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Open file (327.48 KB 1303x892 bfoc_2021_1.jpg)
Anonymous 06/22/2021 (Tue) 11:04:28 No.3112
Britfeel General #117 Good morning, Good evening, wherever you may be, across the nation and around the commonwealth. How are you doing? What's going on? What you feeling? Any good wanks lately, good shits? U been wotchin tha footie m8s? Remember IGNORE ALL NON GENERAL POSTS.
>>3342 I thought you'd already gone to university. I'm guessing coronavirus postponed this? I was a retail lad for 5 years. When they pulled me into the office to give me the golden 5 years of service badge I knew I had to leave.
Open file (939.38 KB 1280x591 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3363 >I'm guessing coronavirus postponed this? Yeah, and I broke my ankle. I'm pleased it worked out this way because it's back in person this year. >golden 5 years of service badge It's crazy how time creeps up on you. The feeling has grown exponentially as I've gotten older, starting maybe around my early 20s - I don't remember giving a shit before that.
>>3360 I think the primary problem is I can no longer envision a life I want to build, lad
I got utterly burnt out on covid related news and have harldy researched the vaccines, all I know is public health england are now recommending anyone under the age of 40 is offered an alternative to the Astra Zeneca vaccine, beyond that all I've got to go on is a vague sense of unease and trust. What vaccines would you or wouldn't you lads take, and why?
>>3366 I've had one dose of the Pfizer one; not because I researched it or cared for that one in particular, but because that was the one they happened to be giving out on the day my mum took me up to the walk-in centre. The vaccine/jab wasn't the worrying part, it was everything else about the whole experience that was unnerving. All the masked people directing you where to go with fake smiles and well-rehearsed "banter", the fact we were in some unused office building that was mostly barebones except for all the government/NHS propaganda posters and signs plastered everywhere, being directed into one of the "observation rooms" after the jab (which had nothing but a few chairs, a clock on the wall, and some silent supervisors watching everyone like the staff in an exam hall), having to sit there in silence for 10-15 minutes while everyone just stared mindlessly at their phones, and just the fact that nobody was really questioning all this and instead just went along with it (even myself). Proper 1984 experience. Supposed to be having my second jab about now, but my sleep pattern is inverted and I don't really care that much about it, so it'll have to wait.
>>3367 >but my sleep pattern is inverted I became completley nocturnal over summer to cope with the insane heat and haven't readapted to normal sleeping yet, I am a creature of the night now.
>>3368 Welcome to the fold lad. It's been about 13 years since I first went out of sync, and I've only had the occasional small stretches of sleeping through the night since then.
>>3369 Cheers lad. What's on your agenda this morning then? I've just made myself a cup of tea and I need to ring the doctor's in a few hours, beyond that I've got nothing planned.
>>3370 No plans, just enjoying my time on the computer as usual. Gonna have lunch soon, and later I'll have whatever yesterday's dinner was but reheated.
>>3371 Enjoy your computer time lad. What do you get up to these days?
>>3372 A mix of browsing imageboards, watching youtube videos (been watching a lot of repair videos about old synths/computers/etc lately), maintaining a couple of simple neocities pages, doing some internet archaeology, messing about with my little raspberry pi-based server, and jamming with my music gear. I don't typically play games on my PC anymore (outside of whenever my nieces visit), but recently I have been playing The Story of Thor and LoZ: Oracle of Seasons/Ages on my Wii/CRT setup.
The Welcome to the NHK novel is very different to the anime, but surprisingly just as farfetched.
>ywn be a 80s rnb negro
Open file (287.90 KB 640x426 TBS hebride.jpg)
Alrigh' la's, j/k I'm not greenlad >>3354 Are you doing much in there? I hear politics is not really on their agenda but community building is. >>3348 pure teatree oil is your friend >>3352 >How connected do you lads feel to your heritage in the UK Alot more connected now I have been binging Jonathan Bowden this last year.
>>3376 >Are you doing much in there? I hear politics is not really on their agenda but community building is. Yeah it's almost entirely community building stuff, which is pretty much what I signed up for. Getting involved in electoral politics is a mug's game to be honest, you can't fix the system via the system. We do stuff every weekend; fitness meetups, leafleting, banner drops, camping etc.
>>3367 Mine was in a big unused office building too. Makes me wonder how many of these they have just lying about.
>>3377 Sounds pretty decent pal, I'm half interested but I'm quite busy these days with the lambs and I am in half in the mind that this country is dying and my family would now be better off being around European folk until the collapse happens. Personally we want to move to a Scottish island where we have a good friend and can ignore the shenanigans of the pozzed mainland and weather the storm of the collapse but wee Jimmy Crankie in charge seems more authoritarian than Boris atm in time whereas at least in Eastern Europe I'd be around folk who hate BAME's, bum-ders and scoobydoos which is worth alot more in the community.
Mum's just left for the airport, home alone for 8 days lads.
>>3380 Got any big plans lad, a wank in the kitchen perhaps?
>>3381 Well on Friday I have to water a couple of plants, and at some point within the next week I might have to go up the shop to restock on anything I've run out of. Beyond that, no plans.
Day 1 of being home alone, midday report: - Turns out there was a fruit fly infestation in the cupboard next to the oven where the potatoes are usually kept. After a long battle, I must have killed about 40 of them, but a few stragglers still remain among the corpses of their kin. Hopefully the fly killer now in the air will kill the rest off, but I suspect some will survive. - A couple of medium-sized spiders have made themselves at home by the front door. They weren't there yesterday of course, they waited until I was the only person around to deal with them before making themselves known. - Opened the windows upstair to let some fresh air in before I went downstairs. Would have been nice, if not for the fact the "fresh air" contained the undeniable scent of manure. Country air must have blown this way while the Fruit Fly War was taking place.
>>3383 >they waited until I was the only person around to deal with them Spiders are based and there are zero cons to having them around. If you don't like spiders you're not British.
>>3384 Well these ones are shit because they didn't help with the flies at all. Must have killed about a hundred flies in the end, and the spiders did fuck all but park themselves in the corners of the room with no flies in it.
I have just finished learning the 3007th and last kanji from my Remembering the Kanji anki deck. I'll still be reviewing every day, but there will be no new cards, meaning I'll gradually be able to consolidate what I know and have more free time. Fantastic.
Ask not for whom the floobity whibblescromps It whibblescromps for thee.
Sneethening ladses.
Legends of the Galactic Heroes isn't just an anime. It's a work of art.
Have you ever had a thought, and thought "I'm probably the first human being in the universe to have ever had that thought."?
>>3390 Yeah, but I usually find out later that I wasn't.
Mum'll be back at some point this evening. That went quick.
Open file (642.53 KB 800x450 ClipboardImage.png)
Komura san will marry princess Mako of the Japanese royal family (who will then lose her position and become a normal member of the public). His ponytail has been criticised as being inappropriate to marry a royal with. What do you think?
>>3390 No, I'm not a narcissist
>>3393 I guess it doesn't matter since she'll no longer be a royal
>>3393 I head the ponytail has PTSD-curing capabilities.
Lads, is your inner monologue really a good thing? I know a few years ago people used to praise it like it made you some superior being, pretty sure it's what started the NPC memes in the first place. The more I meditate the more my inner monologue goes away. In hindsight, it's the source of every intrusive and unpleasant thought I've ever had and a big factor in procrastination.
>>3367 Do you think there's a chance you might be confusing "well-rehearsed "banter"" for regular, idle chit chat?
>>3397 Random mind chatter is completely useless for the most part, and I wish I'd learnt that earlier in life. It's barely even "thought" because there's no conscious effort or deliberation involved, it's just a stream of rubbish that hinders your ability to think clearly and make decisions when you actually need to. >>3398 No.
>>3397 No. My automatic thoughts are often negative and unless I consciously reframe them they can do a real number on my mood.
Apparently facebook is having technical difficulties today. I hope a lot of wine aunts delete themselves.
Open file (2.93 MB 480x480 utensils.webm)
Thoughts on gay niggers? Why are the Jews promoting them so hard these days? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDYDRA5JPLE
What's so bad about China annexing Taiwan then. Come on. Let's hear it.
Open file (2.81 MB 1825x1217 ClipboardImage.png)
I'm from USA, hello redcoats
>>3406 Alright lad, what brings you here then?
>>3407 I am exploring other imageboards once again..
>>3408 Like me but I'm Spanish
>>3409 I am a refugee from KC, and yourself?
What's the point? I mean WHAT is the POINT? WHAT IS THE POINT?!?

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