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Open file (9.80 KB 600x407 comfy_cirno.png)
RULES AND F.A.Q. Deveropa 09/13/2019 (Fri) 18:35:00 ID: 9e9ecb No.15 [Reply]
1. Follow the Global Rules 2. The Board is SFW, so spoiler any mature content 3. That's pretty much it But wait, there's more! 4. This thread will work as a META THREAD for the rest of the board. Feel free to post your complaints and questions here. Please use the meta thread: >>1 3. Obey the spirit of the rules, not just the letter. Please be constructive in your comments and critiques. Try to be positive and supportive without pandering or cheerleading. Any obvious board disruption, shit-flinging, crab-bucketing, or nigger-pilling will be removed. 4. As of 03/27/2023, post IDs have been disabled. We're all adults here, we shouldn't need them in order to carry out discussions. Please be mature and don't samefag or accuse others of the same without basis. 5. Have fun. The board was set up merely a bunker and repository for developers, waiting for 8chan to come back online, but since it's in the process of committing sudoku, this could be your new home. List of other bunkers: http://8agdg.wikidot.com/general:bunkers
Edited last time by nviridescens on 03/27/2023 (Mon) 02:58:47.
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Where's that link that explains what happened to the agdg community after the exodus? About splitting into groups and whatnot? I can't find it.

Open file (3.20 KB 920x512 raylib.png)
Open file (126.94 KB 800x600 losdiabolol2.jpg)
Open file (117.51 KB 1000x750 sd2.jpg)
Open file (97.06 KB 768x576 ff12.jpeg)
ARPG project with Raylib yesdev 03/30/2023 (Thu) 03:39:45 No.486 [Reply]
Greetings and salutations, faggots. I'm currently working on a 2D, isometric-perspective action RPG. The goal is a Diablo-like, minus the Skinner-box loot pinata bullshit and adding a party system with simple but configurable AI party members - think Seiken Densetsu 2, 3 and Final Fantasy XII. I'm using C++ with Raylib as my primary graphics/input/output library, no "game engine" to speak of as yet. As I'm going through a bit of a refactor, I thought I would re-organize the project from scratch and document it here in the form of a tutorial slash dev blog. I'd like to use it to dump progress updates and code snippets, as well as for it to be a place to discuss Raylib and general RPG development. If you follow along, you should be able to build a similar game without too much difficulty. Disclaimer though - I am not a pro (game developer, I do a different kind of engineering for my day job), and am new to C++, so don't expect perfect code, best design practices, or anything like that. Stay tuned for an intro to Raylib, my project/build system, and design document.
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>>501 Forgot to mention, that by making the lighting texture an overlay and not baked-in, you can adjust the alpha (intensity) of it based on distance from the light source and would have the option of making it lower resolution than the base tile, if you're worried about a 10x increase in total game texture size (I really wouldn't though).
>>497 Code continued. Before you do anything else, make sure you've got Raylib installed and that's in on your $PATH (it should be if you installed according to the guide) - see ht tps://github.com/raysan5/raylib#build-and-installation . Remember, I'm assuming you're working in a text editor (not an IDE) like Geany, Notepad++, VSCode? or whatever on linux like I am, if not, you're going to have to set up your own IDE and compiler, etc. Should be plenty of info out there though. Anyway, let's take a look at my Makefile. CC=g++ EXE=game BIN_DIR=bin SRC_DIR=src OBJ_DIR=obj CPP_FILES := $(wildcard $(SRC_DIR)/*.cpp) OBJECTS := $(patsubst $(SRC_DIR)/%.cpp,$(OBJ_DIR)/%.o,$(CPP_FILES)) CFLAGS=-Wall -Wextra -pedantic -Wconversion LINKERFLAGS=-lraylib -lGL -lm -lpthread -ldl -lrt -lX11 all: $(BIN_DIR)/$(EXE)

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Open file (7.77 KB 804x638 muh_gayme.png)
>>504 Now that we got that set up, we just need something to actually compile. Let's start by making two new files inside our source folder (game_dir/src/) - main.cpp and main.h (or main.hpp if that's your thing). As a bare-minimum, open-a-window "game", main.h looks like this: #ifndef MAIN_H #define MAIN_H #include "raylib.h" #define WIN_WIDTH 800 #define WIN_HEIGHT 600 #endif The #ifndef and #endif shits wrapping the whole thing prevents the header from being included more than once. Get used to putting them around your header files, but make sure each has a project-unique identifier like MAIN_H here. You typically go .cpp file/class name -> include guard name like Player.h -> PLAYER_H. The rest should be straightforward. A basic bitch main.cpp looks like the following:

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>486 Very cool OP. I'll be monitoring your progress.
Open file (301.12 KB 640x360 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (970.37 KB 1900x900 dark mask.png)
>>501 Your idea sounds like inventing a bicycle made out of 8(9) wheels. The problem is seen in this picrelated, I dont even care if light direction is wrong at this point. The problem is the fact that whole tile is lit equally. >you can use opengl Yeah, it seems to be the only option, which just increases complexity. I expected to use it anyway, down the line, but it seem to be "necessary" already. I think I just render gradient (image) on top of everything and maybe add some noise, as temporary solution. And technically I can render far away tiles with (-0R,-255G,-255B) to make everything outside of light radius black with only red remain visible, for stylish effect, and gradient on top will hide the discrepancy. Now that I thought of it, it might actually work and look good. Some degree of "stylized" look is acceptable. And since I am going to process all tiles automatically, I can just add additional data to tile json such as "tile color balance", without reading each byte of color data via render engine. I technically only need to hide the brightest color (or change it into some other color, like red), just to tell player "this is dark" and they will understand it. So there are ways around it, but in the end I have to use opengl.

Open file (343.00 KB 512x512 animation planning.gif)
/meta/ thread Anonymous 09/09/2019 (Mon) 00:25:50 No.1 [Reply] [Last]
Is the original 8/agdg/ owner in charge of this board, or was it started by someone else?

Also all-purpose meta thread I guess.
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>>476 Good luck BO, I hope you succeed. I'm in the early stages of my own projects so I hope this place can become somewhere we can all enjoy.
>>476 Best luck on getting this place into a state where it's more than a bunker and you could start by posting your game
Open file (125.49 KB 1204x838 ss0.png)
Open file (271.13 KB 1204x838 ss1.png)
>>483 >posting your game Don't worry anon, it's Coming Soon™ Joking aside, I am working on getting stuff ready for a dev-blog like, part progress thread, part tutorial thread for it.
So the code blocks on this board look like ass. I'd like to fix that, but I can't into web dev. That's the sort of thing that custom css fixes, right? I'll ask over on the meta board but maybe someone with experience can give me some pointers here. I'd like to have a different background color for the code block to make it more readable.
>>499 >That's the sort of thing that custom css fixes, right? Yes. /meta/'s not gonna help you BO, but >>>/server/ has some excellent skills in this area and likes to help out AFAICT. Good luck BO, rooting for you!

Open file (160.85 KB 862x698 EUr59GcXgAIxRTx.png)
3DChan V2 Deveropa 07/06/2020 (Mon) 13:14:51 ID: eceb10 No.265 [Reply]
Hey! Here is the first a playable demo for the V2 of 3DChan: https://3dchan.net/blog/july-2020s-dev-blog/ >What is 3DChan? For those who don’t know what 3DChan is, it’s an hybrid between the imageboard culture and Second Life. >Concept of the V2 (more on my blog post) This version won’t be online, not exactly. You will be able to post files and build level in local before sharing it via bittorrent. It’s pretty close to the concept of Decentraland, but without the virtual estate agent thing. BTW, is this channel linked to the 8chan's /agdg ? I used to post here.
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This isn't a virus right?
We had the same idea at different times. 3dchan.org is the successor and we hope it will find its audience
>>469 performance on Firefox 108.0.2 (64-bit) was very poor anon
>>470 thank for your feedback I'll try to improve it
>>469 oekaki over other peoples posts when?

Progress General Deveropa 04/29/2020 (Wed) 20:07:32 ID: 26606f No.123 [Reply] [Last]
Post what you're working on.
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Open file (42.04 KB 315x250 UIIdHw.png)
I've started several projects (games and visual novels). I'm not quite sure which one is good enough to be worth finishing. You can find almost all of them on: qrayz.itch.io
>>451 HackSim seems like a good concept to put in a game instead of the typical hacking minigame. I didn't try the others, especially the VNs since they rarely feel like games to me, maybe I'll get around to them later.
Open file (29.08 KB 1204x838 astar.png)
Open file (30.50 KB 1204x838 astar_colors.png)
Open file (44.74 KB 1204x838 astar_debug.png)
Finally got A* path-finding working after a couple of days of banging my head against it. Test program here is done with Raylib.
>>477 based raylib user, how are you liking it?
>>480 It's a true joy to work in. I'd recommend it to anyone, really. Dead simple to use, only needs a single header included, no cumbersome build system, with tons of useful built-in functions (all optional, mind you) with straightforward interfaces and a minimum of proprietary objects. To any beginners out there still fucking around with SDL2 or SFML or god forbid, raw OpenGL, you gotta switch over.

Open file (1.41 MB 1536x1536 1468405570313-1.png)
QTDDTOT - The thread for all those burning Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread Newt Board owner 03/27/2023 (Mon) 06:09:39 No.478 [Reply]
So up until now, we've had a lot (lol) of off-topic posting, a lot a one-and-done "how do I make game tho" posts in various threads, especially the meta and progress threads. This is now the new dumping ground for those posts. Do try to put some effort into your posts though, you'll get more responses and won't have to face the wrath of jacked Carmack and his dragon dildo sword+2 that way.

Open file (593.40 KB 1280x720 Dating sim ANNOUNCEMENT.png)
Fluffy Dating Sim Deveropa 08/06/2020 (Thu) 06:10:57 ID: 94f491 No.297 [Reply]
This is my first ever finished videogame, and I think it's worth sharing here too. It was originally supposed to be just a little joke, but when another artist joined the team the project really kicked off until it escalated into a real full-size game. Give it a try and me what you think: https://mwe.ee/FluffyDatingSim-1.0-pc.zip
Can you cut off their feet and put them in a microwave after you insemenate them??
>>472 phenomenal post

Open file (11.94 KB 384x288 Game Screenshot.png)
How does this look? New Game Demo 01/26/2023 (Thu) 23:41:16 ID: 9cca7d No.463 [Reply]
Not spoiling anything, but how does this look?
>>463 It looks a bit plain. The look could work with more detail (especially the background), maybe add some shading, round off the hard angles and perhaps add an outline to the character? You should show some other parts to give a more complete impression.
>>463 Looks like it's made in Scratch.
Found the game, I don't think the guy who made the post actually made the game. still cool though. https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/792294181/
If Anything The Creator Could've Leaked It To One Of Their Friends, since this image was before the game was made and also didn't have variables.
One suggestion I would give if this is the creator though is decorations in the background, since that could be accomplished in scratch.

Open file (5.79 KB 833x750 Screenshot (615).png)
Star Sentinel nodev 12/24/2022 (Sat) 21:15:00 ID: 4e94e5 No.434 [Reply]
Hiya /agdg/, I have this neat GBstudio game that I made. Its called Star Sentinel. Its only $4.99. It has 13 levels. You can see the gameplay in LV 2 in the picture. You can get it here: https://gamejolt.com/games/Starsentinel/763601
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>>434 game is now free
>>457 Please stay encouraged Anon. This kind of effort is always a process, be patient. Congrats on your game BTW, please keep working on it! Cheers. :^)
>>459 I'm clueless about programming and just happened to be wandering through here but will second this. Your enthusiasm is commendable, but it takes a lot of time and effort to hone your talents no matter what field you're working in. Keep pushing yourself further and don't give up what you're passionate about. I wish you the best of luck.
Since you shared it for free now, I'll share some thoughts after my playthrough. The game was very basic, this isn't an insult or complaint, just an observation. The ducking mechanic seemed mostly irrelevant except for a couple of levels. As can be seen in the OP pic, those platforms to jump on/over do not provide cover from enemy fire. They probably should. The level in the enemy ship had platforms that were difficult to notice, blending in with the background. Maybe that was intentional, to suggest alien design the protagonist is unfamiliar with. Despite the special medial droid treatment received at the start of the game, there are no upgrades for weaponry or health. Also, only one level seemed to have a health top up. Perhaps at a certain point, after clearing the science lab, a choice ought to be offered upgrading health or weapon power. The virus in the computer level was very sensitive, adding difficulty in an awkward way. Just a slight tap on an arrow key could overshoot the target area quite easily. I'd suggest making the maze more complex instead, with a finer degree of control for the cursor. As for the thick health bar at the bottom, it looked odd. I would make it thinner and stick it in a corner. Probably give it a percentage too, or have it change color, starting green and turning red at the lower end. The music was pretty good, gave an appropriate vibe. Story-wise, it was solid enough I suppose, considering the length of the game. These areas had the strongest potential for expansion in my opinion. The game starts abruptly, it could begin with more of an introduction to the ship and character. The same goes for the enemy, flesh them out more. Generally, I think you have a decent basis for making something here. As suggested by someone earlier, look at other games offered both freely and for money on such sites. It will give you an idea of the competition and what is considered worth paying for. The slightly Metroid vibes I got suggest to me this game could have an action sci-fi horror element if continued with. Overall, a simple and brief diversion, lacking some refinement and complexity but showing some promise. Keep at it and who knows what you'll end up with.
>>461 >>459 >>460 If it helps, some of my future work is going to be history and aftermath. I might make some of these changes and introduce them in an update eventually. I dearly appriciate your feedback. BTW the first few levels are meant to be way, way, too basic because it was meant to give you a feel for the controls.

Open file (29.20 KB 739x432 seasonsmemorial.PNG)
Open file (27.98 KB 732x423 seasonstitle.PNG)
Seeking developers for ZZT game Somebody 09/04/2022 (Sun) 07:40:02 ID: c8f9b9 No.426 [Reply]
If you have any experience in ZZT game development, or are willing to learn (8th graders made their own games with ZZT-OOP), then I am looking for help finishing my ZZT game "Seasons". I will be handling storyboarding and planning. I've got a couple pieces of it done, but at the rate I'm doing it all myself I won't get done before I turn 40. Even if you help make ONE board it will be greatly appreciated and you'll be credited appropriately.
Any progress? Can you opensource it on GitHub?
Open file (1.10 MB 900x1440 1669166482831026.png)
I am a decent programmer, I can write in Lua, C99, Common Lisp, Java and I have some expierence with C# in Unity and Python in Pygame too. I would like to help if the project is completely public domain, otherwise I would consider it unethical to contribute.
>>453 If you find this doesn't pan out, please come help us build robowaifus then, Anon. https://alogs.space/robowaifu/
Open file (392.37 KB 1220x2048 1669349891198917.jpg)
>>454 Robowaifus sound awesome, thanks for giving me the link, I will look into it in my spare time and help you guys out - at the end a robowaifu is a great dream of mine too.
>>456 Y/w Anon. There's a large degree of crossover between vidya dev, and several of the sub-domains for robowaifu creation. Mechanics (as in the physics involved in bipedal humanoid motion & control), and character acting are a couple of good examples of this.

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