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Open file (53.16 KB 500x500 autumn.jpg)
/bunkerfeel/ #003 - Bunker of the Bunker Edition Anonymous 11/09/2019 (Sat) 02:11:25 No.2
Making an emergency thread here so we have somewhere to post whenever Julay goes down, because it keeps going down lately.
>>955 Obsessed
I've condensed my 4 anki decks down into 2. That was getting a bit too much.
I can't cope with this internet speed lads I have work to do online and shit isn't loading at all 0.29 Mbps download 1.20 Mbps upload Latency: 319 ms
This pandemic has been just excellent. There's been some shitty parts to it but overall the effect has been a net positive.
>>960 I hope some of the changes stick.
I'm learning the blues scale positions at the moment. This is so much fun. Even my mistakes sound good.
>>962 Music chad, redpill me on blues. What can I do to make it sound even better?
>>963 Listen to early blues music to get a feel for it, and avoid crappy "paint by numbers" tutorials. Much like punk it's not so much about technical knowledge or skill, it's about putting raw emotions into sound.
>come across a new word >make a flashcard of it in my vocab deck >search for a sentence containing it on this site (https://sentencesearch.neocities.org) to understand context >flashcard the sentence in my sentence deck Fantastic.
>>860 Do you have FF7 too?
>>967 I meant in Japanese, my mistake lad
>>969 You absolute MACHINE
My Drowzee is getting quite powerful. I really like the idea of having a meat shield who can inflict status effects. I've also just remembered Nidoking exists, I've caught a Nidoran and will be getting evolving him as soon as I get my hands on a moonstone. Who are your favourite pokemon?
Open file (14.36 KB 275x300 Charmander.gif)
Open file (20.84 KB 275x300 Golduck.gif)
>>971 Charmander because he was the first Pokemon I picked and I never evolved him, and Golduck because he looks badass.
>>971 Espeon because of that gamecube pokemon game with the slightly more dark plot.
>>969 >mount disc 1 >drive folder empty I've never had this in 10 years of mounting discs, am I missing something?
>>974 What the fuck lad, what kind of archaic emulator are you using that requires disc images to be mounted inb4 ePSXe? I'll download it myself and check, but it should just be a case of extracting the .bin and .cue files into a folder, and opening the .cue file in your emulator of choice (assuming you made a good choice).
>>975 No emulator, I assumed it was PC version. I now realise my mistake. Cheers lad.
>>976 Playstation is in all of the URLs.
>>977 >reading the entirety of URLs Do people actually do this?
>>978 When I look at it to click at it my eye is drawn to the long words such as "SonyPlayStation"
>>979 My brain doesn't waste vital processing power on superfluities.
>>976 Japan could not into PCs in the 90s, don't think it was released on PC there until 2013. While I haven't seen it, I would imagine that version is probably more akin to the "International version", which was a Japan-exclusive rerelease on PS1 that was basically the same as the English version (which had a lot of changes compared to the Japanese original I linked above) with retranslated Japanese text.
Cytube needs an alternative. It's become overrun by idiots
>>981 I'm noticing differences already. There are random battles from the very beginning in a couple of areas where I don't think there were any in the English version, and I just picked up Cure materia from inside the first reactor.
>>983 The English version is more complete than the gook version. The gooks got a re-release called International which added the additional content into the gook release.
>>984 Japs aren't gooks, get your slurs in order before barging into our threads to repeat what was already posted.
>>985 Slanted eye gook is a slant eyed gook. You can't even tell them apart unless you measure the gap between their buck teeth.
>>986 Japs are probably whiter than you unless you live in certain rural areas of England. I'm having a blast on FF7 lads. This one uses kanji though, which Pokemon didn't, so I'm struggling to follow it a bit more. That just motivates me more though, so I'm trying to figure out the best way to translate things. I've tried an app where you draw kanji and the computer tries to find it, but it's difficult without knowing the stroke-order. I'm thinking finding a full Japanese script is in order.
>>986 But you can, gooks have shitloads of plastic surgery and skin whitening, and an obsession with the Talmud, nips don't.
>>987 I've found one, funnily enough on the AJATT (all Japanese all the time) website, who're the biggest proponents of the mass immersion approach.
>>987 There's programs and phone apps that can do OCR (Optical Character Recognition) based translation, I haven't delved into it myself though so I can't recommend anything. Could be worth looking into. There's also jisho.org, which lets you search for kanji by selecting radicals from a big list.
>>990 I've found one; the first of many. This is such great fun. >video games are a waste of ti- 兵士 = soldier
Open file (19.83 KB 512x346 Mysteryasian.jpg)
>>988 Then which nationality is this one? >>991 >video games are a waste of time Indeed. Learning a language of a group of people who will be almost extinct in 50 years and produce nothing but cartoons for children is a waste of time. Learn latin instead, at least it's useful at the garden center.
Do you lads have good brains? What are it's strong/weak points?
>>990 You seem to post every time I'm looking for something nihongo-study related. Are you learning it yourself? Just what's going on here?
>>994 >Are you learning it yourself? Not actively, but I've had cracks at it in the past, and I still casually pick up things related to it here and there. The extent of my knowledge is that I memorised hiragana and katakana about 7 years ago, and I've picked up loads of simple words and phrases via my hobbies and interests. As you're probably well aware by now, grammar and kanji require more dedication and enthusiasm to learn, and I've largely not bothered with that side of it. 面倒くさいです、確かに
>>995 >As you're probably well aware by now, grammar and kanji require more dedication and enthusiasm to learn I agree, that's why I'm pleased I've started doing video game immersion lately, it's making getting my head around them a lot less painful. I find the more you enjoy learning the more it sticks.
big ENORMOUS bag of WHIBBLESCROMPS gently floating across the FIRMAMENT
>>995 確かにおまえは強い...
>>993 I wouldn't say so. Things don't stick in my memory very well, and I have trouble remembering events in the past, even things from when I was a child and had a lot of things going on. I have good spatial skills though, I can find my way around the countryside easily based on landmarks, trees etc. When I was a teen I lead my group through our duke of edinburgh expedition without a compass. I'm terrible at actually giving directions though, only carrying them out.
>>999 You navigate like a woman. Obvious roastie. My get now faggots
>>999 That's funny, I'm the exact opposite now, though started out with both a shit memory and shit navigational skill. My memory has gotten really good since I've been studying Japanese. I'm learning 10+ words a day now. I felt almost braindead before though, in fact wanting to sharpen myself up a bit was one of the reasons I started. Neuroplasticity GOAT.
>>1001 My navigation ability is still awfu thoughl. I bet I could improve it if I worked at it but I'm not terribly bothered. Some people seem to have an innate capacity, like you it seems, but that's not where my stats were distributed.
>>1002 >Stats distributed to navigation. >Sit in a single room all day. Maybe I was destined to be an explorer or a sailor.
>>1001 You're brain dead now and gook women won't want to fuck you any more than British women do. Classic fat loser going to Japan to reinvent himself and failing.
>>1004 I really, really like your posts, they're always so thoughtful and full of insight. It's like posting alongside Plato. >>1010 >>1010 >>1010 NEW THREAD
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