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>>/loomis/941 If anyone wants a comfy to post art, gains, and discuss development and more, here's a place to post; https://matrix.to/#/!sjMcO
>>/fascist/11819 >>11808 It's a hoax, this chinkflu is a complete fucking hoax. Though there is speculation and leaked info that (((they))) hav
>>/k/8120 >>8118 When they have a bigger goal in mind of course.
>>/k/8119 You guys know when you run up against shit that makes you question your sanity? I feel like seattle PD gonna loose another few c
>>/k/8118 >Turkey suffers large earthquake >Israel immediately declares it is sending help When was the last time the Zionists were so eag
>>/comfy/2887 >>1787 NES games are so hard that I am curious how you find them relaxing. >>2886 They both had good stuff but they hurt to play
>>/fascist/11818 >>11756 >It's unironically been pretty much downhill from there. Especially the Byzantines who fucked everything up pretty much.
>>/christian/251 >>241 >The Message Fucking embarrassing
>>/fascist/11817 “A distinctive feature of the Reformation, particularly associated with the leading reformers Huldrych Zwingli and John Calvin,
>>/fascist/11816 >>10237 CI believes in ethnoglobe (Whites are the only humans and nonWhites are Edom or the devil's or whatever). So how are th