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>>/r9k/4141 I fucking hate OCD. It is my biggest problem. I simply cannot forget the shit that made me anxious and horrified in the past. Wh
>>/otter/526 >>524 Wiki page updated. 14 slots left.
>>/tower/249 I'm thinking about what to do with my life. I'm a NEET on NEETbux but this lifestyle won't last forever. What if my country stop
>>/cuckquean/714 >>713 This is so sweet.
>>/r9k/4140 >tfw I got rejected from TAFE I honestly didn't think that was possible, yet here I am. I guess this is God's way of telling me
>>/r9k/4139 >>4125 >How did he create angels, before having any worshippers? He created angels so he would have worshippers.
>>/r9k/4138 >>4137 Well, good luck in Japan robot. Let us know when you get there and keep us updated.
>>/cuckquean/713 >>703 "Fuck!" Karen screams, throwing her head back. She is looking a little flushed. And by 'a little flushed', I mean she lo
>>/otter/525 Otters can use tools.
>>/r9k/4137 >>4136 I know of Paris Syndrome. I am more than well aware what to expect from Japan too. I am far from thinking it is Paradise
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