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Open file (5.10 KB 501x501 Op image.png)
/britfeel/ 26/09/2020 Anonymous 09/26/2020 (Sat) 16:38:27 No.2088
Thread #116 Wave 2 Edition
Just went round to see the grandparents. Lockdown's done a number on their mentality, but they're in good health for the time being. Really sad to see what an effect a full year of not being able to meet friends and family and faffing around with sanitation and shut businesses has had on their generation. The politicians will never answer fully for their crimes, but hindsight will make everything clear eventually.
How are you all adapting to British summer time? I felt a bit groggy when I got up but surprisingly felt very energised at work all day. On an unrelated note, I'm feeling a couple of sick days off work. It's very possible that I'll have flu-like symptoms when I wake up in the morning.
>>2902 It threw me off a bit, I slept in and had a nap in the middle of the afternoon.
>>2902 >On an unrelated note, I'm feeling a couple of sick days off work. I've done it. I must say I thought my croaky voice was quite convincing. Hopefully it's sunny today like the forecast says.
>>2901 >Lockdown's done a number on their mentality In what way?
>>2905 Well take this as an example, my grandad is a good musician from the 1950s and had been playing in gigs for over 70 years but since lock-down he's had a year away from playing regularly and he's lost his ability to play properly now, and doesn't think he'll ever go back to performing in public. And my grandma is just generally getting fed up of it all. Luckily they're both relatively healthy so I hope they'll see it through to the other side of this. But imagine how horrible it is for the old people who are alone or suffering from dementia who have had a year in solitude more or less. Its so fucked up, the government never did proper risk assessments into mental health impacts of shutting all social and cultural life down for a year. Either that or they did and they just ignored the risks and lied to the public about the risks.
>>2906 I should've cashed in at the start of lockdown and created a guide on how to survive as a shut-in loner.
wish i had big flared nigger nostrils so i could breathe better, i've been so stuffy lately
>>2906 imagine spending a year alone haha, my heart breaks for Big Normie.
>tfw the whole universe is change and life itself is but what you deem it
She needs a man with sensitivity. A man like me.
Fickle way to tickle on my young mans tipple
>>2910 I think people are still meeting up irregularly which just makes it more ridiculous that pubs and clubs and social activity groups are arbitrarily closed even though you can go to the supermarket and spread the uber deadly totally not blown out of proportion disease anyways
>>2914 The whole thing is a farce. Some coal black nigger fresh off the boat from the depths of Africa just started at my work. We still have international travel and immigration but grandparents aren't allowed to have contact with their newborn grandchildren.
How's the physical training going lads?
>>2916 My hamstrings are still aching from deadlifts I did on Monday. I'm lucky I bought a barbell and some weights for my birthday not long before the lock-down shut gyms and resulting price gouging for all exercise gear. Still, I had to fork out for some 15kg and 5kg plates but I try to do a little bit of weightlifting every day so it all works out cost-efficient since I don't even need a gym membership anymore.
Who smashed off one beer here?
>>2917 Nice lad, how much do you do? I only have 97.5kg so I'm a bit limited but I can still do much more than the equipmentless masses which I feel grateful for. There is nothing quite like a good workout, it just taps into something primal.
I think I've pushed a disc in my neck out a little while having a morning stretch-yawn, now it hurts when I turn it one way. The features on these bodies need a fucking update.
>>2915 Kids are still going back to crapistan for weddings but you can't go visit your family
>>2920 You didn't get the new update? Reboot lad, there was a glitch in the most recent one but it only lasted a couple hours
Open file (1.26 MB 1080x556 ClipboardImage.png)
Remember to vote for Sir Keith, AKA "are Keith" "big Keithey" Stormer to restore Britain to its former glory and get us out of this mess.
Amazon have admitted that some delivery drivers do urinate in bottles
>>2923 Kike Starmer can fuck off to Israel since he loves it so much more than England.
How do you see the British public reacting to vaccine passports? I want to be optimistic. I'm interested in hearing you lads' thoughts.
>>2924 There was a news piece in the local paper about how Amazon drivers have been pissing and shitting all over the roads near the new Amazon warehouse; I had a good laugh. Amazon said they would look into it and all I can imagine is some poor wagie having to go round and interrogate drivers as to when/where they last went took a dump. >>2926 Can imagine most people will like it because it gets them out of lockdown sooner but I hate the idea of it. Completely infringes your human rights and liberty.
>>2926 There'll be some mild quibbling from the usual fringes, then some half-arsed protests that will quickly get shut down, and then everyone will bend over for their authoritarian arse-fucking like they always do.
Open file (136.53 KB 680x626 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2927 >>2928 luv me footie more than me bodily integrity. simple as. get it in me arm and GET IN NGUBU YESSS
>>2929 sick ov not 'avin a pint with me mates
Open file (3.99 MB 400x720 this is england.webm)
Open file (26.05 KB 617x662 email from ''Q''.png)
I got an email from "Q" asking for bitcoin money lads. It was sent to an email address I only ever used to request board ownership of 8kun's /britfeel/, and when I googled their email address I saw that apparently a vol from 8kun's /qresearch/ received the same email: https://8kun.top/qresearch/res/13326878.html#13327418 So either Jim Watkins (or someone at his company) really is behind Q as many suspected, or a list of all 8kun's BO and volunteer email addresses has been leaked and someone's trying to pull a fast one.
>>2932 His son was LARPing as Q since he had access to a lot of the Q shit being run through 8ch, but the Q op itself was run by kikes in the US government like Ezra Cohen-Watnick to corral right-leaning boomers and retards.
>>2934 shit anime/manga has shit ending, what else is new
Open file (1.94 MB 640x640 1617958923373.webm)
goodnight sweet prince
Open file (47.89 KB 976x549 Are Philip.jpg)
miss him already
Open file (3.45 MB 1420x947 ClipboardImage.png)
f >>2938 cheeky
>>2934 The ending was to be expected lad, what's the issue?
I'll be putting several commas in, this sentence where they, shouldn't be and NOBODY can, stop me.
>>2941 Prepare... To. Meet. Your... Nemesis...
Good morning lads, hope you're all doing well. The following link is for lads with highly-developed auditory processing neural networks ONLY. Or should I say all may listen, but those not equipped to appreciate it should make haste in continuing their training. Thank you and good day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCAsIBngblM
I live next to a train station and heard the sickening crunch of a jumper's body getting impacted by a fast moving train last night. First time I think I've ever heard someone die.
>>2944 Fucking hell, that's one that'll stay with you forever. I was walking behind some woman in the corridor at work once when she stumbled and landed face first on the concrete (she didn't put her arms out for some reason). I can still hear it now.
>>2943 Lad, please can you tell me a bit about the synth in the chorus starting at 13:40? I would describe it as 'wet', 'mulchy', 'squelchy', and 'moist' (in the more traditional, non-Deanified sense of the word). Is it rare? How do you make it? I probably won't understand much of your response, nevertheless I'm very interested. Thank you.
>>2945 It sounded almost like a car getting hit by a train but that was just the echo of the smack when a ~200lb person gets thwomped by a train. they were cleaning it up over night I expect because by the morning it was clear. I think I might have seen some stains on the floor of the level crossing when I walked by earlier Human bodies are big things and they make loud noises when they get wallop'd
Like when Germany was forced to restrict its army size under the Treaty of Versailles so the selection criteria was raised and only the finest martial minds entered the ranks who could then impart their expertise on the fresh recruits drafted into the Wermacht in 1939, I think that the UK army is reducing its troop size to that of a very small professional core who then can quickly train the majority of zoomers who have already been playing First Person Shooters their whole lives and are mentally adjusted for close-quarters tactics in case there is an imminent invasion.
>>2946 The bass synth? Start with a sawtooth wave as your oscillator, use a low pass filter with the cutoff fairly low and the resonance fairly high, and use an envelope on the filter to make the filter's cutoff raise quickly (but not instantaneous) and decay slightly less quickly to give you that "wOwww" effect. Raise the sustain a bit as well to prevent the filter's resonance conflicting with the bass frequencies on the way down. I think the example you posted has a subtle second oscillator at a higher octave to "phatten" it up, and keyboard tracking on the filter so the filter opens up as you play higher notes, but it's difficult to hear with everything else going on in the mix. It's not a rare sound at all, it's one of the most basic patches you can make. A synth's internal filter design will determine exactly what you end up with (there's lots of different implementations that can sound very different from each other), but you can get well within the ballpark on just about any subtractive synth since the Minimoog (1970). Side note: the formula for "wetness" is: resonance + rapidly rising and decaying filter cutoff = "wet"; it sounds "wet" because liquids often make sounds with similar characteristics to that, i.e. dripping water, stepping in wet mud, etc. The formula for "phatness" is multiple oscillators either octaves apart or slightly detuned from each other; thickens things up nicely, but can easily muddy up your mix if you're not careful. "Muddy" = too much going on in the bass frequencies of your mix, makes things sound incoherent and messy.
>>2948 Yes, a professional core of trannies and wogs will surely be our Wehrmacht.

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