Anon.cafe hosts a collection of imageboards discussing many different things. Boards are kept by board owners and volunteers, who set the rules for that board in harmony with the global rules.

Requesting New Boards

Anon.cafe allows new boards to be requested by individuals who wish to run them as volunteer board owners. To request a board, go to the Requesting Boards thread on /meta/ (click here) and read the opening post for instructions.

Supporting Anon.cafe

Anon.cafe is operated by volunteers who do it for free, but our hosting costs money every month. If you'd like to help Anon.cafe with hosting costs, you may donate Monero or Bitcoin.




Any surplus will be used for future months. In the unlikely event that Anon.cafe shuts down permanently with accessible donations still in reserve, any remaining funds will be anonymously donated to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) with the hope of assisting online privacy and free speech.