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>>/k/12363 >>12362 it's like coronavirus, he didn't die OF the riot, he died WITH the riot. Go back to sleep goy, why are you awake
>>/k/12362 >>12360 >Apparently a cop got a heart attack Well how does that count as being a result of the riot/protest/prank?
>>/fascist/19919 I have the skills required to make a game in godot. Godot itself has some limitations, the lighting is a little fucky with trans
>>/fascist/19918 >>19916 >what is the Hegelian dialectic They are two sides of the same coin. They create the problems, force the reaction and
>>/fascist/19916 >muh 'they're just two sides of the same coin, so why bother?' niggerpill Commies, pls. I'd say the objective evidence atm is qu
>>/fascist/19915 >>19909 >>19911 I wonder if a goy-herder like Tucker even believes that that is remotely possible. Only big time Jews get pard
>>/fascist/19914 >>19913 We of course have the 8chan bunker, but consider that a sort of tertiary bunker. Usually when this place goes down, all
>>/fascist/19913 >>19192 >>19092 I’m a newfag that got most of my redpilling from 4chan, and although I highly compliment the dedication of most
>>/k/12361 >>12359 >Shut up Rude. Now I have no other choice but to point out that >>12270 was reported because it was meant to be a repl
>>/f/1653 >>1566 You should know by now I only appear when daedally says my name ;-p