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Open file (91.72 KB 610x374 bg.png)
Anonymous 09/08/2022 (Thu) 18:04:02 No.4557
General 119 - 8th September 2022
Open file (2.13 MB 2048x1362 pikey pepe.jpg)
Happy Saint Patrick (Welsh) Day patrick was welsh and only ever went to ireland Because irish pirates kidnapped (possiBly raped) him post something you love aBout ireland for me? gunness
>>5120 Nope, simply shant :)
Open file (29.76 KB 512x512 absolutely beautiful.jpg)
tfw i get to spend tax payers money on DLC for fallout 4
i love rubbing stinging nettles on my nipples
>>5134 No you don't.
Admin, can we please investigate this post and discuss if it warrants a ban? >>5134
>>5137 Me and the /britfeel/ council have looked into the matter, and after a lot of deliberation and debate, we've come to the conclusion that we're absolutely indifferent to it, and shan't be doing anything about it.
Anyone have anything nice for tea? I bought a Chinese.
>>5139 I got this Italian pasta ready meal thing from Aldi. Chicken Strozzapreti I think it was called, it was pretty good.
You still here music lad? You been up to any music stuff lately?
>>5141 I've made a few things here and there, but nothing serious.
>England wins 2 - 1 in Italy, best win since 1961 >Scotland wins 3 - 0 >Wales equalised 1 -1 against one of Europes strongest football teams
>>5138 As the author of the self-same post, I would implore you to consider my appeal and to lodge a ban against me, thank you.
>>5142 What can you tell me about bluetooth speakers? I'm looking for something compact with good sound quality
>>5146 With speakers, bigger usually equals better. Can't say more than that since I'm not the type to listen to music outdoors.
Lock up your Nan The goose is loose
>>5147 >he doesn't listen to Stormzy on a bluetooth speaker while cycling around town
>>5149 you gavmoosh chavo
>date with lass I approached on the street last week today >coffee shop we were supposed to meet at is shut >walk about 10 mins to another one >really nice day, cherry blossoms are blooming >make beta small talk for 40 mins or so over coffee (coffee was delicious) >she said she thought i was gonna try and sell her something or was involved in some kind of ponzi scheme when i approached her (kek) >finish our coffees, go for a walk in the park >make beta small talk for 10 mins while walking >suddenly start holding her hand >ask her whether people do this in japan >she laughs, goes all shy and says "only if they're couples" >i said "let's be a couple then" >she nods >leave the park while holding hands and making more beta small talk >put my hand behind her neck and go in for the kiss as we part ways >she's receptive, kisses back (I'm always hesitant about doing this in Japan because they're not that big on public affection and sensitive to whether others can see them or not, thankfully there was no one about) >bike home in the sun Was a good one lads. Off to the gym now.
>>5152 Hopefully a Jap honour kills you, you racemixing disgrace.
>>5153 Kek
>>5115 Everyone with half a brain knows that the government drones don't give a fuck about you or anyone else. However, they WILL occasionally do something if you make yourself enough of a nuisance to them.
>>5155 True.
>>5152 Nice fiction story lad Just like my mangas
>>5157 50+ approaches and 9 contact exchanges today lad Also approached my first 12 year old by mistake. Thought she was just a short lass but she was actually a genuine loli, realised what I'd done halfway through my "かわいいですよ” and walked off.
Daft Punk? Great band. Ta'. That's all for this morning's post.
Open file (427.31 KB 604x400 ClipboardImage.png)
Doesn't get much more #tidy and #moist than this now does it me good lads? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2e21NOp69hM Post more like it
Anyone been using chatgpt?
>>5161 i been usin ur mum m8
Open file (61.52 KB 1462x337 ClipboardImage.png)
The date schedule
>>5161 Yeah I have, since early December. Pretty nifty, shame it's gotten so locked down and limited though.
>>5163 Mate.
>>5164 If I'm being optimistic, it helps avoid controversy whilst it is being developed. Boomers with computers and Facebook mums wouldn't be happy if some clickbait article described how AI is being used to do something dangerous. I've been playing around with it since Friday and it's far better than I had expected. If you use WordPress, you'll never need to Google anything ever again. And right now, I can't see why journalists exist anymore when this can churn out an article of similar quality in 30 seconds.
Open file (374.67 KB 773x561 ClipboardImage.png)
Now that the dust as settled, which did you prefer? https://strawpoll.com/polls/jVyG8x7Kzn7
>>5167 I just want to go back, lads.
Alright, who's the toughest, strongest guy here?
>>5170 Most likely me
I've started soaking my toes in bleach to get rid of my fungal nails. The skin is red, sore, and peeling off, but I think it's starting to work.
>>5172 You might destroy the fungus but your toes will probably become permanently scaly and calloused from the bleach.
Do you really believe brains are inside your skull?
>>5174 No. Just the one.
>>5175 I chuckled.
Would you rather be an 120 IQ nigger or an 80 IQ white man?
>>5177 Kill yourself.
Anyone have any experience with getting your £1k whiplashbux after getting into a traffic accident? I had the good grace of getting crashed into very recently and I'd like my money.
Where the fuck is the thread maker? It's well past bump limit.
>>5180 Go on then. Greentext it.
>>5182 Not that lad, but I can give you mine from a few years ago. >on the way back home from Peterborough >parked in a motorway rest area eating burger king >white van in the space across the road directly behind me reverses so far out of his own space he hits my car I had been parked there for at least 10 minutes at that point, I still have no idea what the blind cunt was doing.
>>5182 >driving home from Asda after buying some supplies >stop at some traffic lights just before a three lane roundabout >pretty complicated l roundabout, but I use it daily >lights turn green >make my way down the centre lane >head towards second set of lights >old man tries to merge into my lane >crashes

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