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>>/k/16479 >>16478 That's about what I was thinking, and I can just use some tissue to touch doorknobs if I get worried enough, and also c
>>/k/16478 >>16477 Its a grift. Technically yes it works in that the first door you use it on will transfer the bacteria to the metal, but
>>/comfy/5127 What's eberryone doing for the weekend? My brothers birthday is today so we're getting a takeout. **Probably going to have a few
>>/k/16477 https://aviatorwallet.com/collections/aviator-wallet-accessoires/products/door-hook-open-doors-without-touching-handles-protect-
>>/k/16476 >>16474 >now Hello newfriend.
>>/k/16475 Yo, could you come pick up your pdf poster from /islam/ please?
>>/k/16474 >.cafe now has a /pol/ Well, it was fun while it lasted Streloks. All good things come to an end.
>>/islam/267 U.S. government agencies like the F.B.I. and the police have methods like some bioluminescent paint and other methods to trace t
>>/islam/266 Radar absorbant material had an iron pentacarbonyl was possibly the material. It was possibly made from iron using a Mond like
>>/islam/265 The stealth paint mentioned in "radar absorbant material" in some Wikipedia "stealth technology" section was something like "iro