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>>/fascist/3076 >>2984 >>2995 >>3019 >>3052 >[...] in which the nonwhiteness of ostensibly white tomboys is not merely "skin deep". In addit
>>/k/3934 >>2682 Was that a typo when you were recommending to carry some sort of "fized" blade knife/bayo? Otherwise quality OC so far St
>>/k/3933 >>3926 My guess would be scrabble torunaments and ye old pre-boomers..... Back on topic. I heard that LA cops are walking out w
>>/meta/13405 >>13403 >subjects of extreme liberty are ironically dominated by pro-authoritarians Well that doesn't surprise me that much, t
>>/meta/13404 >>13395 bye
>>/comfy/1957 >ideal house Id like to live in a house thats in a no tresspass area community. Just a regular house with a backyard. >ideal gf
>>/fascist/3075 >>3065 I usually don't touch on racial issues that much either, at least with most interactions that I've had. You're right tha
>>/comfy/1956 >>235 A nice little comfy modern apartment. Id like for it to have tinted windows and a telescope so that i can look outside an
>>/fascist/3074 >>3069 I've read ''some'' of Marx, Engels and Lenin over time. Honestly though, it would help one arguing against everyday norm
>>/fascist/3073 Two variants of the same infograph. The second one is pretty obscure unless you've got a good eye and have read the book, but in