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Open file (343.00 KB 512x512 animation planning.gif)
/meta/ thread Anonymous 09/09/2019 (Mon) 00:25:50 No.1
Is the original 8/agdg/ owner in charge of this board, or was it started by someone else?

Also all-purpose meta thread I guess.
WTF? Cakejew is hiding behind (((kikeflare))) now? I'm done with it.
Cakejew is turning it on and off because of known spammers raiding the board every once in a while
I still think Demo day should be hosted elsewhere, but /v/ does what /v/ wants
>but /v/ does what /v/ wants
meh. cake/v/ can take a hike then. there are other sites than 8coom.
Post-Christmas bump
If you know the previous BO for the 8chan/agdg/ board, tell me so I can get in touch
>>101 They tell me better late than never anon. He's at 9chan, apparently. http://ninechnjd5aaxfbcsszlbr4inp7qjsficep4hiffh4jbzovpt2ok3cad.onion/agdg/catalog
Open file (75.00 KB 1024x768 952.png)
>fatchan dies >the best place for finding /agdg/ anons right now is fucking (((discord))) At least we have this bunker for now.
>>125 Get them in here, lad I don't know how many of you guys still care about posting on IBs but I'll do my best to give you a comfy bunker >>120 I'll give it a go but I don't think he'll want to come here now that he has a bunker there. Thanks anyhow.
>>126 I assure you, they are aware
>>125 >finding /agdg/ anons right now is discord Then there's nothing of that much value lost
>>68 >Nah, just tangential relation is good enough. Any digital project is fine but games take top priority. OK, I'll start a thread that will no doubt bore the shit out of Anons, being mostly code describing my adventures trying to create a visual waifu sim. Maybe it can spur some interest here for Anons wanting to create their own systems from scratch too. >>170
Why are 8cultists such gullable retards? https://archive.fo/NifDB https://archive.fo/kwWca Why would you even want Epic Games/Tencent/fucking Tim Sweeney related products in your board, like at all? Godot is libresource, invest in what legally you can alter and own.
>>182 nice reel Anon, thanks!
>>182 What are some good engines for both 2D and 3D? Hopefully those that won't take your data and run free with it.
>>184 godot really. For 2D game, it's the most minimalist and cleanest you'le get. It offer what you need. The 3D engine isn't the best and you can hit a wall really fast. There's always a work aroud tho, but it won't be in the doc. But I had a fun time with the engine neverthless even for a 3D demo. The engine is good at doing UI tho. Making it extremly easy to develop a mobil game or a RPG with sadistic amount of stat.
>>186 Well, I was hoping to get a good 3d engine, myself, but I could use a 2d one for something interesting. Is Godot like Unity in that it wants to load as much stuff as possible when creating even a basic demo?
IZT NAUT TRUUUUUU WI DON SHIRR WI AUTRIISH AUUUTRIIIIIIISH https://arch.b4k.co/v/search/subject/unreal%20engine/ >>187 Stick with a poison: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_game_engines#Engines There's no such thing as ``best,`` only pros and cons. Sort by license.
>>188 >Sort by license. I wish they made this simple, near as I can tell you'd have to copypaste the thing into a spreadsheet and hope for the best.
>>189 Just enable JS, their CSS <table> sorter is pretty clean. You can also use sort(1), sed(10, & mawk(1). Every living person in the planet should have <HTML>v1 parsers, you should have one on your TORBB right now.
>>190 aliright thanks for the advice anon.
Open file (80.54 KB 768x743 ClipboardImage.png)
>>190 OK, got it thanks. I'm only interested in MIT-licensed C++ engines. I think this is the list. >
>>187 >Well, I was hoping to get a good 3d engine unless you're reaching for the skies, I doubt you will have an actual game changer struggle with godot. If you're planning on doing a shooter or a 3D platformer, I doubt you'le have any short term problem. >Is Godot like Unity in that it wants to load as much stuff as possible when creating even a basic demo? Godot is developer friendly so no. Your project will always start from scratch, so game made in godot, if well made, won't look like one another.
I'm looking forwards to build a "game" once I am done with my current projects (that would be more or less in one year). It actually isn't a game, though: it's more or less sorta-kinda an engine. Imagine RPG Maker. Problem is, I am not sure which language/library/engine should I use. Some of the requirements my game needs: >PC, phone and browser compilation targets >3D Rendering distance is irrelevant because it will mostly be played in an isometric perspective >Voxel-based environment, so most of the world will be very light on resources >Real time illumination would be nice but not a requirement >Networking capabilities >Decent pathfinding on a grid-based potentially dynamic world >Character 3D models and skeletons/animations >Animation and model stitching to swap parts of a model at will (think being able to choose between regular human legs or centaur legs while still having the same animations for the torso, or swapping clothes and hairstyles) I was thinking to use Godot for this, but an anon on /tg/ told me Godot was absolutely fucking terrible for 3D due to import nightmares and that I should avoid it at all costs. Given I am not going to start the project right now, do you happen to know if there are any possible improvements to this in the roadmap? Which libre alternative could you recommend? I was also considering Haxe or even JS + Three.js, but I would hate to make an Electron application. If possible, I'd like not to use C or C++ to program game.
>>235 The only argument that I can think of when using godot is that the 3d randering quality they offer are abit too heavy for any potato could handle. If you don't mind using an obscure language like pascal. There's a 3d game engine for it called castle engine that is less heavy oriented when it comes to 3d randering. Go look for it and tell me what you think.
I want to make a small meme game within a time frame of a few days, up to a week. Any suggestions? I'll go with the first idea that's not completely retarded. Although the more retarded the idea, the funnier it could be.
>>359 Physics-based pinball game that's like a Rube Goldberg machine.
>>360 > Physics-based pinball game that's like a Rube Goldberg machine. physics-based pinball sound reasonable enough to implement. Not sure how the "Rube Goldberg machine" part could be incorporated in to that, but I'll give it a try.
>>361 >Not sure how the "Rube Goldberg machine" part could be incorporated in to that, but I'll give it a try. Well, here's a basic description of the idea Anon. >A Rube Goldberg machine, named after American cartoonist Rube Goldberg, is a chain reaction-type machine or contraption intentionally designed to perform a simple task in an indirect and overly complicated way. Usually, these machines consist of a series of simple unrelated devices; the action of each triggers the initiation of the next, eventually resulting in achieving a stated goal. So I'd say it's just a matter of finding some silly, overly-complicated way of achieving a scores. Hitting bumpers or rollovers, say.
>>362 > So I'd say it's just a matter of finding some silly, overly-complicated way of achieving a scores. Hitting bumpers or rollovers, say. That I can do. ^ - ^
>>182 How do I do this in Godot? https://youtu.be/S7isWGSWBgo
wow this place looks dead
>>396 We're a bunch of nodevs here. I really ought to get into hacking some code so that I have an excuse to post my activity here.
>>396 I really miss /agdg/. Here's dead, Sleepychan's thread is mostly nodevs arguing in a shit pile, Smug's thread is dead, I daren't think how many agencies are watching 8kun and cuckchan is cuckchan.
>>400 If you want /agdg/ to rise again, then: 1) Post shit 2) Dev shit and post updates here 3) Spread the word that an anonymous channel with free games exists
>>400 I don't like posting anything anymore because every place is full of nodevs and annoying shitposters. 4chan has unironically become a better place because it has the same kind of shitty users now, except there's more people there. I've had an idea for an imageboard for a while now where the only rule is that you can't needlessly bait and harass and annoy and inconvenience other people in the imageboard. I also want to include a board/thread where you can only post if you've posted something you made in the last month (progress or art or whatever). One of these days I'm going to make it and try to get creative/productive people to come in.
>>400 Most of the yesdevs left for Discord or Twitter. Hell I've even seen some on cuckchans /agdg/ general. It really reflects the state of the entire board. Even after 8/v/ started to suck 8/agdg/ use to be the oasis in the cesspit Mark created but it's not the case anymore. Eventually you have to wake up and realize you're just sabotaging yourself associating with crabs who want to drag you down with them. >>401 >If I ignore the problem it will go away Sad to say this isn't true. >>404 >4chan has unironically become a better place because it has the same kind of shitty users now, except there's more people there. I'm still kicking myself for how long it took me to realize this. There was a tipping point where 8chan as a whole just became flat out worse than parts of 4chan and it kept getting worse over time. I actually learned a lot from some of the older devs on 8/agdg/ but today there is absolutely nothing of value to be gained.
>>406 >faggotcord ew. good riddance. >I actually learned a lot from some of the older devs on 8/agdg/ but today there is absolutely nothing of value to be gained. go back.
>>407 I wasn't planning on staying. Just came by to laugh at people like you.
>>404 I really like this idea. Keeps lurkers at bay and no devs cannot needlessly taint threads that aren't either off topic or for play testing. How would that work though? >>406 I think the problem is that most imageboards don't give you the same exposure that a bunch of hyperreactive kids and trannies do right now, or you just don't find autistic people who want to cooperate with you anymore. >If I ignore the problem it will go away What do you mean by this?
>>409 >How would that work though? Use a tripcode-like password (doesn't show up on posts) Moderator can mark it as a yesdev tripcode Some threads/boards require a yesdev tripcode to post in A mod would have to check every month to make sure progress has been posted. Or maybe users can mark their own posts as progress and then a mod just has to make sure they're valid.
Open file (119.60 KB 1000x600 VRIB.png)
>When people are born they are gentle and soft. >At death they are hard and stiff. >When plants are alive they are soft and delicate. >When they die, they wither and dry up. >Therefore the hard and stiff are followers of death. >The gentle and soft are the followers of life. >Thus, if you are aggressive and stiff, you won't win. >When a tree is hard enough, it is cut. Therefore >The hard and big are lesser, >The gentle and soft are greater. Ancient chinese wisdom says stop being argumentative cunts set in your ways about languages/engines/artstyles and maybe the board would be more lively. I suspect most the yesdevs left because at least the nodevs on other platforms don't constantly tell them they're doing everything wrong. Would you really go back looking for a community after it imploded if 80% of the users were only there for the shitflinging? The most vocal "one true way" cultists are always the least productive. It's an outlet for nodevs trying to protect their fragile egos where they can never be wrong because they never create anything. Over negativity wasn't a widespread problem until after yandev got rightfully bullied off the thread. I think a lot of trolls saw that and cultivated a culture of poking and prodding for more lolcows where there really were none. I don't want to speculate too much, but could that be part of why Tetrachromedev lost it? Once they smell lulz in the thread you never get rid of the trolls, and the programming flamewars started will last for years. Crossposting some progress of mine so I don't get accused of being what I'm railing against. It's not really a game, but I use a game engine (Godot), so fuck it.
STILL waiting for godot 4 to drop, that shit cannot come soon enough!
Open file (127.15 KB 546x205 valis.png)
Just wanted to mention there's a new /agdg/ outlet: https://anon.cafe/valis/res/2475.html
>>419 Their CSS is fucking awful.
>>432 Goddamn it, i took it down for a bunch of months, put it back on yesterday (or 2 days ago) and you got me when lurking the overboard. It's not the prettiest but nobody came with something unique/a CSS file when inquired, if someone gave one i wouldn't mind a bit to try it and/or leave it there. ...Still it is there if someone wants to use it for anything remotely related.
Open file (239.73 KB 983x595 newt0.jpeg)
Hello everyone. I'd just like to give everyone a heads up that the board is under new management. You can call me Newt if you want, and no, you don't know me from anywhere. I've made it my goal to clean this board up, turn it around, and make it the go-to board for game development on the webring (and beyond! ;-)). Couple minor changes in place so far are a removal of post IDs - we're adults here, we don't need them to carry on a discussion; default poster name has also been changed from nodev to yesdev, because we're all gonna make it. Looking forward to shiteffort posting with you all in the days to come.
>>476 Good luck BO, I hope you succeed. I'm in the early stages of my own projects so I hope this place can become somewhere we can all enjoy.
>>476 Best luck on getting this place into a state where it's more than a bunker and you could start by posting your game
Open file (125.49 KB 1204x838 ss0.png)
Open file (271.13 KB 1204x838 ss1.png)
>>483 >posting your game Don't worry anon, it's Coming Soon™ Joking aside, I am working on getting stuff ready for a dev-blog like, part progress thread, part tutorial thread for it.
So the code blocks on this board look like ass. I'd like to fix that, but I can't into web dev. That's the sort of thing that custom css fixes, right? I'll ask over on the meta board but maybe someone with experience can give me some pointers here. I'd like to have a different background color for the code block to make it more readable.

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