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>>/k/9597 >>9594 >or did the Brits prove that it's not the case? It's important to point out that the British Ships were mostly ''North Se
>>/fascist/13956 >>13955 >Notice how leftists regardless of how stupid they are don't throw their retarded political killers under the bus? >Le
>>/fascist/13955 >>13950 Traitors and enemies to our people must go, preferably first. Because without their willing submittance to Jewish NWO
>>/fascist/13954 >>13951 Oh looks its the newfag shill
>>/fascist/13953 >>13950 >What's the usual opinion on them? You already know the answer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1T-sGC37XHE
>>/fascist/13951 >screen cap post talking about jewworld domination So we can infer that's bad >Screencap on ethnoglobe being sensible Hmm?
>>/fascist/13950 >>13946 Your post seems to focus on Muslims and Jews. What about the rest? I know they need to leave too, but what's the usual
>>/cuckquean/1716 The story of Rapunzel is about Mother Goethels lesbian lover being taken away by the prince.
>>/fascist/13948 ==Svarozhichi== >The pantheon of Svarozhichi is not unified (veneration of Vles, Perun, Dajbog or Khors), but a special atten
>>/fascist/13947 >>13945 It's hard to give a lot of good information on it. That book above on Rodnovery >>12506 mentions them very briefly in p