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>>/k/34726 >>34725 The only countries who are going to starve are 3rd world ones wholly dependent on Ukraine for grain. NATO owns the Atl
>>/christian/11553 Another reason Luke could have wrote after Paul's death. Luke never mentions James' death. Luke mentions James as far as 57 AD,
>>/k/34725 >>34722 >to experience the meltdown when russia wins. The house always wins and I expect natto to pull something against Pouti
>>/valis/2675 >>2673 >there's way more polygons, bamp maps and whatnot Modern CG is 100% raytraced, in games it's used more sparingly becaus
>>/christian/11552 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jesus_ben_Ananias
>>/k/34724 >>34714 Not Russian-owned however rumble is one of the few places the sympathetic gather to without getting shut down. Otherwis
>>/k/34723 >>34722 >to experience the meltdown when russia wins. This is basically my main stake in this war. Just imagine the banter ~~i
>>/k/34722 >>34717 Liveua is pretty much worthless now. Its behind by days, has terrible pro-western bend and does retarded shit like chan
>>/christian/11551 >>11550 Not entirely accurate. Leopards and lions live in similar environments and they both are panther cats.
>>/k/34721 >>34720 I stopped reading comment sections earlier this month, including for pro-Russian videos. I was reading them in hopes of