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>>/r9k/1685 >>1680 I watched it too and honestly i thought it was pretty mediocre. It's basically a worse Taxi Driver with some veiled anti
>>/r9k/1684 >>1683 Man, fuck the $15k a month, I'd rather go back to being homeless than deal with that.
>>/r9k/1683 >>1681 it is very foreign and shocking to the cattle. i have a good job where i make equivalent of approx 15k a month. we come
>>/cuckquean/550 >>488 >... as you stare at the cat girl wrapped in ribbons and gagged on your bed. Merry Christmas!
>>/r9k/1681 >>1667 I wonder why the thought of a loner hermit that doesn't bother with fucking constantly is so foreign to normalfags. It'
>>/r9k/1680 >>1675 So how did you feel about the movie as a whole?
>>/cuckquean/549 >>547 Damn Anon, that’s good stuff. I really like the second-hand mana bleed thing you put in there too, I thought it was a nic
>>/r9k/1679 >>1633 I think 16 players is ideal since you need some substitutions, then again you can get up to 23 players in. >>1651 Due
>>/r9k/1678 >>1677 No, I'd rather keep making attempts at home, the cake turned out terrible.
>>/cyber/79 hi i'm the person who has the old jinteki site up on neocities, i don't really know what happened to the akitaro guy other than
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