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Open file (5.10 KB 501x501 Op image.png)
/britfeel/ 26/09/2020 Anonymous 09/26/2020 (Sat) 16:38:27 No.2088
Thread #116 Wave 2 Edition
>>2083 The secret is to buy the flavoured substitutes, buying the boring bland quorn ones is the equivalent to buying cheap mince or sausages, its tolerable but not really great. Look for ones with some flavours that appeal to you and give them a try, theres a huge variety you need to try.
>>2089 Some good companies out there making some tasty food honestly
>>2088 Will it be possible for one of the administration team to change the OP image at a later date? I have something in mind but the production process is going to take time.
>>2088 So what happened to our /icup/ pledge lads? Our wiki page just shows an Islamic team.
>>2091 Don't think so, all you can do as BO regarding modifications of posts is remove images, spoiler images, or edit the subject/message part of the post.
I've been putting the lottery on every time and I haven't won in 6 months. I have terminally shitty luck.
Open file (230.45 KB 1280x1000 britfeelo.png)
>>2092 Made you guys a logo, tell me what you think
>>2095 Very good lad.
Open file (161.40 KB 259x195 ClipboardImage.png)
It's the game the internet is going crazy for. What does britishfeels think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0aw9e1fyRc
>>2097 Is that that Chinese game?
Is everyone alri then. Yes. That includes you.
>>2099 Had the sniffles yesterday, feel a bit better today but my hands and feet feel very cold.
>>2100 My feet have been getting cold as well, I've had to start wearing socks. It feels like we've skipped autumn, and I am not impressed.
>>2102 Finally getting into virtual singers are we lad? If you're after some recommendations, check out Fuji Aoi, Machita Chima, kaf, Takamine Iori, and Emma Hazy Minami (RIP).
>>2103 I don't know anything about that. What's a virtual singer?
>>2104 A virtual youtuber (not necessarily a youtuber) who does singing as one of their primary activities.
>>2105 Oh, I thought they were robots or something. That is quite good. Feel free to post some more lad. From me, it's perhaps one of /are lasses/ catchiest tunes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9ZMzQ3-ERk
>>2106 >Feel free to post some more lad. Say no more, commencing バーチャルフィール.
>>2101 >>2100 Wearing some good pants helps. For the past few days, I wore suit trousers and they are awful for keeping your legs warm. Put on my tracksuit trousers, and even though my socks have massive holes in them, I'm much warmer than I was with just the oil radiator on by my feet. >It feels like we've skipped autumn, and I am not impressed. There was a bunch of scary stuff in the news about how we might drive ourselves to extinction if we don't take climate change seriously. Then there's the government and Tesco's getting rid of their recycling dropoffs, and I'm a little bit skeptical about them telling US we need to get our shit together and stop wasting things. "Widely recycled" this water bottle says on it. What a load of bollocks - I must have been a child when I last saw my local Tesco do recycling. also >bottled in Cumbria Is that where all the coom brains live?
>>2095 noice.
Open file (55.50 KB 345x345 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2095 It's endearing that you've deigned to make the barbarians feel welcome but really it should just be this.
It's actually cold lads. I've missed this.
Are we heading towards an even more dystopian police state?
>>2112 The answer is always yes, unless it's opposite day.
Open file (411.67 KB 634x354 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (461.88 KB 634x354 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (745.48 KB 634x513 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (689.39 KB 634x475 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2113 >crowds of pub goers pile out to party in streets and at homes instead after 10pm pub closures "The Deanos and Stacies will set you free"
I've been studying Japanese for about two years now, at least half of that in earnest, and it still amazes me how many words I don't know. In some scenes I still understand virtually nothing.
>>2091 >>2093 Work on it anyway lad, we can use it for the next one.
Does anyone know where I might find Japanese dubs of Western films/TV? There are quite a lot of films I've got in mind, as well as a couple of series'. Additionally, I wonder if you can find stuff like Coronation Street or Eastenders?
>>2117 I've not seen anywhere that does that kind of thing, and piracy in Japan is next to non-existent, so you'd probably have to import their DVD releases or something. >Additionally, I wonder if you can find stuff like Coronation Street or Eastenders? Doubt it, but I have just found this video which is cracking me up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKw2-3GP7LA >何しろ、ハッピーなことが全然起きないドラマです >After all, it's a drama where happy things never happen
Open file (2.29 MB 1300x956 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2118 >6:25
Open file (211.15 KB 1365x1923 kirito kun.jpg)
Is he the greatest anime swordsman and character of all time? >killed countless foes >many unique skills >can backflip while deflecting bullets >was able to spot heathcliff's true identity as the mastermind behind SAO when noone else could >every girl he meets is swooning over him within minutes >not interested because only has eyes for asuna >purest anime romance of all time >doting father figure >enjoys log cabins
>>2114 I genuinely don't know what the government expected closing pubs at 10pm. Late enough for people to be hammered but too early for natural dissipation. Absolutely insane move by the government
>>2121 I think their intention was to stop people getting drunk by closing early without realising people will just go out even earlier and still get pissed.
>>2120 He's the Gary-est Stu.
>>2121 It's just a repeat of March. Pubs at 10PM are the least of our concerns, if town's full of people pissing around like it's one big holiday the rest of the time, and they all fuck off home to clap for the NHS with their pals in their gardens. But hey, at least we can be hounded by the police every time we do set foot outside. Bastards are probably spreading it themselves with how close they get to people. >>2120 Kirito would have defeated the bat soup already AND left the EU.
>>2122 I would've thought even before all this plenty of people would be pissed by 10, let alone now, I bet they were getting smashed early on knowing about the impending turf-out. That said, this is all pure speculation, I've never been in a pub that late, so I could be wrong.
>>2125 Normally by 10 you are pissed enough to stop bothering with things like personal space or inhibitions.
Excuse me, can I just briefly interrupt this discussion and get some opinions on an important matter. Which of these renditions do you prefer, and why? Carlos Piegari: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAakweHs-I0 Remi Jousselme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5s21-gpSLMk I hope I'm not asking too much of you lads. I would really appreciate your input.
>>2125 Back when I was in Uni, people didn't tend to even leave to go drinking until 9/10PM Granted, they'd be pissed from pre-drinks when they did.
>>2127 First one is a bit too fast and robotic, second one sounds better overall but the constant vast changes in tempo are a little annoying.
>>2129 >First one is a bit too fast and robotic That's what I thought. Judging from his channel he's an accomplished player so I find it a bit confusing.
Open file (958.47 KB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
How cool is this window. I wish mine was like that.
>1975 was 45 years ago What is happening?
>>2132 It's ludicrous. I've said it before, but it's about time someone put an end to this whole "time" business. It's not on.
I wake up every night at least once, sometimes twice, needing a piss. I make sure to limit my fluids 2-3 hours before bed, and yet I still have to go. I don't recall the last time I slept right through. What's going on, doc?
Open file (145.48 KB 910x658 ClipboardImage.png)
>3 different pitch accent patterns for one word >how you want your intonation fam >JUST
>appendix hurts again >they'll probably just give me some antibiotics and tell me to fuck off for a few months again because of the virus Should I stay or should I go? >>2134 Sounds like a habit. My brother and I would always try to use the toilet after coming home from school.
Open file (77.72 KB 1280x720 minlunch.jpg)
I'm just going to go. A&E is gay, so maybe I shouldn't. I hate sitting there
>>2137 It's near the top of my list of places I don't like sitting for extended periods of time. What's happened?
>>2134 Try a melatonin before bed for a deep sleep so you can reset yourself out of the habit.
Open file (47.64 KB 550x366 time frog.jpg)
>>2132 I'm not one for frogposting but this particular frog perfectly sums up everything ever.
>>2137 It'll probably be empty and if they think it could be appendicitis you'll be triaged into a ward quick.
Ah,yes. *looks you up and down* You'll do nicely. I trust you had no trouble finding the office? Excellent. Please sit here. Mr. Willytits will see you soon.
>>2137 I hope you're alright, keep us updated lad. A&E a shit but it's better to be safe.
Can't beat a nice big wee in the sink
It's in the local the news that a pair of benders in their 50s have adopted a newborn baby from a surrogate. Not great, if I'm honest. In other news, there have been some more covid cases - one in a factory and a few in schools - which for my area, in the last wave having hardly any, is significant. It still doesn't affect me at all though. There's something comfy about watching it all from the sidelines.
Open file (56.29 KB 998x492 ClipboardImage.png)
Hear hear.
>>2146 Just don't understand why people won't vote for us, we only call them thick racists constantly.
Feeling pretty low tonight lads, have been for a few days if I'm honest. No particular reason, just need to see it through. Got a lot of cleaning to do when I feel up to it again, and need to do the bins. Think I'll head to bed early tonight.
>>2148 A good night's sleep and getting up at a decent time can make all the difference sometimes. Goodnight lad, sleep well.
>>2148 I felt like that the other day, I think I wound myself up more by trying to figure out why, attributing it to this or that, when in hindsight, it probably couldn't be helped. Good night lad.
>>2138 >>2141 >>2143 Earlier in the I went in with an awful stomach ache and found out I needed my appendix removing, but they couldn't operate it because of the government letting the coronavirus arrivals into the country go everywhere. So they sent me home with two weeks of antibiotics as treatment. A few hours ago, it started again, with all the same symptoms I scrounged together some change to pay for a bus ticket, and I couldn't afford one back, so I ended up wandering around Liverpool for another one and a half hours on top of the eight or so I spent on my arse in A&E before they gave me some more pills with a similar excuse after losing my blood samples and having to do fresh tests. The silver lining of this, though, is the 999 guy said he would arrange for a social worker to help unfuck my universal credit. And I got some fresh bread. It's toastie bread, though, not the nice roberts bread. It's too late for breakfast, now, though, isn't it? I'm going to make dinner quick and go to bed, I think
>>2151 That sounds like a bag of wank lad. What do the antibiotics do? I didn't know appendix problems were caused by infections. How do the little blighters get in there. Hopefully it's subsided enough for a decent night's sleep.
I woke up for THREE pisses this time.
I bought some blue ice G-Fuel and the estimated delivery is October 28th....
lad are you alri
>>2157 I'd never heard of this stuff before all the recent commotion over it in here. What's it all about? Got the quick rundown?
>>2159 The latest fad energy drink in a long list of fad energy drinks.
I've found the worst serial killer lads. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Berdella >In 1992, Berdella contacted the counselor whom he had met when first incarcerated, Rev. Roger Coleman. He informed Coleman of his distress due to staff at the Missouri State Penitentiary withholding his heart medication. >dies of a heart attack the same year Absolutely based.
I'd just like to take a moment to thank the lad who recommended that instead of going for a piss when I wake up in the night, I don't go for one. I managed to get back off. This has been my first (nearly) full night's sleep since before I can remember. Hopefully if I do this a few times I'll just start sleep right through. I've decided to nominate you for this year's Pride of /britfeel/ awards. Have a great day lad.
>>2157 >buying hyped up energy drinks you get what you deserve lad
Open file (230.21 KB 480x321 ClipboardImage.png)
I've been getting some wrist pain lately so I've started a little stretching/strengthening routine that will hopefully sort it out. What ails you, lads? We're not the spring chickens we used to be. Are you feeling the effects of aging yet?
Open file (956.14 KB 968x698 ClipboardImage.png)
IT JUST KEEPS HAPPENING The comments section is kekworthy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHQInjaI9FI
>>2167 I am loving the look on his face during all of these videos, poor lad.
I've just finished watching Monster. I enjoyed all of it except for the ending, what a nonsensical letdown.
>>2167 remember lads, that if this welfare lad can get married, so can you, and because you're not from the family of nonces, you can find someone better
>>2169 I haven't seen Monster, but there aren't many shows out there with satisfying endings. I always go in with the assumption that the ending will be rubbish, and I'll either be right or pleasantly surprised.
Morning lads. Apparently Trump is having difficulty breathing.
Open file (976.43 KB 1024x987 ClipboardImage.png)
just want a death god mate who follows me around me and eats apples its not FAIR lads
Open file (98.02 KB 1000x1000 proxy-image.jpg)
>>2172 I lot of people are having difficulty breathing.
Open file (1.59 MB 1024x762 ClipboardImage.png)
you're walking home from your mandatory daily covid test when *thud* *crash* you turn around and this is on the floor behind you. what do you do
>>2173 >>2175 This is the only shounen I've seen where the main character isn't crying all the time. Fantastic.
I'm a big fan of the sound of rain. Rain and birdsong? Even better.
>>2174 Must have weak lungs if you struggle to breathe through a thin mask.
Is anyone here worried about Trump? Apparently his vital signs are "very concerning".
Lads, what's happened to the board? Have we lost someone? Is appendix lad still alive?
Open file (79.90 KB 600x480 1601658530872.jpg)
I've been browsing 2chan a bit lately. Some of them are alright.
>>2180 >Lads, what's happened to the board? Have we lost someone? I've just been busy with other things, focusing on hobby projects a lot lately. >>2181 Nice. Check this out if you're interested lad https://futabachannel.neocities.org/ , especially the recently added "Enhanced Board List", which should give you a much better idea of where all Futaba's activity is. It's pretty mad that their top two boards are as fast as 4chan's /pol/, /v/, and /a/ put together. Each.
>>2180 It was the death note anon, he wrote "Anonymous" in it. I'm still alive, although my sleep pattern's completely fugged. Looking forward to getting some actual food delivered now that I've got my UC payment, and in the morning I'm going to go through the list of people the 999 guy emailed me to talk to. Honestly, though, this system sucks. I've come close to starving a few times over the years. I've told them that I would work if I could just to get away from them, but they're so far up their own arses they can see their own appendixes. The worst part of this is, the amount of people who work for the DWP, who are completely useless, and wouldn't have a job otherwise, somehow deciding everything. And the tribunal's taking ages to deal with it, because they're especially busy with the corona.
Morning lads. It's looking very nice out today, I think I'll chance a walk later. This morning I've been marathoning Death Note. It was one of the first animes I watched when I started mass immersing, and I understood virtually none of it. Now I feel like I'm at roughly 10% full comprehension, 40% consistent gist-getting, and the remaining 50% going totally over my head, which to be honest is a fantastic feel, given the sheer amount of dialogue and the speed at which they talk, and how difficult this was for me not that long ago. >>2182 Glad you're alive lad. >hobby projects どんなプロジェクト? >>2183 My only dealings with them were showing up every two weeks to sign on. What a hellish job that must be - sat at a desk all day in a dull grey building, robotically following monotonous beureaucratic procedures, being responsible for ensuring the argumentative chavs they have to interact with all day get their free money. In this case, NEET man has the last laugh.
Open file (77.63 KB 584x800 duncetime.jpg)
>>2180 I've been pretty afk lately, course-load is high and so am I. Unironically feel like this all the time while doing uni work
>>2184 It's not just them, either >we can't do that here at the jobcentre, that's against the regulations. >have you talked to the council? >have you talked to citizen's advice? >have you talked to the DWP? >have you talked to the council? the whole system seems to be designed to create work for these actual muppets. Before I applied to the tribunal, it was a never ending cycle of this dicking around with circular referrals and work baiting activities (you MUST be healthy, you came in, we've got you now!!). And I remember going in the first time, they didn't have a care in the world. People were sort of congregated by the door, and there weren't even any seats. Eventually, I just walked up to one of the tiny desks and asked them if that was normal, and then the guy started talking to me - and then the crowd behind me followed once they realised that these silent people at desks were the staff they were supposed to talk to. It was the job center, and they weren't interested in doing any work. ridiculous. Honestly, this feels like it'll go on forever. And Boris and his cronies are too busy looking smart for the pandemic they ignored until late March, what a load of bollocks this country is in
>>2184 I don't envy them, being underresourced and having to make a massive negative decision on someones life must be soul crushing. Even worse for the ones at Serco and the like that are actively incentivised by the higher ups to do what makes the most profit.
>>2186 My opinion on the benefits system aligns with that of the Ken Loach. The whole thing seems to be a kafkaesque nightmare designed to suck the soul out of everyone involved until they just give up. Someone who actually needs say disability related benefits is going to struggle to do the whole runaround that you are experiencing unless they have an expert third party to guide them in what to do. Its like how whenever they actually look at the money the benefit cheap stopping systems actually save and they almost always cost more than they pay out.
>>2185 Chin up lad. You're representing /britfeel/ in the real world now. Do us proud.
Open file (224.46 KB 962x1026 1601825741459.jpg)
On balance, how would you rate our women lads?
>>2184 >どんなプロジェクト? Web stuff mostly, mainly been working on a site that I may or may not have linked in a previous post. >>2190 The "women" like the ones you posted look like shit due to their horrid lifestyles and distorted sense of beauty, but our lasses can look great when they know how to look after themselves.
>>2190 >orrid lifestyles and distorted sense of beauty It's sad to see naturally beautiful girls absolutely wreck their looks. Our country has a reputation for having ugly birds but in a lot of cases I don't think it had to be that way, they've just fallen for dangerous memes. Where are the strong male role models?
Open file (14.85 KB 381x419 2020-10-04.jpg)
I just accidentally came on my face and in my hair, and to make matters worse there's a massive house spider doing laps of my room.
>>2190 3. Most women here are ugly because they're fat or really underweight, and they put on a shitton of makeup.
>>2194 Everything that trollops do (or don't do) contributes to them looking like hideous malformed wretches. I'd probably pity them if they weren't just as ugly and vapid on the inside.
Open file (19.98 KB 873x35 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (16.96 KB 360x402 1582453123009.jpg)
Open file (92.50 KB 1744x1078 orbiter.jpg)
Imagine being a death god and being this beta.
>>2190 shite when they drink, smoke, tan and wear heavy makeup. Some of the women who are light skinned/fair and natural are 8 or 9s but these ones you posted are as follows: 3,4,3,2
Lads how are you all coping? I keep going on walks but walks aren't working the way they used to do
Because my nephew is being homeschooled, I am now his PE teacher. We've just had our first lesson.
Open file (759.60 KB 600x450 ClipboardImage.png)
Redpill me on soil
Music lad, can you tell me a bit abotu how Beethoven wrote so much beautiful music when he was deaf please.
>>2202 He wasn't always deaf, he lost his hearing ability slowly between the age of 30 and 45. Once you're intimately familiar with how music and harmony works, and you're able to sight-read music the same way we can read English, you don't need hearing to write music. I keep saying it, but music is not random, it's playing with physics.
*shuffles papers* I'm looking for some input on an idea for a new term I've been bouncing around my mind for a little while. I'm going to reveal it a little later on in the post, but for now please read attentively while I provide some background. It's a combination of the classic "wet noodle", and Deano's choice, "nugget". "Wet noodle" has been a long time favourite of the Great British public, but as we all know, these things tend to lose their potency with the passage of time as newer, fresher terms make their way into the vernacular. The same can also be said for "nugget", however I feel this one also has the added downside of being used by a fairly exclusive subsection of the population. The people want something new - nay - they need it. This is where my phrase comes in. It packs a similar connotation and all the punch of the raw materials from which I've crafted it, but has the added bonus of being new and exciting, and having that mass appeal that will lend it every chance of, if my calculations are correct, becoming one of the most popular terms in the British language. I can now reveal that the term is "wet nugget". I'm granting you all the privilege of using it as you see fit, and in fact you, yes you, may just become instrumental in its establishment. *finishes shuffling papers* What do you think?
>>2199 I haven't left the house in a week or so, but I should start using my treadmill at least. I find it boring walking on the spot, but if it'll unfuck my blood pressure it'll be worth it. Can't really go outside in Liverpool, especially not at these hours.
hey lads, representative from /newbrit/ here, we had a similar style of board back on 8chan but were forced to retreat to shitcord when it went down. if any of you are interested, feel free to check out our discord room in addition to here, you might enjoy it: https://discord.gg/3yyAQK (we don't use voice, it's just text). I'm posting this because we have been slowly losing posters over the months and with no public board, we can't get visitors or anything to replenish losses.. I figure that we're a fairly likeminded community and you lads might enjoy hanging out in /newbrit/ as well. that's all, cheers
>>2206 >I figure that we're a fairly likeminded community Not really, but I wish you well in your attempts to find your lads, lad. If you're looking for 8chan-style imageboards with open board creation to move to (or just more places to look for your lads), there's: - 8chan.moe, run by Acid Man from GamerGate (with involvement from 8/v/'s Mark, who of course runs the /v/ board there) - 9chan.tw, used to be owned by Josh of kiwifarms and Infinity Next™ fame, but he quit and it's now run by some triforcefags who are/were involved with endchan and alog.theguntretort.com (formerly known as Julay.world) - endchan.net, run by triforcefags, place has always been a bit suspect but /ausneets/ have been there for ages - 8channel.bz, seems to be the 498th home of the literal paedos from 8/b/ / masterchan, will probably be dead in a couple of weeks like all their previous boards - 8kun.top run by Jim and Ron from 8chan (I don't actually know if board creation is open there yet), site performance is dogshit, images rarely load, and pretty much everyone abandoned ship Places you could attempt to move to by asking the admin very nicely: - anon.cafe, they let /k/ and /fascist/ on so I don't see why they'd turn down /newbrit/, added bonus is that this place is also on The Webring™ And that's pretty much it. Everyone else is in "fuck off we're full" mode, particularly with boards that are even vaguely /pol/-related.
>>2206 >>2207 I once devilishly took ownership of one of the 8chan brit boards for a while.
Open file (826.22 KB 970x545 ClipboardImage.png)
World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will begin a more LGBTQ+-inclusive future for the game >Pre-launch book, game and character options include new themes >World of Warcraft’s hugely anticipated Shadowlands expansion hits later this year, and will bring with it a new visibility for LGBTQ+-friendly quests, storylines and even character options. >One of the major story arcs in the Shadows Rising book, which leads up to the expansion, includes the budding romance between lighthearted Kul Tiran sailor Flynn Fairwind and the dry, sarcastic Stormwind spymaster Mathias Shaw, for example. >Pelagos lived his mortal life as a woman, and appears as a male form in the afterlife. It doesn’t play a major role in the quests that players experience; if they’re not paying attention, they may not notice the story element at all. But a series of dialog options, starting with “Do you remember your past life?,” offer players who want to know more the chance to explore. >“I had a female form in life,” Pelagos says. “I don't recall my former name, or even my race, but I...never felt like my physical form represented who I was inside. It never felt as clear to me then as it does now. I struggled with that identity for my entire life... But when I arrived in Bastion I became an aspirant that looked like, well… This! A male form! I felt...comfortable! Excited! Like who I was inside matched what others saw for the first time! All of those feelings in my life finally made sense.” >“The team had originally written him to use they/them pronouns, but received feedback that he/him would be more respectful of the character’s wishes to be identified as a man,” the post read in part. “This change is simply the result of us listening and responding to that feedback.” >“We got similar feedback across the board, that no, it feels like the way you’ve written this character that he would prefer he/him pronouns instead of they/them,” said Johnny Cash, senior game designer and LGBTQ+ Advisory Council member at Blizzard. “And hey, is this something we can change? And of course we can. And so we made the change.” >In Shadows Rising, one passing scene shows the marriage of two women assisted by a decision from Zandalari troll queen Talanji. The ruling is a financial one; the existence of same-sex marriage in the country is assumed. https://www.techradar.com/uk/news/world-of-warcraft-shadowlands-will-begin-a-more-lgbtq-inclusive-future-for-the-game
>>2206 Alright lads? I'll join you guys, know the feeling of losing posters, sometimes they're gone forever but many will return to you one day. I've left britfeel many times in the past myself and always ended up back here eventually
Flat 2's electricity's going off, his meter was beeping- WEW it went off, just heard his door open.
Who here is alright? Who here is not alright? Just remember, everything is as it should be, and always will be.
IF you had a time machine that would take you to one gig of your choosing from any point in the past, which gig would you go to? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ni64ZP135uQ
Some of reddit is alright. Say what you will about the site and its posters in general, but there are some good boards related to hobbies and other interesting niches that I enjoy browsing.
>>2214 It's the same as anywhere else really; the biggest determining factor on how shitty things are will be the quality of the admins/mods, and the number of malicious third parties trying to influence and disrupt things. Reddit just happens to have particularly shitty set of admins/mods (and when they aren't shitty enough they get replaced with even shittier ones), and a fuckton of malicious third parties performing all kinds of social engineering and pumping political propaganda onto all the big boards to no end. The general Reddit userbase is just a result of that, but as you say, some of the more niche boards are relatively cancer-free. 4chan today is much the same way.
Open file (354.45 KB 632x516 ClipboardImage.png)
>Japanese Pokemon has a different OP and the protag's name is Satoshi Upon reflection, I don't know why I didn't fully expect this.
Open file (89.14 KB 264x455 ClipboardImage.png)
who here /getting onnit/ today
>>2157 It came 21 days early.
Open file (1.85 MB 1423x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
*turns cap backwards* KYATAPI IKE
If you're reading this, I just want you to know you're a good lad.
Open file (13.64 KB 226x325 Gary-Ball.jpg)
>>2216 Fun fact: the "Ash" name option in the Japanese Pokemon Red/Green games is "Satoshi" too. The "Gary" name is "Shigeru", which is the name they used for him in the Japanese anime.
>tfw no extremely jewish looking probably SJW gf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGXfHQ3OpgY
Another parcel stolen or lost by Yodel. At least the guy's name is in the tracking, so he can't hide.
Open file (408.41 KB 734x646 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2223 >At least the guy's name is in the tracking
>>2224 Just watch me lad. I'll type in tracking information for biscuits with my right hand, and write names with my left. I'll take a digestive...and EAT IT.
>>2224 <Don't know what he looks like
Will you lads be getting vaccinated?
>>2227 no because developing a vaccine takes years
>>2228 The NHS are saying they'll be ready to roll one out in a few months
This is your threadly reminder that I am NOT gay, and I am only attracted to women who have tits, boobs, and fannies.
>>2221 Isn't there also a 'Satoshi' option in the Western version, or did I imagine that? Watching this is making me picture a load of Japanese schoolkids running around the playground shouting "ゲットだぜ!" It's a wholesome thought.
>>2231 >Isn't there also a 'Satoshi' option in the Western version No, at least not in the original games; it was Red/Ash/Jack and Blue/Gary/John in the English version. In Japan they had Red/Satoshi/Jack and Green/Shigeru/John, and in their Blue version it was Blue/Tsunekazu/John and Red/Green/Toroshi. Satoshi, Shigeru, and Tsunekazu are named after Satoshi Tajiri, Shigeru Miyamoto, and Tsunekazu Ishihara respectively. >Watching this is making me picture a load of Japanese schoolkids running around the playground shouting "ゲットだぜ!" I believe the whole GET concept that originated on 2ch was inspired by that very phrase.
>>2232 *Toroshi is supposed to be Hiroshi, I read it wrong, it's named after Hiroshi Yamauchi
Open file (1.60 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
For breakfast, it's two pieces of white tiger bread toast with a generous helping of butter, two squares of dark chocolate, some salted peanuts, a tangerine, a tin of mackerel, a banana, and a kitkat.
Open file (754.65 KB 970x547 ClipboardImage.png)
Rishi Sunak extends furlough scheme and sets out winter economy plan | In full https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJFS-kgm4es
>>2236 Why does this guy get so much praise? He has no charisma, he's completely robotic. I don't see the fuss personally.
>>2227 No. Coronavirus antibodies generally only last for 6 months or so. I'll wait a year or so for other people to test it for me. I don't plan on getting myself vaccinated every 6 months for the rest of my life.
Open file (841.23 KB 479x720 ClipboardImage.png)
I love him, lads
>>2239 WTF I LOVE B*DEN NOW btw, im a cunt JK
Open file (588.95 KB 900x1200 80948412_p0.jpg)
Local anon shocked to discover truth behind /britfeel/ >Earlier this week, an avid internet user, who wished to remain anonymous, uncovered a shocking revelation regarding popular online messageboard /britfeel/. >"I was always posting politics and news-related items to that board. It was part and parcel of my daily routine." he said to us in a heartfelt statement this morning. >However, disaster struck when it recently came to light that the messageboard he'd been posting to was not in fact dedicated to politics or news as he'd assumed. To make matters worse, experts now believe that he may have confused /britfeel/ with several similarly named messageboards that were in fact dedicated to his topics of interest. >"I'm not sure what to do with myself now. I can't believe it's not brit/pol/." https://www.britfeeltimes.co.uk/news/2020/10/10/link-nobody-clicked-on
>>2241 There have been occasional political discussions on here for as long as I can remember. Are you alright?
>Kelly Anne Bates Fucking hell lads, don't google it. I'm not normally phased by true crime descriptions but this one got me. I'm surprised I hadn't heard about it before.
>>2235 Today for me, it's egg and toast, and maybe a little flapjack. Is it normal to make eggs in the oven? It works, I suppose, but it feels weird as hell.
>>2244 What kind of egg do you even end up with if you cook it in the oven? Omelette is the supreme egg based dish.
It's just a hard boiled egg out of a deep baking tray with water. I don't have gas, and a kettle is only good for boiling water, not keeping the water hot long enough for an egg. And I don't want egg in my kettle
Pombears for dinner.
>>2242 I was just taking the piss, but there's nothing "occasional" about the increased quantity of dumb political/news articles that have been posted here lately, and they're all in that obnoxious /pol/-bait style rather than the earnest debates and discussions we used to have years ago. You're well aware that you're the only one who ever makes these types of posts here anyway, Mr fucking whibblescromps, lord of the shitposts.
Open file (188.70 KB 615x769 0_Mario-Falcone.jpg)
>>2248 TOWIE's Mario Falcone bravely shares suicide attempt before Lucy Mecklenburgh split >TOWIE's Mario Falcone detailed his suicide attempt in 2012 shortly before his split from Lucy Mecklenburgh at the height of his fame >Former TOWIE star Mario Falcone bravely told fans about his suicide attempt. >The reality star, 32, tried to take his own life when he took an overdose with alcohol in 2012 before his split from his The Only Way Is Essex co-star Lucy Mecklenburgh. >During the heights of his fame on TOWIE, the Instagram star was battling with his mental health behind closed doors. https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/towies-mario-falcone-bravely-shares-22824423
Lads, other than the old RPGs, have there been any other good Pokemon games?
>>2250 I enjoyed the trading card game on the GBC, but I've got no idea how it would hold up today.
>>2250 Pokemon pinball and some of the mystery dungeon games are fun.
I'm home at long last. I think I was at my mum's for about two months, I really enjoyed it but I'm also pleased to be back home. I've got a week til I'm back at work and I plan to make the most of it.
>>2250 Pokemon Colloseum's supposedly alright, never played it personally though.
Open file (2.57 MB 2160x3840 shashin.jpg)
I've been learning to write kanji for somewhere around two months now, and it's becoming one of my favourite parts of the day. I put it off for the longest time thinking it was just a chore I'd have to drag myself through for the sake of getting where I want to be with the language, but I couldn't have been more wrong. If any of you lads have been thinking about starting some creative pursuit, just DO it, you might surprise yourself.
>>2255 すげー!天才
>>2256 >すげー! I was listening to some yank on youtube talk about his experiences taking Japanese lessons in Japan, apparently they were supposed to say in front of the class what they did at the weekend, so he said what he did, and ended by saying it was "すげー". He got a massive bollocking off the teacher in front of everyone.
A guy has been outside next door for the last hour shouting to "Jay" that he's sorry.
>>2258 Do you know Jay?
It's すげー Jay, he heard we were talking about him
>>2257 Bit harsh, although I suppose it's a bit like saying "my weekend was very wowza" in English.
>>2261 Its improper speech for in a classroom. >>2255 People that bitch about kanji dont have a clue. Its more intuitive than kana soup.
>>2262 >Its improper speech for in a classroom. はいはい
I'm putting the heating on lads, it's too chilly.
>>2261 I've had my electric oil radiator on at my feet for like the whole year. It's much cheaper than gas. To be fair, I also have over £1k of electricity debt from universal credit.
fray bentos
>>2265 I used one of those in my old flat, it cost an arm and a leg, but the central heating was run off the electric which was also extortionate, so I couldn't win. It had big high ceilings and single glazing so you can imagine how fun my winters were.
>>2267 I actually have single glazing myself, it's like being outside, isn't it? I've been using this room for a bedroom, living room and dining room, because of my two rooms it has the smallest window, and I've plugged it up, so it's not as bad.
>>2268 It's the coldest I've ever been indoors, I slept fully clothed with a hat and gloves on some nights. I tried to chase the estate agents up about double glazing but they always had some excuse. My current place is much better, well insulated with low ceilings, so if I have the heating on for even half an hour I'm roasting.
Light is such a bastard lads
>>2269 >I tried to chase the estate agents up about double glazing but they always had some excuse. They're like that here, too. The only time they're quick, is when they want rent from you. I honestly think, this country and the US, parts of it might as well be considered third world.
It's official, Operation: Destroy Fungal Toenail has just begun. I've started by giving it a vigorous filing, which has gotten rid of some of the black and yellow stuff, then I applied apple cider vinegar. Now I'm going to order some proper stuff for it off ebay.
>>2268 >>2269 We didn't get double glazing in my parents house until like 2016. I was amazed at the difference it makes. I kind of miss being that cold now, it's not quite the same feeling being outside where there's wind and stuff.
>>2272 Good luck lad. I cleared a bunch of dead skin off my own foot recently and it was a whole thing. Still got some left to do actually. Should get back at it.
>doing squats with just the barbell >the leg I broke my ankle on is shaking The poor lad
>>2275 Tell that leg that there's no need to be afraid, Jay is watching over him
While I was living at my mums my car only got started once when my brother nipped to mine for some bits, which means it's been totally inactive for about a month - now it won't start at all, not even engine lights. I've been told it'll be the battery. Do we have any car chads here? What do I do?
Open file (96.60 KB 340x392 ClipboardImage.png)
why do people says japs are racist when this happened all the way back in 1997
>>2277 Happened to mine too before. Get your brother to come over and give you a jumpstart with some cables, then drive it around for a while, should be fine then as long as you dont leave it sitting around for ages and get some normal use out of it. Should theoretically be able to charge itself back up through normal use as long as its got some juice in it. If he's not available, get a car battery charger from screwfix. Dont trust Halfords on that, they'll try and seriously overcharge you.
>>2243 Bloody hell imagine being part of the jury and having to see the photos of that shit. Some of them needed counseling after
This is the third argument I've heard down my street since I came home, it's now my second day back. Who /exterminate the underclass/ here?
Another day entirely spent in bed, on imageboards. It never gets boring, even after months. It doesn't make sense.
>>2283 Don't forget: you're here forever.
Open file (885.16 KB 682x467 ClipboardImage.png)
Sarah Payne killer Roy Whiting knifed in prison by inmates screaming 'you nonce' >Paedophile Roy Whiting, jailed for the murder of Sarah Payne, wasn't breathing after he was repeatedly stabbed, and a nurse says she saved his life following the attack at HMP Wakefield in West Yorkshire >Sarah Payne's killer was repeatedly stabbed in his prison cell by two fellow inmates screaming "you f***ing nonce", it is reported. >Paedophile Roy Whiting wasn't breathing after his attackers knifed him in the upper body with makeshift blades, and punched and kicked him in the face and head. >Convicted murderers Richard Prendergast and Kevin Hyden, both 40, didn't stop stabbing Whiting, 61, until baton-wielding prison officers forced the cell door open, a court heard. Good news lads. One of the blokes who got him is inside for torturing and killing a woman for her bank PIN. I always find it funny to see instances of this sort of thing, how even among the dregs there is a sense of morality. Not necessarily related (although this guy does look like a mong), when reading about this stuff I'm struck by how many of the worst offenders seem to have retard-level IQs. Obviously there are notable exceptions, but the mongs seem to be massively overrepresented. Eugenics when?
Wageslave here. Is there a guide to neetdom? I tried talking to my doctor about suicidal thoughts about and during work, but nothing really came of it. Help a fellow brit, lads?
>>2287 Go the autism route, that's where the real NEETbux are, as long as you can prove you're too socially retarded to work with others.
>>2287 Why shouldn't you contribute to the economy if you're fit for work?
I've just tried a vegan peanut butter flavour with all natural ingredients whey protein, and it wasn't very nice.
>>2290 Fuck off slave
What are these curfews all about then? What difference does the time of day make to the spreading of a virus?
Open file (517.35 KB 845x845 ClipboardImage.png)
This pokemon is in the original 150 and I had absolutely no idea it existed.
>>2294 Kangaskhan was Safari Zone only and pretty rare even in there (and even harder to catch) so it makes sense that if you only played the games you wouldn't have seen them. The anime had an episode where there was a kid raised by Kangaskhan though, so I assume you didn't watch that (at least not regularly.)
>>2295 >The anime had an episode where there was a kid raised by Kangaskhan though That's where I've just seen it. I did watch it as a kid but either missed that one or just didn't remember. You have a good memory.
I just bought some fridge chicken slices to make sandwiches with. Shall I cook these first? I bet they'd be nice cooked. Are there any chicken slice lads in? >>2166 I did ten minutes on the treadmill yesterday. Got rid of what was probably the effects of sitting down and laying in bed for hours and hours, so I'm going to go again today. I'm on the skinnier side, so I think I should be eating more (on universal credit? lol, definitely) and doing more exercise.
Why is Satoshi allowed to leave home to become a Pokemon master at 10 years old? I was 12 before even I was even allowed to school and back, and I had to be with a mate. Is this normal in Japan?
>>2297 Walking is top-tier exercise lad, keep it up.
>>2298 Letting kids roam relatively free was normal everywhere until our generation, then cases like the one mentioned in >>2285 started becoming front page news non-stop. It scared most of our parents into thinking child abusers/murderers like Fred West, Jon Venables, Roy Whiting, and Ian Huntley were lurking behind every bush, and that was the end of that.
>Will Smith is making lo-fi beats for youtube >they're actually quite good I'd had two of these hour+ vids on in the background, I'd seen the channel name and heard the samples but thought it was just a fan creation, then I went to the channel for more and it's mostly stuff from his daily life. The absolute madman. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZGi1SCj1fU
Hope you boys is hydrated tonight
For breakfast its double-scoop blue g-fuel.
>>2304 Now that the dust has settled, how are you getting on with it?
>>2305 I'm really enjoying it, and it definitely gives me a kick of energy in the morning, but in a slow burn kind of way. I will say the recommended serving size (ie, the scoop that comes with it) doesn't seem to give as much flavour as the testing packets did. The double scoop this morning is the first time i've had more than what they tell you to put and it was a bit stronger than they recommend. A scoop and a half would probably do it, which is a little sneaky and does reduce number of servings in a tub. Still really enjoying the flavour too.
Oh my good lads, you're really in for a treat this time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzYD56hKF-8
I miss Jahans content. I think he's my all-time favourite lolcow.
>lolcows I hope you all have better things to do with this time than laugh at mentally ill people on the internet. This much free time, don't spend it on crap
>>2309 I'm a firm believer in maintaining a healthy productivity-crap balance
Open file (167.32 KB 340x510 ClipboardImage.png)
hurts so much just want him back xx
>>2309 I wish I could take interest in something enough to miss it, even if it is just lolcow stuff. I've spent the last 2 hours sat here doing nothing.
>>2312 Cultivate an interest then, they don't just magically appear
Open file (1.60 MB 1005x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Not being funny lads but I would give this team rocket lass a good shagging if you catch my drift.
I always know when it's gone 10 because of the racket down my street from the muggles leaving the pubs.
>>2314 She can team my rocket and blast me off again any day mate.
>>2316 Cheers lad got a belly laugh from that This kid's program is outright sexual at times
What you doing lads?
Open file (41.72 KB 623x582 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (626.97 KB 532x800 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2088 Fellow brits are welcome to feel here: [dodgy link to some kind of bitcoin network removed]
Edited last time by britfeel on 10/19/2020 (Mon) 23:01:41.
>>2320 You're welcome to fuck off lad.
>>2321 They did the same thing on /fascist/ too and tried to disguise it as a news article.
>>2322 Yeah, before I removed the link I chucked it in a search engine to scope it out without actually clicking on it, and found that the same link had been posted on neinchan's /pol/ too, saying "Come join us in taking back control over our collective and individual futures. Rise again." Someone's being a crafty fucker.
A lad at work's gone off with covid symptoms and is waiting for his test results. If he's positive I'll have to go off because I was talking to him the other day.
Bit of shadow boxing
>>2324 He has tested negative.
Yank elections are always interesting. Who do you lads think will win? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fi9rgwDLBAk
>>2327 I don't know, but either way, they're fucked.
>>2327 Did you see last night that AOC was streaming on Twitch, playing Among Us with a bunch of popular streamers and youtubers? Had almost half a million viewers at its peak. I watched a bit of it but it wasn't really my cup of tea. Clown world doesn't even surprise me any more. I reckon we'll have politicians debuting as a virtual youtuber at some point, and virtual youtubers debuting as politicians. I shall be voting Nijisanji in the next general election personally.
>>2329 >AOC Who?
>>2330 Could've just looked it up lad. >Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez[a] (/oʊˌkɑːsioʊ kɔːrˈtɛz/; Spanish: [oˈkasjo koɾˈtes];[1] born October 13, 1989), also known by her initials AOC, is an American politician serving as the U.S. Representative for New York's 14th congressional district. The district includes the eastern part of the Bronx, portions of north-central Queens, and Rikers Island in New York City. She is a member of the Democratic Party.
>>2331 Bombay bad boy for tea.
>>2332 Do you lads drink the gravy when you've had all the noodles? I never did as a kid, but as I've grown older I've begun to appreciate it.
alright lads?
Morning lads. I am currently making my first order for Asda home shopping.
>>2335 I am NOT accepting substitutions on my cayenne pepper.
Open file (15.88 KB 1007x34 ClipboardImage.png)
Why is life so cruel lads?
>>2337 You can download one file at a time, and you can also download pieces in sequential order from start to finish rather than randomly. Doing the latter lets you play media files while they're still downloading, as you're effectively streaming them.
>>2338 Cheesy beans on toast and a protein shake for supper.
Stop quotelinking my posts just to annouce your fucking meals.
Want a bowl of cereal for supper but Im not sure if the milks good. The date on it was 20th, but it hasn't actually been opened yet.
>>2341 I'm almost ready to put my life on it being fine. I've had milk two days out that HAS been opened and it tasted and smelled just as fresh as ever. I'm not sure if it's something to do with my fridge being on the coldest setting but I've not a single time had it spoil. What are you having? It's been cheerios lately for me, but I'd be lying if I said deep down I wasn't thinking about weetos.
>>2342 It smelt fine but when I had a swig of it, it was lumpy. Thought it was best not to risk it. Was going to be having Nesquik but not anymore it seems, unless I can be bothered to have a drive to Tesco before it closes at midnight.
>>2343 >lumpy Definite no-go then, my condolences. I remember I bought a bottle from a jet garage once and it turned out to be a block of jelly so solid it wouldn't come out of the bottle. >pakis
Want a harpsichord lads
>>2345 I nearly bought one years ago after watching Rozen Maiden, settled for Pianoteq instead.
Wish I was a shadowy assassin in the employ of a king ruling over a troubled kingdom lads
What are some nostalgic songs for you lads? This one was my alarm clock for years, I had it setup to blast from my big monitors because I struggled to get up, but I knew if I did that I would have to get up and turn it off to avoid pissing off everyone else in the house. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fh-3tvRBbk
>>2349 I have nostalgia for virtually every song I can remember from years ago, both the ones I liked and the ones I didn't. Cheesy mid-90's dance music is probably my guiltiest pleasure, as it was the unwitting soundtrack to the earlier parts of my childhood.
Open file (34.41 KB 410x879 salad cream.jpg)
What's the hardest boss from any video game you've ever played?
>>2352 >happy hardcore Let's not go too far lad. There's your regular old, run-of-the-mill, "bit of fun haha" cheese, and then there's your disgusting, stinky, downright fucking rancid CHEESE that's pungent enough to make your nasal hairs fall out.
>>2354 I like watching old rave videos, there seemed to be so much less pretension back then, they didn't care that they looked like spackers because they were having fun (and drugged out of their minds). The baggy clothes must have been a lot comfier too.
Glass of whiskey for supper.
Open file (122.35 KB 750x495 all-dayer1.37dd9716.jpg)
>>2355 I do too, at least the acid house and breakbeat hardcore raves of '88 - '92. There were many clubs back in the 80s filled with pretenious image-obsessed knobheads, all dressed up in stupid clothes, makeup (both genders), and retarded rainbow-coloured hairdos, and they often wouldn't even let you in if you didn't look the part, but when E and house music came along that all went out the window. The "rave culture" itself didn't actually start with house music though; it actually stems from the soul & jazz funk scene of the mid-70s to early 80s in the south of England (not to be confused with the nothern soul scene, which was a lot more rigid and serious). This is where that whole hedonistic, hands-in-the-air, "carnival-like behaviour that's a bit like a football crowd going bonkers after their team scores except it's all night and to the rhythm of underground four-to-the-floor dance music played by a DJ" culture derives from, that later became the standard at clubs, raves, and festivals.
>>2348 *steps out of the shadows* My lord, I am having a kebab for dinner. >>2353 That's a good questiion, I don't know. I'll think about it over dinner, unironically.
>>2353 One I remember struggling with in particular was Vamp in MGS2, never managed to get past him in the end.
Who /timewarp/ here? I have overslept 30 minutes for work, which on top of the hour from daylight saving makes me one well-rested lad.
lads I think I might have corona, my parents are sick but haven't seen them in weeks now. I don't want to do the test it seems pretty foul
>>2361 You still ought to do it, lad. Forewarned is forearmed even if it's mank for a few seconds.
>>2361 I've had one and while it's not nice, it's over in less than 5 seconds. You can do it.
The fireworks are ramping up. I am not a fan.
cant decide whether to have red xiii in my party
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNQAbF33gFM I'm finding it hard to dislike this guy, these are hilarious.
>>2356 What type was it lad?
>>2364 I've never liked them, either. Noisy and expensive.
Open file (701.57 KB 900x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
You know what would be an interesting job? Being the guy who does things in stock videos and images.
>>2369 kek'd Should drink some jamesons lad.
I am now a covid marshal at Asda. My first shift is next Saturday.
Morning lads, I hope you're all doing well. I've never really been much of a torrenter, only occasionally downloading the odd game or series here and there, but recently I've been downloading loads of anime. I'm amassing quite the collection. Do you lads torrent much?
Open file (506.19 KB 1160x1896 TBSbrew.jpg)
>>2369 Is that a Bells lad? Jesus that's brought back some memories as we had the same one I think in my parents drinks cabinet, that is all. carry on /feeling/ bro's
>be me >be retard >have kettle above extension lead >hear electrical sounds from kitchen >water bubbling over to the lead >turn off power at mains and unplug fuck fuck
就活、しゅうかつ, 'shuukatsu' - job hunting 終活、しゅうかつ, 'shuukatsu' - making preparations for one's death
Open file (34.79 KB 768x432 m rash.jpg)
Sad state of affairs when he's more British than our own PM.
>>2374 Not as much as I used to, but I've torrented many terabytes in my time. I can only look at my statistics from the last couple of years due to a change in bittorrent client, but my stats currently sit at 2.36 TB downloaded, 8.45 TB uploaded, and a ratio of 3.57. I reckon I've probably downloaded about 5 or 6 TBs in my lifetime via torrent, but most of that was probably in the last 5-6 years due to having a shit internet connection before that. Regarding anime, my anime folder currently sits at 1.63 TB.
Open file (2.19 MB 1018x723 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2376 Did it survive? I bought a new kettle earlier today from Wilkos, my old one was decrepit and leaked round the side every time I poured from it. >>2380 >2.36 TB downloaded, 8.45 TB uploaded
I bought a soft furry throw to put under my duvet for the winter and I can tell you it was a fantastic decision. I'm very toasty, it's just as good as having the heating on.
Open file (2.04 MB 640x360 1603921378844.webm)
Just another day in Burgerland
>>2381 Yeah, the kettle's fine. It's one of those that sit on the connector, which is on a slightly sloped dome, so there's no way of water getting inside if the kettle is powered on unless you stick the whole thing in a bucket. It's been dying for the past year, though, because sometimes it won't turn off automatically.
Hearty kek https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJDXj6-54wE I would stay up for the election for the bants but I'm not as young as I used to me, and my aged body would not thank me for such a late night. Anyone doing anything today? Have we lost some posters lately? The posts seem to have slowed a bit.
>>2385 Im supposed to be off from work but there's training I was given that has to be done before I get back, so I'll probably finish that off today. I'm still not sure if I'm going to stay up for the election, I've been off all week so my sleep schedule is a bit off. Went to bed at 2, woke up at 12 so I might be able to swing it next week.
love debussy lads
>catch a chocobo >still get caught by the zolem
Open file (1.09 MB 1181x793 ClipboardImage.png)
Didn't know Roger Scruton was dead lads
Asda can't find white bread for my delivery, what the hell is going on outside? Did the lockdown announcement send people into a panic again? Thank god I already have toilet paper this month, then
>>2391 >Did the lockdown announcement send people into a panic again? Yes.
>>2391 It's pure chaos lad. So much stuff was off sale today, it was extremely busy and the place got ransacked. Two weeks ago I got a home shopping delivery slot for the same day; it's now gone up to 12 on average and will probably keep growing. They're bulk buying bogroll again and we have several confirmed covid cases among the staff. Send help.
Open file (82.19 KB 960x500 ClipboardImage.png)
You lads better be eating lots of vitamin D-rich foods such as mushrooms, eggs, and oily fish. If I find out you're not there's going to be trouble.
Has covid claimed this board or something?
>>2400 No idea what happened to the rest of the lads around here, but I've just been busy working on random autism projects lately, and today I've been babysitting my nieces. Been feeding them some classic internet culture, they were well into it so I reckon they'll be telling all their friends about hamsterdance, bananaphone, peanut butter jelly time, badger badger badger, numa numa, caramelldansen (which is now their new favourite dance, get pwned flossing), etc. Feels good to be singlehandedly saving the next generation, as well as the internet.
>>2400 I'm here too, I've just not been posting as much because of the lower activity. Shalln't be going anywhere though.
>>2400 I've been feeling a little demotivated when it comes to posting. Just kind of existing atm to be honest
>>2400 It claimed my bread I feel like a right twat putting in another order for the 9th. The British public will panic again, or the bloke who does the picking will just decide he's had enough and bugger off into his green cuck van without it.
Open file (2.34 MB 957x1300 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.11 MB 957x1300 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.86 MB 866x1390 ClipboardImage.png)
Who /sitting back and enjoying the accelerated destruction of America/ here?
There are so many deano rockets going off.
>>2406 There were hardly any round here, besides about 30 seconds of fireworks from one of the neighbours it was very quiet overall.
>>2406 The artificial fog this morning was nice though.
Where would a lad who enjoyed 8ch's /pol/ at its inception go to peruse a bit of political discussion these days? 4chan is an absolute no-go, and all of the political channels I watched on youtube years back have been banned.
>>2409 There's currently no equivalent to any iteration of 8/pol/ in existence as far as I'm aware, only several small offshoots that are barely more active than here. There's 8chan.moe's /pol/, 9chan.tw's /pol/, 8kun.top's /pnd/, mlpol.net's /mlpol/ (hope you like ponies), tvch.moe's /dup/ (just as cancerous as 4/pol/ but a fraction of the speed), and probably several more I've forgotten about or am unaware of. There's also a few more specific political boards around, like >>>/fascist/ here, /monarchy/ on 8chan.moe, 8kun.top's /brit/ and /newbrit/, and bunkerchan.xyz's /leftypol/ (which is by far the most active out of everything I just listed). I think it's fair to say that the bulk of the anons who once made up early 8/pol/ either moved on or went back to 4chan.
>>2410 Is this how free speech dies lad?
>>2411 Yes. Not with a bang, but with a whibblescromp.
Speaking of 4chan and /pol/, here's a recent Vice article for anyone that fancies a laugh: https://archive.vn/0178z >The Man Who Helped Turn 4chan Into the Internet's Racist Engine Best part is this: >“[RapeApe] basically fulfills the role of an administrator considering Hiroyuki [Nishimura], the actual admin, doesn't touch the site,” a current janitor told me. Poole and Nishimura did not respond to repeated requests for comment. RapeApe responded by sending an email that contained only a single link to a video of naked muscular men dancing.
>>2413 Have any of you lads been on there recently? The majority of posters were either actual leftists or leftist shills. I knew it had declined, but it feels like it may as well not even be there now.
>>2414 Before the election results started coming in it seemed to me like most of the threads and early replies were made by outsiders and social engineers trying to influence and sway the board in whatever direction they wanted it to go in. Beyond that you had the typical crowd of teenagers/retards/trolls, and a large group of MAGA migrants / 2016 election tourists who'd arrived after being b& from reddit and everywhere else on the internet. Right now it seems like the social engineers, the teenagers/retards/trolls, and posters from various other boards have temporarily joined forces to party over the fact that the election tourists' favourite candidate appears to have lost, and they're hoping that the MAGA crowd will fuck off forever.
Any lads here know a good way to learn piano? I have a keyboard and am looking for a roadmap/progression.
>>2400 I haven't been here in maybe a month or two, which is the longest I've been away. Just been rotting in bed until my legs are in pain and need to move.
>>2417 >Just been rotting in bed until my legs are in pain and need to move. Me too. Is this just end-stage lurker life? What comes next?
Open file (74.34 KB 960x720 VGUWsqx.jpg)
>>2418 I expect something like this.
>>2416 I played for a while years back and I always learned things using synthesia videos such as this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBF3voKqNBs Just search for whatever song you want with that keyword, there's loads of stuff available, obviously it would make sense to start with simpler stuff. I'm not saying it's the best way, and it won't teach you to sight read sheet music, or anything about music theory but it worked well for me as far as simply being able to play things. Our resident music lad might be able to chime in with some more info, though I believe he's having a peanut butter sandwich at the moment.
>>2417 >>2418 >>2419 There are so many wastes of space in this world and you lads are not among them, you deserve better than this. If you refuse to make it I will make it for all of us.
>>2422 I'm living what I deserve, a lifestyle proportional to the effort I've put into living. You can make it, in my stead.
>>2417 >>2418 I also haven't been here for a couple of months and have just been lying in bed. I developed a folate defficiency somehow and I've been very sick, and now I just feel a touch depressed and tired of life. Hope you lads feel better soon. How is everyone else doing? I've missed you lads.
>>2414 >>2415 I actually showed up to 4/pol/ for the first time in years to shitpost about the election, and I was honestly shocked how much it had changed. People got genuinely mad at me for making fun of 9/11, and from the way they seemed to type it didn't even seem like the 2016 MAGApede from reddit sort, but a new brand of facebook Qanon conspiraboomer that has settled the board in our absence. I had a lot of fun during the few days of election coverage, but I left with my prior conviction that /pol/ is basically just tourist/migrant central seriously deepened. Imagine making fun of 9/11 on 4chan and getting actual angry replies? Things sure have changed a lot.
Some chav called me Jesus on the way to work. I knew growing my hair and beard out was a good idea.
I thought MMO Junkie was alright, though I enjoyed the first half more because the constant spilling of spaghetti got a bit tired by the end. Are Japanese people really that autistic?
>>2427 Oh and I wish there were more game elements. I thought NHK's few MMO episodes were more MMOey than this series supposedly based on that premise. Morning lads.
Open file (774.14 KB 2504x1408 ClipboardImage.png)
I'm frying this morning's bacon in yesterday's bacon grease. It doesn't get more epic than this.
>>2427 >Are Japanese people really that autistic? Haven't seen that show, but the answer is yes.
Open file (73.36 KB 1251x1011 ho.jpg)
>touting a vaccine for a very new highly mutagenic virus tested on only 20,000 people as the saviour of humanity I can see where this is going.
>>2431 based care workers will take the bullet and beta test the vaccine for us anyways, remember to thank them for their service.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fK1q-2rdIoo Ted Cruz is live on Crowder lads
Tankard of wine for supper.
>>2319 You a fellow Durham lad?
>>2436 No.
Do you lads have good posture?
>>2438 Wouldn't say it's amazing, but it's better than it used to be, and I regularly adjust it when I notice myself slouching.
Open file (666.46 KB 976x549 ClipboardImage.png)
Anyone want to say a few words?
>>2434 Why not just post the original upload lad? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAsxztU189k
>>2441 I'm sorry.
Who /not a skilled gamer/ here? I've played stuff for the majority of my life, but never been particularly good.
Open file (86.36 KB 1024x768 virtuafighter4_review.jpg)
>>2443 I've always been in that awkward spot where I'm better than anyone I know in real life, but worse than all the 1337 faggots online. I recently had the most even match of my life though; it was me VS my 3 and 6 year old nieces in Virtua Fighter 4. I'm godawful at fighting games and I don't know any of the moves, so our random character choices and furious button mashing meant it was heads or tails whoever won.
>>2444 >I've always been in that awkward spot where I'm better than anyone I know in real life, but worse than all the 1337 faggots online. I'm in the same category, likely because while I'm perfectly happy to play and get good at games, but when it comes to looking up what's meta etc I cannot be fucking bothered.
>>2445 >what's meta While the emergence of this mindset was inevitable, I still feel like it sucks the fun out of everything. I remember the days of just winging everything, not giving a shit about whether your choices were optimal or not, and having a great time doing it. These days, especially in certain genres, you're so pigeon-holed it's like someone's playing the game for you.
>>2446 On the one hand, it makes sense because people who want to be competitive are going to try everything to be competitive. On the other hand, that attitude has ruined being able to play anything multiplayer online for me since I don't enjoy that kind of thing.
I think the only thing keeping me from a life of hedonism is the fact that I no longer derive pleasure from drinking, video games or anime. I don't even ironically enjoy bad TV shows anymore.
>>2448 It was the same for me, I think the older you get the less fulfilling that sort of thing becomes. As a teenager I was perfectly content to sack it off all day, but after 20 or so I felt this jarring sense of all the things I formerly spent my time on no longer feeling meaningful, (or probably that my adult brain was finally able to comprehend that they never were), and didn't really know what to do with myself.
What are your ambitions for the future, lads? I've been thinking a lot about how I'd feel if I achieved my greatest ambitions, and I honestly feel like it would ultimately not make me very content. It's troubling, because now I'm not sure if I really want to do anything at all. >>2448 I don't really derive much pleasure from drinking either, or other drugs, but a lot of the time I use it to avoid confronting things that are bothering me mentally.
>>2450 >I've been thinking a lot about how I'd feel if I achieved my greatest ambitions, and I honestly feel like it would ultimately not make me very content Sounds like a psychological copout on the part of your monkey mind to avoid hard work. >now I'm not sure if I really want to do anything at all. Welcome to the human race lad, what you're experiencing is one of the most common feelings of all time. It's why most of us are lazy wastes of space who exist only to CONSOOM.
>>2450 The sense of achievement upon completing something is never long lasting; it's a cliche, but the "journey" really is more fulfilling than the "destination". Many of the greatest men in history died before their final works were completed, as they were working on things right up to the very end. That's why one of the keys to fulfillment is to constantly be working on things, exploring new avenues, and always having something lined up for when the current objective is complete. Never fall into the trap of thinking that "with this one achievement, I will surely be satisfied", because it is never true; man's defining attribute - the one that truly seperates him from the rest of the animal kingdom - is his never-ending dissatisfaction with the current state of things.
wish kirito-kun was my dad
>>2453 Because then he'd be trapped in a virtual reality?
>>2453 I liked the part where your dad endlessly glopped two years worth of semen into your mum.
Big thoughts are brewing. Watch this space.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYZ2XoaBO2A&feature=emb_title It's hard to believe this is real, but I'm glad it is.
It just hit me for a second how mad it is that the internet actually exists.
Open file (193.56 KB 389x297 1163252146592.gif)
>>2458 It's mental isn't it. You forget sometimes that you're pressing buttons on a board with ancient symbols on it, causing unimaginably fast calculations on a turbo maths machine, which sends patterns of electronic pulses down strands of metal that span around the world, resulting in microscopic changes to some spinning disks in a large room somewhere, which are attached to more turbo maths machines that send different patterns of electronic pulses back to you, and ultimately results in changes to your upright board of illuminated liquid crystals. All in a matter of milliseconds. So fast in fact that many people can send and recieve hundreds of high resolution images per second, along with tens of thousands of audio samples per second, and they can do this with a device that fits in their pocket without even being plugged in. And to top it off, there's four and a half billion of us doing this throughout the day, and virtually none of us blink an eye at it.
>>2459 >there's four and a half billion of us doing this throughout the day, and virtually none of us blink an eye at it. That's almost as mental as the thing itself. We would have been seen as wizards or aliens by most people who've ever lived.
*folds arms* Exactly what are you lads having for supper tonight?
Now that I've got long hair I'm wondering if I should be using anything extra on it? I wash it with shampoo, should that be enough? Is conditioner a Jewish scheme or does it have some benefit? Post haircare routines.
>>2462 conditioner is actually far, far better than shampoo. I condition every time I wash my hair (1-2 times a week for medium/long hair, even less if your hair is longer) and reduce your shampoo use, it's not healthy for your hair at all and unless you have a specific scalp condition you're trying to treat just taper off it. Also I'd recommend only washing your hair with lukewarm water and use an oil to treat your hair a few times a week to improve the lustre. Fuck shampoo.
Does anyone have the party bag and hat picture or anything from that party lupus threw? I've been getting more depressed recently and remembered the dopamine hit this gave me first time
Open file (1.16 MB 2048x1536 20150425_122011.jpg)
Open file (1020.87 KB 2048x1536 20150425_132331.jpg)
Open file (1.39 MB 2048x1536 20150425_150840.jpg)
Open file (1.43 MB 1536x2048 2015-04-25 16.14.21.jpg)
Open file (1.25 MB 1536x2048 2015-04-25 18.49.04.jpg)
>>2464 I have the full set, here you are lad.
Open file (935.21 KB 2048x1536 20150425_203707.jpg)
Open file (2.16 MB 2592x2592 20150425_220804.jpg)
>>2465 Instant serotonin thank you lad I forgot about the hijab
Wasn't it meant to be a work event but they hadn't ever thrown a party. So this is what they came up with?
Open file (6.19 MB 1554x2072 ClipboardImage.png)
>There is no hope for Britai-
I haven't had a white monster in two weeks. What's happening to me?
>>2470 You're healing, lad.
>>2471 Are you Gay Fuel anon? Is he here?
Do you lads ever feel lonely? How do you deal with it?
>>2464 >>2465 >>2466 Miss Lupus honestly ngl, I've been bedridden for the past month and I'm beginning to suspect I have some sort of chronic sleeping sickness, it occurred to me the other day that it would be soothing to know somebody with a similar problem. >>2473 I feel acute loneliness sometimes these days. When I'm feeling well I go to the gym and work out until there are tears streaming down my face, that normally does the trick. It's honestly gotten to the point where my warmth and love for humanity that I'd spent so long rekindling has started to die off again. My empathy is plumetting. Other people's pain is no longer my own, and while that technically might sound useful, it's a very lonely place to be in. I think if this gets much worse I might become an even colder person than I used to be back when I first showed up on /r9k/. It's a rough feeling. I've been thinking a whole lot about what I want to do with my life nowadays and the honest answer is I just want power for the sake of power, because the joy of life has gone out of me and I'm not ready to die, so I just want to be able to conquer something larger than myself. Christ I miss feeling like a real human being.
>>2474 Yes I found myself missing her this week too for some reason. Not thought about her in a long time but just seemed to happen. You should get your blood tested or something though lad. Make sure you're not the next to go.
Open file (599.29 KB 680x476 ClipboardImage.png)
I have decided that the Turks are infact based.
I've just read through the plot of the FFVII remake. My mind is blown. What were they thinking?
I have just done 5 sets of bicep curls, and now my arms feel like they're going to explode.
Open file (296.27 KB 1280x900 ClipboardImage.png)
How much time did you spend here? It just dawned on me how many hours I spent couped up in this little pen, in my comfort zone, safe but not experiencing the world. It's very much a metaphor for my life.
>>2474 >I just want power for the sake of power Is that something you've felt before? How would you go about getting it?
>>2475 working through various blood tests at the moment, they think it's a combination of anaemia and post viral fatigue so far, so we'll see >>2480 Yes I've felt it before, it's been something I've wanted on and off ever since childhood. As a kid I always assumed I could achieve it through politics, when I was a little bit older I thought about getting it through joining the military and then founding a PMC and getting up to shenanigans. It's not really possible to say how somebody could get that sort of thing. Power requires a relative vacuum to impose itself on, and despite the way liberal democracy seems to waiver here and there, it's still ultimately standing strong at the moment, so I don't know, is the honest answer.
I have decided to start doing an evening relaxation routine. It consists of 20 minutes of dimming the lights and doing 20 minutes of yoga to some gentle music, followed by 10 minutes of meditation, focusing on my breath throughout. I have just done my first session, and I am indeed relaxed.
There's a lad at work who drinks a liter of full sugar coke on every break, and every time I see him shopping he's got loads of 2Ls in his trolley. He is needless to say a rather large individual.
Open file (96.78 KB 828x828 35h7trjzsnk41.jpg)
Went down an imageboard rabbithole and found this site and board. Why are you guys here rather than more popular places? Please give me your reasons.
>>2484 Popular places are shitholes. For a truly comfy vibe you have to be in small places like this.
>>2484 Almost 6 years ago, the "popular place" we started out on got flooded with retards and had generally gone to shit, so we were forced to move to a less popular place where we could take moderation into our own hands. After 5 fairly peaceful years over there, the less popular place suddenly got taken down, so we moved to an emergency bunker. That bunker turned out to be fishy, so we swiftly moved to another bunker. After about 9 months over there, that other bunker decided to purge most of the boards they'd taken on, so we moved here. By that point we'd had just about enough of moving around, so we decided to stay here for the time being, and we've been here for about 6 months now. So it's not like we chose to be in the middle of nowhere. In a perfect world, we'd all still be on 4chan, our threads would be highly active and thriving with quality posts, and everything would be hunky-dory; but life likes to throw shit at you sometimes, and you can either play the hand you're dealt, or die.
>>2486 >Almost 6 years ago, the "popular place" we started out on got flooded with retards and had generally gone to shit I know what you mean. If we're referring to the same place, the retard encroachment is frustrating, and yet it holds a monopoly for non-pozzed UK discussion. I find myself leaving it and inevitably coming back. It's a shame that the only non-pozzed alternative to sites like reddit, is a tard fest.
Do you think kids growing up through covid will be more likely to become robots because of all the social isolation?
>>2487 >non-pozzed I'm not sure we're talking about the same place.
>>2489 This. The pozz Luggage Lad invited in is what killed the place, not the Eternal Summer btards.
I am a good lad. Who here is also a good lad?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FL-pm-xRb40 Unbeatable. Utterly sublime. Transcendent.
>>2492 I'm on a real R&B binge this evening. For me, nothing tops Ralph. Post some more greats. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6Qb-f_xpkI
>>2490 >>2489 You're always going to get a mix, not an absolute, on anonymous imageboards. That's one of the reasons they're good. And from that, among the sea of retards, there has been some genuinely good stuff. Some good references, useful citations. Esoteric knowledge. A couple comments every once in a while that genuinely makes you think, that someone put a fair amount of time into. It's just the single to noise ratio is quite bad at the moment, but for me- overall still worth it.
>>2493 Have some 80s R&B classics and slow jams lad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFI2U8YEcx4 -- Alexander O'Neal - Sunshine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABX0PQjkaLk -- Cheryl Lynn - Encore https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1OXyxg9E2g -- Sherrick - Just Call https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKpAqcXVxh4 -- Cherrelle - Saturday Love https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yptStB4FhA -- Phyllis Hyman - Living All Alone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_H23dEmO4Y -- Joyce Sims - Come Into My Life https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2pRJLR6IDU -- Juicy - Sugar Free https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Grto be honestOvB9U -- The Controllers - Stay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMTGRfTJbCg -- Loose Ends - Slow Down https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Ck25PGjlLc -- 52nd Street - Tell Me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTAnCti7Ojw -- Janice McClain - Passion And Pain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSEbDN49bYM -- S.O.S. Band - No One's Gonna Love You https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9I-1XTztJQ -- S.O.S. Band - Weekend Girl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPQ5p6TiqEs -- Howard Hewett - Once, Twice, Three Times https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8lO4UQVrsA -- Vanessa Williams - Dreamin' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7vzgIOPAps -- Meli'sa Morgan - Do Me Baby https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_ngGLzd6fI -- Stephanie Mills - (You're Puttin') A Rush On Me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHg-Zkwndqg -- Patti LaBelle - If Only You Knew >>2494 Just to be clear, you're talking about 4chan's /r9k/, correct? Because that's what we're talking about, and the last time I checked they were mostly just posting about being gay, "femanons", transexualism/HRT, big black cocks, cuckoldry, and feces; all intermingled with low effort trolling, rampant shitposting, and whatever shitty wojak and pepe edits are popular that month. To call it AIDS-infested would be doing a disservice to AIDS.
>>2496 One of the links got wordfilter'd: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GrTbhOvB9U -- The Controllers - Stay
>>2496 >last time I checked they were mostly just posting about being gay, "femanons", transexualism/HRT, big black cocks, cuckoldry, and feces; all intermingled with low effort trolling, rampant shitposting, and whatever shitty wojak and pepe edits are popular that month Imagine exposing your brain to all this on a daily basis. Cheers for the links lad, what a savant. They'll be providing the backing for my workout tomorrow.
>>2497 Lol. to be honest, to be honest
>>2496 >Just to be clear, you're talking about 4chan's /r9k/, correct? Ah, no I thought this was more inline with /int/ or /pol/. >last time I checked they were mostly just posting about being gay, "femanons", transexualism/HRT, big black cocks, cuckoldry, and feces; all intermingled with low effort trolling, rampant shitposting, and whatever shitty wojak and pepe edits are popular that month Sounds awful. It's interesting, because I've noticed in many places around the web; there does seem to be a sexual war going on. Mostly taking advantage of men with few or poor experiences. It likely harks back to our direction as a society, which includes the general deriding and subversion of masculinity, with such fetishes propagated by those that want acceptance of their guilty pleasures. Unfortunately, it appears to be working, judging by the growing popularity. The conclusion of these fetishes ultimately decreases the propensity to breed. To stave something that has appeal is challenging. I can only imagine society would need to fall out of order before this cancer can be excised.
Open file (232.08 KB 594x413 ClipboardImage.png)
It turns out there's a Japanese lad in my grandad's church who lives near me. He gave me his number and we just chatted in Japanese for 40 minutes. I might have a mate lads. Fantastic.
>>2496 Having a great workout lad cheers Nipping to Lidl soon anyone want anything?
I've not been here for a good few months, and I'll not be reading through the thread to catch up. I strongly suggest you give me a rundown on what's been going on.
>>2504 Actually, you've got some explaining to do. Why did you think it was acceptable to take a break like that. Go on. I'm waiting.
monogatari is weird
Open file (1.36 MB 500x281 SHAFT.gif)
>>2506 *Shaft is weird.
Open file (620.91 KB 967x537 ClipboardImage.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtJLD220QXI Defending Digga D [Documentary Short]: 'He's A Living Viral Sensation, And That Ain't Easy...'
Open file (37.13 KB 225x350 yajirobe.jpg)
I've never played a single Dragonball game in my life. Are any of them good?
>>2509 Some of the games on GBA were fun as a kid.
>>2505 Heh. You better get the coffee brewing, kid. it's a long story.
>>2509 When I was about 14, I played one of the PS2 games (I believe it was Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi) with my younger cousin, who was about 9 at the time. He loved it and wanted me to play it with him nonstop, but I didn't very much care for it. Didn't help that I'd never watched the show, and I wasn't a big fan of fighting games either. So yeah, if you like fighting games, you enjoy the show, and you're about 9 years old, you'll probably enjoy Dragon Ball games.
i have decided that you lads are most likely a figment of my imagination
I'm off to do some powerwalking in the park. My foot's made enormous progress since I broke my ankle, I feel like I'm almost back to normal, so it should be a walk in the park.
>>2514 Nice coincidence, I'm trying running again today after breaking my foot. Good luck.
>>2515 I've just got in, it was surprisingly painful by the end. I do 8 hour shifts at work constantly on my feet, but I don't think they get me as badly because I embrace the limp and don't go too briskly, whereas today I was going fast and consciously pushing off the floor with it.
How do I quit porn?
>>2517 This has worked apparently for several people on /fascist/. In general I have heard good things about it. It worked for me too: https://easypeasymethod.org/easypeasy.pdf
>>2518 Thank you for reminding me of that lad. I actually had a lot of success with it a long time ago but lost touch with the mindset and fell back into old habits after a while. I think I need to better internalise it.
Open file (235.34 KB 490x275 ClipboardImage.png)
Do you lads think all remakes are doomed to be second best? I've yet not to be disappointed to the point that I no longer get excited for stuff.
>>2521 I think it depends how much you liked the original. If you thought there was nothing wrong with the original (except for maybe some minor technical aspects due to the limitations of the time), then you'll probably hate a remake that significantly departs from the source material in some way. On the other hand, if you thought the original was conceptually solid yet poorly executed (or it's simply too dated for your tastes), then there's a good chance you'll prefer the remake. For that reason, I think remakes are most enjoyed by those who were too young for the original, those who never got into it, and those who liked the original but don't view it as positively in retrospect. Those who still enjoy the original by the time a remake comes along are only ever going to be disappointed.
I'm just going to take this moment to extoll the virtues of having an electric blanket in the winter. There's nothing like turning it on full blast 30 minutes before bed and then attaining comfy levels difficult to achieve at any other time of year. Combine it with a fluffy throw underneath the duvet and you're going to have an edge over 99% of the population.
where my economically disadvantaged free school dinners chads at
this is a william-free board williams WILL be indian burned and monkey scrubbed on sight
Open file (352.05 KB 461x338 da3.gif)
>>2518 >some people can make love standing on a hammock AAAaa, bros, I can't take it, I need to coom now >>2507 I don't even like crab but HERE WE GO
Squandered every opportunity to make money. It keeps me up at night.
Afternoon lads. I have just had the shittest pie of all time. Fray Bentos, never again. On that note, what's your favourite Michael Jackson song? For me, the choice is obvious. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBDTsAxZvus
>>2518 I've been reading this for the past hour or so. I shall post what I think once I'm finished.
I've lost a contact lens. I had it in when I went to work, then when I just went to take them out only the left one was there. How does this happen.
Open file (2.61 MB 3000x1845 1577076251738.png)
For anyone interested, reminder that 4/a/'s annual Toradora (and more) stream starts at 5am GMT tonight/tomorrow morning. It will probably go on till about 11am, and will be occurring every day until Christmas: cytu.be/r/25_days_of_autism
>people go on to survive this and live normal lives https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGJcefIX66w I wonder where we'll get to in the future with all this? Head transplants seem interesting too, albeit a bit macabre.
I ordered a donner meat and chips for dinner, and got a donner kebab delivered to me by mistake. I called up the restaurant, and got the chips sent out. I thought, I'm 6'2, the meal's still a small, I might as well eat it all. Big mistake. I didn't get food poisoning, but the acid going up my throat lying down made it impossible to sleep and made me feel like I was going to be sick anyway, so I tried half a rennie, to see if that did anything, nothing really happened. So, what I've ended up doing is making myself sick. I'm not ordering this garbage or any fast food again, this happens every so often however much I eat, it's just not worth it. It's expensive, takes ages to get here, and doesn't even taste that good, and makes sleeping even more difficult Gonna try the coomer book again, and see if I can't make it past the bit about hammocks.
>>2534 Apply everything in the coomer book to fast food too.
I'm currently taking amoxicillin for a dental abscess. I've got a funny taste in my mouth and I feel unusually low, but the abscess is shrinking already so I can't complain too much. Have you lads been dealing with any medical ailments lately.
>you don't get to fight Diamond in the Japanese version, while Ruby and Emerald aren't even in it
Open file (102.47 KB 500x283 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2537 =J U S T==
>>2537 >>2538 FUCK MY POSTS UP
I take it we're all off out to the shops today for #WildWednesday then lads? What will you be buying?
this channel is good if anyone's looking for some new (old) music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3x2iVSlP5M
>>2542 Never snows round my way at this time of year, it usually comes around February if at all.
My electric blanket has stopped working. Luckily I had another duvet lying about so I've put that on top of my fluffy throw and main duvet, which is now more of a sub-duvet, and have returned to my previous comfort levels.
Open file (2.21 MB 1280x720 1607123047959.webm)
Are there any games you go full soyboy for?
pure nostalgia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ssh71hePR8Q only oldfigs will remember
>>2547 I wouldn't call 2008 oldfag, but yes I do remember it. Have some moar internet nostalgia.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPAZQ6mhRcU I've never heard a native Jap speak English this well.
Ordering Christmas presents. Anyone want anything?
Open file (631.09 KB 600x512 ClipboardImage.png)
Anyone remember when we discussed improving our ability to rest in a full squat? Well lately I've been working on being able to rest for longer in a kneeling position. Initially I could only do about 30 seconds before it got too uncomfortable, but after only about a week I'm now up to 4 minutes. I felt like if I wasn't able to rest in basic human resting positions then modern society, and the pernicious ch*air, had taken too much of a toll on me, and that is NOT on. I'm going to keep at it. It's surprisingly comfier than cross-legged your ankle muscles aren't tight anymore. How long can you do?
Open file (10.08 MB 480x360 BnB _ The Shamen.mp4)
>>2548 thanks a lot
>have a go at triple triad game after getting ifrit card because it's supposed to be pretty strong >lose my ifrit card to a little kid WHO DESIGNED THIS TRASH
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pk2C6hBdlOs At first I thought it was good. Now I think it's great.
Right then, I'm going need a quick rundown on the pros and cons of having a breadbin. *taps fingers on desk* I'm waiting.
>>2556 Pro: Bread stays soft and fresh for longer than if you just left it out on the side. That's it really.
>>2556 Con: You have to spend money, and possibly leave the house to go buy it.
Lads, as far as I'm aware, this vaccine was tested on young, fit, healthy volunteers, yet its main recipients will be the elderly, the fat, and the diseased. I foresee things going wrong here.
did you lads pretend to shoot kamehameha as a kid
>>2560 I was more of a Sonic+Pokemon+Wrestling lad.
>>2561 if i saw you in the playground i would have spirit bombed you
>>2562 No match for a DDT into the tarmac. You'd have hopscotch markings printed into your face as you're being walked off to the nurse's office by the dinner lady.
Open file (234.17 KB 430x570 ClipboardImage.png)
Why doesn't he just put his arm in his sleeve? What the fuck is his problem?
Who knew koreans made city pop? With this, they're giving the nips a run for the money. I dare say even the lad who completed tasks in the presence of his paterfamilias in return for a wage, with his notoriously high standards, will get a semi-on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWLoqLuP-B4
Open file (11.81 KB 220x206 clippy.gif)
miss him
>>2568 Not in a million years lad. I wasn't particularly interested in Japan's ripoffs of late-70s/early-80s underground dance music from New York, and I'm certainly not interested in the K*rean's soulless present-day attempts complete with vapid nu-popshit vocals. All "aesthetics", no heart.
>>2570 That's just the internet meme culture surrounding it lad. The music itself (the original stuff, not the meme remixers on youtube who rename it all and pass it off as their own) is indubitably, categorically, and unequivocally (simply) fantastic, from both a personal and an objective scientific standpoint.
>>2571 I was talking about the music.
Pornhub Takes Down All Content Uploaded By Unverified Users >Pornhub has suspended all videos on its site that were not uploaded by its content partners or verified models on its platform in a sweeping move that will lead to a significant chunk of content disappearing from the site just days after Mastercard and Visa stopped processing transactions with the adult video streaming sites over allegations that it hosted videos showing child sexual abuse and other illegal content. >Key Facts >Pornhub will now only allow uploads from verified users, which includes adult film studios and verified models, the company said in a blog post. >Pornhub maintained that this is a stricter policy than the likes of YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter and other major social platforms. >Pornhub says it has taken down videos that had been uploaded by unverified users pending a verification and review process that will start in the new year. >This means that a significant chunk of content on the adult streaming site is going to disappear soon.
Memes aside, is the Initial D anime actually good?
>>2575 I've still not seen it, but I've never heard anything bad about it.
https://twitter.com/SmithdownPrimY6/status/1339191971223654401 Beautiful display of christmas spirit. Makes you proud to be british.
>>2575 I only got it b/c Sir Brenton, but I loved it. But then again I already loved that kind of thing so you probably should ignore my opinion as biased a priori.
Open file (29.21 KB 697x333 broken_british_link.png)
>>2577 Huh? Looks like your link is broken lad.
Open file (157.84 KB 239x211 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2577 >only one of the girls is wearing a veil >christmas
Costa Rican blend. Rich roast. Black. Ta.
A lot of huge purges of archives and repositories happening. Really feels like a digital coup d'etat.
>>2583 Meh. Just Marxists doing what Marxists do Anon. Don't let it get to you. Save everything.
Open file (836.35 KB 642x479 ClipboardImage.png)
he cute
>>2583 What are you talking about specifically lad? I heard about the porn stuff but nothing else.
>>2586 > I heard about the porn stuff but nothing else. Well what time-scale are you talking on lad? The past week or the past two decades? For the latter the list of things memoryholed by """TPTH""" would be far too long for this board to contain properly.
My debts are going over £5000, and the welfare tribunal is still mucking around writing a letter because they called me three times and disconnected the trial on me. what exactly am I supposed to do now? I've asked the tribunal for another go, but they keep saying to wait, but there's not much longer I can wait with all these calls and letters from debt collectors. British Gas just passed my electricity account of £1500 onto collectors. I definitely can't work, and it's getting really hard to go out and get medication when I can barely afford to go to town. I'm going to email a solicitor, but I don't really know what I'm doing, and searching on the internet comes up with grifters.
Well, I sent a massive email to a solicitor, I'm going to sleep and hope these bastards don't try to change the meter again
>>2588 >>2589 You're in my prayers lad.
>>2588 How did things get this way?
Open file (96.11 KB 340x237 ClipboardImage.png)
>he's called kulilin, not krillin where were you when mind was blow
>>2592 Goku is actually called Son, Tien is called Han
>>2591 Everything involving universal credit seems to take weeks and even months to process, and if you have to go through enough of it, the time adds up pretty quickly. If that's time not working, it's easy to add up debt. In my case, £5k for a few years isn't that bad, there's probably people worse off than me. I've seen the people in the papers starving to death on sanctions, I'm probably not far off at this point.
What are you all doing for Christmas?
>>2595 Not a lot, we've been Tier 4'd as of today. My sister's family are coming over for Christmas dinner anyway, I think the "Christmas bubble" allows for it but they'd probably do it regardless.
Open file (2.91 MB 2221x1666 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2596 >they'd probably do it regardless.
do you lads think i am cool
I hope you anon are all doing well during this difficult time for Britain.
>>2600 It's no different unless you leave the house, and I leave the house about once every 3 months.
>>2601 I hope you are doing well during this normal time.
Here is how to have the best poos in the morning. >have a black coffee or two >eat something moderately-sized for breakfast >sit in a deep squatting position for a minute or so After this you will be ready to unleash an impressive turd, and what's more, it will make its entrance into the world easily, smoothly, and comfortably. Thank you.
>vaporwave is now retro Fucking hell. Where does the time go.
>>2604 It's not retro, it's just a fad that's had its day, and thank fuck for that.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJqrSOIpVnk The most important video you'll see all year. You are hereby implored.
Open file (36.43 KB 450x450 1608706801700.jpg)
>>2606 ゾウのサンタ助かる、ありがとうございます では、ネコのサンタをお贈りします
I'm having an ice bath. The aim is 5 minutes.
>>2608 I did it. It was a curious mix of shit and fantastic. Once I managed to get control of my breathing about 30 seconds in, it was a lot easier. Still very uncomfortable throughout, but it also felt good at the same time. I felt like I could have gone a lot longer. Next week I'll try 10.
>had a wank
>>2610 It is not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more, who is poor.
I don't feel very christmassy at all this year lads, feels weird like. Are any of you watching that 4/a/ stream? Did I miss it or what? Been laid up in bed sick and not posting much.
Alright lads? Christmas for you soon, yeah? Here's a card for you from the FUTURE then. Have a good one.
Open file (1.31 MB 1903x966 1607579854359.png)
>>2612 It's pretty Christmassy where I am, my mum's gone all out this year. There's a little model village and a train set in our living room, giant elves at the bottom of the stairs, Christmas pictures on the walls, garlands and mountains of baubles on every horizontal surface... it's mental. >Are any of you watching that 4/a/ stream? Did I miss it or what? Pretty much, it's been on everyday from 5am to around 11am since the 1st, and tomorrow is the last one. It's been as retarded and chaotic as ever, but it's been a laugh. Full lineup this year was Toradora, Kakumeiki Valvrave, Shirobako, Gochiusa (s1+s2+movie), Ore Twintail ni Narimasu, Kodomo no Jikan (s1+OVAs), Sabagebu, Shimoneta, Konobi, Maken-ki (s1+OVAs+s2), Azumanga Daioh, Noucome, Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume, Danshi Koukosei no Nichijou, and Outbreak Company. There was also the annual Disappearance of Haruhi rewatch at some point, but I missed it. There's a lot more stuff going on though: There's r/a/dio that started about half an hour ago, and will go on until early Boxing Day. Then there's another round of r/a/dio on New Year's Eve through to New Year's Day: https://r-a-d.io/ There's also MOGRA (a famous anime/otaku-themed nightclub in Japan) streams that will be happening on tw*tch, the biggest of which is the NYE countdown (Japan time obviously), and that always has threads on /a/: https://club-mogra.jp/event/ Then on 2nd January (the first Saturday of the month) /a/'s annual Sora no Woto stream will be happening again, presumably same place as usual: https://wotos.c-14.de/stream.html And from 4th January onwards there's the BKT backlog clearing streams every weekday at 3am, with non-anime films (usually Japanese) on Sundays: https://cytu.be/r/bestkeytube
>>2614 I'll definitely be there for sora no woto, I'm stuck at home for new year because of the new scotland lockdown and last year's sora no woto stream was incredibly comfy, I remember last year I got some rum and orange juice and had a blast watching the stream. Will you be there for that one lad? How is r/a/dio by the way? I've never checked it out before, but I might spend new years on that.
>>2615 >Will you be there for that one lad? Assuming I don't accidentally sleep through it or something, yeah. I'll see you there lad. >How is r/a/dio by the way? Depends on the DJ, but there's usually a wide variety. Typical anison stuff, meme songs / /a/ classics (right now they are loving their station), nostalgia/retro block, depression block, 2hu music, obscure stuff, etc.
hope you lads have a good christmas miss solid snake and dd sam hope they have a good one too
>>2617 Merry Christmas lad, and to everyone else as well.
>>2613 This is nice lad, thank you, merry Christmas.
What did everyone get then.
Open file (932.12 KB 2000x1449 TD-3-SR_P0DTD_Left_XL.png)
>>2620 Mostly clothes, but my dad got me one of those Behringer 303 clones which was a nice surprise. Been tinkering for the last hour or two, trying to figure out the sequencer. My sister & co were here too, my eldest niece got a Switch so we were all playing Mario Kart in the living room earlier.
Everyone has headed off to bed, and now I'm enjoying a nice glass of baileys and reading the divine comedy. How will /britfeel/ be spending the last couple of hours of Christmas day? >>2620 A metric fucktonne of candles and some dosh. I'm not complaining, I really like candles. Honestly I just enjoyed spending some time with family more than anything else, I took my dog out for a walk by the sea and then we napped together while everyone else watched an action movie. It was pretty comfy honestly, I wasn't expecting to enjoy myself very much. >>2621 I have no idea what that does, but it looks very cool lad. >my eldest niece got a Switch My ten year old cousin got a gaming chair and an Xbox Series X, was honestly pretty surprised, I had no idea she was getting into videogames. Going to see if I can talk her parents into letting her get the master chief collection since it has crossplay with PC
>>2622 Post pics of your candles
Open file (738.06 KB 730x442 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2623 most of them are downstairs but have the one I brought up to my room for the night, lad.
>>2620 I got some proper caligraphy brush pens, two bottles of sake, a Demon Slayer hoodie (I never in a million years would've bought myself anime merch but it's actually pretty cool), some chocobo playing cards, a fitbit, some slippers, a bottle of whisky, some incense, and a candle lantern. The pens are my favourite, writing with them is an absolute joy. I think my mum got me more stuff because she felt bad about me spending the day on my own.
Open file (2.93 MB 2160x3840 IMG_20201226_124302.jpg)
>>2626 this is aesthetic lad, did you do these with the brush pens? very nice
>>2627 Yes. Thanks lad. I feel more inclined to try and make them look nice now.
This sake is completely different to any alcohol I've tried before. It's extremely plummy, which I suspect could be because it's made from plums. It's really nice now I've watered it down a bit.
Open file (123.21 KB 204x246 ClipboardImage.png)
he cute
You know what's epic? Bacon. That's what. *sips coffee*
I can't believe he's gone lads. I didn't even know about this war. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHqiqcs8mYA f
Open file (25.86 KB 339x335 xmas TBS.PNG)
Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year to you lads, hope you're all still /feeling/ good.
How's everyone doing? I realised I haven't been posting much lately, and rarely effortposting at that, so one of my new year's resolutions is to contribute more to the thread. The britfeel lads have been there for me through thick and thin so its only right to think about the long-term health of the board. >>2633 You too lad. Will you be making any changes in the new year?
Open file (506.19 KB 1160x1896 TBSbrew.jpg)
>>2634 aye lad buying less camouflage, try drum up more brass for my business possibly by trading online so i can afford to fix my car and/or buy a new one, and try keep my temper down. That and staying away from /pol/ a bit more; which I say every year. Well I hope you do end up posting more, I like the fact that everytime I swing by you guys are still together and posting on an obscure IB 5/6 years later IIRC Until next time I swing by live long and prosper /feel/ers
>>2633 Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you sheep lad. >>2632 I'll be honest, the BGM choice made it funnier to me than it should have been.
Open file (320.03 KB 811x782 ClipboardImage.png)
How's everyone spending their last day of 2020 then? I've set up an index of of Japanese dictonaries so I can start learning the language in the language in anki, so I'll be spending a good chunk of today reviewing my old cards and updating their definitions.
Open file (661.05 KB 500x281 noelthumbsup.gif)
Been a rough year for me honestly lads, I'm happy to see the end of it and hoping 2020 will be a little bit easier. Planning on spending the evening chatting with some friends and drinking to the memory of those who didn't live to see 2021. Wishing you all the best, /britfeel/ is the longest running internet community I've ever been a part of and will always have a special place in my heart. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-JUFg2gAIw (also if anyone is going to be coming to 4/a/'s sora no woto stream on the 2nd I'll likely be there, too.)
>>2637 Nice one lad, always enjoy seeing your progress in 日本語. I only got up a couple of hours ago, so I've mostly spent the last day of 2020 sleeping. I don't plan on doing anything particularly out of the ordinary tonight, which is how my NYE usually goes. >>2638 Sounds good lad, and yeah I share the same sentiments regarding /britfeel/. I've been an active participant of many places online over the past 20 years, but none for nigh on 6 years straight. Normally I make it about 2 years before moving on to somewhere else. The old Valvrave image macro comes to mind: "There was a point where we needed to stop and we have clearly passed it, but let's keep going and see what happens". >also if anyone is going to be coming to 4/a/'s sora no woto stream on the 2nd I'll likely be there, too. I'll see you there lad. Last year it started at 8pm GMT so I assume it'll be the same this time, but if I hear otherwise I'll let you know.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkLLi6UVWhI Imagine some random reporter bloke turning up at your house, sitting you down, and asking why you're a NEET. FIRST POST OF 2021
>>2640 >leave the comfort of your home to be a bug in a cubicle for shekerusteinu NEET life was no good for me but I understand his position, especially with how soul-crushing their work culture can be
>escape NEET life in 2020 >a few weeks of being at uni and I'm exhausted 24/7 >end up stuck in bed for over a month unable to do anything >turns out I have anaemia >doctors correct the vitamin defficiency I had but bloodcount keeps dropping >tfw no idea what's actually causing it >lost my appetite and am starting to very rapidly drop weight, can't finish most meals Kind of a cringe start to 2021 for me lads, not gonna lie. I don't think I'm going to be recovered in time to catch up with my studies this year.
Does anyone know any good paintings of waves dramatically crashing against cliffs?
Open file (335.23 KB 567x752 ClipboardImage.png)
I've got a set of these arriving next week. They're £80 but the reviews are really good, so hopefully they'll be a lifetime investment.
>>2642 Do your stretches. It's time.
Excuse me. How do I convert a 30 minute mkv file into an mp3. Thank you.
>>2646 Easiest method is using this: https://file-converter.org/
I had to wear some of my work shirts twice for my last few shifts because the laundrette was shut, and I must say, after spraying them down with vinegar and fabric softener, they were pretty much fresh. I might start doing this regularly. With 8 shirts, working 4 days a week, I could have them washed just once a month, spending half as much as I have been.
Morning lads. How's everyone's new year going? After years of failed nofap attempts, I've decided just do noporn instead. I feel like keeping it all pent up actually makes me more likely to watch porn, so instead of taking it to that extreme I'm trying out the sensible middleground of being a wholesome wanker.
Today I have drunk three litres of water. Probably the most I've ever drank in a single day. >>2649 It's been a couple of days, how's the regiment going lad?
>>2650 That's good lad. Make sure you're getting enough salt so you're storing it in the muscles - they'll feel fuller and you'll have more energy. I'm still going strong. I don't want to get cocky because I've done that in the past and always failed, but this is the first time I've decidedly compromised for noporn. I think having that pressure valve will be helpful. Nofap honestly drives me mad. Some people say it makes their productivity skyrocket, but it's always been the opposite for me. With a week or more's worth in my bollocks, all I can think about is sex and I end up breaking and going on a porn marathon.
Open file (1.77 MB 1186x772 ClipboardImage.png)
Initial D is good. There's something comfy about 90s animation style.
Please watch this. It's important.
>>2653 >>2654 I watched it, as usual he's not wrong.
I've just weighed in at 83kg. And you?
>>2653 >>2654 Good one, thanks lad. Peace in 2021 for us burgers seems a bit far-fetched, but I'm sure God Himself is at peace at all times. He'll probably pass some of that along to us if we look to Him for it. Peace, /britfeel/.
Open file (1.52 MB 835x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
Just ordered this from lads, my first ever order from amazon.jp.
Hello, Another 11am bedtime. Goodnight
>>2651 I failed and had a 2 hour porn marathon. Good night.
>>2658 >yukio mishima you like gay japs?
Open file (84.94 KB 1842x1036 jewish vampire.jpeg)
>when will you take the (((vacine))) goy?
I'd like it if you went back to where you came from. NOW. Morning, good lads.
>>2647 This program is great but it's converting using the first audio track as I should have seen coming. How do I use the second? Do I need to make it the first somehow?
>>2664 You may have to extract the specific audio track you want first, which you can do using this tool: https://sourceforge.net/projects/gmkvextractgui/
>>2665 You're a resourceful guy.
>>2666 Anything of this nature is usually a case of me having been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt. Makes up for all the things I'm inexperienced with IRL.
>>2661 Only Yukio Sempai. Oh, and Razor "Hard Gay" Ramon, because I can't possibly disrespect a man who's willing to leap crotch-first into his opponent's face from the top rope.
How does it keep getting colder. I don't remember being winter like this.
Open file (47.54 KB 208x417 1179133885579.gif)
>>2669 フォー! >>2670 It's not particularly cold where I am, but yeah winter is usually at it's coldest in January-February.
There's something deeply amusing about watching Japanese news and hearing a yank hood nigger speaking in harsh ebonics dubbed over with highly-polite honorific-laden Japanese. >>2671 I'll be having a word with the creators of the simulation about the temperature as of late.
Hello lads, this is my first post since 8ch went down. Hope everyone is well.
>>2673 I'm not bad mate, what took you so long?
>>2674 Glad to hear it lad. I gave up hoping the site would return a couple of months after it went down and just moved on to other things. I read earlier that it had come back as 8kun, went and searched for /britfeel/ and the most recent post linked here.
>>2675 Welcome back lad. What have you been up to?
>>2675 Blimey, you missed a lot. We've been bunkered on one site or another since the day after 8chan went down until moving here on a more permanent basis in May last year, at which point our last host shit itself and booted everyone out. The only things 8kun has in common with 8chan is that Jim Watkins owns it, and some (but not nearly all) 8chan boards were imported over upon request at a snail's pace. Pretty much everyone except the Qtards and a smattering of smaller boards left 8kun or avoided it entirely for a number of reasons, and moved to what eventually became known as "The Webring" and other places. If you're curious, here's all of our post-8chan threads prior to this one: https://archive.vn/hs10k - 06/08/2019 https://archive.vn/HVA5m - 11/08/2019 https://archive.vn/xAI0t - 15/03/2020 https://archive.vn/1Zz7V - 07/04/2020 https://archive.vn/DWCK0 - 13/05/2020 - >>2 https://archive.vn/sOx61 - 30/07/2020 - >>1010
Open file (1.34 MB 1024x576 ClipboardImage.png)
hello what animals do you like i like wolverine
I've run out of toilet paper and won't be able to make it to the shop 'til Sunday. Any suggestions?
>>2679 Look around the house for tissues, kitchen roll, old newspapers, printer paper, an old cloth, carrier bags, old clothes you never plan on wearing again, or even leaves out the garden.
>>2676 Cheers lad. I've just been working and playing video games, nothing much has really changed to be honest. The only big change has been my mum moving in with her man, so I've sort of inherited her house and have been living here alone since October 2019. >>2677 I had no idea there were backup sites so soon after 8ch went down, Good to know you lads have kept the board alive though.
Hey /britfeel/, just making sure you guys are still good for the GCUP. I'm finalizing numbers for the main tourney soon, so I just want to make sure.
>>2680 Thanks lad, I ended up using oven cleaning wipes this morning. My bumhole stung but at least it's nice and clean. I can't really think of any better alternatives so I'll probably have to use them 'til Sunday.
>>2665 I couldn't get this working and ended up using one called MKVToolNix. I've never been much of a tech lad but I can follow instructions. God bless the pajeets and their obnoxious royalty free dance music.
>>2656 54 lad
>>2683 what flavour were they lad? I need to know
>>2686 Lemon. I would advise regular bogroll if you've got access.
Dragon Quest VIII for dinner.
I really must object to you attempting to consume everything Rosey cheeks. To wit, these nuts of your glow with an awesome FALCON KICK! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDWiZQ2qj4M
DBZ is actually really good. As a kid, I wasn't able to appreciate the subtlety, the complexity, the artistic nuance, but re-watching as an adult, whole new dimensions are revealed.
>weed films
I was at the dentist earlier and could smell something burning, very similar to the smell when you singe your arm hairs. Well he was catching my gums every now and then with his drill because there was plaque right by them, and it just dawned on me the smell was burning flesh. Absolutely fantastic.
>>2692 every time i go to the dentist its all banging women and not a bloke in sight. even the receptionist is fit
>>2693 Same here lad, it's an even split between fit MILFs and attractive young women who look like they're only a year or two out of high school.
Can someone post the link to 2chan please. I've lost it.
>>2695 https://www.2chan.net/ , and there's also this fan-translated homepage: https://futabachannel.neocities.org/ If you're after some other active 掲示板 and 画像掲示板 sites, here's some of the more popular ones: Textboards: 5channel - https://5ch.net/ (formerly known as 2channel; European IPs are blocked so you'll need a VPN to browse it) Bakusai - https://bakusai.com/ Machi-BBS - https://machi.to/ Shitaraba - https://rentalbbs.shitaraba.com/ (formerly Livedoor) Imageboards: Futaba Channel - https://www.2chan.net/ (mostly 2D-orientated: anime, manga, games, etc.) Momizou - http://momi3.net/ (mostly 3D-orientated: TV, idols, models, gravure, etc.; a continuation of former imageboard Momiage Channel, which is where all the Futaba refugees went when they closed their TV boards in 2007) Momicha - https://momicha.net/index.htm (a 2018 offshoot of Momizou due to concerns with overbearing moderation) Meiwa Suisan - http://www.meiwasuisan.com/ (probably the least "otaku" of these imageboards; more orientated towards news and general interests) Bit of Japanese imageboard trivia for you: While traversing Japanese imageboards, there's a good chance you'll happen across drawings of a certain character (and related screencaps/copypasta) being spammed everywhere. The character is usually grotesque, fat, middle-aged, wall-eyed, buck-toothed, wears a nappy, has a South Korean flag on his forehead, is balding with water squirting out of his head, has large protruding nipples, and has amputated legs. He's often seen being the recipient of abuse from various other characters, killing himself, or being pampered like a baby. Apparently it's a piss-take of a notorious Japanese lolcow/spammer/troll/paedo, lovingly nicknamed "オムツァー丸の内武" (rough TL: nappy-shitting bloke from Marunouchi), who's supposedly been shitting up Japanese imageboards for the past 2 decades, has a very distinctive way of posting, and often posts images of Showa-era idol Naoko Kawai everywhere. Some claim he's shat some places up with CP, scat, and other shit to the point where they've had to close certain boards or even shut down entirely, but I don't know how true that is. In recent years, some Japanese anons have taken to counter-trolling him by spamming caricatures, incriminating screencaps, and humourous image macros wherever he's known to frequent in order to rile him up, as he supposedly cannot handle criticism and is generally fun to ridicule.
Open file (187.78 KB 1140x798 transmerica.jpg)
Sit back and enjoy the ride lads. It's going to be a wild one.
>>2697 Trump's pardon list is a bigger humiliation than that kike tranny.
>>2700 THE gayest inauguration ever
>>2699 >>2700 in an astounding display of chutzpah, Biden manages to have an even MORE jewish government than Trump.
>>2702 >picking an all WHITE cabinet in the current year t. the alinsky inside me
Open file (1.22 MB 1998x4609 jews biden fix.jpg)
>>2702 It's amazing, really
>>2696 I really appreciate you going to the effort to post all that lad. Tentatively related, what are some animes with lots of dialogue? I'm working through Monogatari at the moment because for the most part it's virtually non-stop and I feel like it's going to help me progress the most. On the other hand shows like DBZ and Demon Slayer have long fight scenes with not much talking (which is a shame because I like them but they don't suit my purposes that well).
Unrivalled. Outstanding. Superlative. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07QQncy8yVM >you now know that Bulma's voice actress is dead
Open file (612.96 KB 700x490 ClipboardImage.png)
Are we ticking any boxes here lads?
Open file (46.71 KB 400x400 1353988975570.png)
>>2705 No problem lad, it just so happens I've been doing a lot of research into Japanese imageboards in recent months. I love how most of their sites are perpetually stuck in the 2000s, and while a lot of them have been sitting dormant for many years, many range from about /britfeel/'s speed all the way up to getting thousands of posts per day. >what are some animes with lots of dialogue? "Word-y" anime isn't really my forte, but I've heard the Fate series is the ultimate for that. If you're enjoying Monogatari, you'll probably enjoy Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, which is also produced by SHAFT (in fact anyone who found their way here would probably enjoy it regardless). It's been a very long time since I watched it, but I'm pretty sure there's lots of dialogue.
>>2707 "Extreme Right Wing (XRW)" sounds like a wrestling promotion.
>>2707 Some of them
>>2708 I'm going to start making flashcards out of imageboard posts for the ultimate in authentic variety. I'll download those two and see what I think. It's odd, Monogatari isn't something I'd normally watch at all, but because I can understand a good chunk of its copious amounts of dialogue I've started to enjoy it. Do you like SHAFT, lad?
Open file (75.55 KB 750x936 bugman.jpg)
>>2711 Nice, just keep in mind that learning Japanese via imageboards is similar to learning English via imageboards; it's a great resource for unfiltered informal speech on a wide variety of topics, but half the users are retarded social rejects, and they all make heavy usage of vocabulary that you'd never see or hear outside of those places. You'll end being the inverse of this lad if you're not careful: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVx6xun68CZORItm4Zp02nA >Do you like SHAFT, lad? They're hit and miss for me. They've made some of my favourite shows, but they've also made shows I found unbearable. Generally speaking I don't like their artsy-fartsy aesthetic, stilted animation, random cuts to irrelevant objects/photos/CGI, and obnoxious camera angles, but sometimes the writing and the characters more than make up for it.
>>2713 >they all make heavy usage of vocabulary that you'd never see or hear outside of those places. I'll bear that in mind. My main source of input is anime so I'm already mindful of the distinction between real life speaking styles and those of other mediums, and obviously I get a gaijin pass, but that said, speaking like an anime character has a lot of kek potential, while speaking like a hikki is probably best avoided. >>2713 >random cuts to irrelevant objects/photos/CGI Yeah that's annoying isn't it. You get the impression they think everything Western is cool (I'm fully convinced this will be their downfall in the end), but I'd rather they didn't copy pretentious post-modern shite.
Open file (737.77 KB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
wish griffith was my dad
Greggs doing deliveries on just eat, what a time to be alive.
Open file (2.90 MB 1231x1832 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2707 Sign of extremely right and proppa lads more like. Where is that fucking garbage from anyway mate.
God his work is so good. How would one go about reaching this level? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pS_r1M3L878

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