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>>/lang/144 Still learning Japanese. I believe it I can pass JLPT2, but I'll aim for JLPT1 next exam. Also, I am learning Hebrew, since I wa
>>/r9k/1117 I swear to God, every day feels more and more like I'm the only guy that hasn't stuffed his body with septums, piercings, tats,
>>/fa/21 >>18 I found >>19's post when I checked kun's tor site.
>>/otter/317 >>316 Nice work anon. Have any others?
>>/otter/316 Took this one myself.
>>/r9k/1116 >>1113 >try to "win" No, there is no winning, because no one will ever give a fuck about what others think and no one will cha
>>/fa/20 I lik hat
>>/r9k/1115 >>1114 forgot to menton my Mom spends my disability-bux for me paying bills and shit. I also got Medicare
>>/r9k/1114 >>28 >mfw I won my disability case but my mom also should I quit my wage job I only work like 12 hours a week? I only did it to
>>/r9k/1113 >>1076 Is this where you try to "win" the internet argument by saying him replying to you at all means he cares deeply about wh
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