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Open file (52.20 KB 610x374 bf_fucked.jpg)
Anonymous 03/28/2022 (Mon) 16:35:53 No.3945
Britfeel General #118 (Apparently) Conversation starters: > have you had any good poos lately? > TimmyUK dinner challenge > Queens Jubilee celebrations plans > Nominations for The Britfeel Award for the 'Longest Bennies Recipient'
>>4098 >trying to ring loads of dentists >wonder why no one's answering and realise Unacceptable.
>>4099 No it makes the next day twice as hard because we have to complete double the work
>moaning about days off work
Today is going to be a good day.
>>4103 Today was a good day.
Is gymlad still here?
>>4091 jerked off to Blacked porn, regular interracial porn and christian interracial porn.
>>4105 Yes. Hello.
>>4107 Is it possible to have much success with 3 day week routines?
>>4108 Yes, there's no reason you can't make really good progress. I would do either a PPL split or even full body workouts to ensure you're getting enough volume in.
>>4109 Will you make half the progress of a 6 day PPL routine or is that bioscience? Also, nice weather today, lads.
>>4111 I can't put a number on it and there are a lot of variables. Speaking very generally you probably won't progress as rapidly on 3 day full body, but on the other hand, if you enjoy training hard, you can impede recovery or injure yourself more easily on 6 days a week. That's just based on my experience though.
>>4112 What's your thoughts on ICF? Seems well regarded as a 3 day routine, but I don't trust the mental stability of the man who made it.
Have only gone and gotten myself banned from 4chan for 30 days.
>>4058 Mein bruder come to london and meet me in saint katherines docks for a cheeky pint and a half
Would you eat a pea-sized nugget of your own poo for £5000?
>>4116 No. £500,000 and I'll think about it.
>>4116 >>4117 £50k then yes
Open file (11.82 KB 300x300 dennis waterman.jpg)
Bit late but Rest In Peace Dennis Waterman (From "The Sweeney" and "Minder") A legend has passed and the world is a darker place without him.
>>4116 I'd slurp a cup of my own fermented shit for just 10p
Would you rather let a man have explosive diarrhea over your face with your mouth wide open or slap your mum across the face?
>>4121 Option B, what's with all these fecal questions lad?
Open file (660.07 KB 810x539 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (601.33 KB 615x452 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (591.87 KB 615x465 ClipboardImage.png)
McDonald's worker who 'put smiles on everybody's faces' leaves Grimsby Road branch after 28 years >Andrew Bellamy, 55, worked at the branch since its opening in 1993 >A Cleethorpes man who spent an incredible 28 years working at McDonald's on Grimsby Road has hung up his hat for the last time. >"I did seven years at the Grimsby Road branch of McDonald's to start with and then I went to Cleethorpes for 18 months and then I came back, and I've been there ever since. But now [me and my family] are moving down to Malvern next Tuesday. That's where my brother and his wife live, just outside of Malvern. I'll have to see what else is down there, it'll be nice if I could work in another McDonald's but I'll have to see." >"I started in the kitchen and my job was to sweep the floor up, wipe the tables, empty the bins and help to take the food out. I'm going to miss working there. I'm going to miss everything - the management, the customers, the crew, and just the job as a whole." >Mark Chapman from McDonald's on Grimsby Road said: "It was an absolute pleasure to work with Andrew for all those years. He most certainly put a smile on everybody’s faces and we will miss him so much." https://www.grimsbytelegraph.co.uk/news/grimsby-news/mcdonalds-worker-who-put-smiles-7042404
>>4122 Wow, you would slap your mum? Very disrespectful.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
>>4125 Sitting here at my computer with /britfeel/ open in a browser tab.
>>4125 what kind of stupid fucking question is that you absolute cunt? what am i, nostradamus?
>>4127 You're reading comprehension could use some work.
>>4123 Hmm he must have an extra source of income to afford an early retirement. Dark web coke dealer perhaps?
>>4125 Probably exact same position as I am now except with more family and less money
Any good articles/academic essays on working conditions in coal mines during the victorian/industrial revolution era? Child labor,working 12-16 hours a day etc. I want to apply those working conditions to my dumbell workout to become a true Man
>>4123 >Andrew's mum, Elizabeth Bellamy, added: "My late husband and I were always so happy that we've been able to support him there for so long, and he's had nothing but kindness. He's been treated so well and so kindly and I appreciate that so much. >"I've always been so proud of Andrew and I'm so grateful that he found a job that suited him so well with such understanding management. They've made him so happy. They gave him a whiskey glass which said 'the place will never be the same without you'. I'm so grateful to McDonald's and the staff there." His mum's comments suggest he has some sort of profound learning disability, though the article doesn't go as far as to outwardly state it. Honestly they ought to have. An average man working at McDonalds for nearly 30 years is pathetic, but if he's a tard it's admirable.
>>4131 All I've got for you is this video I watched a year or so ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-J5H7UOotQ >Miners | Life down the Pit | Good Afternoon |1973 >Life down the pits - Hard work, poverty and danger were to be expected if you had a life down the pits. For many Miners your working life started at 14 years of age when you left school . Respected journalist Mary Parkinson speaks to 2 retired miners and the wife of a miner about the how they eked out a living on a day to day basis. First transmitted 17/10/1973
(im from Brazil) Can someone tell me how in the fuck margaret tatcher ISNT a national hero/folk saint,given she waged and won a war against a catholic republican(argentina)in favour of the Anglican Monarchy?
>>4132 Just sounds like a Mum.
>>4134 she closed the mines and crippled a lot of the North whose entire industry and most jobs were based around it.
Do you know where Hell is? Hell is in the Falls. Heaven is in Shankill, And we'll guard our Derry's walls!
>>4134 Our Maggy is a hero mate, just ignore the northern scum and you'll be fine.
Open file (123.37 KB 540x574 clown suicide.jpg)
>>4134 Milk snatcher mate
When I was in year 4, I had a teacher would round up all the used milk bottles and decant them into a single bottle that he would drink. Its quite disgusting. They were probably 10% saliva.
Open file (814.49 KB 954x529 ClipboardImage.png)
You Can't Go On Site Without Hi-Viz | Leave Now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbSQ4n03Azk
>>4141 that's vile. I think 10% is an understatement.
I fundamentally believe that all this "hot weather" rubbish is a sick joke. The temperature should never reach more than 12 degrees centigrade or 55 degrees farenheit. That is it. Not a degree more or there will be hell to pay.
>>4144 >or there will be hell to pay Quite literally lad.
Am a Mosleym. That is to say, I am a religious follower of Oswald Mosley. Mosleyism 4 da UK
Moslym lives matter
Have you noticed any difference to your hairline/colour over the past 5 years?
>>4148 Yeah my hairline's shite, no signs of grey yet though.
>>4148 It's slightly receded. My dad's did the same and stopped there though so I'm not too fussed, and even if it continued I'd just go bald anyway. I have two greys in my beard. What about you, fellow poster?

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