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Open file (53.16 KB 500x500 autumn.jpg)
/bunkerfeel/ #003 - Bunker of the Bunker Edition Anonymous 11/09/2019 (Sat) 02:11:25 No.2
Making an emergency thread here so we have somewhere to post whenever Julay goes down, because it keeps going down lately.
Japanese can be confusing sometimes because in certain instances, what are usually negative verb forms are actually positive. Has anyone tried to learn a language before and found certain things confusing? Another one was the masculine and feminine nouns in French and German, which as an Anglo just seems weird.
>>566 I should say there have been countless different things that have confused me about Japanese at one point or another, but that's one of the reasons I like it. Wasn't there a lad learning Mandarin?
Are PNG images not allowed on here?
>>568 39 matches for .png in this thread lad, there's a 20 MB total filesize limit though, which you might be hitting.
Hello lads. First post from my new laptop.
>>570 What addons would you lads recommend for Firefox? I've got the obligatory ad blocker but it's been so long that I did anything like this I've forgotten what's useful.
>>571 My personal essentials: uBlock Origin - the adblocker that isn't shit amd doesn't secretly whitelist certain ads like all the AdBlock or other uBlock branded ones. New Tab Override - let's you set a specific page to load when you open a new tab, why the fuck they ever took this functionality away from internet browsers I will never know. Tree Style Tab - displays tabs as a vertical tree list in a sidebar, I find it massively more useable than the traditional horizontal tab list, especially if you're a nutter like me who regularly ends up with hundreds of tabs open. (related) TST Colored Tabs - gives different TST tabs different colors based on domain name. (related) Tab Unloader for Tree Style Tab - lets you suspend individual TST tabs if you're not immediately using them, useful if you want to save a load of links to look through at a later date but don't want to bookmark them or leave them clogging up your RAM or CPU usage. Stuff I'd consider optional: Tampermonkey - userscript manager a la Greasemonkey. Stylus - userstyle manager and editor a la Stylish, make your own CSS edits for any website, or download other people's ones. HTTPS Everywhere - forces sites to use https if they support it, not really needed so much these days but there's the odd exceptions. DownloadThemAll! - bulk file downloader, it's alright but I keep it disabled until I need it. Stuff for downloading images: Image Search Options - adds options to the context menu when you right-click on an image, lets you send images off to SauceNAO, Google Images, or other reverse image-search engines with one click. Especially helpful if anons post an image that's clearly downscaled or overly compressed, or you want to find out the artist, character name, or what anime a screenshot is from. Twitter View Original Images - opens twitter images in their highest available resolution and lets you download them in a single click. Px Downloader - bulk download pixiv artwork. Not a firefox addon but still a useful internet-related utility: youtube-dl - command line program that let's you download video and audio files from nearly all the major video/audio streaming sites, from youtube to niconico to twitter to soundcloud. Easiest way to install it is via another command line program called Chocolatey, which is a linux-esque package manager for Windows ( https://chocolatey.org/install ). I can write up a quick guide on how to use youtube-dl if anyone wants, it's great for backing up youtube videos, or turning them into webm/mp4 files for posting.
>>573 That's a really informative post lad thank you. I've struggled with youtube-to-mp3 for a while, I've used various websites and apps over the years but they're very unreliable.
>>575 No problem lad. >I've struggled with youtube-to-mp3 for a while, I've used various websites and apps over the years but they're very unreliable The fun fact about all of them is that every single one of them are just using youtube-dl's code. It's kinda like how all the hentai doujinshi sites are just scraping exhentai.
I want to start playing online vidya with nips, with a Japanese client, so I can boost my learning while playing. What games do they like? Are there any good MMOs? I was doing some reading and apparently mobile games are extremely popular there due to their long commutes and working hours. They make my 24 hours wageslaving a week look like nothing.
>>577 Putting mobile/gachashit aside, vtubers can give you a pretty good idea of what's popular in Japan right now: https://hiyoko.sonoj.net/live/ APEX Legends seems to be the game of choice at the moment, I think there's a fairly established Minecraft scene too. Regarding MMOs the only one I ever see them play is FFXIV.
I've just had my first ever conversation with a Japanese native.
>>579 How did it go lad? Was it 大丈夫?
>>580 It went alright. My mind went blank a couple of times on things I actually know, but the lad was really patient and understanding, spoke slowly and gave explanations. He was better at English than I Japanese, but seemed to struggle with understanding sometimes too, I occasionally had to substitute for simpler language. We're going to chat again over the coming days and I'm quite excited about it. I need to study more.
>>581 ナイス、勉強頑張れ
>>573 Now that's what I call a BASED post.
Been catching up with the news lately lads, seems like the second wave is coming already. How are we all feeling about it? I'm honestly thinking about becoming a hikkikomori at this rate. >>577 it's very easy to find japanese people on VRchat, or if you want an actual videogame you could play the JP version of Phantasy Star Online 2.
>>584 I'm already hikikomori so I'm not too bothered.
>>585 I'm NEET but I actually leave the house atm, mainly just for grocery shopping though. I really wish the government actually followed through with the whole antibody tests. I want to know whether or not I have any.
I've just had my second conversation with a Japanese native, a different bloke this time. I felt a lot sharper during this one and had a lot of fun. They are so friendly and polite.
Is FFIX good?
I've just installed Ableton on my new laptop so I can get my Scarlett 2i4 and loop pedal set up with my guitar.
Open file (22.33 KB 300x380 steiner.jpg)
In /fitfeel/ spirit I'll be posting some of my preferred calisthenics exercises incase any of you lads are looking to start exercising or vary your routines a bit. Pike pushup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7_I5SUAd00 These are great for your shoulders and upper chest. I like to increase the range of motion by placing two piles of books for my hands so I can go lower by letting my head go between them. You can also increase the incline by elevating your feet on a couch or something, more hamstring flexibility is required the steeper you go though. Archer pushup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ycbbf7_k7Rc Regular pushups tend to get easily quickly so these are a great way of ramping up the difficulty and forcing your chest and shoulders to grow. Diamond pushups: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0DnG1_S92I Less chest, more tricep. Bodyweight tricep extensions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSr4kS53T-g These are my favourite tricep exercise by far. This nog is doing them quite deep; starting out you'll probably want a bigger angle between you and the floor, maybe 45 degrees or higher. Oblique plank twists: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSoWKDfdZwU A really good way to hit your obliques. Regular side planks are also good if they're too difficult. Let me know if there are any muscle groups or exercises you're struggling with and I'll do my best to help.
I'm set up and I've just done a quick recording. To me the audio quality sounds good, but I'm an amateur. Music lad, do you have any optimisation tips? https://files.catbox.moe/2vlwlz.wav
Lads, I've been trying to improve on myself a bit lately, but I seem to be really bad at forming habits, keeping them, and setting meaningful goals as I progress to remain engaged. Do any of you have any tips for habit forming and sticking with personal projects and the like? I find myself languishing at the complete beginner end of all the things I would like to git gud at because of this. >>591 Not the music lad, and I don't know anything about audio recording, but the actual music was lovely. Good job mate.
>>592 For me, keeping the goals small, simple and gradually building on them helped. I've also changed my mindset to one more focused on discipline than motivation, so the things I've decided I'm going to get done during the day are non-negotiable and I do them regardless of how I feel. The longer I've been doing this the more I notice that feelings are essentially a meme, more often than not completely irrelevant, and also very often based on distorted beliefs about myself, others, and the world. There will be those days where you just don't feel like getting it done and you can't snap out of it, but those are the days where you should do it more than ever, because it's very likely you'll feel really good afterwards, and if you're able to train yourself to be able to smash it on your worst days, you'll be unstoppable. Not a single time has the kike in my head been right about not getting my practice, study or training in for the day being a good idea. Try this experiment now: pick some kind of self-improvement-oriented activity and do it for 15-30 minutes. Make a note (mental or written) of how you feel before and how you feel after. Do 15 minutes for a week. Then make it 20, or 30, and keep adding to it until you're putting enough into whatever it is to get the results you want. If you don't enjoy it at first, focus, keep at it, the enjoyment and satisfaction will come later. Your aim here is basically to rewire your brain to derive enjoyment from difficult things, so be patient and compassionate with yourself because it will take time. They say it takes a month to solidly establish a habit. You'll find at a certain point that it becomes self-sustaining and you don't have to try as hard as you used to, if at all. It's good to have blind faith and stubbornness as well. The kikes in our heads can sound very rational in their attempts at dissuasion sometimes, but you should ignore all of it and just do whatever it is you've got to do. Good luck lad, let us know how it goes. >>592 Thank you. Now I've got all my equipment set up I can do some proper recordings for you lads.
>>590 lad which one of these should I focus on to keep my posture straight? Work in factory settings so I am usually hunched over a machine/conveyor while stood up
>>591 Lovely, what tune is that you're playing? >Music lad, do you have any optimisation tips? I noticed the volume level is quite high and seems to hit -0dBFS a few times, did you normalise the recording or did you just record it in that way? It's usually best practice to record at 24 bit (gives you more resolution on the amplitude side of things and lower digital noise floor) and lower your input level to the point where you couldn't make it clip even if you tried. There's a small amount of ambient noise, but I don't know how realistic it is for you to minimise that in your living space. The less flat walls and surfaces the better, and avoid the corners of rooms at all costs because they trap the sound. Preferebly make sure there's stuff in front of walls and corners so sound can't bounce around on them and make it's way back to the microphone. Things like beds, curtains, bookshelfs, etc are great household items to help reduce unwanted acoustic reflections, assuming you can't go full acoustic foam. You also want to keep well away from windows, doors, computer fans and the like as you possibly can while you're recording, helps keep the ambient noise floor as low as possible. Mic position also makes a huge difference to the sound too, it'd be worth experimenting with different positions and distances to see where it sounds best to you. I personally think it could do with more of the sound coming from the body, and less from the fretboard, for a "smoother" sound with less "bite", but it really depends what kind of sound you want. Microphone polar patterns make a big difference also, I don't know if your mic has a polar pattern switch on it, but you want to avoid "Omni" and "Bi-directional / Figure 8" because they'll be picking up noises behind the mic just as well as they do the noises in front. "Cardiod" (heart-shaped) polar patterns are best for miking up instruments like guitars, they pick up sound from in front of the mic and minimal from any other direction. A bit of compression, EQ, and tasteful reverb can help bring the flavour out too (example related), but it's easy to overdo those things without a fair amount of trial and error to build up your mixing chops. I'd avoid it while you're just starting out, but keep it in mind for later.
>>594 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLEQ_tYAYNw Stand about half a foot away from the wall, flatten your lower back against it. I find pushing all points of contact against the wall makes it even more intense. This will strengthen the muscles that have weakened through being hunched over.
>>595 It's Maurice Ravel's 'Pavane for a Dead Princess'. I had the gain on my audio interface turned right up so it might have been that. Your version does indeed sound better. I'll play around with some of this stuff for my next recording. Appreciate the help as always lad.
Big Swole has died of a heart attack lads. Really makes you think about the transience of life. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNrTcKx1sXk
>>598 I can't say I'm really surprised, although it's maybe slightly more unexpected than when Piana died. Zyzz was the real shocker.
>>596 Unironically I do this to stretch while I am waiting for the kettle to boil, I'll put some more effort into it, I do it till it hurts too much to continue right?
>>600 I'd go til just before failure for 3 sets with a minute or so rest inbetween, every day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5m8Ue-aQuok These will help too. Bodyweight is fine, or you can hold a tin of beans or bottle of water or something. Again, 3 sets of 12-20 reps per day, emphasizing technique and mind-muscle connection, should yield noticeable results within weeks.
I've been learning about the input theory of language acquisition, as opposed to memorisation, and it makes a lot of sense. You don't teach a baby about grammatical structures and syntax, they just pick them up intuitively through thousands of hours of exposure. I'm going to watch an hour a day of Japanese media without subs. So far I've been watching Tampopo. What are your favourite nip films?
>>602 >Tampopo I caught a little bit of that during a stream a while ago, seemed pretty good. There's a similar film, I think directed by the same person or something, called Supermarket Woman, that was a good film. Also saw Rentaneko (rent a cat) which was a weird but interesting slice of life about a woman who rents cats, Three Outlaw Samurai which was pretty old but also pretty good (it's the prequel to the popular TV show), Punk Samurai Showdown which was absolutely bonkers, and Shin Godzilla which was about what you'd expect. Torakku Yarou (truck guys) seemed pretty good but I missed it.
>>602 Forgot to mention, there's a TV drama from 2010 called "Mother" that I watched back in the day and I really loved it, the soundtrack was excellent too. It's a real tear jerker, so I highly recommend it if you're into that sort of thing. Recently attempted to download it and had a hard time, but eventually got a hold of it, so if you want I have it in 720p, about 8 GB overall. I also have the soundtrack that I downloaded back in the day, probably can't find that anywhere now.
I spoke for an hour this morning with the Japanese lad I spoke to the other day, and have just spoken to a new lass for about 15 minutes. I'm having a lot of fun with this. >>603 >>604 Cheers lads. Since I have thousands of hours of immersion ahead of me I may as well download all of these.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2i8AzjxwhSU This is absolutely fascinating. It's about language acquisition, more specifically the interplay between the conscious mind and the enormous subconscious data bank we've all got in our heads. You can apply the principles to virtually any educational/self-improvement related endeavour.
Open file (85.77 KB 1794x1009 uematsu dab.jpg)
Good morning.
>>607 Morning lad, sleep well?
>>608 Less than usual, but I feel alright for it. What about you?
>>607 >>608 Morning mates. I had a migraine and spent all day in bed yesterday, been up since 11pm yesterday. My sleep cycle is so fucked right now it's unreal. Any plans for the day?
>>609 Slept alright, but like >>610 my timing is out, only in the other direction. I woke up around 1am I think. >>610 >Any plans for the day? Same as usual.
Mango chunks and skyr yoghurt for breakfast.
Going to go help search for a lost dog today lads, village has organised a search and he's only a wee daschund
>>612 naisu. i had strawberries and greek yoghurt.
Open file (22.48 KB 620x347 reckful.jpg)

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