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Open file (327.48 KB 1303x892 bfoc_2021_1.jpg)
Anonymous 06/22/2021 (Tue) 11:04:28 No.3112
Britfeel General #117 Good morning, Good evening, wherever you may be, across the nation and around the commonwealth. How are you doing? What's going on? What you feeling? Any good wanks lately, good shits? U been wotchin tha footie m8s? Remember IGNORE ALL NON GENERAL POSTS.
>>3243 Yeah, I do it on my bike. >Also what happens if you fall off? Then you pull your socks up and get back on. Honestly it would be a really good job for a NEET or if you don't like interacting with people, because the minimum requirement is sometimes having to ask if your order number is ready in the restaurant and the formalities when you deliver the food.
>Now that you’re coming towards the end of your Superfast Fibre and Line Rental contract on 24 August 2021, which costs you £24.00 per month, we want to highlight some of the options available to you going forward. As part of our commitment to Fairer Broadband for all of our customers, we’ve highlighted these potential next steps for you below, along with instructions on how you can take out these offers should you wish. >The first option available for you is that you can stay on your existing service and automatically move to a new price of £33.95 per month. We also recently got in touch to let you know your contract is going up, meaning you’ll pay a little extra from 08 April 2021 until your contract ends. You don’t have to do anything at all, just sit back and enjoy your great value connection whilst we handle everything else. You’ll be then out of contract with maximum flexibility to upgrade with us any time you like. They mean to say I don't have to do a single thing, and they'll take care of increasing my charges by over 35% for me entirely by themselves? Absolutely based.
Open file (539.90 KB 595x675 ClipboardImage.png)
Time Has Come Today by the Chambers Brothers
>>3247 Don't know what it was, but the energy at that time was mental. Can't be replicated.
>>3245 Good points about the antisocial's job benefits lad.
>>3246 that's incredibly selfless of them, you're a lucky lad
>>3248 Not bad. Prefer King Crimson though.
The national teams are being introduced to vidya music. Song list from /sp/ ◆ Dragon Quest "Introduction: Lotto's Theme" ◆ Final Fantasy "Victory Fanfare" ◆ Tales of Series "Srey's Theme ~ Guru ~" ◆ Monster Hunter "Proof of Heroes" ◆ Kingdom Hearts "Olympus Coliseum" ◆ Chrono Trigger "Frog's" Theme " ◆ Ace Combat" First Flight " ◆ Tales of Series" Royal Capital-Dignified " ◆ Monster Hunter" Wind of Departure " ◆ Chrono Trigger" Robo's Theme " ◆ Sonic the Hedgehog" Star Light Zone " ◆ Winning Eleven (Pro Evolution Soccer) "e Football walk-on theme" ◆ Final Fantasy "MAIN THEME" ◆ Fantastic Star Universe "Guardians" ◆ Kingdom Hearts "Hero's Fanfare" ◆ Gladius (Nemesis) "01 ACT 1-1" ◆ NieR "Initiator" Nouta " ◆ Saga Series" Makai Ginyu Shi-Saga Series Medley 2016 " ◆ Soul Caliber" The Brave New Stage of History " LIVE http://hub.freestreams-live1.com/bein-sports-en/
>>3253 >DIVERSITY DIVERSITY DIVERSITY >GENDER GENDER GENDER >Imagine by John Lennon Not watching this shite, fuck off globohomo.
>extremely itchy mozzy bite FUCK summer and FUCK the insect world
>>3221 skating as in rollerskating or skateboarding?
>>3255 I have NEVER been bitten by an insect. Stung by a wasp once when I was a kid, but never bitten.
Open file (251.72 KB 436x440 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3256 >>3257 What was it like? They often come near me when I'm sat out on the roof but I just stay still and they leave me alone. I even had a bee land on me once but he was a good lad and flew away.
>>3258 I was at the zoo enjoying a Calippo when the bastard got me on the lip. I remember it stung, my lip swole up, and then it just felt kinda weird and sensitive for a while, but I don't remember how long it lasted.
Hello. Can I have some tips on student accommodation please? Thank you.
What are your thoughts on the present moment? Do you spend much time in it?
>>3261 Yeah most of the time. When I'm not present, I'll be fondly reminiscing about something from the past, but I don't wallow in misery or anything like I used to. Stopped worrying about the future too, it's a waste of time. I just focus on the here and now, and if I'm doing good things in the present then the parts of the future I have any control over will probably be alright. Even if it's shit, I'll get through it until I die, so it's not worth paying any mind.
>>3258 Oh rolleskating lad, you're back to good health again? >>3260 What in specific? How old are you?
A fucking float with a giant model swan, a dancing person in a cow suit, and a couple of go-go dancer-looking lasses walking in front just went down my street blaring out Gloria by Laura Branigan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNEb2k_EmMg
>>3262 That's my mindset too lad. I tend to ruminate a bit, mostly over my interactions with others, but I'm getting better at noticing it, which is pretty much all that seems necessary to stop it. Ironically the time when I had maybe the most serenity of mind of my life was when resting up from my broken ankle. I think because I knew I had to be bedbound I wasn't putting pressure on myself to do this or that, or ruminate over things, and had pretty much no material with which to do so anyway. >>3263 Yes, I've been skating for a few months and am probably in the best shape of my life. >>3263 27. I'm past the deadline for uni-provided accommodation so that's no guarantee, but I've heard private is cheaper anyway so I'm going to look into a houseshare tomorrow on my day off.
Open file (249.94 KB 300x300 ClipboardImage.png)
Lads. Deanos. Williams. Scrompwhibblers. Join me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nA2endHiKYQ
Got the window open since it's warm but Abdullah up the road hasdecided to let all 18 of his kids out and they're causing mayhem. Sounds like the Gaza strip.
>>3267 Bit early isn't it? The ones near me always seem to wait until 8-9pm when everyone else's kids have already been put to bed before letting their screaming army of kids loose. Sometimes the adults will join in the shouting match themselves. Then they'll bring them in at about 11, as you do.
Ni hao. How's the Chinese going lad?
Open file (85.75 KB 640x480 Lara.jpg)
Hello brit anons. Did you know we have a new retro vidya board on the webring? No depressing news, no political sperging, just wholesome posting about the golden age of gaming. Do come and get /comfy/ if you're into all manner of retro games. https://fatchan.org/vr/catalog.html
Open file (1.74 MB 1002x668 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3271 Phwoar. What games have you wanked to lads? I wanked to the left of this as a kid.
>>3272 Don't think I've ever wanked to an actual non-pornographic game, but I have wanked to the promotional material.
Open file (714.38 KB 634x468 ClipboardImage.png)
>be on some dodgy foreign browser game site at school to circumvent the surf control >find one of those hentai rpg's
Open file (69.36 KB 640x480 3.jpg)
>>3272 Hentai flash games were so cool.
>>3276 Think I just broke my finger but I can't be bothered waiting at the walk in centre to check, especially since they might try to coerce me into having the vaccine. Will it heal by itself?
>>3277 Just splint it with a lolly stick or something, and tape it with some surgical tape. If it's still super-swollen and discolored (bruise-like) in 3 days, then consider a trip to the walk-in. The very fact you would ask shows it's not actually anything urgent like a compound, etc. You'll be fine lad.
>>3265 houseshares can be around £500 a month all bills included for most cities bar London of course
How will you all be spending this rainy Friday then.
>>3278 Ended up going this morning since I woke up early and I knew it would be quiet in there. Had an X ray and they told me to go to the fracture clinic on Tuesday, not sure how I'm going to get there though.
>>3281 Well, did they at least splint you up lad?
Open file (1.84 MB 1300x846 ClipboardImage.png)
>you will never be a slab of red leicester
>>3282 Yeah they just taped it to my middle finger which is slightly inconvenient and causes me to type slower, in other news I gave Baki another go and it's pretty good.
Open file (71.32 KB 360x254 ClipboardImage.png)
>domestosing a poo stain in the toilet and wee blasting it 30 mins later
uncle billy had a ten foot willy and he showed it to the neighbour next door he thought it was a snake so he hit it with a rake and now its only 4'4"
>>3286 anyone wanna tell me what's behind that link?
>>3289 Just a dodgy page with even more dodgy links.
Off work for 8 days
>>3291 Nice lad, I'm off til the 21st myself. NEET-larpers assemble.
>>3292 Nice one mate, do you have anything planned? I'm not doing anything, just wanted some time away from work.
woke up absolutely bursting for the toilet, so much so that i weighed myself first i was 4lbs lighter after
>>3293 I'm trying to get my uni accommodation sorted, so hopefully that'll be done by time I go back, then I can hand in my notice.
Open file (3.77 MB 1200x1600 ClipboardImage.png)
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