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>>/meta/14445 >>14444 >time to start autistically accusing people of being from site I don't like and top it off ebin "kys" for good measure
>>/meta/14444 >>14441 >>I'm a "blacked redditor" Glad you could come to terms with your condition. Understanding the problem is the first s
>>/meta/14443 >>14440 Could've roped, he was a tranny after all. He purged everything during the /v/'s trial and nobody's seen him since.
>>/meta/14442 >>14435 Yeah it's smaller than 8kun and 4chan and 8moe and 9whatever and some others, most of them being ones that have open bo
>>/k/15695 >>15693 While the requirements you specified would seem to place him squarely in the wrong, I wonder if this might be used to a
>>/icup/2634 shit it'd be hilarious if they got cancelled here too >>2484 can you unlock it now I don't think they got that mad
>>/meta/14441 >>14430 >I'm a "blacked redditor" because I have never heard of some of these accusations Yeah okay, I'm OP and made a wall of
>>/comfy/4728 >>4717 Yes
>>/k/15694 >>15693 >based on Texas law he didn't do anything wrong Based on the criteria you laid out it sure sounds like he was wrong un
>>/meta/14440 >>14439 Ah, I see. Whatever happened to the crossdressing freak? I'd presume he was the reason the logs got leaked because tran