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Tools Thread - post em up yesdev 04/23/2023 (Sun) 02:26:15 No.563
All-purpose tools thread - post anything you found that's useful to you. 3D/2D CAD, image editing, digital painting, animation, audio/music creation, level editing/design software, the essential game developer's toolbox. I came across these two sites a while back, online 3D game level viewers. The first is noclip: ht tps://noclip.website - a site where you can load up levels from a decent list of games and fly around in them, no-clip-mode style. Some very cool stuff in there, gives you a nice "behind the scenes" look into how your favorite game levels were put together. Definitely check out the Dark Souls maps there, absolutely brilliant. The level of detail put into far away parts barely visible is nuts, try to find all the low-poly firelink shrines there are, visible from other sections of the game. The other is a similar tool, but for Everquest maps - ht tps://eqmap.vercel.app/ . Awesome old-school, low-poly, 90's BSP/CSG-type levels, if you're into that. Check it out and get a look at the kind of claustrophobic, meandering MMORPG dungeon maps that existed before narcissistic 3rd-person cameras took over. What are you using, Anon? What's your workflow look like?

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