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Open file (52.20 KB 610x374 bf_fucked.jpg)
Anonymous 03/28/2022 (Mon) 16:35:53 No.3945
Britfeel General #118 (Apparently) Conversation starters: > have you had any good poos lately? > TimmyUK dinner challenge > Queens Jubilee celebrations plans > Nominations for The Britfeel Award for the 'Longest Bennies Recipient'
>>3945 Forgot about the Jubilee actually. Nice extra long weekend with that. Shall be sitting around and doing nothing.
>>3945 Nice Op lad. Cant help but think the OP image would have worked better as a GIF though. Something to think about for next time.
Open file (10.25 KB 237x212 pp.jpg)
>>3950 pressed the wrong button, could have even done a webm if I wanted to but I dun goofed
>Nominations for The Britfeel Award for the 'Longest Bennies Recipient' What's the rules for nomination? I was getting EMA from Oct 2008 - Jun 2011 (plus free taxis to & from college for one year), ESA from Aug 2013 - Sept 2016, had a 3-month employment stint, then ESA again from Jan 2017 - present. So my longest period without breaks is my current run at 5 years and 2 months, but if you skip the 3-month employment gap then I've been on ESA/JSA for a total of 8 years and 3 months. I have a grand total of 10 years and 3 months receiving some form of bennies, and this has all been over the course of the past 13 years and 5 months.
Open file (338.43 KB 620x413 ClipboardImage.png)
*swoops into the thread* HOO HOO
I went to a wedding on Friday. It was the first wedding I've been to in nearly 30 years of my life. I thought weddings were supposed to be sesible, formal events but everyone was getting pissed. By the end of the nights the toilets were covered in vomit and the majority of guests were incredibly drunk. I have no idea how, I bought myself a vodka and orange juice and it cost £7.90. I noticed that one of the bridesmaids was someone that I went to school with. Small world.
>>3952 My god, it's been 5 years since you had that factory job. It feels like it was only about 2 years ago.
>>3955 Yeah it's pretty mad. I was 24 when I had that job, now I'm 30 and I haven't done anything in particular since then.
>>3956 Do you feel any different now than you did back then?
>>3957 Just more dead inside and apathetic really. It's like my mind has become so thickly calloused that no sensation can penetrate it any more. Other than the few changes I made to my diet (which I've mostly kept up with), all the other self-improvement things I did leading up to that job went out the window shortly after I quit, and I've yet to make any real effort to get myself back on track; so my current state isn't really a surprise. I've got a walking-orientated holiday with my dad in Symonds Yat and Brecon Beacons lined up for June though, so I need to get back into going for regular walks lest I become an invalid after the first day. Went for a decent walk locally with him yesterday, so I'd be wise to use that as momentum.
>>3958 Do you have any ambitions to change from your current lifestyle? Sounds like that will be some sort of hike? Actually sounds nice. Make sure you break in your shoes before you go or you'll end up riddled with blisters.
>>3959 Also, get yourself a decent pair of socks.
>>3959 >Do you have any ambitions to change from your current lifestyle? No, and I think that's one of the main problems. When I started the self-improvement stuff, all my primary goals (overcoming anxiety, building social skills, learning to drive, getting a job, moving out, etc.) were basically all driven by me wanting to get a girlfriend and the things I'd need to do to get one, and that in itself was due to the erroneous (but deeply ingrained) belief that having a companion would "fix me". At some point along the line I not only stopped believing that a girlfriend would solve any of my problems, but I also began viewing it as an actively bad idea; and so the desire to keep working towards all those other goals has left me. >Make sure you break in your shoes before you go or you'll end up riddled with blisters. Yeah I will do, still need to get a decent pair actually. I've got one pair of walking shoes already from back when I was doing regular walks, but with those it's like playing an ice level in a video game as soon as the ground is even slightly wet.
>>3962 El hee hee
Open file (1.24 MB 1200x640 ClipboardImage.png)
I've been on a nostalgia trip on youtube. Did anyone ever watch this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTWto-vJRq4
>>3964 No, I hated seeing her horse face plastered all over the internet back then, and those videos were the epitome of "such a nerd XD" bollocks. Have some quality pre-youtube material I suddenly remembered about the other day instead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMY9VlMIEJk
>>3964 Nope
I must say this new thread has me feeling invigorated about the board. The old thread was just a bit stale, this is fresh.
>>3965 I hadn't developed any sense of factionalism back then, 4chan vs reddit, me vs normies, or anything like that, and I didn't have any sense of my hobbies belonging to anyone. I just really enjoyed playing WoW and thought the series was good.
>>3954 From my experience, weddings are just very expensive piss ups.
Watched "The Thick of It" again. Truly a masterpiece of a show.
Someone insulted Radiohead in the last thread. Well, justify yourself. >contemplative >serious >somber >orchestral elements >melancholic >beautiful melodies >thought-provoking lyrics >fragile vocals that contribute to the wispy, contemplative feel >mongy, slightly otherworldly-looking singer contributes to the transcendent feel Go on. Justify yourself.
>>3971 Alright. >shit >no fun >depressing >gay instruments >suicide fuel >tranny melodies >pseudo-intellectual lyrics >awful vocals that contribute to the wispy, shit feel >mongy, slightly otherworldly-looking singer contributes to the revolting feel
>>3968 It was more "old niche internet vs new mainstream internet". Many people who previously had no interest in computers, gaming, etc. began posing as "nerds" and "geeks", and there were a lot of young'uns like yourself who didn't have a clue about what was happening and went along with their whole wave of bullshit because you didn't know better. Now I can't reminisce about the "good ol' days" of the web any more without always being bombarded with the same cancer that killed the internet I liked in the first place. Fuck bloggers, fuck Chuck Norris jokes, fuck Myspace, fuck emo kids, fuck scene kids, fuck Skype, fuck Facebook, fuck Twitter, fuck post-2006 YouTube, fuck Xbox Live, fuck CoD kiddies, fuck 7th gen consoles, fuck Mass Effect, fuck Bioshock, fuck DLC, fuck Comicon, fuck conventions in general, fuck Soulja Boy, fuck icanhascheezburger, fuck Rickrolling after 2007, fuck advice dog, fuck 2 girls 1 cup reaction videos, fuck Ray William Johnson, fuck Google Chrome, fuck roll threads, fuck dubs checking, fuck shitposting, fuck Boxxy, fuck Felicia Day, fuck Reddit, fuck meme templates, fuck meme generators, fuck ragecomics, fuck generic WordPress sites, fuck underageb& being several years late to 2007-2009 era /b/ material and regurgitating it non-stop for the next decade, fuck the revival of autotune, fuck iPhones, fuck smartphones, fuck "the cloud", fuck Spotify, fuck Dubstep, fuck Nyancat, fuck Rebecca Black, fuck Willow Smith, fuck Bronies, fuck Google+, fuck Minecraft Beta 1.8 Adventure Update, fuck ironic shitposting, fuck cryptocurrencies, fuck microtransactions, fuck Tumblr, fuck 9gag, fuck Kotaku, fuck the indie dev clique, fuck Dorito Pope, fuck Anita Sarkeesian, fuck Windows 8, fuck Kony 2012, fuck generic Bootstrap sites, fuck Gangnam Style, fuck SJWs, fuck Boiler Room, fuck making opting out of search engine filters impossible, fuck the NSA, fuck Twitch, fuck Pinterest, fuck Instagram, fuck Patreon, fuck The Fappening, fuck Five Nights at Freddy's, fuck moot, fuck nu-4chan, fuck Twitter again, fuck Snapchat, fuck dank memes, fuck vaporwave, fuck Caitlyn Jenner, fuck the Snoopers' Charter, fuck Windows 10, fuck Jim Watkins, fuck dramatubers, fuck Undertale, fuck "lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to", fuck shitty overused wojak and pepe edits, fuck Discord, fuck profile pic activism, fuck big tech censorship, fuck deplatforming, fuck COPPA, fuck nu-/pol/, fuck Qboomers, fuck WebP, fuck China, fuck globohomo, fuck AI, and fuck NFTs. Fuck everything about the normalfag internet, fuck this post, and fuck RADIOHEAD.
I'll be closer to 30 than 20 next month lads...
>>3974 reminder that 25-30 flew by for me and 30-32 was like blinking.
>>3974 I'm turning 30 this year. Doesn't matter to be honest.
>>3974 I'm 30, and my top tip is to consider yourself 30 a year or two before you turn 30. Gets you to the acceptance stage much quicker.
>>3977 >>3976 >>3975 Feels like this year has disappeared, expect it is much the same for every year going forward, how do we slow down?
>>3978 Best you can do is keep providing yourself with new stimuli. A day spent outside of your usual routine feels a lot longer than a day spent doing the same old shit.
>>3973 That's quite the orgy you have there lad, probs a world record.
Open file (652.11 KB 850x478 ClipboardImage.png)
https://www.breitbart.com/entertainment/2022/03/29/nolte-slapping-champion-says-will-smith-slaps-like-a-girl/ >Russian Slapping Champion Vasily Kamotskiy, a Siberian behemoth nicknamed “Dumpling,” has 170,000 Instagram followers and was not at all impressed with Will Smith’s attempt to slap the shit out of comedian Chris Rock during Sunday night’s basement-rated Oscar telecast. >“It was a weak blow,” Kamotskiy said, according to Russian media. “He didn’t put his body into it.” >“And he struck from top to bottom,” the champ added. “You need to strike from the bottom up, or at least from the side. In general, he hit like a girl. Just like they hit in all [American] movies.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPW3dUmyEjE
>>3981 Top kek. Thanks Lad, brightened my day.
It's snowing.
Snow's gone.
Do you lads have a bedtime routine? It's dawned on me I'm not making as good use of the conditioning functions these fleshy vessels we inhabit come installed with as I could be. I've devised a routine, and it will be something resembling the following: >phone on charge and out of reach at 9 >light blocking glasses on >put on a nasal strip >flux set to full dim >sniff the bag of lavendar on my bedside table >initiate deep breathing I'll post how I'm getting on in a couple of weeks. Thank you for reading my post.
>>3985 >read until book falls onto face in deep slumber
Open file (968.40 KB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
Who /bossa nova on rainy days/ here?
>>3985 >flux set to full dim What is the flux on, if your phone is away and you're in bed?
>>3988 The laptop.
>>3985 >go to bed 4 hours before i need to be up >struggle to fall asleep for half an hour >start browsing the internet on my phone >nod off while doing so and drop phone on my face, waking me up and putting me back to square one >finally fall asleep 1 hour before i need to get up
Don't even realise how much time goes by when this is on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8FAnbz_BVA&ab_channel=SenGamin
im banned for a month on 4chan for comments made in brit/pol
>>3993 Out with it. What were saying and why did you think that was acceptable.
>>3985 >check my car is locked by tugging on the rear-driverside door handle 4 times >walk round my car, checking all the windows are properly closed. Tug a few more times on the rear passenger side door 4 times >shut back gate, observe that the lock is properly in place and then check it by tugging it towards myself 4 times >stand on the back yard step and make sure everything is in order >step inside and lock the kitchen door and then check it is closed by pulling the handle down 6 times, roughly 3 pulls per second >now check that the front door is locked using the same process as the back door >walk into the bathroom and check the windows are closed by pushing my hand on them 3 times each >quickly observe that all taps are off and the shower valve is in the correct position >return to the kitchen, check the back door the same way as before >observe that the kettle is off and no other appliances are switched on and the tap is off >take a good look at the oven, making sure it isn't turned on >check all the gas valves are in the correct position, observing them one by one, top to bottom twice >close the door behind me and check the bathroom the same way as earlier but this time being exceptionally careful (doesn't take too long) >check front door once more >set the thermostat to 18c >stand on my stairs and check everything is in order, no lights on and so >head to bed and sleep
>>3995 >that counted checks <pure autism Sound reasoning however, and such thoughtful thoroughness indicates a degree of maturity in the matter. I'd also urge you to add prayers to your listing, as >"Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchman stays awake in vain." https://www.biblehub.com/psalms/127-1.htm Cheers mate.
Open file (130.13 KB 261x400 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3995 If we were anywhere else I'd think you were taking the piss but I'm honestly not sure.
>>3987 I don't know what that means.
Anyone seen any films recently? Anything you would recomend/discourage? I watched Her. I expected a lot more. 4/10. I also watched Casino which I surprisingly enjoyed, despite normally disliking gangster films.
Open file (861.12 KB 727x1091 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3999 I haven't watched a film in ages. I've been watching this though, and I think the plot is really well-made.
Open file (146.33 KB 460x258 ClipboardImage.png)
>when people say "Fuck organized religion." So are the disorganized ones meant to be alright?
I cannot stick to workout routines, I lift till I cannot lift any longer. Is this a bad idea?
>>4002 I dont understand the question.
>>3995 >back yard All that OCD and you let this blatant yankism slip through.
>>4005 There is a blatant difference between a back yard and a back garden. However, I'd be interested to hear what you call the concrete, outoor area of a house on a terraced estate. Even when I was a young child I've known it as a "yard".
>>4006 >However, I'd be interested to hear what you call the concrete, outoor area of a house on a terraced estate. "Dire".
>>4002 Listen to your body. If you're feeling a reduction in performance or that you're more injury-prone, then scale it back a bit, otherwise you should be fine.
>>4008 My issue seems to be patience/discipline. I enjoy lifting but I just pick an area a day such as quads and go until I'm shaking and sore, I can't seem to get myself into warm-ups, cool-downs or proper routines
>>4009 I was the same when I started out, at least with not warming up, but I soon learned my lesson after a few injuries. It's really good performance-wise as well because you're not only warming up the muscles but also the CNS, which contributes significantly to your output. Training legs 'til you can't walk is fun so I don't really blame you lad, just don't ignore any signals your body might be giving you over the longer-term.
>>4001 >So are the disorganized ones meant to be alright? Yes.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=as7EJU-UVAM >lots of people drinking but no litter >no nignogs >no one getting too pissed and being a daft cunt >ywn be chilling to these vibes >ywn be a part of this comfy atmosphere
>>4013 Is there anything more useless than a DJ? It's on par with an orchestra conductor. Useless. He could have just pressed play and walked away, no need for all the button pressing and flappy arms.
>>4014 You're in for it mate. I'm not even going to bother. Look forward to waking up to your dressing down in the morning.
>>3999 I watched the Godfather somewhat recently. Was really good, there was something about it that you just don't get in modern films.
>>4014 >>4015 I'm not even mad, most DJs today are in fact shite. They play dull, generic music to equally dull, generic crowds, and are no better than a pre-determined playlist with automix enabled; in fact they're sometimes worse. Unless you know where to look, that's all the average person will ever see, so it's no surprise when they think DJs are glorified jukebox operators. That being said: a good DJ can take a party to another level if they're able to read and interact with a crowd, choose just the right tunes for just the right moments, and can direct the dancefloor in whatever direction they want to take it; blowing the metaphorical roof of the place when they decide it's time. You won't find that with wanker DJs who only play whatever's topping the beatport charts that week, spend their entire sets facing away from the crowd and staring down at their decks, and are basically there for no reason other than self-satisfaction. All you'll ever get with those types are people awkwardly standing/sitting around gormlessly holding on to their drinks and phones, a few obligatory "I'm too cool to dance but better bop up and down a bit to not look too out of place" movements, and a couple of poseurs being their usual twattish selves. They may as well have pressed play and walked away for all they bring to their "events"; it'd probably be an improvement.
>>4017 Can you show me an example of a good DJing performance?
>>4018 It's tricky because the best "performances" generally aren't caught on camera and put on youtube; if people are busy standing around recording the DJ (or if the event is some shitty hipster media project like boiler room), it usually means that nobody is dancing and the party is dead. However, one example of a top-notch DJ I can give probably won't be to anyone here's musical tastes (not even mine a lot of the time, although he occasionally brings out the oldschool funky 4x4 garage), but I consider DJ EZ to be one of the best in the world when it comes to crowd control (and he's one of the best in the world on a technical level too). He can capture just about any crowd whether it's a small dingy basement club or a massive festival stage, keep them locked right in his pocket for as long as he desires, then make the place explode exactly when he intends it to. And then he'll bring the energy right back down to near-silence -- without clearing a single person off the dancefloor -- and he'll do it all over again. You'll never hear EZ just aimlessly playing monotonous tune after monotonous tune, or see his audiences just standing there with their hands in their pockets not knowing what to do with themselves, because he's constantly working the crowd and keeping them captivated, keeping the energy ebbing and flowing. He's remixing tracks on the fly, he's sliding little snippits of familiar tunes in and out to tease them, he's playing the decks and the mixer like they're musical instruments. He's one of the only DJs I've seen who's managed to breath a little life into a boiler room crowd, and that should say it all. He puts most other DJs to shame, to the point where it's like they're not even in the same sport, nevermind the same league.
Open file (653.41 KB 914x1532 gadaffimaxxed.jpg)
Would you gadaffimaxx lads
Open file (1018.17 KB 968x645 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4021 RIP, suprised she lasted as long as she did.
>>4020 No, I wouldn't.
Look. Isn't it about time we gave up the facade? Let's be honest. I mean really. Think about it rationally. There's no two ways about it. The window is open. And if you don't look through it, it will look through you. Is that what you want? I didn't think so. So do what you need to do.
>>4020 Miss seeing this bloke on the telly.
>>4024 I hole-hardedly agree, but allow me to play doubles advocate here for a moment. For all intensive purposes I think you are wrong. In an age where false morals are a diamond dozen, true virtues are a blessing in the skies. We often put our false morality on a petal stool like a bunch of pre-Madonnas, but you all seem to be taking something very valuable for granite. So I ask of you to mustard up all the strength you can because it is a doggy dog world out there. Although there is some merit to what you are saying it seems like you have a huge ship on your shoulder. In your argument you seem to throw everything in but the kids Nsync, and even though you are having a feel day with this I am here to bring you back into reality. I have a sick sense when it comes to these types of things. It is almost spooky, because I cannot turn a blonde eye to these glaring flaws in your rhetoric. I have zero taller ants when it comes to people spouting out hate in the name of moral righteousness. You just need to remember what comes around is all around, and when supply and command fails you will be the first to go. Make my words, when you get down to brass stacks it doesn't take rocket appliances to get two birds stoned at once. It's clear who makes the pants in this relationship, and sometimes you just have to swallow your prize and accept the facts. You might have to come to this conclusion through denial and error but I swear on my mother's mating name that when you put the petal to the medal you will pass with flying carpets like it’s a peach of cake.
>>4026 You ... I've seen you...Let me see your face... You are the one from my dreams... Then the stars were right, and this is the day. Gods give me strength. Assassins attacked my sons, and I'm next. My Blades are leading me out of the city along a secret escape route. By chance, the entrance to that escape route leads through this thread. Perhaps the Gods have placed you here so that we may meet. As for what you have done... it does not matter. That is not what you will be remembered for.
Open file (256.05 KB 310x465 ClipboardImage.png)
What phenotype is this?
>>4028 Big gay.
>>4028 Albanian
What are some key signs someone is an insufferable turd? I'll start with an easy one: >doesn't have a phone / has an ancient "dumb" phone because "i don't need anything more"
>>4031 Biggest one has to be making shite bait posts on an obscure anonymous imageboard to an audience of 4 people.
Open file (100.11 KB 280x280 ClipboardImage.png)
Do you reckon smuggling drugs in your bum is dangerous? I was thinking, what if the package splits, then it's going to be absorbed in the intestine isn't it? And any amount worth smuggling will be enough to OD on. Thoughts?
>>4034 Depends on what drugs you're thinking of smuggling and how good the condom or balloon you use is
>>4035 I'm thinking speed. If you smuggled a gram of speed in your arse and it split, you'd be dead for sure. Do you have any tips for a would-be bum smuggler?
>>4036 I don't know lad, I think it'd be horrific all of a sudden, you'll probably get sick. Probably chest pains, diarrhoea, not death. Tie a double knot in a condom maybe 2 layers if your bumhole can handle it lad
Bring three for the tiller man Eight for the son Nine for the woman who made Lorraine come Seagulls sing you're far away 'Cause while the singers sing, the children play Oh Lord, how they play and play For that happy day, for that happy day
I've just ordered some mastic gum and started mewing. It's happening.
I'm currently translating an interview with a famous mangaka in the BL genre. I can post it when I'm done if anyone's interested.
>>4040 Post it lad
>>4040 Shall be reading that, cheers lad.
Would any of you lads mind sharing your personal experience with anti depressants?
>>4043 I have tried many of them, they vary heavily. Which one were you thinking about trying?
Open file (565.03 KB 849x1200 opendoor.jpg)
You lads got any short horror stories to recommend? Or ones you've created?
>>4043 Was on sertraline for a couple years. Helped me get back on track when I was at a low point, which subsequently allowed me to sort out some of the underlying issues and get off them. Worked well for me but it seems to be wildly different for different people
I've just tried natto for the first time. What the fuck is wrong with these people?
>>4047 what is it, japanese porridge or something?
Open file (286.39 KB 450x338 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4048 Fermented soybeans.
Are you meant to shampoo and condition your pubes?
>>4049 thanks i hate it
>>4050 I don't think so lad
Had a shower and went for an hour long walk earlier, it's been a while.
>>4053 I've started enjoying the feeling of being showered a lot more lately. I've gone up from one a week to two. Do you have nice places to go walking lad?
>>4054 I just walk from my house to wherever, mostly around houses and along roads but there's a few parks and stuff here and there. My area is on a hill which faces another hill that's heavily wooded, so there's always a nice view in one particular direction wherever you go.
Fell into some sinking sand yesterday evening and forgot all my training instantly. What if that is how I ultimately perish?
>>4056 We all have our time!
Open file (522.03 KB 1100x1500 beio779yknt51.jpg)
Greetings from Deutschland my British friend. Always wanted to visit London!
>>4058 London's shite, come visit Britain instead.
>>4058 come visit three cocks in breconshire, it's a right laugh haha
>>4049 ain't that what those funny hat fellas make into hoisin, foreign muck
>>4058 Save yoursen the bother. London is shite.
>>4044 >>4046 Not sure specifically. I don't know what doctors perscribe these days. I know this sounds silly, but how do I actually go about seeing a doctor? How do I know what kind of doctor to visit? Am I supposed to sign up with the NHS or something? I haven't been to a docctor since I was a child. >>4045 I wasnt the OP of this post, but I was hoping I'd see some replies. I was looking forward to having a few short horror stories to read.
>>4047 How was it? I've always wanted to try that.
I'm now going to watch the entire directors cut for The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Haven't watched these in at least 15 years. I also wasn't even aware there was a directors cut. It has added a huge amount of additional footage. Here's the run times for each. The Fellowship of the Ring- 2 hours 25 The Two Towers - 3 hours 35 The Return of the King - A whopping 4 hours
>>4063 You might (almost definitely will since the doctors I've been seeing for years have said there are no spaces for non-urgent cases) need to self-refer to secondary mental health rather than through your gp, can find these sites online typing in your local area typically. I can dig up some of my old favourite horror stories also
>>4065 I always skip The Two Towers except the helms deep bit
>>4045 >>4063 Published short horror stories that I recommend: John Connolly - nocturnes (1 and 2) Bentley Little- Walking Alone Stephen King- Just After Sunset & Full Dark, No Stars M.J Pack- Certain Dark Things Joe Hill- 20th Century Ghosts & Strange Weather Strange Weather is a lot of fun to read, here's the synopsis: "On a seemingly ordinary day in Boulder, Colorado, the clouds open up in a downpour of nails—splinters of bright crystal that shred the skin of anyone not safely under cover. Rain explores this escalating apocalyptic event, as the deluge of nails spreads out across the country and around the world."
Strange letters keep showing up to my Mum's house addressed to me, however, I haven't lived there in 3 years. I am recieving 1 letter every 2 weeks with the same return address. I can't imagine what it could be, I've been thinking about it non stop for weeks now. I've changed my address with my bank, electoral register, drivers licence. I have no outstanding debts or payments with anyone. I thought for a moment it might be vaccine reminders but I remember what return address they use. Fortunately the vaccine letter also had a copy addressed to my mum so it was safe to open.
>>4070 So what are you doing about it? Are you gonna go get the letters / have your mum send them to you?
>>4070 My dad still occasionally gets letters sent here and he hasn't lived here since 1999.
>>4071 No, I just can't open letters if I don't know where they came from. I wouldn't dream of opening these.
Good evening lads. Here are all of the completed English translations of the Japanese AV interviews I've transcribed. https://ufile.io/f/q9r82 >Dr. Oto - Boys' Love mangaka >Yoshiyuki Yumi - ex-AV actress and Pink Film director >Ms. Tsugumi - AV actress >Mr. Hirota - worked for various video ethics organisations (the ones responsible for the mosaics)
>>4074 Good stuff lad, thanks for uploading. Can't say I expected the fujoshi interviewer to suddenly start going on about the UK's "feminist ideals" and "gender equality".
>>4075 She seems to be in academia, and I got the impression she'd held a post at a UK uni at some point. I think they have a tendency to see whatever the gaijin are doing as edgy and cool, while viewing their own relatively traditional society as boring and dweeby. Many such cases!
frosty jacks for tea
>>4073 Have you looked up the return address?
>>4078 Looks like there's fuck all on amazon, problem with things like that is that they break easy and rarely last long. Maybe avoid stores you've never heard of, they almost always use the cheapest parts possible
Anon. There's still one thing I can do.
Open file (140.25 KB 480x640 FO26806.JPG)
Now there's a blast from the past.
Open file (86.33 KB 150x201 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4082 I didn't know these existed. That said, step aside. Can't believe how shit the new packets look.
Who /universal determinism of cause and effect/ here?
>>4084 You mean like Devs?
Speaking of crisps, can anyone recomend some good salt and vinegar crisps? I dont want any pussy walkers crisps. I really want it to sting when I eat it, I want overwhelming vinegar, I want it to hurt. McCoys are quite good, but they unfortunately have that starchy, stodgy texture. I'd like something similar to Kettle Chips but stronger.
>>4082 Blue tongue monster munch
>>4083 I rememeber a big deal about the current designs coming in because they were nostalgic to the people who ate them in the 80's or whatever. I thought they looked shit when they first brought the desing back, and I still do now. The shiny packets are great. Miss the cheesy ones to be honest.
>>4073 >I just can't open letters if I don't know where they came from why not lad
>>4089 Someone might have planted a bomb in it.
Post one way you're going to make today count.
>>4091 I backed up some files.
>>4090 >Someone might have planted a bomb in it. Surely it would have been for a good reason though? >>4091 >Post one way you're going to make today count. I'm finally going to make that important post I've put off making all along (since yesterday), and I'm going to get back to work writing some code improvements.
>>4089 Irrational fears
Have you lads heard about the global whibblescromps supply chain issues caused by the Ukraine conflict? Where do you think it's all going?
Open file (3.10 MB 1200x1600 ClipboardImage.png)
Leave Britain's future to me lad.
>>4096 keir starmer the booty harmer
Why do we still have bank holidays? It is the dumbest shit
>>4098 Don't you want a day off lad?
>>4098 >trying to ring loads of dentists >wonder why no one's answering and realise Unacceptable.
>>4099 No it makes the next day twice as hard because we have to complete double the work
>moaning about days off work
Today is going to be a good day.
>>4103 Today was a good day.
Is gymlad still here?
>>4091 jerked off to Blacked porn, regular interracial porn and christian interracial porn.
>>4105 Yes. Hello.
>>4107 Is it possible to have much success with 3 day week routines?
>>4108 Yes, there's no reason you can't make really good progress. I would do either a PPL split or even full body workouts to ensure you're getting enough volume in.
>>4109 Will you make half the progress of a 6 day PPL routine or is that bioscience? Also, nice weather today, lads.
>>4111 I can't put a number on it and there are a lot of variables. Speaking very generally you probably won't progress as rapidly on 3 day full body, but on the other hand, if you enjoy training hard, you can impede recovery or injure yourself more easily on 6 days a week. That's just based on my experience though.
>>4112 What's your thoughts on ICF? Seems well regarded as a 3 day routine, but I don't trust the mental stability of the man who made it.
Have only gone and gotten myself banned from 4chan for 30 days.
>>4058 Mein bruder come to london and meet me in saint katherines docks for a cheeky pint and a half
Would you eat a pea-sized nugget of your own poo for £5000?
>>4116 No. £500,000 and I'll think about it.
>>4116 >>4117 £50k then yes
Open file (11.82 KB 300x300 dennis waterman.jpg)
Bit late but Rest In Peace Dennis Waterman (From "The Sweeney" and "Minder") A legend has passed and the world is a darker place without him.
>>4116 I'd slurp a cup of my own fermented shit for just 10p
Would you rather let a man have explosive diarrhea over your face with your mouth wide open or slap your mum across the face?
>>4121 Option B, what's with all these fecal questions lad?
Open file (660.07 KB 810x539 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (601.33 KB 615x452 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (591.87 KB 615x465 ClipboardImage.png)
McDonald's worker who 'put smiles on everybody's faces' leaves Grimsby Road branch after 28 years >Andrew Bellamy, 55, worked at the branch since its opening in 1993 >A Cleethorpes man who spent an incredible 28 years working at McDonald's on Grimsby Road has hung up his hat for the last time. >"I did seven years at the Grimsby Road branch of McDonald's to start with and then I went to Cleethorpes for 18 months and then I came back, and I've been there ever since. But now [me and my family] are moving down to Malvern next Tuesday. That's where my brother and his wife live, just outside of Malvern. I'll have to see what else is down there, it'll be nice if I could work in another McDonald's but I'll have to see." >"I started in the kitchen and my job was to sweep the floor up, wipe the tables, empty the bins and help to take the food out. I'm going to miss working there. I'm going to miss everything - the management, the customers, the crew, and just the job as a whole." >Mark Chapman from McDonald's on Grimsby Road said: "It was an absolute pleasure to work with Andrew for all those years. He most certainly put a smile on everybody’s faces and we will miss him so much." https://www.grimsbytelegraph.co.uk/news/grimsby-news/mcdonalds-worker-who-put-smiles-7042404
>>4122 Wow, you would slap your mum? Very disrespectful.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
>>4125 Sitting here at my computer with /britfeel/ open in a browser tab.
>>4125 what kind of stupid fucking question is that you absolute cunt? what am i, nostradamus?
>>4127 You're reading comprehension could use some work.
>>4123 Hmm he must have an extra source of income to afford an early retirement. Dark web coke dealer perhaps?
>>4125 Probably exact same position as I am now except with more family and less money
Any good articles/academic essays on working conditions in coal mines during the victorian/industrial revolution era? Child labor,working 12-16 hours a day etc. I want to apply those working conditions to my dumbell workout to become a true Man
>>4123 >Andrew's mum, Elizabeth Bellamy, added: "My late husband and I were always so happy that we've been able to support him there for so long, and he's had nothing but kindness. He's been treated so well and so kindly and I appreciate that so much. >"I've always been so proud of Andrew and I'm so grateful that he found a job that suited him so well with such understanding management. They've made him so happy. They gave him a whiskey glass which said 'the place will never be the same without you'. I'm so grateful to McDonald's and the staff there." His mum's comments suggest he has some sort of profound learning disability, though the article doesn't go as far as to outwardly state it. Honestly they ought to have. An average man working at McDonalds for nearly 30 years is pathetic, but if he's a tard it's admirable.
>>4131 All I've got for you is this video I watched a year or so ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-J5H7UOotQ >Miners | Life down the Pit | Good Afternoon |1973 >Life down the pits - Hard work, poverty and danger were to be expected if you had a life down the pits. For many Miners your working life started at 14 years of age when you left school . Respected journalist Mary Parkinson speaks to 2 retired miners and the wife of a miner about the how they eked out a living on a day to day basis. First transmitted 17/10/1973
(im from Brazil) Can someone tell me how in the fuck margaret tatcher ISNT a national hero/folk saint,given she waged and won a war against a catholic republican(argentina)in favour of the Anglican Monarchy?
>>4132 Just sounds like a Mum.
>>4134 she closed the mines and crippled a lot of the North whose entire industry and most jobs were based around it.
Do you know where Hell is? Hell is in the Falls. Heaven is in Shankill, And we'll guard our Derry's walls!
>>4134 Our Maggy is a hero mate, just ignore the northern scum and you'll be fine.
Open file (123.37 KB 540x574 clown suicide.jpg)
>>4134 Milk snatcher mate
When I was in year 4, I had a teacher would round up all the used milk bottles and decant them into a single bottle that he would drink. Its quite disgusting. They were probably 10% saliva.
Open file (814.49 KB 954x529 ClipboardImage.png)
You Can't Go On Site Without Hi-Viz | Leave Now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbSQ4n03Azk
>>4141 that's vile. I think 10% is an understatement.
I fundamentally believe that all this "hot weather" rubbish is a sick joke. The temperature should never reach more than 12 degrees centigrade or 55 degrees farenheit. That is it. Not a degree more or there will be hell to pay.
>>4144 >or there will be hell to pay Quite literally lad.
Am a Mosleym. That is to say, I am a religious follower of Oswald Mosley. Mosleyism 4 da UK
Moslym lives matter
Have you noticed any difference to your hairline/colour over the past 5 years?
>>4148 Yeah my hairline's shite, no signs of grey yet though.
>>4148 It's slightly receded. My dad's did the same and stopped there though so I'm not too fussed, and even if it continued I'd just go bald anyway. I have two greys in my beard. What about you, fellow poster?
Do you feel concerned about how much of your life you don't remember? I was looking through my steam library and there are games that I've put 10-20 hours into and I don't remember a second of it. Apparently in 2013 I put 8 hours into Antichamber? I don't even know what that is One of the pros is that you can enjoy a good television series about 6-7 times before you die.
>>4151 I've been experiencing that a lot the last couple of years, wouldn't be surprised if I get hardcore dementia when I'm older (actually I probably would be surprised because I won't remember ever thinking about it). It's shit because I can't take part in discussions about tons of things I remember experiencing, and at best I'll just have a vague memory of what my opinion of it was. Like you say though, it does have the upside of being able to re-experience things you like as if it's the first time.
>>4150 There were two white hairs in my beard. I got a bit fed up with them so I decides to pluck them out. As I got a close look, I discovered that there were far more than 2. I must have plucked out a good 9.
Open file (329.11 KB 401x617 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4155 I poke my head out of the gutter for one freakin' second and fate shovels SHIT in my face. RIP
Tell me everything you know about HPV.
Open file (311.90 KB 1068x601 ClipboardImage.png)
>just pirated a free program
>>4157 Nothing.
I have such a shitty laptop.
>>4160 Mine won't even turn on, checkmate.
Open file (26.04 KB 474x421 cool britannia.jpg)
>Union Jacks everywhere >UK taking the global lead in the war against russia >UK winning eurovision 'Cool Britannia' is back on the cards methinks
>>4162 >UK winning eurovision Wasn't it 2nd place? What was that all about anyway, something must have happened to cause it and I don't think it was the performance.
Open file (1.16 MB 962x779 ClipboardImage.png)
OI OI How we celebrating it then lads?
Open file (1.71 MB 962x1289 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (684.95 KB 962x719 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4164 gunna treat myself to a cheeky pokey bum wank
>>4161 Suppose my laptop is turned off and I decide I want to play a video game. It will take me 35-50 minutes before I reach the menu screen.
I'm going to go take a fat shit at Pauls. Anyone want anything?
Do any of you lads suffer from abdominal bloating?
>>4170 No.
Something I'm curious to hear from you lads - In hindsight, do you think brexit was a good idea?
>>4172 I don't think enough time has passed to really notice any effects, especially with covid, the global silicon shortage, the supply chain crisis, etc. affecting the entire world.
>>4170 Yes.
>>4172 nah
>>4174 >>4175 >>4176 Would any of you mind elaborating? I'm assuming most people here voted leave, I did. The atmosphere on brritfeel during brexit was quite electric.
>>4172 hey guys how we all doing today
>>4177 I think Brexit damaged a lot of career opportunities to be honest lad
>>4181 Yes, I've experienced this, it's surprising how much it can hurt.
>>4177 The only thing that changed is that instead of Eastern European immigrants taking our jobs, it's pakis and niggers from the """Commonwealth""".
>>4172 More or less, perhaps. I suppose one might see it that way. I'm undecided. Brexit was useful in some ways but then again resulted in such harms that are undeniable - albeit a drop in the ocean compared to how screwed we are in due course of the Malthusian collapse we are presently doomed by.
might unironically book a prozzie lads
I wasn't aware how decrepit my body was getting until I started regularly exercising. If I walked up stairs too quickly I'd get a pain in my knees, if I jumped off something too tall I'd get a stinging pain in my ankles. I also couldn't sit at the computer too long without horrible shoulder pain. All of this has now gone.
>>4190 I can't imagine how awkward it would be to hire a prostitute. What the fuck do you do when you immediately enter their property? What would you even say? What do they say when your time is up? Sounds like a nightmare.
>>4191 Lad that is all very concerning, are you still exercising? It could get better with time but if it doesn't head to the GP at least
>>4192 You come in, you pay them and tell them what you'd like to do, whether you need to chat first and feel comfortable, some don't allow for kissing, some do, most will want to check you are clean first, some make you shower with them. Depends where you are going but there's plenty of info on punter sites
>>4192 >>4194 Havent booked one before but I imagine incall is easier for them than outcall. But I would feel awkward entering a prostitutes den. I suppose a good middle ground would be to book a hotel room for the night then pay outcall. But thats an extra hundred £ for your trouble.
Just watered the garden in the rain lads.
>>4196 M A D M A N
>>4193 Yes, I have been for a while. I was trying to say that all of my negative symptoms, aches and pains have gone away as I've became fitter and were probably just a result of sitting motionless at a computer for most of my life.
Yo mama sooo stoopid she dun revised fo her blood test
Today was my birthday and I should just like to say that, upon reflection, it was quite nice indeed.
>>4200 Happy birthday lad, did you do anything in particular for it?
>>4200 Happy birthday How old are you?
>>4201 >>4202 Thank you >did you do anything in particular for it? Not especially, I left work 2 hours early and saw my grandparents who are 90 this year and then had some birthday cake and went to a pub in a village near me for a meal.
This is a pitiful excuse of a summer.
Went to a house party and got a girls number, called her up on Monday and she sounded a little bit pissed off at me, and she told me she was busy when I wanted to meet her. Do I give it another call next week?
>>4206 Far too long. Wait a few hours.
>>4205 It really is. Windy as fuck, cold, rainy. On top of all that I'm still getting hay fever.
Open file (284.16 KB 490x450 ks.png)
Open file (28.34 KB 396x433 1452531831546.png)
Open file (35.76 KB 158x123 c.png)
Open file (268.99 KB 478x450 ClipboardImage.png)
>pass a toll road twice a day >pay by adding balance to my toll road account >set up account so whenever my balance drops below £5, £50 will be taken from my bank, everything is done automatically with no input >commute like this for years >suddenly auto top up is "disabled" >no reason for it to stop working, didn't change card, had enough money in my bank >come home to £740 worth of toll road fines because I passed the road 12 times without paying
Right then. Can I have a link to the discord.
>>4216 Why would you want that
Open file (531.00 KB 976x549 ClipboardImage.png)
Are you #ReadyforRishi?
>>4218 No. It's her turn.
>>4218 >Rothschilds' Rishi. >Fined for criminal behavior in public office. >Didn't have the honesty or integrity to resign in disgrace. >Best candidate for top government position. Corrupt 3rd world banana republic confirmed. No wonder the country has the most monkeypox cases in the world. All candidates are compromised.. Accepting any will lower what is accepted as a leader and makes the UK weaker. If I were Pootin I couldn't hope for a better bunch of wasters. If Jeremy CCP Cunt gets in it at least ordering Chinese goods will be cheap. Jeremy CCP Hunt - ruler of Euro-China (formerly known as "UK") Savage WEF Jabhead - more mandatory experimental injection loicenses to work Nadhim Zahawi - The Revenge of Saadam Part I Priti Mossad Patel - Meeting with foreign agents in secret is normalized. Tom EU--vassal Tugenfart - Anglos should bow before their Franco/German rulers. Kemi Nugbu-r-us Ba-show-dem-di-weh-noch - import 3rd world ruler, become 3rd world country. Rehman Cshiti - Caliphate UK. Treat Shariah law like female genital mutilation - turn a blind eye to incidents. Grant Schnappleburger - Regularly defended corruption in public office on TV. So, corruption is now legal kids. Don't get caught. If you do, lie and cover it up. Suella Braverwymn- BAME woman leader green lights every chad that societal rape & pillaging is back on the menu Liz Truss - her mouth would have started WW3 already if she was PM Penny Moredoubt - "Inclusivity" has exceptions for gender (trans-people), so why not for races too?
>>4220 Credit where it's due for those nicknames lad.
>>4220 You're quite knowledgeable, do you read a lot?
>>4223 Dunno, but wtf is wrong with her face? She looks like an alien freak.
>>4224 So-called "beauty filters": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beauty_filter They're all the rage with w*men these days, depite how ridiculous and alien-like it makes them look.
>>4217 I've lost my account and I need to get back in touch with the #LADS
Open file (912.47 KB 1160x773 ClipboardImage.png)
>white >absolute milf Given the circumstances, I'm thinking she's the best bet.
>>4229 Definitely shaggable, but her voice kills my boner. Think it reminds me too much of May.
>>4229 Don't particularly like her, but she's preferable to the paki and Liz fucking Truss.
Had like 6 shits today. Something I ate is definitely not agreeing with me. All I had yesterday was yogurt, chicken sandwich and then rice tuna and eggs.
>>4228 I can put you back in touch lad Sperg#6685 Message me
>>4234 Some low-quality podcast with a couple of literal-whos. What's your point?
>>4235 If you google the link, you'll see he's spamming it on every imageboard ever.
>>4236 Oh, it's probably his own video I guess. What a loser.
Open file (804.15 KB 1300x957 ClipboardImage.png)
https://www.youtube.com/shorts/wfWzWVTR7BA Dying here lads, how do people get like this?
Any of you /fit/ lads ever considered a job with the police or fire brigade?
Open file (103.78 KB 597x756 ClipboardImage.png)
utterly mind boggling social media interaction
Dear laughing_whores.jpg who have been shouting and screaming together like retards in a nearby garden for the past couple of hours: FUCK OFF.
>>4240 what website is this? It looks very much like twitter but it's not.
>>4242 It's one of those fediverse things, like a decentralized twitter.
>>4242 >>4240 natter from nitter? >>4229 >Given the circumstances, I'm thinking she's the best bet. >Bill Great Reset Gates approved lackey is best bet >a philanderer so insufficient of moral fibre to cause constipation with an estranged relationship with Truth would mog "the best bet" replacement the absolute state >>4229 >childhood trauma candidate is best bet. >most pliable emotionally to be raised in cults and secret organizations is best candidate Treason May part deux
When did it become acceptable to play loud music in your garden? This stuff never happened when I was a boy.
>>4242 poa.st
>>4233 Right then. Let's crack on.
Open file (460.28 KB 600x399 ClipboardImage.png)
How are you coping with the heat?
>>4248 Not too bad, slept through the worst of it anyway. I heeded the warnings and kept my windows, blinds, and curtains shut all day, so my bedroom temperture has hovered around 30-32 C while it was 37-39 C outside.
>>4248 >How are you coping with the heat? You should have learnt to drive a getaway vehicle properly then shouldn't you lad? ..but seriously, there's no heat for committing real crime, just ask the guy with the criminal record running for PM. If you perchance meant ̶g̶l̶o̶b̶a̶l̶ ̶c̶o̶o̶l̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶g̶l̶o̶b̶a̶l̶ ̶w̶a̶r̶m̶i̶n̶g̶ climate change I'm overjoyed that the Met Office confirmed sea levels will not rise due to climate change. See pic related.
>>4250 >for ants.jpg
betty swollocks
>>4248 I was sweating so bad at work today that I had to stuff toilet paper between my arsecrack and under my balls to stop the sweat soaking into my underwear.
What game have you sank the most time into and whats your playtime? (MMOs not included) For me it's L4D2 with 600 hours. I'd happily describe it as the best multiplayer game ever.
>>4254 Can't say for certain because I've never been much of a Steamfag (or whatever it is people use to see how many hours they've played a game), not to mention that my "gaming prime" was largely before these kinds of services existed. But if I had to guess, it would probably be either Vice City or San Andreas - and that's not counting the countless hours I used to spend modding these games, making my own simple texture mods, reading and posting about the games on forums, etc.
Can I get an "Absolutely fantastic"? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BAtzar60as
>>4256 Absolutely middle of the road.
>>4256 Absolutely not watching
>>4256 >click [Embed] >chinaman shit >click [Remove]
>>4255 I used to play Vice City and San Andreas a lot as a kid. I remember replaying it at some point and once I got past the first quest everything felt brand new. I must have just spent countless hours pissing about with cheat codes and driving cars.
What kind of scumbag would fly tip in another man's bin? The worst part is that it was bin day today, they will have an empty bin but they decided to put their 40 empty bottles of Stella in mine.
>final two leadership contenders are the absolute worst of the bunch really makes you think.
>>4262 Can't imagine either of them will last long as PM, so there's the silver lining.
>>4260 Man I was just recalling with my friend last time how we used to play San Andrea's co-op and then piss ourselves from laughing at the trolling we did. Idk if the new one has co-op.
>>4262 >>4263 >Pick one: >A) Manlet that killed the economy >B) Coke powered downie that will kill everyone in WW3 Grim If the members had sense to troll they could write in a protest name like "Guido Nao Fawkes" en masse. Obviously the downie has been pre-selected. It's totally not rigged.
>>4261 >Bin abusing alcoholic in denial Be grateful lad. You could have had the council threaten to fine you for the wrong things in your recycling bin that randos put in it before they checked.
I normally enjoy very spicy food. Yesterday I ordered a "phall". It was revolting. It had no flavour, it was just over the top spiciness. The texture was weirdly thick due to the ridiculous amount of chili powder poured into it. My stomach has been fucked up since. Had about 8 shits in the past 16 hours.
>>4267 serves you right for eating non-white slop
>>4267 Like a bit of "phall" do you?
>>4268 phall was invented by pakis specifically to give white brits who demand "extra spicy" curry. It is a bastardised abomination. Proper curry can actually be delicious.
>>4270 thanks for the input, gurdeep
I told a girl she was cute at the gym earlier and got her number. The first time in my life.
>>4272 Nice job mate. Are you going to message her? I was at the gym a few weeks ago and some unbelievably attractive girl said to me "can I take these?", whilst pointing towards the spare plates and I said "yes".
>>4271 Listen you bloody bastard bitch you saying what?
Good poo. And then met a girl at the gym who is Portuguese and seems OK.
Open file (617.99 KB 665x609 ClipboardImage.png)
Who here is alright? Who here isn't alright? Post what you plan on doing to continue being alright, or if you're not alright, what you plan on doing to fix it.
>>4278 I'm alright according to me, though probably not by anyone else's standards. Don't plan to change anything in the near future, just carrying on doing what I've been doing, which largely consists of using my computer all day every day, and then going out for a walk about once a month.
>>4279 Your own standards are the only ones that matter.
Open file (582.05 KB 634x757 ClipboardImage.png)
Stripper who claims Prince Harry gave her his PANTS during night in Las Vegas when he was pictured partying with no clothes on says she is selling them because he has become 'such a bore' >Carrie Reichert, formerly a high-end dominatrix in Vegas, is selling the pants >She says Prince Harry gave her his underwear in 2012 at a wild private party >The pants are a memento of when the Duke of Sussex was fun, Carrie's rep said https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11043563/Stripper-claims-Prince-Harry-gave-pants-night-Las-Vegas-auctioning-off.html
>>4278 I'm alright. Playing a 2d game called Blasphemous and having a blast. It's a bit hot though.
What action movies was Maria recommending we should watch lads? Are they /k/ino?
>>4284 What does any of this post mean?
>>4285 Probably someone posting in the wrong thread on the wrong board.
>>4284 Can't remember lad, better ask Deano he'll know, if he's done shagging her aha btw, im a cunt
>>4277 Is there anything more depressing than seeing glorious white history and comparing that to todays sad state of anyone calling themselfes white? God I wish I could turn back time. But this is forever lost.
Germanoids welcome? I remember visiting London and it was a fookin' shithole, even worse than Berlin
>>4289 Sure, make yourself comfy lad. Everyone over here has the same opinion of London as well, it's shite. Never been to Germany myself, but my dad went to Berlin about 10 years ago, and all he really said about it was that it was fucking freezing.
Open file (763.05 KB 1200x675 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4291 RIP.
Open file (109.35 KB 700x394 ClipboardImage.png)
Post a meme from when you first started using the internet
>>4293 I'm sorry to hear that lad, the internet was mostly shit by that point. Didn't really have "memes" back when I started using the net (somewhere around 1999-2000), just crude photoshops and things that had gone viral like dancing baby and hamster dance or whatever. Here's some fun stuff from around 2002-2004 instead, a much better era.
>>4294 >dancing baby This is in fact often considered to be the very first Internet meme.
Open file (1.04 MB 260x200 babycha30.gif)
>>4295 Don't know if I'd count it personally. Memes were something different to just "funny ____ that's gone viral"; they were ideas or characters that had been heavily iterated upon and reused/remixed in different ways by different people in a natural and unconcerted way. Whether something was a meme or not was irrespective of how popular/viral it was, and vice versa. Something wasn't considered a meme if it was just a funny, viral ____ made by one person, which is what dancing baby was. If dancing baby had become something that everyone was photoshopping into things, making animations about, etc., then I'd call it a meme, but as far as I recall it wasn't. To clarify, nothing I posted in >>4294 were memes either, they were just viral flash videos/animations.
>>4293 Probably these videos >>4294 I remember when you used to boot up MSN, it brought you to a hotmail webpage where you'd find these sorts of videos. Nobody called them memes though. I remember when "meme" was some despised word that was never said on 4chan. Saying it was always a dead giveaway that someone was a newfag and they would be promptly told to go back to 9gag.
>>4297 >I remember when "meme" was some despised word that was never said on 4chan. Saying it was always a dead giveaway that someone was a newfag and they would be promptly told to go back to 9gag. Wouldn't say "meme" was ever treated that harshly; people just didn't like forced memes nor people misusing the term for things which weren't memes. The whole anti-9gag thing wasn't until 2011 or so, by which point the site was already a lost cause and was basically newfags leading the newfags. "Meme" had been standard 4chan vernacular since the start, and it wasn't really used elsewhere until about 2007-2008 thanks to 4chan's explosion in popularity and a sudden rise in sites attempting to profit off LOLcats or whatever. There were some terms that were considered dead giveaways that someone was a newfag though, and ironically one of those was "newfag". "Only newfags say newfag".
>>4298 I started browsing around 2010 so I suppose that's true.
It came home.
>>4297 >>4298 I used to hang around YTMND back in 2007 before I started using 4chan in late 2008, and I also remember it being frowned upon to unironically use the word 'meme'.
>>4301 That's because YTMND called them "fads" instead, and resented anyone calling them memes on their website. By 2007-2008, they and other sites of that ilk had developed a hateboner towards 4chan and /b/tard culture due to how heavily regurgitated and spam-like it had all become, but it wasn't always like that. I remember around 2005 (back when 4chan was known more for its photoshops and memes like Pedobear and O RLY rather than for raiding epilepsy forums and wearing guy fawkes masks in public or whatever) that the general feeling towards 4chan and memes from outside of 4chan was actually quite positive, at least on the forums I used to frequent. That all went to shit in the following years though, and suddenly everyone was on their moral high horse and pretending they'd never visited the site.
>>4302 this
>>4303 Never had a spambot concur with my posts before, but cheers lad.
>>4304 ignore him hes a spammer from /christian/. sorry about that, theyve been breaching containment lately.
>>4302 I do remember YTMND using the word 'fad' instead of 'meme', but I specifically remember a period on 4chan for a couple of years where if you unironically talked about 'memes' you got shit on by everyone. It was sort of an unspoken rule of cool type thing.
>>4306 > I specifically remember a period on 4chan for a couple of years where if you unironically talked about 'memes' you got shit on by everyone. As far as I'm concerned, you should STILL be shit on for talking about memes.
>>4306 >I specifically remember a period on 4chan for a couple of years where if you unironically talked about 'memes' you got shit on by everyone. It was sort of an unspoken rule of cool type thing. Yeah, but only if you used the word incorrectly or were clearly a newfag. "Hi guys I made a new meme", "can somebody turn this into a meme?", "ITT we post our favourite memes *posts a generic image macro that doesn't feature a meme*", etc. You wouldn't get shit on for referring to memes as memes as long as they were actually memes, however you might have been shit on for referring to a meme that some random faggot didn't like (which after a certain point was basically all of them, because 4chan became a contrarian website filled with people who either hate 4chan or are completely unfamiliar with anything prior to them showing up).
>>4290 >it was fucking freezing doesn't prevent the pooskins from residing there permanently and flooding in in ever greater numbers unfortunately. Also it's getting warmer with climate change'n shieet. Good thing our BRD GHMB is doing its best at reducing the dangerous co2 emissions to stop us all from burning to death https://youtu.be/dHPTWrNdD90
Open file (142.58 KB 600x600 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4308 For me, it's holeguy, the best meme.
Open file (216.27 KB 1000x1000 ClipboardImage.png)
I miss when people used to make edits of the trolley problem image.
>>4286 >Probably someone posting in the wrong thread on the wrong board. Sorry about that. It was mean to be posted on the 1st world countries only board, not here. What's the latest score between the guy with a criminal record and the downie druggie to become leader of the country? Post answers in invaders/wk units preferably. /cant be arsed any more
I dont like talking on these. Working in a union bar made me skeptical of people via a us vs them mindset. Unions can learn life.
>>4314 what
>>3945 Any yous need owt? Off out Aldi fer cigs in a bit. e-cig battery flat.
Open file (1.01 MB 499x341 1496119439797.gif)
The older I become, the more I realise the world is only about sex and money. And that makes me withdraw even more from the world. Anyone else know this feel?
>>4317 You can choose what you want from this life and try getting it. Do that.
Flight to Japan booked for the 9th of September.
>>4318 Thanks for the advice. >>4319 Thank you for your response.
>>4318 >You can choose what you want from this life and try getting it. sauce?
>>4322 Yes, including sauce.
>>4320 Nice, what part are you going to?
>>4320 Thats nice. Im going to Luton tomorrow.
Anyone got any film/television/game recommendations?
>>4326 I watched Platoon recently for the first time in about 15 years, it holds up well.
>>4324 I'll be staying at an AirBnB in Tokyo, Bunkyo-ku for the first month, and after that I'll be going up to Iwate to live with my girlfriend. I'll be there for a year so I'll probably travel all over the place.
>>4328 whitu piggu go home
>>4328 Are you the Japanese student. By that I mean the student who is/was studying a degree in Japanese. Not a student from Japan. Do you have a work visa.
>See poster >Want to go abroad? >Want to experience foreign languages & cultures? >No passport to travel? >Visit London Cheeky sods, a plane ticket is cheaper than a rail ticket.
Open file (228.82 KB 1273x1280 gardening-is-bad.jpg)
>>4320 Good luck I hope your pilots don't have a medical emergency. too much of that going on these days, apparently it's due to climate change
>>4325 Nice, what part of Luton are you going to?
>>4317 Life is what you make of it.
>>4333 The part that is 99.9% Pakistani/Bengali.
>>4334 Couldn't agree with this more mate. What's the point in whinging? It's beta, low-status behaviour. If you don't like something, you work on changing it. If you can't change something, you accept it. Simple as.
My ambition in life is to become something akin to James Bond with the financial sense of Warren Buffet. To have more money and more sex than I know what to do with - so much I am giving it away. Wish me luck on my endeavour.
Can any of you recommend me a game? I want something that flows nicely but regularly stops that flow with difficult parts that challenges me and makes me practice, fail & learn to proceed.
>>4339 Need more details than that lad. What genres do you like/dislike? What's your skill level? Do you prefer PC or console? How modern/retro are you willing to go?
>>4339 I simply cannot recommend more strongly my favourite most challenging game of all time - Going outside and getting pussy. Seriously, give it a try.
Lads what the fuck is going on with the moon? Look at it. This isn't right.
>>4342 tried that, too difficult
Open file (6.57 MB 2472x2620 ClipboardImage.png)
Who are some under-recognised people you think are worthy of being called geniuses? For me, it's Jeremy Soule.
>>4345 Jeremy Beadle
>>4345 Tom Jenkinson aka Squarepusher
What the fuck was wrong with the sun tonight? It was bright red and several times bigger than normal? It looked like the sky was on fire. I was able to look at it with no discomfort. First the moon and now this? What's going on?
Anyone else notice the amount of people driving during the day with headlights on? Its the sunniest summer in years and a couple even have had fog lights on too, ive seen it more recently than before so what gives?
>>4350 People whose cars have automatic lights probably.
I quite like 2d platformers, metroid sort of games. I dislike fps games or any dialogue heavy RPGs. My skill level is impeccable. Possibly the best. I'm fine for either. I currently have a shit laptop, the most graphic intense game I can run on it is DOTA 2, lowest settings windowed mode. I also have a Nintendo switch (didn't buy it, I won it in a raffle). The game being modern/retro doesn't phase me at all. Any suggestions will be appreciated and considered.
>>4352 I also love puzzle games. I can generally make an exception to types of games I normally dislike if it has good puzzles.
Big black willy in my arsehole
>>4354 hmm, yes indeed
Open file (750.50 KB 962x1103 ClipboardImage.png)
PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Lauren Goodger's black eye is clearly visible during salon trip with daughter Larose after being 'attacked' on the day of her baby's funeral - while Charles Drury is arrested and bailed >The former TOWIE star, 35, was allegedly assaulted on the night of August 4, the day of her baby's funeral >Following the alleged assault her boyfriend Charles Drury, 25, was arrested and later bailed >Lauren tragically lost her daughter Lorena while giving birth to her last month and was allegedly attacked just hours after laying her to rest https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11113145/Lauren-Goodgers-black-eye-clearly-visible-salon-trip-daughter-Larose.html
>>4352 Hollow Knight is a decent and challenging-but-fair metroidvania game, assuming you haven't played it already.
>>4345 Jeremy Irons
>>4357 So much to unpack and discuss in this story, but I should like to begin with those eyebrows...
>>4358 No, I haven't played it. I looked at some pictures of it and it looks good I think I'll get it on the weekend.
Open file (603.67 KB 1452x1200 fun stick.jpg)
Im a suicidal man,but I believe in a "a suicide of purity". Meaning my intentions to die are "pure". I dont do drugs, I sleep 5 hours ,no naps,and do just fine..meaning im not slothful. I have a kinda good job, qualified job. What do I do before dying? some experience,adventure,travel,,any good ideas? I wont harm other humans or put my family in danger. >i want to die because im an ugly male. seriously,thats about it. I even had a girlfriend until last year,for fucks sake.
>>4366 The only way your intentions to die are "pure" is that they're purely retarded.
>>4367 When I Say pure ,I mean not under the influence of drugs,or pressure from debt/poverty,etc. Im a normal middle class man,nothing depressing or threatening is going on around my life. but im not pretty. im not even handsome.
>>4368 Who gives a shit how pretty and/or handsome you are? Being ugly didn't stop anyone from getting into a relationship before (including your past self, apparently), nor does being attractive in any way guarantee you'll ever end up in one. Killing yourself is a surefire way of minimizing your chances, however.
I genuinely want to die but I dont believe in suicide. My ideal death is to be accidental - not of disease but something funny like accidentally passing out at the wheel and swerving into oncoming traffic.
>>4371 Can't you just keep living as normal and then die to some other circumstances in the future out of your control?
>>4368 Why are you calculating your value based on female standards?
The discord is gone
>>4368 Lad this doesn't matter; if you're really truly hung up on your appearance and you've tried things like gym, new styles, medication even then it is your brain that is pulling you down. If you've even had a gf before then why does your appearance matter to you so much? Can I ask how old you are mate?
Called in sick today. I've never actually done this before. The sudden transition from sunshine and warm weather to days of drizzle and grey skies has made me so glum that I couldn't be bothered to get out of bed. The misery in my voice made me sound convincingly ill.
>>4357 >tragically lost her daughter Lorena while giving birth to her last month SADS >>4376 Your future Brit PM says you're not following China enough with your lack of productivity.
Dragon Ball Super for tea.
Open file (813.48 KB 962x842 ClipboardImage.png)
Ryan Giggs accused of 'having a poo' >Ryan Giggs is accused of having a poo >Ex Manchester United footballer, 48, denies all charges and is currently on trial at Manchester Crown Court https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11127327/Ryan-Giggs-accused-having-poo.html
gyallie on me opp block balie on me
thing is yeah, when you get to the bottom of it, the way it all pans out is, at the end of the day, as it goes, what you've got to watch out for is
>>4372 I do live as I suppose is correct and righteous, but I would honestly be glad if thunderbolt struck me stone dead. Not that I despise myself, but rather I see my life as one big chore, mostly performing services for people who I am conscious do not care about me one jot other than what I can provide for them. I have come to this conclusion because I know nobody ever cared about me until I worked hard and put myself into a posistion where I now have the ability to provide not just for my own needs but for the needs of others. I know this is what a Man is supposed to be like and supposed to be treated, but my disillusionment with life itself and apathy towards my own mortality is an expression of my proud nature and begrudging acceptance of the nature of existence. I think I was meant to be born as a woman (passive, emotional) but instead was cursed to be a man (active, stoical) and it has never settled right with me. I am a sensitive soul cursed to exist in a desensitised world. Furthermore, I was not afforded the same affections that my peers were and, notwithstanding the fact I have earned a higher social position than my peers, the very injustice of my past and the fact my past cannot be remedied but at best forgotten about leads me to an ever greater sense of alienation from the conventional experience of life and a total disregard &or disdain not just for the lives of others but for my own life.
>>4381 >Jam in doughnuts >Truffles in pasta, not sliced on pasta >Salt in tequila/any hard liquor >Bri'ish "Cuisine"
>>4385 where you from lad
>>4384 Sorry but I'm not reading this x
>>4384 Well unfortunately you're stuck with it, the best case scenario is to make the best of it. Who else are you providing for?
What kinds of mischief did you enjoy doing when you were a young primary school boy? Me and my friend would scout out random people in public and then start yelling that they are a pedo. They'd always get embarrassed and walk away and people woule always look cautiously at them.
>>4391 Not much, but one time we hid in the bushes after school and when this fat teacher came out we shouted "fatty" and other stuff at her. Feel a bit bad about it in hindsight.
>>4391 Not a lot, didn't get up to much mischief beyond the occasional dare to say a stupid answer in class until I was in secondary school.
>>4391 This was secondary school but me and my mates gathered loads of grasshoppers from the back of the field and put them in a bottle, then let them loose in geography class. All the girls were screaming, Mr. Irving was fuming, and we had to move classrooms.
I appreciate the recommendation for Hollow Knight, but unfortunately this game sucks ass. To start playing the game, you really need the map, quill and compass. The map is obviously a map, the quill allows you to update the map, and the compass shows you where you are on the map. They're about 400 tokens in total. The game is essentially unplayable until you have these items. Now, your only way of getting these tokens is wandering around the starting area grinding them, often the same npcs over and over and over just for the privilege of having a functioning map. The map also looks nothing like the actual environment, so you'll find yourself lost regardless. During your grind you can accidentally wander into a boss area and you'll have no way out, meaning you may have to start the grind from the start. Such stupid game design.
>>4395 I might be exaggerating a bit. The game seems okay, it's just frustrating having to grind to get shit that I should already begin with.
>>4390 I still play knock down ginger on a few houses in my town, and Im 38 years old
>>4388 Oh no, that sucks aha x
>>4350 I bought a new car over the weekend and I have an answer to your question. My first cat was very old, when you turned the engine off, the lights would continue running. This was a bit of a problem since your battery could drain overnight from 1 simple mistake. My 2nd car would continue running the lights, but it would alter you there was a problem by making a beeping noise. My newest car will simply turn the lights off for you. I'm guessing this is a feature with all modern cars and some people just never bother to turn them off anymore since they don't need to.
Is this game taking the piss? I need to find a new map for every zone I go to? Don't think I'm built for this. I have a sense of direction that is so poor I feel retarded when I'm trying to navigate.
>>3945 Had a good time at Rewind but glad to be home. I would also love to sleep now. It's good to be able to think.
Open file (79.29 KB 976x549 _126403423_giggsmon.png)
>>4381 Ryan Giggs: It's time for him to pay the price, poosecution tells jury >The former Manchester United star, 48, denies having a poo, as well as a wee, in November 2020. >Poosecutor Peter Wright QC said Mr Gigg's actions told a story of "emotional manipulation, physical excess and poo". https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-62625150
Call me heartless but if POORFAGS cant afford heating this winter and cannot SUCK IT UP and grow some body hair to survive the cold then they DONT DESERVE TO LIVE IN ALBION nuff said this country is not a FREE RIDE it is not a CHARITY it is not a KIDDIE DAY CARE CENTRE it is a land steeped in blood and sacrafice and hardship and woe. IMMIGRANT CUNTS who came here for BENEFITS don't realise that, and neither do CHAV UNDERCLASS SCUM
Open file (8.02 KB 224x225 ba.jpg)
Open file (11.71 KB 223x226 bale-weights.jpg)
Im going literally schizo/psychotic. I became obsessed with making radical appearance changes every 4-7 months, as well as trying to erase all evidence of my past,making false stories about my teen years and childhood etc. I seldom give me real name to people I meet, Im training how to modify my voice/"acting" of being another person, face reading etc.
I have been studying: NLP, remote-seduction(from a semen retention application),dark-triad, various forms of face-reading, even attempting iris-reading. non-verbal communication,.
Open file (75.87 KB 701x870 basket pepe.jpg)
>>4410 >>4411 Jolly good show old boy.
is it possible to become a "bare leaper" capable of surviving leaping from higher,and higher plattforms with time? 1 meters, 1.5 meters,etc..maybe up to and including a 10 meters bridge,and landing on my own 2 feet without injury or destruction to my legs and feet.
>>4413 similar question regarding falling,from all positions(belly-in, with the full back,etc)upon bodies of water.
>>4409 poast fizeek
>>4413 Bit of googling tells me that you can drop about 3 to 4.5m tops if you learn parkour, so 10m probably isn't going to happen.
marked increase in schizoposting lately
>>4416 hmm. parkour,is it? I guess I can try it, it wont hurt(maybe it will) But DO keep in mind:im a fanatical semen-retention kind of man. I can do 500reps a day of 3 meter fall,every day, for 180 days. if need be.
>>4417 You know why, don't you?
How do I cure myself of my femdom/futa on male porn addiction? cold turkey stop watching it? supplement with vitamins maybe?
>>4420 Unironically, have sex. It will help you come to terms with the fact that futa and dominant women do not exist.
>>4421 i REFUSE to emmit my Seed in vain. however!you speak...you speak of those stuff not existing:you may elaborate further.
>>4422 Futa = a woman in every respect, except with a penis. Such a creature is pure fantasy. Likewise, femdom = a woman who will take the lead, be dominant, and actually enjoy doing so. Such a thing is just as fantastical as the futa. It does not exist outside of porn or sex workers faking it for money.
>>4423 >sex workers your testosterone must be room temperature number.
>>4424 Alright, prostitutes, whores, whatever. Doesn't invalidate my point.
>>4425 I call them ">>4424's mum".
>>4425 yes. your point is very true and I thank you. SOME femdom videos look like the woman is genuinely enjoying whipping and beating up the man...but you say its all acting,make-believe? and not true sadism? >japanese femdom is hardcore, I saw a pellet-gun femdom and a sub getting knocked out from too much whipping
>>4426 Oh he's absolutely done you there Steve
what kind of hairstyle do I need to go to BOTH black/death metal concerts/ scenes and to punk scenes? shaved head? Im a thrill-seeker: I will get into all the urban stuff, the lumpen stuff, various far-left groups and public universities
Somethings not right here... These posts... You feel it too, don't you?
Open file (1.82 MB 1200x1799 5330791.png)
it's like ashley neal says, there's never a winner in a stubbornness competition
>>4413 Yes, but you have to learn how to land properly. >>4416 You can jump from significantly higher than that.
Another summer gone without a gf. Unless I can wrangle one in a week.
Not a schizo, but I have been harnassing my psychic abilities by thinking really negative thoughts about somebody at my workplace. Not confirmed yet but I believe that they have sensed my negative aura. I wonder if the power of thought is capable of manifesting emotions in other people and I hope to prove this hypothesis through continued psychic experimentation.
Also I want to do volunteer work 40 hours a week. charity and altruism are my job,my fanaticism.
>>4420 stop being gay
>>4429 why don't you just cut out the middle-man and cut your dick off
>>4441 hmmph! i just like the city as an onthological entity. she is calling me, she wants me to dwell within her,and explore her troughly.
I do not like what's going on right now.
Rest assured that the situation is being monitored.
by whom? by the SAS?( Aodomites And Sissies)
>>4447 by SAG
>>4448 Sodomites and Gays
For lunch, it's lightly salted tortilla chips in sour cream & chive dip (only the finest Aldi Snackrite range)
>not eating exclusively raw organ meats,raw bone marrow,raw eggs ,dairy and high meat NGMI
Where can I obtain high meat?
>>4452 DUH you make it yourself..just buy never-frozen meat,put it into a kind of mermelade jar with small punctured holes. let it "rot", but with air, and wait a couple of weeks.
Open file (4.22 KB 144x349 index.jpg)
Open file (5.27 KB 224x224 ur.jpg)
Kinda want to get a couple of kilos of both uranium ore and liquid mercury.
Open file (148.57 KB 1080x571 IMG_20220824_123911.jpg)
>>4454 Smart, uranium is really good for bulking.
Open file (124.95 KB 1280x720 ace.jpg)
>>4455 truth be told, I have a weird obsession with causing the apocalypse. Thats why I want to stock-pile radioactive materials/poison/explosives. One of my ideas is dumping 100s of liters of very poisonous poison down the toilet to poison the city's water supplies.
Open file (803.47 KB 1042x681 viking vs kemet.png)
I,myself,will self-mummify myself trough -just before death-burying myself in salty honey coffin. I will be resurrected by ayy imaos in the future.probably.
Open file (3.56 KB 269x188 moxi.jpg)
Open file (5.06 KB 275x183 cup.jpg)
any good suction cup therapy, and moxibustion therapy centers in London?
>>4458 I know a couple, I'll DM you
putting my foreskin in the office cross-cut paper shredder
Mad how Boris Johnson (a catholic), David Cameron (a catholic) and Tony Blair (a catholic) all ruined this country
they have pushed the english population away from protestantism as much as possible while enriching their catholic mafia friends. its expert how much of an absolute number theyve done on us
Yes, I too am tired of living under this Catholic Occupied Government.
>>4465 I'm inclined to agree. But what do we do about it?
>>4466 Pillory
Once upon a time a Duck was brought from Portugal—some said from Spain, but it's much the same thing. She was called the Portuguese—she laid eggs, she was killed and cooked; that is her life-story. All the ducklings that crept out of her eggs were called the Portuguese, and that stood for something. At last, of all that breed only one was left in the duck-yard here, a yard to which the hens also had access, and in which the cock paced about with infinite pride. "He makes me ill with his violent crowing," said the Portuguese, "but he is handsome, there's no denying, though he isn't a drake. He ought to control himself, but self-control is an art; it betokens a superior education. The little singing birds in the lime-tree in the garden next door have it. How deliciously they sing! There is something very touching in their song. I call it Portugal. If I had one of those little singing birds for my own, I would be a mother to him, loving and kind, it's in my blood, in my Portuguese nature." Just as she was speaking there did come a little singing bird. He came headlong down from the roof. The cat was after him, but the bird got off with a broken wing and tumbled down into the duck-yard. "That's just like the cat, that scum of the earth!" said the Portuguese. "I know him of old, ever since I had ducklings myself. To think that such a being should be permitted to live and go about on the roofs! I cannot think that would occur in Portugal." And she was sorry for the little bird, and the other ducks who were not Portuguese were sorry for him too. "Poor little dear!" they said, coming up one after another. "To be sure, we're not singers ourselves, but we have got a sounding-board or something like it in our insides; we feel it, though we don't talk about it." "But I will talk about it," said the Portuguese, "and I'll do something for him, for that is one's duty." So she got into the water-trough and splashed in the water so that she nearly drowned the little bird with the drenching he got, but it was well meant. "That's a kind action," said she. "Others can see it and take pattern by it." "Pip!" said the little bird. One of his wings was broken, and it hurt him to shake it, but he quite understood the splashing was done out of kindness. "You are exceedingly good, Ma'am," he said, but he didn't ask for any more. "I never have thought much about my disposition," said the Portuguese, "I only know that I love all my fellow creatures, with the exception of the cat, whom nobody can expect me to like; he ate two of my children. But now do you make yourself at home here; it's easy enough. I myself come from a foreign land, as you can see from my bearing and my plumage. My drake is a native; he has none of my blood in him, but I'm not proud. If anyone here understands you, I can safely say I can do so." "She's got Portulak in her crop," said a little common duck, who was witty; and the other common ducks thought this joke about Portulak excellent. It sounded so like Portugal, and they nudged one another and said: "Quack! Uncommonly witty she is." And therewith they began to talk to the little bird. "That Portuguese has a gift of speech, to be sure," they said. "We don't go about with big words in our beaks, but we have just as much sympathy as she. If we don't do much for you, we don't make a fuss about it, and that we consider is the civilest way to behave." "You've got a charming voice," said one of the eldest, "it must be delightful to know that you give pleasure to so many people as you do. To be sure, I don't understand anything whatever about it, and so I hold my tongue, and that I'm sure is better than saying such silly things as a lot of people do say to you." "Don't tease him," said the Portuguese, "he needs rest and nursing. Little bird, shall I give you another douche?" "Oh, no! Do let me keep dry," he begged. "Well, the water-cure is the only thing that does me any good," said the Portuguese. "Recreation too is of some use. Very shortly the neighbouring poultry will be calling. There are two Chinese hens who go about in feather-trousers, and are most cultured. They were imported too, which raises them in my estimation." Accordingly the hens arrived, and the cock with them; he was on his good behaviour that day, and refrained from any vulgarity. "You are a real singing bird," he said, "and with your little voice you do all that can be done with a little voice like that; but it wants a bit more of the steam-engine behind it, so that people can hear it's a gentleman speaking." The two Chinese were ravished with the appearance of the little bird; he was so ruffled up with the douche he had had over him that they thought he was like a Chinese chick. "He's charming," they said, and entered into conversation with him, speaking in whispers and sounding their P's in the most distinguished Chinese manner. "We are of your kin. The ducks, even the Portuguese, belong to the swimming-birds, as you have doubtless observed. They do not even now appreciate us; but how many appreciate us, or care to do so? Not one, even among the hens, albeit we were born to sit on a higher perch than almost any of them. It matters not: we go our quiet way among the rest, whose principles are not ours; yet we look only on the good side, and speak only of the good in them—though it is hard indeed to find it where none exists. With the exception of our two selves and the cock, there is not a soul in the hen-house who is in the least gifted, but they are worthy, and that cannot be said of the inmates of the duck-yard. We warn you, little song-bird, trust not yonder one with the short tail, she is sly. That speckled one with the crooked stripe on her wings—she has a passion for wrangling and never lets anyone else have the last word—yet she is always in the wrong. That fat duck speaks ill of everyone, and that is repellent to our nature; if one cannot speak well of others, let him hold his tongue. The Portuguese is the only one who has the least pretensions to culture, and with whom one can associate, but even she is very passionate and talks too much about Portugal." "What a lot those two Chinese have got to whisper about!" said some of the ducks. "They bore me; I've never said a word to 'em." The drake now came up. He took the little bird for a sparrow. "Oh, well! I can't see these differences," he said, "they're much of a muchness. He's just a toy, and if you have 'em you have 'em." "Never mind what he says," whispered the Portuguese. "He's excellent at his business, and business is the first consideration. But now I'm going to lie down and rest. One owes it to oneself, so as to be nice and fat when one comes to be embalmed with apples and prunes." So she lay down in the sun and winked with one eye. It was very nice lying there, she was very nice, and she went very nicely to sleep. The little bird pecked at his broken wing, and then nestled up to his protectress. The sun shone warm and pleasant, and it was a good place to be in. The neighbour hens went about and scratched; it was really only to look out for food that they had come there. First the two Chinese went off, and then the rest. The witty duck said of the Portuguese that she was fast getting into her second ducklinghood, and the other ducks shrieked with laughter. "Ducklinghood! She really is too funny." And then they repeated the former joke about Portulak—it was so amusing; and then they lay down too. And there they were for a time, but suddenly someone threw down some mess into the duck-yard, which made a splash, and all the sleeping crew started up and flapped their wings. The Portuguese woke up too, rolled over, and gave the little bird a dreadful squeeze. "Pip!" he cried. "You did tread hard on me, Ma'am." "Well, why do you lie in my way?" she said. "You mustn't be so thin-skinned. I've got nerves too, but I never called out Pip." "Don't be angry," said the little bird, "the Pip slipped out of my beak unawares." The Portuguese paid no attention, but darted at the mess and made a hearty dinner. When she had finished and lain down again, the little bird came up and, meaning to make himself pleasant, he sang: Tillelit Of your head and wit I'll sing a bit As I flit, flit, flit. "I want my after-dinner nap now," she said. "You must learn the ways of the house here. I'm going to sleep." The little bird was quite taken aback, for he had meant to be very nice. When my lady woke up later on, he was standing in front of her with a little corn he had found. He laid it before her, but she hadn't slept well, and was consequently cross. "You can just give that to a chicken," said she. "Don't stand there hanging about me." "But you're angry with me," he said. "What have I done?" "Done?" said the Portuguese. "The expression is by no means refined, I would have you observe." "Yesterday it was sunny," said the little bird, "to-day it's dark and grey. I am very unhappy." "You're out of your reckoning," said the Portuguese. "Why, the day isn't over yet. Don't stand there looking such a nincompoop." "You're looking quite fierce at me, like the two horrid eyes when I tumbled down here into the yard." "Impudence!" said the Portuguese. "Do you compare me to the cat, that beast of prey? Not a drop of bad blood have I in my body. I've taken you in hand, and I must teach you how to behave." With that she bit off the head of the little bird, and there he lay dead. "What now?" said she. "Couldn't he stand that? Well, then, he wasn't fit for this world. I've been a mother to him, that I know, for I have a heart." The cock from next door stuck his head into the yard and crowed with steam-engine power. "You'll be the death of me, crowing like that!" she said. "The whole thing is your fault. Now he's lost his head, and I feel like losing mine." "Well, there ain't much of him lying there," said the cock. "You'll please to speak respectfully of him," said the Portuguese. "He had tone, he had the power of song, and superior culture. He was affectionate and gentle, and that's as becoming to animals as it is to so-called humanity." All the ducks gathered about the little dead singing-bird. Ducks have strong passions, whether of envy or of sympathy, and since there was nothing here to envy, they were sympathetic, and so were the two Chinese hens. "Such a singing bird we shall never find again! He was almost Chinese. And they wept till it made them cluck, and all the hens clucked, but the ducks were reddest in the eyes. "We have a heart," they said. "Nobody can say we haven't." "Heart!" said the Portuguese. "Of course we have—almost as much as you would in Portugal." "Well, let's see about getting something into our tummies," said the Drake, "that's the first consideration. If one of our toys has come to bits, we've plenty left."
Open file (139.64 KB 930x666 IMG_20220825_134926.jpg)
And that's the tea on that 💅🏿
Shut up.
Whats you're favourite radio station?
>>4471 Who?
>>4474 Everyone, including myself.
It's over.
What the fuck is going on? Why is there so much shitposting? Admin, I insist you do your job and sort this mess out by any means necessary.
>>4478 Don't worry lad, I already pulled out the big gun and sorted it: >>4471
>>4479 Thats not enough. You need to display force. Get angry, show them what you're made of.
This a /britfeel/ annoucement: could everyone please shut up, that's "could everyone please shut up". Thank you. >>4481 That should do it.
>>4482 That should do it
>>4478 >>4482 What exactly is the issue with what's being posted? I mean, is it detracting from all the conversation going on?
On another note, what's the SCARIEST movie you've ever seen? For me, it's Hereditary.
>>4486 Hereditary His House The Visit Creep In that order. Its impressive how scary Hereditary is.
>>4485 Theyre disturbing the peace and quiet.
>>4487 Excellent taste, my friend.
>>4489 Thanks mate Care to list your top 3/5?
Pull up the ladder, Jack, I'm alright.
Watched Alien and Aliens today. They don't make them like they used to
>>4492 Sigourney Weaver's furry beaver?
>>4493 Hardly noticed it, going to watch 3 (assembly cut) now but might give resurrection a miss
Wehey! Just bumped into Theodore Logan having a pint!
Do you think it should be legal to carry pepper spray?
>>4496 Yes. *pepper sprays the board* I'd like to see you shitpost NOW.
Open file (508.14 KB 600x500 Sweet-Tea.png)
Open file (1.53 MB 2200x1800 hotdogt.png)
Open file (790.26 KB 1190x768 hamburger and fries.jpg)
Open file (127.30 KB 1600x800 moscowmule.jpeg)
Hello /britfeel/, American here. I wanted to ask you a few question regarding American food. >What is your favorite American food? >What is your favorite American drink? >In terms of food, what American city would like to visit?
>>4498 Can't really think of any american food or drink beyond the usual burgers, hotdogs, (non-italian) pizzas, popcorn, coke, etc., and I'm not even sure how many of those are actually american. Most of that stuff I only really liked as a kid; as an adult I actively avoid it. Definitely wouldn't visit america for the food or the cities, in fact I would steer clear of both of those things as much as possible. Wouldn't mind visiting some of the national parks though, you've got some beautiful landscapes over there.
>>4490 That's a hard one because I enjoy a lot of horror films but rarely would I call them scary. But some that come to mind: Hereditary 1408 (non-americucked ending) The Descent As Above, So Below. Honourable mention to "It Follows" which I think is fantastic in the first half but really dives off a cliff around the midway point.
>>4498 >What is your favorite American food? Does Mexican-American count? I love a burrito. If not, fried chicken. Is that American? America is such a culturally confused place it's hard to know what counts. >What is your favorite American drink? Does Pepsi Max count? I also had coffee with molasses in America, that was pretty tasty. >In terms of food, what American city would like to visit? I visited California and enjoyed the food a lot. My next choice would probably be texas or somewhere in the south to try the BBQ.
Open file (336.84 KB 1150x1145 bigtexan.png)
Open file (250.07 KB 1600x1200 corn dogs.jpg)
Open file (605.98 KB 1757x1177 fried chicken.jpg)
Open file (481.44 KB 1232x1735 dads root beer.jpg)
Open file (199.81 KB 2048x1366 texas brisket.jpg)
>>4499 Nice numbers anon. >Can't really think of any american food or drink beyond the usual burgers, hotdogs, (non-italian) pizzas, popcorn, coke, etc., and I'm not even sure how many of those are actually american. Most of that stuff I only really liked as a kid; as an adult I actively avoid it. There are a few things that are distinctively American in relation to food. For one Fried Chicken is definitely American. Also pumpkin pie and almost any dish that involves turkey. A Thanksgiving turkey is something I strongly suggest you try or better yet if you can find it, look for roasted or smoked turkey legs. Those are really good. Another food I can personally recommend would be corn dogs. They're distinctively different from hot dogs in the face that they are a hot dog on a stick dipped in a kind of better reminiscent of pancake batter and fried. It's something I suggest you give a shot. Also, I apologize for suggesting you visit American cities. I actually hate American cities. They're anti-god, anti-nature, and anti-human. Some of the worst places you could probably live are big American cities like LA, New York, and Seattle. There are a few okay cities that I personally recommend like Amarillo, Texas and Flagstaff, Arizona. It's also no coincidence that both cities have a population of less than 1,000,000. Amarillo for the Big Texan steak house and Flagstaff for the beautiful nature present. Also the Elk that inhabit that region are quite Majestic too. >>4502 >Does Mexican-American count? I love a burrito. If not, fried chicken. Is that American? America is such a culturally confused place it's hard to know what counts. If you're talking about Mexican-American food, that is referred to as "Tex-Mex". The word itself is a combination of "Texas" and "Mexico". America is certainly culturally confused. I guess it's what happens when there's a bunch of different people of different background in a nation. I don't think it's possible to change it however. The South, has a very distinctive culture and probably the most unique in the entire country. So much so, I even refer to the white people that inhabit that region as "Southern Whites". If there is one region I suggest you visit, it's that one or Texas. >Does Pepsi Max count? I also had coffee with molasses in America, that was pretty tasty. Yeah it does. I've never personally had Pepsi Max myself but I'm glad you like it. There are few root beer brands I suggest you give a shot, those being Frostie's and Dad's root beer. I should mention for those unaware, root "beer" is not alcoholic. >I visited California and enjoyed the food a lot. My next choice would probably be texas or somewhere in the south to try the BBQ. California has to be the biggest shithole in the entire Union. I would know, I grew up there. I admit it probably has Mexican food on par with Texas but culturally it sucks. That's where some of the worst companies in the world are located. I would strongly suggest you visit either Texas or The South. They're both much more culturally interesting and They are also culturally superior to anything you'd find in California. Maybe one day, I'll make an American travel guide for /britfeel/. Oh yeah, and uhh, Florida is also cool too.
>>4501 The descent was great. I'll never forget the part when you see the first monster. Truly terrifying. I try not to watch too many horror films these days as they tend to lose their charm if you overdo it. I ruined a lot of good horror films when I was younger by overwatching the genre. Best to keep it to a once a month sort of thing. Have you seen Midsommar? It was directed by the same guy who directed Hereditary.
>>4498 I'll take a bastardised American pizza over an "authentic" neapolitan Italian pizza any day. I'm convinced people just pretend to like them. A flatbread with a thin layer of tomato sauce and a few splodges of mozzarella? No thankyou.
>>4511 > I ruined a lot of good horror films when I was younger by overwatching the genre. Best to keep it to a once a month sort of thing. For me, I think I desensitised myself to it. As such, I don't often find horror scary, but thankfully I still enjoy it. Weirdly I find the genre very comfy. >Have you seen Midsommar? Aye, I wouldn't say it's all that scary (even accounting for my high scare-tolerance) but I still found it enjoyable. A horror movie set predominantly in bright daylight is a nice change of pace.
I wish you could just buy car insurance and leave it at that. I wish every year you didnt have to to cancel it and sign up with a new insurance provider to avoid the disgustingly inflated renewal prices. I'm currently with Admiral. You can make any change to your account that you want apart from cancelling your renewal. Do do that, you have to phone them up. I was on hold 55 minutes and then at 7 o clock the call ended because their offices were closed.
My working holiday visa has been approved. I'm going to be living in Japan for a year.
Open file (283.95 KB 450x450 ClipboardImage.png)
>national treasures GO
>>4517 nonce
>>4518 How is he a nonce?
>>4519 Nothing to see here. Just anon's latent homophobia rearing its ugly head.
Right lads, what's your go-to Chinese takeaway order? If you like Chinese takeaway that is. If you don't, please disregard this post.
Having a blast playing Hollow Knight. Thanks for the recommendation. Got any other metroid style recommendations?
>>4521 Chicken curry with rice and prawn crackers
>>4519 all poofs are nonces
Reminder that to shitpost on britfeel requires a shitposting license officially approved by the BO. If you lot who've been shitposting recently haven't got one, then I wouldn't want to be in your shoes right now. You better start making applications.
Open file (62.57 KB 600x804 manly tears.jpg)
Rest in peace Bill Turnbull
>>4516 Wehey! Good for you lad, happy and proud of you
Open file (397.30 KB 2800x1440 hermitage.jfif)
William Robert Jolyon Turnbull gone from this earth but in our hearts never forgotten. God rest ye soul. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zVI4r2nW5w
Whats the most physically painful thing you have endured? For me it was a tremendous stomach ache when I was 17.
>>4530 had my toenail surgically removed in my early 20s
>>4530 Sometimes when I've had constipation/diarrhea in the past it's felt like something was trying to pierce through my intestines with a knife from the inside, excrutiating pain. There was also the time I had a filling put in and they were grinding away at my tooth, but the anaesthetic didn't work and I felt the full brunt of it.
>>4532 >I've had constipation/diarrhea in the past it's felt like something was trying to pierce through my intestines with a knife from the inside, excrutiating pain I've had this experience too. It's from having too much fiber in your digestive tract. It happened to me because I scoffed an entire packet of hobnobs one night.
>>4533 It's from the opposite actually. Since when are hobnobs known for their fiber content?
Open file (20.74 KB 394x378 chinese joe rogan.jpg)
>>4530 I had gastroenteritis once. After several hours of vomiting I experienced the most agonising stomach pain of the my life.
Open file (2.83 MB 1248x520 1662311226436367.webm)
Anyone been watching new LOTR?
>>4540 >watching new LOTR
Funny how all of the most painful moments are from illness, not injury. Has anyone here injured themselves badly?
Liz Truss is the new PM apparently can't wait to die in a nuclear holocaust lads
>>4544 I can't wait to hear about her fucking fanny for a week
>>4545 What does he mean by this?
>>4546 What he meant to say was "Izzy wizzy let's jizz in Lizzy!"
Would you rather break your femur, or put your hand inside a full kettle and not take it out until it boils?
>>4548 I'd rather hunt down and kill the type of person who comes up with these stupid fucking conundrums.
Would you rather hunt down and kill the kind of person who comes up with these conundrums or have the ability to become invisible?
>>4550 Become invisible so I can get away with hunting down and killing the kind of person who comes up with these conundrums.
Open file (3.11 MB 1200x1584 ClipboardImage.png)
The queen is dead. Good riddance to be honest.
RIP. I knew she'd been in shit health for a while, but I always reckoned she'd at least make it to 100.
Goodnight, sweet Princess.
So, who will tell you how many bongs it is from now on?
>>4557 New general
>>4563 fuck her
>>4585 This. Rest in piss, pedo shielding old cunt.

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