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>>/icup/1823 >>1815 >>1817 Actually, after doing some research, I found a game that might work. Key word being might, because I haven't loo
>>/fascist/9251 >>9210 >that sudden change in tone in the cameracuck's voice when he realized he was wrong ==HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA== God I wish I c
>>/k/6243 >>6239 a paper tiger
>>/k/6242 >>6202 Fuck that's actually a really good idea, spics don't get along well enough with niggers to allow them into their cartel
>>/icup/1822 >>1821 All good. >Would you be able to post the texture for OTC's head, so I could create customised heads for all the players
>>/k/6241 >>6165 Which one? There are many of those.
>>/k/6240 >>6146 >The basis of modern militaries is equality culture and has been since at least Napoleon Imagine actually believing som
>>/k/6239 https://archive.is/wip/UUA5k ==soon==
>>/lego/659 >>617 Build him some waiter underlings
>>/icup/1821 >>1797 Thanks for the detailed and informative response. Would you be able to post the texture for OTC's head, so I could creat