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Open file (91.72 KB 610x374 bg.png)
Anonymous 09/08/2022 (Thu) 18:04:02 No.4557
General 119 - 8th September 2022
>>4644 I choose option (b)
>>4635 >IF a co-ordinated uprising took place it would only need about 20,000 people out of a population of 70 million up and down the country to kick off for several days in a row for the entire policeforces across the nation to be overwhelmed. >several days Don't be so over optimistic. Hours lad. If such a thing happened you can guarantee that 20,000 would be pig hunting first, before kicking off. Which is why I avoid blue pigs, not because they're ACAB, friends of Wayne 'Rapist' Couzens, or zogbots, I simply don't want to be collateral damage if I'm standing near them when some mad cunts come looking for them. Speaking of which, glad I'm not rich either. That budget though! WTF?! Truss's side-dick put a large neon sign on every rich persons back - "Hey poor people! Kill me and take my shit!". WTF was he thin...oh yeah, he wouldn't think would he? He's too busy cucking her hubby.
Anyone got any good space sci-fi films to recommend?
>>4649 Saw in the news an undercover journalist infiltrating the climate protestors got a quote from the organiser of said protests that members of the judiciary and courts service told him that 3000+ arrests would be unmanageable for the courts. So even if the police were capable of carrying out mass arrests, theres not enough capacity to process. This country is teetering over the precipice.
>>4650 I don't but I wish there was a film from the 60s that used Joe Meek's revolutionary homemade concept album for the soundtrack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=movOhJilbac
>>4571 >>4651 >This country is teetering over the precipice. Don't be so over optimistic. We're in free-fall lad. >quiet guy comes up from the south and has a few pints with his mates >only ever overheard him mutter stuff like "is wot it is innit?" and "oh well" >half way through his second >from nowhere blurts out >"Fought my munny wuz safe in da bank innit? Fakkin nigger stole it! Cleaned me out! Kwasikunt!" >he didn't even bother looking around to see who was in >his mates looking around hoping there's no darkies in >there wasn't >lucky for them the barmaid was the only one in and she was elsewhere when it happened >she's been blacked and would have barred them all for that outburst at minimum The PM is an ex-Shell energy company employee gifting £60bn initially to her ex-employers. The chancellor is an ex-Odey asset management advisor whose budget increased the value of his ex-employers hedge fund by 145% (=hundreds of millions £). Like I said - we're not at the precipice, we're over the edge in free-fall lad. Free-fall.
>>4653 >whose budget increased the value of his ex-employers hedge fund by 145% https://www.reuters.com/business/finance/odeys-hedge-fund-soars-145-bets-against-uk-bonds-sources-2022-09-22/ Seems its across the year, but still. It's not pocket change sums of overt corruption is it? Chancellor & PM must be Putin's inside job. They make bank robbers look like unambitious under achievers.
>>4650 The Slient Running
Open file (8.65 KB 474x266 1623635633744.jpg)
>>4654 >Chancellor & PM must be Putin's inside job
>>4656 >doesn't yet know his precious Liz will be relaxing immigration rules to assist the ongoing invasion kek >b Chancellor & PM fuck buddy team >implement sanctions on Russia >sanctions benefit Russia more than you >incompetence or malicious intent completely ignored by faggot /britfeel/ poster posting his homo fantasy pics >Ruble has best year since ever >UK economy trashed >Brits buying sleeping bags to keep warm AT HOME >more concerned with security of foreign country than the ongoing invasion into UK >overt insider trading shorting sterling >already shoveled billions of GBP into your mates pockets You're probably correct. They wouldn't be Putin's agents. They'd do far less damage to the UK if they were.
Open file (61.56 KB 204x326 yank spray.png)
Do you think it is okay to wash the dishes with shower gel? Assuming they haven't touched raw meat or anything.
>>4659 Prolly depends on the shower gel, but I wouldn't. They put all kind of stuff in there that isn't supposed to be ingested. 's why it always says "for external use only".
>>4660 To be fair, fairy liquid and finish tablets aren't exactly edible either.
>>4657 Yes, Vladolf Putler is the puppet master and you have successfully uncovered his master plan.
>>4653 >>4654 >>4657 Every election cycle I hope and pray that people will have stopped voting for the Tory party, and every time I am disappointed as the inevitable happens. Not that I like many of the other parties, but no party has so blatantly lied and filled its own pockets like the Tory party. The saddest thing is their most die-hard voters are the ones who have been the most fucked sideways. I don't even blame the Tory politicians anymore, they dont vote themselves into power. Other people vote them in. Imagine you invite somebody around your house, and they steal some spare change. You invite them round the next day, and they steal some milk from the fridge. You invite them round the next day, and they lift your toaster. Suppose you kept inviting them round, because they said some nice things about your house and how they'd really look after you. Suppose they kept on stealing. Suppose your entire estate slowly withers away while they get richer. Past a certain point, it becomes your fault - and solely your moral responsibility - for your own ruin. Play silly games and get silly prizes. I just wish the collateral damage didn't include the demographic makeup of the country, the value of the £, the price of housing/heating/food/electricity etc. because all of those things affect me even though I'm actually clever enough to tell when a Tory politician is lying (hint - its when their lips start moving).
I will add further that the only labour government we ever got since the 1970s was a Tory-lite one by Tony Bliar, and if we get labour in power again it will be a Tory-lite one.
>>4664 Why didn't we listen to him?
>>4664 > if we get labour in power again >if >fiscal mismanagement >cronyism on steroids >un-elected quangos galore >plethora of economy trashing policies (from austerity, to lockdowns, to mini budgets) we already have a labour government lad >>4663 >blue labour >red tory those are your only choices lad, so stop engaging in extreme thinking by asking for more and enjoy the gruel that is served. It doesn't matter much after the announcement this Friday. >>4665 >Why didn't we listen to him? >modified DNA organism Why would we? It's not like it's human anymore is it lad? It chose to give up humanity by opting for experimental gene editing. Its modified DNA is now owned via a patent. The jab manufacturers did say. Should have read the small print and listened to them. No refunds.
>>4666 nice try satan
>>4666 >we already have a labour government lad kek it does feel like somebody else has already won and is laughing at us while the ship is sinking. Oh well. I know I'll be alright I suppose. Or not, will wait and see. But to quote Reggie - "my body is ready".
have you seen we're due for a "twindemic" this winter on top of all the other bullshit you better get you're god-damned double booster shots or you're not only going to murder grandma, you'll crash the economy as well.
>>4656 That's right lad! The downie PM that finished off our Queen, and now our Pound is totally on our side! Does you village know you're missing lad?
>>4670 >crash the economy as well. >you'll crash the economy if you don't take the jab Of course! "No jab, no job" means high unemployment if people don't take it....and it means we reach net zero (humans) faster if they do.
>>4671 take your meds
only 3 months left in the year. getting dark and cold now. sombre settings for a winter of discontent.
Accidentally agreed to go stay at a hot spring resort with my second gf when I was meant to be off to my first one's prefecture for the weekend. I don't think this is going to end well.
>tfw will realistically never see a total solar eclipse in the UK
>>4676 Too young to remember the 1999 one? You missed out lad.
Open file (1.94 MB 498x280 pc babies.gif)
>>4677 I was only a month old in August 1999
>>4675 You dirty dogs bollocks. Good on you.
>>4678 Get the fuck off this board.
>>4677 Yes, I would have only been 5. Perhaps I'll see the 2090 one.
Open file (4.21 KB 158x200 pepe-bee.gif)
>>4680 >he wont be alive for the 2090 one ngmi
>>4682 You'll be 91, so it's unlikely you will either.
>leave slowcooker on overnight >wake up to the smell of simmering beef stew
Open file (138.42 KB 1000x1270 Nati_Dreddd_Photo.jpg)
https://natidreddd.bandcamp.com https://soundcloud.com/natidreddd Anyone familiar with this lass? Nati Dreddd is an up and coming singer/songwriter from Scotland. She sings contemporary Folk Pop and Ballads that are not too far removed from the traditional. She recently made a stop in America and is on tour promoting her new tunes in UK and elsewhere. Samples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jF7nnvZIiz8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zIVwJFJD-4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrT9wjBkROo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wp6y1ap24HI
>>4685 Just sounds like run-of-the-mill acoustic covers of generic pop songs to me lad. Absolutely nondescript.
>>4685 "Nati Dredd" not listening based on that name alone lad
>>4685 alri natty dread
>>4684 >leave the poocooker on overnight >wake up to the smell of simmering beef poo
Open file (399.08 KB 500x375 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (189.79 KB 348x348 ClipboardImage.png)
Music lad, I'll be visiting this synth shop in Shibuya over the coming weeks (https://fiveg.net/?mode=f4)and I wondered if there was anything you wanted to see. I don't really know anything about synths myself but my brother's into them so I'm going to get some footage for him, and I remembered you're into that sort of thing as well. On that note, I'm in Tokyo for another month and a half if there's anything anybody else wants to see. I'll happily get the subway down somewhere if you lads post some requests/recommendations.
>>4690 Seeing as it's Japan, I'll have some vintage Roland, Korg, and Yamaha gear please lad, cheers.
>>4690 I dont have a particular request but to say good luck and have fun on your Japanese tour. I'd enjoy visiting Japan but truth be told im too poor and scared of foreign cultures.
im english and proud fuck the eu fuck immigrant cunts fuck the government and corrupt police when am i gonna get my fucking country back from these black muslim tranny bastards
>>4693 This but unironically.
How often do you look at the moon?
My energy bill this month was £210. I have a very small house, I haven't had the heating on and I'm quite frugal with power consumption. I'm not sure how this bill is calculated. My smart meter tells me I'm only using about £1.30 of gas and electricity per day.
>>4695 Once in a blue moon.
>>4696 >My smart meter ngmi

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