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/britfeel/ 30/07/2020 Anonymous 07/30/2020 (Thu) 19:11:06 No.1010
Thread #115 /bunkerfeel/ is over edition. Anon Cafe is our home now.
I've numbered this 115 to follow on the last /britfeel/ over on 8chan, however do you lads think we should be including /bunkerfeel/ in our numbering? We apparently had 4 threads on julay, although bunkerfeel 001 is missing for some reason, not sure what happened to it. We've had one thread here, which we've, for some reason called bunkerfeel 003. If we keep bunkerfeel seperate in the numbering, the next thread is 116, or do we include bunkerfeel, in which case this thread is actually 120, and the next can be 121?
Hey BO if you're there, it's oldBO here. I can't remember if I set myself up as a mod but I tried logging into the BO to clean up this filth, but the login failed. Could you make a mod account for me please?
Open file (52.18 KB 1000x600 sarpongweb-1000x600.jpg)
>>1020 You will never stop the dominance of June Sarpong. She's the goddess of /britfeel/
>Reviewbrah reviews a fish sandwich on national chicken wing day. Absolutely devilish.
>>1020 Nm managed to get in
>>1026 There's a name I'd forgotten. I don't watch many people on youtube these days. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixcMwEK47vw >tfw
Britfeel shall never be conquered.
It looks like covid's making a comeback.
Who /morning person/?
Looks like the nigress lover isn't quitting. Don't worry lads, we'll take care of it
>>1063 Thanks lad, I feel a lot safer now.
>>1051 Didn't Woes get doxxed?
Open file (403.76 KB 1280x720 wews.jpg)
>>1065 Maybe
Open file (1.56 MB 400x400 weed.webm)
>>1011 >however do you lads think we should be including /bunkerfeel/ in our numbering? Yeah I think we should. Don't know if you lads have really thought about it, but in less than a week it'll have been 1 year since 8chan went down, so that's a year's worth of threads you'd be skipping. >bunkerfeel 001 is missing for some reason, not sure what happened to it. The first bunkerfeel thread was on endchan, we were only there about 3 days, but it felt like a long time with everything that was happening.
>>1068 Sorry lad, it turns out threads bumplock at 1000 replies, so we got there too late. Wont happen again.
What makes life worth living for you lads? I cannot derive enjoyment out of anything, at least to the degree that it makes me not want to end it all.
>>1072 Family stuff, internet fun, my hobbies, and not being a wageslave.
>>1068 Maybe you should have been less of a lazy bastard and made a new thread yourself, before we hit the bump limit. Ever think of that?
>>1074 I asked the usually trusty anon if I should make a new thread with OP pic related (painstakingly edited together by yours truly might I add) over a week ago, and he didn't respond, so I didn't do it and forgot about it. NOT MY FAULT. Also Julay uses the same underlying board software as anon.cafe, and it was quite happy to let us go way past 1000 when we couldn't be arsed to make a new thread, so I didn't even consider that a reply limit might have been why it seemed like no replies were made, at least not until a considerable length of time had passed. Honestly, you call this customer service? I'd like to speak with your manager please.
>>1075 Why don't you start being a good lad instead of this rubbish? You know you have more in common with us than not. This is your one and only (You), and it comes from pity more than anything else.
>>1076 Mistakes were made on all sides. I suggest we establish a commission tasked with carrying out an official enquiry into the blunder, that its like may never blight our proud board again.
>>1077 did you reckon this weirdo just stumbled on our board coincidentally when the new thread was made and decided to be a prick, or is he a long time poster that's had some sort of autistic mental breakdown?
>>1092 Considering he think's we're Pakis, he's obviously got us confused with 4chans britfeel.
>>1096 In fairness, we do have at least one Welsh poster.
>getting this upset about being called out on the overboard.
>>1101 Kek. Makes sense now. What a sad little man
>>1105 Genuinely hilarious. Should be expected of a niggerlover though.
on that note, visiting /meta/ and looking at the board list made me realised what a graveyard this site is. We seem to be one of the most active boards if not the most active, which is concerning given how quiet we always are.
>>1107 It doesn't include boards that have chosen to remove themselves from indexing, which in retrospect sounds like a good idea. I know of at least one board that has done that, and also doesnt appear on the board list.
you have 1 week to leave anon.cafe you have been warned
Open file (430.27 KB 720x632 cheese-pizza-2.jpg)
1 week
>>1107 The site isn't especially active no, and it was even more dead before julay chucked everyone out, but we're usually not the fastest (except for UK daytime where every imageboard except 4chan is dead) or the most populated.
Mummy and Daddy went shopping today. Time to go raid the fridge for yummies.
>>1112 Grab us a rocky while you're there lad.
>>1112 I remember this feel. I always went for the goldbears first.
Who /culture and erudition/ here?
>>1072 I literally live in bed at the moment because I broke my ankle and I'm happy enough just learning Japanese through vidya and flashcards. If you try loads of new things you'll eventually find something you like. Or if there's something you know you'd like to be able to do/become but lack the discipline, then work on cultivating that, it's not something you either have or don't, it's a skill that can be learned. We're built to do stuff lad, body and mind, if we don't play ball we feel shit, if we feel that way for long enough, we feel apathetic about feeling shit. That's normal and I'd be surprised if there's a person on this earth it wouldn't apply to given certain circumstances.
>>1109 >>1110 Truly embarassing
>>1117 expoct us
*farts* What's everyone's weekend plans?
>>1119 >Come on baby! >Yer heart is cute and tight >God beat heat up! Wot
Open file (126.15 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
6 days. leave or else
Open file (73.57 KB 259x206 1507557816924.png)
Accidentally slept for two days lads. Missed Friday completely. Did you all have a nice Friday? What are your plans for Saturday?
>>1126 it just started raining here so should keep the tourists away for long enough to enjoy the outdoors what are your plans?
We defeated poleaboo. We defeated greencuck. We defeated the whibblescromper. And we will defeat you.
What are some fun materia combos?
Playing through FFVII in Japanese is helping my kanji recognition loads.
>>1130 How would you compare it to the English version so far? I've read a lot of complaints about "Woolseyisms" over the years.
>>1132 It's hard to say since it's been so long since I played in English, and I only understand ~30% without translating. Most of the time I'm only able to get the jist, which seems more or less the same as how I vaguely remember it. Hitherto, I haven't been thinking about comparisons, but I will now.
Post your top 3 coolest-sounding languages >Japanese >German >Spanish Additionally, are there any you think sound ugly?
Do Japanese corporations really provide their workers with areas like this?
Do Japanese corporations really provide their workers with areas like this?
>>1135 >>1136 Why the FUCK has it just done that?
>>1136 >>1135 Hey, why did you deliberately post the same thing twice? You absolute buffoon.
>>1138 What a useless post. Don't you know how lazy the threadslave is? We're now one step closer to filling the thread, none of our lives any the richer. You utter fool.
>>1136 I've heard of companies having gyms in their corporate buildings, thought it was more of a western thing though. Hard to imagine the elevens having facilities like that, but the Shinra Building is supposed to be a futuristic and somewhat luxurious area that contrasts with the squalor down below, to be fair.
How do you intensively study math? My plan is to go through the Stewart texts with a highlighter, do problems on Khan Academy, flipping back to the table of contents and cheat sheets often to keep perspective. But I wonder if there are better resources for practice problems, or some strategy I'm missing to understand math from a high level instead of it feeling like rote memorization. Something like doing geometry with a compass to get a real feel for it. Or focusing on proofs early on (which I can never follow). Or reading a book like "Journey through Genius" or "What is Mathematics". I'm also horrible at mental math and make a lot of arithmetic errors, so could really use some tips there. I'd like to make the process as close to straightforward as possible. Like lifting where you just do a few main lifts in 3x5 and put more weight on the bar each week, then come out the other side of a couple years an athlete.
>>1136 >>1140 Japan is big into work culture, mandatory karaoke evenings etc, so I imagine a gym in the building so that employees have an excuse to spend more time there being something they'd be into. I do know some people who work in places with gyms in the building though.
>>1136 What game is that?
>>1141 >instead of it feeling like rote memorization. I can't speak for maths, but at least from the perspective of learning a language, I think rote memorisation is a vital part of understanding. It's sort of like hardwiring the fundamentals into your brain so your subconscious has adequate material with which to form understanding with. That being the case for maths, I'd recommend flashcards (I use anki, it's great). You should do a bit of research on it. >>1143 Lad... FFVII
>>1144 >vital part of understanding Alongside other forms of study of course.**
>>1142 In the Asda staff room there's a free coffee machine. It's virtually water though. Anyone here work/worked a job with decent benefits?
>>1146 We can put part of our pay (before tax) into company shares, and they match up to 3% of your pay. It's a good way to save a little bit a month and the company shares were consistently rising up until Covid hit, they're recovering now but still not where they were in January. Other than that, its just a shit "benefits" program where you can put money on prepaid store cards and then get something pitiful like 5% off, it's not even worth the effort. When I was on service desk, we got points each month for hitting SLA's, and they'd occasionally run competitions for points, like best joke or photo competitions or something and you could spend the points on gift cards. Over 2 and a half years on service desk I got something like 50 quid worth of steam vouchers from then, but I knew people who played the system and entered in everything possible and were getting a fair bit. Since I've moved to a different business unit, I don't get that anymore. We also get coffee machiens, and the building Im not based in has showers.
What's Dragon Quest VIII like?
>game over in a 23 year old game JUST
>>1148 It's a quintessential JRPG with minimal gimmicks. It's fairly slow-paced, comfy, and has some good humour. Also, Jessica's huge knockers. >>1149 It's always the old ones that are the most brutal. For the first year or so of me having a PS1 I didn't have a memory card, so it was always a kick in the nuts whenever I ran out of lives after getting really far into a game. Happened to me on the last level in some games, scarred me for life I think.
>>1150 Interesting. Would you mind posting a download link for the Japanese version of the game?
Sephiroth's dialogue is fascinating. I'm barely 2 scenes into the flashback and I've already been exposed to a lot of new words. Looking them up, it turns out a few are archaisms.
>>1153 He's done it again. I can't tell you how much value I'm getting out of this stuff. Thank you lad.
Open file (661.05 KB 500x281 noel thumb.gif)
>>1154 No problem lad.
Can you lads sleep in silence? I really struggle to sleep without audio with people talking on in the background.
>>1156 I usually just plug in a fan for a bit of background noise
>>1156 I don't really have any trouble falling asleep regardless of the noisefloor, unless I'm not tired at all.
Hey anons. Thought I would visit here since I am seeking advice. I currently live in the USA but I will be moving to the UK in 2 weeks. The query is a bit embarassing but here goes. I have a loli hentai folder (all anime characters) on my computer, will I have to delete it before I come over? I'm not sure about the rules over there so I thought I would just ask you guys. That's about it. Thanks.
Open file (259.87 KB 2083x2654 ZTJp1om.png)
>>1159 Not UK but here is me talking to myself: 1) Cartoon porn depicting minors is illegal to possess in UK. 2) So is piracy in America, and jaywalking. Safety in numbers and lack of severity will probably keep you safe unless you are super unlucky or being searched for something else BUT that's not a risk worth betting your life on. 3) Your risks, as far as I know, are >entering the country, very very small chance of a search (maybe a known US terrorist has the same name as you, shit happens) >being a retard who views or downloads it in public (I've seen it happen, please don't make it your phone/laptop wallpaper for gods sake) >having your ISP notice you keep connecting to loli domains and giving enough fucks to report you (just get a quality VPN and/or Tor and learn to use them properly and automatically) >you cuckolding a GCHQ operative and murdering his parents As for entering the country, it can't hurt to (encrypt folder->upload folder anonymously to filehost site like catbox/anonfiles/etc->wipe from drive->enter country->download->decrypt). You can even just use 7zip to make a 'folder.7z' file with a password, just make sure the file list is also encrypted. That way you don't even have remotely suspicious programs installed! If you do this, you're liekly safe from anything short of a cyber forensics team and that won't happen (which I'm 99% sure would fuck you up no matter what precautions you take. Computers are deceptively complex.) ISP: like I said just use protection and then you're not an easy target. Just don't pick a shit&free VPN. Don't be an obvious target, don't involve people, don't view actual CP. Those are how people get loli charges, usually a wife snitching or additional charges on top of actual CP charges. Or you could just delete it and become a furry instead lol.
>>1159 >>1160 Yeah, it is illegal. We do however see illegal images of loli's being sold at weeb conventions and nothing is done about it. If your PC's being scanned by the police, they will categorise it as illegal and that will be part of what they get you for, it's definitely not worth the risk. We've also got RIPA, which means that if you don't provide them a password for your encrypted folder that's on your drive they can charge you, but thats a max sentence of 2 years and they don't label you as a pedo so I guess its the better option?
>foreigners are not integrating into british socie-
>>1162 Being conquered is not very comfy
>>1160 Isn't furry stuff illegal in the UK too? Even that has cub stuff which is getting banned a lot too.
>sephiroth's having an exestential crisis *opens jisho*
>>1166 I think furry as in anthropomorphic cartoon animal-people is fine. It's only when it veers into actual animals than it gets choppy
>>1159 pre-emptive welcome to Britain lad, what made you move?
>>1159 >>1169 And more importantly, welcome to Britain's most highly-esteemed imageboard community. A real treat, I'm sure. If you've ever worked in retail, please private message the BO with the details and he'll sort you out with your '/britfeel/ Gold membership' account.
>>1141 Maths PhD here. I can offer a little advice. Rote memorisation in maths is largely useless, because it isn't a field that's about knowing facts, it's more about understanding structures and the way they fit together. If you want to understand things at a high level then memorising definitions and formulas will not help at all, and doing practice problems over and over again also does not help with understanding. Most mathematics professors in my experience don't know a lot of the basic stuff in these textbooks and could perhaps not produce a proof on demand, but they do understand it intuitively, and know where they would go to look something up if they needed to. Suppose you wanted to learn carpentry. Would you spend all day practising hammering in nails, cutting lumps of wood, etc? That would be pretty boring, for one thing, and would put you off learning. You might do that a bit to make sure you can cut straight, but really, you want to sit down and try to make a chair or a cabinet, and after you have made enough of these things you have learned and understood the basic skills and can apply them more generally, even though you never actually sat down and practised hammering. Maths is like carpentry, but you use abstract tools to make abstract chairs. Unless you're trying to pass an exam where you have to do everything from memory, it is pointless memorising definitions and statements of theorems. > focusing on proofs early on (which I can never follow) At a guess, I would say that you are reading the statement of the theorem, and then reading and trying to follow the proof. This doesn't really work. Instead, try reading the statement of the theorem, then shut the book (or cover the proof with a post-it note, or something) and try to prove it yourself. You shouldn't be concerned if you can't actually prove the result, the important thing is to try and think about what steps are necessary to prove it and where the difficulties lie. When you go back and look at somebody else's solution, it will be easier to understand it because you have already reconstructed part of their thought process on your own. Like if you were making a cabinet and it collapsed because you structured it badly, hopefully you can understand why your joints failed to hold the structure up, and when you look up how to do it correctly in a book it will make more sense why they do things the way they do. I'm not expressing myself well here, hopefully this makes sense. A general tip on proofs is that the easy early results in a field follow almost trivially from the definitions, because in practice people figure out what they want to be true and then go back an define things so that it works, if that makes sense. More complex results will depend on more stuff, and require technical details that are difficult to invent 'on the fly,' and these are the things you will not be able to do yourself until much later on. The little tricks that people use in each field are really the only things worth memorising, but you need to use them to actually get a feel for how they work and when it is appropriate to use them. It's like understanding what a hammer is and what tasks its actually appropriate to use it for, only with something much more abstract than a hammer. > I'm also horrible at mental math and make a lot of arithmetic errors, so could really use some tips there. So are most maths professors. I've always been okay at mental maths so I don't have much advice, other than to tell you it really isn't important. Very little mathematics actually requires you to do calculations. If you followed the correct procedures but got the wrong answer purely because you added something up wrong, then as far as I'm concerned you actually understood the concept and that's what matters. Otherwise, it will get easier with practice. > General advice Rather than 'learning math', try to pick something concrete area that you want to understand and work towards that. At your level trying to pick a 'big theorem' from an abstract field that interests you will be too difficult, so I might suggest you begin with some kind of physics or engineering problem that motivated the development of lots of maths in the first place. The three-body problem would be a good choice, for example. Hope this helps lad. If you have questions about more concrete areas I might be able to help more.
>>1171 I've been utterly btfo. (>>1144) What's PHD doing here?
>>1172 > I've been utterly btfo. (>>1144) Wasn't my intention to offend. The best learning strategy depends very much on the field. In chemistry for example, memorisation would be pretty useful, probably necessary. Maths is really a creative field like art or music, but people who don't actually do it for a living don't usually understand what it's really about. Language learning isn't really creative per se, you just have to accumulate a large amount of knowledge and retain it. If your goal were to write a novel or poetry in the other language then your strategy for learning might be different. > What's PHD doing here? Take your pick: loner, no friends, no gf, basically a shut-in outside of obligatory meetings and going for nightwalks, will possibly become a very highly-qualified NEET when my postdoc funding runs out at the end of next year due to lack of networking and connections. I lurk mostly and don't post, as you can probably tell by how badly I fucked up the formatting.
>>1173 >Wasn't my intention to offend. Not at all, I'm pleased to have learned something. That's really impressive, you must be clever. I was always rubbish at math. I think the only other poster who might possibly at your level is the lad who chews hula hoops into balls of mush and then takes them out and eats them again, if he still posts. Isn't there something you'd like to do with your PHD? What are even the options? Are most teaching-related?
>>1174 > That's really impressive, you must be clever. I'm the living embodiment of the smart-but-lazy meme. The problem is that intelligence is far less important that hard work and genuine interest in the field when it comes to real achievement. I really had to drag myself through my graduate studies. In the end I did okay, but I've always got the impression I could achieve a lot more if I actually worked hard. Actually, depending on the field it can be quite easy to get a PhD. A big chunk of 'applied maths' students are really just doing basic programming, changing parameters in their simulations and making a graph of the results, maybe doing some basic statistics. The level of maths they use is stuff you learn in A-level. There's people I know who are doing machine learning and it's an absolute joke, no intelligence or creativity is required at all. The irony is that what the do is much more useful than what I do and they'll earn a lot of money for doing it. > Isn't there something you'd like to do with your PHD? What are even the options? Are most teaching-related? The only job where you actually use a maths PhD is staying an academia and becoming a maths professor, which has been my plan all along. It's pretty difficult to get these jobs, as you can probably imagine: there are very few jobs available, large numbers of graduates every year, and most jobs will prefer people who do 'sexy' research rather than the kind of obscure stuff I'm interested in because there's more funding available and it brings more prestige to the university. Networking is basically mandatory these days, and I haven't done enough. Pure maths jobs are almost impossible to get, but I actually do applied maths, veering more towards theoretical physics, which means there are more job opportunities and the option to move to the physics department, which is probably what will happen if I am able to continue. I don't actually like what I do or have all that much interest in it, and I don't really want to continue working in academia, but I don't really see any other options for myself. If you don't take it too seriously it's a comfy job, you more or less make your own hours outside of meetings and teaching responsibilities, and you can do research on whatever you want within a fairly broad remit. The pay is supposed to be terrible but its not that bad, around £30-40k a year for an early career researcher, which is plenty for my needs. On the whole, I'd rather have a comfy job that I don't like than an uncomfy job I don't like, so I will stay in academia as long as possible. Most people who get PhDs is maths or physics end up going to work in the finance sector and earn a huge amount of money, but I'd rather not do that.
>>1175 University lecturing and/or tutoring should be fine; it's not like high school where you need to command a class of tards who don't want to be there. You have the authority and freedom to be comfy and (at times) not boring and if you can do that, students will often be grateful. t. had students come up to me after class to say how nice it is to be taught by a human who cares instead of a zombie who just wants to fuck off
>>1175 >I'm the living embodiment of the smart-but-lazy meme. The problem is that intelligence is far less important that hard work and genuine interest in the field when it comes to real achievement. I really had to drag myself through my graduate studies. In the end I did okay, but I've always got the impression I could achieve a lot more if I actually worked hard. >I don't actually like what I do or have all that much interest in it, and I don't really want to continue working in academia, but I don't really see any other options for myself. Man, I know those feelings, but I managed to fuck shit up so bad in uni that I finished with a third. The world feels closed off to me now but I'm not too bothered about it. Part of me wants to go work a comfy retail job but know I'd struggle to get enough hours to live alone.
>>1175 >Actually, depending on the field it can be quite easy to get a PhD. A big chunk of 'applied maths' students are really just doing basic programming, changing parameters in their simulations and making a graph of the results, maybe doing some basic statistics. The level of maths they use is stuff you learn in A-level. There's people I know who are doing machine learning and it's an absolute joke, no intelligence or creativity is required at all. I think you underestimate how much of a brainlet the average person is. I failed A-Level maths, and I'm sure many more couldn't even get that far. I'm also (or was) smart but lazy, in that I coasted through school with zero effort relying on intelligence. It did me fine up to A-Level where it no longer worked, evidently I reached my peak when it comes to academics. You probably just have significantly higher capacity so that even a PHD is coastable. Either that, or you're not as lazy as you think.
>>1178 Also this post wasn't meant to be an attack or anything, I just found it peculiar that someone could claim a PhD in maths is easy.
its not fair lads. just want to be a sex lord. >no harem >no whibblescromps its already over
>>1174 >the lad who chews hula hoops into balls of mush and then takes them out and eats them again, if he still posts I'm pretty sure that was lupus
Open file (18.03 KB 305x275 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1183 I'm not totally sure, but just "viewing" would be way harder to actually convict someone off anyway, if nothing was saved. Also, although the age of consent is 16, I'm fairly sure for any pornographic material participants have to be at least 18 by law, even in drawings.
Open file (714.32 KB 746x720 Aqua Wink.png)
>>1180 On the internet, nobody knows you're not a sex lord.
>ywn be a chocobo exploring the wild and foraging for nuts
>>1183 >>1184 >can view but not save I was going to argue that there is clear evidence of intent to access which is a crime in many countries but legaly you are right. >62 Possession of prohibited images of children >(1) It is an offence for a person to be in possession of a prohibited image of a child. >64 Defences >(1) Where a person is charged with an offence under section 62(1), it is a defence for the person to prove any of the following matters— >(c)that the person— >(ii) did not keep it for an unreasonable time. If you take more than 5 minutes to cum you go to prison!!
>ywn have a qt chocobo gf
Who /big willy club/ here? I wonder if mammoth dongs are overrepresented in the NEET community? Do you think it's fair to say your willy is too big to get a gf?
>>1187 There's also the fact that depending on your setup then your PC may cache the images seen online, which counts as you possessing them.
I'm a bit concerned that the BO hasn't been around in quite some time.
>>1191 Looking forward to finding out what surprise is in store for us tomorrow to be honest.
What have you all been up to today? Me, I've been conjugating verbs.
>>1193 Reading textbooks. I find highlighting every important point keeps my attention and sets a good pace. Lying down on the floor on my belly helps too. It's a comfy position, but if I prop my head up on a rolled up blanket I don't get sleepy. I always fell asleep reading books before, so this is big for me as goofy as it may sound. Are you conjugating Japanese? Should get easy quick, they are very regular. Almost makes up for the kanji hell.
>>1194 Yes. I'm quite jealous lad, with my ankle being in a cast I'm limited to a few positions, might try a cheeky lie down on my front soon though. Yes. For sure it's one of the more forgiving aspects of the language. If you learn the relatively small amount of rules and tiny amount of exceptions you're basically set. I heard Finnish has some 300+ tenses.
Sometimes when I get a song or tune stuck in my head I'll sing along to the melody but instead replacing every lyric with some form of "floopity" or "whibblescromps". Am I the only one?
>>1191 I've been here the whole time, except for when I'm sleeping or working on some autistic things, and also when I didn't see this thread until a day after it was made because I didn't refresh the old thread.
>>1197 You seemed to completely miss all the shitpost drama, I suggest you check the ban log lad.
>>1198 If you mean the nigra spam, I only missed whatever came before >>1068 , saw everything after that and I saw the post on /meta/ because it was me who he was responding to kek. I thought it was funny to be honest, didn't want to spur him on though so I didn't chime in or engage with him. Repeatedly hitting spastics with a b&hammer can be a bit like repeatedly hitting a wasps' nest with a stick sometimes, I thought it was best to just let him tire himself out spamming inoffensive images (that probably made him more mad than they did anyone here) to a board with 6 people on it.
>>1199 Right, next time I'll just let him get on with it then
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqPsG7H0N3w His haughty posture. The sharp elegance of his movements. The sheer disdain for plebs radiating from his stern countenance. I'm thinking of adopting all of these mannerisms when I play guitar. What do you lads think?
>>1199 I somehow find it a bit comforting that it was the BO of all people to trigger an autist on /meta/ but I did suspect it a little bit.
I need to find some real life hikkis to practice my Japanese with. The normies I have at the minute all work too much. I'd be interested to hear about any thoughts on nip work culture you lads have, it's so different to ours that I find it quite fascinating.
>>1203 This is more the bad side of it, but here's a couple of things: - They work stupidly long hours, and are essentially obligated to work overtime, and in some cases even go drinking with the boss after work. - If an employee fucks up big time, or the higher-ups simply don't want them around anymore, they won't get fired because it makes the company look bad and costs the company more money; instead the employee will get sent to "work" in a room where there isn't any actual work, usually in isolation with no windows or anything, and essentially get mentally tortured for weeks/months/years to the point where it forces the employee to quit "of their own volition". It's quite common, even Sega was notorious for doing it, here's a snippet from The Times in 1999 about it: http://englishonline.free.fr/Documents/JapFirmsRewriteRules/JapFirmsRewriteRulesDoc.htm - Look into "black companies" as well: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_company_(Japanese_term)
>>1204 The no-work room sounds great honestly. I'd not be worried about fucking up at work if that was the punishment.
>>1204 >essentially obligated to work overtime, and in some cases even go drinking with the boss after work. Sounds like hell. I like my comfy 24 hours. My brother was telling me about how when they're out drinking with the boss they're often obligated to get as shitfaced as he wants them to.
is today the day of reckoning lads? is it finally over for us?
>>1207 It's tomorrow apparently, the party van has been informed and is on standby.
Today, I learned how to say it's none of your business. Fantastic. 余計なお世話。(よけいなおせわ)
The hospital thinks Gramps is going to die tonight.
>>1210 Sorry to hear it lad. How do you feel?
>>1211 Honestly, he's not really been the Grandpa I knew for over a year. I don't feel strongly one way or the other. My dad seems glad that its finally over.
Fucking hell I love the North. These 2 weird cunts that give off really nonce-y vibes and have been pissing off everyone have had dog shit smeared all over their van for the past 2 nights now. They're absolutely raging on Facebook right now, top fucking bants. One of them wants the dog shit to be DNA tested the stupid fuck.
What will you all be doing to cultivate your spiritual, intellectual, and moral development today?
>>1214 I'm picking up the keys to the flat today. Does moving boxes count?
>>1214 Learning causative-passive verb forms >>1215 I would say so. Congrats lad. Post some pics when you're in.
Why can't more of the immigrants be patriotic and based like Rishi Sunak and Priti Patel lads? If they all adopted British values like those two I'd have no problem with them coming here.
I wish I could drink coffee all day, but if I have it past 12, I don't sleep. Life is not fair.
Thoughts on Cait Sith? I've always found him a bit boring, especially for only having two limits.
>>1219 >Thoughts on Cait Sith? Dunno, I'm not into Star Wars
>10pm >19 (nineteen) degree celsius I'm going to FUCKKING KILL MYSELF I HAVE HAD ENOUGH
>>1221 It's 31.3 'C in my room right now and I've only just turned my gear on, wonder how high it'll get now that the lights are on, windows are shut, and I'll be up all night. Went up to 36 the other night, don't remember exactly what my all-time PB is but I think it's 38.
Open file (46.29 KB 640x480 disappoint.jpg)
A week passed and nothing happened.
It only reached 33.6 'C, LAME.
>>1223 What, were you looking forward to it? You a NONCE?
>>1225 Do you have any idea how much of taxpayers' money has been wasted on this frivolous prank? Party vans don't grow on trees you know.
>>1153 How are you finding these lad? I want some more but don't want to pester you every time.
>>1227 Not him but the-eye.eu has plenty of games in Japanese, otherwise cdromance is alright but it feels dodgier.
>>1227 Get started here: https://emulation.gametechwiki.com/index.php/ROM_%26_ISO_Sites There's tons of full sets on archive.org, just search the system name and "Redump" if it's CD based, or "No-Intro" if it's cartridge based, then when you find it you can browse the individual files or download the whole lot. There's also https://mobasuite.com/roms/ , which has many complete and frequently updated No-Into sets available as individual downloads, for if you just want to download the odd game. Definitely make archive.org your first port of call if it's disc-based games you're after, because otherwise you'll likely end up with some garbage dump made by some kid with a scratched disc in 2005, instead of an accurate and verified dump.
There's condensation on my windows from the humidity.
>>1231 *sips almond milk* WHAT. Is the meaning of this.
>>1232 *retroactively spits in your almond milk* What now, huh?
>>1228 >>1229 Thank you lads. I've just downloaded Chrono Nigger and Ocarine of Time. Do you know where I can get anime with Japanese subs?
>>1234 A quick search led me to this, has a fair few shows: https://kitsunekko.net/dirlist.php?dir=subtitles%2Fjapanese%2F It's just the subtitle files though, so you need to obtain the actual videos separately via nyaa or somewhere else. I don't know what your media player setup is like, but if you use MPC-HC you can just make a new folder inside the folder with your videos called "Subs" or "Subtitles", place the subtitle files in there, and then as long as the filenames match, the media player should automatically detect it and apply it. If the subs are timed to a different release to the one you have, they could be offset or completely out of sync; there are ways of fixing this, but it's better to just have matching versions from the start.
>>1234 If you're willing to download I'm guessing the "Non English Translated" section of nyaa.si has plenty.
>>1236 That section is all Chinese, Russian, Spanish, etc; Japanese releases don't get filed under "Translation", they get put under "Raw", but those pretty much never come with subs.
I'm so tempted to buy the tab for this guy's arrangement of Clair de Lune. It's 16 quid, but it's simply fantastic, so I'm torn. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFLPdxdvEXk
I think it's weird how Japanese society is superficially so respectful, honorable, decent and polite, and yet they're the world's largest purveyors of pornography, and on top of that, dominate the weirdest, most depraved niches. Is anyone able to shed some light on this?
Open file (9.41 KB 640x480 Untitled.png)
Open file (9.08 KB 225x225 these games.jpg)
Can the anon learning Japanese read this? 出でし月かも三笠の山に春日なろふりさけ見れば夫の原
>>1240 Yes.
>>1241 What the hell is it trying to say and do I even want to know?
>>1242 No.
Having to keep my ankle elevated means I have to play my guitar lying down in bed. It's actually turning out to be a positive because I'm learning to play purely by feel. At this rate I'll be able to play complicated classical pieces with my eyes closed. On a completely unrelated note, what are some words you don't like? >literally >cringe Literally should NOT be used for emphasis, and cringe is NOT an adjective. Simple as. I also don't like the overuse of the word 'like', especially as a filler word, which admittedly I catch myself doing sometimes. It's sadly very prevalent.
the rip tide was horrific this morning lads, went out around half 9 and every time I tried to wade out this vertical rip just pulled me off my feet, stayed out till lunch but didn't manage to catch much, trying again later though
>>1245 What you're doing is very dangerous young man. I suggest you get a sensible hobby like collecting rare coins.
>>1244 words I don't like? These will be cliche ones but I see them a lot online and they make me feel itchy: yikes, ya'll, problematic honestly anything overused in American media. I'm better off staying away from any forums except this one
>>1246 Once I have a set place to live again I will start collecting again, either taxidermy or war memorabilia, no more anime figures
Open file (8.62 KB 232x272 discomfort.jpg)
>>1247 >let's unpack this
>>1249 Twitter talk is perhaps the worst style of speech I have ever seen lad unironically I cannot handle it
>>1244 Those three are definitely on my list, but my biggest one of the last couple of years has to be "toxic". Remember 5-6 years ago when that word was only used in this way by "social justice" nutters on Twitter, and wasn't a casually-used, everyday label frequently assigned to huge swaths of people in order to denigrate them in the vaguest terms possible? Because I remember, but apparently nobody else does, so now I hear people in real life and even faggots on imageboards (outside of here) using it all the time. We need to put an end to Twitter lads, honestly the whole world would improve tenfold overnight.
What are some other good pre-millennium JRPGs?
>>1252 Star Ocean, Tales of Phantasia, Final Fantasy 4/5/6, Dragon Quest 6, Phantasy Star 4, Chrono Cross, Xenogears, Illusion of Gaia, Breath of Fire 1 and 2, Lufia 1 and 2, Lunar Silver Star Story, Romancing Saga series, Secret of Mana, Wild Arms, Arc the Lad Honestly the list is massive.
>>1253 You're an experienced gamer.
>>1250 I'd add referring to people as "folks" to that list as well.
>>1254 That's the power of being hikkiNEET. There's very few JRPGs of that era that I haven't at least played a little bit of, and I got quite far into many of them, but I've not completed a single one.
Well then. *clears throat* Ahem. *clears throat* Hello.
>>1239 Never lose a war or get invaded. That's what happens to you. You can probably think of a few other countries it's happened to and see parallel effects.
>>1253 That's a who's who list of games on the top of my backlog. Now I've got one more for you: Suikoden! You can recruit more than a hundred unique characters and build your own castle. There are both party-level and army-level battles. Never seen another game quite like it. Very comfy.
>>1255 yes absolutely
lads, I bust my top lip a little surfing tonight, massive rogue wave wiped everyone out and I got conked on the head Other than that though I'm learning new moves, no idea about terminology but putting weight onto the back foot and then spinning the board to surf the wave sideways instead of straight ahead to the shallows. Very cool, very fun, I'm learning lots
Open file (131.60 KB 1200x900 the boys.jpg)
This fread just got 50% 'ARDER.
>>1262 'allo mum
My Grandfather is Dead.
I'm going to start meditating again.
>>1264 RIP
>>1264 Are you doing alright lad? Taking some time off work?
>>1267 I told my manager I'd take a day for the funera, but working as normal right now. He did say to let him know if I needed some time, but I don't feel particularly effected by this, and I'd feel bad just using it as an excuse to skip work. Not bad for work, but bad that I'm using his death just to skive. Doesn't feel right. I'm working from home at the moment, so its not as if I have to see or speak to anyone about it anyway.
Open file (228.71 KB 1249x937 1.jpg)
Open file (152.93 KB 1184x888 2.jpg)
Open file (170.63 KB 1184x888 3.jpg)
Open file (249.12 KB 1184x888 4.jpg)
Thought I'd show you lads the new flat. I've scraped the exif data off and done some editing to clear anything that I thought was identifiable but if there does seem to be anything on there, please do say. The mattress on the floor is a temporary situations, but I am very much enjoying it. I feel like I slept better last night than I have in ages, although it might just be because I'm finally out of my parents house.
>>1268 Some people don't feel effected till the funeral itself, good to know you can take time off still
>>1269 Also, there's a spark voucher to whoever can spot something I kept from when I was a based retail lad.
>>1269 Congratulations on moving out lad. That kitchen looks spookily similar to my mum's house, weird. What's that thing on top of your drawers in pic 3, is that a projector?
>>1268 Everyone deals with this sort of thing in their own way, don't feel pressured to either take time off or to keep going in if you're struggling. Hope you do alright lad.
>>1272 Yeah, was a cheap projector I got on an amazon deal. Havent got it set up yet because there's not enough plugs there, need to go pick up one of the power strips I left at the parents house tonight.
>>1270 >>1273 I'm a little worried that at a certain point it'll hit me and I'll be a mess. I've cried before about his health problems a year back, but I'm not really feeling anything about it now. I might have just have accepted it back then.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsfnuyyjaB0 >7 years ago Where did it all go?
>>1269 I like your kitchen. Have you had your first poo yet?
Zolpidem for supper.
>>1275 As >>1270 said, it'll probably hit between now and the funeral. Thats part of the reason for funerals, it makes sure you get your grief out.
Lads what ゲーム is 上原 playing?
>>1281 Devil May Cry 4
Alright lads? I've been growing a bit tired of the NEET life, but at the same time there's not much work in my area, and I don't like most jobs out there. Anyways, I've decided to make an exceedingly last minute push to become a university student this year, so with any luck come next month I'll be doing that, and hopefully sticking to it this time round, too. >>1275 Not the lad you're replying to, but I lost someone rather important to me a while back and it took a good bit of time for it to really sink in, for the first few months or so I was pretty much just numb to it. Try not to worry about it too much, grief can be overwhelming at first but you learn to deal with it. If I had to give one piece of advice it would be avoid drugs or alcohol as coping mechanisms, and also talking to people who have been through similar experiences can help a lot. Best of luck mate.
>>1283 Good luck lad, what are you planning on studying at uni?
>>1283 Which uni are you applying for?
>>1284 South Asian Cultural Studies with a minor in equality and diversity >>1284 Birmingham most likely
My name is Lord Commander Willybums. All posters seeking to engage with me must first submit a 300 word application to prove themselves worthy of the privilege. I am now in charge of this thread. Thank you for your time.
>>1284 Physics! >>1285 University of it's a sekrit
>>1287 Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, Lord Commander Willybums, please let me speak to you.
I have just recruited Vincent into my party.
>>1288 No need to be shy about it lad, I'm doing mine with the OU so I shan't judge.
>>1291 Nah it's not that mate, I just don't want information about where I study to be hosted on a website anyone can access. I figure I'll probably talk about it some more ITT if things go well, and I don't want to make myself too easily doxxable by outright declaring the institution in question. It's actually a pretty good University, I'm really looking forward to studying there. How are you finding the OU by the way, and what do you study? My mum's thinking about doing a masters through OU.
>>1292 Thats fair enough. I hope you enjoy it! I'm studying data science with the OU, I work full time so I'm studying on the side and quite enjoying it, the quality of tuition is very high and when I do go in for tutorials all of the other students feel super motivated and are generally interesting to talk as they're older than normal and have various life reasons for studying with them. Only problem is I sort of feel like I missed out on some of the student experience but thats tolerable. Just need the ability to actually sit down and make yourself study after a day at work.
>>1293 I actually tried singing up for the OU many many years ago, but I was a teenaged NEET at the time and distinctly lacking the >Just need the ability to actually sit down and make yourself study side of things. I went on to college later and found that drastically easier, I think I'm the sort of person who doesn't tend to do much in general without some degree of imposition from external structures and deadlines. As for the "university experience", it's alright but only worth so much to people who aren't normalfags. A lot of university social bonding is done through the medium of going out to nightclubs and that sort of thing and I find it rather boring, I'd imagine most lads here would feel the same about it. >the other students feel super motivated and are generally interesting to talk as they're older than normal That's one thing I'm going to feel a little bit weird about heading to University, I'll be in my mid 20s so a good few years older than most of the students in my classes. I'm thinking about taking some more niche class/es on the side to see if I can maybe meet some graduate students or something, since they'll be older.
Tonight, it's Franz Listz's "Liebestraum". Fantastic.
>>1295 Here's what I'm learning it from if anyone's interested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g323Cc3KMp4 Just what *has* the board's music division been up to lately? Why hasn't music chad still posted any of his tunes? Wasn't there another guitarist lad as well? Explain yourselves.
Do any of you lads know of any really comfy documentaries available on youtube? I've been really in the mood for watching something relaxing. In exchange for my request, here's a personal favourite of mine; Samuel Johnson: The Dictionary Man. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpVP8ezoVlM
>moths roo
>>1296 >Why hasn't music chad still posted any of his tunes? That would be because I haven't made any.
early morning thunderstorm. good stuff lads.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kmIV9yOTyg Leftovers from Older English
I have just rediscovered Survive the Jive on youtube. What a top lad.
>>1300 Wish it would come up here, its been trying for one all week but just hasn't happened.
Anyone know of any good books on the British Empire?
>>1278 I've done lots of big poos, mostly because I've been eating takeaways. Need to sort out my eating habbits now that my parents wont be able to judge me for trying to improve.
Open file (133.12 KB 460x600 Sweating k-on.jpg)
>>1305 助けて
>>1303 I want it back already, the skies have cleared and it's very sunny now. Absolutely disgusting.
Storm's a-brewin
Liebestraum practice session for tea. What are you lads having/?
>>1310 Had some fried chicken. It was lovely, but I really need to stop eating fried chicken. My diet has been crazy unhealthy lately.
>>1310 Already ate a couple of hours ago, had reheated cajun beef and rice.
what would you lads do if you had a fanny
>>1313 Like just a fanny grown next to my balls or as if I was an actual lass
>>1314 second one
>>1310 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07-IybCIJow >found another song I want to learn It keeps happening. What do you like best? That or this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsjuFx_T9z0
>>1313 get pregnant and sell the children to black market organ harvesters
>>1315 Maybe feel myself up then live life as normal
>>1313 Whore myself out
>>1319 you can do that without a fanny lad
>>1320 I wonder what the income disparity is like between male and female prostitutes. I imagine gay men can make a lot of money.
>>1321 gays could potentially get closeted customers who pay more for confidentiality, but I reckon they'd be outperformed by female prostitutes given men are far more promiscious than women as a whole. I once flatshared with a gay man and the sheer volume of casual sex he had would put the average chad to shame, the average homosexual probably has zero need to ever pay for a prostitute
I've decided I'm going to start using the word tremendous.
>>1323 A truly tremendous decision.
I want to get comfy with a blanket, but it's too hot to be comfy while wearing one. Absolutely dissapointing. >>1323 >>1324 Cracking stuff lads, hope you both have fun.
>nice to meet you, bastard-san (plural) Creasing up here lads
>>1325 Thank you, I am sure we shall have a tremendous time. I normally need a blanket to sleep too but with the current state of too hot it just makes me wake up in a tremendous sweat.
>>1327 I'm the lad who initially made the post and for the record do not condone your egretious overuse of the word. I dare say you're behaving quite irresponsibly.
>>1328 I shall desist out of respect for the founder.
Big day today lads, it's been nearly 3 weeks since my surgery and I'm finally going to start sitting up in bed. Very exciting stuff.
Its too hot lads.
>>1333 Cooled down massively where I am today, last few days were unbearable.
>>1334 Its cooler outdoors but I'm finding it too warm indoors thanks to the humidty.
>got athlete's foot >not even an athlete
>>1336 never got the fuss about athletes foot, had a light case for years and its never caused me any harm
>actually starting to enjoy the cheesy nip romance drama I'm immsering with Lock up your bumholes lads
>>1338 Live action or cartoon?
Open file (53.93 KB 500x351 Good_Morning_Call-p1.jpg)
>>1337 Can't you just apply inexpensive medication and then not have it for years?
>>1341 Yeah but I'm a lazy fucker and it doesn't hurt or anything
There is nothing quite like the smell of your own ball sweat. Fantastic.
Black coffee and Liebestraum practice for breakfast.
Fucked my registry up lads. I'm such a brainlet when it comes to technology. You wouldn't think I'd been using computers for nearly two decades.
>>1346 How did you manage that lad, you only need to follow instructions!
>>1346 Sounds more like a poorly written program to me, but does your Windows login name contain any weird characters?
>>1347 >>1348 My dad bought me this laptop a couple of months ago, my user folder was his name, and I wanted to change it to mine, so I did some googling and followed a load of steps to do so, which included tampering with the registry. Suffice to say I royally fucked it up. I have just done a factory reset.
What are some cool things I can do with my fresh install of windows lads? I know nothing. Cosmetic changes, QoL stuff, browser stuff, addons, random programs you think of cool, I'm open to all suggestions.
>>1349 That is such a hilariously pointless thing to brick your computer over.
>>1351 Thanks for that comment, I hadn't realised.
I've just found out that my problems weren't caused by my having done any of the registry stuff wrong. It was because my new user path had Japanese characters in it. JUST ==FUCK MY SHIT UP= AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
>>1353 Excellent job lad, truly excellent.
>>1353 I told you about weird characters lad, Microsoft pwns weeaboos. You need to have all kinds of things installed for East Asian languages, you have to use Locale Emulator just to run many Japanese-only applications. Windows fucking hates East Asian languages unless your whole system is geared up for it.
>>1355 Thats partly because east asians have a fetish for using non-unicode encodings which is such a pain from a programming point of view that microsoft just say fuck it and make it so the whole OS has to be based around them.
>>1356 >Thats partly because east asians have a fetish for using non-unicode encodings Speaking of which, has this website fixed the aa tags yet? I made a fix and applied it to /britfeel/'s default board CSS, but got no reply when I brought it up on /meta/. ┌────┐ │ TEST  │ └────┘         ┏━━━━┓         ┃ TEST  ┃         ┗━━━━┛
>>1357 It's STILL broken, amazing. Have it be known far and wide that /brifeel/ is the ONLY board on anon.cafe with functioning aa tags (when you use the "Board-specific CSS" theme), preserving Anonymous BBS culture for years to come.    ∩___∩    | ノ      ヽ   /  ●   ● |  クマ────!!   |    ( _●_)  ミ  彡、   |∪|  、`\ / __  ヽノ /´>  ) (___)   / (_/  |       /  |  /\ \  | /    )  )  ∪    (  \        \_)
>>1350 You can install Linux.
Who /up/?
>>1359 I'm not tech-chad enough to do that. I'd end up breaking something.
>>1360 I was awake at that time but went back to sleep.
I've finally started learning about and being more conscious of Japanese pitch accent. I'm finding that I had a lot of them down without trying, because I so often repeat exactly what I've heard when studying with various audio materials, but I think it's going to be off when it comes to words I've learned through vidya, as it's all been reading and I've just winged the pronunciation. I've installed an Anki addon that looks up pitch accent and am going to look install a colour addon so I can categorise them by the 4 different pronunciation styles. For a little effort now I should be able to make it an unconscious habit.
I think my house plant has root rot, I'm not sure I'm skilled enough to take it out and separate the roots without killing it, is it over for my plant lads?
>>1361 If you just want to browse the web and stuff then linux is fine for that without the risk of breaking.
Open file (243.27 KB 885x560 titch.jpg)
>>1364 I doubt it would take much skill, most stuff is pretty durable when it comes to repotting. Just remove the dodgy ones and it should be fine. If it is rotting you have nothing to lose anyway.
>>1366 Good point, just worry about ripping the roots, needs fresh soil and to be held in fresh water for 24 hours or more and the rot trimmed away, I think it'll do okay after that, should have swapped the soil when I bought the poor bugger but I did not
Big enormous NIGGERS
Open file (33.63 KB 266x258 happy negro tv.jpg)
Here we go
>>1370 Remember to get the pocket money from お母さん
I have eaten too many skittles.
>>1372 How you feeling lad?
>>1373 My mouth is sore and I feel a bit sick.
What are some good slice of life animes?
>>1374 I would say you've learned your lesson but we all know you'll be bingeing on skittles again, so get better soon lad.
>>1376 It's all mummy's fault. When I'm at my flat, I don't buy stuff like that in because I know I don't have the willpower to resist it, but I'm staying with mummy at the minute and she keeps bringing me sweets and desserts. I feel powerless.
>>1375 Non Non Biyori was really comfy.
>>1378 Good morning.
>>1375 A mix of true SoL, shows that are mostly SoL, and CGDCT (Cute Girls Doing Cute Things), in chronological order: 1998 - Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou 2001 - A Little Snow Fairy Sugar 2001 - Kokoro Toshokan 2002 - Azumanga Daioh 2002 - Haibane Renmei 2003 - Kino's Journey 2003 - Bottle Fairy 2004 - Maria-sama ga Miteru 2004 - Genshiken 2005 - Honey and Clover 2005 - Ichigo Mashimaro 2005 - Kamichu! 2005 - Aria the Animation 2005 - Mushishi 2006 - Binchou-tan 2007 - Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight! 2007 - Hidamari Sketch 2007 - Lucky Star 2007 - Doujin Work 2007 - Sketchbook ~full color's~ 2007 - Minami-ke 2008 - Chii's Sweet Home 2008 - Natsume Yuujinchou 2008 - Eve no Jikan 2009 - K-On! 2009 - Kanamemo 2009 - GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class 2010 - Hanamaru Yochien 2010 - Working!! 2010 - Mitsudomoe 2010 - Setokai Yakuindomo 2010 - Tamayura 2010 - Shinryaku! Ika Musume 2011 - Nichijou 2011 - A-Channel 2011 - Ikoku Meiro no Croisée The Animation 2011 - Yuru Yuri 2012 - Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou 2012 - Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita 2013 - Yuyushiki 2013 - Servant x Service 2013 - Kiniro Mosaic 2013 - Non Non Biyori
>>1380 Not sure I quite agree on Eve No Jikan being a slice of life in the same vein as many of the others. But if you do count it as one then I'd also strongly recommend Planetes, comfy hard sci-fi SoLish.
>>1368 *ahem*, mods? Take care of this.
>>1380 Thank you for taking the time to write this out.
>>1381 >>1382 >>1383 On that note, my esteemed anime experts, when it comes to Japanese voice acting, which animes characters are your favourite? I've been recording sentences from TV shows and youtube and adding them to flashcards and am looking for more interesting content.
>>1381 Even though I listed it I wouldn't say Eve no Jikan is a pure SoL, but it has some of that "candidly observing a slice of a person/people's daily lives" aspect, especially with all the camera angles that make it seem like you're watching the characters from afar or like a fly on the wall. People typically use SoL to describe shows that have a complete absence of heavy/dark themes a la CGDCTs, but there are shows like Haibane Renmei, Kino's Journey, and Mushishi that take a different approach, and I think it's somewhat in line with them. >>1383 No problem lad, it helped me find some more shows to chuck on the backlog while I was going through the ones I'd already seen.
>>1382 I did, he recieved one free vintage Happy Negro image, which is /britfeel/'s new special offer for all unique posts containing the word nigger in all caps. Limited time only, get yours now!
>>1387 High quality post.
Open file (98.78 KB 1200x1550 410766.jpg)
>already August
Do you lads think in words?
>>1389 Almost the end of august, just not on.
>>1389 I still can't believe it's 2020. I never really came to grips with it being the 2010s, and now we've got this nonsense. It'll be 2030 next year at this rate. >>1390 Sometimes I do, mostly I don't.
>>1390 Yes.
>>1392 What else do you think in then? I sometimes think in pictures but it's very hard to imagine that making up the majority, how could you have complicated big boy thoughts then? Is it possible to think directly in concepts in a Platonic forms type of way or do you think you need words to represent them?
>>1394 You're putting the cart before the horse; the thoughts come first, words second. Whenever you speak or write something, even if you're just speaking "in your head", you're describing ideas and conclusions you'd already made in your brain without the use of your native language at all.
Music lad. Is this a good song or not? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ulay2FvUEd8
>>1396 No, get some taste.
>>1397 Sorry to bother you at this late hour, but what are the chords for this please. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2G0u6xCeKg
>>1398 There's tons of slight variations and ornamentations throughout, but it's all built around Ebm9->BM9->GbM9->Fdim (or Bdim7)->Bbm7.
>>1399 Thank you, I'm going to mess around with that one tomorrow. Here's your reward: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O82kx7Bi57g
>>1400 >philly sound Can't resist it, cheers lad. Now in mp4 form.
Youtube's algorithm has come full circle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MVxOPEu6HA
How's everyone coping with the humidity? I bought a box of my childhood favourites; strawberry split ice creams
“If you accomplish something good with hard work, the labor passes quickly, but the good endures; if you do something shameful in pursuit of pleasure, the pleasure passes quickly, but the shame endures”
I spoke to my Grandmother last night and it kind of set me off. Called in and told work I'm going to take a day off because I'm struggling to concentrate on anything. This is probably the first time I've cried for a good few years.
>the dreamy melancholy of the piano track >the moody forlorn aesthetic Strong Memories of Murder vibes from this one at times
Open file (109.22 KB 1044x628 h.jpg)
>mum got the plant-based chocolate puddings in again
Open file (32.53 KB 500x375 laugh dogs.jpg)
>>1408 >Comments are turned off. Why is that amusing?
>>1409 >he hasn't figured it out
I've just downloaded a Firefox addon that lets me put my volume up to 600%. Why didn't Windows just let me from the beginning?
>>1410 Is it because when he says "deck" it sounds like he's saying "dick"?
>>1411 Because it expects you to just use a better amplifier rather than clipping the fuck out of the signal while it's still in the digital realm.
Tonight, it's Hako Yamasaki.
>>1416 Track 1, what an absolute banger. Who would have known there's such a treasure trove of undiscovered music out there, so similar to our own of that era (and in many cases better)? Unequivocally based. They are truly the British people of Asia.
>>1417 Since the end of WW2, especially thanks to US occupation, a huge part of the Japanese music market was made up of American imports (much like here in the UK, and Japan later had a lot of British/European imports as well), which is why Japan shared a lot of the music trends that were happening in Western countries. Those trends often took off in Japan a couple of years after they'd started (and sometimes finished) in the West due to the time it took to get the records imported and released over there, and a lot of things we considered to be short-lived fads over here ended up becoming decades-long mainstays in Japan. This is why a lot of their homegrown music can sound very familiar, but still distinctly unique. Didn't usually work the other way around though thanks to the time delay between Western trends and those same trends occuring in Japan; the only Japanese song I can think of that did really well in the West is "Sukiyaki" by Kyu Sakamoto (known in Japan under it's proper title "上を向いて歩こう"), which was a smash hit in the US/UK in 1963 (released in Japan 1961), and in a way signified Japan's return to the world stage. You might notice how similar it sounds to mid-late 1950s American pop music by the likes of Paul Anka and Bobby Darin, and that's no coincidence.
I've been making a conscious effort to use mnemonics to memorise new vocabulary lately and I must say I'm surprised at how effective they are. I'll link the new word to something that stands out in my head, think of the thing that it's linked to when I need to recall it, and then I can figure out the word easily in most cases. I know there are loads of different techniques out there. I think I vaguely remember a lad posting about one where you think of a house in your head and then link new things you want to remember to each room. Are you still posting? How would you all rate your memories?
>>1419 Excellent and shitty at the same time. Every couple of years I'll amass a vast database of knowledge on a particular subject or subjects, which I will be able to recall like a walking encyclopedia, until I start on a different subject which usually ends up overwriting a lot of the previous data. The number of individual fields where I've absorbed a significant amount of information is ridiculous, but at the same time, someone can ask me to do something while I'm downstairs, and by the time I've gone upstairs I'll not only have completely forgotten what they said, but even have forgotten the fact that they spoke to me at all.
>>1420 >usually ends up overwriting a lot of the previous data I don't think stuff gets overwritten, as far as I understand it just means those neural pathways got weaker because you stopped using them, but they're still there, ready to be 're-activated' if ever you chose to delve into an old topic again, and they would probably come back very quickly. It's like muscle memory for the brain. >someone can ask me to do something while I'm downstairs, and by the time I've gone upstairs I'll not only have completely forgotten what they said, but even have forgotten the fact that they spoke to me at all. I get that too, I think it happens when you don't care enough to remember or at least don't consciously make an effort to. I'm realising more and more that memory is an active process, and that unless something is of extreme significance it's probably not going to stick unless you actually work at it. Do you ever use mnemonics?
>>1421 >they're still there, ready to be 're-activated' if ever you chose to delve into an old topic again It's true to some extent, especially with things from my childhood which have been sitting dormant in the back of my mind for 20-25 years before being suddenly reactivated, but when I revisited anime after a 5 year break (and after having not seen some shows for 10+ years), I discovered that I remembered almost nothing about many of the hundreds of shows I'd seen. I've rewatched some shows since then, even some that I remember liking, and it's like watching them for the first time because I don't remember any of the characters, plot twists, or even the endings. There was one entire manga I read last year, went to add it to MAL, and I discovered I'd already completed it in 2013. With some of the shows I've rewatched I've gone to download the soundtrack, only to find out I'd already downloaded it a decade ago. It's all just completely gone from memory, even though it was my primary interest at one point. I can only assume it's because I cleanly dropped it without any intention of revisiting it for several years, and took on countless other information-heavy interests in that time. >Do you ever use mnemonics? Not really, unless you count a couple of really basic things like "Never Eat Shredded Wheat" (North East South West). I remember them trying to teach me a lot of that shite in school, but my problem was that I could never remember the mnemonic techniques in the first place. I mainly just pick things up as a knock-on effect of being deeply interested in a subject, and if I'm not that interested then I simply won't remember it, hence me doing shit in school but still ending up quite knowledgable in all the areas I actually wanted to be.
Open file (39.37 KB 456x434 1483116230860.jpg)
Open file (123.71 KB 180x248 Dance.gif)
Open file (96.98 KB 720x640 TBS canon fodderjpg.jpg)
>>1423 Great news pal, now go get 'em
Open file (26.60 KB 383x157 gutsthumbsup.jpg)
>>1424 >>1425 >>1426 Cheers lads, I'm feeling really relieved about the whole business, looking forward to getting on with my life at long last
It's been a month since I broke my ankle. My left leg muscles have shrunk noticeably.
who /purupurupururin/ here
>>1429 That was my ringtone for a while back in the day
>>1430 It's a great soundtrack in general, in my humble opinion.
Open file (4.83 MB 320x240 pururin.mp4)
>>1429 Nobody can escape the pururin
Open file (162.75 KB 1600x809 33 - wVMszDV.jpg)
anyone else struggle to pick a singular desktop background?
>>1433 Nope, I've been rotating between the same 3 pictures (one for day, one for evening, and one for night) for 3 years, and I could count on two hands the number of desktop backgrounds I've had since 2008.
>>1433 I'll be saving that. Shalln't be asking permission.
Open file (547.82 KB 1920x1080 7 - ZJnjyCh.jpg)
>>1434 what are they if you don't mind me asking? >>1435 I might have other similar ones to this, I shall check lid
>>1436 These are the ones I've had for the last 3 years, I'm a nature landscape kinda lad.
>>1429 >>1430 >>1432 I used to play the "pururin heard through neighbours wall" version for hours at a time back when I was NEET for the first time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOlXkj-RO-M
>>1399 Would you mind posting some more chord progressions you like? I'm into jazz, bossa nova, funk, and I really like syncopated rhythms like this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ej_onDLqCPA). How can I learn to do it myself? I come up with something nice every now and then just wandering around the fretboard but it's partly a guessing game.
Open file (2.43 MB 1668x898 kiki3.PNG)
Open file (5.05 MB 6552x4804 griffith1.png)
Open file (3.50 MB 1920x1038 ghibli7.png)
Open file (2.23 MB 1920x1080 berserk4.png)
Open file (211.99 KB 2010x1086 ghibli4.jpg)
>>1433 >>1437 I mainly tend to rotate between berserk and studio ghibli art for my wallpapers, I have a bunch I've been meaning to upscale but haven't gotten round to though, here's a few of mine:
Open file (1.56 MB 2560x1280 by_mainservers2_2560.jpg)
Open file (1.86 MB 1920x1080 summerlove31_1920.jpg)
Open file (2.00 MB 1920x1080 summerlove34_1920.jpg)
Open file (1.05 MB 2560x1440 by_warmachines2_2560.jpg)
Open file (1.14 MB 2160x1440 1424732939458.jpg)
>>1433 I generally rotate between some stalenhag artwork on my main PC, but everything else I use this nice anime cloud trainstation wallpaper.
>>1439 It should never really be about "guessing" per se, you want to be making deliberate choices based off what you've learned from studying the music you like and how music works in general. There's a science and a formula to it, especially when it comes to all things Jazz-related. In the example you posted, the first 3 chords make up a ii-V-I pattern ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ii%E2%80%93V%E2%80%93I_progression ), which is akin to a primary colour in Jazz music. Then the next chord is the same as the previous one, except it's in minor instead of major, which is another Jazz building block. Then the very last two chords plus the first chord (as it loops back around to it) make up another ii-V-I pattern. None of that is the result of pulling random chords out of a hat, it's all very intentional, and once you learn to spot them you'll start hearing them everywhere.
For me, it's the easy peeler. The fruit that has everything - taste, ease, convenience, aesthetic beauty, vitamins. How could anyone choose an orange, or worse, a s*eded tangerine, over this Adonis of the citrus world? Beautiful.
>>1443 I'm with you on this one lad. Orange nonces get OUT.
>>1442 I know it's not random, but thank you lad. I'm going to learn that progression and then transpose it to other keys so I've got a better idea of it. I'm good with thirds and fifths but beyond that I need to learn where stuff is on the neck.
>>1442 Oh, I almost forgot, here's tonight's reward. You may clock off now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7H52yGup84A
Open file (455.90 KB 680x680 1429396368792.png)
>>1446 That's nice and all, but god do I hate the sound of the Chinese language. Thanks lad.
>>1447 Interesting. I think it sounds ugly generally but nice in that song, and a couple of others I've found. It strikes you when you browse foreign youtube just how pervasive modern western """""culture""""" is. There's a lot of generic, taccy romanctic pop, virtually carbon copies of our own, the only difference is the language (even then there's English thrown in here and there - that seems to be cool to them). One of the videos was a Chinese lass browsing just browsing facebook and instagram.
>>1448 It's true, the westaboos of the world massively outnumber the weeaboos.
It just dawned on me that I'm the main character of reality.
>>1448 I'm not sure if it's just coincidence, but I feel like there's been a significant uptick in the number of english phrases uttered in anime over the past five years.
>>1451 Anime has been riddled with English words for decades, as has Japanese IRL.
>>1451 The Japanese are quickly losing their identity, and their language is more of a pidgin every year.
>>1452 >>1453 not sure who to believe now
i wonder if it is indeed possible to become an anime character? *ponders intellectually*
>>1455 Sure it is. This guy became a cartoon character.
Open file (44.38 KB 800x600 bacon.jpg)
Smoked or unsmoked?
>>1457 Unsmoked, dry cure
>>1458 Excuse me, please refrain from making such tasteless posts in future. Smoked is undeniably superior.
>>1459 I'm not a man of class anon, bacon is merely a hangover cure for me but I do fancy trying some of that Canadian style bacon (is it belly and not back the use?) with syrup some time. I generally don't like smoked products, they taste like how ashtrays smell although I do find a mild Rauchbier is acceptable in the colder months
This afternoon, it's Ponyo.
>>1454 Ever heard of anime (animation)? Visual Novels / Light Novels? Karaoke (kara + orchestra)? Anison (anime + song)? Mecha / Robotto (mechanical / robot)? Dorama (drama)? Idols? Terebi (television)? Pasokon (personal computer)? Famicom (family computer)? NEET (Not in Employment, Education, or Training)? Salaryman? OL (office lady)? Cherry boy (virgin)? Gyaru (gal / girl)? Pantsu (panties)? Dragon Ball, Pocket Monsters, Evangelion, Bubblegum Crisis, Cowboy Bebop, Serial Experiments Lain, One Piece, etc? All of those terms were introduced to Japan between WW2 and the millennium, predominantly in the 60s-80s, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Anyone thinking English has only just started embedding itself into the Japanese language in recent years is about half a century behind. Here's an even bigger list for you (yet still only a small sample): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_gairaigo_and_wasei-eigo_terms
>>1462 パンツを脱げぞ
>>1462 I'm rather aware that english has been firmly lodged into the japanese language ever since the post war period, however my primary observation was moreso that I thought english loan phrases were being used more frequently in anime over the past few years. That having been said, I just watched an anime from 2005 that had a few english phrases in it, so i could be wrong. Fun fact: post war author Osamu Dazai's final novel, which was never finished, even had an english title: グッド・バイ (Guddo Bai)
Open file (11.61 MB 1440x1080 Tokimeki Tonight OP.webm)
>>1464 99% of the anime I've ever seen has been pre-2015, and nearly all of it has been filled to the brim with English words, even the older stuff. The fact the name of the medium itself is an English loanword to begin with should say it all. Take a look at this anime OP (opening, there's another one for you) from 1982, and note all of the English words and phrases it contains both in the lyrics and in the video itself in just 1 minute and 20 seconds: 1. The anime itself is called Tokimeki Tonight 2. Happy Lave(sp) 3. Ice Cream 4. ABC 5. Ultra-excellent 6. Computer 7. Happy Birthday 8. Fifty-fifty 9. I love you 10. Heart 11. Shoes 12. Soft Cream 13. Tomato There's also the ED (ending) which I will post seperately, that contains a few more: 1. Magician 2. Magic 3. Shampoo 4. Super Love Lotion 5. Love letter 6. Love call
Open file (9.73 MB 1440x1080 Tokimeki_Tonight_ED.webm)
>>1465 Spoilered because, well, you'll see. Hard to believe this was actually aimed at the shoujo (young girls) demographic, but that's 80s Japan for you.
Jelly on a plate, jelly on a plate, Wibble wobble, wibble wobble, jelly on a plate.
>>1467 I hate jelly
Open file (42.22 KB 500x375 corm.jpg)
>>1467 I like jelly.
I've just realised after using this sentence search (https://sentencesearch.neocities.org) for weeks that it has native audio recordings. Absolutely god-tier for making flash cards and pronunciation.
>>1471 That first lass has a cute voice. She's done quite a few on there it seems.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPGf4liO-KQ Do you know anything about this song lad?
>>1474 He sounds like John Maus.
>>1474 Nothing more than what's already known about it, but I was aware of it after seeing it posted around a year or so ago.
Keep going lad. We're all going to make it.
I feel a vague sense of unease that I can't quite explain.
Open file (59.25 KB 160x160 chiyo.gif)
>>1478 Does this gif help?
Open file (37.80 KB 1920x1080 3264786237846.png)
>>1433 I haven't changed it in five years; doubt I'll ever use a wallpaper again.
>>1406 what is this
>>1481 Tokyo Ghoul. You can use https://trace.moe/ or https://saucenao.com/ to find the origin of most anime screenshots, as long as they're not cropped or really obscure. I recommend the Image Search Options extension/addon found here https://saucenao.com/tools/ , makes finding sauce for anime, manga, doujinshi, artwork, etc. as easy as right clicking on an image.
>>1482 There really is a resource for everything these days.
>>1478 Something must be causing mischief in your subconscious. What could it be?
>>1479 A little bit. Thank you lad. >>1484 I think it's because I'm only a day off from the anniversary of my friend's suicide. I've been keeping myself pretty busy to avoid thinking about things for the most part, but there's this really uncomfortable anticipation of sorts building up. The heat, the tense muscles, it feels like I've been here before and I already know what happens. I guess I'm to some degree anticipating an event that has already occurred.
>>1485 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmtAWY6Y4F8 Step aside chink lover. >tfw was actually wondering if this one was lip syncing until she fell over
>>1487 Now that's what I call moe.
Mum's kitchen flooded in the night. Apparently there was a foot of water.
>Hadji Ali (c. 1887–92 – November 5, 1937)[note 1] was a vaudeville performance artist, thought to be of Egyptian descent, who was famous for acts of controlled regurgitation. His best-known feats included water spouting, smoke swallowing, and nut and handkerchief swallowing followed by disgorgement in an order chosen by the audience. Ali's most famous stunt, and the highlight of his act, was drinking copious amounts of water followed by kerosene, and then acting by turns as a human flamethrower and fire extinguisher as he expelled the two liquids onto a theatrical prop. While these stunts were performed, a panel of audience members was invited to watch the show up close to verify that no trickery was employed. What unusual talents do you lads have?
Good morning.
>>1491 I can click my fingers really fast, and back in about 2007/2008 I reckon I was the fastest fingerclicker in the world. There was a youtube video of the guiness world record holder at the time, and I could do it slightly faster than him, but I don't know if I could reach that speed now nor if anyone faster has come along since.
I accidentally opened a web-based clicker game in an incognito browser then misclicked and reloaded the page. Lost hours and hours of progress. Probably for the best as clicker games are secretly demons in disguise.
>>1494 >secret >disguise Lad, they're called "clickers", and all you do is mindlessly click.
I just saw an adult-height chinese female standing at the door of the house across the road and down the street a bit. From my bedroom window I thought it was just the wife/mother of the household who's lived there for 10+ years, but then the woman who I thought it was got out of the car. The one standing at the door (and who is now sweeping the driveway, good lass) was actually their daughter, who I thought was still like 5 or something. I remember seeing her mum kiss and wave to her dad as he left for work each morning back when I was in college, which I believe was before the daughter was even born. Fucking "time", when will it end?
>>1496 Once you reach the great ascendance and find God, that's when time will end.
>>1491 I am the ultimate alpha male of britfeel. None can challenge my supremacy. My girth. Who would even dare to try? https://10fastfingers.com/typing-test/english
>>1491 I am the ultimate alpha male of britfeel. None can challenge my supremacy. https://10fastfingers.com/typing-test/english
It's been nearly a month since I last showered. My ball sweat could probably kill a small animal at this point.
Open file (45.14 KB 1129x1070 m.jpg)
Why is he so cruel to her?
>>1501 Wouldn't you be the same if you were depressed, paranoid, and agoraphobic, and then some random woman started badgering you at home all the time, trying to change your lifestyle? If you haven't been that kind of state yourself, have you ever tried helping someone in that situation, and experienced the extremely bitter and defensive response you often get when you're just try to offer them some friendly advice? I was that person for years, I was a dickhead to anyone who tried to help me because I'd always write them off as being naive and patronising. Also in the manga (which I haven't read much of), I believe she's a lot more of a manipulative cunt.
Are we mere physical objects?
>>1501 She wasn't going to give it up, not even a crumb.
Open file (45.71 KB 640x960 misako chon.jpg)
>>1504 Not his property, anon...
>>1505 Deep down she wanted a huge sword thrust into her apple. That's why she hung out in parks at night where sexual predators were known to frequent. I bet Sato knew this, being part of the modern day Brahmin caste - that's what he found disgusting in her.
>>1505 This image has got me curious. Please could you lads post the worst cosplays known to man.
Open file (569.93 KB 997x984 37849689237854.jpg)
blasting ashita wa tabun daijoubu and drinking valentino rossi monster
Open file (153.04 KB 773x1000 1498184565297.jpg)
>>1507 Here you go lad.
>>1508 I love a good "this isn't the future I expected and I regret everything" birthday picture. Got many of my own.
I'd like to offer somewhat of a late congratulations to the lad who just moved into a new flat. Now, you're probably wondering how you can save a bit of money. Well don't worry, because I've got you covered. Here are a couple of tips pertaining to water usage, which as you may know, bills for which can seriously ramp up if you're not careful. Firstly, we're not going to flush the toilet until we've had either 3 poos, or 15 wees. As you can see, 1 poo is equivalent to 5 wees. This also means that if you've had 2 poos, and 5 wees, it's time to flush. We're operating on a 1:5 ratio of poo to wee here. I think you understand the formula. This way you will save money while also not stinking the place out. Next, we're only going to shower or wash our hands when absolutely necessary. Baths will be prohibited. My personal recommendation is limiting showers to once a week, and even then only for a minute at most, and washing your hands using a slightly tweaked version of the aforementioned formula - after 2 poos, or 10 wees, maintaining the ratio as before. This way we can maintain an acceptable degree of both bodily and financial hygiene. My fellow lads. Please share any more tips you might have for our recently-independant poster that he might have the most pleasant experience possible in his new home.
>>1512 I would just like to commend you on making this quality and informative post.
>>1512 How much do you save a year with these ingenious money saving techniques?
I have just had a great jamming session. I'm improving a lot by just playing around and making loads of mistakes; gradually ironing them out. I've known the basic shapes of certain scales on a conceptual level for a while, but I think they're finally beginning to become instinctive on a muscle memory level, and it's becoming easier and easier to weave around them on the neck. Absolutely fantastic.
Open file (43.35 KB 667x375 drive.jpg)
It's been an entire year since my best mate took his own life lads. His mother has been messaging me today but I don't really feel up to reading any of the messages let alone replying. I feel incredibly empty inside. I want to go back.
It's a bit windy.
>>1517 It is, and it's annoying because I can't have my window open as much as I'd like it or it gets violently blown wide open. >>1516 Read them lad.
i am NOT gay
>>1519 What is life like being gay?
>>1520 better ask one of our gay posters lad because that is definitely not me who /sex with girls/ here?
>>1521 I see that you are asking the question because you are not a member of that group.
>>1518 I read them. I wasn't sure what to say back to her. Most of it was pretty standard talk about grief and letting me know how her and the family were doing, but a few things she said concerned me. She went on a bit of a ramble about the connection she feels to me, and how she always feels better when talking to me, but that she didn't understand why. She then followed it up with a message telling me that we were family now. On the surface that's pretty normal and even an exceptionally kind thing to say, but I'm a tiny bit concerned about how exactly she views me. Me and her deceased son were pretty similar, and it's not uncommon for her to occasionally point out in conversation how much I remind her of her son. A while back we were discussing plans for me to come over and visit, and at one point she asked me if I'd like to stay in their home country permanently. It kind of threw me a little. I care about her a lot, and I feel pretty responsible for her and her family's wellbeing, probably more than I should. That all having been said, I'm worried she's unconsciously substituting me and her deceased son in her mind. The way she talks to me doesn't really befit the relationship of friends or distant family, rather she talks to me like she's my mother. I don't know, maybe I'm overthinking things, but I'm starting to see a pattern emerge in my contact with her and I'd be lying if I said I'm not worried. What do you lads think?
>>1523 I'd say it's more than possible given the situation. Where are they from?
>>1523 Hard to be sure with the limited information of the situation I've got (i.e. don't blindly trust what I say) but that does sound like she's developing an unhealthy surrogate mother relationship with you. I'm not really sure what you should do in that scenario but you probably want to avoid it developing much further for both your sake and hers.
>>1524 Canada. >>1525 Yeah, I kind of think that might be what's happening. My original reason for getting in touch with the family was because I knew they'd be asking a lot of questions that I more or less knew the answer to, and I thought it might bring them some peace. I still would quite like to visit them but I'm trying to weigh up to what extent my presence in their life is a positive or if it might be a dangerous, destabilising element. One thing I worry about quite a lot is how my friend's younger siblings are doing. Whenever I ask about them I normally get met with material answers about what it is they're up to these days, I've not really been able to get any concrete information on how the death of their brother has affected them mentally, and that's something I'm concerned might be slipping under the radar. I don't know, ultimately they're not my responsibility either, but it doesn't feel that way. I can only imagine the resentment I would feel if my older brother comitted suicide after years of barely communicating with me only for some complete stranger from another country to be invited into my home for several weeks purely on the basis of his relationship with him. What do his siblings even know about me? I have no idea. I've had zero communications with them. The whole situation is tragic beyond words and I just really hope my presence can end up being a positive one. If I'm honest I suppose I still feel responsible for my friend's death in the first place and feel I have some ammends to make. Who knows, it's all very confusing.
>>1512 Thanks lad, I appreciate the advice. I've got both a bathroom and an ensuite, so I've been peeing in the ensuite and pooing in the bathrooom. I'm not entirely sure if its good etiquette. It avoids stinking out my bedroom, but the bathroom is right next to the door to come into the flat, so will be the first thing being smelt. Its been incredibly warm in the flat today, which is a bit worrying, I was messing with the heating last night as I needed to dry all my pants, but all the radiators are definitely off.
What are you all up to today?
>>1528 Getting my bike fixed.
>>1527 Are surprise visitors a factor? Then it might be worth reconsidering. >1528 Watching the /icup/ matches and catching up on sleep for a job app.
>>1530 What job are you applying for? And why haven't you given me my (you)?
>>1530 I don't imagine surprise visitors being a factor, mum is very much the sort of person to rind ahead, and dad doesn't seem at all interested in visiting, and definitely wouldn't do so alone so mum would ring ahead. >>1528 I dropped off the van I picked up yesterday for moving the bed and sofa, then walked 3 miles back to the flat. Going to watch 10 Cloverfield Lane this afternoon.
>1531 (You)s were a mistake, it all went wrong after (You)s were introduced.
Lads if you could have any superpower what would you pick? I've upped my water intake lately and it's a bit annoying having to go the toilet all the time - I would quite like the ability to wee around corners with pinpoint accuracy so I could save myself the hassle.
>>1534 When I first read this I thought to myself, "haha what a fool when he could just want a superpower to not need to wee at all" but then I realised that to give up the ability to have the satisfaction of a good wee would be terrible making your superpower well thought out.
>>1535 Imagine drinking two pints of water and just blasting it round all the doors and hallways in your house
Apparently Millennial Woes is a massive shagger, was using his channel to meet lasses, and even gave some of them HPV. Of course it could all be bollocks but I'm nowhere interested enough to find out. Would it surprise you if it was true? I'm not sure it would me. While I still agree with a lot the ideas, if I'm honest, I think there are a lot of weirdos in those circles. I was extremely dysfunctional myself when I was spending so much of my time consuming that sort of media. Do any of you still engage with political stuff? Is the Alt. Right still about?
>>1537 >Would it surprise you if it was true? No, everyone uses their (e-)fame/money/power/etc to get more ponos in vagooo action, I'm more surprised that anyone acts surprised about it whenever it gets revealed. >Do any of you still engage with political stuff? I don't, in fact I go out of my way to avoid everything politics-related these days. There's no discourse or rationality, only faux-outrage, propaganda peddling, and non-stop shitflinging from all sides. Bunch of monkeys, the lot of 'em.
Just had an audience with the emperor lads, now I'm back home and Gremio has made some stew. Top comfy.
>>1539 I wonder what the best way to find unknown kanji in this game would be? I've trawled the internet for a script but couldn't find anything, and the drawing into a dictionary method is too error-prone and time-consuming. As it stands I've been able to find a few through an English translation but it's not 100%.
>>1540 Theres a lot of text hookers that exist for Visual Novels with all sorts of engines, they must be something similar for PSX.
>>1541 Enough talk. Let's eat before the food gets cold. Let's raise our glasses. To my son. To the empire.
>>1537 Doesn't surprise me at all honestly, I've known a lot of people in both "alt right" circles and robot circles and most eventually go on to HAVE SEX and they usually calm down a bit after that >>1538 I'm inclined to agree with you lad. Too much spectacle in politics, I can't really be fucked with it anymore.
>>1540 RetroArch has an OCR feature, but it's a bit of a pain in the arse to set up, or you could try something like Cheat Engine to search the memory addresses for the text string, but there's a learning curve there also, and really depends on the game. You can have fun like pic related with it though.
Salted peanuts and a pint of whole milk for supper.
>tfw no death god mate to feed apples to
This evening, it's a /britfeel/ classic. Good night lads. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwJNDF2Jfbc
Open file (688.69 KB 1116x845 dj volksdean.png)
>>1547 Goodnight lad, sleep well.
>>1547 Ah yes.
This morning it's "Little Witch Academy". There are connossieurs, and then there are connossieurs.
My ankle's gradually starting to feel better. I'm able to sit up right without it turning purple after 2 minutes now. I'll be starting partial weight-bearing on Tuesday, and I'm quite excited about that.
>>1551 What kind of break was it for it to be that fucked up? Only time I had a break that needed that caused that much loss of mobility I also tore the ligament.
>>1552 I broke the ankle and damaged the ligament. Did you have surgery? The nurses say it's to be expected. I did some googling and it seems some people get it for even longer.
>>1553 Mine was the knee, tore it but the tore stopped a few mm from the point where it would have needed surgery. Spent close to 6 months on crutches waiting for it to heal and had to spend the night in hospital when it happened, thought it was just tissue damage at first then a doctor walked in flanked by a massive group of med students. The nurse is right though, that kind of lack of mobility is to be expected hopefully its minor enough that it'll heal for you quick.
>>1554 >6 months That's rough. Ligament tears seem to be much worse in terms of pain, recovery time, and even outcome. Is it any different now to before?
>>1555 I think if its severe enough to need surgery its better than it was in the past thanks to general surgical advances but the standard treatment regime is still just leave it to heal on its own with a side of physio when you start to recover. Outcome is still unfun, I can forecast the weather with my knee thanks to the damage letting pressure and humidity cause pain and if I overexert my leg it just completely locks up.
Open file (111.81 KB 630x1200 monogatari.jpg)
Is it good?
>>1557 Its a Shaft anime, if you like their artistic style then you'll enjoy monogatari. If you don't you won't. If you haven't watched anything else by shaft give it a try.
Do you like Shaft? Have you given it a try?
My hair and beard are getting very long. I look homeless. And I like it.
This evening, it's Toshiki Kadomatsu. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0g79mTyjE0
>>1563 Funky.
Just cracked open my fourth can of cider, got a good buzz going lads.
>>1537 The only thing surprising about that is that the fat greasy manlet could get laid. Everyone in brit/pol/ circles is a major autist that I would stay away from. Even seemingly respectable people like Survive the Jive have strange associations.
>>1567 Feels good to be anglo
>>1557 >>1560 Not him, but I've seen Bakemonogatari and tons of other Shaft shows. I'm personally not a fan of the director Akiyuki Shinbou's artsy fartsy style at all (mixed-media + fast-cuts + surreal backgrounds + unnatural camera angles/lighting/poses + stilted animation); in fact I find it quite painful to sit through most shows he's involved with. But many of their shows are still excellent and worth watching despite that due to the top-notch story/characters/humour/etc. If you find that you are a fan of Shinbou's direction style, then you will abolutely love the majority of Shaft shows, but even if you find his direction style to be needlessly disjointed and obnoxious like I do, there's still a lot to like anyway.
Open file (636.49 KB 1037x1597 1572666590732.jpg)
Day 90
>>1570 I went fourteen days once and felt like a king.
Got absolutely steamrolled by a wild boar and two ducks in my first random battle in Suikoden.
>>1571 I took like 3 or 4 attempts to reach the 14 day mark, I've done a 4 month since then before ending. Always use more tissues than you think and aim away from your head.
>>1570 Well done lad, keep it up. Also that image perfectly demonstrates the detrimental effect of repeatedly saving over something with lossy compression, fascinating.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imV-sC2UJB0 Absolutely fantastic. The crop's cream of early afternoon listening.
>>1573 I take it you've had the wank where you accidentally cum on your face and feel a bit gay afterwards?
>>1574 Makes me wonder how it happens, are people actually taking screenshots of these images and then saving them as their own JPEGs? Just doing a regular save shouldn't degrade the quality any further.
>>1576 Nearly. Luckily I survived the close shave unscathed and live on to warn others of the dangers of nofap high pressure cockblasts. >>1577 Either that or maybe save-edit-save.
>>1578 >nofap high pressure cockblasts. Is that actually real?
>>1579 If you fap daily, you'll be surprised at what builds up after a few days. What normally would land on your stomach will land on your chest, multiple times. Lay out a landing strip instead of a coaster. There probably isn't a difference between a week and months (nocturnal emissions aka wet dreams take care of that, although they are a bitch in themselves) but if you aren't used to it you will underestimate yourself. Spare tissues are funner to clean up then cum, for most of us.
>>1580 I see, thanks for the tip.
>>1577 Presumably the image in >>1570 was made by adding a new line to the image each day and then re-saving it as a JPEG, which is why you can see the artifacts and color reproduction worsen as you go from 90 down to 1. In normalfag circles it's not uncommon for people to open up images full screen on their phones, and then take screenshots to save them like the absolute mongs that they are. On places like twitter, the site recompresses files by default whenever they're uploaded even if they were already highly-compressed JPEGs, so each time it's passed on from person to person the image quality gets worse and worse, leading to that horrible "deep fried" effect. One day normalfags will discover PNG and the art of not recompressing already lossy-compressed files, and the internet will be back to where it was in the bloody mid-2000s.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07-IybCIJow I bought the sheet music to this for 16 quid. I've been learning it for 5 days and just got to the tremolo part. I'm very excited. Money well spent I think.
Anyone ever drink loads of water for a laugh to see how FREAKISHLY hydrated they can get?
If this big fiasco with the GCSEs happened when you were that age, what would you have got? Me, I was predicted A* in virtually everything, so I would've done well. As it stood though, I got one A, a B, and C in everything else.
>>1586 I genuinely cannot remember what I was predicted at either GCSE or A level. I don't even really remember what results I got, if I ever need to tell someone for whatever reason, I have to check my CV.
>>1586 Can't remember but I vaguely recall my predicted being slightly better.
>>1586 Usain Bolt's got covid lads.
>>1589 What if it makes his lungs bad and he can no longer run quite fast.
Tonight's selection? Tatsuhiro Yamashita, of course. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxbZfOjwiCc We've come a long way since the vaporwave days.
>tfw bound by the threads of causality
Good morning kings. Did you sleep well?
Singing is banned at public events. Couldn't sing at my Grandfathers funeral. It's a shame, there's a catharsis in group singing.
Do you lads have a morning routine? >>1594 You feeling alri la? I hate funerals. I suppose there isn't anyone who likes them, but still, they feel a bit pointless to me.
>>1595 I was hoping the funeral would change how I was feeling and act as a bookend to the thoughts I've been having, but it didn't do that at all. If anything, it's less the death of my Grandfather that's the central issue here but the fact that it's causing the emotional unavailability of my father to come to a head.
>>1595 I feel like an animal at the mercy of my wants and desires, as such I roll out of bed just before I start work and do nothing in the morning.
I've just had a cheeky partial weight-bearing session with my special cripple shoe. It went surprisingly well; I had about 50% on it and it didn't hurt. There was a sort of dull sensation inside the ankle but no pain. Fantastic.
Open file (102.78 KB 1716x1080 griffisu.jpg)
>10 mins into conspiracies and chill and he gives you that look
I've just phoned work to let them know how things are going with my ankle and when to expect me back. I can't deny there's a void in my life now where delivering great customer service used to be. On the bright side, my satisfaction will be all the more tremendous when I do return. It also turns out they've given my department a new section leader. I don't mind the new one, though it never really makes much difference who we have; we get on with it all the same. It's not a job I'd like to do. You're essentially selling your soul to Asda for an extra £1 an hour.
>>1600 Section leaders have to put up with delivering less customer service too, can you imagine?
>>1601 A fate worse than death. They also often seem to be getting shit off the managers and getting pinballed around the store as they see fit.
I downloaded the Berserk manga but I can't read a lot of the kanji and the furigana is too small to see. I think I need to practice my reading/writing. I'm downloading Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou at the recommendation of a local poster, I hope it's good.
Open file (57.17 KB 861x768 kaado.jpg)
>>1604 That's a coincidence lad, I made this just this morning. And yes he deserved it, shame about the collateral though.
>>1605 is this a flashcard or something? what program are you using? pulling random phrases from anime to translate seems like a nice idea
>>1606 Yes, I'm using Anki. It's a lot more fun this way than studying textbooks in the traditional fashion.
I've decided I want to become a Japanese translator. It makes sense considering I spend most of my waking hours learning it. The pay doesn't look half bad either.
death note is really good
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGCVZZZ8yx0 When Two Adorable Stoats Meet for the First Time | Weasel Wildlife Rehabilitation
Open file (90.71 KB 1023x681 yomichi.jpg)
I've ordered a pizza for 8 from a good quality place I recently found. One of the two main pitfalls of most of my local takeaways are grease and blandness, neither of which I've gotten from this place. The receptionist is a good lass as well, twice she's told me that I've qualified for a freebie, whereas most other places keep it quiet if you don't say. Is anyone else up to anything this evening? I hope you're all acceptably comfy.
Open file (161.02 KB 320x240 1135816666579.gif)
>>1611 >a pizza for 8 That's a lot of pizza for one person lad. >Is anyone else up to anything this evening? I've not long got up, got the whole night ahead of me. No plans as usual, probably just random computer/internet fun until I'm too tired to stay awake, sleep, rinse, repeat.
What do you think pole is up to?
>>1612 Morning lad. I didn't eat it all, I've saved some for today. It made me feel pretty rough actually. I had bad wind and couldn't sleep. Anyone ever get it where you have chest pains?
>>1614 Morning mate. I always find eating pizza to be a regretable experience, used to have one every week but I rarely ever have one now.
OH jeez oh man, this business over in Wisconsin is just nuts.
>>1614 >I had bad wind and couldn't sleep. Anyone ever get it where you have chest pains? I always feel terrible after takeaway pizza too, lots of indigestion mostly for me though.
Open file (206.21 KB 2048x1536 charges at you.jpg)
Open file (146.27 KB 962x761 operator.jpg)
>>1616 Who are we backing lads? Now think carefully. Our voice carries a lot of weight in world affairs, and these are serious matters.
>>1612 I enjoyed this gif lad. Would you mind if I saved it?
Open file (113.33 KB 310x233 1109474304803.gif)
>>1619 I'd be more annoyed if you didn't save it lad, and make sure you keep the unix timestamp intact for future generations to enjoy. You can save this one too.
Open file (243.67 KB 583x704 1598542257284.jpg)
>>1618 It's sad you would even ask that question, look at what happened. I hope he gets justice. RIP.
Open file (289.78 KB 1712x1598 EgbWxb5WsAEOUOE.jpg)
Have you ever lost anyone to weed?
>>1623 Nope, I've only ever met people who were already smoking weed before I knew them, and I don't even know any of them anymore.
Open file (760.50 KB 1242x1521 mostly peaceful.jpg)
I took a trip to /pol/ in light of the recent happening and fucking KEK It's still a shithole, I don't recommend it
When's the last time you were in a flow state?
>>1626 I'm always going into a flow state, it's what keeps me a healthy weight despite sitting at home on the computer all day. I get so into what I'm doing that I often forget to eat.
>>1627 I know a music lad post when I see one. Do you think regularly entering flow states is one of the keys to being happy?
>>1626 I genuinely can't remember.
>>1628 Rumbled. Firstly I'd say that "being happy" isn't something that anyone can experience for an extended period of time, it's a transient emotion that quickly wears off once you get desensitised to the stimuli causing it. I'll assume that you mean being "at peace" instead, which is the more subtle but long-lasting version. While I do think that being in a state of flow is probably a regular part of any "at peace" person's life, I'd say that much like the state of joy or anger, being in a state of flow isn't inherently "good" or "bad". This is due to the fact you can enter this state while doing something that negatively impacts yourself and/or others, e.g. someone ignoring their studies to play video games might spend a lot of time in a flow state, as might a neglectful mother with a gambling addiction.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MpDF_uV_J1M Absolutely sickening. Is nowhere safe?
>>1631 No, and if you want to blame anyone blame w*men.
>>1626 Occasionally when I'm playing starcraft.
>>1632 That's a bit misogynistic. What do women have to do with him being in Japan?
Open file (321.74 KB 640x1000 Hormone tips.png)
>>1626 when i was taking my hormones
Willies, poos, and big jiggly knockers.
>>1636 Post tits then lad
Hey /britfeel/, American here. I had some questions I wanted to asked you. >How do feel about recolonizing some of your former territories like Jamaica or India? I once heard that in a recent study that 60% of Jamaicans would like to return to colonial rule. >Do you want a future war with America? Do you think it's inevitable? >If there's a single British dish that you could recommend to me, what would be? >Do you still support A monarchy? Maybe not the current monarchy but a better monarchy.
>>1638 You don't want to see gross triangle tits.
>>1636 you are brave for posting if serious. we don't post much because some posters hold some pretty archaic views but there is a small community of british transfolk who lurk here.
>>1641 > there is a small community of british transfolk who lurk here. There is barely a community of people here at all, let alone some tranny subculture
Does anyone have any thoughts on the speedrunning community?
>>1634 Everything
>>1642 this isnt just your board. we are welcome here too. im not going to argue because i do like it here and i dont want cause a fuss but just know we are here.
>>1639 The recolonising malarky is a lot less good than it sounds. Its because a lot of those countries have such shit and poor governments they want us back to subsidise them.
>>1643 Don't like them, all seem to be extremely broken people.
Open file (605.76 KB 640x355 nar.png)
>>1647 I don't know what you could possibly mean. I challenge you to find a better example
>>1648 Theres that photo where they're all sat at a restaurant and they all look like absolute freaks. I don't have a problem with most trannies but the ones that go to speedrunning events are always the most horrific and maladjusted ones
Open file (492.96 KB 624x351 ClipboardImage.png)
Behold the worlds most expensive sheep, don't get the fuss, looks a bit weird to me.
I get that male anime characters are generally somewhat feminine but the protagonist of Kimetsu no Yaiba literally looks and sounds like a girl. What the FUCK is his problem.
>>1651 Anyone paying serious money for that thing would be getting fleeced.
You fucking rused me, you Poe's law-abusing dicks. I'll be expecting an apology.
how long is it possible to go without having mates?
>>1655 At least 8, unless family counts. I've been playing games like Mario Kart, SSX Tricky, Tony Hawk's Underground, and SmackDown: Shut Your Mouth with my nieces (aged 3 and 6) lately, it's been a long time since I've had anyone to play those games with. They're shit at playing of course, but it's fun nonetheless. It was funny when I tried to get my oldest niece to create a wrestler in SmackDown, she basically cried and ran off because of how ugly the face options were (and they are pretty shocking to be fair). I had to try and explain to her that it was an old game from a time when graphics weren't as good as they are now, and then she started proclaiming that "new games like Roblox look so much better", the little troll.
>>1653 Nice one lad.
>>1639 >How do feel about recolonizing some of your former territories like Jamaica or India? I once heard that in a recent study that 60% of Jamaicans would like to return to colonial rule. It would likely be better for the countries we took back over, but the public is so "woke" now they wouldn't accept it. It's unclear whether we're even in an economic position to be able to go through with it either, while a return to being an empire would cause a better outcome overall, I'm unsure if we could even git it off its feet. >Do you want a future war with America? Do you think it's inevitable? Not particularly, America seems to be a bit of a mess, but not anymore than we are. Russia has probably won the culture war unfortunately, I don't see either of us turning it around but we'd want to be on the same side against them more than anything else. >If there's a single British dish that you could recommend to me, what would be? I enjoy a nice traditional sunday dinner, but I'd rather have some smoked briskett that you guys have more than that. Maybe some sort of british desert? Welshcakes are nice, so are Scones. Do you guys have custard? I've never heard it spoken about outside of the UK. >Do you still support A monarchy? Maybe not the current monarchy but a better monarchy. I believe a monarchy with the balls to actually rule is probably our only way out of the mess we're in. I don't think our current monarchs have what it takes to do that thoug.
>>1645 It's not just their board, it's mine too. You're mentally ill, and instead of being given the option to transition you should have been given proper mental health treatement. I'm sorry you believe what you do, but you're deeply unwell. Almost all normal people believe this, but they're too afraid to say it.
>>1643 I know someone who's into speedrunning, and he's pretty normal, although was always an outsider at shool. He's the best example of the community, and I think it attracts too many autists to be a culture that can exist without outside input.
>>1659 It's just one of the regulars having us on for a laugh, ignore him lad.
>>1659 the board is for everyone. you might not like it but we are welcome here. i don't see what your problem is given we keep ourselves to ourselves 99% of the time and when we do post it's not about our gender. honestly i'm annoyed i've even spoken out like this but it just infuriates me to see such horrible views being voiced. this will be my last post on the subject. please anon just find it in yourself to have a more open mind. >>1661 why is it so hard to accept that there might be people with gender identities different to yours posting here.
>>1630 >Rumbled. Firstly I'd say that "being happy" isn't something that anyone can experience for an extended period of time, it's a transient emotion that quickly wears off once you get desensitised to the stimuli causing it. You seem like a wise lad. I actually completely agree. Is there a particular activity you do that you find it easiest to enter flow with? For me, it's playing guitar. Do you still meditate? I wonder if Buddhist monks are in a state of permanent or near-permanent flow from thousands of hours of meditation?
>>1663 Because I have special powers that allow me to see through your little games, Mr. Whibblescromp.
>>1659 I know I'm replying to a post that's replying to a shitpost, but your assertion doesn't hold much actual ground. Most trans people in the UK end up having to go through psychiatric services before transition, including talking therapy and screening by a psychiatrist, and lots of other things were tried to help trans people back in the day before the medical community focussed on transition (things like reperative therapy and giving male to female trannies testosterone to see if that would sort them out) and none of it worked. The reason trans people get medical help to transition is because of all the treatments that have been tried it's the one that shows the best improvement in a patient's overall quality of life. The whole "trans people just need therapy" line of thinking is a massive meme.
>>1668 What were the results of giving them test? Where's your source for that?
Open file (58.32 KB 668x676 bully.jpg)
You're on your way home from the /britfeel/ meetup skimming through your copy of The Weekly Whibblescromp when this guy blocks your path and asks for your wallet. What do you do?
My ankle seems to be improving. I can put slightly more weight on it, and do so more frequently, and it doesn't seem to be swelling up as much when I get out of bed, which I'm making an effort to do more often now. It could soon be time for me to rejoin humanity.
>>1669 I'll be honest with you lad, I haven't looked into it in a while and it's actually pretty hard to find a clear timeline on this - I think the male cohorts that were treated with testosterone were actually people who were diagnosed with transvestism rather than Gender Identity Disorder, but so far as I can remember this was in the earlier half of the 1900s and GID as a diagnosis didn't exist yet. I'll keep poking around and let you know if I can find anything, because it's annoying me that I can't remember where I got the information from now. Since I can't find the source on that, I've instead looked up a decent five year study of trannies who recieved hormone and surgical interventions and how it effected their quality of life, it's a hefty read though: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10508-009-9551-1 Also for the sake of it, here's a good article summarising the neurological differences between trans and non trans people: https://www.the-scientist.com/features/are-the-brains-of-transgender-people-different-from-those-of-cisgender-people-30027/
At how many replies do we normally have a new thread again lads?
>>1673 Was around 700 or so on 8chan, but autolock here is at 1000.
>>1668 >>1672 I've read accounts of medical professionals being shit on for even suggesting going through anything in terms of therapy before looking at transitioning, although it's very possible that they're unique stories amongst a more normal situation overall. The whole issue is a lot of tiny voices being very loud as far as how much it gets discussed anyway. Plus, I don't particularly understand trans people at all. I see people saying how they want to exist how they see themselves, or picture themselves, or they want their body to line up with their mind, but that implies that this is a normal thing. My mental image of myself and how I feel in no way lines up with my physical body, but I'm very aware that the idea of "transitioning" to something else is ridiculous.
>>1672 >neurological differences between trans and non trans people >what is neuroplasticity
>>1675 >I've read accounts of medical professionals being shit on for even suggesting going through anything in terms of therapy before looking at transitioning In the UK I think they've now introduced the option to "self refer" to specialised clinics, but the wait is obscenely long as is often shortened considerably if you go through a psychiatrist, and you will be referred to a psychiatrist if you present with symptoms of GID to a General Practicioner, and the psychiatrist will normally refer a patient to local psychotherapy services while they wait. The anecdotes you're describing are likely from the US or some such other country. >The whole issue is a lot of tiny voices being very loud as far as how much it gets discussed anyway. Basically, the whole "issue" is plagued with hyperbole and gets far more attention than it really needs, with that attention being drawn typically to those tiny, loud voices you were referring to. >Plus, I don't particularly understand trans people at all. Isn't that to be expected? It's much like not understanding somebody who has autism, or synesthesia, or not understanding the blind. Different people, different experiences, different minds and all that. >>1676 I'm aware of neuroplasticity, what is your point?
Is there a greater discomfort in this life than acid dick?
>>1670 I would simply ignore it. An insect that large can't get enough oxygen to sustain itself and would be unable to do anything to harm me.
>>1670 I'm inclined to agree with this >>1679 poster. A most sensible response that I had not properly considered.
Open file (83.79 KB 594x1176 1492357495124.jpg)
I miss 2016 memes
A scotch egg, pork pie and a lovely cup of black tea honey for an afternoon snack lads
>>1681 Got to wonder what possesses a man to post a picture like this on the world wide web, quite a frightening thought process.
Open file (26.02 KB 712x477 the begin.jpg)
This time it's Ruby. Anyone played it?
>>1684 Nevermind, it doesn't have a kanji option. Apparently Black and White are the first ones with that feature. I stopped at gen II so I suspect I might encounter a few new pokemon.
Lads, my laptop's making a loud whirring noise and getting hot but I don't have many things open. Am I mining bitcoin for some Chinese internet warlord?
>>1684 I plated Sapphire in English. Gen3 was my favourite pokemon gen.
>>1684 >>1687 I also played sapphire, a few years after it actually came out. I enjoyed it a lot, especially the hunts for the legendaries.
>>1688 Having to solve the braile to get the regis felt so cool. Like actual archeology to young me.
>>1684 >>1687 >>1688 Good choice Sapphire lads. Everybody but me at my primary school played Ruby. No idea why. Utter plebes if you ask me.
>>1687 >>1688 >>1690 That's a real bummer about it not having kanji then. Anyone try Black/White?
>>1691 I played White. I remember not liking the switch to a 3D environment at the time, but looking at it now, I prefer it to what the games currently look like. The change from sprites to 3D models was a huge mistake in my opinion. I also didn't like the musical stuff, and thought it was inferior to contests, although those were only introduced in ruby/sapphire anyway since you won't have experienced them. One thing I'd say is depending on how long you plan on playing it you might want to mess with the clock a bit, as the game has seasons that last around a real world month. From what I remember, the plot revolves around team plasma who are essentially an animal rights organisation. I don't think I found it that interesting, but if you do it's one of the only pokemon games with a direct sequel.
>>1691 Does Emerald have them? Its basically Sapphire/Ruby but better with the best battle frontier ever made in the history of the pokemon franchise with loads of different venues that radically adjust battles. I was shit at all of them.
>>1692 BW and BW2 were the last good pokemon games. The subsequent ones were absurdly easy, hand-holdy and just not good even for a pokemon game.
Open file (6.27 KB 151x178 water taipu.jpg)
>>1692 >I remember not liking the switch to a 3D environment at the time I've just started and I'm not that impressed either. They went from high quality 2D to shitty 3D. It looks like it might have gotten more MOE as well. I do like the music though, there's a real funky number at the beginning as you're choosing your pokemon, I was going to post it but can't find it. >>1693 No, they only added it in gen V. to be honest, it's still going to be tough at times because they're very low res, and my reading isn't amazing to begin with.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyEDo4Jf0KM >pajeet english fanatics Kind of endearing
>>1696 I feel strangely paternal about pajeets especially ones interested in English culture.
I forgot how fast time goes as a neet. 6 months of nothing, gone instantly.
>>1698 Six months ago was the beforetimes, when you think about it. Crazy stuff. I've been NEET for 11 months now and next month I'll be becoming a student and ending my streak, although I think the longest continuous period I spent as a NEET was 2.5 years. How long have you been NEET lad?
>>1699 Only gone out a few times since the virus and I avoid the news, pretty much in a capsule. Society could be completed changed, but I wouldn't know about it. Nice that you're going places, is going from neet to student a relief to you, or more of necessary burden you have to take on? I was 3 years neet, 4 years a wageslave, now 6 months neet again. The plan was: >wageslave>build savings>start a ltd but it's become: >wageslave>build savings>watch savings melt away as a neet
>>1700 What was the original plan for your LTD?
>>1698 >Nice that you're going places, is going from neet to student a relief to you, or more of necessary burden you have to take on? For me it's a relief. I absolutely detest employment, but I quite enjoy studying, it's one of the few things in life I'm actually passionate about. My plans are to keep studying for as long as is humanly possible, then go into academia as a profession, and if I get tired of that I'll fake some sort of mental breakdown and return to being a NEET. How about you lad? Do you prefer NEET life to wageslave life? I've honestly never held down a job for more than six or so months, and I've never kept a full time job for more than two.
I replied to the wrong post. >>1700 anon meet post >>1702 Sorted.
>>1665 >Is there a particular activity you do that you find it easiest to enter flow with? I get it with pretty much any activity that I'm focused on accomplishing, although playing an instrument is definintely one of the more potent ones. >Do you still meditate? I don't actively meditate unless I'm highly stressed, depressed, or anxious (which is rare these days), but I casually clear my mind using meditation techniques whenever I become conscious of unhelpful mind chatter or get caught up in irrational thoughts. >I wonder if Buddhist monks are in a state of permanent or near-permanent flow from thousands of hours of meditation? I'd say there's a good chance.
>>1704 Fucking name field
>>1701 No solid plan, the good thing about ltds is that you can set one up cheap without even an idea and work out the rest later. A good option if you want to be neet for a while but don't want a gap in your cv. To me, business is the only way. As an employee your earning potential is capped by the hours in the day and your hourly value to an employer, tax treatment is also a lot worse. Also, if you don't have nepotism, social skills, or a high value profession, wageslaving is just a treadmill where you wake up at 30 having worked hard but no closer to a goal worth your years of effort. With a business, your earning power is uncapped. If you sell a product not only do you make the profit from the sale but also your business itself becomes more valuable. For every pound of profit you make, your business might also increase in value by two pounds, for example. Scale that up and it's those numbers that are worth your time, not working two jobs for not even 20k, as I did. >>1702 I can't imagine studying after being neet for an extended period, especially with the neet brain fog, but you might not get that. Whatever you can call your passion, be sure to grab it with both hands. I can relate to the comfort of having a neet lifestyle backup plan if things don't work out. It's good because it gives you a kind of 'fuck you' power where you can just drop everything and return to the neet cave if it gets too much, where someone who has to work might not have the luxury. I couldn't have wageslaved as long as I did without that option. I cashed in that 'fuck you' option 6 months ago. Being neet is infinitely preferable. Even if you waste it, you get your autonomy back. Your time is your own, there's no hierarchy, politics, or balancing the selection of fake personalities you need to get through the day. There no pretence as a neet, just living your honest self as you see fit. 6 months in and i'm still mostly enjoying it.
>>1706 With regards to NEET brainfog, I tend to call it brainrot, as my mental faculties gradually decline over time the longer I spend it as a NEET. Fortunately from prior experience in tertiary education, I know that it takes about a month for me to see a drastic improvement in my faculties, and I'm reliably back up and running at maximum capacity within three months. I actually cracked open a mathematics book for the first time in a long time today to start preparing myself, and my ability to absorb and apply the information was somewhat deprecated. Fortunately I don't commence full time studies for another month and in that time I hope to have gotten used to straining my brain again. I've also started studying Japanese radicals through Anki to get my active recall back up and running. What I'm most excited about when it comes to returning to studying is having another chance to realise my potential. When I was last studying Chemistry at a local college, I was seriously depressed, had a sub 50% attendance rate and I was usually drunk when attending class or sitting through exams. By the time I transferred to University my depression and my drinking was all the more intense. I passed out without sitting a single exam and by the time the academic year ended I was in hospital being treated for alcohol withdrawal syndrome. Fortunately, for the first time in my life I've got a handle on my melancholy and my drinking, and I'm fairly hopeful that things will go much better, it's nice to finally have something in my life to look forward to. What precipitated your "fuck you" moment lad? Was there any particular pressure or grievance that made you decide to become NEET, and do you ever intend to return to work?
>>1707 I feel like your faculties don't 'bounce back' as well the more times you have bring them back, might just be an age thing. Anki is great though, bonus points if you're the anon that originally suggested it here, I never knew about it. That's good progress as well, a strong enough goal will help you through, but getting that and keeping it is the hard part. I hit a savings goal and realised I didn't have to put up with any shit because I could just leave. Prepared to leave and waited for an excuse. Won't be working a job again unless I burn up all my money before getting self-employed, even then i'd rather get a business loan/funding for whatever idea I can come up with. Neet life is frugal life though, so there's time and i'm content, for now.
Hullo lads. I hope you're all feeling /alri/ this evening.
Open file (532.63 KB 1024x768 Flan_con_nata.jpg)
Open file (58.84 KB 736x552 andysfrozencustard.jpeg)
Open file (25.79 KB 474x355 american puddingn.jpeg)
>>1658 >Do you guys have custard? I've never heard it spoken about outside of the UK. Yeah, we do have custard over here. We have it in 2 notable forms. The first one I can think of technically isn't custard by name but is called "flan" and It is Spanish in origin. Oddly enough you guys also have a dish called flan but I don't know if it's the same one we have over here. The one in the states is often served with a thin caramel sauce and is inverted from its original baking dish. secondly, custard does exist and in fact, it's just called custard. there's even a place to get it in chicongo called "andy's frozen custard" but it's not really advisable you go there since chicongo probably is more dangerous than cities in the middle east. There are of course more places to get it but that's just a notable establishment. Something else I actually forgot to ask you, to you, what does the word pudding mean? In America it refers to stuff that is vaguely liquid like and has a similar consistency to thick cream. Image 3 related is what pudding is. It's most common flavor is chocolate although pretty much any flavor that is reasonable is available. >>1696 >>1697 It's interesting that you show some sort of care towards the pajeets that are interested in English culture. This is actually more of a question towards the entirety of /britfeel/ and not just the two of you; would any of you consider the ethnoglobe to be a viable future? For those of you who are unaware, the ethnoglobe idea states that all non-whites are sub human and must be exterminated from the earth. The earth will then be colonized by white people and solely belong to them.
It's amazing how quickly the temperature has plummeted. Happy now, heat whingers?
>>1709 I'm alright, tired though so I'm off to bed. It is evening after all. >>1710 >frozen custard What the fuck mate. I don't think we have the same custards, over here it's a thick-yet-runny cream-like substance, usually served piping hot, that you pour over your apple crumble or whatever. You can also have it cold like in a trifle, but not fucking frozen like an ice cream. That's outrageous. >what does the word pudding mean? The word on its own just means dessert; it doesn't refer to any dish in particular, it's just the name of the sweet treat you'll have after your main meal if you're lucky. Some staple British puddings include: sticky toffee pudding, rice pudding, apple/rhubarb crumble, spotted dick (oi oi), blancmange (pronounced bluh-monj - think it might be similar to what you call flan), trifle, wibble-wobble wibble-wobble jelly-on-a-plate, and a plain old fucking yoghurt because it's not a special occasion so your mum didn't make anything or buy anything in. When there's a word in front of "pudding" then it usually refers to something specific, and not necessarily a dessert. "Yorkshire puddings" are dry and crispy bowl-shaped things you have with your roast dinner, usually drenched in gravy. "Black pudding" is actually a sausage made of pig's blood and fat, you'll be thrilled to know.
Open file (440.69 KB 480x480 img-1-ss-1598011304.png)
>alright mate, did you know I used to be a prince?
>>1711 No, I shall not be satisfied until it is winter and hovering around a lovely 0 degrees.
Open file (48.31 KB 987x628 shoumetsu.jpg)
>>1707 Glad to see you've taken the Anki pill lad, it really is effective, it almost feels like cheating. Remember to make your cards such that you're utilising visual memory as well, it's a very big part of the way we remember things, and at least for me introducing pictures has helped with recall enormously.
>>1715 That is a top quality image for disappearance. Nice one lad.
Excuse me. Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the quality of the Demon Slayer OP. Thank you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmanD_s7G3U
I've done some serious hopping around today, my ankle has improved vastly. It's amazing how quickly I get out of breath though - I guess that's normal after being completely sedentary for a month post-surgery but it still feels very weird. I also went outside for the first time in over a month, it felt strange, but pleasant. I played on the megadrive with my nephew for a bit, then came back to my room and did a workout, now I'm waiting for room service to bring up my 'zza. Fantastic.
just had an absolutely cracking roast chicken dinner lads. fantastic. >>1718 >I also went outside for the first time in over a month, it felt strange, but pleasant. I remember when I first went outside after recovering from covid, the whole country was still on lockdown and it was a very surreal atmosphere, I kind of miss it. There were far less people on the streets and everyone went out of their way to keep their distance, I loved it.
My tremolo is getting faster. I cannot be stopped.
>>1718 Glad to hear your ankle's slowly getting better lad. >I played on the megadrive with my nephew for a bit Nice, what games you got?
Open file (204.33 KB 400x299 snowbrosnicktom.png)
Open file (29.95 KB 640x448 ga205.png)
>>1722 It's one of those smaller new ones with loads of games on. I kept whacking him and nicking his dinosaur in Golden Axe, he wasn't happy. Who /cheeky uncle/ here?
>set my alarm for 7:30 to skype with a nip girl >she cancels on me at 6 while i'm asleep after being the one who suggested the time Shalln't be doing THAT again.
>>1723 >Who /cheeky uncle/ here? Me, letting the nieces win at a game for a bit and then absolutely caning them when they get too cocky is one of life's greatest joys.
>>1725 Can they hack it? My nephew throws a tantrum if I thrash him too much, it's quite funny how unable he is to handle losing. Naturally I regularly beat him to cultivate that vital life skill.
>>1726 Nah they're a couple of spoilt crybabies, but it's funny when they threaten to tell on me, like my sister or mum would give half a shit. The oldest one sometimes repeats some stupid "it doesn't matter if you lose" mantra she's had drummed into her at school, but I tell her that even if that's true, it's still nicer to win than it is to lose. Breaking the conditioning mate.
Open file (28.08 KB 819x288 shikome.jpg)
Really gives pause for thought.
>>1728 Proves all my opinions on women correct.
>>1727 Top stuff lad, reminder state schools are designed to pacify and defang you.
>>1726 >>1727 You're both doing good work lads. They're going to need to be able to deal with stuff like this when society collapses.
Where were you when you realised Sword Art Online is the best anime of all time?
Welshman, 61, is suing his former employer for racism after claiming colleagues made repeated references to 'sheep sh***ing' and named office mannequin 'Baa-bera' >James Bracegirdle, from Llandudno, is suing his former employer for racism >Health and safety expert said he endured two years of abuse before quitting >Married father-of-one was also told that Welsh language 'spewing in a bucket' https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8681033/Welshman-61-sues-former-employer-racism-claiming-colleagues-referred-sheep-sh-ing.html
Do you lads notice any patterns in your moods in relation to the time of day? I think mine often drops around early evening and picks up again around now. I'm aware there an endless amount of variables influencing your mental state at all times but I've had this vague suspicion in my mind for months now and I think I am noticing some kind of pattern.
alright lads? Been a little while but finally out of family homes and into private houseshare, bit of a shithole but I've cleaned for 10+ hours over 2 days and unpacked/decorated so it feels like a home I guess. I'll be back to more regularposting I think
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRUJwyooS7g Early Scottish music_On Period Instruments
Anime for breakfast.
>>1736 >Early Scottish music >18th century Bit of a stretch lad. >>1737 Nice, what you watching?
Open file (39.64 KB 445x445 blocks your path.jpg)
>>1738 That's what the uploader titled it, and he's a world-class guitarist. You have been destroyed.
>>1740 The term "Early music" almost always describes music from the Medieval period to the Renaissance period, ending with the start of the Baroque period (the beginning of Classical music). Before the Baroque period, certain core musical concepts had not yet been established or become commonplace (like polyphony, counterpoint, common-practice tonality, chords, homophony, etc.), which is what makes it "early". There's nothing "early" about 18th century Classical music; they were doing much the same things that we're still doing today by that point.
How suicidal are the nogs for having to do their carnival online this year? How suicidal are the coppers for having no BASED black men to dance with? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSQIyQT3Zx4&list=PLpmwWuIh57wZqKrGYmMB0f-g1MktqdfWV
>>1741 Well, you might be right, but how about this? *shits on the thread floor* SOMEONE's going to have to clean it up.
>>1734 I haven't thought about it before lad, but I'm definitely more productive very early morning or very late at night. Maybe I should keep an eye on it to figure out whats going on in my brain.
>all these clickbait "I learned X language in ONE WEEK" videos on youtube No you fUCKING didn't you utter cretins.
I can't remember if I've ever asked this, but what is your personal favourite anime of all time?
>>1746 The original Legend of the Galactic Heroes. Its on another level to the rest and I fucking love sci-fi me.
Tonight, it's 森高千里 's "私がオバさんになっても". One thing's for sure - she had a real synth chad writing her music. Magnificent. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GewWg-T29Js
Lads, I really want to make a new team and enter it in the next /icup/. Give me some ideas for what to add in the roster.
Open file (25.75 KB 250x348 the boys in red.jpg)
>>1745 Go to /lang/ friend, they want as many people as possible. >>1750 Queenie would be a fun one. What about the kits? Could we have like Grenadier kits?
Cheddar and haddock fishcake served on a bed of spinach, accompanied by a selection of roast vegetables. Absolutely smashing tea. >>1746 Haibane Renmei, terminally underappreciated anime.
>>1752 Who's made that lad?
>>1753 why mummy did of course
Have you ever had a waifu? We're all anonymous here, lads.
>>1755 Yes
>>1750 Add Are Nige to it and I'm set
>>1755 Yes, but for the sake of anonymity I'm not telling you who it is.
>>1755 Still do lad. Can't shake it even as I get older
Who /skillfully and effortlessly navigating the virtual space with keyboard shortcuts/ here? I pity mouse peasants. In less than a second I can accomplish what takes you several.
>>1760 Me, I'm a wizard on the keyboard shortcuts, 1337 h4x0r 4 lyf m8.
Open file (22.01 KB 218x215 1450811542737.jpg)
>>1750 I'll repost some of the player ideas we came up with before, plus a couple of new ones I've thought of: - Deano (captain) - Dolequest lad - Retail lad - Snake - Sam - /guildfeel/ - /britfeel/ Light Music Club - Floopity whibblescromps - t. SAG - Lupus - Party hat/bag/balloon - Regurgitated Hula Hoops - Candlefag - Harbourfag - Protective mattress - Jammy digestives - Dildo dad - Asda - Gremlin Squad - Jobcentre Plus - Man on his bike with his socks pulled up and ready to give a firm handshake to the manager
will kirito kun indeed be able to stop the nefarious death gun
>>1762 Looks good lad I'll add Are Nige in though
>>1762 What should our anthem be? It's coming home?
>>1762 what is candlefag and harbourfag about? also is protective mattress about the great grenfell tower fire debate? >>1765 >>1766 >what should our anthem be? AT THE JOBCENTRE LIFE'S A LAUGH THEY'LL GIVE YOU A CHEQUE FOR YOUR AUTOGRAPH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKnyrHBwu10
>>1767 Ah. It's been a while...greencuck.
Open file (97.06 KB 500x316 72767911.jpg)
>>1711 >Happy now, heat whingers? Yes
>>1768 I'm not greencuck lad
>>1768 What on earth made you think that poster was from greencuck? Is there ANYTHING in the post to even slightly suggest it?
>>1771 How many people so unfamiliar with fundamental board culture even exist?
Full English for breakfast.
>>1771 I think greencuck was maybe the first poster to shill that meme jobcentre song, not sure though
>>1767 >what is candlefag and harbourfag about? Back when Lupus was doing Fighting Fantasy streams with us, a choice came up where we had to pick between going down Candle Street, or going down Harbour Street. The number of proponents for each side were roughly equal, and it turned into a right old kerfuffle, leading to a bitter rivalry between the two factions that's lasted many years. >also is protective mattress about the great grenfell tower fire debate? Allow me to present to you, for the first time ever in screencap form, the /britfeel/ Mattress Saga.
>>1775 never did get that bitcoin. bit salty like.
>he actually started uploading again Why did no one tell me? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8gTWVlndII
I think my housemates are all nocturnal beings; I rarely see them but tend to hear them shortly after I turn off all the lights and lock all the doors
>>1777 what the fuck happened to his voice? The gorgon has always had a really high pitch but it's turned almost grating and seems to be catching in his throat, and his eyes keep rolling back into his head. Is he going to be alright?
>>1779 I noticed the gargling thing, I wasn't sure if it was the dog at first but you're right it does seem to be him. His eyes have always rolled back though, that's quintessential Jonathan.
I have just used a fork to have a good scratch underneath my cast, and good god it felt fantastic. Do you know, the first thing I'm going to do when they take it off next week, is have a right good scratch.
>>1780 He seems a lot "simpler" than I remember him being. Granted the dude was never exactly the brightest, but his mental state seems to have detoriated. He seems to lack the vim and vigour that his crusade against the right gave him and now he just seems kind of sad. Watching these new videos makes me feel bad for him.
>>1782 He's always been barely functional at best, I don't think he seems any different barring the gargling. It is a shame he's disabled comments though, they were always overwhelmingly positive if not a bit tongue in cheek. If I'm honest, I'm a bit jealous of the level of contentedness and satisfaction he's able to derive from looking at trams and buses.
>>1783 even if they were a bit tongue in cheek*
>>1783 It was something to do with the tone of his voice, a kind of listless, pleaful sadness. maybe he really always was like that and I've just become more empathetic as I've gotten older, I was a pretty young lad back when i used to scoff at his videos.
Open file (112.53 KB 1332x1080 pippin.jpg)
Chronically underrated character
I've decided to stop procrastinating on youtube so much. It seems to be my default mode when I'm not doing anything, and it was happening almost unconsciously, but I've realised how strong a habit it's become over the last few days and I shalln't be feeding it anymore. It's funny because I do actually enjoy the thing I should be doing instead, but I think the novelty factor of all the possibile things the algorithm might give me has a stronger pull for those ancient dopamine circuits. Who /prefrontal cortex crew/ here?
Open file (25.37 KB 533x593 mfw racism.jpg)
Gary Lineker thanks refugees for 'bringing fish and chips to Britain' in bizarre video voiced by Jo Brand and Yasmin Kadi - as he reveals why he is inviting a migrant to come and live in his Surrey mansion >BBC's highest paid employee says he has no fears about welcoming a stranger >He said social media has made us 'toxic' and yearns for the days of pub debate https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8691793/Gary-Lineker-reveals-inviting-refugee-come-live-4million-London-home.html >alll these years people have been criticising the luvvies for not inviting them round to theirs' The absolute MADMAN
>>1788 Why anyone gives a shit what a footballer-turned-crisp salesman-turned-tv presenter has to say about anything I'll never know.
>be learning hard song on guitar >after two weeks realise the guy who arranged it is using a capo on the second fret >it's immediately twice as easy It's like I've been running with a weighted vest the whole time
>>1790 I used to have a capo, then it went missing about 13-14 years ago. Reckon one of my mates stole it, we all played guitar at the time.
>>1791 Do you play now?
>>1792 Not really, only bring it out once in a blue moon, same with my bass and other instruments. More of a keyboard lad really, but even then I can't play it particularly well.
Open file (114.71 KB 1024x907 biden bear.jpg)
Just found out about Biden Bear lads.
>>1795 Do the people making these tweets think anyone will actually buy it? There are thousands of unpaid buzzfeed interns combing the internet to find evidence of epic 4chan alt-right trolls and these days they're always smothered in the cradle as a result. I do miss when you could actually meme milk into being a sign of white supremacy though.
>>1796 Nah, it's just funny.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
sex waffles and poo crumpets
Open file (59.14 KB 971x240 fruitcake.jpg)
I've found what appears to be a mentally ill individual on a youtube comment section. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWhDPiYFo9s I wonder how mujch
>>1800 Fucking board Before I was rudely interrupted, I was saying I wonder just how many nutters there are out there with 0 view videos containing weird, disturbing, illegal, or just lolcow-tier stuff?
If you lads were forcibly shipped off to America what would be your escape plan?
>>1802 Why escape? It'd be fun, and if you get caught you'd just get deported or whatever.
>>1803 Not sure just had a thought of being captured for a crime and sent off on a boat like with australia and what I may try to do to escape to be honest lad, just daydreaming
>>1804 Well if it was Australia then I would definitely try to escape, fuck that land of nightmares. North America could be alright though, lots of lovely areas outside the big cities.
Have any of you lads ever felt lonely? I think I feel lonely, but I'm not so sure because to my memory I've never really felt lonely before. What does it feel like to be lonely?
>>1806 Yes. I wouldn't be surprised if most of us have experienced it to some degree, considering how and where this board came about. If loneliness really gets to you, and you don't know how to combat/overcome it, it can be an extremely miserable and soul-crushing experience, and can drive people to suicide in the worst cases. It makes you feel like you have a permanent gaping hole in your chest 24/7, and whenever you see or hear of other people having friends/relationships/families you feel deeply distraught and filled with sorrow, self-pity, anger, and envy, all at the same time. It's not a nice thing to be going through, speaking from experience.
>>1807 That describes how I feel pretty well. I don't feel especially angry or envious but lately I've been nagged by sorrow and that exact feeling you described, the feeling of having a great big hole inside my chest. Do you still feel lonely often?
>>1809 Does anyone ever even think about brazil? Until you mentioned it I forgot that place even existed it is so unimportant
>>1810 Indeed, I haven't thought about Brazil in months. You lads are now thinking about Kazakhstan.
>>1810 >>1811 you lads are now thinking about Bulgaria.
>>1808 Not really. A lot of things have changed since I was in that state, both internally and externally. I don't view friendships and relationships the same way as I did in my mid-teens to early-twenties, which at that time I'd heavily romanticised and placed an unrealistic value on. There was in fact a 100% chance that somebody getting close to me while I was in that dysfunctional and irrational state, would have ended in complete disaster. I also have a very different outlook on life and reality itself than I did in the past; an outlook that has "me" as a small, temporarily sentient part of a larger and all-encompassing whole, rather than me as an individual entity seperate from everything else that can only observe the whole from afar (and fail to ever be a part of it). I don't feel like I'm the centre of my own universe anymore, I feel as if I'm just a small part of the same universe that everything else occupies. I am a part of "everything" in the most literal sense, and that makes it difficult to ever feel truly lonely, even if I'm by myself for extended periods of time. That's not to say I don't seek out various forms of companionship, or deeply miss those forms when they're gone, but it's a different feeling to the more existential and dooming loneliness I've experienced before. Regardless of the individuals and communities I've lost, and will continue to lose as life follows its inevitable course, the universe, God, whatever you wish to call it, has their hand firmly on my shoulder.
>>1811 >>1812 You are now thinking about Britain lads, bring it 'ome
thank you for your continued patronage
Open file (65.24 KB 525x504 y-you too.jpeg)
>>1816 You too lad.
Found a skittle on the floor. Don't mind if I do.
>>1818 which colour lid?
>>1819 It was orange.
>>1820 absolute bottom of the barrel colour that one, shame
>>1821 >putting purple above orange What planet are you on?
Lads. Youtube sensation and TV presenter, Emily Hartridge, has died in an e-scooter accident.
>>1822 it goes like this lad I promise you: green red yellow purple orange
>>1823 It's an absolute tragedy, I'm still reeling. Let's commemmorate some of her finest works. For her. 10 REASONS WHY PEOPLE HAVE SEX https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTLzXnJ2ncA
Open file (44.41 KB 392x280 griffisu.jpg)
>Takahiro Sakurai (櫻井 孝宏, Sakurai Takahiro, born June 13, 1974) is a Japanese voice actor associated with Intention. Notable roles that Sakurai has portrayed include Tentomon from the Digimon Adventure series, Cloud Strife in Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, Tomioka Giyuu from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, >Tomioka Giyuu from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba I picked up on it while watching and I just KNEW it. I'm a fan, he's got a really nice voice. >Berserk not even listed with his most notable works Is it not that popular over there or something?
Open file (101.00 KB 1236x1058 d.jpg)
This whinging cunt
>>1826 According to MAL he only voiced him from 2012 onwards, 1997 was Toshiyuki Morikawa.
>>1828 Oh. This is embarrassing. Would the board chairman mind deleting my post? I don't want anyone to see it.
>>1829 I can edit it to say something else if you want.
>>1826 I'm going to have to read berserk aren't I? cheers lads
Open file (38.14 KB 409x512 griffithsword.jpg)
Now that the Stormzy posting has finally settled, can we all agree that /britfeel/ is a GRIFFITH board now? And indeed always has been?
Open file (21.29 KB 640x640 are lad stormz.jpg)
>>1832 The most important poll you will ever vote in. http://poal.me/1uxio5
Open file (1.48 MB 1210x910 griffithstare.PNG)
>>1833 the answer is obvious
>>1832 Looks like that outfit Grimes wore. Is Grimes a Griffith poster too?
>>1835 Everyone, EVERYONE deep down, in their heart, is a Griffith poster, so yes.
On balance, I thought Demon Slayer was quite good. I thought they overdid the silly comedy at points (how would you describe it, slapstick? What's the word for that style of daft kiddy humour in anime?), but it's got an enjoyable story, interesting baddies, and a fantastic soundtrack. Second season WHEN.
>>1834 >>1832 Oi, Griffith poster What do I start with?
>ywn be the chieftain of a small village >ywn lead hunting and foraging expeditions >ywn make war on enemy tribes for picking berries in your territory >ywn confiscate their women >ywn equitably distribute the spoils of war between your people
are you ok
>>1840 I'm alright, hungry though.
>>1838 Watch the 1997 anime adaptation of berserk and screencap as many pictures of Griffith as you can. Best of luck lad.
>>1842 I'll set it up to watch tonight/tomorrow lad, will get back to you on that
>Leon Cromwell I'm loving the names of some of these anime characters. The funniest thing is that they can't even pronounce them. >>1842 Are the Golden Age films any good?
>>1842 watched a couple episodes but they are dubs, is it worth hunting down the subs?
>>1845 It's always worth hunting down the subs, dubs a SHIT. https://nyaa.si/?f=0&c=1_2&q=berserk+1997&s=seeders&o=desc
>>1848 Not fucking bad. Impressive how in the pocket he is throughout, an impeccable sense of rhythm.
>>1845 Yes. >>1844 No.
Alright, chips? What goes on here?
He's here. Make the phone call.
Why did you have to do that lad, was a little worried for a second.
Will the formidable Rimura Tempest indeed be able to curtail the efforts of the dastardly Leon Cromwell
Just popped out to the shops and bought myself a nice sausage roll and some tiger bread lids, what are you eating today?
>>1855 I've had a bowl of porridge with chopped up banana, might have a peanut butter sandwich later.
>>1856 Healthy boy here Bought myself a cheeky frozen pizza too, back to rice and veg tomorrow
>>1855 Got some chicken breasts in the fridge but very much don't feel like cooking.
>>1858 There's a super fast way of cooking chicken breast if you feel lazy laddo Wrap it in kitchen foil with a tad of oil and season it, chuck it in oven, makes it as easy as putting frozen chips in the oven
I must have the itchiest bumhole in the world. I've been to the doctor's and had it inspected numerous times, tried various creams - antifungals, steroids - you name it, all to no avail.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xwx6i4IQcFw Chinese anime is finding its feet and the rest of the world better be afraid.
I always wanted to play the drums as a kid but my mum wouldn't let me get a kit.
>>1862 you thinking of picking it up?
>>1863 Maybe one day for a bit of fun, I think my main instrument will always be guitar now. I just realised that electric drum kits with headphones are a thing, so why didn't she suggest that? I will have answers.
>>1864 Get those answers, electronic drumkits are still loud I suppose but drumming is a good exercise as well as being good for co-ordination and rhythm, would be a good hobby to pick up especially as a kid
Excuse me lad, please could you tell me how many notes the tremolo is playing per bass note here. I think it's two but I'm not 100%.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mheR9cIFuQ8 T'northern English Definite Article
>>1866 It's entirely dependent on what tempo you're playing at. Tremolo means "rapidly hit the string in an attempt to make it sound like one big long sustained note", so if you're playing slowly then you can fit more strikes in than if you play it fast.
>>1868 I see. I need more practice. When I play fast, I can only fit in two strikes for every bass note but I'm pretty sure the guy on youtube is doing 4.
>>1867 Simon's channel is fascinating lads. Dig in. Treat yourself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12oPAK9G2J0
Anyone else been having issues with anon cafe being down for brief 20 minute or so periods?
Open file (160.29 KB 1280x720 sealed doors.jpg)
Lads, how cool are these doors? Can you imagine if this was the entrance to your house.
Open file (327.65 KB 512x242 ClipboardImage.png)
I am now going to give you an interesting word. 異世界, いせかい, 'isekai' - alternate dimension; parallel universe No problem.
>>1873 I actually knew this one.
>>1874 You've been lucky this time. Tomorrow you will not be so fortunate.
Open file (135.69 KB 698x658 1481138879513.jpg)
Just ruined yet another keyboard by spilling tea on it lads. How often do you all get new keyboards? I end up replacing mine one to two times a year because I keep spilling things over it. >>1873 I also already knew this word. Sorry mate.
Is the lad who always seems to know what's going on with the board here? What's going on with the board?
>>1878 Not the usual lad, but the fact that the top boards here are /fascist/ and /k/ worries me in the sense that it might put a target on our back, but the site is small enough to maybe not have to worry about that. I also noticed that /film/ popped into activity recently, which seems nice.
>>1873 "Isekai" happens to be one of the most popular anime genres of the last 5 years or so, so virtually anyone keeping up with anime knows it. Gonna have to do better than that to catch us out lad, 頑張って! >>1876 Still using the one I got for Christmas in 2010, it's a Microsoft Sidewinder X4. Unless you took a closer look at some of the more commonly used keys (where small amounts of the paint coating has worn away), you'd think it was only a couple of years old at most. I always look after my stuff.
>>1871 Yeah the site seems to have occasional outages, it was down for quite a while last night. Official word here: >>>/meta/13584 >Some downtime in the past few hours; there seem to have been some memory issues, possibly at our host's level. We'll be keeping an eye on things; please post here with times if you experience a period of downtime. >>1878 You mean /britfeel/ specifically or anon.cafe as a whole? Nothing outside the usual happening with /britfeel/ unless you count the recently made /icup/ thread for us here >>>/icup/1645 Regarding anon.cafe as a whole, I'm aware there's been some recent drama regarding /fascist/ and trolls/shitposters supposedly trying to rile them up, but I'm not aware of the details. I presume >>>/meta/13569 is referencing this, because there was a long chain of replies arguing about the topic in that thread that now appears to have been deleted.
Slice of life anime is so boring.
Open file (1008.69 KB 2616x2626 transcendent deano.jpg)
>>1882 Top fucking kek how have I not seen this Deano before? Could this be, dare I ask, rare?
>>1884 It was underrated even when it was first posted, only got a single reply 9 days later: https://8kun.top/britfeel/res/58402.html#58493
>>1885 High culture, really. Almost makes one weep.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTFD_uhIUcI Bipolar Rapid Cycling. Filmed as it happens. Thoughts on this illness lads? Why do so many people these days seem to have it? What do you think causes it?
>>1887 I also think it's interesting how his symptoms when manic seem really similar to someone on speed. It must be either caused by or affect the dopamine system in some way.
>tfw revenge bedtime procrastination
>>1889 I have a bad habit of pushing myself to stay awake as long as possible, then crashing out on my bed while still fully dressed.
Open file (92.38 KB 525x700 win.jpg)
>>1872 bit big like
>when every big tit anime girl in a 10 mile radius is spilling their spaghetti and fawning over the gigachad shounen who effortlessly destroys any obstacles in his way
Just reminding you that this lad is still making videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkXMrBLnqPA
Open file (145.17 KB 1024x541 ClipboardImage.png)
無限, むげん, 'mugen' - infinity; eternity
Lads, is everyone roughly the same backgrounds here? What’s the biggest age range we have?
>>1896 I think we span from early twenties to early/mid thirties lad
Open file (32.15 KB 474x474 madohelp.jpg)
Bad news lads, it turns out the University needs me to pay some outstanding accomodation fees in order to resume my studies, but it's 3 grand and I don't have the money. Gonna be pretty gutted if I find out at the last moment I can't go back and I'm still a NEET, I was hoping to be moving down to start studying next week.
>>1898 Shit lad, why are they only bringing this up now? Anyway you can get them to set up a reasonable payment plan or something?
>>1899 The thing is I'm already on a payment plan and have been slowly paying back the money I owe for a while now, so I thought that would make it a non issue. It only has shown up now because the information was only shown to me as I was completing my financial registration, which is the final thing you need to do to sign up for your classes for the year. I'm hoping I hear back from them soon and they're willing to let me just pay my tuition fees and keep on going with my regular payment plan, if not then I won't be able to make it to study.
>>1900 Long shot but can you take a loan?
>>1900 Got my fingers crossed for you lad. Hope things turn out in your favour.
>>1897 any middle-classed lads on here or is everyone roughly working class?
>>1895 M.U.G.E.N fighting games used to be fairly popular back in the day, and I also know the word from "Mugen Loop" (stylized as "∞ Loop"), the second ED of Kaichou wa Maid-sama. 次!
Today has been a good day. I had my cast taken off, and my ear's just unblocked itself after a whole week of not being able to hear properly. Excellent.
>>1903 My mum and her side of the family are working class (at best), while my dad and his side of the family are predominantly lower middle class. I can't relate to either side to be honest, so I identify as "grew up on computers/internet, ended up NEET" class.
>>1906 >tfw the internet is your dad
>>1901 Nah, not at all possible. I have almost zero credit history and what's there is poor. Realistically speaking, if I were to take a loan I'd likely struggle to pay it back and it would make things even harder. >>1902 Cheers lad. >>1903 I know there are some posters ITT who probably posses enough capital to be considered working class, but I think we're predominately "working" class and NEETS. If you ask me though a wageslave is a wageslave and even if you're doing well for yourself you're still working class if you have a boss to answer to. >>1905 Nice to see you're on the mend lad, how are you finding walking around? Still difficult?
>>1903 Working class for me, grew up on a council estate but I may become lower middle thanks to my career path.
>>1908 >Nice to see you're on the mend lad, how are you finding walking around? Still difficult? Yes, I can't put all of my weight on it yet. The doctor said I should be walking within 10 days though, Allah willing. When I had the cast off it felt like I had almost no mind-muscle connection, I could only move it at tiny increments very slowly. It came back quickly though, I'm near full range of motion now and it's much more responsive. It's nice to be able to stand on my own two feet again.
Open file (6.43 MB 1554x2072 ClipboardImage.png)
魔物, まもの, 'mamono' - demon; evil spirit; monster
A tin of mackerel, some fruit, and a glass of almond milk for dinner.
Open file (25.66 KB 694x463 navy lad.jpg)
A BIG BLACK NIGGER WITH HIS SEA BOOTS ON https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=io0pegiMVtg
Please could someone smart explain this for me? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rietdijk%E2%80%93Putnam_argument
>>1871 Yes
>>1914 Um, excuse me, I know we have some smart lads here. There was the maths PhD, an actual physics lad, and the lad with 140+ IQ. I just don't get it. How do they know that if I observe the alien from two different places I would see him at a different time? If two points in time can exist simultaneously, doesn't that mean that everything is predetermined? I am an absolute brainlet so I want to be corrected/enlightened.
My moustache has gotten so long I've started eating it.
>>1917 what is it like having a moustache?
Open file (26.83 KB 225x321 77831.jpg)
This is for kids right?
>>1919 It aired at 1am in Japan, just like all anime of that ilk, so no. Anime for kids is stuff like Studio Ghibli films, and shows that air in the morning to early evening like Doraemon, Pretty Cure, Pokemon, and Naruto.
wish i was a kyojin lads
I have begun learning to write kanji radicals.
居場所、いばしょ, 'ibashyo' - place where one fits in; place where one belongs; place where one can be oneself I can't think of a direct equivalent of this in English. Absolutely ユニック.
Edited last time by britfeel on 09/11/2020 (Fri) 16:58:41.
>>1923 >can be myself *can be oneself Would a member of the board council mind changing that for me.
Going to Tesco lads, anyone need me to pick something up.
>>1923 If there's a single word for it then it's probably too fancy for me, but the phrase "at home" or "right at home" when used metaphorically will convey the same meaning. >>1924 Done it lad, give it a refresh.
Open file (27.09 KB 400x300 mobile phone pic.jpg)
Look what I found in the street on my way home from the shop lads. Looks cool doesn't it? I wonder who it belongs to?
>>1927 What is it lad? Looks like a malformed bauble.
Is there anyone more comtemptible than a Ben? Even Michaels (not to be confused with Mikeys, who are infact based), or Williams are to be held in higher esteem.
>>1928 looks like a buttplug to me lad
Open file (53.32 KB 697x960 hissing.jpg)
Good news lads, I got the finance stuff sorted with Uni and now I'm moving to the city to start studying on Monday. Bad news lads, a year of NEETdom has made me incredibly lazy and I can't be bothered to pack.
How are we all going to make the most of the weekend before the new lockdown rules come in then? Anyone going out with the lads for a few?
>>1932 I'm going to be spending most of the weekend packing, but I might try and get in an hour or two with my mate before I move away, outside of that I'm probably going to play some cheeky death stranding this evening. What about you mate?
>>1933 Me, Tash, Gemma, and 'mental Gaz' (don't ask why we call him that aha) are off out to the beer gardens for a few (might even make it a few more aha). Dece.
When I touch where they made the incision on my ankle I get a tingly, mild electric shock-type sensation. It must be the nerves repairing/being damaged. It actually feels kind of nice, I've been being a bit greedy with it and started tapping it for bigger shocks. Any other surgery lads here experienced something similar? Other than the tendon lad I think I spoke with earlier in the thread, do we even have any other surgery lads?
>>1930 I wouldn't know what they look like.
For supper, it's a pint of cravendale. Whole.
For breakfast, it's 10 reps of ankle circles in each direction and a black coffee. I've decided not to go to physio at the hospital and do it myself instead. It's too much of a hassle to get down there, I absolutely hate bugging my brother for lifts but I've had no choice lately, so I shalln't be burdening him anymore. How hard can it be?
>>1938 Hospital Physio is better because they are better at spotting when you should advance to the next stage or if you're doing something wrong. Although when I had physio for my knee they referred me to a different hospital for a check by a specialist about 2/3rds of the way throughwithout telling me it would boot me off their physio list and would require me to sit on a waiting list for half a year to continue physio because it was no longer urgent enough.
>>1939 Interesting. I might have to start it then, it'll just be slightly later than they would've had me in because I'm stuck out in the country atm. As soon as I can walk I'll be moving back into my place in town, so I'll be able to get a taxi/bike down. I wonder if yours would've been harder to rehab, being a tendon injury, whereas my tendons have just been inactive? So many questions. Not enough whibblescromps. The doctor said I should be walking within 10 days, and I'm on day 5 at the moment. I can't see it happening within the next few days because I'm still in considerable pain at not even 80% weight-bearing.
Any of you lads know what to look for in a flat, I'm looking around for one to finally move out from my parents (in hopefully the first step in improving my life) and I have absolutely no idea what to look for.
>>1941 What's the area like? Are there shops nearby? Are there any weird smells? What are the neighbours like? Is it properly insulated? Does it have double glazing? Is there enough space for your stuff? Will you be able to save at all once you're paying for everything? Is it private, or are there big windows people can see through? Is it near noisy roads, or by a busy pedestrian thoroughfare? Will there be drunk couples arguing on the way past every Saturday night? Are the walls thin (will you be able to hear everything your neighbours do)? What's the parking like (if you drive)? Can the postman/delivery people get to it easily? Are there decent takeaways nearby? I would advise you to arrange loads of viewings so you can get a feel for what's available and make some comparisons. Don't trust the pictures you see online, they take them in such a way that they appear bigger/brighter/cleaner than they actually are. There are loads more things I'm sure. I'll sleep on it and get back to you if anything comes to me.
>>1942 Thanks lad, i'll keep an eye out for your post tommorow too.
>>1943 Is there a washing machine/dryer? Is there space if not? Is there a nearby laundrette, or would mummy be able to do it for you? Is it furnished? Do you have any furniture? Are there any signs that the previous tenant had pets?
Open file (110.74 KB 557x472 ClipboardImage.png)
痔核, じかく, 'jikaku' - hemorrhoid
>anime battles where instead of just fighting the protagonist keeps thinking about poignant moments from their past and having 2deep4u internal dialogues
>>1946 For that reason most battle shounen are utterly shite.
>>1944 Thanks, I have constructed a checklist from this and am using it. I think I have spotted somewhere that looks great going by these criteria and shall contact the company tommorow!
>>1949 I should add it's still unsolved And what the FUCK? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tamam_Shud_case
For breakfast today it's Green Apple G-fuel
>>1951 Current GFuel Rankings: 1. Blue Ice 2. Green Apple
>>1952 Are they worth the price? They seem pretty expensive for a drink
>>1950 I've always suspected that Tamam Shud was either a weird coincidence or something staging their own death to look bonkers.
>>1953 It is a bit pricey, although pricing it up a 40 serving tub works out about the same as buying a can of coke from a shop or whatever, although twice as much as buying them in a supermarket in a multipack. I'm not sure if its worth the price, but I really enjoyed the blue ice.
>>1949 Last photos like that utterly terrify me. To think that someone took that photo not realising that they were about to die a probably horrific death. Absolutely chilling.
>>1955 How does the caffeine zap compare to a normal energy drink?
>>1957 About the same, although I did feel a bit mor focused, although I don't know if that's a placebo effect. I didn't have the sticky mouth feel I get from energy drinks though.
>>1956 I hate to tell you this lad but it's a video and he speaks in it.
Open file (6.38 KB 300x229 matt-chase-300x229.jpg)
>>1956 This is a photo taken by an ATM of Matt Chase withdrawing money in Los Angeles close to midnight. Three months later his remains were found in a nearby ravine.
>>1952 Current GFuel Rankings: 1. Blue Ice 2. Pink Lemonade 3. Green Apple
attack on titan went downhill
it seems like sato has more fun when he's just with yamazaki doing nerd stuff than when misaki is trying to fix him
>>1963 That might be true, but she's not trying to provide him with fun, she's trying to help him get out of his dire situation, which usually isn't very fun at all.
>>1964 She doesn't even really intend to help him, the project is merely an excuse to surround herself with someone more pathetic than she is, to feel better about herself. She says it herself.
This morning, it's a white monster and an hour of anki.
>>1958 I suppose it must be less sugary which means theres nothing to make your mouth sticky, a very good thing.
Got to cycle 11 miles for a covid test lads, thank fuck I've got an e-bike.
>>1961 Current GFuel Rankings: 1. Blue Ice 2. Pink Lemonade 3. Watermelon 4. Green Apple
>>1967 Yeah, they're all labelled sugar free so it makes sense. They are however labelled with a lead warning, although since it starts with something like "The state of california requires us to" I don't pay any attention to it since I know there's a lot of bullshit like that from California.
Open file (1.38 MB 750x721 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1968 >e-bike Morning Arthur.
Open file (775.20 KB 957x470 ClipboardImage.png)
Where were you when Viper started releasing good music? Not only is it catchy, but the lyrics are clever and thought-provoking. He's really coming into his own. >"I only chill with girls not dudes so I'm friendless..." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xG2YjUR5AI
I'm looking forward to starting back up at the gym, it's been ages. Unless covid gets it shut again, at least.
Open file (2.90 MB 576x1024 gym feels.webm)
>>1973 Webm didn't post
>>1973 The new local lockdowns don't seem to be closing gyms so you're probably safe.
Open file (358.46 KB 485x438 ClipboardImage.png)
Douglas Murray looks a lot gayer than I remember him. I know he's an actual poofter, but he never looked this overtly queer.
I am tired at a surprisingly early hour.
>>1941 Avoid "admin fee" lettings agencies. They'll sweettalk you, take your fee and not give you the apartment, and then do the same to someone else. They do this for as long as possible to wrack up some profit before finally renting out the property who probably won't be you.
>>1978 I had to pay an admin fee but it was only once everything was finalised. Are you, Mr. Anonymous Poster, telling me there are agencies out there that do otherwise?
>>1978 >>1979 Admin fees are banned in England and Wales. If they do, they're not allowed to evict you without paying it back and you can report them to trading standards.
>>1969 Current GFuel Rankings: 1. Blue Ice 2. Pink Lemonade 3. Watermelon 4. Grape 5. Green Apple I've only got two left, and they're not ones I was looking forward to. Blue Ice is the only one I'd consider having again, so I'm thinking a lot now about whether I want to buy some more.
>>1981 That's nice and all, but it's time for us to rank the sips of our more sophisticated posters. 1. Zero Ultra 2. Pipeline Punch 3. Mango Loco I honestly don't even feel like bothering listing anymore because other than these I've found them all shit, and I've tried quite a few. I thought the rest of the sugar free ones especially bad and synthetic tasting; they really lucked out with the white one.
>they killed Attack on Titan's best voice actor
Open file (64.55 KB 424x271 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (177.78 KB 480x472 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (329.21 KB 549x581 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (211.13 KB 502x512 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (54.42 KB 255x140 ClipboardImage.png)
Today I'm able to present to you a rare meme from the Chinese internet. I can't tell you what it means, but I've come across it at various times while looking for pictures for flashcards on google images. Behold.
>>1984 Hmmm yes, very interesting.
>>1983 who was killed? who's 'they'?
I've been having a lot of tinned mackerel and sardines lately. I feel very in touch with my Hyperborean heritage.
>>1987 Be careful lad, don't want to get high mercury levels which depending on the type of mackerel could be in the mackerel!
Who's your favourite black person?
You lads ready for the winter shoah? It looks like things are ramping up. There have been a some cases in my area as of late, whereas there was virtually nothing the first time around, so it seems like we're finally getting our first wave.
>>1990 The county next to mine has gone into lockdown. I'm working from home anyway though, and don't really go outside county lines so can't imagine the current changes really effecting me. Maybe if the close the pub. Went to the shop with a mask on for the first time today and it was a fucking nightmare with my glasses steaming up mind.
>>1990 My area is under local lockdown, we'll almost certainly enter full lockdown as a nation.
>>1991 I've seen some doctory types manage to get it to work by having the mask ride really high on the face so the glasses are no longer the main exit place for moisture. Theres also the tricks about putting various juices or whatever on the lenses to stop them steaming up, not sure if that works as I have good vision.
Tell me everything you know about translation work.
>>1994 The money is in translating really boring documents that you will make you wish you never considered it.
>>1994 I'll tell you that millions of other people have had the same idea (especially with this massive virtual youtuber boom that's been happening in the West in recent months), and the Japanese translator and English teacher market is oversaturated to hell.
>>1988 Not him, but that's been bothering me a bit lately. I've been having mackerel with toast every other day (alternating with beans and toast, and sometimes biscuits), and I'm wondering if that's often enough for mercury to do bad things to me. Not to mention, I like making small pizzas with tuna on them. Tuna's even higher up on the food chain. >>1980 Are they actually? Well, there's a bunch of them Liverpool. I guess I'll get to reporting them.
>>1995 I think I would enjoy translating boring documents. >>1996 How do you know that? I'd be interested in some sources/reading material on the topic if you have any.
Open file (93.62 KB 1024x566 Reiwa Time.jpg)
>>1998 I've heard it through anecdotes mostly. I've heard on several occasions that translators, English teachers, and so on are treated as disposable because there's so many people lining up to try and work there. They're the jobs that every weeaboo looking to live in Japan is going for because they don't have anything to offer work-wise besides the fact they speak English and know varying degrees of Japanese. It's a cliche at this point. That aside, I can't stress enough how shitty I've heard it is to live and work in Japan, especially as a foreigner. You wanted sources/reading material, so here's a few random bits and pieces I've found: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7Z2O9Nwt6c https://japantoday.com/category/features/opinions/a-significant-number-of-foreigners-experience-housing-discrimination-in-japan https://www.japantimes.co.jp/community/2015/10/07/issues/red-flags-exit-strategies-advice-english-teachers-japan/ http://rubyronin.com/the-truth-about-working-at-a-japanese-company/ https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2018/01/09/national/40-percent-foreign-workers-feel-discriminated-japanese-firms-survey-finds/ https://thediplomat.com/2014/07/supreme-court-makes-foreigners-second-class-citizens/ https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/pdf/10.1177/2158244015600036 https://escholarship.org/uc/item/4wx1206r
>>1999 I decided against going over there to work a few months ago, but thanks for posting anyway. The only solid way in seems to be as an English teacher, a job I have virtually no interesting in doing, so I'd be doing a job I probably wouldn't like to live in a country which, for some of the reasons you posted, I might also not like. I can do translation work from home, initially it will just be a side income, but long-term I'd like to be hired by a company, which will be more lucrative and stable. I was looking at translating manga and anime yesterday - now I've never had a particular interest in doing that, but now I definitely don't because the conditions seem like pure shit. You have wogs from developing countries, for whom the pittance the big streaming companies pay (on a per episode basis I might add) is a lot, making bottom of the barrel-tier translations, some even relying on google translate, and crunchyroll and the like are fine with that, because the consumers in most cases have no way of knowing whether a translation is good or not, and it increases their profit margins. It's akin to the way our unskilled labour market has been flooded with Poles. I used to be under the impression that skilled or highly-skilled work would be different, but it seems that's not entirely true. As far as my limited understanding goes this has also occurred in the tech industry at the hands of pajeets.
Can't beat a nice scalp massage.
>>1997 Depends on the type of mackerel, if I was you I would look up the mercury level in the specific type you're eating and then work it out from there. Depending on the type of Tuna you are eating if you having a tuna pizza even once a week combined with your mackerel you may be subjecting yourself to a dangerous dose of mercury. I've seen people live off tinned tuna and then needing medical assistance because it was having deleterious effects on their health.
>>2000 >I used to be under the impression that skilled or highly-skilled work would be different Globalisation is shit for everyone except the wealthy who have a massive cheap labour force and people with in demand skillsets that are difficult to train up.
What's the rarest anime you've ever seen? Post obscure stuff and see if anyone recognises it.
Open file (845.76 KB 1011x1074 ClipboardImage.png)
dokutaa tenma
>>2004 Don't know if it's the rarest, but I reckon none of you have seen this.
Morning lads. I just tried a tiny 100% weight-bearing step, it only lasted a split second but fuck me it hurt. They said pain is normal but surely that much can't be good. What's for breakfast? For me, it's a black coffee and anime before I do my Anki reps.
>>2006 I don't recognise that. What is it? Is it obscure because it's shit, or are you onto a hidden gem?
Morning barista. I'll have a turmeric latte and a vegan cupcake, please.
>>2008 >What is it? Psychic Academy, from 2002. I believe it was one of the first anime to air on the web rather than on telly, but pretty much nobody remembers it. It's generic as hell, but there is an oldschool charm to it, and compared to a lot of newer anime I'd say the artwork is actually above average. When I watched it back in 2009 I apparently rated it 4/10, but MAL's average rating is 6.25/10, and having just rewatched the first 3 episodes I think the MAL rating is probably more accurate.
Open file (3.82 MB 924x1644 longcat.png)
Longcat's owner announced several hours ago that longcat has died: https://twitter.com/miyabi_2222/status/1307540557342728192 Longcat's life was long, and left an even longer legacy. RIP. In related news, there's currently a sticky on 4/b/ about it, and one anon posted "who cares, it's just a fucking cat" with the infamous MLP cum jar screencap (that I'm sure you've all seen) attached. Normally that wouldn't be of any note, but the fucking cum jar lad himself has just shown up in the thread to say "It wasn't just a cat".
>>2011 It hurts lads. The end of an era. f
Ever had an online gf? Over the course of my gaming career, I've had two in runescape, and two in WoW. That's right - I'm somewhat of a player.
Open file (1.07 MB 950x465 ClipboardImage.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lef_N_nPARI Lads, here is a video of a youtube detective visiting the Delphi bridge murders crime scene. Very spooky.
>>2014 >virtual reality video I had no idea this was a thing. I wondered why I had a different cursor, and it turns out you can drag the camera around to see the surroundings. Very cool.
>>2011 That's genuinely a little upsetting.
crusty toenails
>>2015 I didn't realise youtube supported that, pretty cool. I've seen other sites with them but never Youtube.
>>2011 One by one the relics of the old internet die off. Soon it shall all be at an end. Very sad. RIP longcat.
>>1981 >Current GFuel Rankings: 1. Blue Ice 2. Pink Lemonade 3. Watermelon 4. Grape 5. Green Apple 6. Peach Iced Tea
>>2019 In a way I feel like the death of the old internet means I can leave it. Im feeling less and less like I belong online as time goes on and the websites I've visited dissapear or change.
Open file (128.16 KB 620x768 croc.jpg)
You're strolling alongside the river on one of your comfiest night-walks for some time and this guy crosses your path unchained. What do you do?
In the spirit of my recent unresolved murders binge I've started browsing the true crime reddit. What a lovely community. They're always asking each other if they're ok when discussing stressful topics, and the best posters are upvoted and congratulated on their posts. I think we should attempt foster the same sort of culture. To the board leader, is it possible to implement some kind of '/britfeel/ gold' system?
>>2020 I'd just like to add, the Peach Iced Tea was the only one so far that I haven't been able to finish. I wouldn't say it was objectively bad though, just not a flavour that I enjoy.
Will a universal credit tribunal deal with my pip claim, too, or do I need to apply to another tribunal for that? This has been going on for nearly two years now and I'm noticing more and more grifters are better off than I am as a sick person, which is insane
>>2021 Anon, we are the old internet.
Open file (57.64 KB 313x287 1097855729299.jpg)
Open file (56.34 KB 319x255 1108361726542.jpg)
>>2027 yarly
Open file (66.10 KB 512x407 1131538205471.jpg)
>>2028 NO WAI
Open file (68.79 KB 600x722 10gxkt5.jpg)
>>2026 I know lad. It feels like we'll soon have nowhere else we're welcome.
>Mr. Sturgeon said: "I need to be absolutely straight with people across Scotland, that additional restrictions will almost certainly be put in place in Scotland over the next couple of days." IT'S HAPPENING
I have just had a fantastic guitar session. These are the ones that make it all worthwhile. Fantastic.
Open file (28.32 KB 576x389 shoop da whoop.jpg)
Speaking of old internet memes, I was having dinner downstairs with my nieces earlier, and the eldest one (age 6) randomly came out with "IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZER". Apparently it was in Roblox, don't think she believed me when I said it didn't originate from there and that I remembered it from long before she was born. I didn't explain what it was actually about of course, maybe when she's older.
Microsoft has bought Bethesda.
>>2032 I've just realised I used the word fantastic twice. I I have behaved in a superfluous and egrecious fashion. I will hereby be temporarily discontinuing the use of the word until I feel I can use it responsibly. Thank you.
>>2025 I think they're separate, I know my pip isn't part of it which makes sense as PIP isn't means tested while universal credit is.
>>2034 I hope that means that they will start actually releasing new games again, getting a bit sick it being so long since the last actual new Bethesda RPG instead of rereleases and strange multiplayer titles that no one actually really wanted. Maybe they'll be less buggy with microsoft money too. I am hopeful because the current state of bethesda is not good.
Did you lads have anything to do with Digimon when you were little? I remember I knew of it somehow, I think it might have been from knowing it was on Cartoon Network but not watching it. For me, it was always Pokemon and DBZ. I know I watched the latter on CN but I'm not sure about Pokemon, it might have been the same though, I'm not sure where else it would've aired. Were there Digimon cards? If there were they can't have been popular at my school, I don't remember coming across them at all.
>>2039 I'm pretty sure Digimon aired on Fox Kids, not Cartoon Network. I watched it as a kid and had a digivice, which was essentially a digimon themed tamagotchi.
>>2039 Before it was really a thing over here, my great uncle who lives in America sent me some Digimon cards saying "it's the new Pokemon", so I can confirm they existed. Saw the anime some time after that, still remember the theme tune. I remember I used to draw all the main digimon a lot, and I had this wicked toy of Greymon that could "digivolve" into MetalGreymon (vid related). According to Wikipedia, Digimon was on Fox Kids and ITV. I would have seen it on ITV because we didn't have any fancy channels, except for the few times we accidentally did get them thanks to the unusual cable setup where I live. According to Bulbapedia, Pokemon was on Sky 1 and ITV.
Open file (740.46 KB 1000x1000 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2041 I think I must've flicked past it on ITV then. I always remember scoffing at them for having the gall to challenge Pokemon for dominance of the magical-creatures-that-evolve genre. That looks like a complicated toy lad. *blocks your path*
omae nani ittendayo omae urusee
>>2042 I remember when these came out, and the playground was covered in rubbery gore for weeks, maybe months. What a waste of money.
>>2042 >>2044 I had a couple of those squidgy alien things, had the same disappointment as everyone else when they didn't have babies after sticking them back to back or putting them in the fridge. Fucking scam.
>>2043 This is the future you chose
What's everyone up to this evening? Other than responding to this important poll, of course. http://poal.me/jjssas
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEqN0U7Vox8 I'm not sure how I feel about this lads. I like to think of her as forever being that spunky 17 year old jigging about on stage. And why change the music on an absolute classic like watashi ga obasan ni nattemo? Should she have just left it?
Morning lads. I think I'm getting towards the end of my core 2k vocabulary deck, because all of the new words are easy kana stuff, and it feels like I've been doing it forever. Very exciting.
>cooking instructions My mother bought these Mr Kipling apple pies for years, and we would always ate them cold. Oh no. Lads...I don't feel so goo- >>2051 I'm trying to get into learning nip myself. I bought two Japanese from zero books the other day, but haven't touched them, because I've been so busy. Probably just an excuse, though, if I'm on here eating expensive uncooked pies.
>>2041 I had one of those toys as a kid too.
It's cold, grey, and rainy today. There's something quite comfy about it.
Open file (16.96 KB 360x402 1582453123009.jpg)
>>2055 >the smell of rain
Just had my first haircut since February, I am no longer reliving my indie/emo years.
I've noticed a trope in anime where after suffering a personal loss, a character will voraciously wolf down their food, thus indicating the strength of their resolve towards exacting vengeance or just generally continuing to participate in whatever struggle they're involved in. Has anyone else noticed this trope.
>>2057 I'm going the opposite direction, mine's long enough to wear a hairband now. I'm going for shoulder length. Did you have a nice chat with the hairdresser? I often felt awkward when I used to get haircuts, I never knew how to connect with that sort of person.
>>2059 Nah we didn't chat, I talk to her a lot when she's off work though. She's my mum, my mum is a hairdresser.
>>2060 Living the NEET dream. Has she been wearing a hazmat suit at work? She might be getting some more time off the way things are going.
Open file (1.23 MB 700x933 ClipboardImage.png)
How do you go from this...
>>2063 You can see from his face that its the woman.
I'm satisfied with the conditions. Proceed with the plan.
Open file (912.76 KB 750x500 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (593.70 KB 600x589 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (3.17 MB 1981x990 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (413.17 KB 940x480 ClipboardImage.png)
I have just successfully walked for a few steps without crutches for the first time since breaking my ankle.
Open file (90.40 KB 969x652 why am i here again.jpg)
>>2063 He looks dead inside
I'm actually a big fan of Harry, he's given us our very own future Bogdanoff. We're finally a major player in global politics again. It doesn't matter if they divorced, we have our saviour Prince Shakeel "smack dat hoe" Windz0r.
>>2068 >>2069 Her bit was some of the phoniest, most platitude-filled drivel I've ever heard. She seems like a real narcissist. I'm looking forward to her going up against Kanye in the 2024 elections.
>>2066 Winter plan is don't call it furlough.
Open file (3.88 MB 2048x1327 ClipboardImage.png)
>when amon visits mado's grave to give him a progress report on the ghoul situation
>>2067 Nice one lad, just got to keep at it and you'll be back to relative normality in no time!
What a fine young man, using his medium of artistic expression to spread a positive message in the hope of saving lives. How many young Britons can say they've made this kind of difference in the world? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zg2dmvvew_o
I've decided to eat less biscuits and Mr Kipling products with tea and more actual food at breakfast and lunch, because although I look and weigh fine, I feel like it probably isn't good for my organs to eat that much rubbish
willies and tits and rather large shits
>>2075 I've decided to offer you my full support in this undertaking. A healthy diet, staying hydrated, and sensible bedtimes have always been integral to our board's philosophy.
Ordered a greggs delivery via just-eat. Vegan Sausage Roll and spicy chicken bites. Also, does eveyone have a suitable thread image?, we'll hit bumplock at 1000 and this is 991
>>2078 >Vegan Sausage Roll What's in it? I've been told a lot of vegan stuff is quite unhealthy, which surprised me, because it always seems like wellbeing is touted as one of its big selling points.
>>2079 They apparently developed it with the people who make quorn, so its a fungal microprotein. I'm not particularly bothered about whether it's healthy or not to be honest, I don't expect a sausage roll to be. I just like them and don't really like greggs' normal sausage rolls.
This is reply number 994 of this thread. THREADSLAVE
>>2079 >which surprised me, because it always seems like wellbeing is touted as one of its big selling points. Theres two main kinds of vegans, the kind that is doing it for the health reasons and eats lots of healthy plant food and the kind that does it for animals reasons and is perfectly happy to eat unhealthy shit. For the second group they generally want imitations no matter how unhealthy they may be. I honestly prefer the vegan greggs stuff anyway as sometimes the meat ones can be well dodgy. t. the second kind
>>2082 What are some devilishly indulgent vegan foods then? How many of the meat substitutes do you like? I've tried quorn mince, chicken, sausages, and bacon, and found them all very bland. I'm sure they'll bring out more convincing alternatives eventually because it's such a fast-growing industry, but I feel like it's still in the growing phase artificial sweeteners were at 10-15 years ago when they all had synthetic chemicaly tastes.
I saw that shot policeman was only a few weeks from being able to retire. Like something out of a bad film. Can you imagine being a few weeks from retirement and just being shot dead for asking someone about whether they'd been following toothless local lockdown laws?
>>2077 I actually nailed the hydration bit. I've been keeping a 2L Tesco bottle of water on my desk (probably not the safest place for it, considering this is my only PC, and I can't afford a replacement), and I've been drinking from it in between meals. I've never drank this much water before, and it feels pretty nice. >>2083 Not him, I tried some of the meat substitute burgers from Iceland a few weeks ago, and they were okay. Very bland meat, is what they taste like. There's a better kind, though, that they used to serve us in later high school when they got them, but I can't find them. They're pretty good nutritionally, and there's no grease for the lot of them anyway.
Open file (10.23 KB 349x576 harlot.jpg)
娼婦、しょうふ、'shoufu' - prostitute; harlot
>>2084 Who shot him?

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