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>>/k/39129 >>39127 You never own land in China, that all belongs to the government. Municipalities make most of their money through leasin
>>/christian/15944 >>15934 >Why was the universe created such that things must grow to reach their fullness? That's a really interesting question
>>/k/39128 After firing many aluminum test shots and seeing wild accuracy in all of them we decided to take a closer look at the bullets. W
>>/christian/15943 >>15888 Start with a Gospel. Luke if you like detailed accounts. Mark if you want the shortest one. Any will do though. Then re
>>/christian/15942 >>14721 It's a false dichotomy, the world is vanity but it gives you a sense of proportion so if you pursue financial gain it d
>>/k/39127 >>39123 >>39126 After looking into it a bit more, I found some articles that were clearer than the ones I initially read a wee
>>/christian/15941 >>14721 The whole book of proverbs is basically for self-cultivation. >Do you see a man skilled in his work? >He will serv
>>/k/39126 >>39122 Chinese accounting secrets. It's worth what you paid into it until you sell. If you never sell you never lose. If too m
>>/icup/3946 >>3646 Here are the portraits for our team, can't remember what size you wanted them so they are all 128x128, I think you neede
>>/k/39124 >>39118 Not immediately without having to dig through a bunch of files, I read up on this shit years ago hence why my summary i