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Deveropa 09/12/2019 (Thu) 10:55:32 No.8
I'm disappointed that vch isn't on the webring. I'm curious why you guys are here instead of the /agdg/ thread on mark's board?
sorry to start a new thread guys. i thought i was replying in the meta thread and i can't seem to find a way to delete my post after the fact.
Not something that me as the board owner I can enforce, the administration of anon.cafe doesn't want to associate itself with vch for their own reason.
If I wasn't absolutely retarded I'd try and do something with the CSS, but eh.
I still welcome any cross poster in here from the /agdg/ thread, if they feel like coming.
>I'm curious why you guys are here instead of the /agdg/ thread on mark's board?
Just like on 8ch you'd have the much more active /v/ thread and the various projects posted and hosted on /agdg/. That's the kind of board that I wanted to create, think of it as a repo.
But I'd really rather people came over here to discuss about their projects instead.
I see, thanks. Yeah, ofc I think this is the more appropriate place. And for me, 8/agdg/ is where I discovered the Shinobu/Viva project guy's work (which gives me hope we can all have visual waifus like scene related). So thanks!
Vch were blacklisted because their webring plug-in was improperly set up, causing them to not participate properly in the webring. They’ve only just fixed the issue and so the blacklisting will be removed during our next update.
Has anyone informed Viva Project guy where /agdg/'s bunker is located yet?
Where is the guy anyhow? I'd do it.
He runs a dickcord now.
he's on vch, which has the bunker thread.
he knows of this place, as many others do
The VivaDev guy from the old 8/agdg/ Shinobu2 Project thread has just released a tutorial to add any waifu's head onto the character that you'd like instead inside his game.


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