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Seeking developers for ZZT game Somebody 09/04/2022 (Sun) 07:40:02 ID: c8f9b9 No.426
If you have any experience in ZZT game development, or are willing to learn (8th graders made their own games with ZZT-OOP), then I am looking for help finishing my ZZT game "Seasons". I will be handling storyboarding and planning. I've got a couple pieces of it done, but at the rate I'm doing it all myself I won't get done before I turn 40. Even if you help make ONE board it will be greatly appreciated and you'll be credited appropriately.
Any progress? Can you opensource it on GitHub?
Open file (1.10 MB 900x1440 1669166482831026.png)
I am a decent programmer, I can write in Lua, C99, Common Lisp, Java and I have some expierence with C# in Unity and Python in Pygame too. I would like to help if the project is completely public domain, otherwise I would consider it unethical to contribute.
>>453 If you find this doesn't pan out, please come help us build robowaifus then, Anon. https://alogs.space/robowaifu/
Open file (392.37 KB 1220x2048 1669349891198917.jpg)
>>454 Robowaifus sound awesome, thanks for giving me the link, I will look into it in my spare time and help you guys out - at the end a robowaifu is a great dream of mine too.
>>456 Y/w Anon. There's a large degree of crossover between vidya dev, and several of the sub-domains for robowaifu creation. Mechanics (as in the physics involved in bipedal humanoid motion & control), and character acting are a couple of good examples of this.

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