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>>/l/1913 Would you rather save Miko from an incoming trolley or whatever else? Let's put it to the test! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v
>>/cuckquean/6384 >>6373 >>6383 However you spell them, miq'ote are a lot of fun.
>>/late/1686 >>1685 Damn it, I knew it! I knew it was you.
>>/shelter/5871 >>5831 >/cow/ lives rent free in head eternally seek help
>>/cuckquean/6383 >>6373 Can’t believe you misspelled miqot'e.
>>/p/1926 >>1908 >>1920 >>1922 Bamping for intredast. Pls let us know something, BO.
>>/cuckquean/6382 >>6381 The scene pre-dates the Yoru Mac characters - it's practically a small meme of its own at this point. Perhaps choosing b
>>/cuckquean/6381 >>6105 >>6111 Male here, this scene (the animation) was made for the MCdonalds mom character, and it had two guys on it, I ass
>>/cuckquean/6380 >>6375 >>6376 >>6378 The info page isn't terribly clear because Stephen Lynx is a nigger, but tripcodes work the same as they