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>>/k/1452 >>1417 >Larpers need to understand niggers and their supporters are organizing for a race war. So are the spics. Yes but all
>>/fascist/607 >>477 >Especially taking shit from fucking life-denying Gnostics Is Gnosticism necessarily life-denying though? Isn't the phys
>>/icup/437 >>416 /sp/ and /lego/ have accepted the invitation but were still talking about it /cuckquean/ wants in but they're too few an
>>/k/1451 >>1322 Get stab/slash protection armor. Armor is a force multiplier and in the forest you cannot guarantee that the encounter i
>>/fascist/606 https://web.archive.org/web/20200603081211/https://8chan.se/v/res/19246.html Mark considering advertising the site on literal c
>>/fascist/605 >>597 >rita.null /ita/'s bunker, currently has two boards (/ara/ and /ita/) and a shelter board. Owner could get you one in. R
>>/otter/1139 >>1138 >that humping one on the left that starts watching instead
>>/fascist/604 >>602 I think the sane way of handling this is to see which board gets accepted by most Anons. The site that gets most traffic
>>/k/1449 Meth.
>>/k/1448 >>1447 >tfw had to drive through that very street 5x a week.