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/britfeel/ 30/07/2020 Anonymous 07/30/2020 (Thu) 19:11:06 No.1010
Thread #115 /bunkerfeel/ is over edition. Anon Cafe is our home now.
>>1313 get pregnant and sell the children to black market organ harvesters
>>1315 Maybe feel myself up then live life as normal
>>1313 Whore myself out
>>1319 you can do that without a fanny lad
>>1320 I wonder what the income disparity is like between male and female prostitutes. I imagine gay men can make a lot of money.
>>1321 gays could potentially get closeted customers who pay more for confidentiality, but I reckon they'd be outperformed by female prostitutes given men are far more promiscious than women as a whole. I once flatshared with a gay man and the sheer volume of casual sex he had would put the average chad to shame, the average homosexual probably has zero need to ever pay for a prostitute
I've decided I'm going to start using the word tremendous.
>>1323 A truly tremendous decision.
I want to get comfy with a blanket, but it's too hot to be comfy while wearing one. Absolutely dissapointing. >>1323 >>1324 Cracking stuff lads, hope you both have fun.
>nice to meet you, bastard-san (plural) Creasing up here lads
>>1325 Thank you, I am sure we shall have a tremendous time. I normally need a blanket to sleep too but with the current state of too hot it just makes me wake up in a tremendous sweat.
>>1327 I'm the lad who initially made the post and for the record do not condone your egretious overuse of the word. I dare say you're behaving quite irresponsibly.
>>1328 I shall desist out of respect for the founder.
Big day today lads, it's been nearly 3 weeks since my surgery and I'm finally going to start sitting up in bed. Very exciting stuff.
Its too hot lads.
>>1333 Cooled down massively where I am today, last few days were unbearable.
>>1334 Its cooler outdoors but I'm finding it too warm indoors thanks to the humidty.
>got athlete's foot >not even an athlete
>>1336 never got the fuss about athletes foot, had a light case for years and its never caused me any harm
>actually starting to enjoy the cheesy nip romance drama I'm immsering with Lock up your bumholes lads
>>1338 Live action or cartoon?
Open file (53.93 KB 500x351 Good_Morning_Call-p1.jpg)
>>1337 Can't you just apply inexpensive medication and then not have it for years?
>>1341 Yeah but I'm a lazy fucker and it doesn't hurt or anything
There is nothing quite like the smell of your own ball sweat. Fantastic.
Black coffee and Liebestraum practice for breakfast.
Fucked my registry up lads. I'm such a brainlet when it comes to technology. You wouldn't think I'd been using computers for nearly two decades.
>>1346 How did you manage that lad, you only need to follow instructions!
>>1346 Sounds more like a poorly written program to me, but does your Windows login name contain any weird characters?
>>1347 >>1348 My dad bought me this laptop a couple of months ago, my user folder was his name, and I wanted to change it to mine, so I did some googling and followed a load of steps to do so, which included tampering with the registry. Suffice to say I royally fucked it up. I have just done a factory reset.
What are some cool things I can do with my fresh install of windows lads? I know nothing. Cosmetic changes, QoL stuff, browser stuff, addons, random programs you think of cool, I'm open to all suggestions.
>>1349 That is such a hilariously pointless thing to brick your computer over.
>>1351 Thanks for that comment, I hadn't realised.
I've just found out that my problems weren't caused by my having done any of the registry stuff wrong. It was because my new user path had Japanese characters in it. JUST ==FUCK MY SHIT UP= AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
>>1353 Excellent job lad, truly excellent.
>>1353 I told you about weird characters lad, Microsoft pwns weeaboos. You need to have all kinds of things installed for East Asian languages, you have to use Locale Emulator just to run many Japanese-only applications. Windows fucking hates East Asian languages unless your whole system is geared up for it.
>>1355 Thats partly because east asians have a fetish for using non-unicode encodings which is such a pain from a programming point of view that microsoft just say fuck it and make it so the whole OS has to be based around them.
>>1356 >Thats partly because east asians have a fetish for using non-unicode encodings Speaking of which, has this website fixed the aa tags yet? I made a fix and applied it to /britfeel/'s default board CSS, but got no reply when I brought it up on /meta/. ┌────┐ │ TEST  │ └────┘         ┏━━━━┓         ┃ TEST  ┃         ┗━━━━┛
>>1357 It's STILL broken, amazing. Have it be known far and wide that /brifeel/ is the ONLY board on anon.cafe with functioning aa tags (when you use the "Board-specific CSS" theme), preserving Anonymous BBS culture for years to come.    ∩___∩    | ノ      ヽ   /  ●   ● |  クマ────!!   |    ( _●_)  ミ  彡、   |∪|  、`\ / __  ヽノ /´>  ) (___)   / (_/  |       /  |  /\ \  | /    )  )  ∪    (  \        \_)
>>1350 You can install Linux.
Who /up/?
>>1359 I'm not tech-chad enough to do that. I'd end up breaking something.
>>1360 I was awake at that time but went back to sleep.
I've finally started learning about and being more conscious of Japanese pitch accent. I'm finding that I had a lot of them down without trying, because I so often repeat exactly what I've heard when studying with various audio materials, but I think it's going to be off when it comes to words I've learned through vidya, as it's all been reading and I've just winged the pronunciation. I've installed an Anki addon that looks up pitch accent and am going to look install a colour addon so I can categorise them by the 4 different pronunciation styles. For a little effort now I should be able to make it an unconscious habit.
I think my house plant has root rot, I'm not sure I'm skilled enough to take it out and separate the roots without killing it, is it over for my plant lads?
>>1361 If you just want to browse the web and stuff then linux is fine for that without the risk of breaking.
Open file (243.27 KB 885x560 titch.jpg)
>>1364 I doubt it would take much skill, most stuff is pretty durable when it comes to repotting. Just remove the dodgy ones and it should be fine. If it is rotting you have nothing to lose anyway.

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