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Progress General Deveropa 04/29/2020 (Wed) 20:07:32 ID: 26606f No.123
Post what you're working on.
Weekly progress >Implemented dialog system. It's simple AF, but took a lot of time to figure out.
Open file (47.53 KB 752x554 ClipboardImage.png)
working on implementing a basic jump mechanic, the main problem i'm having is I don't know where to put the last block to prevent mashing the jump button for infinite height. >inb4 fisher price code i've always hated programming, i've just started working on this for real and it should come on its own while I'm working on it.
>>253 >Fisher-Price code Is that Scratch? I've always thought it looked like a great approach to teach beginners programming logic. Eventually you'd want to leave the interface behind for simple text itself, but the enforced structure is probably helpful in the beginning when you're just beginning to learn coding I imagine.
>>254 it's Stencyl, working on making a metroidvania since there was another guy doing the same thing with the same engine (Ghost Song), but after I started working with it I found out that he switched to Unity about a year ago because Stencyl was too restrictive for him.
>>255 Interesting. Apparently Stencyl's design mode that you capped here was taken from Scratch. >"...The concept of Design Mode as a form of end-user development originated with MIT's Scratch computer language learning environment, and was used with permission for Stencyl." sauce https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stencyl If you're still having problems, figuring the the step and can explain what you're goal is in pseudo-code, I imagine that I or others here might be able to help.
Open file (54.87 KB 1034x497 ClipboardImage.png)
>>256 finally got it, might as well post it for any other nodevs that use the same engine doesn't account for collisions yet though, so the player can still just walk over pits if they don't jump
>>257 Good job. It looks like you can setup fairly complex conditional tests with Stencyl. Have you switched over and looked at it in the text view yet? Keep going Anon!
i think the most daunting challengs for me is going to be creating the sheer amount of artwork needed for the game. programming is actually a very small portion of the work compared to making assets. would it be worth it in the long run to hire a guy purely for art?
>>261 I feel you man. I would've dropped project dong ago if not to highly motivated art guy. Not that it's necessary or something.
>>261 literally just create shitty stick-figures and put them on sprites as proxies. This will A) allow you to keep making progress instead of over-thinking the 'muh_arts' meme B) allow you to keep making progress by going ahead and blocking-out the animations, motion paths etc. C) allow you to keep making progress. Did I mention just keep moving forward Anon? Getting hung up on things you have little control over and not just figuring out how to go over, under, or through the obstacle is the single.greatest.key. to failure. Now stop making excuses and get your ass in gear. Time is short. Keep moving forward.
>>246 >>250 If you're aware of "Unity Learn", there is full course on NPC AI. https://learn.unity.com/course/artificial-intelligence-for-beginners
Fresh progress >Working on AI Damn, it's harder than I thought >Implemented action list >Still have no idea how to implement GoToPostion action Hope to resolve it until next week's report. Also I think I need sensor system.
>>271 My images
>>272 Reminds me of Stardew Valley
Open file (4.64 MB 1280x720 2020-07-18_05-41-38.mp4)
Open file (936.01 KB 1280x720 2020-07-18_18-57-00.mp4)
We have huge fans
>>275 This looks so comfy eerie Comfeerie
Open file (126.07 KB 432x434 output.webm)
Died for a few weeks but I think, I'm back on track. >Added icons for actions >Added GoTo action >Implemented "Speak" action >Refactored Doors >Added first sensor to check if toilet is occupied >Added "Mine" level, artist was working on for a while My AI code is a mess. I need to clean it up heavily.
Open file (143.93 KB 639x416 RT-post-rehersal-day1.png)
Rehearsal day 1 is complete. >Notable changes --New-character Marybelle is now a part of Aubrey and Alto's mini-quest to get Aubrey a legal ID- mostly since, 1. She's his mom. and 2. She's more or less a living-legend in-game. I've got it planned so that act 3 sidequests explore that the "living legend" part is not quite hyperbole. -Rehersal sequences will be changed to account for Alto's new siblings, Mezzo and Soprano. And unlike OG-UT, shit gets real on rehearsal day 3.
Open file (10.06 MB 1280x720 2020-08-05 02-25-27.webm)
Containers and shops
Open file (245.09 KB 960x642 output.webm)
>Implemented light switch >Implemented minecart fall >Fixed low FPS in mine level >Fixed collisions in mine >Implemented light flicker
Currently laying down dialogue sequences for cutscenes for rehearsal days two, three and the first performance atop Metronome Tower. Pic related is just before you actually enter Metronome tower. -I admit, these cutscenes are just as wordy as OG-UT's are. My hope is that my storytelling will be much more compelling and entertaining. If there is a way I can cut dialogue and get the story I want to tell across, let me know, please. -I want to get things to be at bare minimum, Programmer's-art-level ready. Ideal goal is nuclear teagan, but when demo-day comes I'll release what I've got, then update it once I get to Nuclear Teagan. After that, I wait for the next demo day to release. >>296 >>298 Diggin' that shit, anons, keep it up!
Open file (114.21 KB 640x418 UTRW-empty-manor.png)
Weekly progress update, didn't feel like I did too much, but this is something. -- Changed an error where the Solfege shopkeep incorrectly refers to the band as "girls" despite clearly seeing Mezzo as a boy two other lines in. -- More progress done on the front of the rehearsal days. -- Changed up the music for when it starts snowing in Arpeggio pass, I would like to keep the music track for Aubrey's theme as intended.. -- sporadically adjusted a few portrait choices for characters in cutscenes -- Mapping for spoiler-worthy-stuff. -- Rewritten some sequences in the new, empty manor map of Bel Canto (pic related). Old version (and new version when implemented) of the writing are viewable by interacting with three spots while either Saki or Marybelle are in your party. Marybelle joins your party temporarily during the post-rehearsal sequences of day one and two, but not day three.
Weekly report >Implemented bladder for pioneeres >Implemented framework for AI >Fixed collisions here and there >Added show emoji action
Open file (302.53 KB 960x642 output.webm)
Progress: >Added new enemy >Added AI for it Framework turned out nicely. I wrote like 5 lines of GDScript to make it work. >New death animations, thanks to pixel artist
Open file (322.12 KB 1193x841 UTRW-polyphony-jail.png)
- Day 2 progress : rehearsal sequence complete - Day 2 Post-Rehearsal still in progress, dialogue is laid out, cutscene pathing and other event semantics will be continued. - Day 3 dialogue almost fully laid out. - Squashed a bug in Teagan's room that continues displaying Teagan from the post-move-in-sequence of Bel-Canto. - Working on mapping for polyphony's new guard-station/jail. - Laid out some sparse normal NPC dialogue for the secret-final-arc. Little things that will make everything come together, and are best gotten out of the way now. - Audio software and tools set-up and ready to start producing. No guarantee I'll actually get to that this month or september. Art will be more important once I get my dialogue progress to act 2.
Small update for today. Had quite a few missed dev-days due to IRL getting in the way. - Day 2 post-rehearsal progress continued. Rewrite of Saki's backstory implemented. New Graveyard cutscene implemented. (pic related) - Updated raw writing for Act 2 Pizzicato Trail revisit. Holy shit, Bel Canto's finally coming along, I'M GONNA MAKE IT!
HOO BOY! I thought I wasn't getting much done this week like last week, but HOLY FUCK! The crunchiest scene in the entire rehearsal set is done. Now, day 3 I unfortunately cannot show much to you due to just exactly what that scene sets up, so you get an angry-stare-Teagan instead. On another note, due to the logistics required for the upcoming cutscenes, The Cantabile manor has it's front yard trimmed. -Day 3 Rehearsal cutscene complete -Day 3 post-rehersal cutscenes have the script implemented, -Picked out a temp track from Tales of Symphonia- Judgement of Mana, to put in place as Metronome Tower's music. -Script progress for act 2 updated, specifically, some emotionally-raw moments for waifufags. Gotta have those to make the upper moments all the more sweeter you know.
Hey everyone, this update I've felt like I'm made a good chunk of significant progress. Which is nice, because I'm gonna take a little break from gamedev to flex my drawing muscles on a small non-UT project I've been putting off. Weekly Progress Report -Added in about half of the day 3 post-rehearsal cutscenes and events. It's a dialogue-heavy day for sure, but I hope the pacing keeps things from dragging on. -Edited Bel Canto's inn to be 1. more fitting of the high-class-town area, and 2. to accomodate space for new cutscenes. (Pic related) -Changed Mezzo's class title from rhythmist to percussionist. -Added in an act 2 boss fight to the debug room. Spoiler-heavy. Ingame, it will be skippable as to prevent what would be a soft-lock for that area. -Added in in events that store recovery items away during Glissando Arena. Not fully implemented of course, but it should be implemented come the Nuclear Teagan release. See you the 28th!
Open file (208.66 KB 400x300 LAZ_01-work.png)
A got a bit more on track. So, weekly report. >Added interactive popups >Added cockpit >Made essential buttons work >Fixed bug with interaction, some anon pointed out
Open file (6.75 MB 1920x996 2020-09-24_12-46-22.mp4)
Open file (6.08 MB 1920x996 2020-09-24_17-01-16.mp4)
tme to get wet
>>321 >1st video >water effect It's particle system or some kind of animation ?
Weekly report >Added energy bar >Added energy
Weekly Progress Report - Back from side project dealings. Ended up changing gears to something different than drawing, but no biggie. - Did some writing for Act 2 and 3, specifically post-party-split dialogue, and Arietta's Uncommon time. Back in business, time to get shit done.
Open file (1.29 MB 1280x962 output.webm)
Yeerk's weekly >AI now can react on Yeerk I was hoping to also add attack, but unfortunately it stays for the next week.
Uncommon Time Rewrite Progress Current Progress report -Continued with raw writing for act 2 and 3. Getting close to completion. -Drew some initial concepts for the ex-worm and ex-faggot. Not much done for the current playable progress of the game, but since I got art to eventually do. Pic-related, is a super-deformed imagining of what the faggot and the worm will now look like: Sakarias "Saki" Toikka, The wild-man. Auberon "Aubrey" Spica, the faerie-halfing from long-ago. this is not the intended artstyle, this is something silly and without anatomy perfectionism so I can show you characters at their most-basic form
Open file (212.42 KB 1280x962 output.webm)
Yeerk's weekly >Still working on attack Animation is in place, but no hitbox yet and no mechanism to exit the state.
Open file (107.98 KB 640x414 the_pain_of_vomiting.png)
>>326 Uncommon time Rewrite Weekly Progress Report -Changed up character class names; only the Cantabiles will have musician-themed class names. -Continued progress on day 3 post-rehearsal cutscenes. pic related -Added a reset button for Metronome Tower's pre-boss area to prevent a potential post-cutscene soft-lock. -Certain Act 2 writing sequences put in limbo for now. Not technically cut, but close to the chopping block and I'm hesitant on it.
Open file (1.09 MB 2048x1202 output.webm)
After two weeks instead of one >Pineeres's attack is finally working >Yeerk is dying I've had to implement additional animation system that is unrelated to movement for that. Pretty happy with result. Core mechanics are almost done. Hope to finish them next week.
>>328 since the cafe was down last time I was doing weekly updates, this one is a bi-weekly plus one day because yesterdayt was not worth uploading on. No screenshot either because nothing I've done this week is really worth showing. Weekly Progress Report -Finally got around to downloading inkscape and testing shading on it. My aim for this week is to draw a character and get a completed art piece out to you guys so I can show "yes, I can do art, and at the barest of minimums have it not be shit". -Crushed the rest of the unformatted nametags in Nuclear Teagan. -Crushed unformatted nametags in Glissando Arena.
Open file (313.07 KB 960x642 output.webm)
Yeekr's weekly >Implemented reaction on dead bodies >It's now possible to eat pioneeres Art guy was busy so visuals aren there yet. Shouldn't be a problem though. Main mechanics are ready. It makes me happy. I plan on making 1st level by the demo day.
Open file (13.17 MB 1920x996 leejy5.mp4)
>>322 sorry dudem missed your question. It's an animated alpha map
DEMO DAY currently underway on these boards: https://zzzchan.xyz/v/thread/18328.html#18329 https://8chan.moe/v/res/149845.html post your stuff, repost here: >>338
>>336 can you reupload anon i know im days late but i wanna try your game been looking forward to it
Open file (383.03 KB 787x449 ClipboardImage.png)
>>147 Reminds me of Deus Ex. What's your game called?
>>344 >>351 this is the game
>>123 Does this board have a Board Owner?
>>368 I ran the original 8chan board for a few years, while the anon.cafe one had a different owner for a while. I jannied here, didn't log in for a long time, now I discover it has been transferred to me. So the answer is "yeah, it has one".
>>253 Start writing code threw a language in an engine,I say this by experience it much more modifiable and easy in the long-term.
>>370 Congratulations, I guess.

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