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>>/k/56100 >>56098 >So what's the deadly radius As you can see, probably 1/2 a click or so. Depends on the height of the burst. This one
>>/k/56099 >>56091 >>56095 Weeb made a video of him basically breaking down at the amount of stupidity in this claim. Like, you can hear
>>/k/56098 >>56090 So what's the deadly radius for these types of explosions? Is it safe to say everyone is dead where the little ground c
>>/k/56097 >>56088 >Putin may have ordered Russian athletes to cross the finish line first to create the illusion that Ukrainian athletes
>>/k/56096 >>56090 That was a big bomb.
>>/sw/6907 >>6894 I haven't read the books, but it feels the vong was an excuse to purge secondary or background characters or whole speci
>>/k/56095 >>56088 >Order your troops to keep holding their initial defensive positions as always to give the illusion the enemy has not s
>>/k/56094 >>56092 >Most of the dudes who possess the experience, technical knowledge, and creativity to be effective probably aren't inte
>>/comfy/7353 >>7352 Yeah, unfortunately Anonfiles actually shuttered b/c CIA glowneighbors attacking it with Charles Petzold. I'm not on a m
>>/late/1136 >>1130 sometimes i go walking with my dogs at night. people dont fuck with you if you have two big dogs