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Open file (1.50 MB 1251x826 britfeelogimage.png)
britfeel - new thread, ancient OP edition - General #120 Anonymous 04/27/2023 (Thu) 15:09:07 No.5185
Alright lads? Is this still the main 4chan alternative?
I am in heaven lads. Finished uni a few days ago and the relaxation has finally started to kick in. My anaemia has been easing up too and I was able to spend a few hours walking around in the countryside, and now I’m drinking tea and reading William Blake. Absolute bliss. >>5361 >>5362 Happy birthday, lads. >>5370 Are you having digestive problems or something? Feel better soon
>>5371 Update. It was alright. >>5372 Good job. Why would your anaemia prevent you walking round the countryside?
Anyone sometimes spend time in your bedroom rather than the living room due to the familiarity? I do it a lot even though I'm living with my parents anymore. I've been thinking about getting a TV for the bedroom.
>>5373 >Good job. cheers lad >Why would your anaemia prevent you walking round the countryside? when it's strong i get very light headed from even minor exertions
>>5374 My parents split up when I was 18 and my dad moved out. My mum finally moved in with her new man back in 2019 and I took over the upkeep of the house, then I finally bought it off my mum in December 2021. Pretty much my entire adult life, I've spent almost all my time at home in my old bedroom (we converted the loft in 2006 and I moved my bed up there then used my old bedroom as a gaming room). Even though I own the place and live here myself, I still just spend all my time in the gaming room. The Living room is pretty much just gathering dust.
>>5376 Do you think it is possible to make a living room as comfy as a bedroom whilst still making it look presentable? Do you have any desire to use your living room to its full potential? I feel like it could be a comfy room but the bedroom feels comfier.
>>5374 No, now that I'm not confined to my bedroom, I try and keep it for mainly sleeping.
>>5377 I personally just keep it presentable in the unlikely event that I ever have visitors. Maybe if I had a wife/girlfriend it'd be worth trying to make it comfy but for the foreseeable future it shall remain a dormant space.
>>5378 Which room do you wank in?
Struggling to cope in this blistering heat. Don't think I've ever had sunburn so early on in the year before. It feels like August.
I'm so physically inflexible I think it's a health risk. Never mind touching my toes, I struggle to touch my knees.
>>5382 That's horrendous.
Just had SEX with yet another new girl. It's so easy lads. How has it taken me 29 years to realize?
>>5383 how do I fix it? I need help.
>>5384 >It's so easy lads. How has it taken me 29 years to realize? You're forgetting all the personal development you did to get to this point. In your past self's shoes, it wasn't so easy, otherwise you would have "just done it" like you can do today.
>>5385 Walk for more than 5 minutes at least once a week.
>>5384 Im 23 and have never had sex. What's your secret?
Open file (6.35 KB 249x224 JUST.jpg)
back in the spring of 2020 i started a diary and I stopped writing in it around september 2022. I just made my first entry in 9 months. Went to go look at the early entrys and came across my entries when my dog was being put down. All those feels have hit me again.
>>5381 Easter 2020 was much hotter I recall having a sunburned scalp in April of all things. I shaved my head with no guard on my clippers as it was lockdown and I made a serious error while drunk attempting to cut my own hair.
>>5372 >I am in heaven lads. Finished uni a few days ago and the relaxation has finally started to kick in. My anaemia has been easing up too and I was able to spend a few hours walking around in the countryside, and now I’m drinking tea and reading William Blake Jolly good. Looking at my old diary entries when I was doing my final exams during the lockdown of 2020 brought it all back. I am still at university but only on a part time basis funded by my employer, its not the same as full time. I hope you enjoyed your days and wish you the most fortuitous luck in the future in finding gainful employment.
>>5386 This is true to a degree since I've been committed to self-improvement for the last 5 years. >otherwise you would have "just done it" like you can do today. This isn't true. It was only recently that I found the video that inspired me to give this a try in the first place. It was a guy approaching around Osaka and taking nothing but rejections for 20 minutes straight. It was eye-opening, because any PUA-type stuff I'd encountered before always showed "Chads" getting nothing but positive responses and contact exchanges. Watching these videos always left me demoralised with a sour taste in my mouth due to the feeling that I could never be as witty, good-looking, or charismatic as them. Knowing what I know now, these "Chads" were cherry-picking their clips and leaving out vast swathes of rejections to present a false image to the world, which is in fact incredibly beta and needy. The reality of approaching girls is that most will reject you no matter who you are or what you say. >>5388 Mass cold approaches. Take them to a nearby coffee shop if they're receptive and not doing anything. Settle for the contact exchange if they reject. Arrange dates with girls you exchanged with. Invite them to watch a film at yours while out on dates. If they accept, it's rumpy pumpy most of the time. That's it. Rejections are the norm at all stages of the process. It's not a repudiation of you, so just accept it and keep going.
Open file (116.02 KB 460x523 1685238954541812.jpg)
Cast him
Open file (157.69 KB 828x766 image.jpg)
>Be a 10/10 in Bongland >Some old racist bat is trying to run you off the sidewalk in her 2-wheeled assault style death machine >Use your words to inform her you don't want to die >The old bat commits suicide right in front of you >You get 3 years in jail
Open file (361.11 KB 1920x1694 chenlean.png)
Any of you lads know a way to circumvent paywalls on news websites? I want to read an article on the Economist, but I don't really check in on it enough to justify paying >>5392 >these "Chads" were cherry-picking their clips and leaving out vast swathes of rejections to present a false image to the world I distinctly remember trying to tell people on /r9k/ this years ago only for nobody to ever listen to me, normies don't really attach the apocalyptic significance to rejection that robots historically did which is what enables the former to operate properly in society >>5391 Cheers mate. I've still been on survival mode these past few days, it's like my body hasn't fully processed that things are over for the year, going to work on some personal projects around the house, go for another walk and catch up on my reading to take the edge off things. Maybe a nice bath too.
Open file (22.39 KB 474x315 Brown.jpg)
Has there ever been a better singer?
>>5395 >the apocalyptic significance to rejection I've long since come to terms with the fact that I'll never be able to change this about myself. I'm not bitter about it, just sad.
Open file (325.86 KB 580x580 1445619001587.png)
>>5397 Why do you think that is lad? From most of my own experiences and observations, people tend to struggle with this thing chiefly because they have an insecure sense of self in one way or another, perhaps they dislike themselves in some fundamental way and thus view the rejection as external confirmation of that internal reality, for example. It's certainly something that can be changed, albeit not easily, I'd encourage you not to give up on yourself and to keep trying your best!
>>5393 Harry Crackhead lol
>>5398 For me it was a mixture between social anxiety and not wanting my insecurities reinforced. I used to have no idea if I was good looking or not. My choices were to either remain comfortable, I might be good looking but if I stay in my comfort zone I don't have to find out, or step massively out of my comfort zone, get rejected and then achieve nothing but knowing I'm unattractive. It was a bit of a vanity thing obviously
>>5397 >I'll never be able to change this about myself Wrong. I used to think I was hopeless too. That said, this isn't something that can be solved intellectually. You actually have to go out and incur rejections, repeatedly. It's about training your subconscious to realise it's literally nothing, and it isn't about you. They're either receptive or they're not, and there's nothing you can do to alter that. Forget about all the youtube PUA cucks with their needy contrivances and cringey forced techniques. Just say hi, tell them they're cute, and wing it from there. They're either receptive or they're not, and there's nothing you can do to change that. Do not change your behaviour for a woman. Every time you say hi, you win. Once more: rejection is normal and healthy. A year ago I wouldn't have approached a single girl if you paid me, despite very much wanting to, because the prospect was terrifying, and my ego was attached to the result. Now, on a big day, I'll take 300+ total rejections. Sometimes up to 30 in a row. It will be incredibly uncomfortable at first, and you'll experience a high level of tension. But then, you'll stop caring. Eventually, you'll even begin to enjoy it. I'm rooting for you lad.
>>5401 >You actually have to go out and incur rejections, repeatedly Yeah that's not happening.
>>5392 That's great advice, top man. >>5395 Some rest and relaxation is definitely in order. Take a good month to unwind then get yourself work experience or an apprenticeship or a graduate entry roll.
Open file (52.04 KB 368x640 stock mill.jpg)
Oh Protestant brethren of high and low station, Who dwell in this wonderful nation of ours; I beg pray attention whilst briefly I mention The Thrasher's intention on Patricks Day!
>be me >approaching insta-station in osaka >been out for a few hours, hundreds of rejections,1 instadate and 20+ contact exchanges at this point >very fired up, good momentum, bouncing off the endless human wave and taking one rejection after the other >turn a corner, approach the next cute girl i see >she's receptive >pretty standard conversation - tell her she's cute, ask her what she's doing, where she lives, tell her a little about myself >we're about to exchange LINEs (japanese whatsapp basically) when he appears >some porky ponytailed yank neckbeard butts in out of nowhere and starts talking to her >"are you okay? is he bothering you?" >she's visibly confused >look him directly in the eye with what was probably a semi-murderous glare: "we're okay. are you okay?" >"i saw you bothering all the women and i'm not sure what's going on?" >"okay. so we're all okay then. thank you." >turn my back to him and motion for the girl to come with me into the corner because his weird energy is clearly making her uncomfortable >say to her "この日と怪しいね" (this guy's suspicious, huh) >she agrees >he pulls his phone out and starts recording us as we exchange contacts >"この人から逃げたほうがいいね" (we should escape from this guy) >she laughs and agrees. i say bye and walk off, completely ignoring him >10 minutes later, see Mr. Porky advancing towards me accompanied by a policeman as i'm approaching >cold approach the copper >he asks what i'm doing >tell him exactly what i'm doing and explain i know it's not illegal, list the names of the laws i know for a fact i'm not breaking (i researched it) >he tells me he knows it's not illegal, but i can't do it in the station >have a hunch this is bollocks but didn't know for sure at the time and didn't wanna stand arguing with him >accept he's just doing his job (japanese police are really polite, this guy was too so no hard feelings towards the bloke) >agree to leave as i thank him and say have a nice day >walk away, completely ignoring Mr. Porky >get the train to the next station and approach for another 3 hours, 20+ contacts That's it.
>>5405 Do you actually do anything but approach women? I'm not having a go, im honestly just wondering if you do anything else with your free time.
>>5405 Tbf lad you do sound like a bit of a public nuisance. >>5406 Rude! He also posts on imageboards about his approaching of women.
>>5406 This is just a side-hobby mate. I spend most of my time translating manga and interpreting.
>>5409 I thought that was your job
>cold approach the copper did you get his number?
>>5411 joke: RUINED >>5405
I have tanned for the first time ever.
>>5412 *belches at you* What now?
It feels so good to not be rushed for time and to be able to cook my own meals again lads. I had unironically ordered ch*nese "food" twice while I was finishing uni for the year, sickening really. Thinkiing about learning to make lasagna from scratch, but I'm not sure I want to pay for a pasta machine, so I might just do the sauces. >>5413 How is that possible? Did your dormant egyptian pharaoh DNA activate well into your twenties or something? >>5414 *pushes u* I SAID BACK THE FUCK OFF!!??!
>>5415 Probably because as a boy I used to get slathered in factor 50, after that I was a bit of a recluse and the past several years I haven't really engaged in outdoor activities until recently. Lasagna isn't that difficult to make if you can easily make a Bolognese sauce.
>>5416 yeah it's pretty simple outside of the pasta which I've never tried before, you can get kind of autistic about the bechamel sauce too which is fun, although in a lasagne there's only so much point in going hard with it.
>>5417 Can you? Bechamel seems fairly straightforward
Open file (309.28 KB 634x559 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (22.26 KB 400x400 771.jpg)
>>5420 >immigration at its highest levels ever >economy in tatters >Boris under fire for incriminating WhatsApp messages >"Release ze Schofield files"
Wish I were in Nippon visiting locations from the Sea of Fertility novels and chasing cunny with translator lad tbvfhw/ul.
Went into the countryside with my dog today. Could feel the sun stinging my skin, the weather was fantastic. I found a spot shade by some trees near a river where I enjoyed a white monster, tuna sandwich and a pepperami stick. After that I just lay down and enjoyed the weather whilst my dog tried to bite the river before she got tired and lay in the shade with me.

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