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>>/k/51743 >>51742 Really? they seem to be doing pretty well holding the line
>>/agdg/730 >>729 That looks like old Newgrounds, good job anon! >Tell me if I win. That depends on whether you remade it from scratch in
>>/icup/5055 >>5051 I still have the chat archives laying around. Give me a couple days to upload them again. Any place you have in mind to
>>/icup/5054 >>5043 >/leftypol/ not allowed Sure, we can agree on that. >/monarchy/ They have OC so I think they can work pretty well. >
>>/agdg/729 Here's my gaem. https://barfdeth.neocities.org/vidya Tell me if I win.
>>/sw/6637 I too am an autistic with mommy issues
>>/comfy/5783 >>5781 >You can always post the ones you wood like here under a spoiler and one of us could make them for you. I like your choi
>>/comfy/5782 Lets get back in our groove tonight! https://jiggie.fun/comfy155
>>/k/51742 Prigozhin said that Shoigu and Gerasimov will be executed within two months because it's all ogre for the vatniks.
>>/comfy/5781 >>5780 >OK, looks like we're back in business! Yeah I just saw that. >Sorry but I can no longer make rooms though You can a