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>>/film/1833 >>1830 Yeah. The CG in this gets especially bad in some parts towards the end. There’s so much stuff that could have been done
>>/k/17822 >>17818 Haven't seen him, i just heard about it a few weeks ago and expected this and other places to be full of memes about it
>>/k/17821 >(Possible) evidence that Pakistan has deployed its own nationals to help the Taliban seize control in Afghanistan >Lists of peo
>>/retro/1873 >>1867 >shilling your shitty forum rather than contributing Fuck off nigger
>>/k/17820 >>17809 Sounds like a mix of the Swiss approach to keeping its populace armed, mixed with Soviet era conscription doctrin, with
>>/film/1831 Because cinema needs this type of character. All suggestions are welcome.
>>/britfeel/3296 Say hello to our next PM.
>>/k/17819 >>17809 It's Switzerland combined with the Montenegrin approach to arming the population. If you put it in notEurope then peopl
>>/britfeel/3295 >>3293 I'm trying to get my uni accommodation sorted, so hopefully that'll be done by time I go back, then I can hand in my not
>>/k/17818 >>17817 >Am i the only one here that heard the story of a guy in Argentina claiming to be Hitler a few weeks ago? Show the guy.