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Progress General Deveropa 04/29/2020 (Wed) 20:07:32 ID: 26606f No.123 [Reply] [Last]
Post what you're working on.
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>>272 Reminds me of Stardew Valley
Open file (4.64 MB 1280x720 2020-07-18_05-41-38.mp4)
Open file (936.01 KB 1280x720 2020-07-18_18-57-00.mp4)
We have huge fans
>>275 This looks so comfy eerie Comfeerie
Open file (126.07 KB 432x434 output.webm)
Died for a few weeks but I think, I'm back on track. >Added icons for actions >Added GoTo action >Implemented "Speak" action >Refactored Doors >Added first sensor to check if toilet is occupied >Added "Mine" level, artist was working on for a while My AI code is a mess. I need to clean it up heavily.
Open file (143.93 KB 639x416 RT-post-rehersal-day1.png)
Rehearsal day 1 is complete. >Notable changes --New-character Marybelle is now a part of Aubrey and Alto's mini-quest to get Aubrey a legal ID- mostly since, 1. She's his mom. and 2. She's more or less a living-legend in-game. I've got it planned so that act 3 sidequests explore that the "living legend" part is not quite hyperbole. -Rehersal sequences will be changed to account for Alto's new siblings, Mezzo and Soprano. And unlike OG-UT, shit gets real on rehearsal day 3.

Open file (9.80 KB 600x407 comfy_cirno.png)
RULES AND F.A.Q. Deveropa 09/13/2019 (Fri) 18:35:00 ID: 9e9ecb No.15 [Reply] [Last]
1. Respect the Global Rule 2. The Board is SFW, hence spoiler any mature content if you can 3. That's pretty much it 4. This thread will work as a META THREAD for the rest of the board. Feel free to post your complaints and questions here. The board was set up merely a bunker and repository for developers, waiting for 8chan to come back online, but since it's in the process of committing sudoku, this could be your new home. List of other bunkers: http://8agdg.wikidot.com/general:bunkers
Edited last time by AlphabetSoup on 07/24/2020 (Fri) 16:54:52.
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>>287 janny here. This is an interesting turn of events. sent you an email
Edited last time by Shodanon on 07/24/2020 (Fri) 21:20:34.
Isn't /agdg/ already living inside a /v/ instead of its own board? Why are you here?
>>289 https://8kun.top/agdg/index.html est. 2014 hurrrrrrrrrrrrr why do you have boards in bunkers when it's been a tradition for years to have a general thread and board coexisting durrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Here's a question: why the fuck are YOU here?
>>290 Cmon, man, no need to get angry >>289 There are multiple /agdg/ boards. Some prefer one over the other but for the most part is to have redundancy in the event of another sitewide deletion.
>>291 >redundancy in the event of another sitewide deletion >Some prefer one over the other Ah, that's understandable. Thank you >>290 I know what /agdg/ is, what i didn't understand is why there's one in almost every single site i've visited and they all have the same things there. Making one everywhere as a redundancy measure is certainly not a normal thing to do but i can understand it, not malicious either but it does spark the curiosity. I realize my wording was a bit too direct so i apologize for that although you sound like overcompensating, are you hiding sumthan mister?

Engines for potatos Deveropa 04/09/2020 (Thu) 12:04:54 ID: 6d2071 No.105 [Reply] [Last]
hey all, recently became homeless but i still want to work on my game. i'm currently on a shitty laptop, are there any game engines that might be able to run on it? i'm thinking unity but i want to hear suggestions
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>>105 I ran godot on a T420 perfectly even on the 3D engine. I had mutliple model each of them having 5 different pass and on runnning the game I was rendering 200 ships at a time 1000+ asteroids. The 20-30 fps was unbearable, but atleast it made me optimise everything.
Open file (266.28 KB 468x296 67t814ccce88929294q.png)
>>105 If you want to make pixelshit, just use your own engine. Or Godot. If you want to make something 3D, you're kind of outta luck as far as potato-friendly and ACTIVE engines go. I think Unity's system requirements kinda exceed the limits of a shitty PC these days unless you want to spend extra effort tweaking the lighting and shaders. Godot's 3D workflow ain't quite ready. Source may work, but it's no longer supported very well and its workflow is largely hated by most people because of its proprietary filetypes. Also, it's a $50,000 license if you want to sell your game. You could use Irrlicht if you're okay with using C++. That engine runs just fine on my shitty old laptop that struggles to run Half-Life 2 on max settings.
>>247 Buddy probably went to solve that homeless problem rather than maek gaem, which is completely understandable
>>247 trying out Irrlicht now Anon, thanks. all the examples are building for me except the specifically-wangblows one. i'll dig into the source sometime over the next couple of weeks and see what i think of it. it's age shows and they never got the memo about sepples being a value-semantics language obviously. but it seems to perform well, and there's a more modern fork of it i've found as well. looks promising tbh.
Open file (118.98 KB 1024x768 1oUiyUW.jpg)
Never tried it but take a look at Blitz3D, an old school engine from the early 2000s that recently got its sores opened. https://blitzresearch.itch.io/blitz3d

Open file (75.97 KB 545x415 UCTR_temp_titleback.png)
Uncommon Time Full-Rewrite Project Deveropa 07/22/2020 (Wed) 02:45:29 No.279 [Reply] [Last]
Tenative Name : Uncommon Time Retuned Demo day builds (Latest at feb 13th) : https://mega.nz/folder/9HhVQaAb#Xa_HoCynSVuPKx7iOJTLNw I am doing a full rewrite/edit of Feralpheonix's game Uncommon Time. In addition to the purging of literal-faggotry and tumblrshit, it cuts filler and adds in new story elements. Included are more main characters, a few new side characters, real villains, and gives the both the player and characters more agency in their actions. For the gameplay side, spells from all fronts are being tweaked to make them more useful. Characters that were otherwise shit for one reason or another are changed up to be better. Yanfly Engine Ace scripts are added, so the party limit has increased to 7, and there are various other additions to make the game better. as well as a few oversights with the scripts that I need to work around to make time less-wasted >why are you doing this? To prove to myself I can emotionally get over my nodev status and make "something big". >You're not gonna fuck up Teagan, right? Hell no, she's still snide and critical as ever. In the rewrite, she's a legit monk instead of a "fighter", no longer a carbon copy of whatever anime character FP used to template Teagan, and will still be critical about the party over their shitty playing. And for you glorious waifufags, I got you covered, fam. >Is FeralPheonix's self-insert (Alto) less of a cunt now? Yes. Alto as a character has been split into triplet siblings now: Alto, Mezzo, and Soprano. The bitchyness and autism have been shuffled around the three of them, so you'll see how things pan out as the game progresses.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Things I want feedback about before I continue making particular changes. >Spells for Meirin and Aubrey I need to rework Strawberry Ribbon and need a skill to replace Blending. Self-buffs don't really have a place in UT-RT, but right now I don't have shit for ideas for it. >wordswordswordswordswords Half of the problems with OG-UT's script was 1. The amount of button presses to skip a sequence. 2. The limited lines of the dialogue box. 3. FP's writing being rambly in general. It's one thing to have a sequence "feel wordy" versus actually being wordy but not wasting the player's time with ramble. I would like to know what elements of the game feel like they ramble on so I can edit them- either by cutting ramble or by adding cutscenes to entertain the player. >Italian language Autism Let me know if I fuck something up with the italian names and terms and how to fix it. Please. Most terms for classical music are basically italian translations for the english equivalent anyway. >Worldbuilding "off" points Let me know if something just feels awkward or out of place, and I'll see if I can adjust it. >Typos, grammar, Old Nameplates, and other script errors.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Glad to see more UT projects, and a reimagining at that. I wonder if the remake or that tactics game is still being worked on.
>>280 No one wants to play a game full of weeb niggers with pig noses. Hire an artist and stop putting niggers in your game. Even waifu fags don't like chimps.
>>281 Thanks man. last I heard, UT-Tactics anon was still working on it, making progress slowly but surely. >>283 >Art 0% complete >whining about art that's not even mine. Back to cuckchan, faggot. Your ilk is much more welcomed there.

Open file (53.67 KB 700x526 demoday_3.png)
OFFICIAL DEMO DAY THREAD ~ /v/ + /agdg/ Deveropa 05/05/2020 (Tue) 20:53:33 ID: 1da382 No.150 [Reply] [Last]
OFFICIAL DEMO DAY THREAD ~ /v/ + /agdg/ Next Demo Day: 08/08 >What is demo day? A seasonal community event in which your fellow nodev anons show off their vidya, and for you anons to do what you do best. >That is? Play our vidya, and tell us how we can improve, show us the untapped potential you see, tell us how much our game sucks (or doesn't, after you've played it of course), and why it does or doesn't suck. Obligatory Notices Please post criticism/bugs/etc in this thread. After this thread is culled, please post criticism/bugs/etc in this thread
Edited last time by Shodanon on 07/24/2020 (Fri) 16:46:54.
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>>155 I didnt see very many bugs but it ran super slow. I'm using 8gb ram and an AMD E1-1200 APU and windows 10. lookingforwards too seeing more fo it once its been optimised
>>156 Hi, I love the look of your game. There's some strong STALKER vibes in your screen captures. You should create a thread about it on the board. Also do you have a mac version?
>>150 >/v/
>>278 are you new?
>>277 oh, so you can't try the demo without the mac version? Next demo we'll have all the 3 major platforms then. Thanks, STALKER is one of our influences. >You should create a thread about it on the board We'll stick to the progress general for now. Keep an eye for us there, as well as the other bunkers.

Open file (160.85 KB 862x698 EUr59GcXgAIxRTx.png)
3DChan V2 Deveropa 07/06/2020 (Mon) 13:14:51 ID: eceb10 No.265 [Reply] [Last]
Hey! Here is the first a playable demo for the V2 of 3DChan: https://3dchan.net/blog/july-2020s-dev-blog/ >What is 3DChan? For those who don’t know what 3DChan is, it’s an hybrid between the imageboard culture and Second Life. >Concept of the V2 (more on my blog post) This version won’t be online, not exactly. You will be able to post files and build level in local before sharing it via bittorrent. It’s pretty close to the concept of Decentraland, but without the virtual estate agent thing. BTW, is this channel linked to the 8chan's /agdg ? I used to post here.
>>265 Good luck with the project OP. Yes, you could say we're at least some of the old 8ch aggydaggy crowd, now present here on anoncafe.
>>265 Nice to see you're still developing this. If I'm sharing via bittorrent, do you mean in the sense of someone else having to post a magnet link in their local instance/using a torrent client to do this, or in the sense of having an in-built tracker that allows you to see other's instances and download them more or less seamlessly from within the program?
>>268 >Nice to see you're still developing this. Thanks. >If I'm sharing via bittorrent, do you mean in the sense of someone else having to post a magnet link in their local instance/using a torrent client to do this, or in the sense of having an in-built tracker that allows you to see other's instances and download them more or less seamlessly from within the program? You won't have to specify any torrent tracker, even if I will add an option to add your own one. Most of torrent libs, like webtorrent add their own torrent trackers, and there's tons of torrent trackers available. You will just have to share your magnet link. I even thinking about a system to share these links using a screen capture with a QRCode.
Uploaded a new build correcting a major bug. You can now chill on 3DChan V2. https://3dchan.net/v3/
Open file (209.34 KB 776x698 EdS0zq4X0AIqzP3.png)
>Progress Files and video displays are working (but are not in prod for now). BTW, there’s a curious behaviour on videos, depending on what browser you are. I tried to mute video, and the video wasn’t playing anymore. My next step will be coding NPC. It will be a big piece of the game before working on graphism. The bare minimum for them will be to have a dialog tree, a customizable sprite sheet, and maybe I will add some combat in the long term. In terms of sprites and mechanism I will get inspiration in RPGs I love like Megami Tensei & Persona, suggestions are also welcome. >Patreon Because I want to keep the project free and open source, I decided to launch a Patreon. If you see the same revolutionary thing I see in 3DChan, your support is welcome. >patreon.com/alexkrunch >more info on my twitter @alexkrunch

Open file (250.23 KB 555x399 dontclick.png)
2D Platformer Physics Deveropa 06/28/2020 (Sun) 12:06:22 ID: e3ecb9 No.259 [Reply] [Last]
Is there anywhere I can read up on this, or a book or something? I wanted to make a 2D platformer, I made a crude framework of sorts, but there's no real physics system. I have no idea how to program projectiles, jumping, running physics, etc. Currently, i just have the player rise slowly until they hit the ceiling and then fall down when you hit the space key, and if you land on top of an enemy they die. And you can jump and collect coins, that's pretty much it. I did it from scratch in c++ with an old version of Microsoft Direct Draw and WinAPI, because Direct X is way too complicated and I don't want 3D, plus some ancient tutorials written circa 2001 that I grabbed from old 8chan /pdfs/ were direct draw based anyhow.
>>259 I'd recommend you abandon Windows-specific C++ and stick to modern C++. Everyone including yourself will thank you OP. Also, Bullet is a well-wrung out and open sauce physics system in C++. Use SFML for 2D platformers + Bullet.

Open file (343.00 KB 512x512 animation planning.gif)
/meta/ thread Anonymous 09/09/2019 (Mon) 00:25:50 No.1 [Reply] [Last]
Is the original 8/agdg/ owner in charge of this board, or was it started by someone else?

Also all-purpose meta thread I guess.
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>>189 Just enable JS, their CSS <table> sorter is pretty clean. You can also use sort(1), sed(10, & mawk(1). Every living person in the planet should have <HTML>v1 parsers, you should have one on your TORBB right now.
>>190 aliright thanks for the advice anon.
Open file (80.54 KB 768x743 ClipboardImage.png)
>>190 OK, got it thanks. I'm only interested in MIT-licensed C++ engines. I think this is the list. >
>>187 >Well, I was hoping to get a good 3d engine unless you're reaching for the skies, I doubt you will have an actual game changer struggle with godot. If you're planning on doing a shooter or a 3D platformer, I doubt you'le have any short term problem. >Is Godot like Unity in that it wants to load as much stuff as possible when creating even a basic demo? Godot is developer friendly so no. Your project will always start from scratch, so game made in godot, if well made, won't look like one another.
I'm looking forwards to build a "game" once I am done with my current projects (that would be more or less in one year). It actually isn't a game, though: it's more or less sorta-kinda an engine. Imagine RPG Maker. Problem is, I am not sure which language/library/engine should I use. Some of the requirements my game needs: >PC, phone and browser compilation targets >3D Rendering distance is irrelevant because it will mostly be played in an isometric perspective >Voxel-based environment, so most of the world will be very light on resources >Real time illumination would be nice but not a requirement >Networking capabilities >Decent pathfinding on a grid-based potentially dynamic world >Character 3D models and skeletons/animations >Animation and model stitching to swap parts of a model at will (think being able to choose between regular human legs or centaur legs while still having the same animations for the torso, or swapping clothes and hairstyles) I was thinking to use Godot for this, but an anon on /tg/ told me Godot was absolutely fucking terrible for 3D due to import nightmares and that I should avoid it at all costs. Given I am not going to start the project right now, do you happen to know if there are any possible improvements to this in the roadmap? Which libre alternative could you recommend? I was also considering Haxe or even JS + Three.js, but I would hate to make an Electron application. If possible, I'd like not to use C or C++ to program game.

(112.36 KB 512x257 rm2k.png)
RPG Maker general Deveropa 10/06/2019 (Sun) 13:34:44 Id:f3ecea No. 67 [Reply]
Anyone here using the RPG Makers? Which version do you use? What are your favorite projects made with it?
>>67 >RPGM2000 VH >Vx/Ace dungeons&prisioners >xp Loqo(for the characters and setting. The gameplay is just the standard ass shit with needless other shit thrown in) >Others(wolf,MX and shit) Karryn's prison LonaRpg Whole bunch of others I can't think of at the moment
I still have RPGMaker 95.
>>67 >2k/2k3 VH XP Finding Paradise Reincarnations (unfinished and abandoned, but the story has promise) >VX/Ace Tales Of The Drunken Paladin (funny, unique setting/worldbuilding, generally a fun ride) Some Touhou Platformer (forgot the name) >MV Ruins Seeker
How is GraphicsGale compared to Aseprite? What about Pyxel Edit? How does Wolf RPG Editor compare to RPG Maker?

Open file (1.33 MB 318x233 die hard arcade.gif)
Deveropa 10/09/2019 (Wed) 21:17:10 ID: acc41e No.76 [Reply] [Last]
One thing I always wanted from making my own game, regardless of its kind, was to be able to emulate that "60fps Arcade Feeling" that you only get from oldschool cabinets, shit like super fluid animations and fast moving objects alongside large sprites or tons of entities on screen.
Is there any good way around doing that? Specifically, anything about optimization and data compression or whatever you've got?
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>Take the data-oriented design pill.
Isn't Civ IV developed via a data-oriented design? I recall their devs talking about it and how it allowed people to easily mod shit in and out of the game.
Thanks lad
>>82 They were probably talking about data-driven design, where your gameobjects, particle effects etc., are defined by some kind of text file, JSON or something, then read in by the game engine to construct the actual gameobjects.
>>121 Not sure if that's DDD. DDD from what I understand is a method is used to layout the whole project. Pretty much as high level as possible. It can be pretty much summarized by the quote from the 90s "Write programs that do one thing and do it well.", but made into an entire concept for pajeets and managers.
>>122 >but made into an entire concept for pajeets and managers. nah, it's easy to mix up the component design pattern applied by unity and DDD. A game built around DDD will generally have a bunch of component which are absolute barebone member variable of a struct. Then you'll have entities which are just container of component. Then there's the system, which handle entities. Instead of calling the update() function in every single entity, you call the system's update() which is one function call instead 150 update() of 150 game object. In this context you separate the data from the logic entirely. It's extremly efficient for RTS. DDD is the first article of the first section of game programming gems 1: The magic of Data-Driven Design. It's usually harder to work with, but It's fun to work with because if you push the idea to the limit, even the number of team can be written in a text file.

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