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>>/fascist/5013 >>4981 >>4982 Fuck off cakechan trannime avatar faggot.
>>/fascist/5012 1. Every society has a center (a man/group/faction with the most influence). 2. Every society of note has an entrenched elite
>>/k/4853 >>4846 That's also true. In my opinion that's why term limits are flawed as well as real power just drops to the next highest o
>>/fascist/5011 >>5010 And you'll get a response when it isn't sleepytime in America, Most of those who post here are American.
>>/k/4852 >>4845 It's hard for them to conceive of any other form of media than TV and newspapers to be fair. For them it'd be like cutti
>>/fascist/5010 Im going to bed, but I really want a proper response to >>4993. It was alot more than the nitpick shit you guys are so OBSESSED
>>/fascist/5009 >>4666 Have you voted out immigrants yet?
>>/fascist/5008 >>5006 I thought Einstein being a thief was lie too until I asked my discrete math professor about him because his White logicia
>>/icup/1314 >>1311 Stream: https://bitwave.tv/Oxford8cup/replay/u9NU1gTNd4mLQPWkWWDs >0-1 /kind/ vs /japan/ >0-2 /v/ vs /librejp/ >0-1
>>/fascist/5007 woah get a load of this JIDF shill faggot >>5002 Trying to put his beloved Israel on on a level with China **it's not even a c