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Open file (5.79 KB 833x750 Screenshot (615).png)
Star Sentinel nodev 12/24/2022 (Sat) 21:15:00 ID: 4e94e5 No.434
Hiya /agdg/, I have this neat GBstudio game that I made. Its called Star Sentinel. Its only $4.99. It has 13 levels. You can see the gameplay in LV 2 in the picture. You can get it here: https://gamejolt.com/games/Starsentinel/763601
>>434 should i do a discount?
>>434 it looks like ass and not like something worth any amount of money, you should put it up for free and make more games until you have enough experience to build something worth paying for. think about the general quality of the products you're competing with out there, there's free flash games that look more interesting than this, so putting it up for sale when there's barely anything to discern it's quality is pretty crazy
Open file (254.24 KB 540x550 ym.png)
>>434 >it looks like ass and not like something worth any amount of money YAMETE!
>>446 You have a good ambition Anon. Life is hard. If you'd really like to become a video game dev, then why not study? There are lots of guides out there right? Cheer up, you'll figure out a way!
>>434 i just reduced the price to 1.99
>>448 I don't mean to discourage you but as the other anon said earlier, you will have a hard time convincing many people to part with money for something like this. It is unfortunate but I am probably going to have to put my first game out for free once it is finished. Good luck, as small developers we need it.
>>449 thanks mate. I just hope that a reviewer finds my game and then it makes a little cash.
>>434 game is now free
>>457 Please stay encouraged Anon. This kind of effort is always a process, be patient. Congrats on your game BTW, please keep working on it! Cheers. :^)
>>459 I'm clueless about programming and just happened to be wandering through here but will second this. Your enthusiasm is commendable, but it takes a lot of time and effort to hone your talents no matter what field you're working in. Keep pushing yourself further and don't give up what you're passionate about. I wish you the best of luck.
Since you shared it for free now, I'll share some thoughts after my playthrough. The game was very basic, this isn't an insult or complaint, just an observation. The ducking mechanic seemed mostly irrelevant except for a couple of levels. As can be seen in the OP pic, those platforms to jump on/over do not provide cover from enemy fire. They probably should. The level in the enemy ship had platforms that were difficult to notice, blending in with the background. Maybe that was intentional, to suggest alien design the protagonist is unfamiliar with. Despite the special medial droid treatment received at the start of the game, there are no upgrades for weaponry or health. Also, only one level seemed to have a health top up. Perhaps at a certain point, after clearing the science lab, a choice ought to be offered upgrading health or weapon power. The virus in the computer level was very sensitive, adding difficulty in an awkward way. Just a slight tap on an arrow key could overshoot the target area quite easily. I'd suggest making the maze more complex instead, with a finer degree of control for the cursor. As for the thick health bar at the bottom, it looked odd. I would make it thinner and stick it in a corner. Probably give it a percentage too, or have it change color, starting green and turning red at the lower end. The music was pretty good, gave an appropriate vibe. Story-wise, it was solid enough I suppose, considering the length of the game. These areas had the strongest potential for expansion in my opinion. The game starts abruptly, it could begin with more of an introduction to the ship and character. The same goes for the enemy, flesh them out more. Generally, I think you have a decent basis for making something here. As suggested by someone earlier, look at other games offered both freely and for money on such sites. It will give you an idea of the competition and what is considered worth paying for. The slightly Metroid vibes I got suggest to me this game could have an action sci-fi horror element if continued with. Overall, a simple and brief diversion, lacking some refinement and complexity but showing some promise. Keep at it and who knows what you'll end up with.
>>461 >>459 >>460 If it helps, some of my future work is going to be history and aftermath. I might make some of these changes and introduce them in an update eventually. I dearly appriciate your feedback. BTW the first few levels are meant to be way, way, too basic because it was meant to give you a feel for the controls.

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