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Open file (1.50 MB 1251x826 britfeelogimage.png)
britfeel - new thread, ancient OP edition - General #120 Anonymous 04/27/2023 (Thu) 15:09:07 No.5185
Alright lads? Is this still the main 4chan alternative?
>>5842 a classic
Open file (1.86 MB 1920x1080 frierenbook1.png)
Am I the last anime watcher left standing ITT lads? Haven't been watching much lately, but I just checked out sousou no frieren and it's fantastic. Also I'm going to be spending New Years in Paris this year, very excited, I hear it smells like piss and is full of violent rapists but I really like museums so it should be a good time.
>>5845 I still watch anime occassionally, but mostly older stuff. Haven't followed currently-airing anime in almost a decade, and I think the newest show I've seen was from 2020. /a/'s 25-day Christmas streams are always a laugh, so for the past 4 years I've been present for those.
Lads, where do you place yourselves in the house when you're doing nothing and just trying to relax? I like to sit on the floor in the living room with my legs crossed.
>>5847 I'm never "doing nothing", I'm always at the computer in my bedroom. Been here the majority of my life at this point.
>>5847 If I'm actually doing nothing I lie in bed, it's rare for me though, I tend to feel the need to engage in some sort of productive activity or entertainment rather than do nothing. The only time I really do nothing is when I go out for long hikes. In nature I can easily just sit there for hours watching the sun slowly chart its course across the sky. >>5846 I don't tend to show up for the streams anymore because I can't be arsed with 4chan anymore, I used to show up for the sora no woto streams though. They were comfy. >>5848 >Been here the majority of my life at this point. Do you go outside at all or are you a hikki? I'm sure you've been asked this question like a dozen times already, but my britfeel lore is shakey these days
>>5849 >Do you go outside at all or are you a hikki? I'm sure you've been asked this question like a dozen times already, but my britfeel lore is shakey these days I was "milk lad" and "the lad who worked with his dad" if you remember those. Every few weeks my dad will take me out for a walk and a meal somewhere, but otherwise I'm indoors 24/7 and rarely leave my bedroom. I probably leave the house less than a lot of people who call themselves hikki, but I haven't called myself that in a long time. I just prefer to be here at my computer doing stuff most of the time.
>>5850 Milk Lad rings a bell, where did that name come from? I think you've had a lot of nicknames over the past several years.
>Milk Lad rings a bell, where did that name come from? There was a saga in 2015 where I was home alone for the week and ran out of milk, and I was panicking over the idea of leaving the house and going to the shops (which I'd never done on my own before, despite being 23). After much convincing from /britfeel/, I worked up the courage to go out and do it, and afterwards provided a picture of the milk. >I think you've had a lot of nicknames over the past several years. True. "Music lad", "doxanon", and probably others I've forgotten.
Open file (489.32 KB 512x512 osakadread.gif)
Three nights in a row I haven't slept properly due to nightmares lads. Dragged myself through the days prior but I shan't be working today. I am on strike until I get a night of peaceful rest. >>5852 Ah, I'd forgotten about that incident until now. I remember feeling pretty chuft that you went for it! I always just think of you as music lad though, it was only a few years ago that I clocked that you and doxanon were the same person
>>5852 I remember that now. I was very happy for you. I can only imagine the cashiers reaction as some pale, hikki Benedict Cumberbatch looking guy strolls in shaking, sweating and using all his energy to stutter "thanks" How do you cope with going to the shops these days?
Anyone going to watch killers of the flower moon?
I hope everyone who whistles whilst working dies. I hope their partners cheat on them. I hope their kids never visit when they are old. I hope their friends organise days out and don't invite them. I hate them so much.
>>5848 >'m never "doing nothing", >I'm always at the computer in my bedroom. Sounds more like you're always doing nothing.
>>5856 Perhaps you wouldn't be so mad if you whistled a jaunty tune of your own once in a while. go ahead, try it.
>>5858 I work on things using the computer.
>>5859 No, because I'm not a massive fucking retard that wants to irritate other people.
>>5862 >too much of a virgin to whistle in public
>>5862 You do irritate other people, trust me.
>>5882 Bruh, you alright? ๐Ÿคจ
>>5892 ๐Ÿ’€
Good morning fellow catholics.
>>5898 Morning lad.
For me, it's Huw and Schofield going on Celebrity Big Brother 2024
Open file (399.80 KB 1800x1350 silver coins britishjpg.jpg)
What is /britfeel/'s Ideal currency? Like if you could change the currency to something of Britain and everyone in Britain would use it, what would it be? Would it be a currency of the past like a silver or gold coin or would it be something like crypto? Maybe more than one?
>>5903 Something with actual value would be nice, surely. Made of a valuable metal such as gold, platinum, silver. With the value of the metal directly determining the value of the currency. Wishful thinking aside, all currency will be digital within our lifetimes. It's absolutely inevitable.
>>5903 Pirate money like doubloons and pieces of eight.
Lad. Please post a link to 2chan.
>>5908 As in Futaba Channel or 5channel (formerly known as 2channel)? Futaba: https://www.2chan.net/ (I recommend browsing with this external catalog site instead: https://futapo.futakuro.com/ ) 5ch: https://5ch.net/ (access is blocked in UK/EU, you'll need a JP/US VPN or be the lad living in Japan)
Greggs pizza is actually pretty good.
hi everyone, i was trying to download this old game thunder brigade but when i tried to open the zip file it said it was invaid/ corrupted did i fuck up or is it just a doggy download https://abandonwaregames.net/game/thunder-brigade
>>5911 The file from that link gives me a data error as well lad, try this one: https://myrient.erista.me/files/Redump/IBM%20-%20PC%20compatible/Thunder%20Brigade%20%28Europe%29.zip Just to warn you, it comes in bin/cue format. You'll want to extract all the files into a folder and then load the .cue file, whether you're mounting the image or burning it to a real disc.
Open file (1.43 MB 1024x1024 ~~.png)
>>5910 It's a bit sweet for me but I do see the appeal. Its kind of like primary school pizza but better. If you manage to get it fresh out of the oven it's alright. I used to eat 4 Greggs sausage rolls dipped in ketchup every single day. I'd also probably have Greggs for breakfast.
>>5917 Yeah it is quite sweet. That's probably why I like it to be honest, I have a bit of a sweet tooth.
>>5919 i was surprised to learn he was still alive
Just had sausage chips and beans. What did you all have for tea? Noticed the moon has been exceptionally bright recently. I've been able to see it the past 2 mornings very clearly.
>>5921 Mince potatoes and veggies
My sleep schedule has gone to pot recently so I didn't have dinner yesterday because I was in bed. I'll probably go to asda after work tonight and get some frozen pizza in. I like those ones with the sauce stuffed crust.
Will we find evidence of an alien civilisation in 2024 lads?
>>5924 Aliens are interdimensional demons
Are birds real?
Guess what?
>>5928 Chicken Butt!

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