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>>/k/20076 >>19841 What the fuck is the third pic? A revolver that shoots AIDS needles?
>>/sw/5678 >>5406 instead we got to explore shitty disney alien civilization in Fallen order.
>>/l/547 >>546 >Tranny Chaika is very much a dude and doesn't shy away from it though. >Masturbation incident **Every poorfag from a firs
>>/sw/5676 >>5675 *Defeat.
>>/sw/5675 >>5674 I said he couldn't defeated Sidious "directly" he did that while he was distracted.
>>/christian/1728 Forgive me for posting here, but this question is very pressing to me: Is it lawful for a man to have a waifu? Waifu being defi
>>/sw/5674 >>5670 Vader defeated sidious. By chugging him down a tube.
>>/k/20075 >>20073 That's intresting. I've always liked the nip designs. This sort of reminds me of Lada-2000, but I just don't want to tal
>>/comfy/5979 >>5904 When I was a teenager I used to hitchhike eberrywhere. One night, I’d hitched to a near by town (50km away) and drank wi
>>/k/20074 >>20072 Agent Orange wasn't an anti-personnel agent though **it was a demographic one.**