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>>/shelter/3254 >>3240 "minimal rules" invariably means rules that cater to (you) and only you. It's lolbert cancer and it degenerats along th
>>/shelter/3253 >>3249 see >>3231
>>/fascist/24448 >blackpilling: the thread we have to fight on any front we can, even if we're limited to ideas and ideological conversion.
>>/britfeel/2842 Willies and tits; Poos and shits.
>>/fascist/24447 Here we go with the infighting again. You should be relieved that you're born as such. Your strength is drawn from flexing on ot
>>/fascist/24446 >>24439 If you're gonna go that route, why not include any other race? Besides, you do realize that ethnoglobe meant a whole ea
>>/film/1472 Beau Travail recently topped a list of the "greatest movies endings of all time" and I have to say that neither the ending nor t
>>/lang/448 >>444 Because mostly of the whole i/y diffrences, there are rules but there are exceptions too and there are other exceptions to
>>/k/13897 >>13895 >Didn't South Africa developer gun-type plutonium weapons? No. They did gun-type ''uranium'' weapons, lacking the means
>>/comfy/3940 >>3817 Fried pie. Unless it's suppose to be savory then I don't know what we wood call it.