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(387.07 KB 512x512 animation easing.gif)
(343.00 KB 512x512 animation planning.gif)
(1.32 MB 512x512 breaking objects.gif)
(306.36 KB 512x512 bullets.gif)
(1.04 MB 512x512 character design 1.gif)
Saint11's tutorials Deveropa 09/24/2019 (Tue) 22:19:09 Id:36f01c No. 23
There's a guy that goes by saint11, he makes some pretty good pixel art tutorials.
(1.14 MB 512x512 character idle.gif)
(938.34 KB 512x512 city backgrounds.gif)
(770.86 KB 512x512 clouds.gif)
(1.90 MB 512x512 cute.gif)
(636.83 KB 512x512 dark magic effects.gif)
(1.25 MB 512x512 darkness.gif)
(394.23 KB 512x512 death.GIF)
(697.06 KB 512x512 defend.gif)
(229.33 KB 512x512 electricity.gif)
(645.81 KB 512x512 environmental hazards.gif)
(330.43 KB 512x512 explosions 1.gif)
(916.21 KB 512x512 fabric and flags.gif)
(657.13 KB 512x512 fire tutorial 1.gif)
(1.26 MB 512x512 firearms.gif)
(935.16 KB 512x512 gems.gif)
(409.22 KB 512x512 glitch.gif)
(1.22 MB 512x512 holograms.gif)
(1.10 MB 512x512 ice.gif)
(1.79 MB 512x512 illumination.gif)
(519.23 KB 512x512 light magic effects.gif)
(827.24 KB 512x512 machines and weird tech.gif)
(1.17 MB 512x512 metals.gif)
(1.04 MB 512x512 modern indoors.gif)
(970.22 KB 512x512 modular animation.gif)
(547.65 KB 512x512 motion blur.gif)
(842.25 KB 512x512 one bit.gif)
(312.23 KB 512x512 one pixel movement.gif)
(779.13 KB 512x512 outlines.gif)
(1.61 MB 512x512 parallax and depth.gif)
(1.42 MB 512x512 pixel art fundamentals 1.gif)
(464.49 KB 512x512 pixel art fundamentals 2.gif)
(212.03 KB 512x512 1477196990159.gif)
(236.47 KB 512x512 1478902990194.gif)
(173.34 KB 512x512 1479449078514.gif)
(380.06 KB 592x640 1479449202320.gif)
(128.13 KB 512x512 1479449655879.gif)
Oh shit I've been looking for more of these.
(435.63 KB 512x512 1484169889283.gif)
(965.32 KB 512x512 1490927345622.gif)
(1.38 MB 512x512 1510775437450.gif)
(201.28 KB 512x512 1546068119161.gif)
(194.92 KB 506x506 C5MvjcqW8AISuEZ.mp4)
(117.92 KB 512x512 CtEYC0eWYAEmL1R.mp4)
(273.40 KB 506x506 CxPatJhXAAA3Ffh.mp4)
(213.06 KB 506x504 CyUuuODWgAAb4U3.mp4)
(315.33 KB 506x504 Czf09NZXEAE9YTI.mp4)
I only have mp4 of these, if anyone has gif versions I'd like to have them.
This is cool af. Thanks OP.
Great stuff anon
(1.01 MB 512x512 ruins.gif)
(466.70 KB 512x512 attack anim tutorial.gif)
(718.76 KB 512x512 animating water.gif)
(310.43 KB 512x512 seamless looping.gif)
(2.10 MB 512x512 skulls and bones.gif)
I found the rest of them on https://blog.studiominiboss.com/pixelart , also has links to his written tutorial articles. I'll post the gifs here anyway.
(317.08 KB 512x512 pixel art progress.gif)
(733.58 KB 512x512 spaceship propulsion.gif)
(1.16 MB 512x512 portraits.gif)
(1.10 MB 512x512 wings - flying.gif)
(552.89 KB 512x512 fluids slime.gif)
(1.10 MB 512x512 wings - flying.gif)
(552.89 KB 512x512 fluids slime.gif)
(964.62 KB 512x512 rock formations.gif)
(734.48 KB 512x512 vegetation part 2.gif)
(415.22 KB 512x512 squash and stretch.gif)
(875.40 KB 512x512 making tiles.gif)
(488.26 KB 512x512 blood and guts.gif)
(620.28 KB 512x512 shading.gif)
(337.67 KB 512x512 quadruped walk - trot.gif)
(1.42 MB 512x512 space - stars.gif)
(891.79 KB 512x512 user interface - 9-slice.gif)
(857.42 KB 512x512 vegetation part 3.gif)
(890.41 KB 512x512 sand.gif)
(352.00 KB 512x512 wall slide - kick.gif)
(330.03 KB 512x512 slide - roll - dash.gif)
(738.41 KB 512x512 spaceships.gif)
(89.18 KB 512x512 top down houses.gif)
(1.91 MB 512x512 resizing pixel art.gif)
(936.55 KB 512x512 wood.gif)
(295.05 KB 510x510 top down walk cycle.gif)
(730.86 KB 512x512 isometric part 1.gif)
(246.10 KB 512x512 top down attack.gif)
(944.25 KB 512x512 top down tricks.gif)
(430.81 KB 512x512 impact.gif)
(498.84 KB 512x512 jump.gif)
I give up, this site is falling on it's ass right now, and images are not going through most of the time. Fortunately there was only one left, "swords", you can find it in the link in >>38 .
There's a mistake in the first image here. "Freeze time" is supposed to happen at the exact moment when the attack hits the target, not before it.
This is good stuff.

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