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Engines for potatos Deveropa 04/09/2020 (Thu) 12:04:54 ID: 6d2071 No.105
hey all, recently became homeless but i still want to work on my game. i'm currently on a shitty laptop, are there any game engines that might be able to run on it? i'm thinking unity but i want to hear suggestions
>>105 why don't you use game maker at that point? I don't think you should focus on making games if you're so poor.
Or any old ass engine, like rpgmaker.
>>105 Probably the source engine.
How are you OP? You still with us?
>>105 I ran godot on a T420 perfectly even on the 3D engine. I had mutliple model each of them having 5 different pass and on runnning the game I was rendering 200 ships at a time 1000+ asteroids. The 20-30 fps was unbearable, but atleast it made me optimise everything.
Open file (266.28 KB 468x296 67t814ccce88929294q.png)
>>105 If you want to make pixelshit, just use your own engine. Or Godot. If you want to make something 3D, you're kind of outta luck as far as potato-friendly and ACTIVE engines go. I think Unity's system requirements kinda exceed the limits of a shitty PC these days unless you want to spend extra effort tweaking the lighting and shaders. Godot's 3D workflow ain't quite ready. Source may work, but it's no longer supported very well and its workflow is largely hated by most people because of its proprietary filetypes. Also, it's a $50,000 license if you want to sell your game. You could use Irrlicht if you're okay with using C++. That engine runs just fine on my shitty old laptop that struggles to run Half-Life 2 on max settings.
>>247 Buddy probably went to solve that homeless problem rather than maek gaem, which is completely understandable
>>247 trying out Irrlicht now Anon, thanks. all the examples are building for me except the specifically-wangblows one. i'll dig into the source sometime over the next couple of weeks and see what i think of it. it's age shows and they never got the memo about sepples being a value-semantics language obviously. but it seems to perform well, and there's a more modern fork of it i've found as well. looks promising tbh.
Open file (118.98 KB 1024x768 1oUiyUW.jpg)
Never tried it but take a look at Blitz3D, an old school engine from the early 2000s that recently got its sores opened. https://blitzresearch.itch.io/blitz3d
>>295 >Blitz Anon, you just took me all the way back to my childhood. When I was 11, my parents got me "Game Programming for Teens" for Christmas and that book used Blitz. Of course, I was a retarded 11 year old and could never figure out how to work the engine, and by the time I was smart enough to into coding, Blitz was well past its point of irrelevancy, but I still had fun messing with the demos that came on the book's CD.
>ctrl+f 'sfml' >no results Step up your game, /agdg/. Here OP, this is an extremely easy to use engine that creates compact and fast executables. https://www.sfml-dev.org/index.php
Sorry you are homeless anon Xray engine is got its sauce openes. (Go to github) Sift through the code copy, paste modify well enough and im sure nobody will notice.
Try one of those webgl javascript engines (frameworks). Also get on some support, I guarantee there's some charity that will hand you a better laptop.
raylib. ez

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