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Open file (231.56 KB 367x360 1459208217184.png)
Deveropa 08/06/2020 (Thu) 23:09:48 ID: fd7b24 No.299
Ok, seems like I'm a fucking retard and this is above my head, so I was hoping that /agdg/ can help me. I've been learning a bit of python as I made some visual novels over the years, I thought I had it ok but I'm stuck with what potentially be something stupid only because I bite more than I could handle. I'm trying to do a simple "Breakout" style mini-game for a new visual novel I'm developing. The gameplay will be largely inspired by both Touhou bullet hell and the original 4 or 5 touhou games that were more in the breakout style. I wanted to have the main character hold a shield and him being able to hold it and toss it, holding the shield would protect him from some projectiles, but he can toss it to damage enemies to either the right or left using the mouse buttons. He should be able to move freely through a portion of the screen, and he would get upgrades through the game like extra shields, more health, and the strength of the shield, and there would be a couple of boss battles using these mechanics. I had the flow map already planned, but the problem is FUCKING REN'PY DOESN'T HAVE SUPPORT FOR PYGAMES ANYMORE Reading some of the documentation, it seems like using creator-defined displayable is the way to go, but I for the life of me can't manage to display the mini-game correctly. Can /agdg/ walk me through this like a retard? Any example code lying around? There are plenty of pygame breakout games around, but I couldn't find a single one ported to ren'py in order to at least see what I'm doing wrong. My other option is moving to godot and trying, but since the game will largely be mostly a visual novel/trainer game, I think it would be pretty retarded to switch engines only because of the mini game, and ultimately I may drop the mini game, but man, I don't want to since I really like the concept.
Sorry it's nothing personal OP, but I didn't reply till now simply b/c I don't do Python. C++ is a much more common language for game dev AFAICT. Good luck with your quest though.
The documentation in Ren'Py regarding 'creator-defined displayable' is very straightforward to me. The creator-defined displayable is supposed to be a canvas to allow the programmer to draw anything. If you don't understand how to program your breakout game with Pygame, you absolutely will not do it in Ren'Py with the creator-defined displayable. If you don't understand the example in the documentation, you absolutely will not achieve your aim in Ren'Py. I won't hold your hand in the details of getting this done. I will leave these hints to you: 1. Figure out how to draw a simple static (a non-moving, non-changing) colored square with the creator-defined displayable. 2. Figure out how to animate that square (move it, change size, change color, change opacity) 3. You should be able to draw multiple objects onto your displayable 4. Program a breakout game with Pygame, not Ren'Py. This is so that you understand the principles of programming and drawing a game to a screen 5. You should be able to port that logic of the breakout game onto Ren'Py's creator-defined displayable.
>>299 There is an engine called ursina, m8
>>436 Thanks!

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