you've ever seen a video where someone suffered a traumatic head injury and they're just making a snorting, gurgling noise before they die, it makes that noise constantly. I was repulsed by it. It approached me at one point and I tried to pet it, reassuring myself that it's just a regular dog that was genetically twisted, but it started licking my hand and wiping its mucus on me. There was so much mucus around its mouth. It was so hyperactive which is apparently normal behavior for the breed. She ended up putting a lead on it, but it pulled so hard that it was choking itself. What is wrong with normal dogs? Proportionate legs, about 5" of nose and a normal tail that it can wag?
>>4909 For what purpose?
https://bills.parliament.uk/bills/3137 Will this change anything?
>>4913 No. The UK will continue to be the place where nobody wants to host or distribute anything online, and I will continue to be a netherlad.
Open file (193.77 KB 391x412 rangers pepe.png)
Braw st andrews day tae my scots fowk
sup anons, anyone know whats up with 8chan.moe/brit ? Looks like it might have been down for a week or so, nothing from cake mark on poa.st
>>4915 stop
Open file (276.05 KB 1031x1201 8moe down.png)
Open file (107.18 KB 1027x746 8moe down 2.png)
>>4916 Apparently something out of their control ate shit yesterday, but they're working on it. One of their alternate URLs ( https://redchannit.org ) still "works" about 10% of the time, so I was at least able make these screencaps.
Open file (73.67 KB 1024x490 norf the sign door.jpg)
>>4916 its over.
This is the true end of days. Where do we go from here?
For those unaware, 8moe is back online.
Had anything nice to eat today?
>>4923 I made fr*nch onion soup. It was rather nice if I do say so myself.
I hate darkies, wogs and spics.
In Japan they have bullet trains and in Britain we have railway strikes / no overtime
>>4914 What VPN you using these days?
>>4927 Same one I was using back then, airvpn.
There is someone drumming in the street at this time of night. This is completely disordered, this is terrible.
>>4929 Fallen nation.
>>4929 thats just me banging your mum mate
Someone in my town keeps spraypainting "infowars.com" everywhere. On buildings, road signs, bridges, train stations and even on the outside of a nursery. The council has tried to remove some of them but he just comes back and does it again. I don't know how a website that is predominantly American politics is influencing someone to do this.
>>4932 cringe. go drop some 'DavidIcke.com' tags alongside them.
>>4932 >I don't know how a website that is predominantly American politics is influencing someone to do this. My mum's borderline-retarded boyfriend has been inserting butchered Daily Wire talking points into every discussion for the past couple of years, so I can believe it.
>>4932 We're just a part of America's sphere of influence, so naturally our political landscape is downstream from them.
>>4934 Kek. What sorts of things does he talk about?
>>4935 The entire American continent and most of Europe is under the influence of the USA, either through culture, economic interests or both
Look here. Look, listen. At the end of the day, when all is said and done, all set aside. Britain nefjldk
Open file (1.22 MB 800x1099 ClipboardImage.png)
Thoughts on this bloke?
Need a job lads
Did my first interpretation job yesterday. $120 for 4 hours walking round Nippombashi's anime district in Osaka making business inquiries with some Spanish bloke.
>>4941 Good lad.
>>4939 Blew his chance years ago to stake a claim on the throne and restart the empire. Played into the hands of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha by removing his bastard blood out of their primary line. Deserves to suffer in irrelevancy for his failure.
Anyone got an air fryer?
Open file (323.29 KB 579x536 bazza bond.png)
>>4939 He has awful taste in women if he married mergan muttgle, but as all his previous girlfriends looked like 10/10 prostitutes, I guess he only picked a divorced wrinkled prune of a yankoid just to spite his own family, which is why I hate him. I also think profiting off of your dying grandparents is just sad, especially when you've spent your life poncing off of them. Also generally agree with this lad >>4943 so much wasted potential and I used to like him when he was in the 'ghan.
>>4944 Yes but it broke.
i saw lily's pickled willy down in picadilly! lilys pickled picadilly willy! so silly!
>>4946 How was it before it broke? Would you ever get another?
Good news from the Channel for once. Couple dead darkies drowned delightfully. Dear Death, do it again!
>>4949 Don't worry lad, Paki Minister will make sure to let in a few thousand more to make up for it.
>>4948 I liked it a lot, really handy for simple stuff like chips or reheating food better than a microwave would. I do plan on getting one again but haven't got round to it.
Dogberg just pissed and shat in the house for the nth time this week. It's ogre isnt it. Lethal injection loometh.
>>4951 Are they a pain to clean? The running cost is encouraging me to buy one the most. My fan oven seems to cost about £2/hr to run at 200c.
Open file (979.97 KB 1196x628 ClipboardImage.png)
>tfw translating manga full-time for a Japanese company running dozens of YouTube channels totaling tens of millions of views
Open file (295.80 KB 634x397 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4955 >look meghan, I found another big black buck on tinder to ride you while i watch and wank
>>4954 are you the tranny responsible for the "sus" translation?
Open file (38.57 KB 519x519 praying apu.jpg)
We are (we are) Climbing (climbing) Jacobs ladder! We are (we are) Climbing (climbing) Jacobs ladder! We are (we are) Climbing (climbing) Jacobs ladder! Soldiers of the cross!
>>4958 Amen lad.
What's your favourite major UK city? For me its Chelmsford.
>>4960 Thinking about it, I reckon the only major cities I've actually been to are London, Sheffield, and Leicester. London is the only one I've visited multiple times and had a good look around, so I'll go with a toss-up between Sheffield and Leicester.
>>4960 Does Norwich count as "major"? If so, that. If not, probably Edinburgh.
Just watched Goodfellas for the first time.
been banned by 8chan.moe/brit/ because the mods a scouse cunt LOL liverpool is the home of weak fannies, cant take a single bit of criticism. Thank God I'm a Londoner, if I was scouse i'd've topped myself out of embarrassment at how scousers behave. Too much Irish/Norwegian blood has diluted them and made them less than English and Scots.
>>4962 Good choices >>4961 What about Leeds?
>>4965 Never been. I've only been north of Leicester about 3 times in my life (4 if you count Norfolk), and one of those times we were just passing through to get a ferry to Ireland. And besides the 2 visits to the National Space Centre in Leicester, the rest of my life has been spent no further north than Northampton.
Would you put your tongue on another man's balls for 2 seconds for a grand?
>>4967 No.
>>4967 i'd love to lad, unfortunately i don't have a spare grand
>>4967 Yes.
Anyone got any recommendations for some scary video games or films? Films don't necessarily have to be "good", just scary.
Open file (85.87 KB 225x225 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4972 nonce physiognomy
>>4972 He is the one responsible for composing the famous Sea Shanty.
Casino is the best film ever made.
>>4974 He composed basically all of the bangers lad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tX6gSMocHaE
I was gettung an urge to play OSRS again, but I have to remind myself how shit it is.
M christms
Open file (1.04 MB 1728x1266 christmas at deanos_2.jpg)
>>4978 Merry Christmas lads.
Merry Christmas lads, hope you all have a good one.
Merry Christmas /britfeel/
I hope everyone has had a good day. I've ate so much I feel ill.
Happy deadzone between Christmas and New Years, lads.
Is there any reason to not get a console? Theres about 3 modern games I'd like to play and my PC eill never be able to run them.
>>4984 Buying the console and games will approach the price of a sufficient PC rapidly, which can easily pirate those games instead. Personally I use both PC and PS5.
>>4984 Why not get a decent PC instead of a console. PC's have a higher up front cost sure but build something decent and it'll last you multiple console gens
>>4985 >>4986 I don't like being sat at a PC. I like being comfy on the sofa.
To any horror-enjoyers here, I recommend the movie "Sleepaway Camp". It is a fairly standard low-budget 80s slasher for 99% of its runtime. However if you can deal with that, the ending alone makes it worth a watch, particularly if you go in totally blind.
>heating turns on >take socks off and put them on the radiator for 5 minutes >put toasty socks back on
>>4987 PS5 then. Even though you could set up a PC to use from the couch as well.
>>4989 i do this with my pyjamas
>>4988 Thanks lad, I'll see if I can find this
Treated myself to an air fryer after air fryerlad's good word. Would recommend. Cooked bacon, stuffed chicken breasts, chips and reheated some pizza. All great and used very little electricity.
>>4995 We got one recently as well, haven't used it myself yet but it seems pretty nifty.
Happy new one lads!!
Happy New Year, /britfeel/!
Open file (133.49 KB 604x634 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5000 Why did this post warrant a ban?
>>5001 I'm going to assume is was a get post from an outsider.
>>5001 It's tradition to ban shitty GETs, and it wasn't a real ban.
The amount of disgusting, putrid degenerates you see on public transport is ridiculous.
>>5005 What's brought this on lad? What were they doing?
>>5006 Some shithead kids were clowning around, bullying other kids and being total delinquents, probably about 12-13 years old. Then some adult aged crackheads came on the carriage, the kids immediately recognised them and they greeted eachother. The crackheads started handing them cans of cider. They were obviously intoxicated, slurred speech and stumbling. Definitely not the worst thing I've seen on public transport. That would be in 2013 when I seen police try to escort a drunk man off the carriage but his trousers were pulled down by the weight of the shit that was inside them.
>>5007 Is that all? Riding a bus home one night, two guys jumped someone else quite savagely. A lot of blood was shed. It was actually quite entertaining to see the reaction, I had turned around in my seat to watch while all the other passengers stared dead ahead and pretended it wasn't happening. Pretty sure some knifing was involved. Maybe that guy even died.
Can I get a floopity?
It just occurred to me how weird the spelling of the word "two" is. Look at the number "2" - absolutely fine. Say it verbally - absolutely fine. But "two"? Just look at it. LOOK at it. Disgusting.
Fucking hell lads, suffering from a catastrophic dearth of good tunes lately. Post whatever you've been listening to, whatever you like.
>>5011 For your 80s, RAH Band: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoDRORr3CfM For your 90s, mp4 related.
Took my dog for a walk an hour ago. As I walked past someone's window I turned my head to have a look at their living room as the lights and open blinds drew my attention. I was just being nosey. There was a man standing in the middle of the living room masturbating to something on the television. He was in a half squat position and he was really going for it. Not just playing with himself, he was really beating off. First time in my life I've seen another man masturbate and I hope it's the last. Poor fool probably thought "it's nearly midnight, nobody will be out this time of night".
Open file (268.51 KB 634x514 ClipboardImage.png)
Now then young lady, you appear to 'ave been going over the speed limit *unzips dick*
Sad to hear Ken Bruce's stint at Radio 2 is over. I owe my degree in Sports Journalism to that man and his dulcet tones when brewing a tea and making marmite on toast or nursing a hangover.
>>5016 >Sports Journalism What do you do with that lad?
Open file (741.72 KB 634x1031 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (737.27 KB 634x1147 ClipboardImage.png)
Female hammer attacker, 24, is facing jail for brutal assault that left her victim 'covered in blood' >Kaya Price, 24, admitted causing grievous bodily harm to Naeema Nassa >The attack took place on May 2, 2021 in Newport, Wales, where Price is from >The offender has a previous conviction for common assault in 2020 >She is due to be sentenced on February 17 after being granted bail Would you let her grab your hammer lads?
Anyone going to play the new Harry Potter game?
>>5019 Yes lad, I'm looking forward to gassing 6 million goblin bankers.
Open file (251.47 KB 442x532 ClipboardImage.png)
I feel bad for lads who live in highly light polluted areas, never able to properly see the nights sky.
Open file (304.49 KB 706x397 ClipboardImage.png)
https://rmx.news/crime/several-reports-of-school-girls-being-harassed-in-rural-english-county-by-groups-of-foreign-men/ >A social media post went viral from a concerned mother who claimed her 11-year-old daughter and her friends had been harassed by a group of adult men in the town of Penzance
>>5023 If you want evidence about (((who))) is actually running Airstrip One these days, look no further than this image and who's face in it is being censored for the news.
Open file (319.88 KB 620x620 ClipboardImage.png)
Thoughts on Andrew Tate?
>>5025 Same as my thoughts on J.K. Rowling, Harry & Meghan, and whatever other gossip shite that gets posted here. Couldn't give a shit.
>>5026 Are you alright mate? I'm here to listen if you're stressed out.
>>5025 He looks like a half black Karl Pilkington.
Do you lads have good mental health
>>5029 Yes
>>5024 those retards aren't running anything but they are useful for the goals of the people who are
>>5028 Weird, innit?
>tfw heartburn and indigestion
Have any of you ever been burgled, or lived in a house that has been burgled? I may be wrong, but it always strikes me as a thing that only happens to retards. 34% of burglaries are the result of an unlocked front door meaning they just walk straight in. It's almost always due to the negligence of the person living at the house.
>>5037 No, but we had our car stolen back in 2000, and a scooter stolen in 2011.
>>5038 Cars were probably easier to steal back then. And scooters are always easy to steal.
Open file (133.80 KB 566x575 ClipboardImage.png)
oh no
>>5040 How was it?
>>5041 it was good the delivery driver turned out to be some kind of pajeet, i thought with a name like 'babu' it was going to be some heart of darkness nigger
>>5042 Thats a relief, mate. What did you order? I think I might go there on Friday.
>>5043 got a custom one made; BBQ base, double meatballs, ground beef, and red onions i'm not a big fan of their regular tomato sauce base but their BBQ base is great
>when the condom comes off without you realizing and you cum deep inside her by accident Anyone know this feel?
>>5045 No, go away.
>>5045 That's because your penis is too small for regular condoms.
Open file (327.37 KB 634x1026 ClipboardImage.png)
Does the language you use contain violent undertones lads?
>>5048 I feel disgusted by the feminized soytalk during Current Year. Red meat + ale (and plenty of it!) for me.
Open file (32.00 KB 772x615 ClipboardImage.png)
Made a table for tracking everything I do tomorrow lads. Left says "Time", middle says "Activity", right says "Effect" (I rate the activity in terms of value from A-C). I found it in a time management book.
Open file (76.36 KB 720x646 ClipboardImage.png)
R8 my day lads
>>5051 busy/10
If you have the opportunity, you should look at the moon tonight. It is incredibly bright, it just looks like a shining ball of beaming white light.
>>5051 I'd like to have seen the times of the day included.
>>5053 Don't hate me b/c I'm 8 hours behind you, but yes it looks amazing tonight. Thanks lad.
>>5055 Surely it was no longer proper night at that time
Lads of /britfeel/, what does your day-to-day consist of these days? Anything new? Anything that remains unchanged? I'm interested to hear about it.
>>5059 Wake up, morning wank, breakfast, computer, lunch, computer, dinner, sleep. Sometimes I'll skip a meal or fall asleep in my chair during the day, but 95% of my days are as described. Not all that different from 10-15 years ago to be honest, though these days I at least bother to get dressed.
>>5059 >workdays wake up at 13:15, get showered and dressed, leave at 13:50, get to work at 13:58, clock in at 13:59, finish at 22:00, stop at asda on the way home for the night's dinner, get home around 22:30, make dinner then vegetate at the computer until going to bed around 7:00 >non workdays wake up around 11:00, have a cup of tea and browse the internet for an hour or so, get showered and dressed, sit on the computer alternating between games, youtube videos, and general internet browsing until i feel tired enough to go to sleep
Just got cancelled on for date with 2 Japanese bodybuilder sisters at the last minute
Open file (517.18 KB 970x544 ClipboardImage.png)
American tourist tries Greggs sausage roll for the first time and his reaction is priceless https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2aNTGl_pmpA
>>5063 sausage and bean bake for me to be honest
Thoughts on Hogwarts Legacy? I don't think I've ever had so much fun playing a game.
>>5065 I'm enjoying it in spite of all the niggers and pakis. There's even a fucking tranny bartender.
Give me a word to sneak into my text manga translation for the lads of britfeel boys Will post vid when the VAs are done recording it
>>5067 What do you think you could get away with?
>>5068 They asked me to beef up the scripts where possible and appropriate so the videos get longer and they get more ad revenue, which means I do have a degree of creative license, but I doubt I'd get away with anything whibblescromps-tier
>>5067 >>5069 Gremlin.
>>5066 The one called Sirona who is constantly referred to as "Sir"?
>>5059 Wake up at 7:30, hit alarm once and sleep for a further 30 minutes. Drink 1 can of red-bull in bed before showering, getting dressed and heading to work where I will make myself a bowl of porridge. After I finish, I'll head home and cook tea. Usually something that I cooked in bulk and froze. After that I'll run 5k before having a 2nd shower and then spending the rest of the evening playing vidya, tidying up, watching films and looking at the moon. Weekends are very inconsistent. I like to keep myself busy although I'll always tend to cook a big meal for freezing on Sunday.
>>5072 >Drink 1 can of red-bull in bed do you have a mini fridge by your bed or do you just drink it warm?
>>5074 I just have it room temperature
Open file (2.33 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5073 Just your average 19th century English same sex marriage.
>>5070 Leave it with me
>>5067 ,to be honest
>>5078 Fucking word filter
>>5079 Kek. I'd be impressed to see if he could fit a "btw, im a cunt" in there.
Serj Tankian's solo stuff was alright
>>5081 Better than SoaD?
I'm going to do it. I'm going to make Lancashire hotpot tomorrow.
>>5083 Post results mate that sounds tasty, right time of year for it n'all
You are now visualising yourself eating poo
>>5085 I can resist thoughts like that. You clearly can't though. So enjoy this thought of your parents having sex.
>>5085 Brit food doesn't taste that different, to be honest
Would you become a big muscly 6'5" nigger with 150 IQ if it still meant being a nigger?
Open file (636.12 KB 705x496 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5088 No Hitler I wouldn't.
Open file (17.16 KB 624x210 dale.png)
nicola is kill
Open file (40.63 KB 600x600 orangutan_square.jpg)
gas bill jumped from £37 to £73 last august, just got a letter today saying it's going up to £127 next month
>>5087 FOY
>>5073 Is that really the characters voice? They didn't even go with a "man attempting a woman's voice" but just went straight up man's voice? Wtf
>>5093 Tough, but fair. Hey, at least you can console yourself that they are fighting for gay anal in the Donbass, right? What could be more important in a rules-based Democracy, right? How long will people allow this to go on lads.
>>5093 My gas bill has gone down from £210 to £59. Absolutely incredible news.
>>5084 Sorry lad, didn't see this post and I ended up eating it. I cooked plenty of the filling so shouldn't be too long before I have it again.
>>5098 I'm coming to kill you.
Having a tangerine and noone here can stop me
Once again, someone has fly tipped right outside my house for the 2nd time in 12 months. Last time in happened, it was just boxes of Stella bottles. This time it is general rubbish laced with Stella bottles, so I know it's the same person. I suspect it is the person who lives opposite me. I'm tempted to bring one of the bags inside and look for some letters that would conform the address.
Set up a camera pointing out your window and have him dealt with lad
>>5106 Typical modern brit. Muh CCTV police state. How about you settle it like a MAN!
Someone threw a bag of shit at my window lads wtf
booyakasha wagwarn my likkle idred? 2023 what a year so far fuckin hell
>>5108 that was me mate aha enjoy it stinky xx
I'm beyond angry. I found out who dumped their shit outside my house and it was exactly who I suspected. I collected the bags and put them in a stray wheelie bin (reported the bin to the council and they ignored me) before wheeling it outside their house. At some point between 8:30 and now, they have taken the bags out if the bin and dumped them back outside my house and they've brought the stray bin into their yard. In a fit of rage, I placed the bags back outside their house. The council are incompetent fucks. I've made so many complaints and all but one have been ignored. I hate them all. I hate my scruffy neighbours and I hate the council.
>>5111 why do you think the council give one single donald duck about you?? cuz you pay your rates??? LMFAO they only care about brown envelopes when a new housing development comes through the door stupid cunt fuck you
>>5112 Unless I dispose of the waste myself, a fly tipping complaint is literally the only way to resolve this situation you fucking retard. Would you avoid calling the police if you're being burgled because they don't actually give a fuck about your feelings?
>>5113 > Would you avoid calling the police if you're being burgled How the fuck would calling in more, more heavily armed and more belligerent burglars, who won't even arrive until well after the burglary is truly finished and entirely resolved, help you at all?
>>5113 the government, local and national, dont give a fuck and never did and even if they did once in a long ago time they definitely don't now I work in a council and I promise you, they all laugh at you or either find you annoying, and your demands are contemptuous
>>5113 if my property was under attack I would murder the cunt who was attacking me, not wait for freemason pedos to do my dirty work
>>5116 i doubt it
>>5115 >I work in a council I'm sorry to hear that lad.
Open file (232.25 KB 474x271 england st george.png)
Have you prayed to Saint Chav today? Its his feast day. Listen to his hymn. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHnZLJZP2h8
>>5115 It doesn't matter what you or any other council sluts want or think. You still have to action the complaints as long as they are within reason (like dumping shit or blocking access to my property with a broken car). The bags are now gone. Either some good samaritan cleared them up or the council removed them. >publish fly tipping complaint form on gov website >hire someone to manage and investigate the fly tipping complaints >get mad at people's contemptuous demands to respond to fly tipping
>>5114 Are you going to pretend that there is nothing in the world that could make you phone the police?
Open file (153.42 KB 300x300 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5122 settle
What did the L A D S get up to today then? >Post one thing you got up to today
>>5125 work
Open file (2.13 MB 2048x1362 pikey pepe.jpg)
Happy Saint Patrick (Welsh) Day patrick was welsh and only ever went to ireland Because irish pirates kidnapped (possiBly raped) him post something you love aBout ireland for me? gunness
>>5120 Nope, simply shant :)
Open file (29.76 KB 512x512 absolutely beautiful.jpg)
tfw i get to spend tax payers money on DLC for fallout 4
i love rubbing stinging nettles on my nipples
>>5134 No you don't.
Admin, can we please investigate this post and discuss if it warrants a ban? >>5134
>>5137 Me and the /britfeel/ council have looked into the matter, and after a lot of deliberation and debate, we've come to the conclusion that we're absolutely indifferent to it, and shan't be doing anything about it.
Anyone have anything nice for tea? I bought a Chinese.
>>5139 I got this Italian pasta ready meal thing from Aldi. Chicken Strozzapreti I think it was called, it was pretty good.
You still here music lad? You been up to any music stuff lately?
>>5141 I've made a few things here and there, but nothing serious.
>England wins 2 - 1 in Italy, best win since 1961 >Scotland wins 3 - 0 >Wales equalised 1 -1 against one of Europes strongest football teams
>>5138 As the author of the self-same post, I would implore you to consider my appeal and to lodge a ban against me, thank you.
>>5142 What can you tell me about bluetooth speakers? I'm looking for something compact with good sound quality
>>5146 With speakers, bigger usually equals better. Can't say more than that since I'm not the type to listen to music outdoors.
Lock up your Nan The goose is loose
>>5147 >he doesn't listen to Stormzy on a bluetooth speaker while cycling around town
>>5149 you gavmoosh chavo
>date with lass I approached on the street last week today >coffee shop we were supposed to meet at is shut >walk about 10 mins to another one >really nice day, cherry blossoms are blooming >make beta small talk for 40 mins or so over coffee (coffee was delicious) >she said she thought i was gonna try and sell her something or was involved in some kind of ponzi scheme when i approached her (kek) >finish our coffees, go for a walk in the park >make beta small talk for 10 mins while walking >suddenly start holding her hand >ask her whether people do this in japan >she laughs, goes all shy and says "only if they're couples" >i said "let's be a couple then" >she nods >leave the park while holding hands and making more beta small talk >put my hand behind her neck and go in for the kiss as we part ways >she's receptive, kisses back (I'm always hesitant about doing this in Japan because they're not that big on public affection and sensitive to whether others can see them or not, thankfully there was no one about) >bike home in the sun Was a good one lads. Off to the gym now.
>>5152 Hopefully a Jap honour kills you, you racemixing disgrace.
>>5153 Kek
>>5115 Everyone with half a brain knows that the government drones don't give a fuck about you or anyone else. However, they WILL occasionally do something if you make yourself enough of a nuisance to them.
>>5155 True.
>>5152 Nice fiction story lad Just like my mangas
>>5157 50+ approaches and 9 contact exchanges today lad Also approached my first 12 year old by mistake. Thought she was just a short lass but she was actually a genuine loli, realised what I'd done halfway through my "かわいいですよ” and walked off.
Daft Punk? Great band. Ta'. That's all for this morning's post.
Open file (427.31 KB 604x400 ClipboardImage.png)
Doesn't get much more #tidy and #moist than this now does it me good lads? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2e21NOp69hM Post more like it
Anyone been using chatgpt?
>>5161 i been usin ur mum m8
Open file (61.52 KB 1462x337 ClipboardImage.png)
The date schedule
>>5161 Yeah I have, since early December. Pretty nifty, shame it's gotten so locked down and limited though.
>>5163 Mate.
>>5164 If I'm being optimistic, it helps avoid controversy whilst it is being developed. Boomers with computers and Facebook mums wouldn't be happy if some clickbait article described how AI is being used to do something dangerous. I've been playing around with it since Friday and it's far better than I had expected. If you use WordPress, you'll never need to Google anything ever again. And right now, I can't see why journalists exist anymore when this can churn out an article of similar quality in 30 seconds.
Open file (374.67 KB 773x561 ClipboardImage.png)
Now that the dust as settled, which did you prefer? https://strawpoll.com/polls/jVyG8x7Kzn7
>>5167 I just want to go back, lads.
Alright, who's the toughest, strongest guy here?
>>5170 Most likely me
I've started soaking my toes in bleach to get rid of my fungal nails. The skin is red, sore, and peeling off, but I think it's starting to work.
>>5172 You might destroy the fungus but your toes will probably become permanently scaly and calloused from the bleach.
Do you really believe brains are inside your skull?
>>5174 No. Just the one.
>>5175 I chuckled.
Would you rather be an 120 IQ nigger or an 80 IQ white man?
>>5177 Kill yourself.
Anyone have any experience with getting your £1k whiplashbux after getting into a traffic accident? I had the good grace of getting crashed into very recently and I'd like my money.
Where the fuck is the thread maker? It's well past bump limit.
>>5180 Go on then. Greentext it.
>>5182 Not that lad, but I can give you mine from a few years ago. >on the way back home from Peterborough >parked in a motorway rest area eating burger king >white van in the space across the road directly behind me reverses so far out of his own space he hits my car I had been parked there for at least 10 minutes at that point, I still have no idea what the blind cunt was doing.
>>5182 >driving home from Asda after buying some supplies >stop at some traffic lights just before a three lane roundabout >pretty complicated l roundabout, but I use it daily >lights turn green >make my way down the centre lane >head towards second set of lights >old man tries to merge into my lane >crashes

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