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>>/britfeel/3774 >>3771 >about £20k in the bank Feels good man. I don't have a house, but I do get to be NEET so it cancels out.
>>/britfeel/3773 >>3771 tfw less than 5k
>>/christian/3420 I wonder why people hate pedophiles but are okay living around Muslims.
>>/loomis/1354 I don't know if this belongs in the drawthread. Drawing is from something I drew for fun
>>/christian/3419 Yeshua was a middle eastern jew
>>/valis/1796 >>1795 Isn't it kinda part of the deal? I can't really imagine a proper RTS with a "clean" interface.
>>/valis/1795 >>1770 As much as I like Age of Empires III, I never liked how unnecessarily chunky the interface felt.
>>/l/1183 Wife establishes dominance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KUZ-B_Ecc8
>>/doll/309 Iplehouse dolls are so pretty
>>/britfeel/3772 >>3771 >in the bank