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Open file (75.97 KB 545x415 UCTR_temp_titleback.png)
Uncommon Time Full-Rewrite Project Deveropa 07/22/2020 (Wed) 02:45:29 No.279
Tenative Name : Uncommon Time Retuned Demo day builds (Latest at feb 13th) : https://mega.nz/folder/9HhVQaAb#Xa_HoCynSVuPKx7iOJTLNw I am doing a full rewrite/edit of Feralpheonix's game Uncommon Time. In addition to the purging of literal-faggotry and tumblrshit, it cuts filler and adds in new story elements. Included are more main characters, a few new side characters, real villains, and gives the both the player and characters more agency in their actions. For the gameplay side, spells from all fronts are being tweaked to make them more useful. Characters that were otherwise shit for one reason or another are changed up to be better. Yanfly Engine Ace scripts are added, so the party limit has increased to 7, and there are various other additions to make the game better. as well as a few oversights with the scripts that I need to work around to make time less-wasted >why are you doing this? To prove to myself I can emotionally get over my nodev status and make "something big". >You're not gonna fuck up Teagan, right? Hell no, she's still snide and critical as ever. In the rewrite, she's a legit monk instead of a "fighter", no longer a carbon copy of whatever anime character FP used to template Teagan, and will still be critical about the party over their shitty playing. And for you glorious waifufags, I got you covered, fam. >Is FeralPheonix's self-insert (Alto) less of a cunt now? Yes. Alto as a character has been split into triplet siblings now: Alto, Mezzo, and Soprano. The bitchyness and autism have been shuffled around the three of them, so you'll see how things pan out as the game progresses. >So you purged the tumblrshit, what about the worm and the faggot? The worm is going to be a half-fairy male, the faggot-in-a-dress is now going to be a wild-man in elk and bear furs. Once I get around to doing actual art, that is. For the record, the ex-worm's mother is for-real a fairy, she's plenty alive, and she actually plays a part in the present story. >What about Meirin? Meirin doesn't change too much. Her heterochromia is going to be much a modest green/hazel rather than the red/green of OG-UT. Other than being an alchemist and a few spoiler-worthy changes to her family/backstory, she's not much different personality-wise. >Is the story still a generic "humans bad, humans broke world," enviromentalist bullshit? Nope, fairies are humans allies now, and have more of a "look at these silly humans and laugh" attitude, but the "breaking of the world" is seen more of a "oh shit, we both fucked up" moment. Demons were the adversary of the two races in the past, but have been long-since disappeared. At least in the rest of the world they're gone. >Can I fix the world for good this time? Yes. But you'll have to find the secret final arc to get to that. Not available in this version. >Is the boring-ass sidequests still fetch-quest-bullshit? Right now it's technically unchanged, but my plan is to streamline the padded parts, and expand upon Solenne's backstory. And an arc for one of the new characters. Approximate Progress status >Raw Script Act 1 - 98% Act 2 - 33% Act 3 - 42% Secret Final Act - 93% Overall - 66% complete >Implementation to the game, and gameplay itself. Act 1 - 32% Act 2 - 3% Act 3 - 0% Secret Final Act - 3% Overall - 34% Complete >Art 0% complete (I guarantee my art won't be great, but I'll be satisfied if it's "good enough") >Music ???% Complete (I've decided I will use both music from OG-UT, but also make my own. Tracks I intend to use as mine use either fillers or stock RPGmaker music. I have the means to make music, but right now I want to focus on the gameplay itself.)
Things I want feedback about before I continue making particular changes. >Spells for Meirin and Aubrey I need to rework Strawberry Ribbon and need a skill to replace Blending. Self-buffs don't really have a place in UT-RT, but right now I don't have shit for ideas for it. >wordswordswordswordswords Half of the problems with OG-UT's script was 1. The amount of button presses to skip a sequence. 2. The limited lines of the dialogue box. 3. FP's writing being rambly in general. It's one thing to have a sequence "feel wordy" versus actually being wordy but not wasting the player's time with ramble. I would like to know what elements of the game feel like they ramble on so I can edit them- either by cutting ramble or by adding cutscenes to entertain the player. >Italian language Autism Let me know if I fuck something up with the italian names and terms and how to fix it. Please. Most terms for classical music are basically italian translations for the english equivalent anyway. >Worldbuilding "off" points Let me know if something just feels awkward or out of place, and I'll see if I can adjust it. >Typos, grammar, Old Nameplates, and other script errors. Screencap the errors if you find them please. Being your own editor is tricky enough when you're trying to manage time for other stuff, and RPGmaker's event dialogues make it hard to catch this kind of stuff. >The World Tuning's music. What kind of occult-ish music or religious hymms should I use to draw inspiration for the song that saves the world? >When (not) to use the music from the original game In an effort to reduce workload (as I'm nearing a year on this project, without art assets done), I've decided to pick and choose certain tracks from OG UT which I'm gonna keep in the game. I need feedback on what themes/music would absolutely need an original track versus one from OG-UT- aside from tracks/characters that have blatant placeholders. >Lewd Stuff The original game would already get a Mature/18+ rating for blood and language, so I was planning on adding a few moments of lewdness. Nothing full-on-pornographic, but there will be a few optional scenes of uncensored nudity, and a few scenes that tease before/after sex. There will be a toggle-nudity setting built in if this happens >Buildup to The Party's Darkest Memories Everybody in the party will get their own vision-quest-mini-dungeon now, as such, two filler dungeons from the original game will be cut. I would really like some feedback on the development and foreshadowing of everyone's "hidden traumas" that will occasionally get teased in act 1 and 2. I feel like it wouldn't do any justice to NOT have that kind of build-up and just have it come out of nowhere. For the record, the cut dungeons are Anacrusis and the dungeons that used to be Uncommon Time itself, I'll use the maps for secret-arc dungeons, so they won't go to waste. >Pics related I'm trying to keep a consistent worldbuilding theme of "only fairies and children of fairies have exotic hair colors". So I need an opinion about the colors for this rough edit of Altair Bonheur. >Fun little facts, ramblings and bullshit --Going from GNU programs to winshit has resulted in me accidently deleting two crucial and large events- and the most annoying one, was one I had to recreate from scratch before a dev day. --The bad end at the docks? You won't wanna view that in UT-RT. Because you will play as Teagan in that fight, and it's not against Alto. --Buying tools and addons for gamedev are best done when you know that your current setup is too slow for your workflow. This is how I knew I needed a MIDI keyboard for music making. --For whatever dumb reason, old builds I was going to make alto's trauma onto her feet instead of her wrists. I have since reverted that, since the intended drama behind alto's injuries can still apply, and it was a rough draft anyway.
Glad to see more UT projects, and a reimagining at that. I wonder if the remake or that tactics game is still being worked on.
>>280 No one wants to play a game full of weeb niggers with pig noses. Hire an artist and stop putting niggers in your game. Even waifu fags don't like chimps.
>>281 Thanks man. last I heard, UT-Tactics anon was still working on it, making progress slowly but surely. >>283 >Art 0% complete >whining about art that's not even mine. Back to cuckchan, faggot. Your ilk is much more welcomed there.
Build for Demo day: https://mega.nz/file/gaxR1JIB#GzLFv3TM4sLtUGv6u5IbvMTT7EKyMaWEn-UdPY_12TM Details are in the Demo Day thread, this is here for archival and progress purposes.
Open file (163.97 KB 1200x675 1593709413-0.jpg)
>i'm making a fanfiction game of a tumblr game >that art style
>>283 >stop liking what i dont like! >>>/fascist/
>>330 >stop don't liking what I like >>>/trannypol/ see how that works?
There's nothing wrong with cute 2D nigger girls, but the noses need to be fixed.
>>279 good luck anon. >>280 >Lewd Stuff unless if it's a yuri/futa sex scene if you build the characters relations up then nah, i wouldn't like if they just get fuck by a random dude and a masturbation would be pointless. just focus on the characters
Open file (42.91 KB 353x353 1424132085914.jpg)
>>279 Is there an archive of threads, past "fan" games/content, and/or an archive of the 2015 stream(s)? I've only been able to find a handful of those. Thanks.
It's dead, isn't it? A shame. Even cuckchan could finish their SJW parody game.
Open file (24.89 KB 280x300 1418378294572.jpg)
>>279 None of the Undertale AUs /v/ermin and quasi-normalshits have made have been even close to the original in quality, so I doubt this will really make Toby Phoenix eat hir heart out, but they're still fun to play I guess.

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