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Open file (53.16 KB 500x500 autumn.jpg)
/bunkerfeel/ #003 - Bunker of the Bunker Edition Anonymous 11/09/2019 (Sat) 02:11:25 No.2
Making an emergency thread here so we have somewhere to post whenever Julay goes down, because it keeps going down lately.
>tfw not british
>tfw can't feel
why live
You're still welcome here lad, how's life?
Open file (236.56 KB 320x179 1501792781795.gif)
That's a very loaded question
Alright, what did you have / are you going to have for dinner?
I had fish with something else I can't remember, earlier I had chicken with rice since I'm not in the best of shapes lately
Nice, I had a chicken curry myself.
Open file (1.78 MB 1280x960 wrongtownmuthafucka.png)
don't mind me lads, just claiming a post for ANIME before the initial migration from julay to .cafe
Open file (465.94 KB 640x480 109_FGMZ05A.png)
>>9 Good lad.
Open file (8.65 KB 334x151 sulk.jpeg)
The time to readjust to a new location is coming, I will sulk for a while lads, I don't like change
>>11 To be fair, going from Julay to anon.cafe is less of a drastic change than it was going from 4chan to 8chan, or 8chan to Julay. Probably helps that I made my own custom CSS that made them look pretty much the same though. The default font here is weird, and there are some other oddities too.
Open file (49.98 KB 550x850 the new infinity cup.png)
>>2 Hello, guvnors We're excited to announce that the Infinity Cup is back in action! Come to https://anon.cafe/icup/ for more details and sign up a team while you're at it, if you feel like it!
>>11 I'm kind of weirdly excited for the move for some reason. When I was a kid we used to move house a lot [spoiler]because of serious financial problems[/spoilers] and I would always get incredibly excited, new home, new school, new life etc. It's like we're all going on a big trip to somewhere new! >>12 > Probably helps that I made my own custom CSS that made them look pretty much the same though. You are truly a saint lad. >>13 We're not officially moving here for 11 more days I don't think, but thank you lad.
>>14 >You are truly a saint lad. Thanks lad, but I hadn't posted it anywhere or made it the board-specific CSS or anything, it was just something I made for myself to soothe my own autism. As you've been so kind though, I've since decided to start fresh and make a more presentable version. It's still not perfect, particularly regarding the piece of shit quick reply box (which is a pain in the arse to modify and keep consistent), but it's mostly done. Can't guarantee it looks any good on anything besides the latest stable version of Firefox + Win10, so if you spot anything funky let me know. It aims to make both julay.world and anon.cafe look as close to halfchan's native/no-extensions Yotsuba B as possible, because I still think they have the best implementation of it. Only major departures are things that are simply too fundamentally different to make it the same (i.e. the entire footer area), common conveniences like quick reply and quote backlinks, and the thumbnail sizes (although small thumbnails are a feature at the very bottom of the CSS, all you have to do is uncomment that section by removeing the /* and */ surrounding it). It aims to be fully compatible with the Tomorrow themes of both sites as well, so all you have to do is use the theme switcher on the nav bar, no fucking around with the CSS required. Anyway here it is: https://pastebin.com/nsdRgyBW You just paste the text in the Settings -> CSS window on both julay and anon.cafe, and make sure you select either Yotsuba B or Tomorrow in the nav bar at the top of the page. It won't affect things like the catalogue or certain other pages, due to the fact they don't load the user's CSS for whatever reason, but it works everywhere else. If you're wondering why there's other stuff commented out in there, it's because this is based on the Burichan/Futaba CSS theme I made for /retro/ ( https://julay.world/retro/res/24.html#521 ), which gave me a good starting point.
Las malvinas son argentinas
Open file (740.28 KB 750x725 Deanopocalypse.png)
>>16 Alright lad? Julay's main domain got nuked, I believe they still own their second one (spqrchan.xyz) but it's currently showing a "502 Bad Gateway" error (they also have a tor/onion link, but I haven't tested it). I've seen a rumour that they might be back in a day or so with a new domain, but I don't really know for sure. Thought it was best to just open up this board for the time being. What a fucking ride.
>>18 Also I've updated the board announcement. PLEASE READ AND BOOKMARK
I hereby Christen this board with its first: Floobity Whibblescromps
Julay is back up on spqrchan.xyz. Considering the fact that we were going to be moving here in less than a week's time anyway, do you reckon we should just archive and lock everything now and stay here? Or stick to the plan and stay there until the 17th (assuming it survives that long)?
>>21 Somehow they managed to get julay.world back up, guess that answers that then.
Lads, I have a confession to make. I never bothered learning how to redtext when we moved to 8chan, and I've been too embarassed to ask ever since. It's been six years and I still don't know how to redtext.
>>23 LURK MOAR Almost every site that has it has a page that explains how to do all the formatting https://anon.cafe/.static/pages/posting.html
>>24 thanks lad I like that you can create spoiler text with two asterisks, it's very convenient
Open file (133.11 KB 782x720 oopsie.jpg)
So lads, given how fucky Julay is being, should we move on over to cafe prematurely? I'm worried the owner of Julay ends up just axing the site instead of doing his epic """rebirth""" and people have no idea where to go. Thoughts?
>>26 I'm thinking it could be a wise decision. I don't suppose anyone else here has been following along with all julay/the webring's shenanigans over the last couple of days, but I went along for tengu's wild ride on julay/v/ and a lot of things have come out about the administration behind julay that I'm not particularly happy about.
>>27 I haven't been following lad, care to share the drama?
>>28 I couldn't even begin to summarise it, it lasted for about 3 days straight and it was absolute madness. It's been a clusterfuck of epic proportion, and in another era would've had a lengthy ED article written about it by now. Best I can do is give the tengu's own summary of it, although it's written in heh pill dialect and is missing a lot of the details, so if you have any questions feel free to ask: https://prolikewoah.com/japan/res/2704.html
>>29 I should clarify: there are competing theories as to what happened. Robi was asleep during all the major events, and his faggot buttbuddies on IRC lied to his face about it when he woke up (whom he chose to believe over all the anons). /cow/niggers & co. have been exploiting that fact to try and get everyone besides themselves purged from julay. I witnessed the majority of what went down first hand, and I can say for a fact that HangingFlesh is a lying faggot, /cow/ are eternally butthurt newfags that don't belong on imageboards, and the /japan/ BO who ran /v/ for a few lulz-filled days (before nuking it into orbit) carries the true spirit of anon.
>>30 >/cow/ are eternally butthurt newfags that don't belong on imageboards /cow/ people are fucking cringe, I've interacted with some before, and they often turn out to be just as excrutiatingly autistic as the literal downies they stalk online. cwcwiki and everything that followed forth from it was a mistake.
>>30 I tried making it through this and sincerely couldn't. It reads like discord drama and I have no clue what the fuck the dude is talking about, who are the diaper cabal? What is the hehpill? Why is this man such a fucking faggot? Do soku players REALLY do this? All this and more will remain unanswered, as I'm far too lazy to attempt to decipher the rest of tengu's incoherent rambling. Long live anon.cafe to be honest lads
Open file (7.66 MB 1280x720 janny.webm)
Open file (271.94 KB 657x631 symbol of oppression.png)
Open file (238.92 KB 600x338 weasel's-bad-day.png)
Open file (702.07 KB 1500x1500 Aya-Shameimaru.jpg)
Open file (597.59 KB 1125x639 julay's RECKONING.png)
>>32 It only makes sense to anyone that was there I guess. Just imagine going back in time a few years, and what it'd be like if some 4chan mod started mass deleting vidya industry drama threads on /v/, the rage that would lead to. Then imagine if the mod got butthurt and ragequit, and on his way out he made some random /jp/+/b/tard the only mod of /v/. The new mod then makes a sticky saying all the rules have been thrown out, and for everyone to post lolis to their hearts content. Imagine the sort of chaos that might ensue. Then imagine some faggot janny comes in and starts doing it FOR FREE (webm related), bans and deletes everyone posting lolis because he thinks they're against the site's rules. He disables images, then anons start spamming ASCII lolis and glitch text that covers up the whole screen in retaliation for several hours. The janny then gets BTFO when he realises the rules allow loli posting, reanables images, and fucks off to his shitty off-site circlejerk for a while. Everyone rejoices, but then along comes some pedofaggot from another imageboard who starts spamming actual CP. The /jp/+/b/tard is trying his best to deal with it, but the janny has decided to ignore it and leave it all to the /jp/+/b/tard out of spite according to leaked IRC logs. Meanwhile, large helpings of DESU DESU DESU and 2hus are being posted in response to staunch anti-anime fags getting analpained, there's mass butthurt and lulz everywhere, and all the other boards start joining in the fun. Somewhere in here the /jp/+/b/tard jokes that he'll delete /v/ if the staff don't get their shit together, to which all anons cheer because they know it'd be fucking funny. Stretch this out over a couple of days because the admin was nowhere to be seen, and you have yourself a certified nuclear shitshow. The admin then comes back, asks what the fuck happened, anons tell him his janny a shit, but little did they know that the janny is actually the admin's best mate and receiving a 30% cut of the site's donations, so the admin ends up taking his friend's bullshit story as the truth over all the anons' screencapped and archived evidence. Some nigger then reports the site for hosting child abuse, it gets taken offline and everyone thinks it is kill, then it comes back online many hours later due to the admin's maxed out speech stat during discussions with his domain registrar. The /jp/+/b/tard says fuck it and actually deletes /v/, the absolute madman, and everyone celebrates because fuck jannies, except for a small group of /cow/niggers who suck janny cock. The admin manages to recover it, continues saying his janny dindu nuffin, and anons far and wide are disappoint. You are here. That's sort of the highly abridged (and not necessarily completely timeline-correct) version of what happened over the last 3 days on julay/v/, why the site went offline last night / this morning, why everyone's talking about this, and why julay staff are currently running damage control.
>>33 Sounds like a laugh honestly, maybe once we're settled in over here I'll try browsing more webring boards - it's starting to seem like a lot more old chan culture has survived than I thought. Still, what a shitshow, robbi sounds braindamaged.
>>33 >>34 I genuinely think the Admins/BO's being fucking idiots who have no idea what their doing, and Mods/Jannies having fucking power trips is one of my favourite things from the old internet. It happened on imageboards, forums, everywhere and always gives some fucking great stories. That being said, I do appreciate our actually sensible BO.
>>34 Even though it's kind of sad to see julay's staff turn against anons and slurp each other's cocks, it was also the most fun I've had on imageboards in years. It really was just like the old days for a moment, and I have a newfound respect for /japan/ and their version of the heh pill. >>35 I think the key to being a good admin/BO/janny is to use your capcode only when it's important, keep your fat fingers off the b&hammer outside of serious offences, and make sure that when you do shitpost like a nutter you do it anonymously, preferably on somebody else's board. t. the anon who initiated the DESU posting
Alright, it's official. I made the last post of the julay/britfeel/ thread link to here, then locked the thread. We are officially here starting now. Please refresh and check the announcement up top, and bookmark all the links for future reference.
Open file (53.32 KB 697x960 hissing.jpg)
Alright lads, what do you think of the new place? We will be safe on this site, right? /britfeel/ has a safe home now? I reckon if we put some potted plants and a few posters up it should be nice and cozy, I'm gonna pop the kettle on - anyone want anything? >>37 bookmarked all the backup links and the bunker lad, hopefully this time we'll have a home for good.
>>38 I think we'll be alright for a while, anon.cafe keeps it's head down for the most part, but then you can never tell what'll happen on the next episode of imageboard drama. The events recounted above only cover the last couple of days, but shit's been going down since early April. >anyone want anything? I'll have a choccy biccy if you've got any lad, then it's off to bed I think.
>>39 does a chocolate digestive work? I've got a few kicking about. I reckon I'm gonna tuck into bed and do some reading quite soon before heading off to snoozeland myself, night lad.
>>40 That'll do lad, cheers. Goodnight mate, sleep well.
>>38 we got any hobnobs mate? Ravenous, me
I just bought a Penny skateboard today lads, picking it up after work, can any of you skate because I cannot
>>43 I had a skateboard when I was younger because sk8ing was all the rage in the Tony Hawk era, but the best I could do was move forward very slowly on it without being able to turn.
Alright lads? Got a drawing tablet in the mail today. Trying to work out if I can find an easy torrent of clip studio paint or if I should just pony up the £40 for the official software, it does seem pretty good. >>43 are those the little mini skateboards that can fit in a backpack or whatever? I always thought they were kinda cute. I fucked around with a skateboard a bit when I was younger, but I never got gud at it because I was too self conscious about practicing in public.
Hi lads. One day we will have a homeland to call our own. A permanent state.
>>46 welcome back lad. come, make yourself comfortable, the fire is warm. you must have travelled a long way to find us.
>>36 >I think the key to being a good admin/BO/janny is to use your capcode only when it's important, keep your fat fingers off the b&hammer outside of serious offences, and make sure that when you do shitpost like a nutter you do it anonymously, preferably on somebody else's board. As our original founding BO, that was pretty much my whole modus operandi, and I'm really glad my successor (if that's not you) has continued in the same vein. He's also done a top job of keeping shit together during all the webring happenings.
>>48 do you remember when you lost the 8ch /britfeel/ due to inactivity and one of the other users (who I think is current BO, not sure) claimed ownership and everyone freaked out? I vaguely remember something like that happening
Open file (2.42 MB 480x360 FOR FREE.webm)
>>48 Thanks lad. It's surprising how many shitty admins, BOs, vols, mods, etc there are outside 4chan, considering that most of them left due to overbearing moderation in the first place. ALSO SHUT UP NORMALFAG CLAPPERS I'M TRYING TO POST
>>49 Yeah, the current BO is the one who cheekily stole the BO on 8ch that time. He was just doing it for a laugh, but our combined autism meant I totally missed the joke and thought it was a genuine coup. Still furious that it classes you as "inactive" if you stay logged in to the BO account, so had to arbitrarily log out and in again every now and then to stop it. FUCK YOU RON. This time round, nu-BO became such because he created our first backup bunker. He offered to give it to me but I was happy to pass the torch to such a dedicated lad. Anyway at the risk of feeling like a pseudo-namefag I'm gonna shut up about BO stuff now.
Open file (577.94 KB 1222x672 fucking bird.png)
Julay/v/ just got nuked again kek.
>>44 I had a wooden skateboard as a kid to do tricks and fuck around on but never took it further than my local park, the penny skateboard is for cruising not tricks so might motivate me to actually use it properly. Think of the time I could save skating places instead of walking
Open file (725.07 KB 800x600 britfeel98.png)
Hello lads, this seems like a comfy new home. I didn't like that strange sexual mascot they had on julay.
Hello lads. What better way to mark my arrival than with a can of Monster Zero Ultra? Cool, crisp, refreshing - the sip that has it all. Fantastic.
Just spent an hour sat in the garden absorbing sunlight. I look like a disgusting ghoul at the moment, I'm hoping to fix that over the summer.
Open file (9.47 KB 288x481 41XBi7LswZL._AC_.jpg)
>>45 They're like this Easy to cruise around on, not easy for tricks, the wooden skateboards are made for tricks, I'm looking forward to the weekend and getting absolutely mangled by the horrible gravel in my area
I was in the middle of making an iced coffee when I realised I'm out of milk. Well, I had it black with just the sugar and it was actually quite nice.
>>58 Gonna disagree with you there, it was actually quite unpleasant.
Finally finished being a Wagie for the week and now it's time for a nice cold can of Estrella.
I have a pounding fucking headache lads, done pretty much nothing all day because of it. >>58 Seconding this >>59 anon's post lad, I don't think it was a very good coffee at all.
Open file (25.96 KB 540x540 asahi.jpg)
>>60 For me, it's Asahi.
>>61 Try drinking more water than usual, headaches are often the result of subtle dehydration.
I've ordered 4m of 32mm climbing rope so me and my friend can hang it from trees and do climbs. They're a great way to develop explosive power in your back and biceps. It's a really popular exercise with gymnasts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfPNzrc7na0
Fucking hell lads, just had a completely awful experience. I was checking the spam folder of one of my mail accounts for a message from nexusmods, when I noticed a message I had never seen before - it was dated one year and nine days ago, around the time period my late best friend had tried (and failed) to end his life through partial suspension hanging. It was from a website called ifIdie.org, I was incredulous, it seemed like far too much a coincidence, and my instincts told me it was a phishing scam - essentially the site told me that my friend (who had died by suicide three months after the email was sent) had left a message for me on this website, and that if I were to attempt to view it he would recieve a notification, so I should only view it if he had died. Naturally, I was desperate to hear any word from my friend beyond the grave, and throwing caution to the wind I clicked through the link onto the website. It said that I could no longer view the message, because my friend had deleted it. One can only presume that, if it were not a phishing scam (and if it were, I struggle to see how phishers would know both my best friend's online name, my email address, and the month in which he attempted a botched suicide) he had written something he wanted me to see, only to delete it out of embarassment, and take his life proper three months later. I'm so sad lads - why did something like this have to happen? I was cautiously optimistic when I got the email in question, I thought perhaps it might contain some words through which I could derive comfort, to see a notification of deletion is such a punch to the gut. It's been nearyl nine months now and it seems I still stumble across fresh ways to wound myself. This life is unbearably cruel, and I am filled with an impossible rage. Fuck everything, I'm going to drug myself into submission.
Open file (587.93 KB 899x859 Halt_stop!.png)
>>65 >Fuck everything, I'm going to drug myself into submission I'll beat you into submission if you perform this faggotry lad, HALT
>>66 Beat me all you want, it won't stop me. I'm being tormented from beyond the grave, and I have every right to destroy myself in any manner I see fit. The real crime of this world is tricking people into thinking they have to experience this torment unmedicated.
Open file (199.78 KB 320x240 1202114376217.gif)
>>67 Self destruction isn't medicine you big gay, when has that ever helped anyone. If you're having a shitty time, intentionally making it worse for yourself is the most retarded thing you could do. There are ways and means of dealing with shitty situations and crises, and that isn't one of them. HALT
>>68 It stops me from feeling to my full extent, and I'm quite sure that were I made to feel to the fullest I would commit murder, suicide, or both.
Open file (109.10 KB 563x501 1298145809228.jpg)
>>69 >It stops me from feeling to my full extent There are ways of doing this that don't require fucking yourself up. Sit your arse down and give yourself 10 - 20 minutes to close your eyes, stay still, breath deeply from your gut, relax the muscles of different parts of your body each time you breath out, and focus on intently listening to the sounds you can hear. And that's a fucking order.
>>70 It's hard to be rude or abrasive in the face of someone who is so clearly invested in my wellbeing, but I also quite sincerely believe that you cannot comprehend what I am feeling lad. I've not exactly had the most pleasant of lives, but what has happened between me and this friend of mine is by far the worst thing to have ever happened to me. The pain is unreal and memories of it work to constantly invade my mind - knowing that some three months before he took his life there was something he wanted to tell me - only for him to renege on it, only seeks to intensify my pain. I am impossibly unhappy. I just want it to stop, I'm so tired.
Open file (302.61 KB 357x278 1235092878695.gif)
Open file (645.15 KB 1000x1000 IMG_9760.PNG)
>>72 >bro I don't care that you witnessed the only person you've ever loved commit suicide >just try these deep breathing exercises lmao
Open file (439.99 KB 240x180 1461295402839.gif)
>>73 >bro i don't care about your tried and tested techniques for dealing with stress, depression, anxiety and trauma that works at all severity levels and is recommended by therapists and mental health experts around the world >just lemme do drugs and fuck my shit up LOL WHO THE FUCK ARE WE QUOTING
>>74 You don't think I've tried deep breathing and mindfullness techniques? In the nine months since this has all happened, do you seriously think I have made no such attempt? In the quiet of my own thoughts, I am assailed by visions of what happened. It is painful, I am tired. I appreciate that you want to help, but it is naive to assume mindfullness and will alone can always conquer a pain of this magnitude. I ask that you do not mock me for suffering a fate I never wished to suffer.
>>75 Obviously techniques like this aren't going to help you through all that stuff on their own, at least not right here and now, the purpose is to stop you from doing anything rash in the midst of a bout of higher intensity thoughts and feelings, and put you into a more calm and reasonable state.
>>76 It's hard to describe the sort of pain I feel during one of these episodes without resorting to what may sound like amateur dramatics, but the physical sensations I experience are not unlike being ran through with a blade while being choked. It' likely sounds hyperbolic in the extreme, but this is the best sensation I can think of to compare it to. During such agony, I often do my best to resort to methods such as you described, but it's often not enough. Often when overwhelmed by pain, all one can do is take painkillers.
>>77 It's emotional pain derived from negative thoughts, and negative thoughts can be tamed and controlled, or even put aside entirely, as unimaginable as that probably sounds right now. We could play "my life experiences have been shittier than yours" top trumps all day if we wanted to, and it'd likely get us nowhere, so all I'll say is that I know what you mean when you describe that kind of overwhelming emotional pain that feels like you're being choked and stabbed at the same time, but I disagree that it's something that can only be dealt with using self-prescribed drugs.
>>78 All the negative thoughts I experience are true, lad. They are based in reality. I don't understand how I can tame such a thing as an ineffable truth. Am I simply to blinker myself to the reality of the situation? I don't understand.
>>79 That's what your negative thoughts want you to believe. Look at the physical aspects of your situation right now, in this very moment. I can't see you obviously, but I can imagine you're probably sitting at a computer of some kind, in a room by yourself. You're likely hydrated, fed, and appropriately clothed. There's no immediate threats or dangers in the vicinity, you're not severely physically injured or harmed, and your body's condition is at least adequate, if not downright "ok". That is the reality of your situation in the present moment. Anything beyond that would require delving into your memories, flicking through thoughts of the past (which are distorted due to subjectivity, and are no longer real), and thoughts of the future (which will never be real).
>You're likely hydrated, fed, and appropriately clothed. There's no immediate threats or dangers in the vicinity, you're not severely physically injured or harmed, and your body's condition is at least adequate, if not downright "ok". These are little consolation for what I'm actually struggling with. I am fed and sheltered, and the person I loved is dead. There are no tricks of the mind at play here, this is the truth of things. Physical comforts are a poor replacement for genuine companionship.
>>81 There is a trick of the mind at play, because you just stated a memory as if it was something happening right now and in your room. inb4 "hurr but it feels like it's happening right now because i'm thinking about it" That's why I'm asking you to look at the physical aspects of your situation, which are the things that are real and of the present, and not things that you're thinking about or happened in the past. You have to practice separating your thoughts and the physical reality you inhabit into two distinct camps, otherwise they will blend together, and things which only exist in memory or imagination will continue to affect you as if they were right there in front of you.
>>82 Why does something have to be happening in the immediate present to be of any significance? In the present, as it so happens, I am without the person I wish to be with - does this then make my pain valid? The solitude I feel is a continuum, and it stretches from that unhappy day in august well into the present moment.
>>82 Mate I get what you are trying to do for the lad but it doesn't always work, if it did then I'm sure most therapy would be unnecessary and suicide rates would be non-existant. You can't just ignore the non-physical wholly
>>83 I never said it had no significance, I said that your negative thoughts are making you believe certain things are "based in reality" when they aren't, because past events are no longer "reality", and our memories of them are even less so. Your reality right now in the present moment, if you look it from outside of your own head and don't judge it in anyway, is not one that has any negative qualities in and of itself; only when you look inside your mind and start drawing conclusions from thoughts and memories does it begin to appear that way. It is important to keep that in mind when dealing with serious emotions and negative feelings in order to keep some sense of perspective and rationality. I'm not disregarding anything you're feeling like some kind of "oh get over it you big poof" bullshit, but I do want to convey to you that it is possible to lose perspective and get caught up in your thoughts and feelings to the point where you make decisions and take actions that aren't rational, and I do want to convey that it doesn't have to end up like that. >>84 >You can't just ignore the non-physical wholly I'm not saying to ignore the non-physical, I'm saying to recognise that it is separate from the right here and now, and I was attempting to walk through some examples, but for whatever reason it's easily misinterpreted as some kind of "your suffering isn't real lol, just stop crying m8, have a biscuit" bullshit, which isn't what I'm saying. >it doesn't always work, if it did then I'm sure most therapy would be unnecessary and suicide rates would be non-existant. It wouldn't make therapy unnecessary, because therapy exists to teach things like what I'm trying to explain (although they usually do a much better job of it). It wouldn't make suicide non-existant either, because even with the best therapy in the world, some people get so caught up in their thoughts and emotions that it becomes their "reality", and they lose all rationale and perspective. To prevent that, a person needs to keep themselves grounded, and prevent letting things which aren't real nor present from affecting their actions.
Open file (45.91 KB 300x250 1526307820941.png)
>>85 > because past events are no longer "reality" I think our disconnect is a matter of philosophy rather than anything else, I believe our self is comprised from a totality of lived experience, or perhaps, if you wish to be particular about it, simulacra of past lived experience. I don't see what essentially seperates something which occurred in the "past" (in itself a spurious construction, in my opinion) and what occurs in the present (which is so tumltuous and in such a state of flux as to be practically indefinable). If anything, I consider the past to be far more solid than the present. I do appreciate you trying to help, and I understand what you mean when you talk about the loss of perspective caused by dwelling totally in the past, but what I'm struggling with is a very real and immediate grief caused by losing the person most important to me in the world. It possibly seems like convenient hyperbole, but the person who I lost sincerely mattered more to me than anyone else I have ever encountered in my entire life, past or present. I wish it was different, but that's just how I feel about the man.
>>79 You identify too strongly with your mind.
>>87 what the fuck does this actually mean in practice
>>86 When you place that much importance on the past, past events will be tied to your ankles like ball and chain. Mistakes will be forever, suffering is eternal, nothing can be forgiven, and life will never move on. Thankfully for us, time does not work in this way. It's constantly moving, whether you want it to or not, and it doesn't care one bit for the past. Once the present moment ceases to be, it is gone forever, and that is something that is neither inherently positive nor negative, but can be utilised for both ends. In matters of mental health, I choose to use it as a positive, it allows me to remain detached from things that happened in the past, like negative or traumatic experiences that would otherwise drag me down or take over my life, and move on from them.
>>89 I don't want to be detached from the memory of somebody I care about, that sounds terrible.
>>90 Detachment is not deletion. It's not about getting rid of memories, it's about properly processing them, recognising that they don't need to have control over you or weigh you down all the time, and learning to view them with a more objective outlook in the appropriate times and places.
I have just
>>88 It means you're stood in the middle of the road getting smashed into by every vehicle that comes along instead of standing at the side and watching them pass
>ITT: some autist who has never experienced true loss tries to console someone by attempting to invalidate all of their perfectly justified feelings of grief and anguish
Alright lads? I couldn't sleep last night, so this morning I hiked into the town over and did the grocery shopping so mum didn't have to worry about it, I had to visit multiple stores too since the food supply chain is a bit fucky atm, ended up getting a tonne of quality food and a lot of exercise, I did the last half of my walkabout with a 35L backpack fully loaded with groceries, likely the most exercise I've done in a while. Resting my feet rn, but once they've recovered I'm gonna make a cured meat and cheese sandwich and wash it down with a cheeky pint of goat's milk. Living the dream. >>94 yeah, I don't want to assume that other anon's experiences and all that, but I was a bit miffed with the whole "detach yourself from witnessing the death of a loved one" line of reasoning, it doesn't really work that way
How often do you lads wash your hair?
>>94 That wasn't what I was saying at all, and you're making assumptions about me that aren't true, not least because I just had a loved one in my family die a couple of weeks ago, as well as past experiences that have put me in a similar place. The whole conversation fell to bits because things got misinterpreted and derailed, and suggestions I was making for one thing were getting applied to another. It all started because I was trying to de-escalate and dissuade anon from doing something rash in that moment by getting him to take a minute to breath and refocus for just a minute so we could have a more rational look at what was happening. I was not telling him to "just stop thinking about things forever, eazy peazy", I already clarified that multiple times. I'm not that thick. >>95 >"detach yourself from witnessing the death of a loved one" If you can find the part where I said that then feel free to quote it verbatim, but you won't because I didn't. My exact words regarding "detachment" were: >>I choose to use [the fact that time is constantly moving and not stuck in place] as a positive, it allows me to remain detached from things that happened in the past As in: I myself make a clear distinction between the past and the present in my mind, meaning I do my best to recognise that things that happened years ago are not happening now and not let the past dictate how I feel in the present or what I do in the future. It's a matter of philosophy (and one that I've learned to help solve my own issues rather than one I naturally developed), as the conversation had gone in that direction. That wasn't me telling him to "just detach yourself lad", although clearly it must have come of in that way if you all got that impression from it. >>Detachment is not deletion. It's not about getting rid of memories, it's about properly processing them, recognising that they don't need to have control over you or weigh you down all the time, and learning to view them with a more objective outlook in the appropriate times and places. That was me just clarifying what I said above, as he (and everyone else apparently) seemed to think that I'd said "detach yourself from the memory of somebody you care about", which was NEVER stated nor what I intended to imply. Be miffed about what I said if you want, but I'm not just gonna sit here and watch one of the lads destroy himself if I can help it, regardless of how autistic or ineffective my attempts may be. Doing fuck all but critique other people's attempts at helping, while almost completely ignoring him yourself and acting like he's not there, is a much shittier thing to do as far as I'm concerned.
>>97 >It's a matter of philosophy I think this is a big reason the conversation fell apart if I'm honest lad, I possibly came across as more lucid during our discussion last night than I actually was, the reality is I was completely out of it and was having a flashback. I really hate using that fucking term, because faggots from tumblr ruined it. I have genuine flashbacks though, it's a symptom of postraumatic stress, and when I'm experiencing such a thing > I myself make a clear distinction between the past and the present in my mind, meaning I do my best to recognise that things that happened years ago are not happening now this sort of thinking isn't possible it is the very nature of the condition that when I am exposed to some sort of stimuli, I dissociate to the traumatic event in question and being to reexperience it. It's humiliating, and unfortunately not something I can always have control over. Often it comes on so fast and so violently that there is little I can do to stop it. > while almost completely ignoring him yourself and acting like he's not there I am the lad from last night and also this >>95 poster, to clarify
>>96 I wash with coal tar shampoo once a week, and rinse with lukewarm water and condition 2-3 times a week.
>>98 >I am the lad from last night and also this >>95 poster, to clarify Ah, well then I'm very glad to hear you've been doing productive stuff today lad, I was worried about you after last night to be honest. >postraumatic stress I guess that's the part where I can't really help. While I can relate to greif, anguish, depression, and overcoming anxieties and phobias developed from traumatic experiences, I don't have nor have ever had full-on PTSD or flashbacks the way you describe them. I know a lot of the techniques I've learned over the years can apply to PTSD, and as far as I'm aware there are treatments and methods of managing it out there, but to what extent they'll help you specifically I couldn't say. I think I remember years ago you saying you had trouble with psychosis, which might have something to do with how your symptoms are manifesting themselves. >I really hate using that fucking term, because faggots from tumblr ruined it They have a lot to answer for really, hardly anyone can take "being triggered" seriously ever since tumblrfags trivialised it.
>>100 I did have a brief stint with psychosis four or so years ago, yeah. I have schizoid and schizotypal personality disorder and am already quite prone to dissociative episodes, so I wonder if that's why I'm more susceptible to experiencing flashbacks as a result of post traumatic stress. There was some talk about recieving specialist therapy for trauma but this was in January and around that time my flashbacks had receded and it was decided it was better for me to remain in psychotherapy than to move onto any traumatic tress specific therapy, like EMDR. Perhaps that will need to change if this is going to become a frequent problem for me again, it's been really bad the past month or so, I'm a bit gutted about it because I had been free of flashbacks in entirety for about four months, then they started up again with a vengeance towards the end of March. >Ah, well then I'm very glad to hear you've been doing productive stuff today lad, I was worried about you after last night to be honest. Cheers lad, unfortunately nights like that are pretty common. It's an acute condition though, it normally lasts for several hours and then I can gradually start to climb back out of it. My entire mindset changes during it though, it's quite scary. >hardly anyone can take "being triggered" seriously ever since tumblrfags trivialised it. Tell me about it, I want to gas them.
>>97 As the person who wrote >>95 I apologise for being harsh. Your message just really rubbed me the wrong way at the time, and it felt as though you were being incredibly unsympathetic. But I see your intentions were good.
>>102 Whoops, meant to say I was the person who wrote >>94 not 95
Some months ago, in response to a significantly declining post rate on a previous iteration board of our dear community, an anon proposed we recruit new members from various other corners of the internet. Now that the dust has settled, are you pleased with our decision not to do that?
>>104 I wasn't there for the start of the move to Julay, I swung on back after it had been going for a couple of months. I'm personally quite happy that you lads didn't do that though - as it stands we're enjoying a whole lot of activity since moving to cafe, even though we had to up sticks and leave before the agreed upon date, and I've been enjoying posting a lot.
>>102 >>103 No worries lad, I've heard it be said enough times over the years to know I can come off as an autistic insensitive prick at the best of times, so I can only apologise for that. I try my best these days to take it easy and not be too overbearing, but sometimes things just come out in ways I don't intend them to, and then I end up spending half the conversation trying to clarify what I actually meant. I think another aspect is that I often state my thoughts and opinions as if they're objective, universal truths, because in my head that's exactly what they are, but other people usually hold different opinions or consider it to be more subjective and debatable, so I think when I express myself in my trademark blunt and matter-of-factly manner, it just makes me sound like an arsehole. Sometimes I don't give a shit, like if it's about something trivial like music or gaming or whatever, but with more personal issues it usually requires a lot more tact (assuming you don't want to piss anyone off), which isn't something that comes naturally to me, if at all. It's like trying to perform intricate surgery when the only tools you've got are a jackhammer and a lot of enthusiasm
>>104 I like what we have now but I still have that feeling that there are some britfeel posters yet to come and we aren't exactly easy to find
>>104 I think things have turned out as well as they could have gone under the circumstances, and bringing in new lads can be a bit sketchy, as we've seen with some of the visitors over the last few months being barely literate ESLs or just the worst kinds of shitposter. I'll never forgive that twat who intentionally stole our 2k GET with fucking garfield and some stupid irrelevant message. What I think's most impressive is that things are so much more active than they were for the last two years on 8chan, where it was practically dead. The last thread there was made over 4 months after the one before it, whereas now we're back up to about one a month again.
I bought some Scottish strawberries from Asda today and I must say they are absurdly tasty. I just want to give a big thanks to all of our Scottish lads.
>>109 How do they differ from non-Scottish strawberries?
>>110 I don't know the secret, they're just really sweet and juicy. Would any of our local haggis munchers be able to shed a bit of light on this?
>>112 Yes. I really liked his fruit vs peel analogy, and his bit about "me" vs "mine". The other chap was pretty annoying though, could have done without his failed attempts at trying to sound like he understood what the guru bloke was talking about every couple of minutes.
I feel like most people have one unique hobby or interest or skill that they have honed over the years but I don't. I have too many varied interests or hobbies and no real skill in any of them, just lots of wasted time I guess. Do any of you have a specific skill or something you are exceptionally good at/trained in/proud of?
>>114 I'm quite good at guitar, but I'm nowhere near where I want to be. I'd like to say my Japanese is good, I've been at it for nearly a year, but I still feel like I've barely scratched the surface. If you have a variety of interests and hobbies then you're at an advantage over most people, who have either none, or pleb-tier interests like footy. You have to consciously cultivate them, focusing on enjoying the process, and the skill will come with time. If you can establish a daily habit, after a certain amount of time, you'll no longer even have to try and practice will be second nature.
>>115 music and languages both sound like very useful and applicable skills. I have daily habits but I think I let my laziness of playing video games come first and everything else is second, it'd be better to have two or three hobbies rather than 10+ that I try to fit into my life
>>114 I have 3 primary interests that have stayed the same since I was young, and make up my main hobbies and skillsets (music, technology, and the internet), and then I usually have 1 to 3 miscellaneous hobbies and interests on the side that changes every 6 - 18 months as my interest in them grows and wanes. It's sort of a "jack of all trades, master of a handful" approach, where I develop a reasonably in-depth knowledge on a wide variety of areas, but I can only say I'm an expert (or something close to that) in a few of them. For the rest, I would be destroyed by anyone who practised or explored them full-time, but I'm okay with that. I'd rather have a better understanding of the world as a whole that to only experience and understand highly specific areas of it. It's quite funny how it can surprise people though. My family have always been impressed that I "seem to know everything", but every now and again I'll surprise them by having a wealth of knowledge in an area they didn't realise or expect. The topic of wrestling came up in a conversation with my family the other day, and they were floored that I seemed to know all the names of the wrestlers, the moves, the terminology, the history, etc., despite never really talking about it before (at least not since I was about 12). It's not even close to being my main interest, but at several points in my life I've gone balls-deep on exploring it and finding out everything I can, before getting bored with it a couple of months later and moving on to something else.
>>106 I think >I think another aspect is that I often state my thoughts and opinions as if they're objective, universal truths this, combined with > but with more personal issues it usually requires a lot more tact this basically hits things on the head, I found it kind of upsetting at the time because it felt as though I were having a philosophy/ideology pushed on me as a means to solve my problems, and that's why things didn't work out so great, if I'm honest I'm kind of happy that you acknowledged as much, since all the stuff happened on my end I've been worried about having become too insensitive, and I wasn't sure if I was being unreasonable by being put out by what you were saying. Glad it's all nice and patched up though lad, you obviously meant very well and I appreciate it. >>110 >>111 All produce that grows on Scottish land is imbued with the spirit of the noble Scottish people, who have been treading over and working and dying on the same soil for untold millenia without being disturbed. This imbues absolutely everything that comes from our soil and everything we do with a unique and intangible qualia that imparts a noble sense of superiority. You're welcome lad. >>114 I used to think I was the exact same way, but it seems like my unique skill is talking to people, especially in a sort of pseudo therapeutic context where people relate their worries to me and I do my best to soothe/comfort them or to think about the *why* of why they find themselves in a certain unpleasant situation. It's sort of ironic given how much of a recluse I am, but I've recieved a lot of comments along the line of me being "nurturing" or "soothing" or "easy to talk to" and things like that, and I have begun to derive a bit of esteem from it. It's something I was well versed in at an early age, but I kind of lost touch with my gentler side in adulthood due to being insecure about it, the past couple of years I've been developing that aspect of myself again though. If you're feeling depressed and/or didn't develop much confidence in your own competency growing up, it can be pretty hard to objectively identify positive aspects of yourself, it's something I still struggle wiith a lot - I don't think most people are so aware of any one skill or passion they possess, especially an innate one.
Steak and gravy pie, chips, peas, gravy, beer, and anime for supper.
>>114 I feel the same way. I'll pick things up and just drop them again a month or two later.
How do you lads get your brains to reward you with dopamine?
>>122 It just does it.
>>117 >I'd rather have a better understanding of the world as a whole that to only experience and understand highly specific areas of it. I like this wording, this feels like my thoughts most of the time, I would love to be an expert on something as well as this, I should put more hours into one or two hobbies I think
>>121 Seems to be a common thing, I've seen so many posters on self improvement threads over the years with the same dilemma, maybe there is correlation with the sort of people to prefer to talk anonymously? >>122 I don't know, sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't lad, what are you doing to try and get dopamine?
>>125 >maybe there is correlation with the sort of people to prefer to talk anonymously? I think it's just something that a lot of people have trouble with, but anons can talk more freely about their issues under the guise of anonymity.
Some memories from my childhood have been coming back to haunt me lately lads. I'm not sure if I'm necessarily willing to talk about them in any detail, but I'm profoundly tired and I wish I could have lived something approximating a somewhat normal life. It just doesn't seem fair, and on some instinctual level, when things that were so horrible happened so frequently to you as a kid, it's hard to believe in any explanation other than you simply being deserving of it.
>>127 When you're a kid, it's easy to get manipulated into feeling like you're guilty or responsible for things that weren't your fault, or things that you were actually a victim of. I don't know if this will help you as much as it did for me, but a couple of years ago I did some meditation where I revisited past events in my childhood as an adult, and viewed the situations in third person. I rewitnessed what happened, and then went over to console my child self and properly explain what happened and why he/I wasn't to blame. Now whenever I think back to those scenarios, which had haunted me for most of my life, I don't feel any anxiety, low self-esteem, or guilt or anything like I used to, I just see them as events that happened. It's like I've corrected some revised version of history that I believed was true for a long time, but now I'm able to see more clearly what actually happened, and feel much more secure and supportive of myself.
>>128 Cheers lad, I think rationally I didn't deserve anything that happened to me when I was younger, but I've been thinking about it a lot lately, and it seems to have imbued me with a profound lack of self worth. Years of neglect, abuse and rejection take their toll I guess. It doesn't help that I suspect my experiences have strongly shaped the sort of person I am, and I guess I don't like that person very much. I really do wish I had simply been born as someone else, at this point.
>>112 Absolutely fantastic, nominalists btfo.
>>114 No, I seem to do "okay" at most things I try, but am not particularly good at anything. In fact, having been very heavily Internet based for the better part of my life, I think my only actual skill is looking up the answers to any problem or issue I'm having. That said, normalfags seem surprisingly bad at this, so I guess in itself it's a skill.
>>122 I just do the thing by banging my head against the metaphorical wall until I start to feel progress, or get moments of being in the zone, and that starts the positive feedback loop. It helps to have some kind of vetted curriculum or map to see where you are and the route to get where you want to go. Then I just take it one step at a time. Once you develop the skill of finding reward in doing something difficult, I find it self reinforces. Of course there will be setbacks but that is the general trend.
>>132 Training your brain to derive pleasure from difficult and challenging things is one of the keys to being happy in life, in my humble opinion. Getting really good at something is great for self-esteem.
Making a top 3 list of /britfeel/'s favourite things. So far I'm working with this, but am open to amendments. I doubt I'll meet with any disagreement but I'm posting it anyway just incase. 1. Stormzy 2. Grimes 3. Vaporwave
>>134 >1. Stormzy Hello, based department? This is Deano calling.
Open file (32.27 KB 605x395 1454012208860.jpg)
Shan't be taking that bait.
Okay lads want to do an old school ice-breaker? Desert island, one book, one meal, one drink before you die; what do you pick?
Pandemic or no, lockdown or no, there's one thing that will never change: my pledge to deliver fantastic customer service--day in, day out. It's at the heart of everything I do as a proud member of the Asda family.
Open file (3.35 MB 4341x2841 e270c9163.jpg)
>>137 A large encyclopedia, chicken and veg, water.
>>137 what if I want a four course meal and a drink appropriately paired to each course?
Open file (31.90 KB 599x399 bigsmile=).jpg)
>>137 Massive encyclopedia like the other anon said, soup and bread, and lots of very cold water. >>138 I've often wondered if the people who write these know how weird and fake they read as, and if so WHY they write them like that, honestly reading the sentence puts me on edge.
>>139 >>141 Why the encyclopedias? >>140 I mean...sure, alternative scenario is death row meal and drink, same concept, what would you choose if it was your last?
>>142 Long, interesting read that I'm unlikely to get bored of before dehydration.
>>142 I'd maybe take no longer human as my book, it's my most reread novel and kind of a comfort read for me, as for the food, I'm not sure if I'm honest. I'd want some raw fish, some cooked fish, some high grade steak, plenty of vegetables and a nice light desert to finish things off. Oysters followed by lobster or seabass with samphire, then wagyu beef with roasted vegetables, and a creme brulee to finish? I'm not sure.
>>142 >Why the encyclopedias? More knowledge = increased chances of survival, and also I'm just not that interested in reading fiction.
>>143 >>145 >>144 I genuinely am struggling to think of a book that is larger because my natural preference would be Carrie Food though I really love vegetable stews with dumplings and carrot cake. Tea obviously to drink.
>>145 Surely if you survival was your concern you'd get some sort of wilderness survival manual, or a guide to flora and fauna. The content of an encyclopedia would be 99% useless to your predicament.
>>147 True, but once you've learnt all the survival stuff it'd get a bit boring. With an encyclopedia you can eventually start delving into STEM and other fields, allowing you to discover new technologies, gather more resources, and advance to the next Age.
Everything that happens was always going to happen.
I'm so lonely. I just want a woman in my life to talk to.
>>148 >he's a progressive STEM is boring materialism and if you are unironically interested in 'discovering technologies' and 'gathering resources' you should be executed as an enemy of the soul. Autists like you are the reason we are in a living Hell right now.
Alright lads, can I make a request for BO? I realised in the screencaps I posted here >>65 probably contain more information that I should have shared, was having a bit of a retard moment when I posted it. Would you mind deleting it for me? Would be much appreciated, onegaiii
>>152 I meant like learning a bit of maths and science to build less rudimentary tools, structures, and boats or whatever, not become the next big silicon valley tech company on a desert island with a population of 1. Also it was an Age of Empires reference.
Open file (7.24 KB 140x50 deleted.png)
>>153 Done.
Mummy is making Spaghetti and Meatballs tonight lads.
>>155 very much appreciated, cheers mate.
There's something off about this Griffith bloke.
I'm thinking of getting some roller blades.
Glad to see you lads made it over safe and sound. I updated your new home in our board's friends list. Pop in for a visit sometime!
>>145 That Robbie Crusoe chap was my favorite as a youngun.
Has anyone kept up a training routine during lockdown? Have you had to make modifications due to lack of gym?
Open file (1.48 MB 1210x910 griffithstare.PNG)
>>158 whatever do you mean lad? he seems fine to me. >>160 oh, hello /robowaifu/ person, whatever happened with julay? we moved early because of the weird board apocalypse that occurred there, is your board still being hosted on julay?
Weird things that only you do >piss in the sink
>>164 I know a bunch of dudes who do that either because we discovered them or told us in friendly reunions, and they all have common trends going but i will not bash you.
what's the BEST computer desk chair?
Open file (890.61 KB 481x894 newchairdess.PNG)
>>166 I couldn't say with any confidence that it is the BEST desk chair, as the only thing I have to compare it to are shitty old PU leather office chairs with terrible back support that break after mere months, or a year at most, but recently I got the ikea Jarvfjallet, and I'm quite fond of it. It's very comfotable and can be tilted a great deal, plus it looks a lot more tasteful than most chairs out there. The only things I can think of at this price range tend to be those gaudy, attrocious looking "gaming chairs" with the disgusting branding and embarassing racing stripes. pic related, it's my chair.
>>163 >oh, hello /robowaifu/ person, whatever happened with julay? registrar seized the domain due to that false-flag operation. spqrchan.xyz was always the backup domain, and where we're all located at. https://spqrchan.xyz/robowaifu/ https://spqrchan.xyz/.static/fallback.txt >>166 Aerons. I've had the benefit of working at a studio using these and they are amazing. Fair warning be prepared to lash out an inordinate amount of readies on one. https://www.hermanmiller.com/products/seating/office-chairs/aeron-chairs/
>>164 I do this too. As a tall man, it's simply a more comfortable height than the toilet.
Crispy garam masala chicken, rice, and spicy fried veg with a glass of whiskey for supper.
>>168 The aeron seems to be the absolute best, as well as the most expensive. Can it REALLY be worth the investment?
Open file (23.45 KB 233x294 Greenchair-3.jpg)
>>171 >Can it REALLY be worth the investment? Well, from my opinion (for what that's worth haha) if you have to sit still in front of a glowing rectangle for 10+ hours a day like I often do, then the answer is yes. There is simply no other chair out there IMO that can compete. The second best is probably one of those funky-looking 'knee-chairs' where you sit up straight with your feet kind of tucked under you. Your weight rests on your arse and your knees and your spine is sort of forced into good posture. Takes some getting used to be honest. btw, im a cunt > But for normal sitting Aerons can't be beat, plain and simple. You might find a used one, but they don't really lose much value being designed to last a lifetime, so even then you'll probably not find anything 'bargain-basement'.
>>173 >btw, im a cunt that's twice you've been had now lad, you need to up your game.
>>174 I'm pretty sure he did that one intentionally.
>>173 >tfw bigboy that needs a size C chair but the vast majority of used aerons are size B Sometimes it hurts being a man among manlets
I had a little chat with a cute customer at work today. She kept smiling at me whenever we saw each other. Hopefully she'll come in again.
I haven't trained my NECK in months. While I may have made great progress with the rest of my physique, what's the point without a thick, dense, freaky NECK, to back it up? It's time lads.
I checked the halfchan britfeel..they're talking about fetishes and acting like nonces and trannies again. What is wrong with some of those lads?
>>178 Get after it then lad.
>>173 Does it have any poo bucket functionality? I'm sick and tired of having to carve holes in the bottom of my chairs.
Open file (107.50 KB 588x800 iyaki neko.jpg)
who /doing chords on the guitar/
It's looking like today might be the hottest day of the year so far. Anyone doing anything?
>>185 Sleeping probably, I'm nocturnal at the moment. Gonna have dinner in a minute.
An update on my chair search. The Steelcase leap is very highly rated, often compared to the Aeron, and looks like it may be what I need. It's also comparably expensive to the Aeron, but the difference is the used/refurbished Leaps are much lower price than the same for Aerons (I imagine Aerons keep their value due to being the supreme meme office chair) So the leap may be what I go for
Open file (1.00 MB 1201x900 griffithgutseye.PNG)
>>183 huh? whadya mean? he seems perfectly normal to me
What was your favourite hymn at school? For me, it was this classic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPMA5I3-0Jw
>>189 >hymn at school jelly to be honest. over here in burgerland, feminism and all the other pandora's-box isms it let in have driven faith out of the school system many decades ago. :/
It's time for a leg session. I'm feeling front and low-bar squats today for a bit of a change.
Will you emerge from the lockdown a better person than when it started?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZzfDnoVp68 Lads, this so cool. It's a Japanese martial arts tournament where combatants from various disciplines are pitted against each other. All of the fighters are really humble and respectful which you don't see enough of these days.
>>189 "Lord of the Dance" for me, but that may be because it's one of the only ones I at least partially remember. I wished my school had tried to at least teach something proper of Christianity or not at all, because we got a half-hearted hymn assembly once a week that kind of sputtered out once our (very religious) headteacher left for Israel or something so the deput just let some of her underlings just do whatever, the half-assed-ness of which cause me and quite a few people I knew to go through an edgy atheism phase because there was no actual religious doctrine to back up the occasional animation about Exodus or something we got. I would rather they went all in on it or not at all to be honest but Holyrood probably doesn't let them do anything anyway now.
Steak and gravy pie, chips, peas, gravy, and a protein shake with gold top milk for supper.
>>193 1:19:40 is such a great fight. Judo nip vs 90 lbs kickboxing hue. Judo tosses look so cool, I want to start going to classes when lockdown's over.
>>196 90 lbs heavier**
>>192 Hasn't made much of a difference to me personally, yesterday was the first time I really noticed anything was different. I went to my grandad's funeral and there was only 10 of us, we all had to stay 6 ft apart, wear face masks, and we just went home afterwards. Other than that, life has been the same.
Post nostalgic vidya music >ywn go back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTPn_Nk_KrM
>>192 Lockdown has completely fucked over my plans for returning to uni this year, which is the only thing I was really looking forward to in my life, so no, I shall not be emerging from lockdown a better person. On the contrary, I suspect I will feel a touch worse.
>>201 That's a really cool track. Tell me a bit about that game lad, I've never played it.
I have learned the 7 modes of the major scale.
>>204 Nice, make us a tune in Locrian lad.
>>203 It was technically mostly a co-op game, but I got it because I liked the look of it an never played it with anyone. (Even if I had friends to play with, it was one of those gamecube games where each player links a GBA, so it would have never happened) You set our from your town, and travel across the world map to various levels to collect liquid from trees at the end of the levels. You do (I think) 3 levels and the game advances a year. As time goes on in the game, the levels change to show time passing (rivers get higher/lower, new enemies turn up, etc) and more levels open up. There's a lot of interesting stuff in the story, and even outside of the main plot you get to write letters back to your family and send them gifts to level up the family job. The soundtrack is absolutely fantastic, all the way through and they're apparently releasing a remaster this year. (Although I think its been pushed back more than once) I'm not sure if the graphics hold up or not on the original, I imagine it wouldn't look too bad. Also don't play any other crystal chronicles games as they're all trash.
>>206 I should also add, that while I love the game, it is super fucking clunky. the liquid you collect is used alongside a crystal to fight off miasma that covers the world. You're taking it home to power the crystal that protects your village but you also carry around a challice to protect the party from the miasma. If you leave the circle that the chalice gives off (Id say it takes up about 3/4 of the screen) then you take damage. In multiplayer, one of the players were supposed to carry the chalice (or put it down so they can help fight, but that means you're not as mobile as a group). In single player, you have a moogle with you that carries the challice, but he gets tired after a while so you have to carry it to give him a rest. (You can also shave the moogle and paint it if you want in a little minigame). The magic system is also weird, you don't get spells permanantly for the most part, but instead get orbs for spells dropped by enemies, which only work on that level. You can combine up to two yourself, but if you and a team member target the same place, you can combine your spells. In single player the moogle will sometimes combine spells with you if he's not carrying the chalice, but its very rare and he's a right cunt about timing.
I have just completed sir Chaddington d'la Musique's skip track in the baking spring heat. Fantastic. If I'm not too sore I'm going to do it again on Saturday.
For me, its the Winged Hussar. How about you?
I'm having a good evening with Just Eat. Decent order volume and you just can't beat a nice bikeride in the sun.
On top of my 1 hour of duolingo per day, I've started doing 15 minutes of flashcards. This should help me more reliably retain what I learn on the app.
>>211 smart thinking, lad.
I'm not saying we should do this right now, but hypothetically, if our posting drought were to continue for at least another week, which subreddits in particular do you think would be best to recruit the kind of posters we want here?
>>213 Any of the countless deleted ones.
>>213 >which subreddits I aint britfeel, but I'm surprised you would consider them over 4chan /r9k/ brifeel thread. I'm not suggesting 2020 4chan is a high bar either, but it's an easy option.
>>214 /thread. it's almost like they have a moderation agenda in place there on lebbit to degrade the quality to the lowest common denominator and make the place pozzed af by the quickest means possible. >oh wait...
>>216 you left your sage on lad, sasuga...
>>213 >which subreddits in particular do you think would be best to recruit the kind of posters we want here? And I'm out.
My Cape sundew was getting very crowded so I've repotted 3 of the root clusters in some carnivorous plant mix I got from ebay. I hope they take.
>>216 Just don't browse shit subreddits (popular or political)
>>213 None. It's not worth it, even if you could somehow find one that isn't a total shithole you run the risk of some fag linking the post somewhere else as evidence of "right-wing extremism on reddit" or some other shit and we could be flooded not only with the sub-par posters from the subreddit in the first place but a second wave of (admittedly short-term) agendafags looking to shit up some *chan. Not to mention the fact this place is obviously on the webring, so I don't think we'd be getting any thanks if other boards were to notice a conspicous drop in quality due to redditards coming in. I suggest if it seems to be totally necessary, either we do nothing and wait, or like the other lad said you look for other chans like 4/r9k/.
>>221 I was under the impression the lad who asked that question was taking the piss
>>222 >yfw Poe's Law hard to tell sometimes, to be honest.
Open file (11.47 KB 367x483 1445475309698.png)
Ummm, guys? It's 2020. Bait speech is NOT okay. Locking this thread due to toxicity. [removed] [removed] [removed] [removed]
Open file (87.79 KB 445x499 ffs.jpg)
>>223 >>222 I've been had. But still worth saying in case someone else is had and actually goes and does it, you never know.
Spent a few hours just outside my village today lads, mainly just lounged about and gazed at the clouds, but I also finished reading Junji Ito's adaptation of no longer human. It was a very comfy few hours, albeit I feel a touch wiped from the 21C heat, was somewhat banking on it cooling down while I was out.
My climbing rope arrived this morning. I looped it around the branch of a tree at a local park that was just the right height at slightly over 4m high. I managed three sets of climbing to the top once and back down; it was really difficult, and the descent was by far the hardest part. Afterwards I did various stuff on the gymnastics rings and now I'm back home, having just ordered a curry. Fantastic.
>>226 Nice, I'm jelly, I spent most of today babysitting. Junji Ito's stuff is great too. >>227 Good work lad, enjoy your well-earned curry.
>>229 Go on lads, set a timer and sit in your deepest squat for 5 minutes and tell me how you feel after. Also, are you part of the minority who are actually able to sit in a full squat with your heels flat on the floor?
Just got a strong food craving and realised I'd eaten nothing all day, so I ordered some last minute fried chicken. hype lads. >>230 I couldn't sit in a proper squat for five minutes, but I did it for two minutes instead, with the first 40 or so seconds being entirely self supported and then holding onto a table leg to keep balance after that. I used to not be able to do a proper, ass to grass heels flat squat while keeping my balance, so I was pleasantly surprised I was able to this time round - I've been doing starting stretching and that's probably helped a lot. Going to try and work on holding a squat every day from now on I reckon, all I really need to tweak is my upper body posture and from there I'll work towards it being a comfortable position to maintain. Cheers lad.
>>230 The "slav squat" is actually very comfy, not great for using the computer mind you as it puts you at a rather odd height
>>232 I find that sitting in one for a couple of minutes while breathing properly with the diaphragm also releases any wind trapped in either end. It's like deposits build up when your insides are all contorted through the unnatural position a chair forces you into.
*haughtily sips coffee* Ahhhhh.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EEdxZdzdFs the golden era of british daytime tv
>>235 That episode is way too recent to be golden era, but the show itself and Can't Cook Won't Cook, yeah.
>>235 >>236 >teevee
>>235 >>236 >>237 I have no idea how I used to watch the ZOGbox on the regular, it's kind of like mcdonalds really - you start on it while you're young and don't realise how trash it is until you get some time away from it. Cancelled my sky subscription many years ago and haven't looked back.
The Americans are burning everything again, lads.
>>239 >Americans
>>240 Yes.
>>241 africans
>>237 Generally speaking I agree, but some telly falls under the Thread Protections Act 2015: >(7) Discussion of British television programming is to be avoided on /britfeel/ unless > (a) it aired during or prior to 2008 (because some old programmes were alright and/or hold nostalgic value), or > (b) you're slagging it off.
>>242 Yes, as I said, Americans.
>>239 Kek, is that fair now? When the rapefugees and kekistanis were robbing, looting, burning, and cutting womyn's heads off w/ machetes in your streets, we didn't go accusing you lads of doing it now did we? btw, im a cunt
>>242 Well yeah, your great grandparents transported them in against their will and railroaded most in ghettos with little chance of earning enough money to escape and fuck off somewhere else. They're Americans for life, even if they don't want to be. By your logic, only Native Americans are real Americans. Come back over here if you want to be nationalist about heritage.
>>246 >come back over here none of my ancestry went to America lad. The africans added nothing but slave labour to the country that is America atm unless you count crime statistics and a lower median iq as adding to a country. >>245 How long ago was that? I remember having to ensure everything wooden in the area was hosed down as they were indiscriminately setting alight to everything they could
>>247 Hmm, I don't recall for certain. 3 maybe 4 years ago now? We were all still back on 8ch and HW had departed (i think) but wasn't yet become a soygoy.
>>245 >>248 Dunno what you're referring to to be honest, think you might be mixing up several different events from different years, or even different countries. Only event I can think of that fits the "robbing, looting, burning" description was the 2011 riots, which was more of an "underclass collectively decides to fuck shit up for a laugh because they're nihilistic and bored" thing than it was a nigger thing. "Cutting womyn's heads off w/ machetes" makes me think of Lee Rigby's murder in 2013 where the murderers stood around afterwards in broad daylight giving interviews with bloodied hands and knives, but Lee Rigby wasn't a woman nor was he beheaded. In 2017-2018 there was the Westminster attack, the Manchester Arena bombing, and the second Westminster attack, which were all islamist-related, but none of them fit your descriptions beyond the time period, and only one involved a refugee.
BLM people are protesting in London over George FLoyd lads, I never get this sort of thing. What are they hoping to accomplish? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqs4PyEaFCE
>>250 My not so secret racism and aggro-issues would be pretty bad right now if I lived in London, thank god I live in the sticks
>>250 >What are they hoping to accomplish? Showing everyone else how moral and righteous they are. Liberalism is a mental disease and compels them to moralise over everything.
>>250 White women over the western world are swarming to the streets to pledge their loyalty to niggers. The female is worse than the Jew because the female is a traitor.
>>253 Nah, the Jew fucks you over because he believes he's one of God's chosen people and you're a gentile, and that means he doesn't have play fair with you. He believes that gentiles are pawns to milk for monetary gain at best, and a threat to his tribe's continued existence at worst. The woman fucks you over because she was born too weak and stupid to do anything besides what the most powerful entity in her life tells her to do, and men had the bright idea of giving someone like that suffrage and employment. Much like a dog, she can be well-serving and loyal if trained properly, but she easily becomes loud, unruly, and destructive when neglected or let off the leash.
For me it's rainy Oblivion ambient music while making nihongo flashcards.
>>243 I know for a fact the NEET council did not pass this act precisely due to Article 7a. While the nostalgic value of a programme may be positive (probably due to some kind of talmudic stockholm syndrome) for one poster, it is most likely that it will be a terrible reminder for most posters of the hellish programming many of us experienced during childhood; a childhood sat before televisions prior to the liberation of private computer access. While the BO is on the council we do not grant him the rank of master. If he managed to pass this act independently I demand a TPA2020 be written immediately banning any and all discussion of British television programming, including that aired before 2008.
Open file (299.11 KB 200x200 1196941204632.gif)
>>255 Sounds nice lad. For me it's posting on imageboards and installing Windows 98SE in a PC emulator. I'll make a post from inside it if I can get networking and a "modern" browser up and running.
>>254 The Jew is an obvious enemy. The female however has the ability to deceive men into thinking they are akin to children in their innocence and ignorance. No, no matter what age or society throughout history the female has cheated and lied, cucked and fucked. All of human evolution has perfected in her the paragon of a traitor. You can be as 'powerful' as you like, if she has an opportunity to fuck a genetically superior male she will without hesitation.
>>254 >jews aren't also weak and stupid Their only strength is their psychopathy. The average IQ of israel is 91 and their genetics are obviously inferior. The jews are successful because whites are strong, and the psychopath jews are supported by pathologically altruistic whites. As soon as the die-for-israel boomers all croak, the jews are fucked. That's why they're making a mad dash for complete technological control (face recognition, pattern recognition, AI systems, thoughtcrime) so they can drone anyone who threatens them. 109 countries and counting.
>>258 >if she has an opportunity to fuck a genetically superior male she will without hesitation. It's called eugenics, and it's fantastic.
>>256 The TPA2020 draft has been rejected by the House of Hikikomoris due to clear conflicts with the historic Rule 2. Rule 2 protects any and all existing or potential discussion topics against being outlawed or otherwise highly restricted, regardless of the ire, upset, or offence a given topic may provide to any individual or group of posters, unless such protection would infringe on one or more of the other existing Rules of /britfeel/, or the Global Rules of the host platform.
>>258 Women don't give a toss about genetics, it's all about who they perceive to be top dog. If it ain't someone like their father or their husband, they'll turn to things like their social group or mass media instead. >>259 >The average IQ of israel is 91 The smart ones aren't living in a Middle Eastern shithole, they're living in Europe and North America and making a mint.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SImwmg6hLBc He is ridiculously good. How is this even possible.
>>262 Women's preference is unstable. It shifts depending on where they are in their fertility cycle and age. >TFW you can't fug your girlfriend because of chink flu
>>264 Not sure I'm familiar with that feel lad.
>>265 Stop watching anime and maybe you can understand it friend.
>>266 Didn't say I wanted to.
Morning lads. I dreamt that I was out delivering for Just Eat and came up to a nice big house in a posh area. I knocked on the door and a Japanese mother and daughter answered. It's important to know that I had eaten about 20% of their food on the way (this is strange because I never eat anyones' food). I apologised to them and feigned bewilderment. They invited me in, and we all sat down at the table. I said 毎日日本語を勉強します, paused, and followed it up with いいですか? (also interesting because I came up with this extemperaneously, as opposed to the first one which is memorised), to which the mother said in English "very impressive for a holidaymaker!" I don't know if that was a compliment or not. I again apologised for the missing food and said if they rang the resturant I would happily come back with it. The daughter, who was very fit, blew me a kiss on the way out. What does it mean?
>>268 Means you wasted your life masturbating to cartoons and ordering take aways.
>>269 I've literally never wanked to cartoons, actually I prefer white women. I DO like a nice curry though.
>>270 Then why do you dream of the slant eyes?
>>268 It means your dream self is living the dream.
>>271 Probably because I'm learning Japanese.
>>273 Stop it. You're wasting your time and learning a dead language. Go outside and find some nice lass with big tits and a tattoo of Gary Linocer on her fanny
>>274 >not Stormzy Appalling taste in slags
>>275 I told you to find one not me. Weebs don't deserve quality slags, they're only going to become trannies any way
Chair update: I got myself a Steelcase leap, refurbished as they're incredibly expensive new. I must say it's fantastic. Not a particularly stylish chair (looks very much like an office chair) but it's very supportive and is doing my bad back wonders
Open file (441.41 KB 929x929 deano in nihon.jpg)
>>276 Lurk more before posting lad.
>>278 Cut your dick off and join your gook masters fag. I'm only here to screencap you for reddit points.
>>277 How much did that set you back lad?
>>279 Looks like we've got a bully 'ere, Sam. You know what we do with bullies.
A nice, sensible, rainy overcast today today. None of that sun nonsense up where I'm at. And can I just say? It's about flipping time. >>255 >>257 Sounds like you both had a lovely monday, cheers from Tuesday /britfeel/ lads.
>>281 head come up.
>>278 I really like this picture. I'll be saving it.
Is there a video game you feel a particular nostalgia for, more so than others?
Open file (280.36 KB 1784x1216 you_cant_go_back.jpg)
Open file (904.61 KB 194x146 wipEout .gif)
>>285 Not really, everything from back in the day is nostalgic in one way or another. If you're around my age, have an overdose.
>>285 A lot of the games I enjoyed as a child, i've played more recently and not been fond of. Some because of clunky controls, others because of a slow pace, which isn't bad just not what I want right now. The availability of older games had kind of ruined nostalgia for me. Maybe the idea of playing Gameboy games on the SNES via the gameboy player.
>>285 I'm playing tomb raider 1 and it's pretty comfy so far. >>287 Having access to unlimited games makes none of them have value. You're not willing to dig into a rom as much as you would a game you invested money in. It's why pirated games don't feel as special as ones you bought.
<TFW tired of all the jungle bunnies chimping out.
Open file (82.87 KB 1200x1200 EQwo2CJVUAAflsR-orig.jpg)
>>287 For me it was kinda the opposite, playing games from days of yore made me realise just how much a lot of newer games (and by "newer" I mean 2008+) aren't very good once you look past all the graphics and cinematics. There's loads of exceptions of course, but even most of the newer games I like have old school sensibilities. >>288 >tomb raider 1 Fantastic, first three TR games are some of my all time favourites. What level are you on lad? >You're not willing to dig into a rom as much as you would a game you invested money in Depends how you go into it really, I've definitely gotten sucked into games I've downloaded before. It's a lot easier when you have modded consoles and a CRT though, I must admit. Playing old console games on a PC emulator means there's a lot of potential distractions.
>>290 2nd location just started. Newer games aren't even games for the most part. They're roller coaster movies with minor interactions. Distractions aren't just PC. You have a phone next to you and maybe some podcast playing. The days of a kid sitting in a chair bigger than you are with a joypad are dead. Even if you try to disconnect your brain tells you somethings wrong because you've lost connection to your group.
I've just done 45 minutes of yoga. I do it 3-4 times a week now and I must say it's one of the best things I've ever done. Movement is so much easier, everything feels so loose and effortless now. I don't think you can ever know how troublesome movement is until you work on it and see the difference. The biggest change would be in my hamstrings, I can hold my palms flat on the floor now and never get back pain anymore.
>>292 DDP Yoga is good for this. Normal Yoga is being a pansy. It's good exercise for fatties.
>>293 I can do the front splits. And you?
>>291 >You have a phone next to you and maybe some podcast playing Can't say I know that feel. Truth be told, I'm still living in the 2000s in many ways. I'm like the 2000s equivalent of those old balding blokes who're still dressed up in all their '70s gear. >your brain tells you somethings wrong because you've lost connection to your group I lost connection with my group over a decade ago, don't even think about that sort of thing any more. I just do what I find interesting or fun, outside world be damned.
>>291 >Distractions aren't just PC. You have a phone next to you and maybe some podcast playing. The days of a kid sitting in a chair bigger than you are with a joypad are dead. Even if you try to disconnect your brain tells you somethings wrong because you've lost connection to your group. I kinda know that feel lad. I feel uncomfortable if I don't have some tv show, or podcast, or youtube video or just something on in the background while I'm doing stuff.
>>294 I have a penis. Unlike you. >>296 We were all raised with the TV on in the background or the radio. But we used to switch that off for games and now we don't even do that. What's a good hobby where you don't need to keep buying more stuff?
Distractions are actually a cause of anxiety. When you have all these competing urges in your brain, "watch that youtube video", "refresh that imageboard", "go get a cream egg from the fridge", "have a cheeky wank", "study", "make a coffee", etc. the indecision literally causes a cortisol spike, which continues and increases your unease the longer you dither. It's is especially true if among the urges are beneficial things you know you should be doing. This is why when we're just dossing about doing not much of anything at all we're generally unhappy. Our brains are unfathomably complex but in some ways very simple. They like to be engaged in one thing at one time with undivided attention, this is when we achieve flow, which makes us feel great. All this technology is really bad for us unless we use it in a very specific and purposeful way.
>>285 Tomb Raider and Resident Evil were my go-tos when I was younger, first console my family could afford was a PS1 and I played every day, I have the older tomb raiders on steam now but I try to refrain from replaying because I don't want to tarnish the memory if they aren't as good as I remember
If we're honest with ourselves, it's the best piece of music ever written. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlprozGcs80
>>292 what's your yoga routine lad?
Open file (2.35 MB 1920x1440 TR1-Saturn.png)
Open file (2.95 MB 1975x1440 TR1-PS1.png)
Open file (6.69 MB 2561x1440 TR1-TombATI.png)
Open file (65.09 KB 640x480 TR1-Steam.jpg)
>>299 Thing about the steam/PC versions of the Tomb Raider games is that they're pretty shit without mods and workarounds, and also missing a lot of miscellaneous graphics and audio effects that the PS1 versions had. TR1 in particular needs the TombATI patch just to even look and sound like the same bloody game (the entire music soundtrack bar the menu theme is missing in the unmodded steam/PC version).
Music chad, what are some things that annoy you about modern chart music? I have a few feelings on the matter, but they're pre-cognitions at best - given my lack of technical knowledge I struggle to find the words to form intelligent criticisms. Would you mind trying to articulate for me why I don't like it?
>>303 It would be easier to list the things I do like. Give me some examples and points to work off at least.
>>299 The past years I've played many PS1 games and I think it's become my favourite generation in gaming even though I thought it would be clunky and frustrating to play them, I only initially started playing them because I was interested in emulation; it turns out a good game is a good game no matter how old it is. I say this as someone who has zero nostalgia for PS1, or even for the era when it was around since I was born a couple of years after it was released. I can't say you won't be disappointed but I believe their age hasn't detracted from the experience. If you do go back and play them I recommend using Mednafen emulator rather than steam releases. I would like to play more series I haven't tried yet like Dino Crisis and Parasite Eve but I've lost all will to play vidya. Maybe I would play them if I streamed to some lads here again like back in the day. https://youtu.be/tDgjTP8fuz4
Open file (255.07 KB 256x540 kyokospin.gif)
Just got done with a stretching session after reading the post from the lad saying he did a whole 45 minutes. Stretched my neck, my hamstrings, my abductors, my rector femoris, my lower back, my calfs and my shoulders. Feels quite good. Now I'm just tucking into a nice peach and an apple, reaping the bounty of nature. Friendly reminder that the majority of an apple's nutrients lies in the skin and the core and that you should eat everything but the stalk.
>>306 oh, and I forgot to say, but I made significant progress on my standing pike AND my butterfly stretch. good feel.
>>300 I think you may be right.
>>302 Use Open lara for TR1. PC is the only version with expansion packs, so TR1's story is incomplete on every other platform >>303 It's full of niggers who can't sing. It's not a complex thing to explain. >>306 Friendly reminder that you're a nancy boy and deserve a good kick in.
Open file (645.15 KB 1000x1000 IMG_9760.PNG)
>>309 Who's going to kick me in? You can't even kick your sentences close enough to form a proper chan post lad, lurking further is required before you resort to such hefty words.
>>309 >Use Open lara for TR1. Fuck no, that shit's incomplete and buggy as hell. There are jumps you can make in the original that you can't make in OpenLara (and vice versa), and the enemy AI is fucked up to the point where most enemies run away from you instead of towards you. It's a fun tech demo, but by no means a serious replacement for the original game in it's current state. >Friendly reminder that you're a nancy boy and deserve a good kick in. Friendly reminder to GTFO
>>311 Didn't know I'd walked into a gay bar. Enjoy picking up the soap.
>>312 I can't tell if you're a foreigner trying to do "british banter" or if you just have a sincere and unhealthy psychological fixation on homosexuality
>>313 I'd wager its a bit of both
>>297 My parents always have the radio on, and did when I was groing up too. My brother used to mute video games when we were playing and put on music in the background too. I never used to have to always have something on in the background, I think it started back when I was in uni. I guess being away from home made me miss that kind of thing, and I just got stuck on it.
was about to make a mass shitpost (you)ing about half the posts ITT to make a point about reddit spacing, but it occurred to me that maybe it's a problem with the board CSS. Test. Test. >>315 Test.
>>316 nevermind, there is a serious problem with reddit spacing ITT, but I'm too lazy to click on a bunch of posts. I shall be getting much tougher on this business from now on, though. >>315 Take your finger off the enter key you fucking trigger happy linespace junkie
>>317 I'll space my posts. However I please. *scoffs at you*
>>317 I've been "Reddit Posting" since I was posting on Nintendo fanfic forums in 2005. It's a hard habbit to break.
>>318 are you feeling like a big man today, are you? >>319 Don't you find it incredibly ugly to look at? I never understood why people do this online.
>>319 Don't see the point in breaking it, everyone used to post like that on the web including 4chan and even 8chan until about 2016/2017, and there's a million screencaps and archives to prove it. You can even see it in fucking usenet posts from the 80s.
>>320 I do think it's ugly, but like I said, It's tough to break a habbit thats been ingraned in me for so long.
asif we were talking about top music and this gem wasnt mentioned aha :L reminds me of ibiza in 2013 with big davey https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4kVWCSzfK4
>>302 >>305 britfeel gaming day when? There used to be a pub/cafe where I lived that had multiple consoles, you sit at a table and play whatever games you want and move tables when you wish to try another console, went once, do you lads have anything like that near you?
>>317 genuinely still post like I'm writing my essays, giant paragraph breaks everywhere, guess that happens when you don't know life outside of academia
>>324 Never seen anything like that, unless you count those kiosk things you'd get in shops or at some play centres (which if any still exist, will probably be axed due to muh corona). I remember the local Charlie Chalk's I used to go to as a kid (long since demolished) had a play area with a couple PS1 kiosks, remember playing games like Rayman and Aladdin on them. Fucking neck breaking they were, the screens were like 2 foot above the average child's eye level, so you had to bend your head back the entire time. There was another play area in a shopping centre I went to once when I was very young, they had this cool little alcove underneath the main play area that had about 3 consoles with Sonic the Hedgehog on all in a row. Think it was the 8-bit version on Master System, but I'm not sure. At any rate, I was too young to figure out how to unpause the game, so I just watched the other lads play. My parents got me Sonic the Comic while I was there, I remember it well because it was an issue that came with free bubblegum, which I'd never had before, and I fucking swallowed it by accident.
Open file (164.02 KB 1200x675 maxresdefault.jpg)
>>326 Couldn't find any good pictures but this is the general idea at least, seems to call itself a "gaming lounge"
>>328 ワーキング
Anyone seen this recent stuff on the news sites about Madeleine McCann? As far as I know there's no new evidence on this bloke, so what makes them think they'll get him for it?
>>330 they honestly might just be desperate for any story that's not coronavirus or the great chimpout of 2020
>>328 ねむ >>329 そうだね
>tfw secretly turning the board japanese
Open file (56.17 KB 1022x547 [RAUGHS].jpg)
>>333 >turning
Open file (340.99 KB 749x727 pso2.PNG)
checking out an MMO called "phantasy star online 2" lads, I love how retro the launchers for japanese MMOs always seem to be
>>335 The japs are living in a time capsule, it's amazing. Futaba Channel still looks and functions exactly how it did in 2002.
>>336 man that UI is so cozy. Are you the lad that talked about setting up a windows 98 virtual machine? I'm assuming this is your own screencap given the date - are you emulating windowsXP too or is it actually your native OS? Such a cozy look. Brings me back.
Open file (149.70 KB 1024x768 postin from XP lads.PNG)
>>337 I'm the same lad, I've got XP running in VirtualBox. Hit a wall with posting here from Windows 98 because I couldn't find a compatible web browser that supported all the modern SSL certificate stuff that a lot of sites use these days. Managed to post on another imageboard though. For XP there's a build of Arctic Fox which is a lot more up to date, so hopefully this post will go through.
>>338 It did indeed go through, good job! I remember buying an old polycarbonate macbook with snow leopard on it, and the sheer volume of compatibilty issues I ran into running the web made me feel a touch sad - I'm not the sort of person to have the technical knowledge to go about fixing that sort of thing though. Why is it you play about with older windows operating systems? Is the fun simply in trying to get something compatible with the modern internet? I'd imagine you'd have to learn a fair bit about how the internet and operating systems interface to do such a thing, which does sound kinda neat.
Open file (12.94 MB 1024x768 2020-06-05 20-38-08.webm)
>>339 The nostalgia and the challenge I guess. I've been doing this sort of random tinkering long enough that I'm even nostalgic about running old versions of Windows in virtual machines at this point. Back around 10 years it was obviously a lot slower and clunkier, but also a lot easier because almost everything still worked and there wasn't so much to worry about security-wise. You could realistically use Windows 98 or XP in a virtual machine full time if you wanted to. Things changed a lot after the Snowden leaks, and again around 2017 with all the ransomware cryptoworm shit. I'll never forgive the niggers who forced net security to advance so much that I can't browse the web on my PSP any more.
Open file (18.81 KB 800x600 Desktop4.png)
Open file (105.96 KB 800x600 web_browser.png)
>>338 Nice and comfy. If for any reason you need to 'upgrade' in the future (e.g. security), there are good Windows themes for some Linux desktop environments. https://github.com/grassmunk/Chicago95
>>341 Windows themes on Linux always feel a little uncanny valley to me. It's like they're almost there, but not quite, which makes it feel wrong. Layouts being different, misalignments, different fonts and rendering techniques, different icons, etc. It upsets my autism enough that I'd rather just use the DE's stock theme.
>>342 That's a fair call. Apart from really obvious things like spacing, most of that wouldn't bother me but that's because I spent less of my computing time on pre-Vista Windows and would be using it more for shallow entertainment than nostalgia.
I'm looking for a cheery, light-hearted anime. Any suggestions?
>>344 I've been watching Monthly Girls and its been quite nice and cheery if you don't mind an anime about a manga writer.
>>344 Nichijou
There's this lass who comes into the Asda where I work on a Sunday and we always smile at each other and have a little chat. She laughs at my shitty jokes and generally seems receptive. I'm kicking myself a bit because we were chatting today and I wanted to get her name and ask her out but I bottled it. Next time.
I'm thinking of finding a proper Japanese course or book. I've made amazing progress with duolingo, and without it would have probably never gone down this path, but in terms of grammatical explanations it's somewhat lacking, and I feel I'm not grasping certain nuances with it.
I've just had some cold watermelon, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I had forgotten what a fantastic fruit it is.
Gran Turismo 4 was the best racing game ever made.
I'm a big fan of the phrygian scale.
Open file (12.14 KB 300x300 1591284644187.png)
>>349 You might find this link useful, it has a shitload of resources and guides for learning nihongo: https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/
>>354 Thank you.
I'm thinking of doing a little project where I dedicate an hour a day, for a week at a time, to learning about a particular country - history, culture, ethnography, geography, etc., eventually covering the entire globe. I think it would be a fun way to increase my knowledge of the world. I'm wondering if longer than a week per country might be necessary, though it's not like I want to be an expert on any of them. I'm open to suggestions on how to structure it, or anything else. Has anyone ever done anything similar?
>>356 Can't say I have, sounds like a good idea though.
alri, llads?
I've just had a really good session on my roller skates on a car park round the corner from my house. I'm getting much more confident with moving, turning corners, and maintaining my balance. My stopping still needs some work, so tomorrow I'm going to go out again and get some more practice in.
Watermelon and dark chocolate for breakfast.
i want to be promoted to grand inquisitor of britfeel. who is the current grand inquisitor? i am challenging your position.
I've just done this gymnastic stretching routine. The stretches are all ones I do regularly, however, I don't usually incorporate the same degree of structured breath control he demonstrates in the video. I feel very relaxed, and from what I understand, triggering the brain's relaxation response during stretching is what teaches the CNS that the new positions are safe, thus gradually increasing flexibility over the long-term. I'm a bit surprised to be honest, I always knew that breathing was important and did breathe deeply, but never thought to count the breaths and slow them down like this. I feel markedly more relaxed than usual.
>>361 If you were truly qualified for the position, you'd be able to figure that out yourself. Good luck.
Off out on the skates again.
>>365 My god lads it's so much fun. That was my best session yet. I'm able to sprint on them now and build up to a decent speed. I did a bit of stopping work and did make some improvements, but it's just so tempting to sprint all the time because it's so much fun. I think I might start documenting my progress in a journal. They say journaling is a good habit so why not. Do any of you lads journal, or have you in the past?
>>365 What kind of skates do you have? Are the wheels on the sides or in the middle? i'm tempted to buy a pair
>>367 They're aggressive inline skates (wheels in the middle and no heel brake) with 4 wheels. They're not as easy, but a no-brainer over the side wheel ones because of the superior speed and maneuverability. I've read that the heelbrake can be a hinderance for doing certain tricks/movements so opted for a pair without one, there are also loads of ways to stop without it. It's tremendous fun and I thoroughly recommend it. /britfeel/ skate club when?
>>366 >Do any of you lads journal, or have you in the past? I do, though rarely. I started maybe a year or two ago and have put maybe 5 entries, once every few months. I don't have much else to say to warrant more frequent entries.
4 large hard boiled eggs for supper.
I've lost 1.5kg in a week of low carb. Some will be water weight, some glycogen depletion, but some will be fat.
>>371 It's amazing how fast the body can lose weight when you do the right (or wrong) things. What's your goal?
>>372 I want to be really lean and shredded with striations like an anatomy chart. I've been training for 4 years now and never really seen my abs. On top of the aesthetic benefits it will help me massively with my calisthenics skills and and martial arts. I agree. I was staggered at the speed of change when I did keto, however my current results with low carb are pretty good and I don't feel as rough as I did back then.
>>373 Also I find it funny that I'm gorging myself on eggs and bacon and losing fat while the normies are punishing themselves with low-to-no-fat diets while still taking in lots of sugar and wondering why they're not losing weight. I suppose you can't blame them, the industry itself is responsible. I think the way everything is loaded with sugar is one of the biggest travesties of modern life, its effects on a human being if consumed in excess over the long-term are just disasterous, not to mention it acts on your brain's reward system in the same way as porn or cocaine. A lot of people still act like you're some kind of loony if you propose a high fat diet for weight loss, but the tide may be turning, keto/low carb does seem to be gaining some traction.
>>374 >I find it funny that I'm gorging myself on eggs and bacon and losing fat t. guy with undetected stomach cancer
>tfw bound by the threads of causality
>>371 My gf keeps baking me sweet treats so there's no chance of me losing weight any time soon.
>>377 We've all been there lad. Give her fanny a good shagging from me won't you?
Open file (26.53 KB 148x349 chadsword.jpg)
What were some of your finest moments in runescape? Mine was completing Monkey Madness and getting the d scimmy.
>>379 in 2016 I played through all of the f2p quests with a bunch of internet friends, I had an ambien script at the time and I barely remember it, but what I do remember is that it was a great time.
>>379 Luring someone into the wild with a friend from school and looting his d longsword. He kept crying to us to please give it back.
>>381 How did you do it? I used to tell people I was trimming armour, then I'd take them into deep wildy and unleash the punishment.
>>382 Since he didn't know we were friends we were able to convince him to join our pk party. Pretty shitty on our part thinking back about it but doing shit like that in the wild was part of the fun. I guess that's why they removed it lol.
Asahi biiru and neck stretches for supper.
>>368 I'm going to hunt down some skates, secondhand cheap ones because I will probably be awful at it and don't want to waste money if I ultimately will fail, I did some skating with the skates that have side wheels and they were pretty fast and good for spinning, never even thought about tricks What tricks can you do?
>>385 That's a good idea, I got mine for £35 secondhand from ebay. I can't do any. I'm just working on my stability and balance at the moment, the most 'impressive' thing I can do at the moment is sprint quite quickly, but even then my stopping isn't up to par so I need to practice that. There are some decent inline skating channels on youtube with tutorials for all sorts of things. This guy has some comfy videos. Where he lives looks top for what he does. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNyHPikM6Vc
>>386 don't bully for this dumb question but can you skate on grass?
>>386 Here's someone getting very angry with him for not much at all. I can imagine confrontation would be common for city/urban skaters, depending on where you're from. That's what I want to do ultimately though, it looks like a hell of a lot of fun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gs7CTnxe5qY
>>387 I think you would need offroad skates, which have much bigger wheels. I'm by no means an authority on any of this so google would probably be more use.
It would appear the streets are more or less dry, and rain isn't forecast til this afternoon. Going to sneak a cheeky session in on the car park round the corner.
>>390 That went quite well. By far my longest and most adventurous skate yet, I'm confident enough now to go along streets and roads. I got some practice in on bumpy, uneven pavement, as well as some stopping, which has also improved. I had to come home because of blisters which I was a bit gutted about. I'm already tempted to buy some higher quality skates.
Lads, is it too late to have a coffee?
Tesco brand ramen noodles (without the seasoning sachet) and tonic water for lunch.
Open file (2.52 MB 2160x3840 IMG_20200611_163852.jpg)
I've just started reading 'Do The Work' by Steven Pressfield and it's really good. I only bought it to help me keep my guitar practices strong, but it's applicable to basically everything. It's pretty short and has a lot of pithy and encouraging lines that I think are going to help me a lot. because it's so short I will probably read it fairly regularly so as to internalise the mindset.
A tin of tuna and a handful of brazils and cashews for supper. I'll be weighing myself tomorrow morning aftermy first week of low carb in a caloric deficit.
>>395 76.7kg, down from 80kg. The first week's weight loss is always the most dramatic on any diet so I don't expect as much next time.
BLM toppling the statues of all these incredibly based slaveowners has made me realise I don't know who most of them are, and don't know nearly as much British history as I'd like.
This morning, it's E Aeolian and a can of Monster Zero Ultra.
>>398 Sharpen that 7th and get some harmonic minor down you lad.
>>399 >>399 Would you mind speaking a bit about modes? Your favourites, ways to utilise them, improv tips, anytyhing else you can think of that might be of use. I've got all the shapes down and now I'm looking to get as much out of the m as I can.
>>400 Also on the topic of guitar, I've been making a conscious effort to improve my practice habits. I now play everything much more slowly and focus on a particular small section of a piece at a time, allowing me to memorise it perfectly before moving on, as opposed to hashing my way through a whole piece and memorising my mistakes.
anyone got some music for me to listen to while i workout
Open file (19.29 KB 418x300 boushiinu.jpg)
>1 repped 100kg bench after not lifting heavy for months and training mainly calisthenics
>>13 Hey, British friends! Once again, I'm here to remind you that if you want to participate in the Infinity Cup 2020, all you have to do is submit a roster, a logo and a kit on >>>/icup/. I mention this because we're reaching 32 teams soon, so if you want to participate, better compile something soon.
>>400 It mostly boils down to taste, but I like switching things up by doing things like playing Dorian over Aeolian. It makes it easier if you just think of it as "playing B minor scale over E minor" for example, which is effectively the same thing as playing E Dorian over E Aeolian. You hear that all the time in jazzy music.
It's been another scorcher, and looks to be very warm for the coming week. How do you feel about this development?
Open file (1.91 MB 540x279 saenchai.gif)
My flexibility is coming along well. I've tested it with shadowboxing, and I could now in theory push kick a 6 foot person square in the face.
I had a LOT of fun with this one. Pentatonics (I think it was the B scale?), hammerons, pulloffs, it sounded very bluesy. Fantastic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvK1wdn-5gA
>tfw all things fade into the storied past, and in a little while are shrouded in oblivion
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amdmmX_xpWc Akala on The UK Being Responsible for Slavery in America (Flashback)
Open file (6.78 MB 962x720 LOL DONT CARE.mp4)
>>410 /britfeel/ on The UK Being Responsible for Slavery in America (Flashback)
Has anyone played the FFVII remake yet?
You simply cannot go wrong with a bit of Phrygian over Ionian. I want to get my mic set up with my looper so I can make tracks and post them here.
>>414 I'd like to hear it lad. If I'm thinking of the right thing, it's got kind of an arabic sound. The "5th mode of harmonic minor" scale (Phrygian with a sharp 3rd) and the arabic scale AKA double harmonic major scale (Phrygian with a sharp 3rd and 7th) are very similar in that regard. That reminds me; what you've learned so far are all the modes of the major scale, but other scales have their own set of modes. Usually don't have cool ancient greek names though.
>>415 What are these modes? I want to learn them too.
>>416 There's literally hundreds. Just take any scale that exists, and start from the second note in the scale instead of the first, and now your playing in "2nd mode of x scale", and so on. Some have more common names, but many don't, and some are less useful than others. I'll teach you one thing though, a scale without any modes. It's called the whole-tone scale, because every note is a whole-tone (whole-tone = 2 semitones) apart. There's only two possible variations of it in the 12 tone system, and that's C D E F# G# A# and C# D# F G A B. There's also only two possible chords too, C E G# and D F# A#, which are both augmented triad chords (major chords with a sharp 5th). The whole-tone scale has a very mysterious and unsettling sound, because there are no perfect 4ths or 5ths relative to any note in the scale you play. As soon as you hear it you'll recognise it from old films, cartoons, and games, particularly in dream sequences.
Open file (149.21 KB 438x401 GRIN DOG.jpg)
>tfw regularly get classic WoW urges
I can feel my self slowly sinking into a big depression lads. No appetite, it hurts to be conscious, I've been thinking about killing myself a lot lately. I should imagine that this too will pass, but fuck me I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tired. Incredibly tired.
Is sex with girls something you lads will ever want to work towards obtaining, or have you given up?
>>420 I never wanted sex, my hand is more than adequate enough for that. What I wanted was a girlfriend/wife, but I stopped caring about it eventually.
Been on the phone to Currys for 2 hours now.
Alright lads? Forced myself to get up early, do some stretching and go out for a run. I still don't feel very well but it definitely helped. My original plan for the day was to just wake up in the afternoon and buy a bottle of gin and drink myself senseless, so I'm glad I was able to force myself to do something productive instead. I also got a copy of the epic of gilgamesh and I started on that today, haven't read very far into it but it's very nice so far - most of my reading tends to be 19th and early 20th century American, Russian and Japanese literature, so it's good to branch out. I'm hoping to read a lot more ancient stuff in general. Going to check out the Old Testament next, and also hopefully some other ancient literature - like the book of the dead and the sayings of the desert fathers. After that I reckon I'll go for a cheeky reread of the Iliad and the Odyssey and then check out Theogeny and Works and Days, then some cheeky Greek plays. It's very very refreshing to go back a few thousand years and look at the foundations of the literature I enjoy so much. >>420 I'm the same as the other anon, I'm only really interested in a substantitive relationship, if I can sort out my mental health and find a career I enjoy I'd certainly love to start a family one day. I'm not particularly enthusiastic about sex at all, have a fairly low libido and to be frank I find casual sex kind of disgusting, I have no idea how "normal" people can sincerely enjoy meaningless fucking with no connection to the person in question. Then again I only ever feel the need to masturbate once every month or two, so perhaps I'm an oddity in that regard.
Tomorrow I'll have been dieting for two weeks. I look leaner and feel lighter on my feet; I'm very pleased with how it's going. For supper it's a shake with beetroot, ginger, whey protein, and gold top milk.
>>424 Do you use fresh or canned beetroot for your shake? I'm thinking about starting on a diet myself, been planning out some basic meals today, the main purpose of the diet is simply to reduce my carbohydrate intake, but I would like to lose a few kilos so I reckon I'll calorie count and the like to - on that note, do you use any websites or apps for meal planning and calorie/nutrient tracking? I really need to get a new blender, it broke a year ago and I never got round to replacing it - used to just blend up lots of frozen fruit and vegetables every morning for a massive micronutrient boost, very convenient.
>>420 At this point I think it's better for me to try to forget women exist.
>>425 Fresh, I get those vacuum sealed packs of 4 from Asda. I use my fitnesspal to track my calories. That's partly my thinking with the shakes too, I like to pack as many health foods as I can in them without negatively affecting the taste too much. I use fresh turmeric root when I can get it, and cocoa powder if it's early enough (I don't like to risk caffeine late in the day). 76.1kg this morning.
Goals for today: >1 module on duolingo >1 session of anki flashcards >2 hours of guitar >1 hour of redbubble >lift Ok thankyou.
>>428 Nice lad, for me it's doing some laundry, vaccuuming around the house and trekking four miles to do some grocery shopping for the low carb diet I'm starting.
>>429 Remember to keep your salt and water levels up lad.
>>424 How many hours would you say you spend cooking/prepping and exercising a day? My hours have skyrocketed and I've been eating absolute shite since, should really get back on track
>>431 Probably about an hour a day for each, plus stretching if I'm doing that. These days I tend not to do weights and intense cardio on the same day, I've read it causes your recovery to struggle and your gains in both areas end up suboptimal.
>>430 Will do mate, one of my low carb stables is boiled eggs, and I always put salt on them. I also drink like 3-5 litres of water every day. Just got back from shopping actually, looking forward to switching back to low carb. I had three soft boiled salted eggs for breakfast, for lunch I'm either going to do the same or have some greek yoghurt and banana, and for dinner I'm having chicken piri piri kebab skewered alongside mushroom, bell pepper and red onion, with a salad of leafy greens on the side. I know obviously there's some carbs in the banana and the piri piri sauce, and likely some in the yoghurt too, but I'm not going full keto, just lowering my carbs. I'm planning on shooting for no more than 1-2 bread slices worth of carbohydrates a day. All of the food I've got planned out is very low effort too, while relying on very little in the way of processed food.
>>433 >but I'm not going full keto, just lowering my carbs This is my preferred approach too, having done full keto - my results were astonishing but I felt like shit. Sounds like you know your stuff already. >greek yoghurt Top-tier. I like it with blueberries and raspberries, which are surprisingly low in sugar, and either crushed brazils or cashews. My guitar footrest has just arrived. I've overhauled my practice routine a bit lately and I'm focusing a lot on posture and breathing now.
I've just had a great skate session round town. What did you all end up doing today?
>>435 Sat at the computer.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdsmxzaHtSQ I can't believe how brave they are. Truly astonishing displays of virtue here.
>>437 Truly the mythic heroes of our times. Where would we all be without their like in the world today lads?
>>437 I have no idea who any of these people are. >>439 >Where would we all be without their like in the world today lads? Pic related, probably.
>>440 >image failed Thanks anon.cafe
Is Attack on Titan good?
Should I replace eating cereal for breakfast if I want to lose fat? Is cutting carbs the best way to go about losing fat?
>>443 Calories in vs calories out is the most important. As long as you consume less than you expend, you'll lose weight. https://tdeecalculator.net/
>>442 It's a dark-ish shounen manga/anime, so if that's your cup of tea then yes, if not then no.
>>444 It posted before I was ready. If you calculate your total daily energy expenditure on that site, and then eat between 300-500 less than that every day for a period of weeks or months, you will lose fat. If you exercise on any given day you should eat a bit more, or have a smaller deficit, to compensate. There are many apps to track your calories on, I use myfitnesspal. As for low carb, it will speed the process up slightly by attuning your body to producing energy from ketones (made from fats) instead of glucose (made from sugars, ie. carbs) and decreasing your insulin resistance, which will cause less of what you eat to be stored as fat and stop your brain sending you hunger signals. The caloric deficit is by far the most important part of the equation, but if you're overweight and/or consume too much sugar I would strongly recommend low carb to bring your insulin levels back in check.
>>446 >and stop your brain sending you hunger signals. when you've already eaten enough.**
Open file (29.64 KB 436x440 frx80.jpg)
I've ordered a pair of these for £145, they should be arriving early next week. They're widely acclaimed as one of the highest quality, sturdiest, comfiest and most reliable urban skates on the market. I am extremely excited. 興奮している.
>>445 I've just watched the first episode. The art style and animation are exquisite, and the plot interesting. I think I will like it.
>>449 To be fair, anime studios normally put all their budget into the first episode to get people hooked and then it's nonstop QUALITY after episode 3, but I think SnK was fairly consistent from what I remember. I watched it when it aired but never got around to watching the last couple of episodes, 2013 and 2014 felt like rough years for anime and I ended up dropped it as a pastime completely until late last year.
Didn't last long, but for a moment I noticed we were on top of the webring PPH list. Other boards need to get their act together, just look at those user counts.
>>451 In fairness we have at least triple the whibblescromps of the rest of the boards on here so we don't really get an accurate reading.
Open file (241.24 KB 900x652 happycat.jpg)
>tfw squatting so hard you nearly pass out
Are any of you lads watching any anime at the moment? I haven't watched any new anime in a while, watched some berserk with a friend and that's about it, I really want to find something new that I love as much as the likes of Berserk, Kino no Tabi and Haibane Renmei. >>434 Raspberries sounds great in greek yoghurt, I tend not to buy much in the way of berries because they're pretty expensive - I'd eat a lot more of them if they had a price parity closer to the likes of the humble apple and banana. Good luck with your guitar! I recently ordered an audio interface and XLR microphone and am planning to fuck about with some singing, poetry reading and various stuff like that, as my only real hobby at present is reading and I would quite like to branch out and find some new interests. >>451 We've been having a lovely burst of activity lately.
I've recently started doing Jefferson curls, a staple mobility exercise in gymnastics, and my lower back feels fantastic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8i6N7ysotA It is considered advanced so don't try it unless you've got decently flexible hams to begin with, and also just start with bodyweight or a few kg, but if you can integrate them into your stretching/training routine you will definitely feel the benefit.
>>455 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-P11hdm29YY This one's more informative. Be careful and do NOT try it if you have tight hamstrings.
Open file (14.96 MB 1270x720 sola OP-yUk7puZY2fc.mp4)
>>454 >I really want to find something new that I love as much as the likes of Berserk, Kino no Tabi and Haibane Renmei Sounds like you might be into social commentary stuff, you could check out shows like Humanity Has Declined, Spice & Wolf, and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. Less related, but still containing existential themes you might enjoy are shows like Angel Beats, AnoHana, and Air. If you just want some good old-fashioned 2000s-core anime with some melancholy in the storyline, some of my favourites are Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora, Myself;Yourself, ef - a Tale of Memories, Sola, Uta Kata, and Hitohira.
My hair is getting so thick that I can barely brush it lads, I really wish I could just get it cut, the problem with my hair is that it grows out just as much as it grows down, and I end up with a tremendous mass of hair on my head, do any of you have the same problem? It grows incredibly quickly, too.
>>458 Mine's longer than it's ever been but it's intentional. I want to look like Jesus.
>>459 I'm actually wanting to let mine grow longer, but the thickness is making it look retarded. My hairdresser normally spends a solid twenty to thirty minutes just focussing on thinning out my hair whenever I go for a cut
Surprised how many normies at work watch anime lads
Open file (75.17 KB 500x500 pleb patrol.jpg)
>>461 I've met a grand total of three people in my life who proclaimed to watch anime. In college there was a normalfag who'd only seen Elfen Lied and mispronounced "ecchi" as "essy". In a "redo your GCSEs" course I did there was one genuinely autistic weeaboo who was an absolute sped, he put on an episode of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S (when that was still airing) on the computer in the middle of the fucking classroom and always went on about how Japan was the best country in the world, no hint of irony. The other was another lad on the same course, he was a long-haired manlet who went on and on about SnK (and Batman for some reason), and read the SnK manga on the computers in class. Plebs, the lot of them. Anyone who can't hide their (usually extremely low) power level in public is a faggot of epic proportions.
>>462 Watching anime isn't even a power level thing anymore, it's considered completely normal now.
>>463 There's still power levels to it, the lad who's watched several hundreds or thousands of shows from a variety of eras has a way higher power level than a normalfag who's seen less than a hundred shows from the small selection available on netflix or whatever other trash streaming service they use.
I've made £1570.52 in the last year doing deliveries for Just Eat.
Open file (3.21 MB 3840x2160 IMG_20200618_192529.jpg)
Tonight, it's spicy drumsticks.
Open file (2.80 MB 2160x3840 IMG_20200618_204255.jpg)
>>466 I had them with steamed sprouts, kale, and spinach. Absolutely delicious.
Music chad, what are the benefits of sight reading over guitar tab? Surely Tarrega would've used tab if it was around back in the day?
>>468 Stave notation is the universal musical language and not nearly as instrument-specific or as bare-bones as guitar tabs, so it's more accessible, adaptable, and descriptive. Sight reading is when you're so fluent with notation that you can read and play it in real time without having to pause or practice in advance, similar to reading a book aloud in your native language.
>>469 Can you do it? I found syncopated 1/8 and 1/16 rhythms tough in college but I bet I would get it if I applied myself. I actually saw decent progress when I was studying for my grade 5 in bass back then but I got burned out due to the pieces all being boring as fuck, my thinking was that if I pick up my bass it should be to study, but I didn't want to, so I just never picked it up at all and stopped playing even the fun stuff. If I had something like that to practice for now I'd just do it because I'm a lot more disciplined, but I can't see that ever being necessary. Maybe if I were to study music at uni I would need a grade 8, but as I'm planning on studying Japanese and not music probably not. Thank you for your continued contributions to the board lad, I feel quite blessed to be able to consult with someone knowledgeable. Still waiting for you to stream a virtual set though.
>>470 someone so knowledgeable*
>>470 >Can you do it? No. I can just about read music but I rarely ever do so, so I can only decipher it very slowly note-by-note. It's usually way quicker for me to figure things out by ear, even for chords. >Thank you for your continued contributions to the board lad No problem lad. I never really get to talk about this stuff outside of here, in fact I don't know a single person who's eyes don't glaze over as soon as I open my mouth about anything music or music production related, so it makes for a nice change.
The streets round my way are absurdly busy. How are things on you lads' ends?
私のためにモンスターエナジーです. *crack* *sip* おいしい.
Today I'm looking at the CAGED system to help memorise where all of the different chord positions are on the neck.
Have any of you lads ever been to an anime con, and if so - what was it like? I'm kind of thinking about going to one once lockdown is over, because I've been interested in trying out cosplay and also because I would like to make some new friends.
Open file (138.37 KB 1024x1424 café anon goes to a con.png)
>>476 No, but I used to watch livestreams of anime/japan cons with /a/ around a decade ago. They were pretty fucking gay and cringeworthy back then, but fun to laugh at from a distance. Today it's a fairly different story from what I hear, screencap related.
I've been reading a bit of Thomas Paine. How could someone so bright be so daft? All his arguments rest on the premise of intrinsic human equality, without ever actually qualifying the idea.
I've got an XLR microphone arriving on monday lads, planning on playing around with a bit of singing and voice acting, fairly excited.
For tea it's tuna and egg fried basmati rice with fried tomatoes, mushrooms, onion, chilies, steamed kale and sprouts, and some chopped beetroot thrown in too.
Did your parent(s) have their shit together while you were growing up? Do they now?
>>481 Nice lad. For me it's skewers of spiced chicken thigh, mushroom and bell pepper with a rocket and spinach salad on the side. >>482 I was raised by my mum and she completely did not have her shit together. Alcoholic child abuse survivor who spent all her energy trying to stop my autistic brother from smashing the house to pieces during his tard rages. Most of my childhood was spent getting drunk, playing xbox, and getting groomed by pedophiles on MSN. My childhood was fucking dreadful honestly. My dad had very little to do with me, but he was a nice enough person, not really of any use though. >Do they now? Mother's alcohol free and slowly getting her life back on track, no clue what's happening with my dad. I think he's prediabetic now because of his constant binge eating.
>>482 They weren't abusive or addicts or anything, but they couldn't manage their money or their marriage and divorced when I was 7. My dad's doing alright, lives in a small rented house and has a long-distance girlfriend. My mum still has the house she won in the divorce and has a boyfriend who lives with us, but they can't get along for 5 minutes because she has an extremely short fuse.
Open file (114.88 KB 1300x957 man deep in thought.jpg)
>>483 >getting groomed by pedophiles on MSN
>>446 Thanks, I didn't know about insulin resistance.
>calories aren't calories they're actually kilocalories why would they do this, just call them kilocalories
A ripe nectarine is a phenomenally tasty fruit. Dare I say, one of the tastiest.
>that thrifty feel when spraying my work tops with vinegar and fabric softener so I can get two wears out of them and save money on washing
>>490 >my work tops Genuinely thought you were talking about kitchen worktops or something for a minute there, couldn't believe what I was reading.
Many people who have progressively lowered their personal standards in an attempt to win social acceptance and life's comforts bitterly resent those of philosophical bent who refuse to compromise their spiritual ideals and who seek to better themselves.
Official /britfeel/ poll https://www.strawpoll.me/20393833
>>485 I was twelve years old and somewhat dangerously unsupervised
Good morning/afternoon lads. I didn't sleep at all the night before last, so I decided to just snooze as long as I wanted last night. How have your days been? I've just had some greek yoghurt with cashew nuts and honey, and I'm about to do some stretching, then look into getting my new microphone set up, it arrived early.
>>494 Weren't we all? I was posting on forums, chatting in habbo hotel, and talking to random people from around the world on msn and in uncensored and unmoderated in-game text chat when I was 10-13. Never got groomed though, unless getting called a n00b and having some yank try to convince me to listen to 2pac counts.
I've just had a wonderful skate session at a local park. I feel a lot more stable and seem to go faster without even trying. It's amazing how the body adapts to things. I had my headphones on too, and it's even more fun with music.
>>493 more polls please, I love polls me
I want a pair of Jewish intellectual glasses.
Boiled haddock and 2 tins of sweetcorn for tea.
>>501 Why do you eat sweetcorn, do you enjoy seeing yellow nuggets float up to the surface when you take a shit?
>>499 I like round frames, but I dont like thin frames like that. Although I don't like them too thick either, otherwise I look like a cuck. I might shave actually, thinking of that.
>>500 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFc40M1g8kA It's just so good, Philip Glass is a real underrated composer. I think I like this version even more.
>>504 That is very good. Post more.
I've decided that I'm going to watch the films in the Alien franchise in chronological order. First up is Prometheus.
10 months since my friend died lads. It hurts, but I think the pain is getting easier to live with. I had a conversation with a friend who also lost his best mate to suicide, and he said it takes "about a year" to get used to, I seem to be getting there. I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel like trash though, really don't have much energy to do anything today.
Love you lads, in a straight way. Keep going.
>>509 Love you too lad. Stay safe.
I've just done the Duolingo Japanese module on religion and thoroughly enjoyed it. It has some really cool kanji. 悪魔 = devil, "akuma" 地獄 = hell, "jigoku" 魂 = soul, "tamashii" 天国 = heaven, "tengoku"
Open file (64.55 KB 378x371 1592296351368.jpg)
>>512 すげえ!神だ!
My dad's going to buy me a new laptop. I want to set up my Scarlett 2i4, condenser mic and looper pedal with it. What's good for £500 or under?
>>514 For that price you're best off going second-hand / refurbished, something like this would do nicely: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lenovo-Ideapad-3-15-6-AMD-Ryzen-5-3500U-8GB-RAM-256GB-SSD-Windows-10-Pro/164256413537 Bear in mind that even the best laptops can be wankers when it comes to providing enough power to USB ports. One port is often better than all the others, or they're all shit and you just have to put up with an externally powered USB hub. Just something to remember if you get a new laptop and then your audio interface sounds like it's broken, it's something I've run into multiple times in the past.
Open file (83.26 KB 1024x576 cheekyinu.jpg)
>work at 2 >parcel coming at half past and I don't trust the delivery bloke to follow my safe place instructions >just going to go into work at 3 and pretend I thought that's when I was rota'd Who /unbelievably cheeky/ here?
Peter will be my delivery driver today, and he has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. It also says his country of origin is the UK. Fantastic.
Peter is late. It looks like I'm going to have to say I thought I was rota'd for 4 instead.
>>517 What delivery service lists the couriers place of origin??
>>519 DPD. I was an hour and 23 minutes late for work. No one said anything.
incels.co is gone
>>521 I don't know what that site is/was but it sounds gay.
>>521 What the fuck happened?
For breakfast it's two bacon egg buns with a mozzarella slice in white big eat rolls and a strong black coffee. The best part is it all fits into my diet because I'm off out on my new skates in a bit.
>>521 >>523 They were trying to splinter again and make a new site I think, lots of infighting going on There was a site called blackpill or blackpilled.is that didn't last long
>>521 >>523 Also it isn't gone, it is up
My new skates are SO good. They're much, much faster than my old ones; the difference is night and day, so much so I had to be really careful and did 15 minutes stopping practice before I even left the car park. I fell over 4 times, once landing in the front splits (thank fuck I've been doing yoga), and once grazing my knee, which is my first ever injury. I expend significantly less energy on these, with my old ones I could only go fast if I really pushed it, but with these it's almost effortless, and when I do push it it's almost scary, being not fully confident on them yet, so I didn't do any max effort sprints. I only came in because my blisters got too painful again, as far as my gas tank goes I felt I could have gone another couple of hours. Sublime. I'm thinking of going to the seaside on my day off on Wednesday where there are some good cycle paths that run along the coast.
Low carb/calorie restriction makes me appreciate food so much more. I've noticed also with low carb that sugars are even tastier when I do eat them, and this also even seems to apply to artificial sweeteners like in zero kcal monsters.
>tfw forget we're in a pandemic almost all of the time
>>528 It's a good feeling when you tuck into some fruit and the sweetness is almost overwhelming. Food junkies don't know what they're missing. >>529 Yeah, there's only been a handful of instances where I really noticed it, my life has otherwise been the same if not better.
I eat bacon every day, and I've read that can increase your risk of colon cancer by 5%. Maybe I should limit my intake.
>>532 >Based on rates from 2007 to 2009, 5.0% of US men and women born today will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer during their lifetime This is the baseline to which you have to add the other 5 percent to, so your risk for colon cancer while eating bacon daily is now 5.25%. Don't fall for the leftist anti-meat climate hysteria.
>>533 Oh right. Thanks based research lad. Looks like miss piggy's back on the menu.
I tried to buy a £5 guitar tab off some pro classical guitarist's website because I particularly liked his rendition of a certain piece and couldn't find it anywhere else, but was unable because I'm permanently banned from paypal and that was the only option. I emailed him enquiring about a bank transfer and the absolute madlad sent me it for free. I'm going to give him a small amount on patreon monthly for being an absolute gent.
>>535 >permanently banned from paypal Let's hear it lad.
>>536 It's nothing exciting, I just made an account when I was underage, they asked for photo ID for security reasons some years later when I was legal, but banned me for violating the TOS nonetheless. I appealed and it was denied.
>>537 lad I had the same exact thing
>>537 >>539 Weird, I've never had that happen, but then I never tried to use paypal or anything like that while underage. Worst I've had happen is having my debit card temporarily disabled because I made some large purchases online while using a VPN.
I've been to see my mum out in the country today. I have no access to a car so I had to go on the train with my bike and then cycle the rest of the way, which worked out as 22 miles there and back. I had fish and chips and a bakewell tart then we went for a walk. Now I'm going to do my anki flashcards and then I'll either play guitar or watch some more Attack on Titan. What have you all been up to?
>>541 Been lying on my bed all day with the curtains shut, it's too hot.
>>543 Because kids and retards are everywhere and easily milked for cash.
No plane hit Building 7.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3ScszkzJqk What are you doing today to GET AFTER IT?
I've signed up to a website where you can meet people from across the world to set up regular chats and help each other out with your respective languages of interest. I've just messaged 5 nips.
It's dawned on me that my bathroom is disgustingly filthy, and I'm going to clean it.
The Classic WoW urges are getting stronger
Good afternoon lads
>>551 You in hawaii or just NEET?
You alri' then...la'?
>>550 do it lad, I might do it too
One of the cleaners at work works as a delivery driver at a local pizza place and she gets a 30% discount. I always joke that she should let me use it and tonight the absolute madwoman is actually going to drop me one off.
>>554 This laptop doesn't run it very well. I'm getting a new one soon so watch this space. Have you thought about which faction/race/class you'd like to play?
>tfw rarely poo anymore
Today it'll be A Ionian.
Why do deanos like the word 'moist' so much?
on a saturday evening there is just nothing better than city girl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61HNs5Sh_gg
cuckchan did something good for once https://youtu.be/2rcRR_aVGVI
Open file (327.23 KB 474x441 1593230883920.png)
>>561 They had a stickied Yotsuba GET thread with embedded music on /a/ yesterday too. It's good to know the old culture hasn't completely gone away.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1xEfTGjY_I I'm going to learn this to sing to on the guitar when I get in from work. I always loved Nirvana as a kid, and am a big of David Bowie too. My brother and his mates would all sit around getting stoned listening to it when I was growing up.
Golden kiwis taste really good.
>>561 Not happy until I see at least one shitty evangelion edit in the chokeposting collection
Japanese can be confusing sometimes because in certain instances, what are usually negative verb forms are actually positive. Has anyone tried to learn a language before and found certain things confusing? Another one was the masculine and feminine nouns in French and German, which as an Anglo just seems weird.
>>566 I should say there have been countless different things that have confused me about Japanese at one point or another, but that's one of the reasons I like it. Wasn't there a lad learning Mandarin?
Are PNG images not allowed on here?
>>568 39 matches for .png in this thread lad, there's a 20 MB total filesize limit though, which you might be hitting.
Hello lads. First post from my new laptop.
>>570 What addons would you lads recommend for Firefox? I've got the obligatory ad blocker but it's been so long that I did anything like this I've forgotten what's useful.
>>571 My personal essentials: uBlock Origin - the adblocker that isn't shit amd doesn't secretly whitelist certain ads like all the AdBlock or other uBlock branded ones. New Tab Override - let's you set a specific page to load when you open a new tab, why the fuck they ever took this functionality away from internet browsers I will never know. Tree Style Tab - displays tabs as a vertical tree list in a sidebar, I find it massively more useable than the traditional horizontal tab list, especially if you're a nutter like me who regularly ends up with hundreds of tabs open. (related) TST Colored Tabs - gives different TST tabs different colors based on domain name. (related) Tab Unloader for Tree Style Tab - lets you suspend individual TST tabs if you're not immediately using them, useful if you want to save a load of links to look through at a later date but don't want to bookmark them or leave them clogging up your RAM or CPU usage. Stuff I'd consider optional: Tampermonkey - userscript manager a la Greasemonkey. Stylus - userstyle manager and editor a la Stylish, make your own CSS edits for any website, or download other people's ones. HTTPS Everywhere - forces sites to use https if they support it, not really needed so much these days but there's the odd exceptions. DownloadThemAll! - bulk file downloader, it's alright but I keep it disabled until I need it. Stuff for downloading images: Image Search Options - adds options to the context menu when you right-click on an image, lets you send images off to SauceNAO, Google Images, or other reverse image-search engines with one click. Especially helpful if anons post an image that's clearly downscaled or overly compressed, or you want to find out the artist, character name, or what anime a screenshot is from. Twitter View Original Images - opens twitter images in their highest available resolution and lets you download them in a single click. Px Downloader - bulk download pixiv artwork. Not a firefox addon but still a useful internet-related utility: youtube-dl - command line program that let's you download video and audio files from nearly all the major video/audio streaming sites, from youtube to niconico to twitter to soundcloud. Easiest way to install it is via another command line program called Chocolatey, which is a linux-esque package manager for Windows ( https://chocolatey.org/install ). I can write up a quick guide on how to use youtube-dl if anyone wants, it's great for backing up youtube videos, or turning them into webm/mp4 files for posting.
>>573 That's a really informative post lad thank you. I've struggled with youtube-to-mp3 for a while, I've used various websites and apps over the years but they're very unreliable.
>>575 No problem lad. >I've struggled with youtube-to-mp3 for a while, I've used various websites and apps over the years but they're very unreliable The fun fact about all of them is that every single one of them are just using youtube-dl's code. It's kinda like how all the hentai doujinshi sites are just scraping exhentai.
I want to start playing online vidya with nips, with a Japanese client, so I can boost my learning while playing. What games do they like? Are there any good MMOs? I was doing some reading and apparently mobile games are extremely popular there due to their long commutes and working hours. They make my 24 hours wageslaving a week look like nothing.
>>577 Putting mobile/gachashit aside, vtubers can give you a pretty good idea of what's popular in Japan right now: https://hiyoko.sonoj.net/live/ APEX Legends seems to be the game of choice at the moment, I think there's a fairly established Minecraft scene too. Regarding MMOs the only one I ever see them play is FFXIV.
I've just had my first ever conversation with a Japanese native.
>>579 How did it go lad? Was it 大丈夫?
>>580 It went alright. My mind went blank a couple of times on things I actually know, but the lad was really patient and understanding, spoke slowly and gave explanations. He was better at English than I Japanese, but seemed to struggle with understanding sometimes too, I occasionally had to substitute for simpler language. We're going to chat again over the coming days and I'm quite excited about it. I need to study more.
>>581 ナイス、勉強頑張れ
>>573 Now that's what I call a BASED post.
Been catching up with the news lately lads, seems like the second wave is coming already. How are we all feeling about it? I'm honestly thinking about becoming a hikkikomori at this rate. >>577 it's very easy to find japanese people on VRchat, or if you want an actual videogame you could play the JP version of Phantasy Star Online 2.
>>584 I'm already hikikomori so I'm not too bothered.
>>585 I'm NEET but I actually leave the house atm, mainly just for grocery shopping though. I really wish the government actually followed through with the whole antibody tests. I want to know whether or not I have any.
I've just had my second conversation with a Japanese native, a different bloke this time. I felt a lot sharper during this one and had a lot of fun. They are so friendly and polite.
Is FFIX good?
I've just installed Ableton on my new laptop so I can get my Scarlett 2i4 and loop pedal set up with my guitar.
Open file (22.33 KB 300x380 steiner.jpg)
In /fitfeel/ spirit I'll be posting some of my preferred calisthenics exercises incase any of you lads are looking to start exercising or vary your routines a bit. Pike pushup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7_I5SUAd00 These are great for your shoulders and upper chest. I like to increase the range of motion by placing two piles of books for my hands so I can go lower by letting my head go between them. You can also increase the incline by elevating your feet on a couch or something, more hamstring flexibility is required the steeper you go though. Archer pushup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ycbbf7_k7Rc Regular pushups tend to get easily quickly so these are a great way of ramping up the difficulty and forcing your chest and shoulders to grow. Diamond pushups: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0DnG1_S92I Less chest, more tricep. Bodyweight tricep extensions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSr4kS53T-g These are my favourite tricep exercise by far. This nog is doing them quite deep; starting out you'll probably want a bigger angle between you and the floor, maybe 45 degrees or higher. Oblique plank twists: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSoWKDfdZwU A really good way to hit your obliques. Regular side planks are also good if they're too difficult. Let me know if there are any muscle groups or exercises you're struggling with and I'll do my best to help.
I'm set up and I've just done a quick recording. To me the audio quality sounds good, but I'm an amateur. Music lad, do you have any optimisation tips? https://files.catbox.moe/2vlwlz.wav
Lads, I've been trying to improve on myself a bit lately, but I seem to be really bad at forming habits, keeping them, and setting meaningful goals as I progress to remain engaged. Do any of you have any tips for habit forming and sticking with personal projects and the like? I find myself languishing at the complete beginner end of all the things I would like to git gud at because of this. >>591 Not the music lad, and I don't know anything about audio recording, but the actual music was lovely. Good job mate.
>>592 For me, keeping the goals small, simple and gradually building on them helped. I've also changed my mindset to one more focused on discipline than motivation, so the things I've decided I'm going to get done during the day are non-negotiable and I do them regardless of how I feel. The longer I've been doing this the more I notice that feelings are essentially a meme, more often than not completely irrelevant, and also very often based on distorted beliefs about myself, others, and the world. There will be those days where you just don't feel like getting it done and you can't snap out of it, but those are the days where you should do it more than ever, because it's very likely you'll feel really good afterwards, and if you're able to train yourself to be able to smash it on your worst days, you'll be unstoppable. Not a single time has the kike in my head been right about not getting my practice, study or training in for the day being a good idea. Try this experiment now: pick some kind of self-improvement-oriented activity and do it for 15-30 minutes. Make a note (mental or written) of how you feel before and how you feel after. Do 15 minutes for a week. Then make it 20, or 30, and keep adding to it until you're putting enough into whatever it is to get the results you want. If you don't enjoy it at first, focus, keep at it, the enjoyment and satisfaction will come later. Your aim here is basically to rewire your brain to derive enjoyment from difficult things, so be patient and compassionate with yourself because it will take time. They say it takes a month to solidly establish a habit. You'll find at a certain point that it becomes self-sustaining and you don't have to try as hard as you used to, if at all. It's good to have blind faith and stubbornness as well. The kikes in our heads can sound very rational in their attempts at dissuasion sometimes, but you should ignore all of it and just do whatever it is you've got to do. Good luck lad, let us know how it goes. >>592 Thank you. Now I've got all my equipment set up I can do some proper recordings for you lads.
>>590 lad which one of these should I focus on to keep my posture straight? Work in factory settings so I am usually hunched over a machine/conveyor while stood up
>>591 Lovely, what tune is that you're playing? >Music lad, do you have any optimisation tips? I noticed the volume level is quite high and seems to hit -0dBFS a few times, did you normalise the recording or did you just record it in that way? It's usually best practice to record at 24 bit (gives you more resolution on the amplitude side of things and lower digital noise floor) and lower your input level to the point where you couldn't make it clip even if you tried. There's a small amount of ambient noise, but I don't know how realistic it is for you to minimise that in your living space. The less flat walls and surfaces the better, and avoid the corners of rooms at all costs because they trap the sound. Preferebly make sure there's stuff in front of walls and corners so sound can't bounce around on them and make it's way back to the microphone. Things like beds, curtains, bookshelfs, etc are great household items to help reduce unwanted acoustic reflections, assuming you can't go full acoustic foam. You also want to keep well away from windows, doors, computer fans and the like as you possibly can while you're recording, helps keep the ambient noise floor as low as possible. Mic position also makes a huge difference to the sound too, it'd be worth experimenting with different positions and distances to see where it sounds best to you. I personally think it could do with more of the sound coming from the body, and less from the fretboard, for a "smoother" sound with less "bite", but it really depends what kind of sound you want. Microphone polar patterns make a big difference also, I don't know if your mic has a polar pattern switch on it, but you want to avoid "Omni" and "Bi-directional / Figure 8" because they'll be picking up noises behind the mic just as well as they do the noises in front. "Cardiod" (heart-shaped) polar patterns are best for miking up instruments like guitars, they pick up sound from in front of the mic and minimal from any other direction. A bit of compression, EQ, and tasteful reverb can help bring the flavour out too (example related), but it's easy to overdo those things without a fair amount of trial and error to build up your mixing chops. I'd avoid it while you're just starting out, but keep it in mind for later.
>>594 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLEQ_tYAYNw Stand about half a foot away from the wall, flatten your lower back against it. I find pushing all points of contact against the wall makes it even more intense. This will strengthen the muscles that have weakened through being hunched over.
>>595 It's Maurice Ravel's 'Pavane for a Dead Princess'. I had the gain on my audio interface turned right up so it might have been that. Your version does indeed sound better. I'll play around with some of this stuff for my next recording. Appreciate the help as always lad.
Big Swole has died of a heart attack lads. Really makes you think about the transience of life. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNrTcKx1sXk
>>598 I can't say I'm really surprised, although it's maybe slightly more unexpected than when Piana died. Zyzz was the real shocker.
>>596 Unironically I do this to stretch while I am waiting for the kettle to boil, I'll put some more effort into it, I do it till it hurts too much to continue right?
>>600 I'd go til just before failure for 3 sets with a minute or so rest inbetween, every day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5m8Ue-aQuok These will help too. Bodyweight is fine, or you can hold a tin of beans or bottle of water or something. Again, 3 sets of 12-20 reps per day, emphasizing technique and mind-muscle connection, should yield noticeable results within weeks.
I've been learning about the input theory of language acquisition, as opposed to memorisation, and it makes a lot of sense. You don't teach a baby about grammatical structures and syntax, they just pick them up intuitively through thousands of hours of exposure. I'm going to watch an hour a day of Japanese media without subs. So far I've been watching Tampopo. What are your favourite nip films?
>>602 >Tampopo I caught a little bit of that during a stream a while ago, seemed pretty good. There's a similar film, I think directed by the same person or something, called Supermarket Woman, that was a good film. Also saw Rentaneko (rent a cat) which was a weird but interesting slice of life about a woman who rents cats, Three Outlaw Samurai which was pretty old but also pretty good (it's the prequel to the popular TV show), Punk Samurai Showdown which was absolutely bonkers, and Shin Godzilla which was about what you'd expect. Torakku Yarou (truck guys) seemed pretty good but I missed it.
>>602 Forgot to mention, there's a TV drama from 2010 called "Mother" that I watched back in the day and I really loved it, the soundtrack was excellent too. It's a real tear jerker, so I highly recommend it if you're into that sort of thing. Recently attempted to download it and had a hard time, but eventually got a hold of it, so if you want I have it in 720p, about 8 GB overall. I also have the soundtrack that I downloaded back in the day, probably can't find that anywhere now.
I spoke for an hour this morning with the Japanese lad I spoke to the other day, and have just spoken to a new lass for about 15 minutes. I'm having a lot of fun with this. >>603 >>604 Cheers lads. Since I have thousands of hours of immersion ahead of me I may as well download all of these.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2i8AzjxwhSU This is absolutely fascinating. It's about language acquisition, more specifically the interplay between the conscious mind and the enormous subconscious data bank we've all got in our heads. You can apply the principles to virtually any educational/self-improvement related endeavour.
Open file (85.77 KB 1794x1009 uematsu dab.jpg)
Good morning.
>>607 Morning lad, sleep well?
>>608 Less than usual, but I feel alright for it. What about you?
>>607 >>608 Morning mates. I had a migraine and spent all day in bed yesterday, been up since 11pm yesterday. My sleep cycle is so fucked right now it's unreal. Any plans for the day?
>>609 Slept alright, but like >>610 my timing is out, only in the other direction. I woke up around 1am I think. >>610 >Any plans for the day? Same as usual.
Mango chunks and skyr yoghurt for breakfast.
Going to go help search for a lost dog today lads, village has organised a search and he's only a wee daschund
>>612 naisu. i had strawberries and greek yoghurt.
Open file (22.48 KB 620x347 reckful.jpg)
>>615 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ik7tO4SPI_w >"...maybe the trick is...that I need to die to get to the next part - there's another game. Should I risk it and find out? No? What if it's like inception?"
I'm a big fan of this channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0o_ag-HpPCs
I've just had a big skate around town for 1 hour and 15 minutes. I did some work on my turning to prepare for learning the power stop, as well as jumping. I managed to clear a 1½ foot curb while going pretty fast which was really satisfying, but then I tried it again and fell over.
Open file (68.74 KB 369x188 becomenormal.png)
I enjoy when manga speaks to me at another level. Inio Asano again
A couple of the japanese hikikomori channels I follow have started going outdoors, specifically camping/hiking. Have decided to copy them. No clue if the gear I've got is good, so expect a dead camper report in the news soon.
Open file (32.67 KB 620x640 question_symbols.jpg)
Lads, some family and friends of mine have been raising concerns about how much I sleep, and it's making me think a little bit. I go through phases of sleeping an absolute minimum of 16 hours a day, often closing in on 20, and my longest time spent sleeping is 42 straight hours. How often do you guys sleep? I know some of you will *have* to sleep no more than a set amount of hours because of work and the like, but if that's the case - how much do you sleep on your days off? For me sixteen hour long sleeps are pretty normal, but I'm beginning to realise that may not be the case, even amongst depressives people seem to sleep substantially less than I do. I also have frequent episodes of appearing awake when I'm actually not, and will either carry out lucid conversations with people (normally about things like breakfast or plans for the day) and, at other times, I will rant incoherently and make very little sense, and can even be rude or exhibit unusual and disinhibited behaviour. Is this normal? What do you lads think?
>>621 >Is this normal? Not at all, but it's a fairly common symptom of people going through depression. I used to spend days or multiple days in bed when I was at my worst, in fact I ended up moving my bed next to my computer desk so I could be in bed 24/7. A bad decision in retrospect, but thankfully it only lasted about a year and a half until I moved back to using a chair. >What do you lads think? You should probably work towards getting it down to about 8 hours, it's not easy but it can be done. Habits and daily routines are key.
>>621 >42 hours sleep Fuck me lad, imagine the gains you could make with that much recovery time. My body naturally likes around 9 hours, but I don't always get that much. I feel a bit rough on 7 or less.
I met with a bit of mental resistance today after getting in from work. I was experiencing feelings of worthless and low-self esteem and couldn't muster the will to get any of my stuff done. I felt quite depressed. In total it was around 2 hours of general procrastination; I started watching porn (it only ever gets me when I feel like shit), but after about 20 minutes, I realised that in spite of the dopamine rush, I don't actually like porn, so I just went to bed and had a wholesome thought wank instead, then I lied in bed for a bit longer. After that I came back to my laptop and worked at replying to some of my Japanese Skype friends, which got me in the mood to study, which I've done for an hour and a half. I'm going to train my chest, triceps and shoulders now. The moral of the story is don't give up lads. It's all temporary.
>>593 Didn't want to reply to this straight away, as I wanted to give it some time to make sure I actually stuck to it. I've been following your advice lad. 10 minutes of stretching every day, taking especial care to force myself to do it when I feel least in the mood, and least able to, and being conscious of my thought patterns before, during and after. It really is quite extraordinary just how much my mind seems to conspire to hold me back. I've found that I begin to be bombarded with negative thoughts (usually about my life in general and completely unrelated to the productive activity in question) right as I set out to do it. Pushing through this has been quite challenging, but I'm starting to derive genuine satisfaction from it. I can now also perform an ATG squat and remain at the bottom of the squat without falling over, I tested out my abilities after my stretching session and found I was able to read an entire page of a novel while maintaining balance and (relative) comfort at the bottom of a squat. With some perseverance, I'd like to get to the point where I can actually utilise the squat as a comfortable resting position. It certainly seems a uch more attainable goal now. Cheers for the encouragment, I'll be upping my time spent stretching by five minutes on Wednesday, and my plan is to keep going with this for the whole of July. Once August comes around, I'll think about adding a second productive activity to my daily life. >>623 I sincerely cannot comprehend never sleeping more than nine hours. How often do you dream? I feel like I wouldn't have sufficient time to dream if I slept that little, all the time.
>>625 That's absolutely top lad. >It really is quite extraordinary just how much my mind seems to conspire to hold me back. I've found that I begin to be bombarded with negative thoughts (usually about my life in general and completely unrelated to the productive activity in question) right as I set out to do it. Pushing through this has been quite challenging, but I'm starting to derive genuine satisfaction from it. In my experience the intrusive thoughts haven't completely subsided yet, but they've certainly become a lot less frequent, and I always try to re-frame them in a more realistic light whenever they pop up. You will probably find that you get better at spotting them now that you're acting more mindfully - they do the most damage when they go by unchecked. Naturally you'll have good days and bad days, but that's fine, because the aim is to develop a resillience of mind and chracter strong enough to continue unphased. I strongly relate to the sense of satisfaction derived from resisting the resistance, it's almost like you can't lose if you can truly internalise this kind of mindset because even the resistance can just be used as motivation. Lately, I've found that asking myself "How strong is your mind?" when I'm in those low, unmotivated states, being plagued by distorted kike thoughts, and I've found it very effective at compelling me to action because it appeals to my innate stubbornness. Different things will work for everyone though and it sounds like you're doing well, so keep it up.
>>625 Also you've reminded me I want to use the squat as a resting position more so thanks for that. Do you have any goals with the stretching? Short-term I'm after the front splits, which are within reach, and long-term side splits and lotus pose.
First ever surfing lesson/session: >2 hours long >conditions were what you may call "unfavourable" in that both coaches stated that if this weren't the first lesson back they'd be bodyboarding instead because surfing is too difficult >extreme winds and rip-tide from 2/3 different directions >my ears are full of water >I managed to stand up for approximately 3 seconds in the last 15 minutes of the 2 hour session Conclusion: I shall be returning next Sunday and I will master it before I have to go up country and finish university
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifprIBpZyxc the madman actually did it are there any normie-tier animes you like? i thought this one was ok
>>628 I'm a bit jealous lad if I'm honest. That sounds like a lot of fun.
>>630 Don't blame you lad, 3 lessons for £33, the lessons last 2 hours and they give you all the kit you need Although these aren't really lessons, this one is a locals only session so 10 people from the village or otherwise people who are staying quite a long time like the two french ladies who have been here since December
>>627 > Do you have any goals with the stretching? I should quite like to attain the side splits, funnily enough. For me it's my front split that would need far more work. What does the lotus pose you're trying to attain look like?
Post something you like about British culture.
>>632 You need super hip flexibility for it. It's a traditional meditation pose and is good for your lower back unlike sitting in a standard cross-legged position for extended periods.
Open file (19.40 KB 540x540 epictetus.jpg)
"What are we to do, then? To make the best of what lies within our power, and deal with everything else as it comes. 'How does it come, then?' As God wills."
>>633 Anger
>>633 I like the way we're all cynics and perceive certain things as being naff, cheesy, miserable, or shit, but are able find joy and pleasure in those things anyway because it's a laugh. I think it's the key difference between us and the rest of the world (except maybe Canada, Australia, and New Zealand). Yanks cannot grasp why people might enjoy something they recognise as being shit because they take themselves and everything else too seriously, and most of mainland Europe, the Middle East, and Asia do enjoy things that are shit, but they don't recognize them as shit, they just enjoy them at face value because they have no taste.
>>637 I get what you mean I think, though at least with people I speak to (common trait being autistic or socially inept) there is a common dislike for people who enjoy cheesy or "bad" tv/media Then again look at Jeremy Kyle up until that was banned it had legions of fans and then there were plenty of people who disliked the premise and watched it as a guilty pleasure Not sure, quite sleepy lads I may be rambling
Sardines with bananas and strawberries for lunch.
Open file (170.57 KB 671x290 HEHHHH.png)
>>639 please reassure me this isn't altogether lad
>>638 Current "British" telly/media doesn't really fall under what I'm talking about, things have gone too far in the way of "cheesy and shit but not self-aware about it in the slightest" in that department over the last decade or so. Also I'm autistic and socially inept myself, but I'm not one of those emo faggots who hates everything and is cynical to the point where they find no fun or joy in anything at all.
>>621 I'm a turboNEET and sleep a maximum of 13 hours.
I've accepted that my neurotic mother was extremely emotionally abusive to me and this makes the idea of suicide feel less guilty. It was silly of me to expect of myself, a product of a violent alcoholic drug addict criminal and an insane mother, that I could or should participate in society and attain things normal people have.
>>643 Is it possible this sort of thinking is a way to rationalise the fear of failure so you don't have to try?
>>644 I've tried, every time I try something new I'm more sure there's nothing for me here.
>>637 Cynicism is reddit-tier and liking things that are shit are for people who are equally shit.
>>643 >>645 You don't need your mother, you're extremely emotionally abusive to yourself lad. The effort you put towards jumping through mental hoops to falsely convince yourself you deserve to die young is unreal.
>>646 Thank you for your highly cynical interpretation of my post lad.
>>643 My background isn't entirely different from yours lad, I experienced a lot of neglect alongside physical among other forms of abuse growing up, and it messed with me pretty hard. In my experience people like us are basically taught from a very early age that we're not worth anything, and it becomes very easy to internalise this mindset, and then we basically become unable to connect with people, to try and improve ourselves or to find joy in things. I'm not really sure what concrete advice I can offer, I just wanted to let you know iktf, sort of. And good luck.
Open file (16.35 KB 236x218 1482692049363.jpg)
>go to sleep at 11pm to try and sort out my sleep >set alarm for 7am >wake up at 2:30pm help
Lads, what are some bands that use a lot of synths? I've not been able to get enough of this one song lately, but I don't personally know any music that sounds like it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtL5oMyBHPs
Good retail feels >when you're on the late and delivery doesn't come
>>653 >tfw you get to be in charge of the clicky button and letting people in and out of the store
What's the plan?
I've been starting to drink less coffee and more green tea. I'm really starting to come around to the flavour.
Would anyone like to play Classic WoW with me?
>>658 No thank you
I've just chatted with the nip lass I spoke to the other day for another hour. Tomorrow I'm speaking to another one who stood me up yesterday morning (I thought they were punctual?), and on Thursday I'm speaking again to a lad I've spoken to twice already. I'm having a huge amount of fun with this and it's giving me a lot of motivation to keep improving.
>>655 The same plan as every night. >Get into hobby/activity >Acquire required items and knowledge >Lose interest when ready to start >Repeat
>>661 Everyone is like that, I'm the same even with stuff I enjoy, I have to force myself to do it sometimes, but I'm always grateful when I do. Experiment like the lad who posted about stretching the other day did - commit to doing whatever it is for a week, just a little bit every day, regardless of how you feel, then report back. Take note of how you feel before and after - especially after, because that's the most important feedback.
I'm ordering some amber-tinted glasses so I can use the computer late in the day without delaying my melatonin production.
>>663 What's wrong with f.lux?
>>664 What's that?
>>665 A free Windows program that lowers the blue output (effectively lowering the colour temperature) to align with the sunset/sunrise and your sleep pattern. There's also Redshift for Linux which does the same thing, some versions of Android have a similar feature built in, and Win10 has a built in feature called Night Light (which is kinda buggy in my experience and isn't as customisable so I still use and recommend f.lux).
>>666 I'll do both. Also, your post was positively demonic lad.
It's a lot cooler today. I'm going to put the heating on.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbczJ1vQxtQ&feature=share What a tearjerker. Any of you lads like any oriental tunes?
How would I set up my Boss RC-30 loop pedal with my Rode NT-1 to record my guitar in Ableton? I can't find anything on youtube
>>670 You want to use the looper as an insert effect with your acoustic guitar in real time? Unless your acoustic guitar is actually an acoustic-electric guitar with pickups and a jack output (you can buy pickup kits for acoustic guitars if you really want to do this without buying a new guitar, but it requires some degree of DIY), you'll only be able to do it using the following methods: >Guitar -> microphone -> external mic preamp -> looper -> audio interface -> DAW This method has zero latency prior to the DAW stage (except for the small amount inherent in your looper), but requires having an external mic preamp, and they can be fairly pricey. >Guitar -> microphone -> audio interface input -> DAW -> audio interface output -> looper -> 2nd audio interface input -> DAW This method works so long as your interface has the I/O for it, but it results in a fairly significant amount of latency due to all the A/D D/A (analogue-to-digital, digital-to-analogue) conversion stages involved. It's really meant for post-recording effects processing, when latency no longer matters. >Guitar -> microphone -> audio interface input -> audio interface output via interface's internal routing options -> looper -> 2nd audio interface input -> DAW This method has minimal latency depending on your audio interface's internal mixing method, but internal routing like this is usually only available on fancy expensive interfaces. So yeah, it's a bit of a clusterfuck. Normally you wouldn't use electronic effects on acoustic instruments in real time, you'd use acoustic effects on acoustic instruments, electronic effects on electric/electronic instruments, and only apply electronic effects to recordings of acoustic instruments.
>>671 >more equipment JUST I was thinking of getting a steel string electric acoustic anyway...
>>671 What musical stuff have you been up to lately?
>>672 GAS (Gear Acquirement Syndrome) is no joke. >>673 Fuck all to be honest, I've been working on lots of other stuff though. Image editing, HTML/CSS, some simple video editing, made a little flash animation, etc. All for the express purpose of posting OC on imageboards rather than doing anything actually productive, but that's besides the point.
>>674 Post some of them lad? I kind of miss fucking arond with photoshop, I used to make a lot of stuff for this board but it's been a while. "Productive" is subjective and arbitrary, what's important is that you enjoy stuff. Also, redpill me on F#m9.
>>675 Also, would you kindly please give me some tips on how to get better at improvising over chords on the guitar.
>>675 >Post some of them lad? It's all kinda specific to other imageboards, and I'm not sure I want to cross the streams and tarnish the anonymity of the OC. It's like if some twat started going around other places saying "oh /britfeel/? I go there, look at all these edits and banners I made for them, good aren't they". I'd never want to post any of them again, because they're now attributed to that faggot instead of coming out of our board's communal ether. >F#m9 I actually like to use that chord a lot, it works well in A minor believe it or not. Something like: >Am9 -> F#m9 -> FM9 (or DM9) -> E7#9 (another great chord, also known as the "Hendrix chord") sounds great, as does something like: >Dm9 -> Em7 -> F#m9 -> DM9 -> FM9 -> AbM7/Bb -> Cm9 (or CM9 depending where you want to go) Reason why it works so well despite seeming like it shouldn't work on paper is because F minor = A major, and A major is a "parallel key" to A minor (because they share a tonic). Jumping between parallel keys always carries a "travelling away from home and going on a mystery tour" sound. You'll see in that second example I also travelled the other direction into C, which works because A minor = C major. So with F# you're moving down from A by a minor third, and with C you're moving up from A by a minor third. You can travel all kinds of places doing tricks like that, which is what John Coltrane did to the nth degree in his aptly named "Giant Steps": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30FTr6G53VU >>676 >Also, would you kindly please give me some tips on how to get better at improvising over chords It's all about patterns: rhythms, shapes, repetitions, transpositions, etc. Practise spotting them in other people's solos, and then try infusing their tricks with your own playing.
Ever have too much money lads? I got PIP recently and now I don't know how to spend it all. If I don't spend it they say I have too much cash and start taking some away, if I do spend it I feel like I'm wasting money. I already bought the things I need or had an use for but never got round to buying. Isn't helped I'm having a bloody good clear out and flogging a bunch of stuff on Ebay giving me even more money. I don't need this shit, chicken nuggets and steak chips aren't that expensive..
>>679 Yeah, I never spend it, I just consider it a large safety net for if shit ever hits the fan. The rush from buying new shit is extremely fleeting, unfulfilling, and not worth chasing. I'd rather just make the most of what I already have, and then replace things when they need to be replaced.
I've just had half a family-sized cheesecake when I was only supposed to have a quarter. This is why I don't buy that stuff in. I would be fat as fuck if I did.
>>679 >they say I have too much cash I know about the savings limit, but how do they know? Do they audit/access your accounts? For your question, I wouldn't describe it as a too much money problem, rather a 'nothing to spend' problem. Some months I only spend a few quid. Living in austere conditions is worth not having to work, I've decided.
>>681 Now I've just had loads of Celebrations. What's happening to me?
>>682 they know your accounts because they pay into it. It's not like you can hide it unless you drawer shit loads out.
>first thing in the morning >down a pint of water like I usually do, but can feel it stretching out my stomach this time for some reason Not a good feel.
Where do you draw the line between self-acceptance and self-improvement?
>>678 >because F minor = A major Just noticed I typo'd here, I meant to write F# minor = A major. I also could have mentioned that in the second example, AbM7/Bb is a "slash chord" where AbM7 is played over Bb on the "bass", and F moves into Bb and C so well because those are F's fourth and fifth degrees (subdominant and dominant). Always consider the fouths and fifths of whatever you're currently playing, whether it's moving into those chords, using them as stepping stones into other chords (e.g. F->G can become F->D->G because D is G's fifth), or playing those scales over your current chord, because they almost always work really well.
I'm watching a Japanese drama called My Husband Won't Fit on Netflix with Japanese audio, subs, and audio descriptions. This is supposed to be the best form of immersion.
>>688 There's literal porn in this show, I've just seen a girl sucking a little brown pixelated willy. Are they more permissive with showing it because it's censored?
>>679 ever thought about buying things that keep their value, like gold? might need to buy it on the sly though, not sure how the government would feel about it. buying it in the form of jewelery or the likes might help. How did you get on PIP mate? A friend of mine seems to think I'd qualify for it, I'm already in the not fit for work or work related activity group - any advice? Did you get it for autism? I have depression, some dissociative spells and schizoid personality disorder. Also, how much does it pay?
>>679 No, because I like saving I remember an anon talking about a similar situation to you before. He had nothing to spend his money on but if he didn't appear to be spending it, he'd lose his bennies. He just withdrew it all in £2 coins, put them in pvc piping and buried them in the garden.
>>684 >they know your accounts because they pay into it. It doesn't work that way. Them paying into your account doesn't allow them to see the balance / other transactions
Open file (83.01 KB 720x960 EbQIBIKWoAE_bby.jpg)
>>621 I had a phase like this where I spent a few years being extremely tired and constantly sleeping. It was diagnosed as chronic fatigue and there were a few things that helped it to subside. If you go to the doctor's, I'd recommend the medication Nuvigil XL (try the namebrand if you can, the generic is shit). You can also look into sleep apnea which might be triggering the fatigue.
>>693 Sorry for the double post, I fucked up the medication. This is a pic of the bottle.
Open file (258.99 KB 1080x1920 scabbu.jpg)
I've just had a really fun skating session, I was out for nearly two hours and it flew by. I get into flow states pretty much every time, I love putting my headphones on and just going with it and seeing where I end up. Everything feels a lot more fluid now, I'm more confident rolling rough surfaces and going up curbs, quite a bit better at stopping, and a little bit better at jumping. My sprint is coming along too. Skating makes you realise just how poorly made, and just how dilapidated our roads and pavements actually are. Now I'm more confident, the town is really opening up, and I'm starting to learn my favourite spots and where to avoid. As for falls, I fell into the front splits again (while getting off of a bench of all things), and lost balance trying to jump over a 2 foot wide curb, thus ripping off the same scab for the third time. All in all, fantastic.
Upped my daily stretching to fifteen minutes yesterday lads. Starting to feel genuine reward from forcing myself to do it when I don't necessarily feel like it, and I'm looking forward to adding some cheeky cardio into my routine next week. >>693 How did you feel when you were on it? Any side effects? Is your fatigue fixed now?
>>696 Nice. Are you more flexible yet?
>>695 GRIM, also nice to hear you've kept it up and are getting better at it. It's a shame you don't live where I do, because the pavements round here are made with bicycles in mind, so they're wide and reasonably smooth.
alright lads I accidentally bought 6 warhammer novels digitally, anyone want a copy? I have: -Hallowed Knights: Plague Garden -Overlords of the Iron Dragon -Soul Wars -Rulers of the Dead -Hamilcar: Champion of the Gods -Eight Lamentations: Spear of Shadows pdf mobi or epub
>>696 Zero side-effects/after-effects and my fatigue is gone. My dad occasionally takes some of my meds and he said that he can feel a bit of anxiety or too energetic. The dosage is a big factor with it, but a doctor psychologist would know. Another thing you can try getting right now is a sleep apnea pillow to help with your head/breathing at night.
Open file (225.67 KB 667x1000 thinken bout soccer.jpg)
Hello friends, just here to remind you that if you want to participate, please come and alert us over at anon.cafe/icup/ so we can keep a open slot for you.
I'm finding the switch from conscious studying to active immersion (consuming Japanese media in its most authentic form while trying to understand as much as possible) a bit strange because it seems to take so much less effort than constantly drilling things in using flashcards or Duolingo, and is much more fun. They say it's the superior method. I'm not going to argue.
Fish finger butties for dinner.
>>702 >active immersion How does it work? How do you learn from it? I could listen to a video or audiobook, but I don't see how you'd really pick up anything, except maybe intonation.
Anyone think the virus will come back in a big way like they're predicting?
>>704 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpJvIuVei8o Better than this lad explains for you
willies and tits
>>707 preferably not together
poor chris-chan
Open file (2.75 MB 2160x3840 IMG_20200711_152836.jpg)
Where my retail chads at.
Hamstring stretches for supper.
surfing this evening lads, pretty excited, I will try to stretch before I go this time
i want you all to make it.
>>713 Are there any fit surfer lasses?
>>662 Alright, i'm commiting to a productive activity each day this week.
>>715 Yes, pretty much all of them to be honest lad. There's 3 next door to me, all slim with muscular arms because of the paddling required in surfing, they're tanned and quite friendly too.
>>713 I have decided to invest in a wetsuit, around £100 with a discount from the surf school I'm with, been invited to go surfing with the girls next door and their French friends, I'm the only one who can't actually surf though so I need to get good
If you lads could be any anime character, who would you be?
>>719 Goku
Alright lads? My newfound daily stretching routine is going quite well. Today, in addition to my mandatory fifteen minutes, I did an additional 4.5 minutes of training on the side splits, an additional 5 minutes on my shoulders, and also ran a circuit of 15 barbells squats followed by 15 shoulder presses, repeated three times. I'm starting to develop a bit of a taste for exercise again, I used to be really enthusiastic about it. It's nice to feel the burn again. >>718 Nice to see you've been keeping up with your surfing lad, hope you have fun with your neighbours. Sounds like a good opportunity to make some friends. >>719 Either Guts or Griffith from Berserk or Okabe Rintaro from Stein;s Gate.
>>714 likewise lad
>>722 M A C H I N E Are you finding that the more you do it the more enjoyable it becomes?
Why are so many anime characters ultra swole bodybuilders and yet the average Jap male is a twink?
What's the plan for today then my good lids? And if you're going to say "same as always", why not try something different? It could be fun...
>>725 I'd say there's a far greater number of effeminate fujobait characters. Regarding the bodybuilder-types, Arnold Schwarzenegger films were really popular over there. Nips are frequently making Terminator 2 references to this day. >>726 I'm probably gonna sleep because I've been up all night.
Open file (10.20 KB 247x180 247px-Nagas.jpg)
I've started using a really useful trick for memorising new words. Instead of having it stand alone as a completely new string of sounds, I try to link it to some memory, image, concept, or word that already exists in my brain. For example, I just came across a new word 流れ星, 'na-ga-re-bo-shi', which means 'shooting star'. I already knew star as 'hoshi', so only a slight difference there - easy enough - but kept forgetting the 'nagare'. The third time around, I thought of a naga from World of Warcraft, which easily and instantly gave me the answer. I could see the 'れ’ linking the two, so all of a sudden, a word I'd never heard before was laughably easy to recall. I'm fairly certain this is a well-known technique in language learning communities, but I've only recently started consistently using it, and the difference has been surprising.
>watching anime is now one of the most important parts of my studies Have I, dare I say it, won?
>>726 I'm not sure to be honest lad. I need to clean the car but I really can't be arsed.
>>730 >letting your feelings dictate what you do Why not just get it lopped off lad?
>>731 It's more my energy levels than my feelings lad.
My diet was very successful. However, after coming off it over a week ago I've been getting a lot of very strong sugar cravings. I've over-eaten quite a few times since then.
>>724 Yes. >>726 I did my daily stretching and exercise, and now I'm drinking and playing video games with one of my mates. Got a bunch of new clothes in the mail today too, including new running shoes, which I'm incredibly happy with - my old running shoes were great but I've owned them for about seven years and ran hundreds of miles in them and they're completely useless now.
>>730 >>732 not the lad that you were talking to, but lately I've found forcing myself to do productive things when I can least be fucked, and the feeling once I'm done has started to be pretty good. There's something worthwhile about forcing yourself to do things when you're at your absolutely most lethargic/unmotivated.
I've had a full Texas Sizzler (Asda pizza counters) and a slice of cheesecake and I'm still hungry. What the FUCK is going on?
I was considering calling it a night, but I've just realised I've literally not eaten a single thing all day. Ordered some fried chicken lads.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8gyAqRnsAI There's a lot of interesting stuff about language immersion on this guy's channel. He speaks 14 himself.
>>738 I reckon I might start the study of radicals for japanese next month, this month I'm focussing on physical exercise. Been kind of jelly looking through the thread and seeing your progress - I actually have an untranslated volume of yotsubato, and I'd really like to get to the point I could read it.
Open file (39.25 KB 165x220 yotsuba cake.gif)
>>739 Nice.
>>739 Glad to hear it lad. I'm not using it anymore but I used Duolingo for my first year. It's a lot of fun, and while the immersion lot would say it's not optimal, I wouldn't have made it this far without it. I picked up loads of vocab (probably 1000+ words), a basic understanding of grammar, and learned both alphabets from it.
>>741 Oh and Duolingo was great for my pronunciation too. These days I'm mostly watching shows with no subs, using anki, or studying videos like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HR2fFi29NA on youtube. I miss it though, I'll probably do a session tomorrow.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bzwYn8MGTs i love her lads, how can one girl be so perfect?
>>722 thanks lad, this is the first time I've socialised in over 2 years >>736 maybe you're lacking in a nutrient and craving something? Sodium perhaps
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5o9b2RVC2E Absolutely fascinating. Take the breath pill.
>>746 I'm consciously taking slower nose breaths and already feel more relaxed.
Open file (333.05 KB 1920x1080 he cute.jpg)
This morning it's 'Terrace House: Boys and Girls in the City'.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8wXi3KLViA Based negro. If more white men adopted this aspect of the nig mentality, feminism wouldn't be so powerful.
I swear I've been more vascular since I started making a conscious effort to take DEEP DIAPHRAGMATIC NOSE BREATHS.
I've just given a language app called Busuu a quick try after hearing a glowing review on youtube, and wow, the differences between it and Duolingo are night and day. I'd definitely be MUCH further on had I been using this, instead of Duolingo for the last year. It provides context, pictures, explains grammar, and uses real conversations; you can also record yourself and get feedback from natives. Duolingo has none of these features. I got a 7 day free premium trial then immediately canceled my subscription, so I'm going to keep at it for 15 minutes a day to see if I can pick up on anything else I might have missed. I don't know what the differences between free and premium are but the review said there are quite a lot. The only problem is that, being at the very start of the course, I already know the majority of it, but 15 minutes can't hurt. If anyone here wants to start learning a language, I would STRONGLY recommend you try this. Do it for 15 minutes and see what you think.
Friday updates please lads; what are you up to, how was work or neetdom, any plans for the weekend?
>>752 Been up all night, gonna have dinner soon. It's my sister's birthday this weekend so her and her kids are coming round for a small birthday gathering on Sunday, don't know if I'll be awake for it though. Foodwise I think they're just having a McD's, so I wouldn't be missing out on a good meal or anything.
Open file (39.37 KB 456x434 1483116230860.jpg)
>>752 I was going to go read at the pub, but my local spoons is still not open and I AM GOING TO FUCKING FLIP I'll likely just spend the whole day reading in my room again.
>>752 I've just had a thoroughly satisfying almost-full English breakfast, minus the sausages, now I'm having a green tea - two bags - and getting ready for my daily guitar session. After that I'll be doing flashcards until later when I'll be training at the park with my friend. I'm feeling a lot of rope climbs today, I want bigger arms.
Pickled herring, banana, and almond butter on rye bread for lunch
>>753 Why didn't you sleep lad? You could try caffeine pills, you can get them at good ol' Tescos >>754 no other pubs near you like locals only pubs? Maybe in the garden or go hiking to read? Pleasant day today, at least here it is >>755 keep up the practice mate, wish I had the patience to learn guitar again, very busy day for you today, good luck!
>>758 forgive the spacing lads, in the middle of writing an essay right now
Has anyone seen an anime called "Monster"?
Open file (358.97 KB 1920x1004 フライパン.jpg)
The sentence cards are getting complicated lads
>>758 >Why didn't you sleep lad? I did, I slept in the daytime. I did it again too, just woke up now.
anyone else ever browse old internet personalities? Chris-chan makes me sad
I've been contacted by a local pooing team about the upcoming regional championship, they say they'd like to trial me for a little while to see if I've got what it takes. Anyone got any experience with this sort of thing? I want to do it but I'm a bit nervous if I'm honest.
Open file (113.58 KB 1024x744 59098.jpg)
Open file (47.10 KB 469x599 52645.jpg)
Open file (120.57 KB 851x767 1106848.jpg)
Open file (236.32 KB 765x827 4138143.png)
Open file (491.73 KB 871x3701 24312.png)
>>759 Don't believe that "we have always been at war with double newlines" newfag shite, there is literally nothing wrong with spacing things out for readability. Several of us have done it the whole time /britfeel/ has existed, and it's been done on imageboards since they started. Look at just about any old screencap or archived thread and you'll see it.
>>765 That shit started on 8ch and I have no idea why. It's either retarded people or people trolling because text has always been spaced that way on computers. The way you read on a screen and on paper are completely different and text on a screen needs to be broken up into clear visible blocks. Early on this was because of screen limitations but it become clear it's a superior way to read on screen. It's harder to follow huge walls of text on a screen and people naturally look away from them for brief pauses to give their eyes a brief reset.
Open file (358.97 KB 2330x974 css width.png)
>>766 I actually use custom CSS to limit the width of text blocks on imageboards and some other sites, because text that spans the entire width of the page is really difficult to follow on my 27" 2560x1440 monitor, but I still like to have my browser maximised. The traditional Futaba/4chan style imageboard layout was designed with 800x600 in mind, similar to what you see in the above screencaps, they didn't consider that monitors of the future would allow for lines that were 400+ characters long. This is the code for anon.cafe, just change the numer in "50rem" to increase/decrease the width. 1rem = 16px on a standard dpi display: .divMessage { max-width: 50rem; }
>>767 Giant monitors are for fags. You don't need that much screenspace for reading a browser and if you are then it's your own fault.
>>768 I don't think any amount of CSS will help me understand whatever the hell you were trying to say.
>>765 >All the examples are namefags and tripfags. As a double newline fag, this is the thing that's going to make me most likely to give it up.
>>767 You're a saviour lad. Not sure why I didn't think of this before.
>>765 I don't think it is necessary to space things out that much if you aren't writing a tonne though, generalposting and shitposting doesn't need it. The popularisation over on reddit and other shit tier sites has made it an identifiable element of writing when on other boards so I try not to. Essay-writing style is also a little bit ugly, but good points lad, still will try to avoid it
>>764 Join them and show them what you're made of lad >>770 yeah me too honestly
>>772 >>773 I will add, since having it pointed out, I do legitimately think double-newline looks worse than single-newline.
Open file (44.22 KB 971x548 8685571.jpg)
Open file (127.51 KB 1234x747 11361030.jpg)
Open file (71.93 KB 781x577 12136194.JPG)
Open file (430.14 KB 898x1338 19089474.jpg)
Open file (203.29 KB 1052x3619 30920557.jpg)
>>770 They were the original userbase of the 4chan (AKA the oldfags) who came in from SA and various other forums between 2003 - 2005. You will not find a single screencap from that era without namefags and tripfags in it, because that was 90% of the userbase. If you want more "we r leejun" era shit, here you go. And if you want the cancer-ridden late-2000s/early-2010s years I can post those too, as well as 8chan and /britfeel/ before somebody came up with the idea that any double newlines at all = reddit. >>772 Yeah I don't think you need to do it between every sentence, but logical spacing that suits the pace of the text just makes sense. It's how everyone has written since forever, whether it's online, on a typewriter, with pen and paper, or bloody ink and parchment. When anons go so far as to never use double newlines at all, even between paragraphs or between quotes, it just makes me think they're trying way too hard to fit in with some distorted idea of anon culture that never existed until recently.
>>775 Understand it but when you scroll down a thread and there's only one person typing that way it just sticks out like a sore thumb, it is quite natural for me to double space because I just finished 4 years of university though..
>>765 Does anyone else miss the look web-browsers had in the first screencap? I'm so sickof thinks trying to look sleek.
Good new lads. If everything goes my way, I'll be out of my parents house and living alone in a flat on the 27th. Pretty excited about it, think it could push me in the right direction. Thinking about the logistics about dismantling my chair and desk and moving it over there is giving me anxiety though.
>>776 Thankfully neither of us are the only ones ITT that post this way, and I sometimes switch it up for no real reason. It doesn't make anons stand out as much as when we used to have flags and netherlads, at any rate. >>777 Absolutely, I miss the 2000s GUI aesthetic in general. Look at what we've lost lads.
>>778 Nice one, congratulations lad. What's the flat like?
>>780 Its pretty nice to be honest, spacious too and close to the town centre. Its a 2 bed, so I'm planning on using the second room as my computer/VR room. The main bedroom has an ensuite with a propper standing shower too. Going to live like a king. This does however mean that I've made a decision in life. Upon moving out of my parents house, quitting my job and being a NEET stops being an option. I feel like I couldn't do it as my dad would hate the idea of me not working, but it was always there at the back of my mind. I'm now committed to the wageslave life. The chains constrict around me tighter, but I do feel more free in the sense that I'm now living under my own rule. One chain, replaced by another.
>>778 nice job matey, need to do the same in a month or two
>>775 The original userbase was 99% anonymous and shit on tripfags any time they appeared. The only reason you find tripfags in all the EPIC SCREENSHOTS BRO is because they're the ones making them. They're trying to insert themselves into some shitty historical screencap which no one else cared about. The average poster had no reason to preserve posts like this so they didn't. It makes them stand out and look retarded when you see a wall of text with no breaks. Especially if it's quoting multiple other posts. >>776 Waste of money lad. Should of just gone to Africa and hung out with chimps there. Probably less brown than most unis today. >>777 UI artists should be fired after they're done designing the UI. Every time something updates it adds a new and worse UI. >>778 Mate, if you get anxious over building a desk how the shagging hell are you going to live on your own? Do you have a carer to help you open the milk in case you spill a drop? >>781 Advance NEETS get PIP so you get a free flat.
>>783 Anxious isn't really the right word, but I'm unsure what the right one would be. It's the same mental pathway of thinking of every possible way something could happen as anxiety but the end result is just annoyance.
>Quit both my jobs on a whim and return to being NEET >Worry about suffering like last time >5 months later, still loving every minute Don't know what I was worried about, should have done it earlier.
Open file (13.63 KB 256x256 duo spread.jpg)
I just bought a tub of this on a whim to go on my oatcakes and good god it's tasty. I've made a huge mistake.
>>783 I know lad, should have just learned a trade, that's what I tell the youngens now too, pick a trade unless you HAVE to go to uni
>>785 Working in the family paki shop are you now? >>786 30 stone on soy chocolate spread >>787 Do we have trades any more? All the industries fucked off to China here. Town larps on it's legacy of industry while only producing drunks and chink college students.
Finally got around to cleaning the car lads.
Who did it better?
Women's names say a lot about them. Always seem to find behaviour patterns in women with the same name. Like some names scream slag while others scream stuck up cunt (like Mum in your case anon). I want to know what names you lads think represent different personality types. >Slag >Stuck up cunt >Town bicycle >Nice lass >Ugly >Alchy / Smackhead / Has dreadlocks >Name you used to like but all the women with it are cunts so you don't any more >Girls you've shagged the most >Most common name of the girls you most wished to shag >Name you want to give your daughter Add your own if you want.
>>788 Plumbers, engineers, mechanics, anyone in the autonmotive industry, fuck even "trades" like barbers and tattooists seem to be doing fine, whereas my university degree isn't doing shit subject-wise, it just allows me to progress to the next step in my career where I'll be paid less than a tradie
Time for a big leg workout. Anyone been training recently?
>>791 I want to give my daughter an older generation name like Esther, Annie, Lillian Have you planned that far ahead yet?
>>794 Esmae if it's a lass, Harley if it's a lad. Simple as.
>>791 this sounds just as much of a load of superstitious quackery on par with horoscopes or physiognomy
>>796 Nah, it has some foundation in reality. Star patterns are random shite but people pick names and names appeal differently to different types of people
"Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation." Thoughts on this quote?
>>783 >The original userbase was 99% anonymous and shit on tripfags any time they appeared. The only reason you find tripfags in all the EPIC SCREENSHOTS BRO is because they're the ones making them. They're trying to insert themselves into some shitty historical screencap which no one else cared about. The average poster had no reason to preserve posts like this so they didn't. You're describing the 4chan of the raid era onwards, by which point the character of the site had changed significantly. Now I'm the last person interested in defending tripfags, namely the ones who made a conscious decision to stand out for no good reason once the majority of the site's users had settled on being anonymous, but for most of 2003-2005 the majority of 4chan used either a name or a tripcode, because why on earth wouldn't you when that's how every forum, IRC channel, newsgroup, etc. had been outside of a few underground Japanese BBSes up to that point? Look at the last image in >>765 - that's not a "SOMEBODY PLS SCREENCAP THIS WIN FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS" thread, that's just a candid discussion thread on /v/ in late 2004. Out of the 26 replies, only 4 of them aren't using either a name or a tripcode, and you'll have seen a similar pattern in almost every thread on every board of that era. This is in contrast with 2006 onwards, where the majority of the site had become anonymous. This was in part due to a natural shift in culture, but also due to moot disabling names, trips, and subjects on /b/ from the start of 2006 through to the re/b/oot in early 2007. That era happened to be one of massive growth for the site (/b/ went from about 450 PPH in 2005 to around 6,500 PPH in 2007) due to the increasing notoriety from all the raids and hacks, which led to much of the rest of the site also adopting the "we are anonymous" mindset as /b/tards started spilling out and filling up the other boards. You can see this in all of the surviving non-/b/ screencaps and archives of this era, where 99% of the userbase had opted to be anonymous, and you did start commonly seeing the "fuck off tripfag" response to tripfags showing up to threads. The animosity towards tripfags went into overdrive from 2008 onwards as they became more and more antithetical to anons, and as they started purposfully shitting up threads just to attention whore and enlarge their e-peen among their gay IRC groups. Again, I'm not defending tripfags from that era onwards, but saying that the vast majority of early 4chan was anonymous, or that tripfags would "appear and get shat on" isn't true, unless by "early 4chan" you mean 2006-2008 and beyond. >It makes them stand out and look retarded when you see a wall of text with no breaks. Especially if it's quoting multiple other posts. That I can agree with. There aren't any here thankfully, but I've noticed that 2015+ electionfags and the IBS / anti-"cuckime" crowd usually abuse the ever-living shit out of 8chan-style text formatting options too. EVERY SINGLE POST OF THEIRS >looks <like >a FUCKING RAINBOW and it sucks.
>>800 I was there pre-raid era. The anonymous mentality comes from the 2ch foundation. It isn't something 4chan created. People didn't trip because they understood it was in poor taste. The same way news groups operated pre-eternal september. Anti-anime posting is half trolling and half the truth. Anime posters are the modern version of furries.
Open file (105.46 KB 500x530 1129002511516.jpg)
>>801 >I was there pre-raid era I'm not inclined to believe that. >The anonymous mentality comes from the 2ch foundation. It isn't something 4chan created. I alluded to as much, although it actually came via Ayashii World -> a variety of copycats -> 2ch -> Futaba -> 4chan, and Futaba Channel's culture was much more of a direct precursor and inspiration to 4chan than 2ch's was. Tripfags and namefags were still an undeniably huge portion of the site before the raid era, because 4chan's initial userbase didn't come from Japanese BBSes and textboards (if you were there you might remember that Japanese IPs were blocked very early on), they came from SA's ADTRW and FYAD, various IRC groups, and various anime forums. The heavy usage of names and tripcodes reflected that. >The same way news groups operated pre-eternal september. Now we're getting way before my time online, but as far as I've seen via old archives and things like nntp.olduse.net, everyone used their real names, and many even had their phone numbers and physical addresses in their signatures. >Anti-anime posting is half trolling and half the truth. Anime posters are the modern version of furries. Now you've lost the plot mate, I think you need moar waha~!
>>802 I don't care if you believe me or not. I was there pre-waha and remember when those memes started to take over and shit the place up. Pre-meme spam the threads were a higher quality. Once anons stopped stealing from 2ch and started making their own memes it all went down hill from there. Coming from places like SA doesn't mean you act like it's SA every where. You have a warped view of the era and refuse to listen to people who tell you it's wrong because of a very narrow set of evidence. It's literally WE WAZ tier of historical revisionism. Anime and manga being attached to posts for no reason and used by avatarfags is why furries became so despised on imageboards. Anime posters are now doing the exact same thing and it's annoying. The slippery slope is in full action here because when it first appeared avatar fagging and smug anime girl posting was shit on from a great height. Now it's constant on imageboards and people like you can't see it's exactly the same path furries too. We're even seeing a large backlash grow as more anons get sick of the weebs being unable to act like civilized people. And at least the dog fuckers were talented artists unlike the slant eyed gooktoons being posted by the weebs.
>>803 >Implying the slant eyed gooktoons or the furries being posted were OC. While there's furry artists and weebs that draw that post on imageboards, I'd bet that 90% of the stuff being posted is found/commissioned and you shouldn't be more sympatheric to the posters because the arts good. I'd also argue against furry artists posting "good" art too, which you seem to imply. The way they draw obviously shows that they understand basic anatomy, which is more than can be said by weebs but furry art is all in a very distinctive style that I personally think is ugly as hell. There's also the argument that whether someone's a good artist or not doesn't excuse them being an avatarfag, and that if anything it probably means they're probably getting an even bigger ego boost from it than people who aren't making their own art.
>>802 I wouldn't bet against it to be honest. I started browsing chans in early 2007 and still actively post on them. I know one person from back in my fanfiction forum days that was posting on them from 2004, while I'm unsure if he still posts on imageboards, he's definitely shitposting on other parts of the internet. There's a small number of Oldfags from that era because obviously, as time goes on they'd give up on imageboards but they're also a much lower percentage of the internet now, so are going to stand out less. Part of me thinks places like 8chan when we were on it, were more likely to host that kind of oldfag than modern 4chan, but that's just based on the board cultures, if i'm right about that, we're more likely to see them in bunker boards than anywhere else.
Open file (168.41 KB 1024x768 4chan.jpg)
>>803 >I was there pre-waha and remember when those memes started to take over and shit the place up Waha is a pre-4chan Futaba meme, the "pre-waha" era on 4chan was virtually nonexistent, unless you're thinking of one of the handful of times it came back around before it died off and got forgotten. By "other memes" I can only assume you're referring to other ancient memes like cockmongler, happy negro, and TEH REI, which were all already established by the first half of 2004. >Once anons stopped stealing from 2ch What was stolen from 2ch? Monar, giko cat, kuma and a couple of other sjis characters that didn't last the test of time? Or are you mixing up 2ch AKA 2channel with 2chan AKA Futaba like a typical newfag? >and started making their own memes it all went down hill from there Unless you're gonna turn around and claim to be W.T. Snacks himself, I'm not going to believe for a second that you've been disillusioned with 4chan since early 2004, especially as you are using common 2015+ /pol/ catchphrases like "WE WUZ" (and their retarded "anime is an invading force on imageboards, the weebs must be stopped!" revisionism). >Coming from places like SA doesn't mean you act like it's SA every where >Anime and manga being attached to posts for no reason and used by avatarfags is why furries became so despised on imageboards The over-the-top hatred of furries was lifted directly from SA, which is ironic considering what you just said above. >Anime and manga being attached to posts for no reason and used by avatarfags is why furries became so despised on imageboards. Anime posters are now doing the exact same thing and it's annoying. The slippery slope is in full action here because when it first appeared avatar fagging and smug anime girl posting was shit on from a great height. Now it's constant on imageboards and people like you can't see it's exactly the same path furries too. We're even seeing a large backlash grow as more anons get sick of the weebs being unable to act like civilized people. And at least the dog fuckers were talented artists unlike the slant eyed gooktoons being posted by the weebs. Now I'm convinced you're RPing. "Avatarfag" wasn't even an established concept before 2009-2010 (outside of referring to people who liked the cartoon), and the "smug anime girl" shit started in 2013, when fags like ruggarell, the foolz archive crew, and various IRC groups started shitting up /a/, /v/, and some other boards with template bait threads that always used anime girls with condescending expressions in the OP. And they weren't the first to do that sort of thing either, trollface, costanza, and other shitty memes of the day were being used in exactly the same vein before that.
>>806 >And they weren't the first to do that sort of thing either, trollface, costanza, and other shitty memes of the day were being used in exactly the same vein before that. Adding to my own post because I forgot to mention it, but most trolls have already long moved on from the "smug anime girl" thing. Now it's more about various shitty wojak edits that are intended to parody the poster they're replying to, "I AM SILLY" style.
>>805 >Part of me thinks places like 8chan when we were on it, were more likely to host that kind of oldfag than modern 4chan I frequent a couple of non-8chan diaspora imageboards that have a relatively high number of oldfags on them (all of them anime-centric, as you'd expect), and they're nothing like 8chan was. 8chan in it's 2014-2016 heyday was like an exaggerated form of 2012-2014 era 4chan, but after that it became a very different beast as the neurotic political accelerationists increased in numbers and many of the users started turning against each other. At least, that's how it was outside of small boards like ours. In many ways I'm happy Cloudflare pulled the plug on it, most of the site was fucking awful in 2018-2019. >if i'm right about that, we're more likely to see them in bunker boards than anywhere else I've seen a total of two around these parts since 8chan shut down a year ago; one was on smugloli late last year who dumped a few Azumanga Daioh gifs, and the other was on 8moe/v/ not that long ago. I've seen far more of the old culture in my brief visits back to 4chan in that time, like PORNS CLOSED on /b/ back in December (where the mods banned all the porn/social media/stalking threads for several hours leading to loads of old /b/tards from all around coming back for one last hurrah), the recent YotsubaGET on /a/, and a couple of nostalgia threads on various other boards.
Time for an upper body session at the park. Today it'll be rope climbs and ring dips.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9ND6uw6-QA Why You SHOULD Learn Japanese From Anime LIVE (12 minutes from now)
Relevant to the above topic for those interested: the history of anonymous VS tripfags on 4chan, as written by infamous oldfag, autist extraordinaire, ex-mod, and ex-admin of 4chan's textboards Shii. This is the guy who claims to have started the big push for anonymity in the west in the first place after he saw it on 2ch, and was involved with world2ch pre-4chan (and even tried to get 4chan shut down before he befriended moot). Bear in mind that even he himself tripfagged on 4chan during the time period he describes. http://shii.bibanon.org/shii.org/knows/Anonymous.html >History of Anonymous >2003: 4chan introduced with anonymity possible, but because the comment field looks like a blog field, the possibilities of anonymity are not immediately clear. Some start using it immediately... but most see the "name" field and want to fill in their Internet ego. >Early 2004: Moot tells people to "fill in the name field", with a 4chan banner even. I am annoyed, because this is not the way it's done on 2ch. >Mid-2004: I write my famous essay about anonymity in response to moot. Moot appoints me 4chan moderator and administrator of the text boards. I implement FORCED_ANON on some of the boards, which causes nerd rage amongst people who were trying to protect their 4chan identity. >Late 2004: Moot gets W. T. Snacks to implement FORCED_ANON for /b/. It is flipped on and off several time. When it is turned on, some people actually try to sign their posts, and are of course mocked ruthlessly. When it is turned off, supporters of tripcodes and anonymity start separate threads asking all the anons/tripfags to report in and demonstrate their size. Tripfags start mocking anonymous users as a single person named Anonymous. Somewhere in the darkness, I rub my hands and say "just as planned..." >Christmas 2004: The text boards become world4ch. I write an improved version of FORCED_ANON for the text boards which allows people to enter in a name anyway if they use the "advanced reply" box. >Early 2005: Moot fires me from 4chan after I am snarky with some of the banned users. Control of the text boards is handed over to MrVacBob. Shiichan development halts as well. >Late 2005: After Internet decades of civil war, anonymity becomes so well-accepted on /b/ that tripcode users are few and far between. Anonymous becomes a force of unforgiving hatred. So there you go - an archived firsthand account stating in no uncertain terms that the inception of 4chan had nothing to do with 2ch, the site was originally populated by namefags and tripfags, "Anonymous" as we know it today didn't appear in any way until late 2004 at the very earliest, and it wasn't until a year later in late 2005 that Anonymous had become the INTERNET HATE MACHINE we all know and love/hate today, and tripfags became a minority forever after. I don't want to hear any more of this "hurr I am 2001 oldfag and anonymoose wuz legion and trollin all 5 of teh tripfags on day 1" rubbish. And regarding anime, I'll let swf related from November 2005 depicting /b/'s greatest ever dance party speak for itself.
>>811 >Virtually everything on here is outdated or inaccurate Cool story bro.
>>813 Best just finish it off now lad, then you can just forget about it.
I really like this Guthrie Govan bloke, I think the homeless look adds to the charm. I've been watching some of his videos to try and improve my improvisational skill.
>>805 Many oldfags use 4chan as needed and prefer alt chans as places to browse day to day. Oldfags didn't have the "I AM INTERNET FORUM MAN! DO NOT USE ANY OTHER FORUM!" as a mentality. That's some weird newfag tribalism shit. >>806 Those are the memes I mean. I was there from almost the beginning. Happy negro, cock monger and then especially desu fucked the board hard. Teh Rei was slightly amusing because it was an obvious troll pushback against shitty memes. >Using modern language to mock someone means you can't have been around pre-that language existing. Or I could have wasted my life on these shitty fucking websites like a sperg.. Anime posting today is different to anime posting of the past. Smug anime girl reaction images changed the whole landscape. Reaction images changed it..
>>811 This reads like a fanfic. Some guy claiming he's responsible for the anonymous thing because he hatched a master plan just like in his ANIMES. I remember /b/ going forced anon. It was because there was obvious disruptive tripfags who wouldn't stop shitting up threads and derailing them. Remember the whole site wasn't /b/ either. There's lots of other boards and each had their own culture distinct from /b/. It's the internet hate machine bullshit which made /b/ the gate way to the other boards for most. So the whole site shifted into shit posting (and other boards hated it). It's like claiming 8ch was really harsh on grammar because /a/ustists are on it. The boards I was on never liked tripfags and they always got shit on.
>>812 Yeah, that's a global site disclaimer because in other parts of the site he talks about the "current" state of the internet, politics, culture, his thoughts of the day, etc, which are obviously outdated and inaccurate if they're on an archive of a dead site that hasn't been updated since 2010. I give more weight to a former admin/mod of 4chan's account of 4chan's history, written close to the time it happened and that lines up with other evidence of the time, than any random anon claiming otherwise 15-17+ years later. >>816 >and then especially desu fucked the board hard True, but that was also 2006 and not the era we were discussing. >>Using modern language to mock someone means you can't have been around pre-that language existing. Who are you quoting? >Anime posting today is different to anime posting of the past. Smug anime girl reaction images changed the whole landscape. Reaction images changed it.. Also true, I think we're in near complete agreement there (although I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with reaction images the way /a/ used to use them, just the obnoxious "u mad bro", "laughing_whores.jpg", "SHYGDDT", and "smug" shit that came along in later years, which I too hated), but again it's not really relevant to the discussion about 4chan's earliest years, or even here because most of us left for 8chan a year or two after that shit got really out of control. >>817 >This reads like a fanfic. Some guy claiming he's responsible for the anonymous thing because he hatched a master plan just like in his ANIMES. It reads like that because he is (or was) obviously a bit of a self-important egotistical autist (like a lot of people involved with developing and running imageboards and forums), but at the same time, the things he wrote line up with other surviving accounts from that era, and his name crops up all the time when you start digging into the history of it all. Here's moot at the 4chan panel at Otakon 2006 during the Anonymous BBS segment mentioning him by name in this exact context: https://youtu.be/DR3YsEn_jiY?t=1800 >we really wish we had Shii here, because Shii is like the pioneer of "Anonymous" He's certainly not "some guy" in relation to 4chan and Anonymous's history. He's not solely responsible of course, it takes a sizable crowd to follow along to pull it off, but he undeniably played a huge part in the push for anonymity during the time when 4chan was largely comprised of identityfags, and when moot had little to no knowledge/interest in it. As an aside, Shii was also the one who cracked Cracky-chan's supposed tripcode, and got /b/'s 10M failGET by accident. >Remember the whole site wasn't /b/ either. There's lots of other boards and each had their own culture distinct from /b/ There's not really much out there about the other boards circa 2003-2004, all I know is that even boards like /a/ and /v/ were extremely slow until 2006+, and the few screencaps that survive contain many more tripfags that those of 2005/2006 onwards.
Comitting to both two hours of Japanese study and two hours of guitar practice before I start work at 2 today. Let's shag today up the arse, lads.
This morning, it's the major pentatonic scale positions. I'd been unknowingly using these a LOT in my improv sessions so it's nice to finally have them down properly. I'm having a lot of fun learning theory since I've just started fucking around to backing tracks. I always found it so boring in a classroom setting, it's so divorced from practice.
>>799 I guess it is right
I'm starting to find flashcards really fun. Thank you based neuroplasticity.
>>818 >It all lines up >Except for the first hand account I'm given by this person who was there >But I'm ignoring that because it doesn't fit my narrative I bet you believe in global warming too don't you? >>819 Stop wasting your life learning a dead language to watch more crappy cartoons. You sound like a dope fiend.
>>823 I've missed you and your intentionally inflammatory posts, lad. How have you been?
Anyone got a piece of classical music they really like? I want to learn something new. Give me suggestions and I will learn and record it for YOU.
>>823 The only "first hand accounts" provided were the ones I posted, you're just a faggot roleplayer and half-arsed troll. Go bother some other board.
>>824 I'm pretty good mate. Got a shit load of money from selling old shit on ebay. >>826 >Get called out on being wrong >Call them a troll You're still wrong and you're a paki.
Open file (252.09 KB 1023x759 2711horn4.jpg)
>>822 The gains are amazing. I've learned world geography, languages, sight-reading music, and arithmetic tables. The best part is you can do cards while on the shitter or during commute. I read that Jeopardy champions memorized huge amounts of trivia with flash cards, and the same can be aplied to chess move permutations. The only limit is time and your ability to pull rich data into a flash card format. Probably could have replaced my years in the daycare prison known as public school with 1/10 the time doing flash cards and still been far ahead.
>>828 Very redpilled post. Do you make your own decks?
>>829 Needing cards to remember stuff is blue pilled. Red pill is reading books and researching a topic. Unless you're studying for a quiz show you're learning to shallow to be of any use.
>>830 The two go hand in hand. Memory is fallible and so spaced repition in combination with in-depth analysis is truly the thinking man's path to enlightenment and erudition. You've had your (You). What now?
Why is coconut such a common fragrance in literally everything? Candles, shampoos, bodywash, hand soap, surf wax, carpet cleaner. Who are these degenerates that like the smell of coconut so much?
>>832 Because it smells nice and is associated with health.
>>829 Yes I started doing it manually, then moved to automation. If there is a CSV, SQL, API, PDF, or webpage you can suck the data into a flashcard. Either starting from scratch or juicing up existing flashcards with images, sound, videos, and diagrams. Even physical books can be scanned or OCR'd for further processing. Essentially any data that can be represented in tabular format is ripe for memorization after the initial learning process. But I've also found success with sentences from a book. After reading a paragraph with important sentence fragments, I'll copy them over and cloze delete the pivotal keywords. For example "_ did __thing wrong". It's a laborious process, but if you do this while reading a book the end result is a near total retention of its highlights.
Open file (5.83 MB 5997x5907 8086 stripped.jpg)
>>829 Yes I started doing it manually, then moved to automation. If there is a CSV, SQL, API, PDF, or webpage you can suck the data into a flashcard. Either starting from scratch or juicing up existing flashcards with images, sound, videos, and diagrams. Even physical books can be scanned or OCR'd for further processing. Essentially any data that can be represented in tabular format is ripe for memorization after the initial learning process. But I've also found success with sentences from a book. After reading a paragraph with important sentence fragments, I'll copy them over and cloze delete the pivotal keywords. For example "_ did __thing wrong". It's a laborious process, but if you do this while reading a book the end result is a near total retention of its highlights.
Sorry about the double post. The first one timed out while uploading and it didn't appear to have gone through.
>>836 It's a weird thing with lynxchan, whenever it says it timed out it usually just means one or more of the images failed, but the text almost always still goes through.
What's 3 things you could do to improve your life in the next month?
>>838 Work many more hours and save more money I guess but the weather is beautiful and I would rather struggle for money than be miserable in a hot building while tourists are on my beach
>>839 Working more would not improve your life you dirty jew.
>>842 いいえ
>>840 it would at this moment in time so I can afford a decent place to live you filthy commie
Tomato plant is not sprouting any tomatoes...
>>811 Obvious bullshit is obvious. There were loads of tripfags in every thread in 2005 and for years after. That quite literally never happened.
>>846 Missed point is missed. Nobody said tripfags went extinct, in fact one of the first things we did upon /britfeel/ moving to 8chan in early 2015 was establishing a hard "No tripfagging unless it's for a very specific requirement/thread" rule (which you can still see in our sticky), and there was a reason for that. I'm sure we've all encountered countless threads over the years that were perfectly fine until some tripfag attentionwhore(s) showed up and derailed it with their faggotry and drama, but that was about 5-15% of posters at best during most of 2006-2015 (and their population steadily decreased as the years wore on). It wasn't like in the first year and a half or so when the majority of posters on 4chan used a name and/or tripcode, which was the whole point of this discussion after >>765 and >>770 were posted.
I broke my ankle on Tuesday while out roller blading. The X-ray showed the bones weren't in proper alignment to heal correctly, so I had to go through an interesting ordeal involving 3 wog nurses ,my ankle bones, and a cannister of laughing gas. That still didn't do the trick so they booked me in for surgery at 9am this morning. Turns out loads of codgers fell over last night so it's been delayed until tomorrow, or potentially the weekend. All things considered, I've been quite comfy. Between studying flashcards, Duolingo, and watching anime, I've more or less kept myself occupied. I'm off to stay at my mum's out in the country after the op which I'm really looking forward to. I'm going to use this as an opportunity to improve my Japanese as much as I can. What have you lads been up to?
>>848 >I broke my ankle on Tuesday while out roller blading Sorry to hear that lad, do you think it will affect your future ability to rollerblade, or is it not so severe? >I'm going to use this as an opportunity to improve my Japanese as much as I can. That's good lad, have you tried venturing out to Japanese imageboards yet?
>>848 Are you able to still get paid from whatever job you had lad? If so then get comfy and spend some time catching up on books/manga/studies honestly, I would
>>849 As far as I'm aware the most common outcome is a complete recovery. I'm young and healthy so I'm optimistic, but who knows. >Japanese imageboards Name some >>850 Yes, I'll be getting paid. Retail could not be any more based.
Open file (40.33 KB 850x740 _w850.jpg)
>In 2017 Japan became the first country in the world to elect an openly transgender man to a public office when Tomoya Hosoda was elected as a councillor for the city of Iruma. I had no idea they were this progressive
I've just installed the Anki addon that lets you add pictures to your cards. >tfw building comprehensive neural networks
>>851 Futaba Channel is the main one with tons of boards and a relatively large userbase, but there's a small board closer to home called /librejp/ on the webring. There's also this list with tons of imageboards (and some textboards) and their respective languages: https://seeyouspacecowboy.web.fc2.com/
Alright, now I've found the definitive DEBATE ENDER: https://web.archive.org/web/20031008225412/http://img.4chan.net/b/imgboard.htm >8th October 2003 >/b/ - Anime/Random >Protect your username, use tripcodes! And the entire front page is filled with names and tripcodes, with only two "Anonymous" posts in site. Case closed, STFU, GTFO, and lurk moar faggots.
What are some low-spec games you lads enjoy that I can play on my Lenovo ideapad?>>850
>>856 Do you have a mouse? If not, the classic Tomb Raider games are great low-spec "no mouse required" games. Old school console emulators work well too, my random recommendations there would be Dragon View for SNES and The Story of Thor (AKA Beyond Oasis) for Mega Drive. There's also old school point & click adventure games like Monkey Island, King's Quest series, and Full Throttle (all of which work well in ScummVM), which should be playable enough with just a touchpad. In fact, if you're learning Japanese, you could play some Japanese versions of old games like Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, etc. VNs are great too, there's tons of them out there ( https://vndb.org ), although you might need Locale Emulator for some of them, and watch out for the ones with naughty scenes or lolis. I'd highly recommend Saya no Uta, which is a brilliant Lovecraftian horror VN, if it wasn't the fact it has 1 or 2 [ILLEGAL IN THE UK SINCE 2009] scenes in it, although I believe it's available on Steam in censored form so maybe you could get a hold of that version.
>>857 Where could I find Japanese Pokemon Gold?
>>860 Lad I'm so excited, I'm watching a gameplay video and I can understand almost half of the dialogue so far, and everything seems to be in hiragana so I can easily look things up. Thank you.
>>860 Is there a particular GBC emulator you'd recommend?
Open file (378.90 KB 903x484 1423195860596.png)
>>861 What a sad pathetic existence you must lead.
>>862 I haven't really delved into Game Boy emulation for a while so my knowledge is largely out of date, but you can try one of the recommended ones here: https://emulation.gametechwiki.com/index.php/Game_Boy/Game_Boy_Color_emulators I normally use Gambatte in RetroArch, but I just downloaded and tried the standalone version of SameBoy and it seemed pretty nice, you do need to extract the roms from their zips first though.
Open file (91.92 KB 1040x933 ポケモン.jpg)
SIMPLY ==すごい==
>>865 Nice, although you might want to at least use VBA-M over VBA. VBA-M is still old and inaccurate, but it's not 2005 old and inaccurate. >==すごい== Does 日本語 break red text? すごい ==すごい== ==すごい==
>>866 Ah it does not, you just have to make sure to use the standard character = rather than the full-width =, which gets treated as a different character
>>868 test no.2
Threads getting a bit long lads.
>>870 I can make a quick new thread with >>278 as the OP pic if you want, I don't have anything else prepared.
How's the mental health looking lads?
Never seen a tick before lads, found a huge white female tick on my dog this morning after our walk and am now paranoid we are both going to die from lyme disease or rocky mountain spotted fever
>>872 Not bad, haven't really thought about it which is always a good sign.
>>873 Grotesque creatures
>>872 Not great but I'm holding on, had some setbacks with personal relationships which make me feel like shit.
>>875 They are seriously something that if you'd never seen them irl you could believe were sci-fi parasitic alien creatures
>>876 You wanting to talk about it/vent lad?
>>878 Someone I thought was a good mate went off it on me about how I'm the most frustrating person he knows and then he cut contact with me. I know I'm an autist and can be irritating but fuck if it doesn't sting to have someone say that to me. Has put me in the mindset of re-evaluating all of my other relationships out of fear that everyone thinks that way. At least I've got coping mechanisms, work and a few close friends to keep me going though.
Nipping to Grandfather Pokemon's house lads. Anyone want anything?
>>880 Mr Pokemon's house? I'll have a Potion found in the flowers outside his house please, cheers lad
Just want to give a big thank you to the lad who got me onto Japanese Pokemon. I've been on it virtually non-stop. This is perfect for me at the level I'm at, I understand a fair bit but am also learning new vocab all the time, I've made a new Anki deck for everything I pick up in the game and it's growing rapidly. This is such fantastic immersion, and the fact that I've played it before means I'm better able to fill in the gaps and bridge the gap between known an unknown.
>>882 いやいや, no problem lad, glad to be of assistance.
I've just traded my bellsprout for an onyx. I recall not being able to do this on my gameboy as a kid - or am I misremembering and it was just players I couldn't trade with due to lack of cable?
>>884 Trading with NPCs was a thing even in Gen 1, but yeah without a cable and a friend with another Game Boy the staff at the pokecenter would always tell you to fuck off, which is probably what you're thinking of. I only ever did it once, at my cousin's house.
>>885 That must have been exciting. I was always gutted when I couldn't because some of the pokemon you could get were really cool. I think some were only obtainable in that way too. Did anyone ever do any of the glitches for mew, celebi, etc.? Also were the post-second gen games any good? I stopped at 251.
>>886 >I think some were only obtainable in that way too Yeah, there were always 20 or so pokemon that were exclusive to each version, so you couldn't Catch 'em all!™ without trading. >Did anyone ever do any of the glitches for mew, celebi, etc.? I did the Abra/teleport glitch for Mew in Blue, it was years after I got the game though. For a long time I thought it was just a bullshit myth involving the truck near S.S. Anne. Did it at school at the end of year 11 (2008 for me), me and two other lads brought our old game boys into school for a laugh and raced to see who could get Mew first (I believe it was me who won but I don't really remember). We actually ended up getting our game boys confiscated for a day, which was funny in its own right. >Also were the post-second gen games any good? During my shortlived stint with my GBA SP (before it got nicked on a school trip) I had both Sapphire and Ruby. They were alright, obviously I was a bit older when they came out so I don't have quite the same fondness for them as I do Gen 1, but they're not bad by any means. After that I lost interest in Pokemon, played a few of the later games in emulators over the years, but that was mainly FireRed/LeafGreen, which was still Gen 3. Couldn't really get into the DS ones and beyond, they all seemed a bit lame, and somehow even more "kiddy" than the older games. I suppose that goes for Nintendo games in general.
>>886 >>887 There's certain Pokemon that only evolve via trading too, which is something I hated as a kid. I did enjoy Sapphire, I think they started to go downhill after that.
>>888 I bought myself a 3DS and the Sapphire remake hoping to relive those days and found something that had torn out the soul of the game, it was filled with changes for the worse even down to little things like the Dewford ferry replacing the voyage with a 3 second cutscene and a teleport. They also made it piss easy which sucked all the fun out, they replaced the exp share with a default setting that automatically gives all pokemon in your party 50% of all xp earned regardless of whether they are in battle so you are constantly overleveled if you don't turn it off in time and even if you do turn it off as soon as you get it its still stupidly easy. I went in hoping for a FRLG or HGSS style remake but got left with sheer disappointment.
>>889 >I went in hoping for a FRLG or HGSS style remake but got left with sheer disappointment. It's a familiar feeling with remakes these days. I saw the trailer for the upcoming Mafia remake the other day; the graphics look pretty good, but they've turned a classic third-person shooter into a generic cover shooter, and turned Paulie from a top lad sidekick into some twat with an extremely punchable face. Unlikely I'll bother with it, despite Mafia being one of my all time favourite PC games.
Just went surfing for around 2 and a half hours today lads, think I am making progress...except that I think I maybe had the wrong foot the whole time and that I actually might be better off surfing "goofy" with the left foot behind and right foot in front, I tried it on the last wave I caught and it was much easier. Anyone else making progress in something?
>>890 Why do they have to keep fundamentally changing games when remaking them. It works for a few games but for the vast majority it just kills what made them good. Give me a solid remaster anyday over a self described remake.
>>892 It's bizarre. You wouldn't "remake" chess and replace the chessboard with warhammer terrain and dice rolls, or "remake" tetris and make it into more of a slow-paced puzzle game. People keep looking at 3D games as just being graphics, sound, characters, and story, and think the whole "gameplay/mechanics" component can just be replaced entirely yet still be titled as if it's the same game.
>>889 I've never played the remakes, I think all the 3D pokemon games are absolutely horrid looking, and it makes them almost unplayable for me.
>>891 Making big progress with Japanese and not much else due to being stuck in bed. I'm not complaining though. >>892 I was thinking about this with regards to FF7, but I don't know if something so slow-paced would fly these days.
>>895 The FF7 remake tried to be some metacommentary on the original didn't it? So they didn't even want to remake it when they did it.
>>895 Catching up on any anime/manga like the weeb you are?
>>897 I'm playing through Pokemon Gold in Japanese, and I'm planning on moving onto 3rd gen afterwards.
Open file (610.42 KB 1037x1597 1572666590732.jpg)
Day 60 of nofap starts tonight.
>>899 Very impressive. Do you feel any different, other than being proud of having done something hard?
My operation's been delayed twice so far. I'm supposed to be getting a call about having it this afternoon.
>>901 I am being operated on this afternoon.
>>902 Excellent, hope it goes well lad!
>>901 Doctor pajeet can't open you up lad? What's the NHS fucking up inside you?
surfing update lads; maybe I was wrong about being goofy footed, I'm not sure, it feels like every time I go out there a different foot wants to be dominant. I'm not going to stop trying, faceplanted twice. 2 hours of surfing and then climbed back up the steep dunes on the way home, going to the local pub in a bit with the two lasses I surfed with at surf school
>>905 Additionally; I haven't drank in a long time, and when I was an alcoholic I drank vodka straight or with mixers, what is something that doesn't taste like pure shite that I can drink lads? There's lots of local ciders/ales but no clue what that tastes like
>>906 >I was an alcoholic >What should I drink? Lemonade you fucking tard. If you have a drinking problem you never drink again. Other wise you'll end up back on the special brew bench.
>>906 Are you the lad who used to post about vomiting on yourself and stuff a few years ago? Inclined to agree with >>907 if that's the case, but I'm no expert.
>>908 Are you the lad who was working with his dad?
>>757 my fellow alpha male
>>907 I can handle things better now I reckon I only had one shot, had to have my favourite brand though >>908 I have no clue lad, genuinely don't remember a few years of my life but I did vomit on myself a few times, usually in bed I haven't drank heavily for over a year now
>>911 No, you will fuck it up again. Never drink again.
>>911 Don't be cocky, you've done a great thing in managing to escape from alcoholism now don't fuck all that up by getting back into it, especially not with alcoholic drinks designed to get you drunk by not tasting of alcohol.
>>909 Yes.
>>912 >>913 is there really no way of getting into casual drinking like a normal person again?
>>915 Sure. Become a causal drinker, then become an alcoholic again. If you were serious about changing your ways you would of changed them. If you aren't then you're going to end up covered in piss and vomit surrounded by special brew cans and anti freeze.
>>916 I don't really have a comeback, I need to think about it I guess
I want a real world hobby I can do in isolation. Some thing where it's me and the hobby with no outside influences.
>>911 >I can handle things better now I reckon You might think it's you saying this but it actually comes from your neglected dopamine-craving boozer pathways. The mind can be very clever when it comes to getting thinks it thinks are good for it. As an """"ex"""" porn addict I can tell you those addiction pathways in your brain are all still there, ready to be reactivated, and always will be. Even thinking about booze will light them up. Remember how much sadness, stress, despair, hopelessness and apathy you felt at your lowest. You've done something many people aren't capable of so don't throw it away.
I want to see some DECKS.
Right then lads, where can I find some good Pokemon? I've got an onyx and a wooper as well as my original chikorita at the minute.
>>916 This is a lie propogated to American TV, coming from a culture that demonises drinking. I know three former alcoholics that drink casually now, they're the only former alcoholics I know.
>>921 I'd reccommend a Mareep, but I've got no idea where to get one.
>>922 I sound a bit exreme here, sorry. It was a response to the extreme response in the other directrion. I don't deny there's people with addictive personalities that become alcoholics and can probably never pick up drink again, but that's not the case for all of them. Some people become alcoholics as a coping mechanism, and once they're out of the situation that caused it can go back to drinking casually again without issue. The only person who can know for sure is you, look at how you're feeling about that single shot and see if you can see anything that could lead to yourself spiraling from there. Maybe buy a single beer and drink it in the evening. The important thing is (as with even people that werent alcoholics) setting hard limits so you don't go too far. Work your way up to drinking more, but don't allow yourself to get too drunk.
>>919 >>924 >>922 I quit cigarettes and haven't had any urges for those I quit drinking cold turkey and only had urges for the first month or two. I had precisely one drink last night, I think you guys are largely right, that it isn't something worth finding out about; drinking casually is not worth the potential shitshow, need to find a way to tell people I don't drink without being uninvited to things or having to explain myself to people
>>923 I could definitely use a lightning pokemon. I also want a fighting type. I don't like googling stuff though, I feel like it takes fun out of games.
>>918 Some form of art is a good one you can do on your own. You can do it so its just you, a pencil/paintbrush/sculpting gear and your muse. No other people necessary and at the end you'll feel well chuffed with what you've created. Just bare your soul unto canvas. If you ever want to stop doing it isolation you can make cash if you're good enough too.
>>926 I used to like the big game guides you could buy for pokemon, buy a big pokedex and it made it feel so cool looking up where you could catch them. Didn't feel as cheaty because they were barely edited and you had to put more effort in than typing into a search engine.
What are your honest thoughts on peacocks?
>>929 cute
>>929 pretty cool to see
Where would I find the original Pokemon anime series in Japanese?
>second gym bosses' scyther just one shotted my onyx wew
>>932 Does one of the nyaa.si replacements not have the original Pokemon in Japanese?
Surf school again today lads, went well, new board is indeed very fast, learning to pop up in a different way because this is slimmer and I kept sliding/falling off the sides, is interesting, lots of new terminology, need to practice more, stood up today on new board but fell off shortly after
who /parasympathetic nervous system/ here
>>936 deep breaths lad.
>>932 There's a couple of torrents on nyaa.si like >>934 suggested, options aren't great though. It's either hard subbed (which might ruin the immersion, also that torrent only has 2 seeders), or no subs at all. https://nyaa.si/view/1233453 https://nyaa.si/view/109902
>>934 >>938 No subs is perfect. Thanks lads.
What's the plan lads? For me, it'll be spending the entire day in bed and studying Japanese. At the moment my studies include Duolingo, flashcards, and pokemon gold. I'm downloading the anime, as well as all of DBZ, so I can practice my listening with those. They're going to take ages to complete, but it's not like I'm going anywhere. For breakfast I had mummies scrambled eggs on toast, a yoghurt, and some fruit. All in all I'm not doing too badly. I think I notice a slight improvement in my ankle pain today.
>>940 Sounds fun lad. For me I'm working from home and watching star trek in the background, planning on going back into the office for a day on thursday though.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQtzQQ6I4LE The Reality of Learning Japanese from Anime LIVE Starting any minute now
>>900 Thanks, physically/hormonally I feel much better as if I’m recovering from being sick for a long time. The benefits are straightforward, except for respecting women. https://mrmindblowing.com/nofap-benefits/ The biggest changes for me have come from the long exposure to feelings of loneliness. A lot of the process is about self-analysis and finding new solutions to better cope with life. I found myself being more motivated to do the things I’ve wanted to do in the past.
>>943 I'd just like to say that respecting women is a big plus point, because women are based.
>>944 Cuck
>>945 What's your top argument against them?
>>946 don't like them
>>947 straightforward, concise, well rounded argument, I like it
Pushed myself very hard on my long walk on sunday and my calves are still sore.
just want her to be my gf and play this to me before important life events lads https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmzzIsBK47I
>>951 id let her shit on my chest as well if you catch my drift
I was in the back of the car coming home from the hospital today when my granded accelerated too hard approaching a junction and had to slam the brakes, the momentum causing my broken angle to whack the back of the front seat. I should be alright because I have a cast and screws keeping the bone together, but wew it gave me a shock. I've a newfound disdain for impatient drivers.
>>953 ankle*
The worst crime the British "empire" committed on Irish soil was the death of one of the oldest languages in the world.They knew that the one true way to enslave a people is to force them to speak a foriegn language(speaking Irish in public was a death sentence not too long ago).I only can hope that the Irish language can find a way back because it is a rare gem in the Irish treasure that is our island.....the whole of our island including our brothers and sisters still under tyranny in the north.Tiocfaidh ar la
>>955 Obsessed
I've condensed my 4 anki decks down into 2. That was getting a bit too much.
I can't cope with this internet speed lads I have work to do online and shit isn't loading at all 0.29 Mbps download 1.20 Mbps upload Latency: 319 ms
This pandemic has been just excellent. There's been some shitty parts to it but overall the effect has been a net positive.
>>960 I hope some of the changes stick.
I'm learning the blues scale positions at the moment. This is so much fun. Even my mistakes sound good.
>>962 Music chad, redpill me on blues. What can I do to make it sound even better?
>>963 Listen to early blues music to get a feel for it, and avoid crappy "paint by numbers" tutorials. Much like punk it's not so much about technical knowledge or skill, it's about putting raw emotions into sound.
>come across a new word >make a flashcard of it in my vocab deck >search for a sentence containing it on this site (https://sentencesearch.neocities.org) to understand context >flashcard the sentence in my sentence deck Fantastic.
>>860 Do you have FF7 too?
>>967 I meant in Japanese, my mistake lad
>>969 You absolute MACHINE
My Drowzee is getting quite powerful. I really like the idea of having a meat shield who can inflict status effects. I've also just remembered Nidoking exists, I've caught a Nidoran and will be getting evolving him as soon as I get my hands on a moonstone. Who are your favourite pokemon?
Open file (14.36 KB 275x300 Charmander.gif)
Open file (20.84 KB 275x300 Golduck.gif)
>>971 Charmander because he was the first Pokemon I picked and I never evolved him, and Golduck because he looks badass.
>>971 Espeon because of that gamecube pokemon game with the slightly more dark plot.
>>969 >mount disc 1 >drive folder empty I've never had this in 10 years of mounting discs, am I missing something?
>>974 What the fuck lad, what kind of archaic emulator are you using that requires disc images to be mounted inb4 ePSXe? I'll download it myself and check, but it should just be a case of extracting the .bin and .cue files into a folder, and opening the .cue file in your emulator of choice (assuming you made a good choice).
>>975 No emulator, I assumed it was PC version. I now realise my mistake. Cheers lad.
>>976 Playstation is in all of the URLs.
>>977 >reading the entirety of URLs Do people actually do this?
>>978 When I look at it to click at it my eye is drawn to the long words such as "SonyPlayStation"
>>979 My brain doesn't waste vital processing power on superfluities.
>>976 Japan could not into PCs in the 90s, don't think it was released on PC there until 2013. While I haven't seen it, I would imagine that version is probably more akin to the "International version", which was a Japan-exclusive rerelease on PS1 that was basically the same as the English version (which had a lot of changes compared to the Japanese original I linked above) with retranslated Japanese text.
Cytube needs an alternative. It's become overrun by idiots
>>981 I'm noticing differences already. There are random battles from the very beginning in a couple of areas where I don't think there were any in the English version, and I just picked up Cure materia from inside the first reactor.
>>983 The English version is more complete than the gook version. The gooks got a re-release called International which added the additional content into the gook release.
>>984 Japs aren't gooks, get your slurs in order before barging into our threads to repeat what was already posted.
>>985 Slanted eye gook is a slant eyed gook. You can't even tell them apart unless you measure the gap between their buck teeth.
>>986 Japs are probably whiter than you unless you live in certain rural areas of England. I'm having a blast on FF7 lads. This one uses kanji though, which Pokemon didn't, so I'm struggling to follow it a bit more. That just motivates me more though, so I'm trying to figure out the best way to translate things. I've tried an app where you draw kanji and the computer tries to find it, but it's difficult without knowing the stroke-order. I'm thinking finding a full Japanese script is in order.
>>986 But you can, gooks have shitloads of plastic surgery and skin whitening, and an obsession with the Talmud, nips don't.
>>987 I've found one, funnily enough on the AJATT (all Japanese all the time) website, who're the biggest proponents of the mass immersion approach.
>>987 There's programs and phone apps that can do OCR (Optical Character Recognition) based translation, I haven't delved into it myself though so I can't recommend anything. Could be worth looking into. There's also jisho.org, which lets you search for kanji by selecting radicals from a big list.
>>990 I've found one; the first of many. This is such great fun. >video games are a waste of ti- 兵士 = soldier
Open file (19.83 KB 512x346 Mysteryasian.jpg)
>>988 Then which nationality is this one? >>991 >video games are a waste of time Indeed. Learning a language of a group of people who will be almost extinct in 50 years and produce nothing but cartoons for children is a waste of time. Learn latin instead, at least it's useful at the garden center.
Do you lads have good brains? What are it's strong/weak points?
>>990 You seem to post every time I'm looking for something nihongo-study related. Are you learning it yourself? Just what's going on here?
>>994 >Are you learning it yourself? Not actively, but I've had cracks at it in the past, and I still casually pick up things related to it here and there. The extent of my knowledge is that I memorised hiragana and katakana about 7 years ago, and I've picked up loads of simple words and phrases via my hobbies and interests. As you're probably well aware by now, grammar and kanji require more dedication and enthusiasm to learn, and I've largely not bothered with that side of it. 面倒くさいです、確かに
>>995 >As you're probably well aware by now, grammar and kanji require more dedication and enthusiasm to learn I agree, that's why I'm pleased I've started doing video game immersion lately, it's making getting my head around them a lot less painful. I find the more you enjoy learning the more it sticks.
big ENORMOUS bag of WHIBBLESCROMPS gently floating across the FIRMAMENT
>>995 確かにおまえは強い...
>>993 I wouldn't say so. Things don't stick in my memory very well, and I have trouble remembering events in the past, even things from when I was a child and had a lot of things going on. I have good spatial skills though, I can find my way around the countryside easily based on landmarks, trees etc. When I was a teen I lead my group through our duke of edinburgh expedition without a compass. I'm terrible at actually giving directions though, only carrying them out.
>>999 You navigate like a woman. Obvious roastie. My get now faggots
>>999 That's funny, I'm the exact opposite now, though started out with both a shit memory and shit navigational skill. My memory has gotten really good since I've been studying Japanese. I'm learning 10+ words a day now. I felt almost braindead before though, in fact wanting to sharpen myself up a bit was one of the reasons I started. Neuroplasticity GOAT.
>>1001 My navigation ability is still awfu thoughl. I bet I could improve it if I worked at it but I'm not terribly bothered. Some people seem to have an innate capacity, like you it seems, but that's not where my stats were distributed.
>>1002 >Stats distributed to navigation. >Sit in a single room all day. Maybe I was destined to be an explorer or a sailor.
>>1001 You're brain dead now and gook women won't want to fuck you any more than British women do. Classic fat loser going to Japan to reinvent himself and failing.
>>1004 I really, really like your posts, they're always so thoughtful and full of insight. It's like posting alongside Plato. >>1010 >>1010 >>1010 NEW THREAD
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