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>>/christian/26041 >>26024 This is an imageboard after all so one should expect to see some degree of caustic speech, but I would agree its not he
>>/comfy/7791 Winter hits hard this morning here. I crave for snow but we only have that dry windy cold flowing through the plains. Can't wai
>>/k/59623 What a queen of air supremacy...
>>/k/59622 >>59619
>>/loomis/1704 >draw >a >space marine
>>/k/59621 >>59619 Koko the gorilla tested at 70-90 on ''infant'' IQ scales, and she was considered exceptional. Through the media's game
>>/k/59620 >>59535 The parts about needing railguns with transcontinental ranges might be dumb, but the first and fourth points are perfec
>>/k/59619 >>59615 >about 60-80IQ for your average gorilla Gonna need a citation on that.
>>/late/1288 >>1233 >>1234 >>1237 I miss mercury vapor lights. They have a green color that just unreal. When I was a kid I use to go visi
>>/k/59618 >>58702 Starstreak is pretty similar to what you're describing.