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Open file (716.75 KB 665x663 Happy Holidays.png)
Deveropa 04/13/2020 (Mon) 18:05:26 ID: 8d6c7b No.108
>Want to gamedev during the holidays >Fucking procrastinate all throughout them I hate it
>wait all week for weekend so I can dev >end up doing nothing Such is the life of nodev.
>Never have the energy to work on game >Corona hits >Work from home every day >Get more done in a week than I have in months I'm dreading going back to the office.
>>110 The office is a structure designed to ritually siphon your leftover vitality so you cannot escape.
>>111 I know. I have been looking for a way out for +2 years now.
>>112 Never give up, Anon. Don’t let them eat you. I’m rooting for you.
>>113 Thanks anon
>>114 Same here Anon. You'll make it, just keep moving forward.

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