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RULES AND F.A.Q. Deveropa 09/13/2019 (Fri) 18:35:00 Id:9e9ecb No. 15 [Reply]
1. Respect the Global Rule
2. The Board is SFW, hence spoiler any mature content if you can
3. That's pretty much it

I've conceived this board as merely a bunker and repository for developers, waiting for 8chan to come back online, but feel free to use it as you please in the meantime.

Shinobu waifu simulator Deveropa 11/03/2019 (Sun) 16:29:22 Id:e232f1 No. 84 [Reply]
So, is there any news on what happen to this game development lately? Please do discuss here.
Yes, the project is now called VivaDev, and he holds court on a dicksword and sports a jewtube. Related.
Are dickswords all that bad? I hate them because it's yet another fucking messaging group that will likely die in the next couple of years like all of them have, but there's so many people just using that nonstop.
the first problem. It's a fad, so naturally anti-popular-fags will jump on that.
second problem, it's the easiest solution to one-stop messaging with file-transfer.
third problem, it's a privacy-leaking cunt.
Fourth problem, it's management is literally hipsters, trannies, and furryfaggots.

that's why it's hated.
In more ways than one. IIRC they own everything you post so they sell to third-parties for ads.
He has a discord where he posts developer updates


Deveropa 10/25/2019 (Fri) 19:10:55 Id:020533 No. 83 [Reply]
Does anyone have some good tips on pre-rendered graphics?
Not sure I understand the question clearly. Do you mean like pre-baking shadows in a scene?
Yes! Here is a video by a master craftsman. WAtCh IT:
- Deveropa
yep, and sprites too
fantastic! thank you brother
(1.03 MB 497x346 Peek+2018-07-16+10-30.gif)
Hell yeah I do
This is the art dev for the first couple Roller Coaster Tycoon games explaining how he made most of the animations.

(343.00 KB 512x512 animation planning.gif)
/meta/ thread Anonymous 09/09/2019 (Mon) 00:25:50 No. 1 [Reply]
Is the original 8/agdg/ owner in charge of this board, or was it started by someone else?

Also all-purpose meta thread I guess.
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WTF? Cakejew is hiding behind (((kikeflare))) now? I'm done with it.
Cakejew is turning it on and off because of known spammers raiding the board every once in a while
I still think Demo day should be hosted elsewhere, but /v/ does what /v/ wants
>but /v/ does what /v/ wants
meh. cake/v/ can take a hike then. there are other sites than 8coom.
Post-Christmas bump
If you know the previous BO for the 8chan/agdg/ board, tell me so I can get in touch

(5.90 KB 233x156 agdg-jsdev.png)
Deveropa 11/13/2019 (Wed) 18:07:16 Id:92c78f No. 92 [Reply]
Does anyone have experience with web dev? I tried some javascript engines, but had big issues with them
On Impact js I couldn't even change the font
and on MelonJs the instructions are unclear as to where the files should go
Other engines I tried were either too simple and with predefined stuff to the extreme, or few to no tutorials
I guess impact works
Can just use tiles for displaying font
I figured it out, the impact font tool site needs flash enabled, but the font tool might not really be needed, one just needs to have a pic with all the letters and single pixel lines at the very bottom for showing the width of each letter

(1.33 MB 318x233 die hard arcade.gif)
Deveropa 10/09/2019 (Wed) 21:17:10 Id:acc41e No. 76 [Reply]
One thing I always wanted from making my own game, regardless of its kind, was to be able to emulate that "60fps Arcade Feeling" that you only get from oldschool cabinets, shit like super fluid animations and fast moving objects alongside large sprites or tons of entities on screen.
Is there any good way around doing that? Specifically, anything about optimization and data compression or whatever you've got?
If you're using a game engine then forget it. If you're making your own, then the only thing you really need to know is variable timestep and building your physics based on it. It allows your framerate to be adjusted to any number, and the game will work at a consistent speed regardless of framerate changes or fluctuations.

There's other things that probably aren't very surprising; make sure controller input gets accounted in the game logic as soon as you can make it (e.g. at the start of the current frame, not at the end). Make sure that it's possible to press a button multiple times in a single frame without it being interpreted as 1 press, and make sure you can press and release a button inbetween a single frame without that press being skipped. Never ever use vertical sync, or any kind of effects/techniques that require you to delay frames or the game tick.

In regard to opimization, it probably doesn't matter because the chances you'll build something that modern computers struggle to handle isn't very high. But if you want to be sure, just get into the habit of building things with "data-oriented design" in mind. Basically be wary of object oriented techniques (it's not all bad but most of it is), avoid RAII, never ever use a linked list, any data structure in a list that needs to be looped through very fast should be as small as possible...
>If you're using a game engine then forget it.
Nah, I want to learn to hows and whys, besides, I find prebuilt game engines to miss the point, since you're basically not using 99% of what they offer you just waste resources.
>variable timestep and building your physics based on it. It allows your framerate to be adjusted to any number, and the game will work at a consistent speed regardless of framerate changes or fluctuations.
I didn't know that! Thanks!
>make sure controller input gets accounted in the game logic as soon as you can make it (e.g. at the start of the current frame, not at the end).
Wouldn't it make it so that, were lag to happen, you could get double inputs or even eaten ones?
>"data-oriented design" in mind.
Good to know.
>any data structure in a list that needs to be looped through very fast should be as small as possible...
One way I wanted to try and see if it made anything faster was to assign different statuses to just one byte of information and then test it using a mask rather than just checking individual attributes, I know it's bad for updates but still.

Thanks a lot for your input, if you've got anything else, I'm all ears.
>In arcades most of them use CRT displays something that is lacking in modern games and arcade machines, CRTs are extremely fast and display the image and it turns to 'black' right after the image is displayed. LCD screens 'sample and hold' the image leading to your eyes perceiving the images as motion blur.
>Black Frame Insertion renders the game in 120hz but for every 2nd frame is a black image, this is used on LCD Screens to emulate how CRT display images and remove that 'motion blur' effect.
>Overdrive on LCD Screens try to predict the brightness of the next frame, on most monitors they may 'overshoot' and have this weird color fringing effect almost like chromatic aberration.
>Dealing with frame stutters even at rock solid 60fps due to drivers, sync with the display and other gay shit (hard to solve with the tools you have at the moment, see related link for good info: https://medium.com/@alen.ladavac/the-elusive-frame-timing-168f899aec92)
>Abuse L1 & L2 Caches for optimization and do not ever read multi-dimensional arrays from 'left' to 'right' then 'top' to 'bottom', caching information is essential. Take the data-oriented design pill.
>Take the data-oriented design pill.
Isn't Civ IV developed via a data-oriented design? I recall their devs talking about it and how it allowed people to easily mod shit in and out of the game.
Thanks lad

(387.07 KB 512x512 animation easing.gif)
(343.00 KB 512x512 animation planning.gif)
(1.32 MB 512x512 breaking objects.gif)
(306.36 KB 512x512 bullets.gif)
(1.04 MB 512x512 character design 1.gif)
Saint11's tutorials Deveropa 09/24/2019 (Tue) 22:19:09 Id:36f01c No. 23 [Reply]
There's a guy that goes by saint11, he makes some pretty good pixel art tutorials.
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(1.91 MB 512x512 resizing pixel art.gif)
(936.55 KB 512x512 wood.gif)
(295.05 KB 510x510 top down walk cycle.gif)
(730.86 KB 512x512 isometric part 1.gif)
(246.10 KB 512x512 top down attack.gif)
(944.25 KB 512x512 top down tricks.gif)
(430.81 KB 512x512 impact.gif)
(498.84 KB 512x512 jump.gif)
I give up, this site is falling on it's ass right now, and images are not going through most of the time. Fortunately there was only one left, "swords", you can find it in the link in >>38 .
There's a mistake in the first image here. "Freeze time" is supposed to happen at the exact moment when the attack hits the target, not before it.

(112.36 KB 512x257 rm2k.png)
RPG Maker general Deveropa 10/06/2019 (Sun) 13:34:44 Id:f3ecea No. 67 [Reply]
Anyone here using the RPG Makers? Which version do you use? What are your favorite projects made with it?

Horny sheep Deveropa 09/30/2019 (Mon) 02:43:42 Id:09315b No. 58 [Reply]
I'll just drop this here.
It a browser game.
Alpha as fuck, when you reach the end, you'll fall off the map.

Deveropa 09/12/2019 (Thu) 10:55:32 No. 8 [Reply]
I'm disappointed that vch isn't on the webring. I'm curious why you guys are here instead of the /agdg/ thread on mark's board?
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Has anyone informed Viva Project guy where /agdg/'s bunker is located yet?
Where is the guy anyhow? I'd do it.
He runs a dickcord now.
he's on vch, which has the bunker thread.
he knows of this place, as many others do
The VivaDev guy from the old 8/agdg/ Shinobu2 Project thread has just released a tutorial to add any waifu's head onto the character that you'd like instead inside his game.



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