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>>/k/44380 >>37092 >What're you watching? Even if it's not necessarily /k/ related I'm interested Currently watching link-related. It's g
>>/k/44379 >>44377 >And if you arrest enough youth and put them in camps, you can say they are working and say the unemployment numbers im
>>/k/44378 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXDAZBzXPNA DPA did a short video explaining what's going on in Bakhmut and why West of Bakhmut
>>/cuckquean/4495 >>4493 What can I say? If you learn about race from academics, sexual trends from Pornhub, or ''anything'' from Twitter, you pr
>>/britfeel/4914 >>4913 No. The UK will continue to be the place where nobody wants to host or distribute anything online, and I will continue t
>>/christian/21603 >>21601 To put it another way, does the verse say: a) You will be saved once you do good works. or b) You have been
>>/christian/21602 >>21601 >Works do not save >We are created for good works >Said works are prepared for us to do beforehand >Works are the
>>/shelter/4386 >>4385 You're right. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzy_BV3KTqQ
>>/christian/21601 >>21592 >created in Christ Jesus for good works >for good works You're not very good at that game.
>>/cuckquean/4494 >>4493 >(Though personally I wouldn't buy Western games off DLsite. Don't they censor everything they sell, in accordance with