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Open file (593.40 KB 1280x720 Dating sim ANNOUNCEMENT.png)
Fluffy Dating Sim Deveropa 08/06/2020 (Thu) 06:10:57 ID: 94f491 No.297 [Reply]
This is my first ever finished videogame, and I think it's worth sharing here too. It was originally supposed to be just a little joke, but when another artist joined the team the project really kicked off until it escalated into a real full-size game. Give it a try and me what you think: https://mwe.ee/FluffyDatingSim-1.0-pc.zip

Open file (160.85 KB 862x698 EUr59GcXgAIxRTx.png)
3DChan V2 Deveropa 07/06/2020 (Mon) 13:14:51 ID: eceb10 No.265 [Reply]
Hey! Here is the first a playable demo for the V2 of 3DChan: https://3dchan.net/blog/july-2020s-dev-blog/ >What is 3DChan? For those who don’t know what 3DChan is, it’s an hybrid between the imageboard culture and Second Life. >Concept of the V2 (more on my blog post) This version won’t be online, not exactly. You will be able to post files and build level in local before sharing it via bittorrent. It’s pretty close to the concept of Decentraland, but without the virtual estate agent thing. BTW, is this channel linked to the 8chan's /agdg ? I used to post here.
>>265 Good luck with the project OP. Yes, you could say we're at least some of the old 8ch aggydaggy crowd, now present here on anoncafe.
>>265 Nice to see you're still developing this. If I'm sharing via bittorrent, do you mean in the sense of someone else having to post a magnet link in their local instance/using a torrent client to do this, or in the sense of having an in-built tracker that allows you to see other's instances and download them more or less seamlessly from within the program?
>>268 >Nice to see you're still developing this. Thanks. >If I'm sharing via bittorrent, do you mean in the sense of someone else having to post a magnet link in their local instance/using a torrent client to do this, or in the sense of having an in-built tracker that allows you to see other's instances and download them more or less seamlessly from within the program? You won't have to specify any torrent tracker, even if I will add an option to add your own one. Most of torrent libs, like webtorrent add their own torrent trackers, and there's tons of torrent trackers available. You will just have to share your magnet link. I even thinking about a system to share these links using a screen capture with a QRCode.
Uploaded a new build correcting a major bug. You can now chill on 3DChan V2. https://3dchan.net/v3/
Open file (209.34 KB 776x698 EdS0zq4X0AIqzP3.png)
>Progress Files and video displays are working (but are not in prod for now). BTW, there’s a curious behaviour on videos, depending on what browser you are. I tried to mute video, and the video wasn’t playing anymore. My next step will be coding NPC. It will be a big piece of the game before working on graphism. The bare minimum for them will be to have a dialog tree, a customizable sprite sheet, and maybe I will add some combat in the long term. In terms of sprites and mechanism I will get inspiration in RPGs I love like Megami Tensei & Persona, suggestions are also welcome. >Patreon Because I want to keep the project free and open source, I decided to launch a Patreon. If you see the same revolutionary thing I see in 3DChan, your support is welcome. >patreon.com/alexkrunch >more info on my twitter @alexkrunch

Open file (250.23 KB 555x399 dontclick.png)
2D Platformer Physics Deveropa 06/28/2020 (Sun) 12:06:22 ID: e3ecb9 No.259 [Reply]
Is there anywhere I can read up on this, or a book or something? I wanted to make a 2D platformer, I made a crude framework of sorts, but there's no real physics system. I have no idea how to program projectiles, jumping, running physics, etc. Currently, i just have the player rise slowly until they hit the ceiling and then fall down when you hit the space key, and if you land on top of an enemy they die. And you can jump and collect coins, that's pretty much it. I did it from scratch in c++ with an old version of Microsoft Direct Draw and WinAPI, because Direct X is way too complicated and I don't want 3D, plus some ancient tutorials written circa 2001 that I grabbed from old 8chan /pdfs/ were direct draw based anyhow.
>>259 I'd recommend you abandon Windows-specific C++ and stick to modern C++. Everyone including yourself will thank you OP. Also, Bullet is a well-wrung out and open sauce physics system in C++. Use SFML for 2D platformers + Bullet.

Open file (1.33 MB 318x233 die hard arcade.gif)
Deveropa 10/09/2019 (Wed) 21:17:10 ID: acc41e No.76 [Reply]
One thing I always wanted from making my own game, regardless of its kind, was to be able to emulate that "60fps Arcade Feeling" that you only get from oldschool cabinets, shit like super fluid animations and fast moving objects alongside large sprites or tons of entities on screen.
Is there any good way around doing that? Specifically, anything about optimization and data compression or whatever you've got?
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>Take the data-oriented design pill.
Isn't Civ IV developed via a data-oriented design? I recall their devs talking about it and how it allowed people to easily mod shit in and out of the game.
Thanks lad
>>82 They were probably talking about data-driven design, where your gameobjects, particle effects etc., are defined by some kind of text file, JSON or something, then read in by the game engine to construct the actual gameobjects.
>>121 Not sure if that's DDD. DDD from what I understand is a method is used to layout the whole project. Pretty much as high level as possible. It can be pretty much summarized by the quote from the 90s "Write programs that do one thing and do it well.", but made into an entire concept for pajeets and managers.
>>122 >but made into an entire concept for pajeets and managers. nah, it's easy to mix up the component design pattern applied by unity and DDD. A game built around DDD will generally have a bunch of component which are absolute barebone member variable of a struct. Then you'll have entities which are just container of component. Then there's the system, which handle entities. Instead of calling the update() function in every single entity, you call the system's update() which is one function call instead 150 update() of 150 game object. In this context you separate the data from the logic entirely. It's extremly efficient for RTS. DDD is the first article of the first section of game programming gems 1: The magic of Data-Driven Design. It's usually harder to work with, but It's fun to work with because if you push the idea to the limit, even the number of team can be written in a text file.

Visual Waifu OpenGL engine from scratch Deveropa 05/18/2020 (Mon) 07:05:38 No.170 [Reply]
Hey there /agdg/. So I did some work learning the basics of OpenGL written by hand hoping to create a waifu simulator project. I'd kind of like to pick back up the project and figured if I posted the (far too many) details about the process I've gone through so far, it might spur some additional interest, and also maybe help other anons learn about the process of creating a game-engine-like-thing from scratch too. I also have a lot of unanswered questions still, so maybe someone here can help me get past them. I used the examples and tutorials from learnopengl. https://learnopengl.com/
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The conditional for the gameloop is a flag that GLFW provides: glfwWindowShouldClose(mwin) I could have used any flag of my own devising but there are some benefits to using the GLFW one, particularly with a multiwindow setup. The mwin argument is a GLFW window pointer that's being maintained in a specific namespace. More on that later. Inside the loop is the call to the function where all the actual work gets done: >muh_mrs.hpp snippet // Wrapper to perform frame timing and draw scene elements void time_n_draw() { // Update per-frame timing & process realtime user inputs do_timing(); if (key::key_prsd) proc_RT_inputs(); // if (key::key_prsd || mouse::btn_prsd) proc_RT_inputs(); // Clear the back colorbuffer clr_buff();

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>175 > Heh, I've seen C software that literally has the entire program--thousands of lines--all inside main()!.) I'm not really sure why C devs tend to do this, since sub-routines were a thing literally at the very beginning of computer science (eg, Edsac), and sub-functions were stressed all the way back in Algol60, as well as K&R. It's likely to avoid cache/branching. A lot of C code has to squeeze out as much performance as it possibly can and subroutine have overhead + they fuck up the caching. It's ugly as fuck, yeah, but sometimes the devs work on embedded systems and have to cut literally every single corner.
>>196 >but sometimes the devs work on embedded systems and have to cut literally every single corner. Sure, that situation I totally get. But with all due respect, in this case (ie, learnopengl.com examples) that's hardly the case and makes reasoning about things difficult af for the newcomer. And after all, the entire point of his project is to teach novices the ropes with OpenGL. I very much appreciate his efforts, and I'm learning a lot from it myself but I hope it will be just a little more approachable with my code here.
>>196 Thanks for bringing that point up btw, Anon. Context switching, stack frames, shared memory, concurrency & parallelism, threads, fibers, cache-lines, Data-oriented-Design, &tc., will all come into play for our IRL robowaifus, so yea. :^)
testing codeblocks again. #include <iostream> int main() { std::cout << "Hello World\n"; }

Open file (49.96 KB 550x850 the new infinity cup.png)
Deveropa 05/11/2020 (Mon) 22:51:55 ID: 9763a4 No.160 [Reply]
Hello, devs! We're building up teams for the https://anon.cafe/icup/ Infinity Cup and we'd really like it if we could have you on board! If you want to join us but you're too scarce in numbers, you can always just piggyback on the 4chancup's exports. What do you think?

An Announcement Deveropa 05/04/2020 (Mon) 09:19:00 ID: 960035 No.134 [Reply]
I was planning on making a small, clearnet IB containing several Self Improvement boards, including this one. How interested would you be in moving there?
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>>142 >But for /agdg/ as a whole it'd probably be better if we manage to congregate in one place. Absolutely agree. We're small enough as a community even with that. There's an /agdg/ on 9chan as well btw. Maybe they could be encouraged to migrate as well if a dedicated site was up?
>>142 >>143 One suggestion was thrown out there to post progress across all the bunkers. Maybe even have a bot crosspost posts and replies between the bunkers.
>>144 >Maybe even have a bot crosspost posts and replies between the bunkers. i've given this some serious thought, and vaguely followed robi's final solution/multiscraper, with this exact notion in mind. it will take collaboration to make it work correctly, but it's entirely feasible technically-speaking. i'm currently re-writing my bump crawler, and intend to kind of facilitate multiscraper into it. it could easily be extended from there into a final solution 'multi-bot' i imagine.
>>145 I rally like the idea tbh, the bot would need some criteria to stop it from spamming or reposting language/engine shittery though. We could just have 'bot spam' threads on every /agdg/ board, where it would aggregate discussion from other board progress generals and /v/ threads. but what about captcha I'm currently crossposting away. >>143 >>138 there's a wiki link leading to a list of bunkers in the welcome sticky on every agdg iteration I know of. Check it out. >>142 >Perhaps reversing that trend would be good for us in the long run that would be a return to 2014-15 state of things for sure. But there's one thing I keep saying: agdg threads on /v/ need to exist, if not solely as a recruiting mechanism. Should a single board be elected as king of aggydaggy, we can just put a link to it on the thread template to get people in.
>>142 >Oh same, but a normal registrar is a few bucks a year. I don't think cost is the primary concern, deplatforming is. Also, there's the general issue of anonymity as well. >>146 >bot spam Yes, I figured some type of specified containment thread would probably be the best approach, at least until Admins got more comfortable with the general idea of federation in the first place. >captcha Devising some sort of authentication process whereby it can be circumvented entirely for authorized accounts would seem best. Probably a difficult sell for a couple of reasons at least. Barring that, seems that having a human in the loop will be a requirement, at least as far as my work goes. I'm not in the business of devising captcha crackers heh. I do know a guy who just integrated the Indian mechanical-turk services into his utility to bypass 4cucks tedium. I suppose someone could devise something similar for Final Solution services. >Should a single board be elected as king of aggydaggy, we can just put a link to it on the thread template to get people in. fair idea.

Need an artist for game Deveropa 04/27/2020 (Mon) 14:14:30 ID: 04adcc No.119 [Reply]
The game is called Lesion. Story is about two ninjas fighting aliens that attacked their clan. If you are interested hmu on discord: Lesion#0648

Open file (387.07 KB 512x512 animation easing.gif)
Open file (343.00 KB 512x512 animation planning.gif)
Open file (1.32 MB 512x512 breaking objects.gif)
Open file (306.36 KB 512x512 bullets.gif)
Open file (1.04 MB 512x512 character design 1.gif)
Saint11's tutorials Deveropa 09/24/2019 (Tue) 22:19:09 ID: 36f01c No.23 [Reply]
There's a guy that goes by saint11, he makes some pretty good pixel art tutorials.
21 posts and 74 images omitted.
Open file (295.05 KB 510x510 top down walk cycle.gif)
Open file (730.86 KB 512x512 isometric part 1.gif)
Open file (246.10 KB 512x512 top down attack.gif)
Open file (944.25 KB 512x512 top down tricks.gif)
Open file (430.81 KB 512x512 impact.gif)
Open file (498.84 KB 512x512 jump.gif)
I give up, this site is falling on it's ass right now, and images are not going through most of the time. Fortunately there was only one left, "swords", you can find it in the link in >>38 .
There's a mistake in the first image here. "Freeze time" is supposed to happen at the exact moment when the attack hits the target, not before it.
This is good stuff.

Open file (716.75 KB 665x663 Happy Holidays.png)
Deveropa 04/13/2020 (Mon) 18:05:26 ID: 8d6c7b No.108 [Reply]
>Want to gamedev during the holidays >Fucking procrastinate all throughout them I hate it
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>>110 The office is a structure designed to ritually siphon your leftover vitality so you cannot escape.
>>111 I know. I have been looking for a way out for +2 years now.
>>112 Never give up, Anon. Don’t let them eat you. I’m rooting for you.
>>113 Thanks anon
>>114 Same here Anon. You'll make it, just keep moving forward.

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